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Found 9 results

  1. Vickers 0.50 Quad Machine Gun Mounts 1/350 Tetra Model Works Sometimes, when building a model there are items that you’d love to add that extra bit of detail or change only a small part of the kit parts that you feel would be better in brass, without having to go to the expense of buying a full set for which you’d only use a few parts. Known for their super large sets for complete ship kits, Tetra Model Works have released this small set of Vickers quad .50 Machine guns. There are four complete mountings included and whilst looking very well produced, you will need some serious magnification on your optivisor as the parts are very, very small. Once built however, they will be mini masterpieces. There are sixteen etched brass parts and four turned brass barrels per mounting, giving you an idea of the detail included. Large ships usually had four mounts, although the Ark Royal had mounts, so you will need two sets, Cruisers and destroyers had two mountings. Conclusion Since the Royal Navy used these mounts on most ships until they were superseded by the 20mm Oerlikon this set will be very widely used. You will need to do your research to see whether the ship you are building still had them fitted during period you are building it, as they were generally withdrawn from general use around 1941/1942. Other than that they are really great little items and will give an extra dimension to you model. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Royal Navy 15in Mk.I Gun Barrel 1:700 Tetra The BL 15 inch Naval Gun Mk.I was the most successful of the large guns developed for and used by the Royal Navy. Essentially an enlarged version of the 13.5 inch gun, the 15 inch gun was originally intended for use in the Queen Elizabeth-class battleships, but eventually found its way into the Revenge-class battleships, The Renown-class battlecruisers and HMS Hood, the Courageous-class battlecruisers, HMS Vanguard and various monitors. The gun holds the record for the longest range shell-hit ever scored by one battleship on another in combat when, at the Battle of Calabria in July 1940,HMS Warspite hit the Italian battleship Giulio Cesare with her first salvo at a range of 26,400 yards. Tetra are a relatively new name to me. The Korean firm started up in 2013 in order to produce aftermarket detail parts for aircraft, AFV and naval model kits. These 15 inch guns can be used in a range of kits, including Trumpeter's Queen Elizabeth-class ships, as well as their Renown-class battle cruisers, their HMS Hood and the HMS Hood and HMS Repulse produced by Tamiya. The barrels look excellent, and should be just as easy to use as any others. Review sample courtesy of
  3. HMS Ark Royal Detail Up Set (SA-35009) 1:350 Tetra Model Works We've been waiting for a 1:350 WWII Ark Royal for what seems like forever, and now Merit have obliged, we're still not satisfied! It's a nice kit as far as it goes, and we reviewed it here a little while back, but there is a lot of detail that can be added to improve on what Merit International included in the box. Tetra Model Works are a Korean based company that specialise in Photo-Etch (PE) and turned brass upgrades to maritime and armour subjects, and their work has to be seen to be appreciated. We chatted briefly at Scale model World in 2016, and the products on display were breath-taking in their detail, which bodes well for the future. This set is designed as a comprehensive "detail up" compendium for the Ark Royal, and arrives in a long shallow box that opens along one edge, revealing the contents. One bubble-wrap bag contains ten frets that are jam-packed with parts in various gauges of brass, plus a sheet of ultra-thin veneer with the decking laser-cut into it. This isn't the flight deck of course, as the RN were sensible and had steel flight decks even as far back as the 30s, but instead these are the decks around the 4.5" gun emplacements, the fo'c'stle and the quarter deck at the stern. In another heat-sealed bubble-wrap bag are four ziplok bags containing 32 0.5" Vickers anti-aircraft barrels, 32 40mm Pom-Pom anti-aircraft gun barrels, 16 4.5" gun barrels, and a length of anchor chain in a dull steel colour. It isn't a cheap set, but you most definitely get what you pay for in this instance, as the content is exquisite. The final item in the bag is the instruction booklet, which consists of five sheets of A3 paper printed in full colour on both sides (bar one), using both extensive drawings for the construction of assemblies, and photos of the finished items to aid in placement of the final parts on the model. The initial steps show where the kit parts need adjustment, mainly by the removal of upstands and chunky kit deck, plus the anchor chain detail on the fo'c'stle. The quarter-deck and the 4.5" emplacements also need their raised detail removing before you can add all that stunning detail. The access decks on the sides of the hull were somewhat of a disappointment from the box, being a little shy on detail, but these are amongst the first to be improved upon, with access hatches, additional windowed walls to give them some extra interest, before davits, railings, exterior degaussing cables, small cranes and the accessways themselves are added. Extra walkways and stairs are also added to the sides of the hull, along with support ribbing under some of the flying decks, the brackets for the HF aerial masts, which are also replaced as part of the process later on. The access stairs themselves are able to be fitted in the stowed position where they lay flat against the railings of their deck, or they can be built up deployed if you want to show them in all their glory. Just follow the appropriate instruction sections for the required style. The flight deck is not left out, having extra detail added to the catapult tracks, launch-points, the round-down, the crew netting to either side of the cat stands, and the small recessed gunnery "booths" at the sides. The traps – the arrestor wires are eight in number, and stretch across the deck from their spools at the sides. If the pilot misses the wires, his last hope is the net that stretches from the rear of the island to the other side of the deck. It's an expensive repair job to any aircraft that gets this far, but it's an awful lot safer than running into the rest of the squadron, and drier than going over the edge into the briny. Speaking of the island, which is the nautical term for the bridge of a carrier (in case you're not familiar), this is one of the main areas of interest that viewers will focus on, and it is substantially upgraded with funnel, deck and bridge details all being added along with watertight doors, splinter shields, a heavily modified main mast. Perhaps the most delicate and clever part of the set are a group of handholds that are fitted to the sides of the island, which are supplied as u-shaped PE parts, along with a template to accurately drill the holes with a 0.3mm bit in a pin-vice. The Pom-Pom mounts and the emplacements themselves are created from a sizeable series of parts, including eight of the turned barrels in each installation. They are complex and detailed, and will require a high degree of concentration and dexterity to do them justice. They sit on circular platforms on a star-shaped base, with tread-plate platform sections around the base for the gun crews. The 4.5" guns again have turned barrels, and fit into the kit breeches, which are barely visible on their upgraded platform, around which an altered shroud fits, which is open at the rear for crew access. This could do with thinning down to a more scale thickness at the edges, so check your references to see how much you will need to take off to make it look better. The quad 0.5" Vickers guns are assembled in vertical mounts with a small footprint, and again have turned barrels that are incredibly fine. Their magazines and ring & bead sights are prominent parts, which are fitted at the end of assembly, but will require delicate handling to ensure they aren't damaged before they are installed. The ship's cranes are folded up from complex frameworks, with the operator cab and even the control wires included along with a hook at the end of the jib, with two types provided in the upright and extended positions depending on where they are sited. These cranes could be used to deploy the ship's boats, which are almost totally re-worked with additional PE in substantial quantities. The launch is provided with totally new superstructure, while the two types of open-topped rowing boats are fitted with bench seats, rudders, and even a set of oars to finish them off, although there are no rollocks! Additional diagrams throughout the build process show the differences between her fit in 1939 and 1941, with additional life rafts attached to the Island sides, and blast shields around the deck-mounted Pom-Poms, I guess following some incident or other that prompted the changes. The details added to the fo'c'stle and quarter decks will show through the open spaces, and the addition of a more realistic chain, coupled with the wooden deck will really bring those areas to life. Conclusion This is a truly stunning set that will keep you busy for quite some time, but will most definitely be worth the effort expended. The instructions show the assemblies being built up, and then cross-refer you to the photographs for placement, so once you figure that aspect out, you will have a production line creating them ready for painting and installation, and while away many a happy hour buried in the minutiæ of it all. You can now also get an update set for the airwing that is included in the kit box, which we have reviewed here. Extremely highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (FAA) Aircraft Set 1 (SA-35009 for Merit) 1:350 Tetra Model Works To accompany their stupendous set for the main kit, reviewed here, there is also a companion set available for the aircraft that are supplied with the kit, which will add a huge amount of detail to the eclectic complement supplied with the kit, which to recap is as follows: 5 x Fairey Swordfish 4 x Fairey Fulmar 4 x Blackburn Skua Supplied in a resealable foil bag, with a large fret of Photo-Etch (PE) brass taped in place on a piece of backing card for security, with the instructions to the rear, the set gives you options for each aircraft, to build them with wings deployed as well as folded, whilst adding more detail than would otherwise be feasible. Fairey Swordfish Each airframe is upgraded with a cockpit floor, seats, windscreen frame and a PE Lewis gun at the rear as standard. The aircraft can be built with the wings ready for flight, in which case a set of finer struts and bracing wires are included to replace the kit etch. To build your Stringbags with folded wings, the instructions show where to cut the wings, and a different set of PE struts and braces are used, which also have the hinge-points to allow you to glue the wings on in the illustrated position. For these two options you get a "prop-blur" set of blades, plus a static set with no blur effect, which is also appropriate if the aircraft are on-deck without their engines running, both options re-using the spinner from the kit part. Fairey Fulmar Mk.I The fuselages of these models are supplied as solid halves, so the first order will be to remove the canopy area so that you can install the cockpit floor and crew seats. Then the large greenhouse canopy is replaced with a two-piece PE assembly, plus an aerial mast for the rear section, with a scrap diagram showing the finished article from three-quarters and the side. The landing gear is given a set of captive bay doors to improve on the simple struts on the kit gear, and then the wings are either added as a complete section, or cut using the drawing supplied into three sections, as per the real thing's complex folds. The parts are re-joined using small PE parts with interior rib detail that allow the parts to be folded to the correct angles as per the accompanying diagrams. Blackburn Skua The Skua also has a solid canopy from the box, which must be removed to install the cockpit, which consists of floor, seats, an internal bulkhead and rear gun. The canopy is replaced by one of two types of assemblies, depending on whether it is to be closed up or not. For the closed canopy a separate windscreen is added to the front, and a complete rear canopy is folded up and added behind with an antenna part. For the open canopy, a separate sliding section and gunner's section are added along with the fixed central section, with the sliding part laid over the fixed section, forward of the aerial post. Another set of diagrams show the correct fitting of these parts. The Skua's wingfold is a little more straightforward than the Fulmar, but has a dog-leg kink along the cut line that will take some care to replicate. The outer wing panel is then added folded back and rotated 90o, fixed in place with a folded rib-detail part, with scrap diagrams again showing the way. Finally, the gear legs receive bay doors to further improve realism, and you have a choice of blurred or static props, utilising the kit spinner again. Conclusion Another superb set for the Merit Ark Royal's airwing, which will hopefully be released as a stand-alone set for those wishing for a busier deck that better reflects the actual periods that these aircraft spent on the Ark. The set is for the experienced modeller, but there is nothing too onerous that couldn't be done with a little care and attention, but some PE handling tools and a little bit of experience will go a long way. Extremely highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Sovereign Hobbies will be bringing Tetra Model Works products to the UK. Based in South Korea, Tetra Model Works produces comprehensive high quality detail sets for 1/35 armour subjects, 1/200, 1/350 and 1/700 naval subjects, 1/32 aircraft seat belts and some other products such as camouflage netting for dioramas and so on. I had been meaning to introduce the range to our business for a while, but seeing their detail-up set for the Merit International 1/350 HMS Ark Royal III kit (which I and I know many others have in their stash ) at Telford this year has been the kick needed to get moving. We will have more photos of the set available from next weekend, and the set is due for release on 26th December 2016. We are taking pre-orders now. https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/tetra-model-works/products/se-35009-tetra-model-works-1-350-hms-ark-royal-detail-up?variant=28016286673 We expect their set for the 1/350 Trumpeter Type 45 Destroyer will be popular in the UK: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/tetra-model-works/products/se-35005-tetra-model-works-1-350-royal-navy-type-45-destroyer-detail-up Likewise I'm sure someone will be tempted by their gorgeous set for the 1/350 Fujimi kit of the IJN aircraft carrier Kaga: It's a high-value range to bring in covering a broad spectrum of subjects. As such, we will phase the products in. If there's anything in particular from their range you would like us to prioritise, please drop us a line. http://www.tetramodel.co.kr/index.php/category/products/
  6. AS-90 Side Skirt set 1:35 Tetra Model Works This is the second set for the venerable Trumpeter 1:35 AS-90 155mm SPG from Tetra Model Works. This set contains a single sheet of relief etched brass and a sheet of rubberised plastic. The purpose of the set is to completely replace the kits side skirts. In addition to the skirts, which come with the illusion of separate hangers, for which you have to be very careful in folding along the whole length, you also get the front and rear mudguards. Now you can either use the brass mud flaps or the rubberised plastic, or even a combination of the two. Using both together means you can have a strong and bendable unit with just the lower edge able to flap like the real things, or if you use just the rubber material you can fold them away, in the case of the rear flaps. All the hooks, brackets and clips are also included and there are rubber parts for the front and rear end sections of the skirts, making the model even more realistic. Conclusion This is a superb and very useful set which can be used in conjunction with the large detail set, reviewed HERE, or on its own. The addition of the rubber parts gives the model that extra bit of detail not normally seen on a model, allowing even the most intermediate of modeller to achieve a great look. Review sample courtesy of
  7. AS-90 155mm SPG Detail set 1:35 Tetra Model Works The Trumpeter 1:35 AS-90 155mm Self Propelled Gun has been out for nearly 15 years now, so it’s good to see that it’s still getting attention by the aftermarket companies. This set is for the general detail; the other set released alongside it will be reviewed separately HERE, and contains two sheets of relief etched brass. What sets this detail set above some others is the beautifully laid out and easy to read instructions, which show exactly where the completed parts are meant to be fitted, unlike some other companies. Whilst the majority of parts on the sheets are for the smaller items, such as brackets, headlight guards, latches, clamps and hinges, there are some important additions. The thing that most modellers moaned about with the kit si the lack of stowage basket on the rear turret roof, well this in included in this set, along with new stowage boxes, ID box and grille for the rear of the turret, new lids for the turrets side bins. Then there are the engine intake grilles, air conditioner grille, smoke discharge plate and brackets, new ammunition stowage for the GPMG boxes, which also receives a new ammo box and ammunition, and the faces of all the viewing ports. There doesn’t appear to be much of the kit detail to be removed for the PE, mainly due to the fact the parts weren’t included in the kit so fitting is pretty easy. That said, some of the folding is a little fiddly as it is in most PE sets, and some parts need to be indented by use a ball point pen in one side, particularly the louvers on the grilles over the air conditioner box. Conclusion Given that the AS-90 kit has been out some time now, it’s great to revisit it with the release of this very nice set from Tetra Model Works. With very few complex bends or folds it should be useable by all but the newest modellers and would be a good introduction to the art of using etched brass. The details contained in the set do help to improve the somewhat clunky look that of the styrene parts, plus adding some that was completely missing, and will help make a good looking model into a great one. Review sample courtesy of
  8. Camouflage Net (Tan, Green & White) 1:35 Tetra Model Works There have been a few attempts by manufacturers to create a realistic moden camouflage net with varying degrees of success. Photo-Etch (PE) is too rigid with a relatively small area available as a single piece, paper is too fragile and will tear under stress. We met Tetra Model Works Yong-Joo Park from Korea at Scale Modelworld 2016, and he gave us a pack of the tan and green camo nets to review, although we understand from the instructions that white is also available for winter or NATO applications. The packs arrive in a long slender clear foil bag, with the netting folded in half and taped to a backing card. Looking through the bag this seems like it could be a bad idea, as how will you get the tape off without damage? Fret not. Sliding the card out of the resealable bag shows the material off well enough to establish that this is actually material. A man-man fibre that is woven into a very fine cloth, and either through design or because it is laser cut (I don't know), it doesn't fray. It is also pretty strong, surviving the removal of the tape with no damage or signs of stress. Behind the card is a short pictorial instruction sheet, which tells you to take it in your hand and scrunch it up into a ball to soften the fibres and let it drape more naturally. You are then incited to pull and stretch it in both directions to open up the cuts and reveal the "Pringles" style curved cut-outs that give it its unique disguising texture. The more your crumple it, the more realistic it looks, so don't be afraid to give it plenty of kneading, as the material can handle it. Once scrunched and stretched a few times it measures around 9' x 6' (150mm X 220mm stated on the pack), although that will vary depending on how crumpled the sheet is. I performed a small paint test, dabbing a little Panzer Grey on one edge, and although it did wick very slightly it wasn't very long before the paint was dry, with just a slight blurring of the edge. A dryish airbrushing is probably best if you wanted to apply dust or dirt effects after application. You can see a brief demonstration from Tetra themselves in the video below: Conclusion This seems to be the perfect way to create realistic camouflage netting for your modern armour. It's tough and flexible, already the correct colour assuming you buy the right shade, and reasonably priced. Very highly recommended. You can buy direct by quoting the product codes from the page, and clicking the Contact button. Tan Green White Review sample courtesy of
  9. Hello at all... and welcome to my new big project - and my first project here at britmodeller.com! I will do the USS Hornet (CV-8) in 1/200 scale by Merit International. Additionally I will use the big detail set by Tetra Model Works, consisting of lot of photo etched parts, brass parts for the guns and masts, chain and a hose. Furthermore the woode deck from Nautilus Models will be used as well. For the beginning I started with the display for the ship. I drilled two holes in the fuselage for screws which go into the aluminium pipes. The pipes are screwed on a wooden plate which will get some dark wooden color, glossy clear coat as next steps. The two screws in the fuselage of the ship get glued in position and will be used to hold the ship already during the working on it.... The first steps are made..... let's move on with the painting of the display plate ... The first steps on the hull were the portholes. I have opened each one with the small hand drill.... what an ugly work.... but it is done... and much better then before. After the painting I will give each porthole a "glass" made of Mirco Crystal Clear. The display is also painted already.... clear coat still missing on it. Next step... sanding.... sanding .... sanding .... then next parts on the hull .... BR Micha Now lot of photoetched eyebowes on each porthole... funny job... very funny job ... One side done, one side left to go ... ... and the Hornet in it's fully size... my desk is too small ... now the biggest parts on the hull were mounted, the floor of the hangar, the parts for the elevators - all the bigger parts of the hull. Then I have closed some gaps with putty (see the pictures), then later I will sand everything before adding the first photo etched parts to the hull... After the sanding of everything I have started with the first PE parts of the Tetra Model Works Detail-Set. The parts are highest quality, top fitting and an ingredible look. I love the parts already now and makes lot of fun working with it. Good work by Tetra! The PE parts from the Tetra Model set are fantastic. 100% fitting, great details, absolutly wonderful. At the front I have added mostly of the parts now, the missing ones follow after the painting. On the rope drums I have added some rope which will receive painting later. The railing and some other PE parts follow after the painting of the hull. At the rear the 2nd floor received a new brass floor, and also some rope drums as at the front. The next steps are the side walls of the hangar. The biggest part received some new catwalk, ladder and doors... The front part (left side) received new plattforms with rails, doors, and later one long catwalk on the top and several stairways. The upper catwalk and the stairway will be painted separately and mounted later when the big side walls were mounted on the hull. All the hangar gates will stay open so that you could see the inside of the hangar later. That's it for now .... Micha
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