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Found 108 results

  1. Hi. I'd like to join with this Japanese fighter. I started it last April, then I just stopped modelling...I think is time to start again
  2. Just wandering through the forum and came across this GB, what a great idea Seems like an ideal time to finish off the lightning I started in the Trainers GB which failed at the end due to a missing part I've got a Peugot 206 WRC to finish, then the Lightning should be a good project over Christmas to finish off Just got to remember where I put it safe now Shouldn't be too hard as it's not small Ian
  3. Hello all, For my next Lightning (I always have a Lightning model on the go), I have decided to try my hand at some shiny metal finishes, and a two seater version. I have on hand the Sword 1/48 T4, and a set of Xtradecals for 226 OCU. The kit is certainly a decent representation of the type, but is also a little basic in terms of fit. There is a substantial amount of flash, ejector pin marks and seam lines. However, with some patience (in short supply) I think it will make into a decent model. Box and aftermarket decals The kit decal sheet seems decent - stencils are well defined and good resolution The sprues I think the cockpit is busy enough with kit parts. With some scratch building I think it would even look OK with an open canopy, but for simplicity I'll be closing the canopy on this build. Here I am just starting to dry fit parts. Still some clean up needed. The cockpit includes resin ejector seats (not shown here). The seats are not up to Eduard or Quickboost standard for sure, but streets ahead of the average injection moulded versions in the Airfix kits. (Although the Airfix kits are superior to the sword ones in terms of fit and overall definition). The wings go together fine. The leading edge joint is not very good, but the wing lower sections fit well otherwise. It shouldn't take too much effort to sand the leading edge smooth. The intake ring is not very well molded, but again didn't take to much work to cut out runner leftovers, and smooth the internal diameter transition. And just a couple of progress pics - meaning I have done some priming. And so away we go!
  4. Sword is to re-release its 1/72nd Shooting Star kit - ref. SW72105 - RF-80C "over Korea" - ref. SW72106 - P-80A/B Sources: http://swordmodels.cz/cs/home/123-sw72105-rf-80a-over-korea.html http://swordmodels.cz/cs/home/124-sw72106-p-80ab-.html V.P.
  5. Here is my Harrier T.52 ZA250/G-VTOL, Paris Airshow 1979, built from the Sword kit with a Master pitot, painted with Hataka and Lifecolour acrylics and finished with decals from Vingtor set 72-118 Harrier Test and Demonstration Aircraft #3. The kit was a bit of a challenge, the fit of some parts was poor, particularly the intake trunking and front cockpit instrument shroud. There were gaps that needed shims and steps, especially behind the cockpit. The front instrument shroud provided by sword is way too big and I ended up replacing it with a part fashioned from a cut down drop tank half. I opened up the auxiliary intake doors, in future I would recommend replacing these parts with Freightdog resin ones. The Vingtor decals are nice and thin and generally went on well, conforming over curves and bumps, although delicate. I had some small of the smaller stencils break up, possibly as I had the water too warm. Frustratingly, one of the fuselage roundels was misprinted without the white segment, and I managed to pull of part of the serial when handling and needed to touch up by hand. Anyway, here it is, a bit rough in places but good enough for my cabinet: Thanks for looking. AW
  6. Back from a couple of months away from home I am itching to get back to the bench and have chosen this as my next build: I’m going to build it as the BAe demonstrator G-VTOL using the Vingtor decal sheet. A look at the contents: Parts are usual short-run fare, thick and fairly soft plastic, a little flash, large spruce gates and some massive ejector pins that will need to be ground off. Detail is lightly moulded so some rescribing after filling and sanding of joints will likely be required. You get a resin part for the air brake interior and a fret of PE details mostly for the cockpit. I also have a master pitot. I have given the parts a good wash and am now cleaning them up before commencing work in earnest. Unfortunately real life commitments and ferrying my mother to and from medical appointments mean that progress on this build is likely to be slow but I will put up updates from time to time. AW
  7. The other aircraft (and the only other suitable for this GB) I will attempt is this Ar-196 from the dual boxing with a Sea Gladiator by Sword. Again OOB with stuff like seatbelts and rigging added.
  8. Sword is to release in May 2019 a 1/72nd Douglas AD-4W/AEW.1 Skyraider kit - ref. 72126 http://swordmodels.cz/cs/coming-soon/145-sw72126-ad-4waew1.html https://www.aviationmegastore.com/douglas-ad4waew1-skyraider--expected-may-2019-sw72126-sword-8592977721269-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=161597 V.P.
  9. Sword is to release very soon a 1/72nd Arado Ar-196A-3 kit - ref.SW72085 Source: http://swordmodels.cz/cs/coming-soon/100-sw72085-arado-ar-196a-3.html V.P.
  10. If I may, this seems like a good time to build this. What do you mean, 'tidy your room'? That's time I could spend building. Nice bits. A fair bit for flash, some of it a bit thick, such as that around the fin. But, lovely resin wheel well and seat. Plastic is cut:
  11. Sword is to rebox its 1/72nd Republic P-47N Thunderbolt in a 2in1 kit - ref. SW72121 Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/home/140-sw-72121-p-47n-2-in-1.html V.P.
  12. Now I've more or less finished the Meteor F8 in the 50s GB it's time to make a start here I'm going to throw my hat in the ring with the RAF trainer that was the ultimate last step in the budding fighter pilots journey After learning their trade in the sweet handling Gnats, Hawks, Hunters etc. they got to experience the brute force of the Lightning I'm sure there's a quote from a fresh pilot somewhere that said something like, "I was in control right up to the moment I released the brakes" I'm following my theme of 56 squadron aircraft with a Sword T5, depending how I go with time I might do a T4 as well, but we'll see how I go It also depends on how my first real attempt at NMF goes as well, as to whether I do another
  13. In 2019 Sword is to release McDonnell F3H Demon kits. - ref. SW 72122 - MCDonnel F-3H-2/F-3B Demon Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/home/141-sw-72122-f-3h-2f-3b-demon.html - ref. SW72123 - McDonnel F3H-2N/M F-3C/MF-3B Demon Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/home/142-sw72123-f3h-2nm-f-3cmf-3b-demon.html V.P.
  14. Joining you with this US Navy trainer - derived from the T-33, that I'm also building. The first Sword kit that I've built - from several purchases. And I really like the hi-vis options
  15. Seen at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2013 Source:http://happy.ap.teacup.com/applet/runchickens/20130516/archive?b=10 - ref. SW72119 - Hawker 800/Raytheon U-125A (JASDF) announced by Sword Models (http://www.swordmodels.cz/) A challenger for the - now out of production ? - NMC (North Wing Model Craft) resin kit: http://nsf.tc/~nmc/ProductDetail.php?iProduct=8 http://nsf.tc/~nmc/ProductDetail.php?iProduct=8 V.P.
  16. The latest Sword kits are on order for delivery to us, sometime next week! So we'll have new F3H Demon models in 1/72! Also out, will be the re-issued P-47N Thunderbolt kit but this time as a double set! The prices will be discounted compared to RRP! thanks Mike
  17. 825

    BAe Harrier T4N

    Here's my next contribution to this GB, Sword's Harrier trainer. It will be finished as an FAA Harrier T4N from 899 NAS. Sprue shot. As usual I've been impatient and already got some paint on. The majority is well moulded but as typical with short run kits, there are some injection pins and some flash, and there are some seams. The exhausts are moulded as single pieces and although there's a seam around the 'can' but that's should be straightforward to sand down. The other Harrier challenge is the intake doors on the intake are modelled in closed position and will probably need cut out to represent a plane on the ground. Otherwise shape looks about right and the engraving is restrained. A fair fair amount of etch, all the interior etch is precoloured and the remainder provides enough aerials for a number of modern aircraft. And one piece of resin.
  18. Hi all, and I'm pleased to say that I've finally finished a model - the 1/72 Seafire XV from the Sword kit. I made heavy weather of it unfortunately (well over two years from start to finish), and ran into a last-minute snag by applying Alclad Clear Cote as a near-final varnish, which then took four months to dry. Yesterday I reckoned it was dry enough to put something over the top, in this case Humbrol 135 satin enamel. It could do with being a bit more glossy to be honest, but I'm calling this one done now. I built the kit pretty much out of the box, although these Sword kits need a bit of fettling to get certain things to fit (e.g. canopy). After a false start on the paint-job, I settled on something a bit different, as I've always liked the look of SW847 in its (I think) black over sky with silver spinner. The real aircraft had been modified a bit, with guns, gunsight, catapult hooks and arrestor-wire guard for the tailwheel removed - all of which made this modeller's life easier. The whole sorry process is recorded in the WIP: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998719-172-seafire-xv/. Any road up, here are some pics taken this afternoon: And here she is in the cabinet with her Mark III sister, also from the Sword kit but was somehow much easier to put together: Here are a couple of photos of the original: Thanks for looking, and comments very welcome as ever. In the meantime I'm not sure I can face another session with the Sword Mark XIV Spit. And conversion of a Sword Seafire XV to a Mark XII can definitely wait a while. Oh the horror...! Justin
  19. Planning to build the Sword Kon Marine TBM3W Avenger. Sword show this in a dark and light grey scheme. Anyone know FS or other references for these colours and when they were used ?. Only photographs found show dark grey top and duck egg green below.
  20. I've just finished two Spitfires! First off, I'm very pleased to have completed my Spitfire 21 in 1/72. It's an Airfix 22 kit with the spine and tail of the Airfix XIX grafted on. This is the second paint job on this model - the first attempt almost made it over the line back in 2016 but I made a mess of the varnishing and it went into some soapy water to get stripped. The unfortunate details are recorded in the wip: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234986779-spitfire-i-and-21-and-now-an-xviii/. Three years later it's finally done. Aside from the conversion its basically OOB with the exhausts drilled out and a set of Sword 4-spoke wheels. The sliding canopy is a Ventura vacform item and I'm slightly regretting not cutting open the door, but that would have given away that I haven't removed the Mark 22's canopy pulley system on the cockpit wall... On this second attempt I used Xtracrylix paints and opted for LA328 of 600 Squadron Auxiliary Air Force in about 1947, using the excellent Freightdog decals. Anyway, some pictures: Second, I've also completed a Spitfire 18 using the Sword XIV kit as the basis. This was more straightforward than the 21 though there was still a bit of work to do, e.g. redoing the outer wing panels and drilling the ventral camera windows, and I used a slightly reshaped Special Hobby rudder, with Z-type trim tab added. I used a spare Eduard bubble canopy as think it captures the shape better. It's in the 'Desert' scheme of 208 Squadron in 1949 Egypt, and I again used predominantly Xtracrylix paints, lightening the light slate grey even more with white. The dark Earth was Mr Hobby H72. Freightdog decals were again used, and here's what came out at the other end: And here they are together with my recently completed Sword XIV: The Sword XIVs are not the easiest of builds but they are the best we have so far in 1/72. I think I'll need to do a couple more... Hope you like these though - any comments welcome. Justin
  21. Hi fellow modellers! This is the last model I completed. It´s Sword´s Spitfire Vc in 1/72. I have mixed feelings about this kit because it looks good but I ecountered several fit issues, mainly in the cockpit parts. Despite this it can be built into a nice model. I used Authentic Decals to represent a "presentation" aircraft, a plane donated to the RAF by a company from my country Uruguay. This very plane is restored and flying today in the same markings! I tried to follow the few historic photos I found because there are some differences with the restored one, like the wings. I hope you like it and all comments and critics are welcomed! Best regards. Ignacio
  22. This will be my next build: I'll be using the Sword kit: (Wish me luck with the stripes.) Here are the sprues: The transfers: Thanks to some advice from @LDSModeller, I won't be using the upper surface colours suggested by Sword. I've made a start painting the interior but there won't be any photographs until I've stuck some bits together.
  23. Hi peeps, Here are my last completions for the year - a trio of 1/72 Spitfire Vc's all depicting subjects used against the Japanese: First up we have the Sword kit depicting SEAC based MA292 KW-D "Verna June II"of 615 (County of Surrey) Squadron RAF as flown by Flying Officer "Lawrence" Weggery RNZAF during 1944. Mostly OOB although I used the Rotol prop and wheels from the Tamiya kit further down and the cannon barrels and stubs are by Master. Paints are Humbrol throughout: Next up we have Darwin based BS164 DL-K of 54 Squadron RAF as flown by Squadron Leader Eric Gibbs during 1943. The model is a heavily modified Tamiya Mk Vb; a 2mm extension rear of the wing took care of the kits short length aft of the cockpit and the wingtips were reshaped to a more accurate profile. The DH prop, cannon bulges and rearview mirror were from the Sword Vc whilst the vokes filter was spare from a Sword Seafire III. Cannon barrels and stubs are again by Master. Markings were from the Sword kit whilst the stencils are by Techmod. Paints are primarily Humbrol whilst the lighter green used to depict the reduction in size of the roundels was from Sovereign Hobbies: Finally we have the newish KP Vc kit built to depict BS236 QY-N of 452 Squadron RAAF as based at Strauss Airfield south of Darwin in 1943. This aircraft was flown by Flight Lieutenent John Bisley RAAF during the Imperial Japanese Army's 20th June Raid on Darwin during which he downed one bomber. The only alterations to the kit are the use of a DH Prop hub spare from the Sword Seafire III kit with Airfix Spitfire Mk I blades and a scratchbuilt rearview mirror as I lost the original to the carpet monster! Markings are from DK Decals and the stencils are again from Techmod. Paints are once again Humbrol throughout: A shot of the two Darwin based machines: Comments welcome! Mike.
  24. Just now saw this! Be still my beating heart! Our prayers have been answered! @Sabrejet @Tailspin Turtleget your photo references out! I'm guessing the P-47N is a re-release? Mike http://www.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/kits/swordpreviewbg_28.htm
  25. Sword is to release a family of 1/72nd North American FJ-2/3 Fury kits. - ref. SW72107 - North American FJ-2 Fury Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/coming-soon/125-sw72107-fj-2fury.html - ref. SW72108 - North American FJ-3 Fury Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/coming-soon/127-sw72108-fj-3-fury.html - ref.SW72109 - North American FJ-3M Fury Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/coming-soon/127-sw72108-fj-3-fury.html V.P.
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