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Found 27 results

  1. Here is the second of a trio of Sweet 1:144 "BoB Aces" Hawker Hurricane Mk.Is built back in 2009. It represents P2921/GZ-L, flown by Flt Lt Peter Malam Brothers, No. 32 Sqn, RAF, Biggin Hill/Hawkings, UK, July 1940. The kit was fully painted with brush except for the final matt varnish which was airbrushed. Thanks for looking Miguel
  2. Here are a couple of Sweet 1:144 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zeros I built back in 2011. These are delightful little kits which require a little work but nothing too complex and no filler. I built them OOB just adding the missing wing pitot tube from stretched sprue and, of course, the radio wire. They were both painted by brush and only the final varnish was airbrushed. 1. Mitsubishi A6M5 Type 52 Zero 53-104, of 253rd Flying Group, Imperial Japanese Navy, flown by W.O. Tetsuzo Iwamoto, from Rabaul Tobera AB, New Britain Island, in February 1944. 2. Mitsubishi A6M5 Type 52a Zero 43-118, of 343rd (Founder) Flying Group, Imperial Japanese Navy, Guam, from the Mariana Islands, in 21 June 1944. Thank you for looking and all comments are welcome Miguel
  3. As discussed in my A5M4 thread I thought I might do another Japanese fighter. As I had a detail set for a Zero, that's what I'll do. I have several sweet Zero, including a floater but the individual packs annoyingly don't have hinomaru, so the only option was the boxed A6M3 in the grey/green scheme. As is sensible tradition I start with the office.. The Griffon photo etch set works wonders and speeds up/looks better than what I normally spend days scratching.
  4. Here is another pair of Sweet 1:144 General Motors FM-2 Wildcat VIs I built back in 2007. Builds were OOB with just the wing probe being added from wire. They were both painted by brush with the final varnish being airbrushed. First: Wildcat VI JV640/"O", of 881 Sqn, HMS Pursuer, Fleet Air Arm, in Southern France, August 1944 during Operation Dragoon, the first combat use of the Wildcat VI. Secondly: Wildcat VI JV851/"J3-V", of No 794 NAS, Fleet Air Arm, Eglinton, October-November 1945. As always, thanks for looking Miguel
  5. Hiya, I picked this pack up some time last year from Martin at Coastal Craft models (the best 1/144 seller on the show circuit!). I am going to build both planes in the box to form a small diorama at RAF Boxted in April 44, with one Malcolm Hooded example as AJ-A and the other with the standard canopy. Going to be a quick build as I am intending to display at the IPMS Bolton show on the 19th!
  6. Started on the sweet A5M4 as flown by Saburo Sakai. Made a good start on the cockpit. The kit comes with no cockpit detail, apart from a basic seat. - I have used a Brengun PE Japanese seat instead. -Added internal structure, radios and side control boxes. Still need to add instrument panel and control stick. Even though i'm fully able to, ill refrain from doing pipework etc inside because let's be honest what I've already done will be barely visible.
  7. Hello! Here is my Sweet 1:144 North American P-51C-11-NT Mustang 278/44-10816 "Evalina", with the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force, at Fussa AB, Japan. This ex-26th FS, 51st FG, 14th AF machine flown by Capt. Strawbridge was captured intact in China in 1944. I built this OOB in 2007. It came in a "captured aircraft" (POW) release with decals for German, Japanese, Swedish and Swiss captured or interned aircraft. Sweet's P-51B/C kits are a delight to build. It was fully painted and varnished by brush. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome Miguel
  8. Here is one of my Sweet 1:144 Hawker Hurricane Mk.Is which I built in 2009. It's an early variant and represents L1768, GG-K, of No. 151 Sqn RAF, at North Weald, UK, in May 1939. Thanks for looking Miguel
  9. Here is one of several Sweet 1:144 Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4 kits which I built back in 2008. It represents "<<--", of Stab/JG54, Luftwaffe, flown by Geschwaderkommodore Major Hannes Trautloft, from Relbitsy, Russia, in March 1942. The kit was painted and varnished by brush. Thank you for looking and all comments are welcome Miguel
  10. Here is one of two Sweet 1:144 Nakajima A6M2-N Type 2 "Rufe" fighters I built OOB back in 2011. It represents 34-106, of the 934th Kokutai Hikotai (Flying Group Fighter Squadron), Imperial Japanese Navy, at Banda Sea Ambon/Enu Islands Maikoor, from March 1943 to February 1944. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome Miguel
  11. Hello All, It's been a long time - Sweet's 1/144 P-51B/C modified to a RAF recon Mustang. Thanks for looking. Ian
  12. This has been trundling along for a while, this build. But a burst of energy (oddly enough as I was off work sick) has seen it over the line. The FM-2 Wildcat needs no introduction, and if it does then there are plenty of better written potted histories than I could manage. Suffice to say it was the last of the Wildcat line, with a more powerful engine and a larger tail to compensate. The Sweet kit is also well known. The only edits I made to it were to put a spare seat in the cockpit (can't be seen); to widen the diameter of the cowling (as the Shelf Oddity instructions wisely advise); and to put the prop in my dremel to lathe down the somewhat exaggerated staggered hub into a spinner. I was very tempted to use the lovely Shelf Oddity etch set for this (https://shelfoddity.com/index.php?route=product/product&amp;product_id=58 quite challenging-looking but I think I'd be up to it). In the end, though, I've decided to save that or another 'cat... I did use the superb (https://shelfoddity.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=25) Shelf Oddity decals. These were an absolute joy to use, even considering all the many many little stencils I had to put on. Not a whisper of silvering and all perfectly well behaved. There is a small etch fret as well, so you can put rocket stubs and other little details on. I plan to do the blue and natural metal ones the decals provide for, so will use the full detail set and the subject-specific etch on a future build. The Naval Air Modification Centre (NAMU) trained mechanics and had a number of bright yellow aircraft assigned to it (including a rather fetching Helldiver). Here's my Wildcat parked up in September 1946... As well as being used to test things like HVAR rocket, they were used as trainers and tugs... I sprayed the whole thing in Mr Hobby 329 which worked well, but required quite a few layers to get the right depth and shade. I used oils, pencils and pastels to weather (I refuse to believe that a bright yellow radial remains clean for long). I was particularly smug about my little pitot which I scratch built... The aerials at the back caused me some grief, but I got there in the end (kept reminding myself that it was better than trying to rig a Gladiator...) And that's that. With something totally unrelated but also on the bench... And now this goes to join its sibling Wildcats... Thanks very much for looking!
  13. Just finished today. This is the 1/144 scale Hurricane Mk I by Sweet. Finished as YB-J of 17 Squadron during the summer of 1940. The cockpit was dressed up a fair bit and a new canopy was made. I also whittled down the propeller blades and moved the elevators. These aircraft by Sweet are great little kits and come two in a box. If you ever get the chance, I definitely urge you to have a go!
  14. Here are some shots of my recent Hurricane conversion. The base kit was a clear-moulded 1/144 Mk I from Sweet with lengthened nose, and scratchbuilt prop, spinner, canopy, cannons and later style exhausts etc etc. Painting is with Mr Color lacquers and weathered with oils and Pergamino .5mm pale grey pencil. Hope you like it!
  15. Hello All, Sweet Model Co 1/144 109F in its winter camouflage boxing. This aircraft depicts Hans Eckhardt-Bob's aircraft winter 41-42 in the Leningrad area. Finished with Gunze Acrylics, Oils and an Enamel wash. Ozmods Pilot, Propblur etch propeller blade. Apart from that it's OOB. It is for a group build over on kampfgruppe144. Drop by if you want to see some 1/144 stuff. Thanks for looking. Ian
  16. Hello Everyone, I've decided to do these wee ones as a starter for this GB (I'm STILL waiting for my P-47's), these will be nothing fancy and straight out of the box builds. Not that there is much aftermarket stuff for Hurricanes in 1/144. These models where previously built by Speedman back in October last year for the BoB GB. Mine wont be as good as his, but I will give it a bloody good go! Onto the pictures... I have absolutely no idea what Yuki-kun is saying and the same goes for NASA-chan. Dont ask me to read what the box says either except for the obvious. Got to love the way that Japan always has to "cutify" everything... But it does work I guess... :/ This could be handy.... Couldn't resist, the box for the Wildcats says "Two Cats in a Box!" this one just has a funky picture of Yuki-kun... I dunno.. 4 of the 5 schemes that you can build out of the box (the last one is on the box). They all look pretty much the same except for option 2 and 5, which are the ones I am going to do. This is one of the two I am going to do, I love the blue on the wing leading edges and the bolt. I am going to assume that the squiggly lines are green. I will have to read up laters. The second picture, I really like this scheme as well for some reason. Sprue shots, I am not sure why there is a clear sprue (not being able to read Japanese) I guess I will never know. They are really clear tho... thats a good start I guess. I like how the wings go together, also the canopy that's normal plastic on the sandy sprue. That'll be useful when it comes to sorting out the framing, result! Got to love all of the decals that you get in a box from Sweet models. Quite a lot of choice here and maybe something I could use on other models. I also have another boxing, which I might decide to do depending how well these go. This is the same boxing that Speedman made. I got a few models from Sweet over the years, this isn't my full collection as I have a few more Zero's, Sea Kings and the Mustangs you can see on the shelf. If I do get time for the second batch it will be using this for some kind of diorama, it'll probably be crap tho... All of the lovely bits you get in the box. Yay! So hopefully I will get some time to start these soon. Kind Regards, Dazz
  17. I'll be building the aircraft of PIt Off Leonard Walter Stevens and Plt Off Arthur Victor Clowes.
  18. Hi Here is another pair of models to add to my USAAF Station 150 / RAF Boxted collection. They are both from the delightful "P-51B Pioneer Mustang" set by "Sweet". I bought this and the "P-51 B/C Prisoner of War Mustang" by the same manufacturer from HLJ last year at a ridiculously low price. The 354th Fighter Group was a new group formed at Hamilton Field, California on November 1942 and their initial equipment was the Bell P-39N Airacobra. Maj James H Howard, a former US Navy fighter pilot who had resigned his commission to join the AVG "Flying Tigers" in June 1941 assumed command of the 356th Fighter Squadron in May 1943. Howard had been credited with 2.333 aerial victories and four strafing kills whilst flying P-40C/Es over China and Burma. The men of the 354th FG set sail for the UK in October 1943 not knowing what they would be flying on their arrival. They were ecstatic to learn that they would be equipped with the brand-new Packard-Merlin powered P-51B Mustang, becoming the first unit in England to fly the type, thereby earning the "Pioneer Mustang" monicker. After a brief stop-over at RAF Greenham Common, the group arrived at Boxted in November 1943 and were joined by 24 combat-ready P-51Bs by the end of the month. Boxted had been built as a bomber base and was fully-equipped with runways, taxyways, hardstands and a hangar, along with other buildings and living accommodation in the form of Nissen huts. The Pioneer Mustang Group flew 55 missions from Boxted, losing 47 Mustangs against claims of 169 enemy kills, before they were moved to their rather basic new home of Lashenden in Kent in April 1944. After the relative comfort of Boxted, some men likened their new home to a Boy Scout camp with tents and fox holes, cold showers and outdoor latrines! The kits were a pleasure to build, with a little filler on the wing to fuselage joins required, but from that they fell together, although I'm not too happy with the fit of the canopies or spinners. These are built "ANA" (absolutely nothing added) and were painted with LifeColor Olive Drab over Neutral Gray after I had painted and masked the white recognition markings. I applied the decals over a Klear coat and sealed everything in with a brush-applied coat of W&N Galeria Matt Varnish, followed by a light, streaked wash of Raw Umber. "DingHao!" was flown by the now CO of the Group, Lt Col Jim Howard (the individual letter code "A" denoting that the machine was the CO's mount.) This was one of the first machines in the Group to be fitted with a "Malcolm" hood. "Ding Hao" is a Chinese expression of luck that Howard brought with him from his time with the AVG. "Killer" was flown by Capt Robert W Stephens, CO of the 355 Fighter squadron, who achieved 13 kills in the ETO. The instruction sheet: And on the reverse, the comprehensive decal options available in the box: The models and box with a penny for scale! And finally with a 1/72 HobbyBoss P-51B with home-made decals to represent "Ding Hao!":
  19. Finished off these 4 little ones finally. I am a bit annoyed that I didn't get them finished for the Mustang GB (clicky-linky-herey), but least they are done now. Hope you all like them. I apologise for the bad camera quality, the pictures where taken on my mobile phone at 11pm. Comments always welcome, constructive comments even more so Kind Regards, Dazz
  20. I've been itching to build these since I bought them 18 months ago The box contains two beautifully moulded kits, offering several build options and decals for six aircraft. For a tiny kit it packs a lot of detail... Like the perfectly formed main gear doors! And choice of normal or Malcolm hood. The two aircraft I'm doing are... Rosey T. And Chuck Yeager's Glamourus Glen. I used one of the Sweet decal options for a Revell Micro Wings Mustang I built last year so I could use the Revell decals for this build.
  21. Built for the Mustang group build. Build thread.
  22. Build 15 OK, first surprise with this kit... It's NOT made by Sweet Anyone who's ever made a Sweet kit knows how good the mouldings are and how beautiful the surface details look. So imagine my confusion when I opened the bag the kit comes in and find "soft" surface details, flash, seam gaps and cloudy glazing! It turns out that the kit is actually the F-Toys "ready made" Sea King but in "snap-together" kit form. The only involvement from Sweet is an extra sprue to turn it into a rescue chopper and the beautiful decals. Despite this, the kit looks like it should turn out OK and I'll have a nice bright yellow helicopter to add to my collection. Price: £4.75 from HobbyLink Japan
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