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Found 10 results

  1. Tori Factory (link) - formerly Zlapla / Resin Figure link - has just released a 1/48th KAI T-50B "Black Eagle - ROKAF 70th anniversary" limited edition set - ref. TF-8001 This set is composed of a 1/48th Academy's T-50B Golden Eagle kit (link) with some Tori Factory produced add ons. Sources: https://torifactory.com/?p=4255 http://plafactory.com/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=320755&special=1&GfDT=Zm13UQ%3D%3D V.P.
  2. Wolfpack-Design is to release 1/48th KAI FA-50 Golden Eagle & T-50A T-X programme conversion set for the Academy kit (link) Source: https://www.facebook.com/wolfpackd/photos/a.554832374609972/2552509994842190/ V.P.
  3. Academy is to release a 1/72nd KAI T-50 "snap tite" kit - ref.12519 Sources: http://www.academy.co.kr/1p/1p_plaview.asp?pView=PLA0000001&pCode=1289&pScale=SCALE00003 V.P.
  4. Also shown on the flory Models site, so firstly apologies for duplication! This is a flight of fancy, but let's pretend there's no BAe Hawk, and that the RAF still use the classic red/white/grey colour scheme..... Academy kit Xtradecal decals (for BAe Hawk) except serials that came from a Revell Typhoon tamiya paint Flory models 'wash' Just a fun build, never done a 'what if' before, hope it's acceptable! IMG_0108 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010799 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010801 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010802 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010804 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010806 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010807 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  5. Finnish T-50 Infantry Tank HobbyBoss 1:35 History Advancing Finnish troops spotted T-50 tank first time in July of 1941 and later that same year succeeded capturing one of these rare tanks near Äänislinna/Petrozavodsk. It was one of the fifty tanks manufactured by Voroshilov Factory number 174 in Leningrad. The tank was repaired and taken to use of Finnish Army with tank-registry number R-110 in February of 1942. It was first issued to Heavy Tank Company (Raskas Panssarikomppania) of Tank Battalion, but as part of process expanding Tank Battalion to Tank Brigade it was transferred to 3rd Tank Company of Tank Brigade already in March of 1942. Later it was often used as command tank of the tank company. While the tank crew named their T-50 as "Niki", also nickname for it soon appeared and ended up spreading far and wide. This popular nickname was "Pikku-Sotka" (Small Pochard), which referred to its physical resemblance with larger T-34 medium tank, which Finnish soldiers had already earlier nick-named as "Sotka" (Pochard) after a tugboat of that name. This Finnish-captured tank was equipped with 14-mm thick additional armour plates attached with bolts to front hull and turret sides. It had a 45mm Psv.K/38 tank gun and two coaxial DT-machineguns. As to be expected maintenance of this one of a kind tank proved difficult, but still it remained in active use until 25th of June 1944. That day it was used as command tank during famous counter-attack of Finnish heavy (medium) tanks from Juustila to Portinhoikka during Tali-Ihantala battles. During this counter-attack the tank suffered serious technical failure (engine-failure), which the mobile repair shops of Tank Brigade were unable to repair. The next day it was sent to Centre Armour Repair Facility in Varkaus and apparently was never repaired. While the line T-50 wasn't in operational condition since June 1944, it still remained in armoured vehicle inventory listings of Finnish Army until year 1955. Nowadays this tank is in Parola Armour Museum. The Model The kit comes in the now standard style of Hobbyboss box, with an artists impression of the vehicle in battle with Russian forces, although it also depicts it fighting with another Finnish T-50 which as mentioned above is incorrect. Inside, there are ten sprues and three separate parts in sand coloured styrene, four sprues of brown styrene, two of clear, a sheet of etched brass and a small decal sheet. The parts are al beautifully moulded with some very nice details and naturally for a modern kit, no sign of flash or other imperfections, although there are quite a few moulding pips that need to be removed and cleaned up. The build begins with the assembly of the road wheels, each of which is fitted with a brass rim. The wheels are then paired up and fitted with a central hub cap. The idler wheels are assembled in the same way, whereas the sprockets are made up of just two parts. The separate upper hull has to have several holes opened up before using, then put to one side. The lower hull is then fitted out with the multitude of parts that included the bump stops, return roller axles and idler wheel fittings. The two part return rollers are joined together and attached to their respective positions, followed by the torsion bar suspension parts and sprocket gearbox cover. The road wheels, idlers and sprockets are now attached followed by the tracks. The tracks are each made up of individual links which also have separate guide horns are each glued together, so it would probably best to make them up as link and lengths allowing for some sag on the top section. Each side requires ninety three links to make up a complete length. On the underside of the lower hull there is a large hatch that requires gluing into place, whilst the rear mounted shackle pads and shackles are fitted. In the upper hull the two intake plates are fitted on each side of the inner engine deck, along with their associated baffles. On the outside of the upper hull, the drivers hatch and rear engine hatch are fitted. The track guards are then attached to each side of the upper hull and the additional armour plate fitted to the glacis plate. The upper and lower hull sections can then be joined together. The intake grilles and track guard braces, jack, front mounted shackles, pioneer tools and a selection of brass clamps and brackets. The turret assembly begins with the trunnion, it’s turret attachments, and fitted with one machine gun muzzle and one complete machine gun. The trunnion is then fitted to the upper turret part which is in turn fitted with the lower turret section. The turret is then fitted with the mantel, rear mounted hatch and additional side mounted armoured plates. The commanders hatch, periscope, and vent cover are then fitted, as is the main gun barrel. The hull is now fitted out with even more detail, including the fender braces, folding headlights, viewing ports, exhaust and two large brass intake grilles, which will need some very carefully rolling and bending to fit correctly. Two lengths of track, each six links in length are fitted to each side of the upper hull and a brass footstep fitted to the glacis plate. The turret assembly is then attached, completing the build. Decals The small decal sheet only provides a selection of Finnish swastikas, each in two halves to comply with some national laws. There is quite a lot of information on these tanks on the internet, so it shouldn’t take long to find a different scheme for your model, should you so wish. The single colour scheme is a mixture of Wood Brown, Sand Yellow, Red Brown and Russian Green splodges.overall. Conclusion Yes, it’s yet another small Russian tank from Hobbyboss. They are really scraping the barrel with this one though as there was only ever one captured T-50. I guess it makes sense to utilise the moulds as much as possible, and this tank is still extant in a museum. The tracks look awfully fiddly, so some modellers may wish to change them for Friulmodel metal tracks. Highly Recommended Review sample courtesy of
  6. Ref.72036 Source: http://www.primeportal.net/models/thomas_voigt10/ark/index.php?Page=1 V.P.
  7. Hi guys, I stayed clear of this kit for a good while, mainly because of the missing LG issue. However, I recently saw some close-up shots of the plastic parts and they really are very nicely detailed. This coupled with the possibility of acquiring the kit at a reasonable price led me to my asking you this: Is the landing gear on the real thing a 1/1 copy of the F-16 gear? Or are there different dimensions at play? Has anyone else thought about robbing an F-16 kit of its landing gear and sticking it to the T-50? Cheers, Niki
  8. KAI T-50 Golden Eagle 1:72 Academy - Multi Color Part The T-50 Golden Eagle is an indigenous Korean built supersonic advanced trainer which was developed by Korean Aerospace Industries. As such it is the countries first supersonic aircraft. Design follows the F-16 type model and is similar to the Japanese F-2 in shape. Development of the aircraft began back in the late 1990s with a first flight in 2005. The aircraft has developed onto training and fighter versions. It is currently only used by the Korean Air Force, most notably by their Aerobatic Display team. Export orders have been found with the Philippines ordering 12 aircraft. In partnership with Lockheed Martin the aircraft is being offered for the USAF advanced trainer or T-X programme. The Kit The reviewer was hoping that as this is billed as a "Multi Color Parts" kit, that it would be the same standard as the recently released F-4J as it would be great to get a new tool T-50 in 1.72 scale, following Academy's excellent 1.48 scale kits. However on opening the box it is evident that this kit is more toy like than model kit. The parts are limited; there is a limited cockpit and no landing gear at all. The model is to be posed on an included stand; however there are no pilots supplied for this "in flight" mode. No decals are included in this release only stickers. The kit is on two sprues of white plastic and two of black plastic; one of these is the stand. The parts feature some nice engraved detail on the outside. Construction which can all be done without glue starts with an insert for the underside of the top body. Following this the two part ejection seats and instrument panels are added tot he single part cockpit tub. This can then be placed into the lower fuselage half. The two halves can then be joined together. The tail planes are then added along with the engine exhaust nozzle. The two one part intakes are added and the centre line fuel tank made up and added (this has its own integral pylon). The main one part fin & rudder is added along with the cockpit canopy. This then finishes the aircraft. A display stand is included as the kit comes with no landing gear. The stand consists of a base, and a moving pivot arm. The top of the arm fits into the kit exhaust. Decals There are no decals provided with the kit, only stickers. The F-4J offered both but this kit only offers the stickers. Stickers are provided for on aircraft only. Conclusion This will appeal to modellers with younger children. As it is an easy kit with push together parts and stickers it should be fairly easy for them to assemble. It should be pointed out that I suspect in order to conform to EU regulations it is only advertised for sale for 14+, this label covers a Korean label which says not suitable for under 3's. There is scope for modellers to incorporate landing gear etc from another kit but it would be a lot of effort. Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  9. All the latest new items from ACADEMY are available now. Academy 1/35 Sherman with rocket launcher parts from Italeri. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4548 Academy 1/35 T-34/85 "Berlin 1945" - this is a limited edition kit with a new turret plus all the PE parts required for the bedspring armour on the turret and upper hull. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4549 Academy 1/35 M60A2 'Starship' - substantially retooled with new turret, cupola parts and link & length tracks on no less than 4 brand new injected sprues. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4634 Academy 1/72 T-50 Advanced Trainer - following on from the F-4J Phantom in the snap-together-build-from-the-box-without-glue-and-paint format is the KAI/Lockheed Martin supersonic trainer T-50 as used by the Korean Air Force. A brand new tool, with some very nice detail, and the display stand is a nice touch too. No decals in this one though, just the stickers hence the low price. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4633 Plus a whole bunch of restocked items. See our website for details.
  10. Fifth T-50 was revealed with new camo scheme: Gallery of hi-res pictures http://www.knaapo.ru/rus/gallery/events/combat/t-50/t-50-5.wbp
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