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Found 1,219 results

  1. So after kick starting my modelling again with a little 1/72 Fw-190 I've decided to tackle one of the 1/48 scale planes in my stash. I'm using Tamiya's well regarded 1/48 scale P-51D kit. I'll be using some third party decals (From Lifelike Decals) to represent the particular aircraft in question (linked below to avoid any copyright issues) http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p51registry/images/p51-4463807-2.jpg So last year I built up a Spitfire Mk1 with a lot of effort put into scratch built detailing and I'm aiming to do the same here. The Tamiya kit is quite simple out of the box surprisingly. I started with the cockpit as per generally accepted practice... There is good detail here but plenty of scope for improvement. Most of the detail is actually molded into the fuselage sides, as such suffers from being quite shallow. Using a pile of reference pictures I found on the net of some hyper detailed flight sim models (they obviously did their research) I set about improving the overall 3D look of the cockpit and adding various missing details and doodads. I felt a bit apprehensive at first carving away the nicely molded (if shallow) detail but soon got into the swing of it. I made decision to stick with the relatively shallow looking sidewall structure though, as trying to fix it would require cutting away all the detail and starting from scratch. The goal anyway wasn't to get absolutely accurate, but at least represent the busy-ness of the real deal. The end product is probably going to be quite anachronistic with regards to the instruments anyway. Here is the right hand side sidewall. Almost all the Tamiya molded detail was cut away and replaced or modified in some way. The switches are all formed from lengths of copper wire glued into drilled holes and cut to length. The oxygen hose is a length of copper wire wrapped tightly with lead wire. There is also a little hand crank to be fitted still but I'll do that after the increasingly daunting task of painting all this up... Left sidewall. Similar story here. The jutting out thing is the flare pistol barrel, which I struggled with for a bit, it's a bit overscale overall but I'm happy with it. There is a flare case I molded from Milliput yet to be fitted. The round knobs on the throttle quadrant were also made from Milliput. Cockpit floor and IP. Oddly enough Tamiya don't provide a IP decal for the instruments. I've had to order in some Airscale 1/48 scale instruments for this, Given how long stuff takes to arrive on our shores I'll probably be held up a bit when I get to this point. And finally the missing bits off the sidewalls, the crank made out of tiny slivers and punched discs of styrene and the Milliput molded flare case. It's my first try with the stuff and an overall average effort but good enough given it's size. Next up will be the seat, rudder pedals and the area behind the cockpit with the radios and battery.
  2. Tamiya 1/24 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec
  3. My first WIP, and I’m stepping in the ring with this, Tamiya's brand new P-38G Lightning. Inside the beautifully designed box you get a sumptuous kit without a fussy mix of materials - just plastic, all of it crisply moulded and finely detailed. I don’t think I would’ve chosen to build a P-38 without all the superlatives being thrown at Tamiya’s new tooling. However, it’s a fascinating subject, and part of the fun of building kits is the research it can lead you to. I’m going for the P-38G, Rex Barber’s legendary ride in Operation Vengeance, one of the longest interception missions in WWII. It seems to be widely accepted that he was the one who shot down Admiral Yamamoto’s Betty, although the controversy surrounding this is worth reading about (https://modelairplanemaker.com/2019/08/09/tamiyas-1-48-p-38-lightning-and-significance-of-miss-virginia/). Not only is it a compelling story, but the plane itself offers so many opportunities for weathering - a fun part of building Pacific theatre subjects (I sound as though I’m talking from experience, although I only have a Corsair under my belt so far). I'm hoping to get close to the beaten look of Barber's plane, complete with its lattice of marks left from the packing tape it was shipped in. I'll be building this OOB, apart from an Eduard seatbelt that might arrive one day (how about it, 1001modelkits?). The cockpit has a wealth of detail, and slips together with the kind of fit for which Tamiya are rightfully celebrated - ie. perfect. I've heard that a more authentic colour for the interior would be closer to RAF Interior Green, but this is art and not life, and I wanted the punch of the yellowish green called out in the instructions. All the details were painted by hand. I gave the IP decal blobs of gloss coat over the dial faces - a nice pop against the Nato black of the panel. The tub sits in the fuselage snuggly; every part of the build reminds you of the level of engineering in this kit. I just hope I can do it justice. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hi all, I’ve been on a bit of a 1/48 ww2 fighter run where I’m trying to complete all my favourites. This one is Tamiya’s Mk.1 Hurricane where I chose to depict P2831 ‘LE.K’ flown by R.J. “Dickie” Cork of 242 Squadron based at RAF Duxford, August 1940. I chose this squadron since it was known as the ‘Canadian’ squadron. Everything is out of box except the Xtra decals. Thanks for looking.
  5. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    I will be attempting to fettle Tamiya's latest T-55A into something very like the tank in the second picture in this BBC news report from 2001. T-55 leaving Eritrea More pictures later, in the best traditions of news bulletins. Andy
  6. I examined my logs - and 99% of my builds so far were non-jet. The single jet in the list was built as a present to my Dad, so I have no jet on any of my shelves. What better choice for a first jet built for my shelf then the iconic X-1. I picked this one a while a go, and while I have the Eduard 1/48 kit as well, this one grabbed my attentions due to its clear parts and internal structure. So here it is: Very very simple, not to many parts and they are soooo small (I promised myself to never build another 1/72 without a VERY good reason) Clear parts were dipped in Future. The fuselage parts were a challenge as I dip into the bottle itself. First plastic cut and glued: The balance weight ball is a nice touch: It's too late for airbrushing tonight - so this will be it for today. Comments are welcomed as always Ran
  7. Hello, it has been a long time since my last post on this great forum, but life is sometimes just too hectic to build models. But I've managed to finish this one off in under 7 months. Tamiya F-16C block 25/32 kit, with some extras: Aires F-16C/D wheel bays 4439, F-16C cockpit set 4364 and F-16c block 25/32 exhaust nozzle. Wheels are resin ones from wheeliant, armament and bombs are brassin items. I added Master pitot tube and angle of attack probes and HGW RBF tags. Model was painted with MRPaint colors, weathered with ammo products. Enough blabbering, here are the photos.
  8. My last finish is this 1/700 IJN Shimakaze from Tamiya. Good kit, it's been fun making her. A pre-painting shot first. Nanond N.
  9. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Tamiya P-47D Razorback, built from the box, with decals from Xtradecal. The model represents "R3-G" of 410th Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group, based at St. James, France, in August 1944. The model was painted with various shades of Alclad II lacquers and Gunze acrylics. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thank you for your interest, best greetings from Vienna!
  10. The last thing that I said in my WIP in December last year, was that I would put it into RFI as soon as I’d done a couple of figures. Well, 10 months later, here it is, but with just the one figure. The figure is part of the Master Box set for British and Commonwealth AFV Crew, but with the head exchanged for one from a Verlinden set for British Tankers. Fortunately, he had his mouth open, which fitted in well with the actions of the figure. The tank is one of the early Centaurs, taken from storage to use on D-Day. I’ve depicted it earlier in the year around April while they were conducting exercises. There is some disagreement as to which battery Seawolf belonged to, 3 or 5. Even decal manufactures can’t agree, so I’ve gone with 3rd Battery. I made the base to loosely represent a sloping harbour wall so that it would show off the moveable suspension swing arms and the Fruilmodel tracks. The only other things that I’ve added since the WIP are some stowage in the open bin, and a compo rations box with some tins in it on top of the left rear track guard. The WIP can be found here; So that’s another shelf queen done and dusted (literally). Thanks for looking. John.
  11. Hi everyone. One of my favourite aircraft is the P-38 so I was very excited to hear Tamiya released a 1/48 version. In fact I was so excited I bought a Pre-release version off EBay as I couldn’t wait for it to hit the stores. I have to say that this is by far the best engineered kit I’ve seen. My modelling skills are still lacking so I don’t do the kit justice, but trust me when I say that the darn thing just falls together perfectly. In the hands of a more experienced modeller, I doubt there would need to be any sanding, filling...etc. It really is that good. The kit comes with 2 variations; 339th FS, 347th FG, 13th AF 39th FS, 35th FG, 5th AF I chose to depict the P-38G assigned to Capt. Bob Petit of the 339th FS/347 FG, Kukum Field on Guadalcanal in 1943. Thanks for having a look.
  12. I had lot of fun building the Tamiya's Cat in 48th scale, so... i made my decision: i will build another Tamiya's Cat! This time i will build a colorful VF-31 bird with the iconic "Felix the Cat" carrying a bomb. This is one of my favourite livery on a Tomcat. (just for discussione purpose) The box Decals came from an unbuilt hasegawa kit I ordered some goodies to upgrade my Tomcat, others (wheels, beaver tails and CHIN pod) are on the way to my lab: I hope to start working on it soon, so stay tuned ciao Ale
  13. I've never really been a figure modeller but there's an anniversary coming up that I feel I need to commemorate in the best way I can, and that's with a figure. April 1917 is the centenary of my Grandpa Walker's wounding in the Battle of Arras. I'm not sure exactly which date it happened but the 1/7 Argylls were involved in fighting at a location known as the "Chemical Works" from the early hours of 23rd April and we know Grandpa didn't get that far before he was hit. We also know from his discharge book that he was evacuated from France on April 28th, so that seems about right. I bought the Tamiya WW1 British soldiers from Hobbycraft a while back. I'm only planning to use one, the advancing soldier, on a plain base. I'm not aiming to recreate the final scene of Blackadder 4, just something simple. I'll finish him a a 51st HD Sergeant. I found this little unglazed ceramic plaque which will do fine as a stand for my soldier. I also managed to get it home without breaking it, which was an achievement. An aerosol coat of gloss black enamel will be the first order of business for it. Basic construction and a couple of coats of Humbrol 36 Pastel Green as an undercoat: followed by a mix of Revell 86 and 16 for the khaki and Humbrol 94 for the webbing: I also bought some Fields of Glory Models barbed wire for the base, but the I think the stanchions are a bit out of scale. The actual barbed wire looks quite convincing: Grandpa's army discharge book showing that he was evacuated from France on April 28th 1917: John
  14. Well, I'm back into scale models for the first time in 15 years and I've found it very meditative to sit in a quiet space and slowly work through the pieces and painting - a nice break from a busy work and family life. I had an idea to do a scale model history of Formula 1 in 1:20 scale as there are so many models available to cover the history of engineering and design. I've started with the Tamiya RA272 as I got it for a good price and seemed like it would be a good place to start. Built pretty much out of the box and sprayed with a custom mix for the racing white and then topcoated with Tamiya X22 clear. I want to improve my skills and finished models so please feel free to comment on any tips/tricks/suggestions that you think might help.
  15. I don't think I've posted in this section before. It's not that I don't build AFVs, but not that many, and certainly not up to the standard of you guys. Anyway, I've had this in the stash for around 10 years, so time I did something with it. DSC_0001 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr There's a nice reference picture in the Squadron book I'm using as a basis for a vignette like this... DSC_0003 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr Partial assembly, sprayed the interior white. DSC_0006 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr Feedback & advice is always welcome.
  16. Hi Folk's, inspired by Lee's superb Suzuki build I thought I would have a crack at my first bike kit for donkey's years.Despite being a biker for many years and a modeller even longer bikes have never been my thing model wise,kit was a little over £12 so can't fault it and being Tamiya you know what you are getting,so not expecting as quick build as I'm snowed under aircraft wise but made a start with the early stages of the engine so here goes.Box art. Engine and carbs/airbox assembled.
  17. It is late winter 1945. The 35th Panzer Regiment of the IVth Panzerdivision is caught in the Courland Pocket in northern Lithuania. The snow has all but gone, though there was a hard frost this morning. The Panzer IV Ausf H has managed to rendezvous with a supply detail. Oil-drums and Jerry cans are clustered together, ready to attend to the needs of the panzer. The 2nd Lieutenant offers a rabbit he shot (for the pot) and the tank officer reciprocates with a bottle of wine. They sit on crates among the tools and various packs and tent rolls. On the table, a map, sub-machine gun, pistol and holster. The SS-Scharführer (Senior Sergeant), Waffen-SS Military Policeman hopes to ingratiate himself to share in the grub. Another member of the crew has spotted some chickens and deliberates purloining them. DSC_0005 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0002 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0009 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0001 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0021 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0011 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0014 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0020 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0023 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr 1/35 Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf H and Livestock with figures and bits from spares. Build is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235062823-panzer-iv-ausf-h/
  18. Hi folks. Been away from the modelling desk for a while (insert 'work getting in the way' joke here) but had the itch to get something built by the end of the year. Cue Tamiya's superlative new 1/48 F-14D. I'm one of those Aircraft enthusiasts who was taken away with Top Gun as a young child, so the big 'Cat has always had a dear place in my heart; it's such a good feeling to have a kit as astounding as this to do the Tomcat justice. I'm sure everything that can be said about this kit has been said already, so I'll move on to my attempt at it! The plan was to see how good it built out of the box. That went out of the window as soon as I got the kit in my hands. I firmly believe that as good as the OOB offering is, a kit like this deserves everything you can give it. So I did. So in terms of aftermarket, I have thrown everything I can at it. Additions are as follows: Eduard Big Ed PE set Brassin cockpit Brassin GBU-38's Wolfpack afterburner cans Wheeliant weighted wheels Master Pitot/AoA spike Aerobonus AIM-9 Seeker head covers/RBF tags Fightertown decals The Brassin cockpit was a kit in itself; adds so much to the kit, especially with that big canopy to see all that detail through. I wanted to do as dull a scheme as possible, as not to detract from the weathering that the Tomcat underwent. I know some loathe the TPS scheme, but I think the big 'Cat looks best in lo-viz grey! The kit was finished with Vallejo model air paints and Windsor & Newton Oils. I have the AMK F-14D on order, so I'm excited to see how it stacks up against the Tamiya offering. Needless to say, the bar is set very high with this kit! I'll wrap up my essay now and move on to the pictures! C&C welcome as always, and I hope you enjoy! Daryl. *n.b: Since I took the pics, I have removed the AIM-54C. I overlooked the fact that they were retired in 2004, hence wouldn't have been present in 2006! Just pretend it isn't there!
  19. thanks for the helpful response. I got photo uploaded using imgur
  20. Hi all, Another rollout for me and this time I have returned to an area of interest that I exploited a while back with my F-80, T-33s, F-86Fs, TB-26B and others. That is Latin America. This time I have returned to a machine that caught my eye a number of years ago as she was unusual to me and reasonably colourful. The model – the first of a two-part RFI – shows F-51D “FAB-511” of the Fuerza Aerea Boliviana around the time of her delivery to South American. The photos I have (below) – and they are easily sourced on the web – are stated to be of her upon delivery. I question that given the USAF C-54 and a Herc that sit in the background of at least one image. I therefore prefer to think that she was pre-delivery. I could be wrong! Having said that, there is at least one available image of her in these colours while in service. I built her before using an Airfix kit. this time I've gone for the Tamiya. I know it lacks the dropped flaps and has an incorrect spar but many Mustangs sat with flaps up and you cant see the spar ;). The plus side is the finish of the Tamiya kit, whch is superior in many ways. This was my first effort a few years ago and when I had just got back to modelling: She is ex-45-11453 and prior to going to Bolivia she was, post US military, registered as N5479V and was ultimately sold by Sanford Aviation to the FAB. She was delivered to Bolivia on 10th June 1966. Her Bolivian career ended in December 1977 when she was returned to North America as C-GXUP. Thereafter she became a racer and was finally trashed – poor her – on 12th February 1996 at Palm City, FL after being starved of fuel ☹. I’ll describe more of that in the next RFI – Part 2! In building her I have chosen to vary the panels a little to give a break from a sea of same-tone NMF. It seems that by this time the putties and painted upper side of the wings was a thing of the past. Being a Tamiya kit, and as I said earlier, she did not have the dropped flaps and sadly (and wrongly) my impatience got the better of me and so I chose not to cut them and drop as I should have. Next time! . So, what did I use? Well, here goes …. And it’s not a lot!: Kit – Tamiya F-51D Mustang 1/72 (54) Decals – Blue Rider “Chaco War”, home printed serial, and the kit stencils etc. The rudder was painted. Paints – Humbrol Interior Green (226), Insignia Red (155), Insignia Yellow (153), Gloss Green (??), Metalcote 27002 and 27003 mixes, Humbrol washes. Colourcoats Olive Drab, Matt black, and Humbrol Clearcote varnishes. Washes – Flory dirt plus some swipes of Tamiya Weathering powders A simple build. Here she is: I hope you like her. Now I need to finish my Sabre and get on with the next two Mustangs Martin
  21. Tamiya's superb T-55A (Czech built), finished with Star Decals for an Afghan Northern Alliance vehicle in 2001. Only extras are the grills which are from the Eduard kit-specific set. Camo is Tamiya Olive Green and RAF Cockpit Green. Weathering is as you would expect - pin washes and dot filters with W & N oils, rust is red/orange/yellow and raw umber oils stippled with Vietnam Earth and Yellow Ochre pigments. Dust finish is Migs' Beach Sand mixed with AK European Dust, applied very sparingly on the hull & turret and thicker around the running gear and tracks. Still need paint and fix the tow cables and yes I know the tracks on the left side are a little 'off' in the photos I've already repaired that ! Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment. Best from NZ. Ian.
  22. I've got a confession to make - I've never built Tamiya kits. So I thought why not test whether they live up to their good reputation, and try not only one - but two. So this is Tamiya 1/48 and 1/72 Republic F-84G Thunderjet double build. I thought it might be fun to compare the two kits side by side as I build them. It could also be confusing and I make a mess of the kits and parts - there's only one way to find out Box arts. Painted Tamiya box arts are always classy. Model in the 1/72 is also nice but I think I prefer the painting. Decals. For the 1/48 I'll be using kit decals which look pretty good. The 1/72 I'll be doing something different than the box offers and make it as a Norwegian Thunderjet using Vingtor decals. Hoping to start a small collection of scandinavian cold war era jets. Collection, that currently consists of one model - a Finnish Vampire. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? Big brother and little brother side by side. Wings. The clear parts and the extra sprue that the 1/48 kit has. This did not come with the kit. She is called Batman and she loves my hobby. Mainly due to the seemingly endless supply of boxes
  23. Hi Pals, I finish working with this model. I have seen that it is a fairly simple kit, without major problems for assembly, with very good instructions. The tracks, are the originals, which although vinyl and not the best option, are "Tamiya", which is always a guarantee of quality, and have been very easy to assemble (they are wide and with 4 points of union instead of 2). I have chosen not to overload with extra equipment the vehicle, because it is in question to choose between there is a lot of equipment or lose the painting / detailed work underneath (detail cast, weathering ...). I have improved as much as possible, without complicating myself too much, some details of the kit, such as crystals for the periscopes, and the knobs of the boxes of spare parts, that I had spare in my box of pieces ... Still, I added something extra besides what the kit brings, crates boxes, ammo boxes, backpack, several, and wire roll. Although this is an old kit, modestly I think you could still get a good result, (I am reasonably happy with it), I have chosen to make the Marine version in Vietnam. I thank you all the fellows of the forum who have accompanied me in the assembly process and encouraged me with their comments to improve / continue. I include a link to the WIP section, in case someone is interested in seeing the post. Some shots details... And a bit of information... And I add some photos that I found in Google, very appropriate IHMO I think, of course only for information and with all rights for its legitimate authors. This is in the assault of Hue ... Thx to all for watch and comment, cheers mates
  24. Hello all, Managed to actually finish one . Hope you enjoy it. And the same shot in a different light and background. Just cause This kit was great fun to build and half the price of a modern Tamiya release. Thanks for looking in!
  25. I've recently acquired a camouflage paint mask set for the 1/48 Tamiya Meteor F.1 from LF Models. It will be my first experience with painting masks. I have used self-adhesive canopy masks from Chris Loney of EZ Masks before with good results. One tip that Chris suggests is to wet the canopy (or the individual vinyl piece) in some soapy water. That allows one to arrange the mask into position. My question is will the same technique work with these LF painting masks as well? Like the EZ Masks, they are self-adhesive and I'm wondering how much "wiggle room" one might have when applying these to the painted surface. I'm hesitant to dip one of the LF pieces into soapy water without knowing if that will botch it up or allow for easier placement. I could sure use some advice before proceeding further. Thanks so much for any help! Cheers, Gary.
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