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Found 75 results

  1. All bets are off ! It is rumoured to be a - money maker - unpreviously announced kit. Source: https://www.facebook.com/Kineticmodel/posts/1244366542397121 V.P.
  2. It is February 1971 and after the close shave of the Apollo 13 mission the previous April, security around the Apollo 14 mission is fierce. The problems encountered by the previous mission had been put to the public as a failure of an oxygen tank on the Apollo 13 Command Module. However, the real story was kept secret from the public for fear of the panic it might cause. Pictures of the Alien space ship that attacked Apollo 13 were captured on the TV camera James A Lovell had been preparing to stow away after that day's scheduled telecast was finished. This footage and the damage caused by the laser blast fired by the Alien UFO were considered conclusive proof that we were not alone in the Universe and that our 'nearest' neighbours were potentially unfriendly. In the intervening 9 months between the two missions, the US military and the United Nations initiated two new military and scientific programmes. One was tasked with secretly preparing for Alien attack. This was called SHADO and was charged with developing advanced technologies that would enable UFO tracking and space-based defensive systems. As a cover for the vast expenditure this would require, a more modest but public programme was initiated called Spectrum that would adapt existing vehicles and equipment for a 'Peace Keeping' role. Both of these programmes were run separately from the existing UN funded United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, a predominantly British and European operation that had been responsible for dealing with a series of peculiar events in Great Britain in the previous few years. Spectrum was as much a PR exercise as an effective military organisation. It was quickly decided that it needed to have its own air force for reconnaissance, logistics and power projection. It was decided to take the innovative step of recruiting the best female pilots of the time and creating a special squadron of 'Angels'. These Angels were given code names taken from popular culture of the time, so the first four pilots were code named Galadriel, Eowyn, Arwen and Luthien. The aircraft they were trained to fly was a specially adapted Lockheed F-104Q Starfighter, and so the Spectrum Angels Starfighter squadron was born. Here we see Galadrial Angel with her Angel Starfighter getting ready to mount air combat patrol around the perimeter of the controlled airspace for the Apollo 14 launch. So this flight of fancy came about because I picked up the recent Kinetic F-104G kit: and when it arrived, I opened the box up sitting on the couch with the 1:24 scale Angel Interceptor on the coffee table directly in front of me and my mind started to wonder what the Starfighter would look like in white with Spectrum roundels... I managed to get a set of 1:48 scale Angel Interceptor decals from JBOT decals and used these along with some of the stencil decals from the kit to built it. I did originally intent to pose the cockpit canopy open but I ran out of time to get this ready for the March club meeting of IPMS Farnborough so left it closed. The cockpit looked like this before the canopy was shut: "Galadriel" Angel is a resin figure form this set As you can see I removed the beret and added more hair using milliput - non military haircut but it is a PR exercise after all. They get upgraded to white flight suits sometime in the future! I came up with the backstory while driving home from work this evening and mention of UNIT got me thinking about my NEXT build
  3. Hi all, Here's my just finished Kinetic 1/48 Starfighter, which I have done as a Dutch RF-104G, using the boxing released for the Dutch market, and a Daco Orpheus pod. The markings come from a Dutch Decal sheet, and some from the kit. It's a very nice kit, and I thoroughly enjoyed building it. One small thing that needs to be fixed in the kit, is the missing centreline pylon, though. The kit comes only with the twin AIM-9 launchers for the belly, but all the options in the first release, and this boxing are for strike squadrons, which do need the centreline pylon for weapons. I got mine from a Hasegawa TF-104 kit, which doesn't need it anyway. The real D-8143 was built by Fokker, and served with 306 Squadron at Volkel, until it was sold to Turkey in the early 1980's, where it was eventually scrapped. Painted with MRP on top, and Humbrol on the underside. I may need to fix that pitot tube. I don't like the way it looks now. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it.
  4. Lockheed F-104G Starfighter Visual Modellers Guide - Wing Series No.1 Ammo by Mig Jiménez The F-104 Starfighter (or missile with a man in it) was Lockheed's & Kelly Johnson's attempt to reverse the trend for large more complex fighters then being developed. It was basically an engine with very little airframe surrounding it. The aircraft had a short life in the US with them going towards heavier and more complex aircraft. The Starfighter did have much more success with NATO nations, though it would later transpire that this success was gained someway by Lockheed bribing officials in some of those countries. The G model was the most numerous model made with over 1100 being built, many under licence. This new venture of walkaround books from AMMO features the F-104G, and in particular an example which has been restored by the Spanish Air force Museum in Madrid. The book is A4 landscape softback format with 70 pages. It is packed with high quality photos showing every aspect of the aircraft and its systems. Conclusion While walkaround books are not new this one is a top quality. We look froward to seeing the following books from Ammo Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Hi, Please find my latest build the Kinetic Starfighter converted to a CF-104 used by AETE and in early 1970's markings. Probably the most challenging build I have ever done. I made some unnecessary errors along the way, which are described in detail in a WIP thread that I did over the past few weeks. So for anyone interested in my blunders.... Thankfully I received a lot of information from our Canadian Britmodelers, some who had worked in the RCAF/CAF and some who worked on the actual CF-104's. Thanks again, for your help. I did make a few compromises here and there, all described in the WIP, but now that it is finished...... Am reasonably happy with it. Aftermarket I used: Belcher weapons set Master-model pitot (Changed it last minute) Master casters CF-104 wheel set Belcher decals Mini magnets for bombs and pylons attachment Paints: AK xtreme metal Some Alclad for individual panels (applied last) Mr Color super Italian red (Tail) Tamiya XF-12 J.N. grey (for the underside of the wings) Flory dark brown wash The kit does actually allow you to build a CF-104, also the later versions with the sensors under the nose and tail. It's all there ready on the sprues, just not mentioned in the manual. Anyway, hope you like it: The model was based on below photograph. I also thought it nice to accompany it with the shown weapon load out. I always thought of the Starfighter as a fast interceptor, but some countries used it for the tactical/nuclear role as I found out. The wing tanks are converted to house camera's and also visible is a detachable orange camera pod behind the nose gear. I tried to incorporate these details as well. Courtesy of my wife's mirrored cake stand; By the way, not sure if I have the centre pylon the right way around........but then again........ it's attached with 2 magnets, so can flip it around That's all, thanks for watching...... Regards, Rob
  6. Hi, My next project will be Kinetic's F-104G Starfighter. I have not decided what scheme to choose. The box is the Dutch "Volkel" edition, but I would really like to have a metal finish, so I think that leaves a Dutch version out of the equation..........? There is an all grey Dutch version, but this may be a little bland for a f-104: I am leaning towards a Norwegian f-104 in all NMF, although Eduard does a standard boxing of this scheme. It does look rather cool: Then there is also a Belgian scheme in NMF, but I would have to purchase yet another set of decals for this version. It is an option nonetheless....... So far I have the kit's decals which builds the Dutch Starfighter as displayed on the box art and then I have the Xtradecal sheet as per below: Anyway, some time still to decide on the final finish. Did do some work on the cockpit while waiting for "paint to dry" on my recent T-33. The seat belts on the ejection seat came as photo etch with the kit, but I added some netting to the side and guitar string for the hoses (courtesy of my teenage son). It did make for a tighter squeeze in the cockpit tub. To be continued, Thanks for watching, Regards, Rob
  7. "SUMMER 1982 - INTERCEPTION" CF-104 Starfighter, Royal Norwegian Air Force, 334sq Kit: Hasegawa F-104J/CF-104 Starfighter (#D16) Scale: 1/72 Aftermarket: Master pitot, Eduard photoetch, Reskit wheels, Vingtor decals Paints: Vallejo Model Color, Model Air & Metal Color Weathering: Flory Models Wash, Mig weathering Products Good kit, a solid choice for 1:72 Starfighter. Early 80's was the last years of the Norwergian Starfighters - conversion to F-16 was already happening. Scratchbuilt display base. Built for Nordic GB. Build thread: Thanks for looking! Comments & constructive criticism welcomed
  8. After the F-104G, Italeri is to release a 1/32nd Lockheed F-104A/C Starfighter - ref.2504 Source Primeportal: http://www.primeportal.net/models/thomas_voigt8/italeri/ V.P.
  9. Hi, Here is the little egg plane that I finished a few months ago. This is a F-104G Starfighter from AFV. I have build this very cool kit in belgian colors like the one preserved in Beauvechain air base in Belgium. For the metal finish, I tried the Rub n'Buff before doing the same on the Kinetic F-104 I have on my workbench. For the flags and the roundels, my friend Patrick helped me with decals from Retrokit for the Mirage. The codes are Decadry. Well, an easy assembly kit I recommend! See you Lolo
  10. NORWEGIAN STAR - CF-104G Starfighter (1:72) - 331 Squadron, Royal Norwegian Air Force, Late 70's. One got finished, so I got only two Nordic builds going on at the moment - better start a new one so I don't run out of momentum! This is 'Part Two' if you will - my double seater Super Sabre being part one. It will all become bit more clear once all the builds are all done. But for now, this will be about norwegian CF-104G getting airborne on a intercept mission - so a simple base will be included (eventually). This is my kit of choice - a Hasegawa CF-104. Hasegawa really is the way to go with Starfighters on a 1/72 scale - even if Italeri and Revell can produce a good results too. I prefer Hasegawa just because of the canopy that looks to be most precise - and can be displayed open. Details wise, it's quite good too - but Italeri is somewhat better on wing details. This is what I have to work with. Basic kit with some aftermarket stuff. Kit is showing it's age. It looks mostly decent but flash is quite evident in most of the sprues. After checking this kit out I realised that CF-104 apparently had non-bulged wheel doors - unlike the normal F-104G's. Early on Norwegian CF-104's didn't have the gun installed. Starting from mid 70's they received an update in the form of gun, RWR and better radar. I will be doing a late 70's plane . Clear parts. Aftermarket stuff. Not sure what makes the wheels 'Turkish' - as they were basically using second hand machines from other NATO countries. Looks normal G-wheels with optional 'F-16' nose wheel that some of the S-models had. CF-104 didn't have the wheel door bulges like the G - so I'm guessing these are too wide - but I'm suspecting the difference won't be noticeable. Have to do some comparison with the kit wheels. Decals from Xtradecal sheet (X72315). This will be green upperside and grey underside color scheme. I have the FS numbers written down somewhere - but good suggestions from Vallejo or Tamiya color range are welcomed. Thanks for checking - more will follow Oh, final thing - I tend to get bit carried away with my builds - so @RidgeRunner or @Giorgio N (or anyone with knowledge about Norwegian Starfighters for that matter!) feel free to stop me if I seem to be doing something that I shouldn't be doing
  11. Probably the quickest build yet for here, but fun none-the-less....Not the best of kits, with a number of fitment issues and inaccuracies when it comes to the cockpit. It's a basic kit, it's not all that bad. I don't think it is worth the £32 price tag for the kit though. hey ho. Full build log here if you care for a look-see? Anyways, here's my version of the F-104C Starfighter of Capt. Jonathon Christopher from the Start Trek episode - "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Enjoy! Tried a little weathering around the engine. I didn't want to overly do it. I thought I'd try a little "action" shot of the Starfighter "taking off" looks OK> And my lazy bottom co-pilot through-out the build - Willow... Hope you all enjoyed the pics and the build? Next up with be over in the vehicle forum for the Polar Lights DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future 2..........
  12. Hi! I had the old but nice Esci/Italeri 1/72 scale F-104G laying in the box for some years painted and for most much of the parts assembled. When I got the Hasegawa kit at "Svedino's Car and Aircraft Museum" here in Sweden I thought it was time to dust of the box and start an "comparizon build". As the local shop also had the Revell F-104G I put my hands on that one to as what I knew these three kits are the best when it comes to 1/72 scale Starfighter kits. I built some Airfix kits since 1974 and the Airfix kit i still an favourit kit by "nostalia". I have also built the Matchbox kit some 30 years ago. I never seen the Academy kit nor the Frog. And the old Revell F-104 was in 1/64 scale wasn't it? But for now, here is what I found in the dusted box with the Esci/Italeri kit... Cheers / André
  13. Hello guys, I'm trying to figure out correct colours for the luminous tip tanks? Any recommendations for an easy to spray paint? Cheers Dave
  14. I am a fan of models belonging to the vintage category, i.e. old models released until the end of the 1980s (the limit date is 1989). I also like to renew models and I love the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter plane. I decided to renew and modernize the F-104 model from the Matchbox set with the catalog number PK-28, which I bought as model scrap at one of the auction sites. darmowy hosting obrazków I started working on the model by putting it together and removing old paint. I used a caustic soda solution for this. I removed paint residue with a toothbrush and fine grain sandpaper. darmowy hosting obrazków In accordance with my work plan on this historic model, I cut a hole for the front landing gear hatch and widened the pilot's cabin opening. darmowy hosting obrazków I began working on the cockpit by reworking the original armchair, which was in no way similar to the armchair used on a real plane. As a model, I used the Martin Baker GQ-7A chair. These seats were used on German and Italian F-104G / S. Another work on the instrument panel. I have added some small ones on the board and it will be glued together so that the whole cockpit is ready. Friday evening was spent installing the floor and the rear wall of the cockpit. The whole looks very strict and requires refinement, but with the instrument panel and armchair the cockpit should look much better. Work on 104 is still ongoing and focused on the cockpit. The side panels have been angled correctly for the real machine. Now I will drill holes for the throttle lever and the joystick
  15. Hi, Concerning the F-104G marinefliegers what is the tan coloured panel behind the cockpit for and why isn't that part painted grey as the rest of the aircraft? Cheers / André
  16. Lockheed F-104G Starfighter, Revell ex Crown, 1/144, MFG-2 Aeroteam Demo VIikings.
  17. Hi there! I'm a part of a local plastic model hobby group that meet up once a month to show our latest work and discuss about plastic models in general. We met up again yesterday and decided to hold a small display at our local library. Me and my dad have been pretty active in our modelling this year and we will have one display case for ourselves to show our side of the hobby. Partly, it will be about the different generations (dad & son) - and partly about on one aspect of the hobby that you can concentrate but to a single subject and still find great variety in all of it. So to clear that out a bit, my dad has pretty much all major versions of Bf-109's built from A to K in 1:48 scale - and I've been really interested in building F-104 Starfighters (mainly in 1:72). I don't have quite as many planes to display as him - and that is the main reason for this WIP thread! Now, I hope this thread doesn't get confusing with different models of different sizes, but I try to concentrate on one model on each of the posts. The thing is, I'm still not certain where to begin and so on. We'll see how it goes! There is a deadline to all of this as well, 10th of February 2020. It seems awfully close, I hope I'm not being too ambitious - but if all goes well this thread will end with a glorious display case of 109's & 104's! So, let's talk about models. Earlier this year I have built three Starfighters: Italeri F-104C (USAF), Revell F-104G (German Navy) & Hasegawa F-104S (Italian Air Force) - all in 1:72. Now it's a start, but hardly enough to fill a display case. This is what I have in mind to build up the fleet in both size & numbers: Hasegawa CF-104G, Royal Norwegian Air Force. I have some Eduard photo etch for this and will be getting Vingtor decals. It will be done in green upper surface and gray lower surface colour scheme. Kinetic 1:48 F-104G, Luftwaffe, still bit undecided whether this will be norm 62 or norm 83. Decals on this kit look brilliant - but still tempted to get the Astra decal sheet for this. We will see. My goal is to build this one flying on a display stand, never done that before. And lastly, this big monster, Italeri 1:32 F-104G, Belgian Air Force 'Slivers' display team. So basically SEA colours with some red details. I'm planning to build this 'all hanging out' with the doors open and so on to show the details. This is my reference. I'm considering getting the Warpaint book on Starfighters, can anyone recommend that? - - - - - - - - I'm still missing few main version of the Starfighter (like any two-seater...) - but I have to live with that as I don't have the kits for them and probably wouldn't have time to build them. So I try to use what I got. If I finish what I plan here, I think it still shows good amount of variation of colour schemes, versions & different scales. Feel free to participate and offer advice & support - or just talk about F-104 in general, always trying to learn more! We will see what kit I will crack open first, even I don't know it yet
  18. LOCKHEED F-104G, Belgian Air Force, 1971. 'SLIVERS' aerobatic display team. Kit: Italeri Lockheed F-104 Starfighter G/S (2514) Scale: 1/32 Paints: Vallejo Model Air & Vallejo Metal Color Weathering: Flory Models Wash, MIG Streaking Effects, Vallejo Weathering Effects Build thread: One of the last years last models I did. I liked the kit overall - it's good (but not great) in many parts, like the fit was mostly really good. Some things could be bit more sharper and more detailed - so aftermarket stuff can really enhance this kit. But it's not a cheap kit so I built it out of box, with some little DIY details added. I cracked the main canopy, the clear parts are real brittle with this kit. So I masked the canopy a bit with a tarp, if it starts to bother me I'll have to order a replacement part from Italeri later on. Actually I broke the forward canopy too - but mirageiv was awesome to send me a replacement part for that. Anyway, to the kit. Bit of a challenge to photograph, I tried to do it outside as it was nice day today.
  19. Seen in the Eduard Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EduardCompany 1/48 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter???? - New kit (MiG-21 style!)? - Reboxing: Revellogram, ESCI or Hasegawa + improvement sets? - New PE or/& resin sets? IMHO the DACO set (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234933435-148-lockheed-f-104-starfighter-updatedetailing-set-by-daco-released) and decals + the Hasegawa kit are good enough. V.P.
  20. Avantgarde Model Kits (AMK) is reported by MMCT Facebook Group as working on a 1/48th Lockheed F-104G Starfighter kit - ref. Considering the MMCT support to the project I guess we can expect soon or later a RoCAF "long nose" F-104G with the HIAC-1 LOROP system - http://www.916-starfighter.de/F-104_ROCAF_LOROP_H.Prins.pdf To be followed Sources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilitaryModelingSRG/permalink/2374473086101901/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilitaryModelingSRG/permalink/2374473086101901/ Original box art as anonymously published on January 4th, 2019. Note the two - wrong and now disappeared - characteristical F-104S additional ventral fins. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilitaryModelingSRG/permalink/2209396522609559/ V.P.
  21. Kinetic Models have added an amazing new Lockheed F-104G Starfighter kit to their range of 1/48 scale aircraft models and it's in store and available to order now. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/blog/article/new-kinetic-148-lockheed-f-104g-starfighter-oct-19/
  22. I love all of the century series fighters - but If I had to choose only one, it would be Starfighter. I recently built three different models of the Starfighter - not only different versions, but also different model brands. The models are as follow: Italeri 1/72 F-104C Starfighter (No. 1359) [Based on old Esci F-104 from early '80s] Revell 1/72 F-104G Starfighter (No. 03904) [Revell new tool 1995] Hasegawa 1/72 F-104S Starfighter (No. 00447) [Hasegawa new tool 1989] I can't really say about model accuracy but ALL are good models to build with different strengths & weaknesses - and honestly they are pretty even. For example Revell has the most details (by a small margin) - but the details are also bit soft compared to Hasegawa. Panel lines are crispiest in Italeri and it has the most detailed wings - but it has no details in the wheel wells and generally is the least detailed overall. Hasegawa cockpit can be opened and is the most versatile kit with general good quality feel to it all around. They are all in the same ball park - but if I had to choose one - it would be Hasegawa. All painted with Vallejo paints (except silver with Tamiya spray can). Dirtying up using oil paints (panel line wash) & Vallejo weathering effects. Comments & constructive criticism welcomed. Hope you like 'em! From left to right: Italeri F-104C, Revell F-104G and Hasegawa F-104S.
  23. F-104G Luftwaffe Starfighter (K48083) 1:48 Kinetic Model The F-104 starfighter was designed by the famous Kelly Johnson from Lockheed after a series of visits to USAF Bases in Korea where he sounded out pilots about what kind of aircraft they wanted. Their main focus was on a small simple aircraft with a high speed/altitude capability. The new General Electric J79 engine was chosen to power the aircraft and he would wrap around this the lightest possible airframe he could. The new aircraft would be all metal with wings located further back than most designs to allow a minimum drag angle of attack. The aircraft would feature an internal 20mm Gatling gun with additional missile armament. One downside to the new aircraft was the downward firing ejection seat which was developed after concerns of a normal seat clearing the tail. The seat would later be replaced by a conventional one, but only after a significant number of deaths during low altitude ejections. Many operators would replace the Lockheed seats with Martin Baker ones. The F-104G was developed by Lockheed at the time the USAF was not happy with the aircraft. The Luftwaffe at the time was looking for a new multirole aircraft and the Starfighter was reworked with a stronger fuselage and wing, larger fuel capacity, a larger vertical fin, new landing gear, and upgraded avionics. Many of these models would be built under license by Dornier, Fokker, Fiat, Canadair and SABCA. The aircraft had a poor safety record with the German forces leading it do be dubbed the "Widow maker", pilot workload was high and it emerged that original fatigue calculations had not taken into account the new role of the aircraft. It would later transpire that underhand methods secured many overseas orders with German and Dutch officials accused of accepting bribes. The Kit This is a new tool from Kinetic. The Box top is branded as Kinetic Gold, with no explanation anywhere to what makes it a "Gold" kit. The kit features an open electronics bay behind the cockpit, nose radar There are three sprues of grey plastic, a clear spure and a small PE fret. The plastic looks to be upto the recent high standards of Kinetic., the panel lines are very fine and I fear will disappear under primer and paint to a greater degree. Construction begins with the cockpit, and the seat is the first thing to be built up. This is multipart affair and there is a C-2 seat and a Martin Baker one. The back and sides attach to the seatpan, the head part with the handles is attached and the seat gun fitted to the back. Seat rails are then fitted to the sides. PE belts are then fitted. The cockpit tub is built and the control column followed by the seat are installed. Next up we have a few sub assemblies to make. The radar and electronics boxes for the nose are made up. Its worth noting there is no parts in the kit to fold the radome back to expose the radar? The rear jet pipe and the exhaust nozzle follow. For the undercarriage the front and rear bays are made up, and lastly the nose cone is put together. All of these can then be added into the main fuselage and it closed up. Some additional panels are then added to the underside. The top to the T tail is then added as is the rudder. The three part intakes (each side) are built up and added to the fuselage. The nose wheel is now built up and added as well. Two different types of wheel are included, however there is no information as to which to use for any aircraft, so the modeller will need to check their references. The nose boy doors can then be added after the nose gear is in. The main gear is now built up as well, again two types of wheel are supplied, and again without any information. Once the gear is on the doors can be added. Moving to the rear of the fuselage the air brakes can be installed. We now move onto the stubby wings. There is a main centre section with separate leading edges and flaps. Holes must be made if using the underwing pylons. If not using the wing tip tanks then there are PE faces for the end of the wings. Once made up the wings can be attached. Back to the fuselage the cover for the electronics bay behind the cockpit is added. This can be open or closed. The glazing is now added. There are PE parts for inside the canopy. Small parts are then added to the airframe including PE AOA indicators. For stores, fuel tanks are provided for the wing tips, and underwing pylons. A double sidewinder adaptor is provided for under the main fuselage. Markings There are designed by Crossdelta and printed by cartograf. It is noticeable there are very few stencils on the sheet. 22+39 Fighter Bomber Wing 34 Memmingen 1984-87 With Earlier type Splinter scheme 21+64 Fighter Bomber Wing 34 Memmingen 1984-87 With Later type subdued scheme 26+60 German Naval Air Wing 2, Eggebek, 1985 Conclusion This is a great new tool from Kinetic. Highly recommended. In association with
  24. Just finished this 1/48 F-104J in the Lockheed group build. It's the Hasegawa kit, finished with AK Xtreme metal, Gunze and Tamiya paints, decals from the Two Bobs Komatsu Starfighters set. Build thread is here. Thanks for looking Julian
  25. I would like to take part in this GB with the 1/48th Monogram Lockheed F-104G Starfighter. This is the 1986 #5447 version of this venerable kit that was first released in 1978 and last in 2013. This version was released as the specially painted "Buschel Canary" operated by Jbg 33 and was retired in 1985. I paid £4.39 for the kit on eBay 11 years ago and I almost sent it back, the box smelled of mildew and sadly the decals are unusable. Not sure how I am going to paint her yet, maybe a 'Tiger' scheme but I have plenty of choices. Whilst looking around in the stash I found some Eduard photo etch detail sets which must have been in a sale so I might use some of them on this build. Michael
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