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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all Completed this one a couple of years ago, the Sword kits are really nice. They are short run but go together quite well provided you take your time. In my opinion they capture the Lightning lines beautifully. Got a few more in the stash with limitless decal options! Represents an F.2 from no. 92 sqn at RAF Leconfield early 1960s before the squadron then moved to Germany. One of the most colourful of Lightning schemes. Brush painted with Vallejo Model Air polished aluminium (in my opinion the best acrylic silver paint for hairy stick), and a shade of blue that I cannot remember! Hope you enjoy. Comments and tips appreciated.
  2. Here's another Sword Lightning! This time a T5 from the Lightning Training Flight at Binbrook 1976 when they were experimenting with a new tactical camouflage. They tried overall grey and overall green before settling on the green/grey pattern. Brush painted with Vallejo Model Color and decals from Xtradecal. Thanks for looking.
  3. Last of my Lightning trio. This time a T5 from no. 145 sqn / 226 o.c.u. at RAF Middleton St George (now Teeside Airport) in the mid 1960s. In my opinion the most colourful of Lightning schemes. On the later T5s the training bands were changed from yellow to dayglo orange on some airframes making them even more colourful! Brush painted with Vallejo Model air polished aluminium and model colour for the red and yellow. Xtradecals to finish the job. Thanks for looking!
  4. Morning all, I've finished one! This is the Sword Spitfire XIV in 1/72. It took longer than I would have liked but came out OK in the end. The only modifications were to take the tail off and add about 1mm in length at the fuselage/tail join (not sure it was worth it to be honest), and tinker with the rear cockpit section to place the line between the glazing and the fuselage at the correct height (the kit has it too low). I also added the separation hooks for the slipper tank, and nabbed some spare exhausts from an old Special Hobby kit - the Sword ones are a bit messy. The main colours are Xtracrylix, with masking using the blu-tack sausages method. Fiddly but works well. The decals are a mixture of the kit's (roundels and stencils) and Xtradecals. In researching the subject I found the instructions by Aviaology for their 1/48 decals very useful, in that they have a photo which highlights the faded original serial number and the small repainted one at the base of the fin. So I replicated that with decals from the spares box. The model represents the 402 (Canadian) Squadron aircraft flown by Flt Lt Brian MacConnell in March 1945. I quite like the late 2nd TAF scheme with type C1 roundels all round, overpainted Sky fuselage band and black spinner. Anyway, some pictures: Justin
  5. Thankfully the waiting for the Edgar Spitfire Group Build is over, and we are up and running as of yesterday, "K5054 Day" (which I'm starting to think should be a Public Holiday - petition to No 10 anyone?). But what's a man to do whilst waiting for 5 March to arrive? I can now reassure you that I have not been idle, and here's the proof: it's the little Sword Seafire XV (late version), which I've had in the stash for a year but kept getting it out, giving it a good looking at and then putting it away, concerned at the amout of work required. Anyway I've taken the plunge, and I'm pleased I did. Yes, I have moaned about the wings of Sword kits being a bit short. But the rest of the kit is beautiful so I've got back in my box and started work. As it's a short-run kit it needs patience and care: the cockpit detail is very nice and whilst there's no reassuring click as the parts fit in, fit they do and the internals look convincing. Care needs to be taken too with the upper cowlings and with the tailplanes to get them aligned properly. And the wing/fuselage join works if you dont rush it. Anyway here's how far I've got, all primed up and waiting for paint: The only real modification I have made is to the propeller: for me the Sword spinner is a little short, so I sawed the tip off and grafted on the front end of a spare Special Hobby Griffon spinner. It needed some fettling but I think it looks better now. The blades also needed some shaping and I think they're just about there (I'll post more pictures soon). In terms of colour scheme I'm keen to do something similar to PR503 which has been restored in the States (see my profile image). For me it's Seafire elegance at its best. I must say that I'm now converted to the Sword kits. I've ordered a Mk III Seafire and the excellent work of other BMers such as Procopius and Tony O'T inspires me to do a Vc too. I'll try to finish a couple of less advanced Spitfire projects in the Group Build. In the meantime I hope to provide more updates on this Seafire soon. Justin
  6. This one was tough to photograph due to the combination of dark finish and winter sun. Please forgive the stark shadows, the indirect lighting was too weak to shoot, so had to place the subject in direct sunlight. All comments welcomed... WiP can be found here: regards, Jack
  7. Seafires are interesting aren't they. A couple of years ago I had great fun converting the new-ish 1/72 Airfix Spitfire 22 into this Seafire 47: ...and insodoing caught the Seafire bug. A Sword XV is half-completed, but I am separated form it currently. So you know how it is in this hobby - having just finished a Mustang I turned to the stash for inspiration, and my eyes fell upon this: It's the most recent boxing, which contains most of the parts for a Spitfire Vc as well, but doesn't have the resin gun barrels. No matter, this is my next little project. Luckily I've got a few references: but I know I have a few questions that the books and Internet don't seem to be able to help me with, so if anyone is able to help with those I'll be grateful. I've got a week off work and so hopefully progress will be relatively swift. I made a bit of a start yesterday: The first thing to say is that the propeller was pre-assebled for a Sword Spitfire IX which I fear will not be built now due to the arrival of the Eduard kit. I also seized the tailplanes from that kit (at the bottom of the pic) as they have the later extended horn balance on the elevators which I think is correct for the Seafire III. I'll need to remove the representation of fabric from them as I believe all Seafires had metal elevators. Other tasks done include drilling out holes for me to do the forward catapult spools under the wings, and the aft ones in the fuselage. The sword kits are very nice. I have nitpicked about the slightly short wingspan but I'm going to live with it. That will help me finish my XV too in due course. The cockpit is slighly fiddly with the need to construct the seat mountings, but it looks nice. The instrument panel comes up beautifully with a bit of coloured pencil highlighting: Makes me start thinking about doing it with the cockpit open. Decisions decisions... Justin
  8. Good evening My first entry for this Gb the Sword Spitfire Mk Vc as flown by Lieutenant Mangin of Groupe de Chasse 2/7 Nice of the French Air Force in 1943 References : I will use this Aeromaster decals sheet https://www.scalemates.com/kits/173779-aeromaster-72-068-spitfire-mk-v-collection The Box art The parts I will use a Quickboost seat .and a Tropical filter from a Tamiya kit .. Patrice
  9. We have a few bits of news to advise people of today. The new Airfix Beaufighter TF.10 is in stock now priced at £18.99. We've restocked on the new Sword Spitfire XIV's. The third bit of news, is that we have reduced the price of our remaining stock of Azur 1/72 kits, as we will no longer be restocking them. We will of course be able to order them on request but have a look on our website and see if any of the remaining kits are of interest. thanks Mike
  10. Hello all! In addition to my boat I am building for Made in Britain, I have decided to do a Lightning. Never having built a trainer version, I have chosen Sword's 1/72 kit. There will be a few more 'firsts' to this. I have never built a kit by this manufacturer, and I am aware they are not 'shake and bake' Although I have used photo-etch extensively on model ships, I never have on an aircraft I will be experimenting on the Natural Metal finish, I have an idea I am going to try, I will let you know when I give it a go! I do not have an airbrush, so it will all be hairy stick work. Anyway, here are the kit shots: The kit looks well moulded, with fine detail. I heard that the instrument panel on either the T4 or T5 is actually for the other but I cannot remember which way round, but this is going to have what is in the box. There is a bit of flash around some of the parts, but nothing drastic, and not much in the way of location lugs, so I will need to be careful with putting it together. The nose ring is going to stay as moulded too, I will not be correcting that. There are quite a few mould ejection pins/towers that will need dealing with. The scheme I am going to do is the 56 Squadron version supplied in the box with a NMF and red trim, unless the siren call of Xtradecals sheets gets answered in which case the 111 Sqn with the black/yellow tail may win. I have had a great interest in the Lightning for a long time, in fact ever since 1970 when I was lucky enough to sit in the cockpit of a 74 Squadron Lightning at RAF Tengah in Singapore, when I visited the base with my Scout troup. I have built loads since, but only recently managed to get a reasonable metal finish on the Airfix F2A I did for the Lightning Group Build last year. I used Metalcote spray can for that, but will try something else this time. I will be starting tomorrow, it is drying off now after the obligatory wash. See you soon! Ray
  11. Slowly catching up with some old builds. Photos not to sharp as I have lost the head to my tripod, so they were taken with a monopod resting against whatever was closest. With the usual UK light levels, there was some movement. Oh well. The kit is the Sword 1/72 Lightning F1. I did find the nose undercarriage leg was not molded properly so replaced this along with the main wheels with the Barracuda resin replacements (very nice, well worth it). Also treated it to a new ejector seat from the same stable. The Firestreak are from the kit, but with the glass nose from the Airfix equivalent transplanted. Apart from the above, its all as it came in the box, decals and all. I only noticed I had placed the wing roundels to far up the wing once it was to late, teach me to trust the instructions without double checking. Tim Real thing can be seen here - http://www.aviation-picture-hangar.co.uk/xm137.html
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