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Found 1,405 results

  1. Well after finishing my AA CRARRV I decided to build something a little different a 1/24 Heller Renault 8 Gordini which is nearing completion (I have'nt done a WIP for this as it was intended as a quick trip down memory lane to my apprenticeship days when I worked in the local Renault dealership) I am now going back to AFV's with Tamiya's Chieftain Mk5 which has been in the stash for sometime. I know this is not the best kit of the Chieftain available and has many inaccuracies which I don't intend to correct instead I have been looking at range wreck pictures and have decided to have a go at replicating one of these, which will hide I hope some of the problems with this kit. Anyway here are the pictures of the box top and the hull and turret tops, I am not bothering with sprue shoots as these have been shown many times before Thanks for looking in and you are welcome to follow along if you wish, hopefull to start soon. Stay safe Roger
  2. Good day all, hope you are all safe and sound where ever you are. I'm just setting up my page for this GB. Really looking forward to this build and I have chosen Tamiya's epic 1:32 kit of the Birdcage Corsair. I came across the kit just after Christmas and was really looking forward to a later mark as I wanted to do a MkII but due the stock having a great price this was the last remaining and I couldn't turn it down, it worked out at around 60 quid! Now I prefer to model Fleet Air Arm aircraft and they did operate this type of aircraft as a MK I, it never really saw much operational action as it was mainly used as a trainer and was stationed mainly stateside and Canada. This particular build will be of JT190 which was flown by the late Lt Cdr Jack Sewell a FAA Fighter Ace, based at NAS Brunswick in Maine. I still have much to learn about the pilot and aircraft and will hopefully share that over the course of this build. The kit is quite huge and there is a lot of detail in there. Its the first time I've really tackled something in 1:32 so I hope that I can do it justice. I'm building straight out of the box with the exception of a fabric harness (I am assuming that the Mk I's still retained their American harnesses as they were based in US and hadn't really been British-ised yet), I also ordered a set of cockpit label decals to add a bit more depth to the cockpit, they haven't arrived yet so hoping they are not far off. As for the decals, well I haven't had any luck in getting a set in 1:32 so another first for me is painting the markings as opposed to sticking them on, we shall see how that goes! I do have a 1:48 'Royal Navy' and serial letters that work out to roughly the correct size so the serials wont be a problem. Just need to find some colour matching for the roundels. This aircraft was also marked up as '7M' and that will be slightly easier to mask and paint as opposed to any other number/letter combo. Here is the obligatory box top I wont go into every sprue shot as there are a lot of them and this kit has been well reviewed elsewhere on the web so I will save my Flickr size but heres a little selection of parts post washing, there are a fair few to count! It all looks a little daunting at the moment, I just hope I can complete it in time and do it justice, but we shall see. Until later, stay safe! Bob
  3. Between 1998 and 2008 I owned a number of Honda Preludes; three third generation and one fifth generation model. I've not seen any models of either type although I understand there is a rare kit of the 3rd gen Prelude out there somewhere. This Tamiya kit of the 2nd generation Honda Prelude was picked up from a small model shop in Evesham when I saw it at a reasonable price. The appearance didn't change much between the 2nd and 3rd generation models, although few parts were carried over and an uncle of mine had one of these 2nd gen cars many years ago. The main parts of the body were sprayed dark blue - a similar colour to my first Prelude. It looks a little grainy, not sure if it's supposed to be like that (IIRC it's a pearl or metallic finish and needs lacquer). Engine bay needs another coat, body was united just to check fit. More grain on the boot lid. The instructions call for the underside to be painted mostly the same colour as the upper body. Inner wings will get a coat of satin black and I think there's a silver exhaust heat shield to paint and the petrol tank probably needs some colour too. Interior parts mostly painted, the instructions called for two-tone grey, which again is very similar to the car I owned. I think it was brushed with Tamiya acylics. Bumpers in metallic grey. Not sure how to do the indicators, it's a pity they're just moulded in. Suspension and dash top, pity about the broken tie rod, not quite sure how to fix. Cooling fan reasonably well picked out against the radiator matrix. Engine, I'm tempted to try adding plug leads to bring it to life. I think I experimented with dry brushing silver on the flat aluminium gearbox casing to give it a bit more life, I think it looks OK. Decals and glazing, still in the plastic bag. I think the digital dash (oh so '80s) was for the Japanese market only. Nice satin-finish for the wheels, but they need some black paint to pick out the surround to the "H" on the centre cap. Where now? Finish the body; light rub down, another colour coat, clear coat. details Paint the underside Assemble the interior Assemble the underside Final assembly.
  4. Hi everyone I know its another Tamiya Spitfire but after seeing @shortCummins rather splendid build I thought I'd show mine as I'm pretty close to where John is with his build. I should say that I started this back in 2018 and for some reason or another I lost interest and put it to one side but now I'm building for my best mate who has been a real rock to me over the past few months and who has a thing for Spitfires. So my plan is to build the Spit and incorporate it into a diorama, I have an Austin Tilly and Willy's Jeep going Spare plus a 1/32 Pilot and ground crew any here is where I'm at... Cheers everyone and stay safe Iain
  5. Since the lockdown started, it seems to be the fashion to go with multiple builds, so I thought, why not. The M51 will continue as it's not far off finished, and I'll do some more on the Centurion, as and when. But as this dropped through my post box a couple of days ago, I decided that I wanted to make a start on the conversion. And this is what you get in the box. X2. It's certainly a very nice looking kit. Gone is the old Tamiya cast metal hull, and this one looks as though it assembles easily. Tamiya include two lengths of metal to give it some weight and a sensible method of fixing it in place. One thing that I did find strange is the fact that the indentations on the forward and rear parts of the track guards have been moulded raised instead of recessed. It's up to individual taste as to whether you correct this. My original intention was to turn this into a Tiran 5, but getting hold of an M68 105mm main gun in this scale is a no no as it doesn't exist, and I didn't want to start scratch building one. So the alternative was to go with and early Tiran 4 as the D10T 100mm gun is included in the kit. I have the Sabingamartin book on the Tiran 4 which has a few profiles of possible candidates. I spoke with Das Abteilung with regards to whether this is possible and there are some pitfalls apparently. BUT, I decided to go ahead with the conversion and try and produce one of the profiles from the book. 100% accuracy might not be there, but hopefully it will look like a Tiran 4. I’ve got both the Miniart kit and the Takom kit of the Tiran 4, so I will be using those as a guide. So I'll be getting this up and running very soon. John.
  6. TAMIYA 1:48 Heinke He 219A-7 Uhu Uhu is just a cool looking plane, been waiting to build this one for a while now. Also, has couple things that will challenge me in the painting - black and rather complicated camo work on the top side. It's a very tail heavy plane with practically no space on the front - so it's great that Tamiya is giving (a rather heavy) nose weight which doubles as the cockpit floor & nose gear bay. It's decently sized model, so should be quite impressive looking when done. May 1945. I specifically wanted to do a version with black undersides - because I think it looks cool and I haven't really painted black, so it will be fun to try out making it look interesting & weathered. Also, the camo job is something I'm not yet sure how I will do it. I think the correct way is to paint the darker color first and do 'snakes' with the lighter color, but I'm not sure me & my airbrush are up to the task. I will have to do some testing. I got the AS-5 spray can, but I guess I can decant that for the airbrush too.
  7. Two weeks ago I pulled out the leftovers from making the cancelled G3 battlecruiser ,the hull is supplied by IHP and you have to use a donor HMS Nelson or Rodney ,I ended up using both kits plus plenty spares,back to the story,I thought I had all the parts to make leftover Nelson to a more standard lay out.The first picture is as far as I got with what was in the box, so what do you do, buy another Nelson to finish is off.I have bought also wooden deck ,I have spare deck to finish off the stern.Will explain that I will do when the deck arrives, also purchased the White Ensign Models etching set, plus brass barrels for 16in & 6in.The tubs on the main turrets are 3D parts bought from Shapeways.I have replaced the ships boats from combrig. The second picture she has a funnel from a Furious kit(this kit arrived with 4 funnels)it looks more imposing and it looks right. Third picture plastic card and brass barrels fitted and fourth picture speaks for itself.
  8. Hi folks, I've never posted a model on here before... And it's been a while since I last built anything to completion (the last was an IDF M579 Macha"G Fitter in 2017). Anyway, a month or so ago, I found myself at a loose(ish) end, and felt like building something. British armour has long been my main interest really (though I'm very interested in the IDF's vehicles), and I really like 'oddities' - like the Archer. It's taking me a while for a kit which (at least as far as sticking it together is concerned) practically 'falls together' due to excellent Tamiya design and kit engineering. Partly, that's down to the difficulty of 'finding' all the bits I needed to build it as a wee bit more that OOB, partly down to it being open-topped (why the heck did I pick Archer) and the difficulty of working out how to build and paint it with the interior finished to a decentish standard, and partly because my mental health isn't fantastic, and consequently at times I struggle to make the decisions and actually do the thing. Anyway, here's where I'd got to by yesterday evening. I have now stuck the gun in place, and the ammo; about to start work on decals, detail painting, and weathering on the outside. I hope I can keep up the standard, and that I manage to keep at it - it's feeling pretty daunting right now.
  9. Kit: Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire I Decals: Victory Productions “Aces of the Empire” Here’s my entry for the group build The subject is Spitfire I R6893 “KL-T” 54 Sqn, based at Hornchurch in Summer 1940. This aircraft was regularly flown by Pilot Officer Colin Gray and he recorded a number of kills whilst flying this aircraft. First, the box and sprues And the profile from Victory Productions
  10. 1/35th Tamiya T55a in Syrian colours from the Yom Kippur War. Pretty much oob wit a bit of light ( I hope ) weathering.
  11. Sorry to miss the start of the party, but arriving fashionably late as always. Using Tamiyas 1/48 F4U-1/2 Birdcage I'm going to try and create a war weary, been around the bend hauling too many nuggets. She wont' be pretty but she will have style. The only extra will be Eduards P/E set and any stuff I can cram in with what I have sitting around. Hey, Modellers are like engineers, we love to change things. So here we go...
  12. Hey Folks, Started another build (my fourth simultaneous). Sorry for no pictures of the cockpit, was too involved with the others. If I do anything special to a cockpit during a build, I promise pictures. I picked the kit up on Amazon when the price lowered. It was described as 'new'. When it arrived, every single bag inside was opened. Fortunately, everything was o.k. It was a lot of work trying to keep all the details on the fuselage in front of the canopy. Kudos to all who have built a corsair. It is something to consider before building one, which I wasn't aware of. I don't think I should have taken on the challenge yet, my scribing skills are poor. Plus, this is the first time I have used my new red putty and the whole thing looked a mess. I thought it was going to end up on the shelf of doom, until I put a coat of white primer on. Not too shabby looking after the primer. Actually I'm really happy with it so far and the build will proceed!
  13. I'll be building the tamiya birdcage corsair in 1/48 scale, I'll be using eduard masks and a techmod decal sheet one of the offerings on the sheet is white 93 a blacksheep aircraft of vmf 214 from 1943 a picture below Parts ready for the build Some paint Cockpit built oob, foil seat belts, and the ip decal on, that shattered into around 5 pieces, I'll have the canopy closed so i felt it unnecessary to use ane pe, Engine built up ,painted and dry brused, a bit of a wash and it'll do Fuselage together and the main wing section in place Canopy on and masks stuck down It went together flawlessly to this point as you woul expect of these tamiya kits ,no filler at all, this is where i am at present, now I'm a bit stuck on the paint colour, below are a couple of colour photos of birdcage corsairs that look like different colours but seem to be the two tone type of camo @Troy Smith and @Corsairfoxfouruncle have already helped out with a question concerning colours in the chat section, Is this the colour and style of camo of white 93? Is this darker blue one just a less weathered version of above, this is the type of roundel on white 93 One more A little confused, Are they all the same colour but at different stages of weathering? Or are they different camo types/colours? Cheers all any extra help would be greatly appreciated Glynn
  14. Hello, New day and a new challenge. Just having finished a Sea Vixen after a series of aircraft I thought I had better dust off a Tamiya HMS Price of Wales that I have had gathering dust and start with a new challenge. I haven't done a plastic ship for many many years so time to make a change. Previous ship building was a wooden HM Brig Supply by Jotika. However over to heavy metal and my first conundrum is do I do this as per the kit, or do I add in photo etch. I have used some on the aircraft and that is fiddly enough but this seems to be an order of magnitude up from that. Any suggestions over what to use without driving myself to distraction and never finishing ?
  15. Hello Dears, Did I have mentionned this building ?? The Monogram Dash F has been started in 1988 or so.. Will search where the Bushmasters are stationned at the time, but I think it was Bentwaters... I read a book about the projected nuke war, they told about the Squadron, There was a Mk 7 nuke for each bridge of the Vistule river, would have 3 or 4 eyed fish For god's sake they both stayed quiet or almost, no mushrooms Modifications on the pylon for the Mk 7 The Tamiya one is a more recent start, 6 or 7 years ago I think. She is retro modified, from a dash G to a dash E. Goog kit, I used parts from the Verlinden kit, this kit is just a copy from the original parts, there is a slight difference, almost not noticeable. And some parts from a Heller X-kit, so I believe resin parts are from Renaissance.Don't Know, More to come soon. Thank for watching. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  16. Next build while in lockdown. Wanted something I could build up and leave complete for painting later. Thought of trying some modern armour so went for this one. Plan is to do it in "urban digital" squares (3x grey) for something different, inaccurate and to test my masking (going to print my own masks too). Probably start the build at the weekend and take it slow (dont think I will do much more than OOTB) 2020-04-06_02-34-36 by Robert Worth, on Flickr
  17. Hi, This one is mostly about taking part in this remembrance of the BoB. I'm not that great a builder. I'm keen to finish at least one model. Later on, I might return with another build like a Hurricane Mk I or Eduard's new Spitfire Mk I. This is the "old" Tamiya Spitfire, the copyright says "1993". Seems like yesterday... The decal sheet is from Fündekals. As you see, lots of Mk I's can be built using this one (11 of them BoB Spitfires). The .pdf with the instructions can be downloaded from the site for free. https://www.fundekals.com/spitfiresPart2.html I'm planning to build this one as R6775 "YT-J" of No 65 Sqn, flown by Jeffrey Quill during his time with 65 Sqn in August 1940. Cheers, Stefan.
  18. Last November, during the BTE (Best Trip EverTM), along with @CedB, @Terry1954, @Navy Bird, and the Mighty @Procopius, I got to visit the FAA Museum at Yeovilton, and found this prize in the gift shop: While paying for my new treasure, the kind women behind the counter asked if I'd like to have the author, David Morris, sign it for me, he was standing right there! BTE. Here's a pic I snapped of KD431 in the exhibit hall: Hopefully, this one helps me rebound from multiple recent modelling setbacks, we'll see. I was originally going to attempt this in the upcoming STGB, but I'm afraid that it's too big a project to do under a time pressure, please pardon this sinner Dennis @Corsairfoxfouruncle - I'll attempt a RNZAF Corsair in that one. Well, I want to build it as close as possible to how it's displayed at Yeovilton, so that means opening up the panel between the engine and fuel tank, and scratch building a bunch of stuff to put in there. Panel removed with scribing tool, then razor saw. The wide portion of an eye dropper will be the fuel tank. By a stroke of luck, the plasticard I have lying around is exactly half the thickness of Tamiya sprue, so if I glue two pieces together it is the right size to represent the ducting header for the tubes going from the wing root air intakes. I'm not looking for 100% (or even 78%) accuracy, I just want it to look busy in there.
  19. I had an old tool Tamiya Spit, which seems relatively straightforward so I looked for decals as the originals are no good. I saw the Possum Werks decals that covered the dogfight that ended in both Dundas, his wingman PO Paul A Ballion and Maj Helmut Wick, Luftwaffe top scoring pilot and Group Commander of JG 2's demise. Perfect, 2 subjects in 1 go, I click buy.....then I looked at the date of Dundas' final sortie....28 Nov 1940......after the official battle dates....not wanting to feel the wrath of the GB moderators, I looked to use the decals as much as I could...no records I could find of Dundas flying X4586 or R6631 before 30th Oct so counted out both on the sheet. With Helmut Wick he was promoted to Major just before the end of the battle, but who knows if his aircraft was repainted by 30 Oct.... I digress - I looked at the records of aircraft that John Dundas to decide on an aircraft to model. One that stuck out was R6915, Dundas flew it as PR-U on 9 Oct and claimed a Bf110 probable kill, as well as being injured in the leg by a cannon round. He was then to be awarded the DFC. The aircraft is still around on display in the Imperial War Museum in London. ''Eleven days later Dundas claimed a probable victory against a Bf 110, after a battle with German aircraft six miles north of RAF Warmwell at 16:30. Despite firing a 12–14 second burst at the enemy fighter, he did not see it crash. During the battle Dundas was hit in the leg when a cannon round exploded in his cockpit, but flew again the next day. The Spitfire Dundas flew that day, R6915, still exists, having been preserved by the Imperial War Museum. By 9 October 1940, his score stood at 10 and he was award the Distinguished Flying Cross.'' Using the various sets I think I can get the right decals. Any pearls of wisdom ref the old tool Tamiya kit build please let me know - should it be the 'blown' cockpit? Also any more specifics about R6915/PR-U ? Kit - pilot does seem quite big compared to the airfix and Fujumi characters! Montex masks and decals Build research and plan! Got the bits off the sprue and cleaned up No head armour so I grabbed the airfix part and some plasticard to replicate! Nor perfect but hey it will do, will have the pilot in and hood closed Primed using Stynlrez - thought I would try it....bizarre put 30 psi through my Iwata Neo .3 needle, but it came out ok then clogged up and was a bit messy cleaning up.....results are good, but I do like the Mr Paint Laquer pre mixed or Mr Surfacer 1500...Will prime the prop and pilots in white for ease. As I have copious builds (see more on Maj Wick to come!) mt plan is to get all the bits off the sprues, prime, then paint interiors/crew together to save time, paint and airbrush cleaning! Things will then progress as whatever pace takes my feelings towards various subjects.... Any top tips v welcome ref this old tool and subject matter!
  20. This is going to be a build of two different variants of Cromwell, a IV with an F hull and a Vw with the welded hull and extra armour. I like to build vehicles based on actual vehicles from photographs so I’m going to be basing my builds on these pictures: an F hull Cromwell IV of welsh guards, GAD knocked out in Germany. I bought the kit and most accessories as one of the first kits when I got back into modelling but has sat in the stash until I’d got my skills up. I really like all the extra ammo can storage on it but it’s only recently I’ve realised it’s an F hull as my knowledge of Cromwells has increased. I believe it’s a 75mm rather than a 95 based on its markings. the second welded hull Vw will be based on one of 4CLY sharpshooters knocked out at Villers Bocage, based on these photos and a couple more in Dan Taylor’s through the Lens book on VB. The kits and aftermarket that will be going into these builds: I recently bought off eBay one of these Cromwells that came with all the AA upgrades for both the F hull and welded hull for a very decent price. Now some of the AA parts are incorrect such as the F hull engine deck and the front plate for the up armoured hull so I’ll either be correcting those or making my own parts. I’ll be using @Bullbaskets welded hull Cromwell build log plus various photos I’ve collected and a good walk around video on YouTube for the corrections for the welded hull variant. The build has started with the rear hull. Appropriate Rivets have been removed from the welded hull along with the towing shackle mounting plates as these were welded directly onto the hull. I’ve also removed the first aid box from the rear with a razor saw that will be saved for reattaching later. The upper part will have a section of styrene attached over with weld beads added. Welded hull at the bottom with comparison to the riveted hull to show which rivets and plates have been removed. Pin marks have been filled since taking photos.
  21. Hey there, I found that I have too many Panther tanks and fancied something else for quite some time and not got to support local hoppy shops. Finally went for KV-1 kits. I ordered the Tamiya kit with the ABER detail bits to get a bit more finesse into this one. The detail ootb ist good but as with many of the RC tanks not overwhelmingly. This most likely has to do with tha fact that you will handle it alot and that might damage too finely detailed models. Still I got the Trumpeter to look for some additional details to add to its´ larger brother. I plan to do texture most of the surfaces with Mr Surfacer 500 for the rough look. Tamiya just has it how to do an appealing box. Fold up the box lid and you get to see a very nice picture together with a windowed box on all the goodies inside. I remember when I was a child and I did that for the first time in the shops, but I never had the money to afford one of these models.
  22. My recent and other current builds all seem to have been (or still are!) a bit finicky, and I'm hankering after something nice and straightforward. Hence I'm going to start my Tamiya Bf 109 E-3; I've got the Xtradecal Luftwaffe Battle of Britain sheet on its way, and I'll be building one of the yellow-nosed schemes from that sheet.
  23. Hi all, my first plastic kit for a while and built OOB. Not any specific example but various photos referenced for ideas. A little bit of history. i built loads of kits as a kid and progressed onto Tamiya F1 cars but in all that time never even considered weathering as an option. After giving up the hobby, lately ive found myself getting into modelling model railways and after making a few kits (brass) started to dabble with weathering but with mixed results. Anyway whilst doing research into weathering techniques I found myself on this site and was inspired by the projects that i was seeing completed. So much so i thought i'll make a tank and try out the many techniques i have seen on here and on youtube. Overall I'm very pleased with the result albeit with a few mistakes that I've since seen. ie the silvering on one of the decals. As I've said this is not a model of any particular example but just a canvas to practice on. In some ways the best bit of the hobby is that it has inspired me into taking an interest in WW2 armour. The next project will be a Matilda as I had an uncle who died fighting alongside a Matilda in north Africa (Operation Battleaxe for those that know about these things). I can feel a little diorama homage coming on.
  24. I've been dreaming of building an RNZAF Corsair for a long time, and it looks like I'm in good company in this STGB. Here's the kit: And here are the transfers: I have some Xtradecal RNZAF roundels to replace the ones included in the above set, as I don't think these match the actual roundel blue used according to @LDSModeller. I'm not dead set on this particular aircraft, but I definitely want to do an operational tri (quad) color scheme. Primed and airbrushed some of the interior today to make the start official. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle for organizing this STGB.
  25. Well following my disappointment with the amount of detail of my Hasegawa Jag I bit the bullet and managed to win a Tamiya one on Ebay courtesy of British Red Cross so I might of paid a bit of a premium but hopefully theyll benefit from a few of my pounds. So I hope I can do this beast justice, this is my first Tamiya kit and I must say they are fantastic, dry fitting everything together and it all stays together, I am very impressed. There is a fair few items on order so progress is slow BUT I really want to build this as detailed as I can, the cars hold very fond memories as a kid, i got to meet Martin Brundle a few times through his racing career and have been lucky enough to be photographed sat in a few of his sports cars and F1 cars. As such as I have a couple of die cast Le Mans '88 winners this will be built as Martin Brundles car that failed to finish. I have added all 12 HT leads to the distributor cap, I was going to find the firing order but once the air intake box was added you couldnt see them so their all fixed in numerical order instead. Lots of pipework will be fitted but i need to add most of that to the floor pan so my aim was to get the engine as detailed as i could first. I'm lucky enough to have about 1000 photos of these magnificent cars and virtually every book ever published on these and TWR, i really admired Tom, he had plans for everything and MOST came to fruition, I'm sure he could sell ice to eskimos with the amount of big money backing he got through his business and racing career and I'm sure a weekend in a bar with him would of been hard to beat.!!! So I've added brake lines and as many various leads I can decipher from the photos, most of them just run to the floor around the sump but hopefully will give a good impression. The exhaust is only dry fitted but the wiring for the lambda sensors have been fitted. So huge amounts to go and will be extremely slow but I cant afford to rush it, the disappointment would be too much to bare. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated, it is only a few hours into the build and nothing is final where it is, just mostly mocked up at the moment.
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