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  1. Hi folks, My next (and likely final) project for this build is this Fujimi A-7 in a Testors box. I used to absolutely adore Testors kits when I was young, and seeing these boxes really brings back some good memories. I bought this kit on ebay, and it came with a little surprise. I'm not sure what ejection seat was used on the a-7, but I don't think it's whatever this is. Can anybody help me out?
  2. This Republic P-47D Razorback, a 1/48 scale Testors kit (a re-pop of the very old Hawk P-47), was built many years ago. The build was inspired by one done by Dr. Paul Budzik of Francis "Gabby" Gabreskis' T-Bolt in an old Finescale Modeller magazine. I remember that his was done in 1/32 and of course, was a magnificent model. I had the old Testors kit in my stash and was motivated to try and duplicate the bigger plane as best I could. This is my humble result. I added quite a bit of detail in the cockpit, on the engine and some brake lines. Built mostly OOB, I did lower the horizontal stabilize
  3. Picture being a kid in the 1980's.....(that's me BTW) and movies such as Top Gun, Iron Eagle 1,2,3 and no doubt up to at least 10 more that went straight to VHS, were staple to watch in the house I grew up in. Being the youngest of 3, with my Dad being RAF, aviation was in my blood, as well as modelling. My eldest brother had built the fictitious F-19 Stealth Fighter and I absolutely loved it! I remember that "stealth" was the buzz word at the time and there were rumors of new aircraft were beginning to surface.....It wouldn't be until 1989 that a heavily
  4. Source: https://www.facebook.com/FineScaleModeler/photos/a.214503981911776/3367502656611877 V.P.
  5. This is another Blitz build for this weekend, with only 20 parts I think I will get it finished in a day or 2. With not much interior I splashed some interior green around and painted the pilots The national insignia was engraved in the fuselage (but not the wings) and had to be filled as well as some ejector pin marks in the lower side of the one piece wing The fuselage went together with no fuss and the sprayed and masked canopy and aircrew were install on the planks seats The
  6. An earlier build (early 1990s) and only photographed fairly recently at the Cameron Airport, the Testors 1/48 F-104A Starfighter is a very basic, simple old model. Originally, it was a Hawk release from 1957. I love these birds and really, how can one go wrong with a type named "Starfighter"? Is that not just the coolest name ever for a jet? The rudimentary landing gear was given some much-needed detail and I used the pilot figure to add a bit of interest to an otherwise bare cockpit. The horizontal stabilizer and brake doors were covered with Baremetal foil. The kit decals
  7. I have really got into the scale modelling doldrums this year and am in danger of ending 2019 having just finished one kit in the year. That isn't good! I have decided that I want to build something fairly straightforward and thin the stash out so I have chosen this kit: IMGP3285 by Michael Baldock, on Flickr It is the Italeri 1/48th F-4S Phantom which was released sometime in the very early 90's. It is a very basic kit with raised panel lines, quite rigid plastic, and probably a fifth of the parts of a modern Zoukei-Mura offering. I bought it on eBay 12 years ago for a
  8. I am slowly working through my shelf of doom, finishing some kits that should have been binned. This was originaly built in the 70’s by my brother. I got it when he was going to throw it out. It had a fuselage, wings, and a propless spinner, only slightly less than the kit originaly had..... Over the years, I opened up the undercarriage bays, gave it an Aeroclub prop, vacuform canopy of unknown provenance, undercarriage, tailplanes and enlarged radiators from the Spitfire spares box. Highly inaccurate cannon barrels are turned brass by me. Now, if you wanted to do PK312 as it was originaly bui
  9. Okay, I didn't think I would be joining this one, what with my Matchcaster in the works in the Matchbox GB, and a Matchbox He-115 I was thinking of making after that. But... I came across this Testor's kit (factory new) on ebay, and with its sleek lines, good scale and awesome cheap price, I had to buy it. And now, I have to make it! It will need some help though. There's no cockpit. There's a pilot, but he is a baaad pilot, and not worth taking off the sprue. So, it will need a seat, interior framing, an instrument panel and a control
  10. A build from 6 years ago. You youngsters have it easy now, with new 1/72 and 1/48 Ryan NYPs at you disposal. We used to have to distill petroleum, make our own plastic, build our own presses, fabricate our own tools, and build a kit in a life time, IF WE WERE LUCKY! After much debate, it is still undetermined when the first 1/72 kit of the Ryan NYP was issued. Although the later incarnations are known, in the form of kits from Frog, Hawk, Airlines, Novo, and the like, the first fossil kits clearly show up in the Cambrian strata, together with trilobites and algae, before even
  11. Hello friends havent posted in quite a while but need some advice. Now that Testors has for the most part eliminated their MM line of enamels I find myself in the land of acrylics, where my problem has been the fast drying time for an old man who paints slow and deliberate. Anyway, my question is what Tamiya color is closest to MM dark glossy blue, or 15042 if I remember the FS number correctly. I want to do a nice dark glossy sea blue on a circa 1945 Hellcat. If I have to start using acrylics then a basic spray job is in order. Are acrylics ever glossy, or is a gloss coat necessary? I kn
  12. This is the old Hawk kit, in the Testors box with new decals. For a 1/48 kit it's pretty small. Detail is pretty much non existent, there is literally no interior to speak of except for a pilot figure holding a control column, but I have omitted him. The outline of the colour scheme is also engraved into the surface of the kit, so it's all been either masked and sprayed, or painted freehand. I knocked up a small base for it to sit on out of a picture frame and some floch.
  13. I saw Bridge of Spies a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed the film. The U-2 sequences where very good, dramatic license aside, and it wasn't long before I had checked out a few books from the library on Lockheed's Skunk Works and the U-2. The next step was to see what kits were available. I was somewhat disappointed to discover that there were no kits currently in production and unless I could find something on eBay, I was out of luck. Well, as luck would have it, soon after I started looking one or two popped up on eBay UK. The one I liked had a low starting price so I put a bid in and waited.
  14. Hi all! All guidance appreciated. Thanks in advance. Martin
  15. Project fighter based on GeeBee R-2. Used reworked plastic Testors. The hood, engine, landing gear and canopy Dora Wings. The machine guns Browning are Master Models 1/32.
  16. Hello Gents, Following a bet with @jrlx I'll ask to join that great band of wet feet modellers. Knowing myself, I did'nt start a great thing since it must finished in January Since yesterday, I Wonder, did I join in ? Or not ? But wich will be my entry ?? Martin Marlin, Catalina, Kingfisher, none of these could be possibly finished in time. Then I saw over the cabinet... This one I picked her up with the idea of selling her on evilbay, since I have 2 of these... Seem to be a decent kit with a funny diorama base WTF ?? But, can get Something out of thi
  17. I decided to do a second build for this GB, despite the fact that I am no where near done on the first. Like the Bristol 138A I am already working on, this kit had also been starring me down, just asking to be built. The Testors kit has only a few parts, and would be a very simple build if the wings actually mated to the fuselage well. I have a couple of these, from different boxings. and although the color and the softness of the plastic may change, the fit doesn't get any better. One good thing about the newer kits, they look like they have MUC
  18. This was a project I was doing over at ARC for a Group Build (Far East), but I haven't finished it yet. I've been reading up on South Vietnam's F-5 operations and was inspired enough to want to build one. The kit I am using is Kinetic's F-5A, which does the job nicely. Work naturally started with the cockpit: The panels and side consoles are nice, but I wish Kinetic would have done a set of cockpit instrument decals since the panel detailing is okay, yet lacks dials on the instrument faces. So out came my collected instrument decals to do the job. Eduard does color etch, but I was a little
  19. OV-10A Bronco Testors 1:48 The Bronco was initially planned as a light attack, long loiter time aircraft with a span of 20ft that could operate from roads close to the combat zone, however it materialised with a much longer span of 40ft and heavier due to the specifications including avionics and ejection seats limiting its use to airfields. The twin boom aircraft first flew in 1965 and was destined to become a light armed reconnaissance & forward air control aircraft with the US Navy, Airforce and Marines. The need was bread out of the Cessna O-1 & O-2 becoming
  20. Hi I am hoping for some advice. I recently bought a 1/9th scale Testors Harley Davidson FXSTC softail from Ebay. Unfortunately the tyres are missing. I've contacted Testors and Italeri but neither has any replacement tyres. Does anyone know where I might be able to get some 1/9th scale tyres for this model or how I might be able to replace them? Many thanks if anyone can offer any advice Danyel
  21. Has anyone built the Testors Concorde? a bit smaller than 1/72. I made two many years ago, restored both, yet to finish decals. They have a very short tail cone, which I noticed after I painted them wondering why they would have short tails. I never saw photo of a short tail cone.
  22. Me Hearties, C'est Fin! My Curtiss Racer R3X-2. A 1:48 scale Testors kit, it bears a fictional colour scheme. I think it suits the beast well though. Also my first serious attempt at interstrut rigging. Arf! Cheers for looking. ~M~
  23. I'm having a bit of a modelling sabatical at the moment, not a crisis of faith but just felt the need for a short break. That said, I have just finished a Testors 1/32 Kamen Husky that I picked up for a tenner at the excellent little shop at NELSAM in Sunderland. It's standard 70s fare, oversized rivets and minimal detail but presented no great challenge. There was a bit of warpage and flash but nothing you wouldn't expect on a kit this age. I had to do a bit of scratchbuilding to cover up some of the more obvious deficiencies but for the most part it's built OOB. Cheers, Liam
  24. I've been using Testors RLM colours in enamel. I love the colours and they spray well when thinned with Testors enamel thinner. BUT....I've found that even after a couple of days the paint can rub off when handling the model. Anyone else experience this? Any possible reasons??? Cheers Bruce
  25. I've had this old Testors kit kicking around the stash for ages. I bought it with the intention of building it which kept me from selling it when they were going for 250+ on Ebay because I thought, pffft, who's going to bring out another kit of this ugly looking tractor...hmm Dragon apparently. So since I passed up the chance to make a stonking great profit, I might as well build it. I have made some modifications. I left out most of the glass as looking at pictures these were either destroyed or removed anyway, I took the tools away from the back of the cab and I replaced the horrendous hard
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