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Found 8 results

  1. Overall incredibly pleased, very good kit, there were a few tricky bits where I had to do some DIY but overall very solid and easy to build. Expensive kit though! I studied a lot of photos of the B-2 and pretty much each of the 21 aircraft is different(Different panels, shapes, shades of grey…) So I didn’t outright copy one plane, I kind of created my own finish on it using lots of inspirations. However I did go for a more ‘patchwork’ finish rather than going for a plain finish. Have a look at these photos of the B-2: http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/18410/usafs-controversial-new-plan-to-retire-b-2-and-b-1-bombers-early-is-a-good-one https://wall.alphacoders.com/by_sub_category.php?id=207234&name=Northrop+Grumman+B-2+Spirit+Wallpapers http://www.centcom.mil/MEDIA/NEWS-ARTICLES/News-Article-View/Article/1055160/air-force-refuelers-enable-b-2-strike-against-daesh-in-libya/ Let me know what you think. Any feedback would be appreciated. I used normal brushes, a lot of masking tape, Decal Set(Blue), Humbrol filler and Humbrol enamel paints(85/191, 123, 125, 164, 156) I also have photos of different stages of the build if anyone is interested. Also thanks for the tips people gave me on here. If you can't see the photos on here then try this link: http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/EthanG12345/library/?sort=3&page=1 or. https://www.flickr.com/photos/153908328@N02/with/41618131611/
  2. Hello mates, not yet british, but at least a Frightning II ( in matters of cost , not in this wonderful classic brute force as the electric trick) No it's no Boeing: But 747 was the first real one at 33 FW: F-35A first official operational jet. Colouring was quite difficult, but after all testing and mixing the thing looks like the big one to me. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all, see you in 2018 again! Cheers, Thomas embedding please!? OMG thats really stealthy!!!!!
  3. Hello all - I began this build a while back, and ran into a bit of a stall mid last year. I figured I might post my progress to date, and perhaps I can find my mojo again to finish this once and for all. This is the new(ish) Trimpeter 1/32nd offering, with a few additions from Eduard, Airies, Quickboost, AFV club and a gaggle of various scratched bits here and there. As many here likely already know, the kit is relatively accurate in size and form, if not sadly underdetailed in the cockpit and wheel wells. Those areas were about the only places where detail was present on the jet, so I have tried to spend some time to add what I could. My progress to date is what follows. I have a more in depth build log (riddled with a few frustrations as I went) over on LSP for any interested in slogging along through pages of monotony. For brevity's sake, I figured I would concentrate more on the images themselves here instead, and keep the descriptions short. And here we are: The kit wheels and seat were in need of detail, so Eduard Brassin and Quickboost to the rescue: Obviously, a large improvement. The wheel set in particular makes a massive improvement, though the seat speaks for itself equally well. From here, I began to work on the cockpit and interior details. With the Eduard interior set in hand, I went to work improving the fair - but sparse and rather clunky - kit cockpit. I began with the ruder pedals: And after a bit of surgery: And then with the new PE added: In situ: Kindly disregard the poor PE placement of the floor panel. My learning curve with CA and PE was steep at this point. You can see the basic nature of the kit's switches and dials as well. A splash of paint, and things look better: And the kit main panel: The rear bulkhead begins to take shape as well: And the side panels begin to get their clothing as well: Beginning to look the part - though some touch up is certainly needed: Over the years, I found several images showing the layout of the cockpit, and there s abviously a bit of work to do to try and get things looking more prototypical. It seems that Trumpeter went the same way as Tamiya did with their otherwise excellent 1/48 kit, and based their molds on the pre-production testbed aircraft. The later active duty planes were more complex: One glaring issue Trumpeter managed to work into this kit was the over-large seat. The new version from QB looked great - but was far too narrow to fit the kit ejection rails properly. Here is the kit seat, sitting snug between the rails: And the QB seat looking exceptionally puny: Space on both sides for days: After a trip tot the local hobby shop. I found some C channel from Evergreen that I figured I might try on a hunch to take up some of the extra space: As luck would have it, the fit was quite good! So, apart from the seat still looking too narrow for the space between the panels, at least it wasn't knocking about without a connection to the rails of some form. With everything trimmed, and glued in place, progress was being made: Snug enough to hold things - even half way up the rails: All beginning to come together now. Some PE bits thrown at the rear bulkhead, and work begun on the FLIR turret and lens: Even tried to replicate the small pair of lights from the bulkhead on each side of the seat perhaps not the most convincing, but better than empty holes: More to come...
  4. Meatbox8

    F-117 was offered to the RAF

    I've attached a link to an interesting story. Ronald Reagan apparently offered Margaret Thatcher the opportunity for the MOD and RAF to be involved in the development of the F-117 for the RAF. I'm getting the whiff of Whiffery!! https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/ronald-reagan-offered-britain-f-117-stealth-aircraft/#comment-367082
  5. Gannetfan

    F117 A stealth fighter

    Hi everyone, In the mid 90's I was stationed at RAF Colishall when an F117 on detachment in Holland somewhere was playing games trying not very hard to penetrate the UKs radar defences developed engine trouble. For some unknown reason the jock forsakes the options of Mildenhall or laken health a few more minutes "up the road" and annoyingly diverted to us at Colt. I was on the station reaction force at the time and was "knocked on" by my colleagues of the much loved RAF Police to join the " Aircraft guard" The yanks were still very touchy about the jet in them days. So I dutifully drew my weapon and trotted off to the shed it was tucked away in.I drew the night shift and We had a ball wandering round it and poking our noses into this and that bit of the thing. Now I want to build a nostalgic model of the plane but I have never attempted it before. Can anyone recommend the best 1/72 scale kit out there of this unique plane?
  6. A fairly pain free build, A good one for anyone who wants to get their mojo back! Here she is... Kit: Academy Scale: 1/48 Type: F117a Stealth fighter Extras used: Two bobs decals Paints used: Vallejo and Tamiya
  7. Navy Bird

    RQ-180 UAS

    Aviation Week has a couple of articles on the classified RQ-180 program: http://www.aviationweek.com/Article.aspx?id=/article-xml/awx_12_06_2013_p0-643783.xml&p=1 http://www.aviationweek.com/Article.aspx?id=/article-xml/awx_12_06_2013_p0-643786.xml The RQ-180 is an unmanned aerial system (UAS), designed for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and is the likely successor to the RQ-170 Sentinel. Cheers, Bill
  8. Hi folks, I started this last November and did most of the initial construction and painting in a week or so - not bad. But it's taken at least two or three times that long to actually finish it, and strictly speaking it isn't entirely finished - I haven't done the bomb seeker heads yet. But it's a nice day and I thought I'd take some pictures to share: (click for bigger) My first finished modern jet (although I've started one before) so I learned a lot: All the final assembly stuff is surprisingly tricky - I was slotting one of the bomb bay doors into place and using a little force because it had previously clicked into its spot when test fitting. Suddenly there was a loud and unhappy noise as the front of the bomb bay parted from the inside of the closed, painted fuselage Ouch. I added some more glue and took some more off the door before trying again Other than that the kit was pretty good to build. The main seam is hidden inside a step about 1/8" in from the edges of the fuselage, which is great because it gives you a good sharp edge, but does make for a lot of filling if you actually want to fill it - took about four hours of superglue and sanding. I opted not to fill the panel lines so that there'd be no risk of rounding off the sharp edges. I also found the black finish quite tricky - an easy colour to spray, but how to capture that blotchy streaky look of the real thing without making it look like bad model paintwork? I didn't want to go the false shading approach because while it looks really cool I don't think it looks that realistic. I ended up settling for an overall application of MIG neutral wash, mostly removed again in streaks, plus some panels touched in in grey following photographs. I also added a couple of (hydraulic fluid?) stains since I've seen those in several pictures. I was worried it was all very over done, but it seems really subtle, maybe too subtle, in the photos. The cockpit uses the Eduard Zoom set, mainly for the conspicuous HUD frame and the seatbelts. As seems to be the norm I had to carefully repaint the instrument panels because Eduard's dark grey was a dark blue. It's all a bit invisible now owing to the cramped interior: But you can just about see it if you look carefully. I really like Eduard's layered instrument panel here. Oh, and I added some rough and ready canopy latches, but the receptacles in the frame are painted tape and look pretty poor. I didn't feel up to drilling the holes today, but maybe I can go back and do that when I'm feeling braver since the tape will just lift off. I enjoyed painting the titanium exhausts, I think they could do with some more weathering - stains and soot in the slots, and patchy black paint wearing off the thermal tiles: Other jobs to do in future: * Add the canopy padding and make some mirrors. * Fix the mis-masked canopy frame - tsk. * Better canopy latches. * Detail inserts for the rear wall. * Repaint the front-most pitot tube, which is now mostly made of superglue and has got a bit glossy. * Various minor touch-ups - there are some white specks in the paint, and the left "Escape" decal by the canopy hinge has silvered. I really need to make a simple base as well, the better to protect all the breakable bits on the front Thanks for looking, comments and criticism most welcome. I've got some more jets in the stash and I like what I've ended up with (thought it could be better) but they do seem like pretty hard work compared to tanks and things. At least this time I remembered to work on the dangly bits (doors, bombs, gear) as I went along so they wouldn't come as a shock at the last minute. Cheers, Will