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Found 54 results

  1. VA-52 Knight Raiders NM300 April 1964.
  2. Hello to all, after nearly 8 months of research, sharing and partial scratchbuild from the Tamiya 1/48 kit, I have the pleasure to present you my last baby, the P-51 D-10-NA "Missouri Armada", Capt John B. England, of the 362th F.S, 357th F.G, 8th Air Force: I want to thank here all the contributors and followers without whom I would never have been able to get such a result. Main contributors: - Juan Manuel Villalba: I probably would not have built this replica if Juan had not asked me to do the translation (subtitles) for his great DVD dedicated to this aircraft. Even if I sometimes made different choices than him (rivets, seat cushion, White Alu primer applied, Satin finish rather than mat etc.), many of the techniques I used were learnt from this master (and friend). A big hug to you, dear Juan, who were also and in all circumstances one of my best supporters (in private mail conversations)! - Antonio Argudo: Antonio is an expert of the Mustang and a great modeler (his cockpit is just amazing) and he brought me so many useful docs and infos for months. I look forward him to find the time to go on with his build. You can ever see his thread: 1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Missouri Armada" on Britmodeller, of course! - John Terrell: another expert who learnt us so much for weeks. John is an artist too, who made the very realistic drawings for simulators. Pity, John has vanished these last weeks, I could not have news from him, hope he feels OK. - Laurent (silberpferd), another Mustang expert who brought great and very useful pics (bottom views, 108 gallon tanks and pressure line outlet, tail wheel canvas, gunsight etc.) - Fencer-1 (Alexey), who brought very accurate infos about panels and flaps Other contributors and followers (in the order of posting): - Biggles 87: another expert and fan of the Mustang, I have to go and see his threads on Brit! - Crimea River, important contributor and follower, as Biggles 87, from the beginning to the end - Hannes, my friend of the "Fiat 806 research and scratchbuild" thread (soon 200 pages on Brit!!). A great artist! - ronnierex - Squibby - Harvey, other friend and actually amazing full scratchbuilder of the Fiat 806... - Houston, a Mustang, 357th F.G and Missouri Armada fan, very encouraging and enthusiast - Bedders - Troy Smith (and not Troll !) - delis - Mattlow, important contributor too, especially for the Alclad stencils - DJJunis - gingerbob - matto21 - DMC - Garry c - NickD (another friend and contributor from the Fiat 806 saga...) - Ol' Scrapiron - Torbjorn - Plasto - Jamie @Sovereign Hobbies - thammond65 - Rumblestripe - sharknose156, another member of the "806 dream team"... I didn't expect finding another "dream team" like I did when I began the "Missouri" thread... - galfa - Tourist, definitely another Mustang expert, who suggested necessary corrections for the early version the Missouri was. - quangster - ArmouredSprue - T-21 - elger, always very encouraging and who brought very useful pics, especially for the wheel bays and landing light... - Johnny1000 - Scooby - Azgaron (Håkan), whose positive and encouraging comments have been very appreciated in the last weeks of my build/ thread. - CrazyCrank: another great modeler that I luckily knew on the Fiat 806 thread. I must go and see his progress on his great 1/8 Pocher Bugatti T50 thread... The short break I will do before beginning a new build will leave me the time for that. - crobinsohn - pipthepilot - Kahunaminor - seven - Blackcollar Internet has moved our hobby in another dimension: all the Brit members I just mentioned come from all over the world, and their contribution and support was essential for such a project . We are far from the modeler working alone in his corner. Thanks to that sharing space that is Britmodeller, I could try to recreate a really faithful replica of that aircraft. But internet has also his drawbacks, and my local dealer, Kits Discounts, is about to close, as many other ones before, what we may just deeply regret. The pleasure to come in the shop, to dream in front of so many kits, to touch, to smell, all what we have all known, is small and small disappearing, the old world, with real contacts. My next build should be the Revell 1/18 Ford T 1912, for which I will probably open a new thread. All the best to all and thanks again for following and helping. Olivier, July 6th, 2018 (I had to check on Reverso for the date in english, it is yet a problem for me ...)
  3. Did a bit of weathering on this one ,also used a Eduad Zoom set for the cockpit .The decals were the kit ones and are a bit shiney in places
  4. This is my latest build: a Tamiya's 1/48th scale F-14D Tomcat. It's a great kit, with superb fit and smart assembly, i had lot of fun building it! Kit built OOB, with some details from Eduard PE and KA Models exhaust nozzels. Painted with Gunze's Acryl Paint (h-307, H-308, H-337). So, let's start the photogalley: Ciao Ale
  5. I looked at the stash - nestling there minding their own business were a Sturmtiger, a Ferdinand and a King Tiger. Two of them were 1/100, my usual GB armour scale. The other was a massive 1/76 monster. They're not really very Tigerish though. Need something with a bit of heft, some presence, something that captures the essence of how much of a game changing behemoth these things were at the time. Another consideration is finish; my last German armour suffered from a lack of zimmerit and a weedy paint job. No excuses this time. I went with this kit specifically because there is a zimmerit set for it that I've seen others on BM get good results from. Finally, I wanted something Eastern front, both to balance out my D Day build, and because the Great Patriotic War has always fascinated me (is there an etymological connection between being intrigued and a bundle of sticks used to fill trenches? A Google for another day perhaps). I found something perfect in Hannant's special offers section. My D Day build will be a Polish vehicle in the west. My build here will be a German in that part of East Prussia soon to become Poland. That symmetry appeals. Anyhoo, enough waffle, here's what I'm building (library pictures only until the 18th): This Tiger With this zimmerit Using one of the first two schemes from this sheet Andy All excited
  6. Hello All, Normally I only do 1/72 or 1/144 scale stuff and rarely venture beyond this. Even rarer, is a diorama attempt. Tamiya 1/48 King tiger (Porsche Production) figure from the Tamiya Wirblewind kit and a Black dog resin building + a custom made base. Just have to fiddle with getting her to sit properly on the base. Happy Modelling all. Ian
  7. Good evening to all! I'm glad to present my last work, the F-14 A Bu.No. 160390 that killed a Sukhoi-22 during the Gulf of Sidra incident of 1981. Tamiya kit with Aires cockpit (the best cockpit I've ever used as quality of details, the worst as difficulty to put it inside the fuselage) and exhausts, Brassin wheels, Kokopelli ladder, and Furball decals. Finished with Gunze and Alclad paints. Hope you enjoy.... cheers! Valerio from Rome, Italy. Tomcat END 10 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 1 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 18 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 17 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 16 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 15 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 14 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 13 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 12 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 11 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 8 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 7 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 6 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 4 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 3 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 2 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 5 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 20 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 21 by Valerio, su Flickr Tomcat END 19 by Valerio, su Flickr
  8. Hope you’ve all enjoyed the first Formula 1 GP for 2019. Just before the race started I took some proper photos of my most recent kit completion, which unlike the other three builds I’d been working on has thankfully made it this far. Long story short, a group of four like minded modelling mates decided that we all needed to clear the cobwebs a bit and motivate each other to get a kit completed. We decided to build similar kits and chose Tamiya’s still quite serviceable 1/48 P-51 Mustang (3 x P-51D’s and 1 x B). We started the kits together on the same day and sent each other text updates on our progress each Sunday. I did change my scheme mid-way through the build and stupidly had to re-fill the pre-drilled underwing rocket stub holes I did. Overall however, it was a relative stress free build which was what we were all hoping for. So here’s my version of this mini Mustang Group build. Titled “Fresh from Fishermen’s Bend”, it’s my take on CAC’s first of 200 CA-17 & 18 Mustangs built for the RAAF (80 & 120 respectively). The CA-17 was based on the early D model and I made slight modifications to the kit by adding - early Mk.III gunsight instead of the later K-14A (pinched from a Spit), filled and drilled the kits squared aperture K-6 gun camera to make the rounded K-4 type and filled two of the three underwing nav lights to leave just one ‘white’ light (common to all CAC produced Mustangs). I also ended up using a spare Airfix 1/48 canopy as the two part kit example is not the greatest (this still needs the internal curved brace - whoops I forgot that!). Paints used were Humbrol 101 for the interior RAAF Cockpit Green, Gunze C352 Zinc Chromate Yellow for the main wheel well and a combination of AK Interactive Extreme metals (K479 Polished Aluminium and K481 Aluminium) for the Natural Metal bits. Decanted Tamiya AS-12 Airfarme Silver was used on the main wings, rudder and elevators as these areas were painted silver. Thats enough chatter I think, so here’s some photos.. Cheers, all comments welcomed.. Dave
  9. I have noticed many Pz IV H's in quarter-scale in this GB, but not found any J's yet, so having one in the stash, I figured I may as well resolve that apparent oversight. This is Tamiya's older moulding, with the die-cast lower hull. Just a placeholder post at the moment, work will commence once the Matilda has been finished over in KUTA XI
  10. Hello all; Here's my finished Jug for your perusal. I made about as many mistakes and miscalculations as it's possible to make in painting and marking this one. The full story and many more pictures of the debacle(!) can be found within the build article on my website. It's build as a workhorse of the 365th Fighter Bomber Group and was intended to be weathered as such. Overall I think it turned out ok as a reasonable representation of my subject and my ability. Some of it I'm really happy with and some of it I just decided I would have live with because I couldn't face the third, fourth, fifth [seventh!] touch-up or re-paint. Among a lot of things, the eagle-eye among you will spot the missing pitot tube - it has been installed, just not before I took the pics! Anyway, I did start (but failed to keep up with) a WIP thread, so here's the result.
  11. Late to the field, but with a nice compact build that should be fairly quick. I'll be building an A12 Matilda II CS of the Australian 2/4 armoured. Based on this picture found with a quick web search; Box shot And sprue shot Not shown here, because it's still on the way from Parabellum, is the Gasoline Matilda Frog conversion kit that I will be raiding the turret collar, tracks and brush guards etc from. I also think I have RB models Besa barrels in the stash, if so I will be using one in this build as well. Work has commenced, more pics tomorrow.
  12. Hi all, I thought i'd share my latest project with you all which is this. I'll also be using the Hauler p/e set to replace various parts. First things to go were the running boards. Which were replaced with p/e ones. Also I cut off the moulded on detail off the bonnet and replaced that with p/e. The plastic steps on the rear mud guards, tool clips and number plates were also binned to make way for p/e ones. The hand cranks were made up with brass rod and tube. At the front end I used brass rod for the width indicators, added some wiring to the lights and used a p/e number plate. In the cab p/e was added to the floor along with the peddles and dash board. I admit to knowing little about the SS-100 apart from I like the look of it! There is more to be added to the cab but i'm going to paint up the interior first or i'll just knock everything off whilst doing so. One last pic of the bonnet side. More to follow, Tim.
  13. my first attemp at posting a picture, Been a member for quite awhile, but because i am a ham fisted tecno phob (favorate tool, large hammer) hav'nt been able to work out how to post a picture, so fingers crossed. Like many I suspect I model in isolation, mainly due to workload, I would feel a fraud if I joined a club as I would not be able to commit to contribute much in the way of time to help with shows etc. This forum has provided much inspiration, and I have learnt a great deal from all the contributors, so here go's!! tamiya mustang by peter crossman, on Flickr
  14. I'm going to throw my hat into the ring with the tamiya 1/48 razor back kit, i'll be doing a bare metal finish, its the silverlady of the 56th fg, flown by witold lanowski, i believe it was the fighter groups flagship, seen here as I'll be depicting her in d day livery, I'll crack on. Glynn
  15. The quickest and the most boring kit in my over 30 years plastic career. Building almost from box except Yahu cockpit panel (for Eduard kit) and Master Barrels.
  16. With two builds ongoing over in the M3/M4 STGB, it may seem foolish to start another GB, however there is reason to my madness which I shall explain later. In the meantime, here is my choice of kit for this GB Sprue shots A short while later, after putting children to bed, I had this. Typical Tamiya quality, shake and bake. I have no idea why Tamiya chose not to add a gearbox housing to the lower hull, I may have to get one from Ian over at Friendship models. And my reason for starting another build. I was asked over in my Op Husky thread how I did my tracks, so thought I may as well put them together for this build and document it accordingly. I'll put the full process up in the general armour forum, but for the purposes of this build, I now have two of these. More to follow soon, I hope.
  17. Me asking questions again ,i have 4 of said kits ,i have some Finnish Air force Decals for one . The other 3 will be an RAF far East ,aircraft ,a Dutch and a US Naval one .Got 2 sets of PE ,one for the cockpits of the RAF and the Finnish one's . The other 2 i had started OOB and can't get the cockpit items off . Anyway, was there much difference between the RAF ,Dutch and Finnish Aircraft ? I can see that there was some difference to the US Naval one regards the rear cockpit area . Also did they all carry bombs ? Would like to block the holes on the bottom wings where they attach . Sorry if it all seems a bit complex .any help would be great.
  18. hi everybody! happy to join this tank GB! new to AFM, but sticking to 1/48 Sherman M4 early production (welded hull) Tamiya 1/48 that is what I have so far, also order a RB barrel and M2 MG improvement set..... started with the metal hull, gives nice weight (a tank after all, not an airplane!!) but is a bit strange to work with! T(h)anks for all kind of comments, espcially help! I will need it! markings not decided yet.....
  19. The Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop project is done. The subject aircraft is the T*M EP340 belonging to 249sqn stationed on Ta' Qali (Takali), Malta in 1942. The recorded highlight for this aircraft has been a sortie on 13th of October 1942 where the Canadian ace pilot John McElroy has managed to shoot down a Bf-109 and a Re.2001. Two days later, on 15th of October 1942, this particular aircraft - piloted by the Australian pilot Edwin Hiskens - was shot down by the German ace pilot Marian Mazurek. The loss of the T*M EP340 has been recorded as 'missing over sea', status of the Australian pilot as 'presumed dead'. Enjoy the final pictures and let's remember those who have fought for our freedom.
  20. Hi Just finished , JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle 1/48th scale from Tamiya 1st Company, 1st Armored School Unit , Camp Komakado
  21. Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger vignette under construction. Just to add the keep off/out tape and paint the huge projectile.
  22. Well known modell from Tamiya, painted with MM paints, decals from various sources. YAF early fifties:
  23. Another finished model. This time a P-47 D with the colors of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force). The model. The decals FCM 1/48. The finished model. I hope you like it. Regards ajcmac
  24. Hi all Inspired by Plastix build of the of the same kit I have decided to enter my Tamiya 1/48 KV1 kit into this Group Build. After a couple of complex builds I'm hoping this will be a pretty quick and hassle free one. I plan to build it straight out of the box, just replacing the string towing lines that Tamiya provide with fine wire ones. I'm considering trying out my Lifecolor Russian AFV paint set shown below but I might just stick with my normal combination of Revell/Humbrol Acrylics applied with a hairy stick. Although I don't plan to go overboard on the weathering I'm hoping to end up with a fairy realistic worn finish. Here's what I'm starting with:- http://s560.photobucket.com/user/coolhand1870/media/IMG_9483.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3 http://s560.photobucket.com/user/coolhand1870/media/IMG_9487 - Copy.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 http://s560.photobucket.com/user/coolhand1870/media/IMG_9488 - Copy.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s560.photobucket.com/user/coolhand1870/media/IMG_9491 - Copy.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 First update soon. Cheers Andy
  25. I decided to build Tamiya’s 1/48 Schwimmwagen, taking a break from Takom’s 57-2 (xx). It was a very pleasant evening last Thursday so set up on the patio with a nice cold pint of rekordling Cider and set to work. A couple of hours later and its virtually complete, needed half an hour to finish the build; All ready for some paint. The ‘highlighter’ marks, are so I can see which paints on the shelf are airbrush ready ;-)
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