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Found 354 results

  1. I have a thread over on The RPF, but I thought I'd start one here as well. Since Bandai never came out with a 1/48 Y-Wing, I have decided to make one on my own. I'm using my 3D printer (Elegoo Mars) to print these parts. The model is from CGTrader and I'm scaling it to the appropriate size, relative to the 1/48 X-Wing. So here we go! I'm going to use this thread to document my build. So here we go! Just pulled these two parts off the printer this morning. I waaaaaay overdid the supports on the canopy because it's a very delicate part, and because I didn't want it warping at all. Anyway. Follow along if you feel so inclined! SB
  2. A couple of weeks ago I received a box of spare parts for my scratchbuilds from a fellow BM member (Thanks again, Ben) Amongst the tank bits were the parts for an old part painted Ertl X wing. I've never built one and, me being me, decided a few changes might improve it. It struck me that if these things were dogfighting in atmosphere then a good turning circle would be an idea. So why not use spoilers? same as the Snowspeeder. While I was at it, a different low viz (ish) paint scheme might be good too. And, markings, well, The D day aniversary is coming up shortly! So, onto the pictures. The stand is an old Airfix jobbie, the plaque came with the kit. You can see the RH spoilers deployed. I added a tank side skirt down each side as extra armour. Something like the Fw 190's used. The pilot is from the spares box. A better view of the side armour. The camo is Tamiya rattle cans. The darker one from a distance for the mottled effect. Rather than red 2 or whatever I thought D day stripes might look good, especially with the anniversary coming up. The spoilers are actually made from HO railway fencing. The yellow areas in the wings/foils should be voids but with the spoilers I decided they'd need beefing up. So I added card and a couple of tank bits with Forth bridge rivets in them. And a view from behind. The other side has the spoilers retracted. I added tank wheels and bits of track here on the back of the foils. The R2 astro unit is currently trying to find a vector out of the mancave. I added a couple of service points underneath. More tank bits. And a Spitfire radiator forward of them. It hides a slot in the plastic. And that's your lot. It was an enjoyable build, the only 'straight' (ish) kit I've build in a very long time. But I started another kreiger scratchbuild today! Thanks very much for looking and your comments are welcome. Pete
  3. Relatively new member been posting my latest build in aircraft but thought I’d post some of my other recently completed builds as well this one was a friends loft find started 35 years ago and then forgotten - absolute pig to build but turned out ok in the end
  4. Hi all, So to go with these two tiny TIE Fighters, I've decided to have a go at this one which was a Christmas present from my lovely wife Bandai_Solo_Falcon_box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr What's in the box.. Bandai_Solo_Falcon_contents by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Compared to the Revell Easy kit.. Bandai_Solo_Falcon_size by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Started with the cockpit - primed Bandai_Solo_Falcon_Cockpit by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Started painting. Great detail on those tiny seats. Bandai_Solo_Falcon_Cockpit_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And all done! Bandai_Solo_Falcon_cockpit_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr More soon, thanks for looking. Cheers, Dermot
  5. Hi all With this model I think I am going close a 12-month period in which I am going to finish 6. Something that I have never done. Although I have some models in process, I did not feel like continuing with them, so I looked at the Bandai boxes related to STAR WARS that I have in hiding and decided on this kit. What can I say about him that hasn't already been said? Gorgeous detail, gorgeous and finely detailed pieces and a perfect fit. A candy. The construction is already quite advanced and I decided to start this post because I think I will not stop its assembly. Of its assembly I can say that it has been a suffering due to the fact that the arrangement of the different pieces has been chaotic in sprues. If you had to build a leg you had to take a piece from sprue C1, another from sprue C2, another from sprue A and two other pieces from sprue B (it is an example, it has not literally been like this). Something that has been very heavy. Well, the cockpit. I have painted it entirely using Vallejo MC paints. Andrés S. Hi everyone.
  6. Hi to all. This is my recent finish, an old MPC kit. Is quite spartan, positive panels but easy to asemble, is a snap kit. I only added some detalis for the pilot. I tried extensive use of pre shading effect. I finished with Testors and Tamiya paints. I hope you like it. Regards, Pablo
  7. Revell U-Wing with custom base. From Star Wars Rogue One
  8. Hi chaps. It's been a long time since I posted on here. As I've just been laid off work, for at least the next month due to coronavirus, I have decided to throw myself into my modeling again. This kit has been in my stash for about 3 years, I picked it up at the huddersfield show. It's an old airfix kit of slave 1. There's no scale on the box, but I seem to remember reading it was something weird like 1:83! As you can see the box has seen better days. Have made a start, and will post up the obligatory sprue shots tomorrow. Matt
  9. Hey. Thought I'd share some pics of my current project, the Bandai 1/72 BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter This is my first kit and build in close to four years, and the first I've ever tried to weather up/varnish etc, so any feedback would be welcome Not yet complete, of course. The cockpit section isn't fully seated because it'll be easier to weather the back panel with it off, heh.
  10. Hi all and hope you're all staying safe and keeping well. This was a little build to restore the mojo - they're the Bandai 1/144 TIE Fighters from Force Awakens but backdated to Empire-era and one converted to a TIE Brute. Build thread if you're interested is here but to recap: Kit: Bandai Vehicle Model 004 First Order TIE Fighter set Build: One built OOB and one converted to TIE Brute Paint: Halfords Grey Primer, Revell Acrylics, Flory Models Wash Bandai_Model_004_Tie_Fighter by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Fighter_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Brute_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Brute_head by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Fighters Rear by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Fighters_scale by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_Tie_Fighters_done by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and stay safe! Cheers, Dermot
  11. Incom T-47 Snowspeeder Bandai 1/48 These finally turned up today and will be my last Star Wars builds for a while (unless the Ep 7 stuff is available for a reasonable price). I'll be leaving the X-Wing for a bit, but I decided to start the snowspeeder strait away. I'm probably going to do a red stripe one rather than Luke's grey stripe which are the markings that come with the kit, and I'll be doing it on the ground rather than in flight so I'll have to make a bit of hanger base for it. I've not done much more than go through the box so far, but I've started to look what work I'll be doing in the cockpit. The moulded detail on the instrument panels is as good as all the other Bandai releases but I might add a few extra details here and there and I'll paint the controls rather than use the supplied decals. It's got the usual clever engineering which allow the parts to just slot together. The side consoles simply slide into the upper fuselage so I'll paint these and the instrument panel before slotting them in As I said, It'll be on the ground, so I won't be using the gibbon twins with their super-long arms which is no loss (it would have been nice if they'd supplied a droid though, something to stand next to it. I may have to have a go at making something, maybe a gonk droid) The problem with not using them is that, like the AT-ST, Bandai have moulded big lugs on the seats to attach gibbon A and gibbon B, so I've ground them of and (rather roughly) rescribed the seat panels. They do look quite coarse but I'll pick up some etched belts which will cover most of the seat so they should be OK. I'll probably add a few extra knobs and switches to the consoles either side of the seats too (maybe a cup holder? or is that only on the ghia model) That's it for tonight. I should get some more done over the weekend Andy
  12. 'tis the season to build Star Wars, fa la la la la, la la la la Kit Manufacturer: Bandai. Scale: 1/144. Paints used: Vallejo Model Air. Clear coats: Tamiya semi gloss and Windsor & Newton Galeria Gloss/Matt varnishes mixed 50/50ish (because I ran out of Tamiya semi gloss). Weathering products - Flory washes overall, AK Interactive Bearings and Grease enamel wash. Aftermarket - Picture frame, rose gold copper wire, Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint (snow). Krystal Klear for sticking down a couple of the stickers on the Snowspeeder. I assembled these models in 2017, with a grand idea of sticking an arduino inside the body of the AT-AT, to control a couple of fibre optic strands in the chin guns, for a guns firing effect, and an LED in the "head" for the red "windscreen". Decided to abandon that idea as it was never going to be visible, just too small an effect on the guns at this scale and you don't see a red "windscreen" lit up in Empire anyway... ...So it sat for 2 years waiting for me to paint it all and put it on a base! Surprisingly the stickers on the Snowspeeder were as thin as decals, and didn't pose any problems, apart from a couple peeling on me... The purists will say "that's Luke's Snowspeeder", "your AT-AT is grey". It's not, I didn't put the specific markings on besides the grey stripes. I also really didn't fancy masking off the grey stripes on the Snowspeeder and painting them orange instead. And, I know. I would have preferred to have achieved that whiter grey look to the AT-AT, but I didn't, for reasons... I was going to buy a Rebel Alliance turret from a seller on Shapeways, I'm glad I didn't as there wouldn't be room on the base and due to limited display space I couldn't go bigger/longer on the base... Photos - Tried to get a "person standing on the ground looking up" view with these, unfortunately they're not much different to those above as I couldn't get my camera low enough - Couple of photos "from above" - Thanks for looking.
  13. This is my Fine Molds1/48 Snowspeeder. Cracking little kit, but teeny tiny even in 1/48 I wasn't too fussed about 100% accuracy when painting the interior - especially as I struggled to find decent ref pics, I was looking more for the effect of making it look "busy" and I am very happy with how its turned out. Rest of the construction will be 15 mins work, then I'm going to try pre-shading this one. Looking forward to some heavy weathering
  14. Hi Everyone, I got a request from a colleague to paint her fresly 3D printed Baby Yoda figure. It was a surprise for me that such a 3D model can be downloaded but nowadays everything is possible. So she passed me over the figure which was originally full clean "snow white". Just like a Snowman (with funny ears, obviously) or like a sugarcone, but I liked it. When discussing about the paint process "just simply paint it to green and sandbrown please" I pointed out that the 3D printer she used has a low resolution therefore massive sanding and filling will be required to have an acceptable result. And this painting project will be a bit longer than she thought. Finally we got the deal and I took the figure home. As a first step, after some 2-3 hours of sanding over the back of Yoda's head, his nose and the letters on the stand, I have applied a full cover of 1500 grade Gunze Black Surfacer / Primer from a rattle can and left it drying for one day. Next morning I checked the result and realised that the figure and letters are still not smooth enough, so it was fully re-primed with 500 Grade Surfacer hand applied and sanded after drying. Finally it looked OK to start the painting process. To get a uniform shade, a new layer of black 1500 grade Surfacer was applied and let dry for a day. The first colour I used was Mig-023 Protective Green mixed with Mig-247 Hellblau. Highlights were applied using overdiluted Mig-247 Hellblau. After some drying time I enhanced the lower areas of the head and the palms of Yoda’s hands with light layer of Mig-023. Now it looks like a faded crocodile but looks OK to me. The only thing missing is the diffuse “hair” he has on the head but that is not what I am able to apply. The back of the head is OK and way more smoother than the original 3D printed surface was. After taking the photos, I have observed some minor holes on the top of the head which will be addressed in the next step – filling-up and some hand painting to complete the head.There are other very structured surfaces all around the figure but as I could not attack them with any sanding stick, I decided to live with these structures. Anyway, Baby Yoda is a strange alien life-form so his skin can be very structured just like a crocodile, cannot be? The plan to follow is to mask off the head and the hands, then paint the haircloth he wears. I will likely paint first the deep shadow using Mig-043 Shadow Rust and than apply the main color using Mig-025 US Moder Vehicles and Mig-027 German Sand Beige (for some specific areas as color variation) and finish the haircloth using Mig-036/037/038 wood colors (highlights). More to come soon! Tamás
  15. R-33K Protocol Droid Bandai 1/12 Another repaint of Bandai's C-3PO to add to the collection (I still haven't built this kit as it's intended subject yet). As with the previous ones, this is a non-movie droid of my own design by the name of R-33K, or Reek to his friends (if he had any). He's clearly not had the best of lives, and is probably even more decrepit and useless than Boris. No real modifications to the kit apart from the various hacks and gashes, and the missing arm, the joint for which was made from spares box bits and a few lengths of wire. Thanks for looking Andy
  16. Managed to pick this up dirt cheap from a toy store. Nice little toy, and again, great for a practise piece. I could have spent a bit more time on it but quite happy how it came out for a quickie. Before After (obviously)
  17. Hello everyone! Tepidly starting my first build log. For those of you who decide to follow it, be patient - this is an ongoing odyssey of over a decade now! To cut a long story short. Back in 2002 relatives brought me a vaunted 1/72 Fine Molds X-Wing kit from abroad. Fine Molds were just starting their line and this was the absolute gem of Star Wars scale models. Even today, it's still a great kit. Unfortunately, despite my truly best (brush) efforts, the paint mix (based on the long-extinct Bulgarian "Aerotone" paints) made a chemical reaction midway through painting and resulted in a cracked plastic along the recessed panel lines, in addition to a thick coating that covered up details. And so, the kit sat in this state for several years... Until I decided to strip the paint, disassemble it and start a new. Photos from 2014 when I started the cleanup. Notice the horribly damaged panel lines, cracked fuselage panels and softened details. Raised details on the fuselage were either lost or badly faded. I cleaned up the parts of all paint and glue, and stored them until the day I finally had an airbrush... The canopy clear parts after a lot of polishing: Lot of salvaged parts: In sum, I lost: 1 gun nacelle (finned round radiator housing of the blaster cannon), 1 engine intake, the entire rear part of the cockpit, the radiator at the fuselage top-rear end, as well as some small details around the wing roots. All of these will have to be scratch built!
  18. Back in the 80's I purchased, as a job lot, the MPC Snap versions of the X-Wing, A-Wing, TIE Interceptor and the B-Wing, the subject of this little revisit. (They may have been in a 4 ship box set thinking back) Image below for reference I recall I assembled the B-Wing on the train home from Oxford. Once home I painted it... not very well. It had a stand, long since lost to time, marriage, children and house moves. I still have two of it's stable mates more or less intact and shall turn my attention to them in the future. The finish on the B-Wing didn't look any better. So I disassembled it (sorry, didn't think to take a piccie before I had done this and started work). Filled and sanded some significant holes including the original stand location on the engine housing on the right Thinned the intake walls to produce an impression of scale thickness Fixed the seam on the cockpit section including removing some serious misalignments in the detail around the circumference and cleaned up the hole at the back to a more consistent profile. Spent a cosy evening yesterday recreating the intake at the front of the main engine nacelle from plasticard so it wouldn't look so much like it was made from thick sliced bread Really rather pleased with that I also drilled out the guns but no piccie for that yet. That's as far as it goes for now. Thanks for looking in Phil
  19. Hello again folks, I thought I'd share with you my latest project, For this I took a bandai K-2SO and decided to give him a new job, hence the name change, so may i present K-SSU, or 'K-series Stormtrooper Support Unit'. He's been tasked with assisting Sandtroopers on the planet of Tatooine, looking for hidden rebel sympathisers. I didn't feel the need to do a WIP due to it already being covered by Andy Moore with his fabulous K-2S0, but for anybody thinking about grabbing one and having a bash, then push the button, you wont be disappointed. (please excuse the mass of pics)
  20. I've just got back from the post office, having paid the usual ransom fee to claim my own property , but it does mean that I've finally got my personal Star Wars holy grail, the B-Wing. I know it's nothing new at this point, having been around in the US for a couple of months due to the SDCC exclusive, but I'll post some sprue shots for those that haven't seen it up close yet. Before I do though, a quick mention of the box art. It's a bit of a 'greatest hits' for Bandai, with X, Y and A-Wings and the Falcon all making an appearance. More importantly, though, lurking in the background you can see Home One, Ackbar's flagship from the battle of Endor. In the past, Bandai has shown subjects in the background of box artwork that have subsequently gone on to be released as kits, so I'm going to call it now. We'll be getting a box scale Mon Cal Cruiser at some point in the future. You heard it here first. Unless I'm wrong... then you definitely heard it somewhere else. I digress though, so back to the sprues. Sprue A The standard Bandai multi-colour sprue. Cockpit parts, visor, engine intake and guns Cockpit detail looks good, with the seat moulded onto the back wall. The big lug that Bandai always add to seats to secure the pilot figure is a bit ugly, but you'll need the figure in place anyway, as there's no landing gear included so no option to have it on the ground. The instrument panel looks nicely busy. As usual, Bandai gives you the option for a glazed canopy or an open frame. The guns aren't hollowed out at the ends so they'll need drilling. Sprue B The main parts for the blade aerofoil and the two smaller S foils. There's nice detailing on all the wing sections. Sprue C Fuselage sections and the cockpit outer shell. The cockpit shell isn't slide moulded, but it is a single piece so no seams to clean up. This sprue is where you'll also find Ten Numb. Nice detailing and he looks a bit better proportioned than some of Bandai's earlier pilots, particularly with the arms/hands. Sprue D (x2) Two small sprues holding the engine nozzles and other detail parts. Sprue FB-1 The clear sprue for the multi-part stand. I'm not quite sure what this is made from. It's slightly softer and more flexible than normal styrene. It could be a hard PVC or just a soft grade styrene. Sprue SWE1 Finally, you get the usual Bandai laser blast sprue that absolutely no one ever uses. Instructions are standard Bandai fare, albeit in a stapled booklet rather than the fold-out sheets they've used in the past. Also standard is the option for waterslides or stickers. I've never been that keen on Bandai's decals as the printing is often a little rough and pixilated, although they generally go down well. These look okay apart from the colour of the Hinomaru markings, which are far too yellow and should be more orange. I've got quite a bit on at the moment, but hopefully the build should begin before too long. Andy
  21. So my Snowspeeder is done, and it's fair to say I'm very, very happy with this. As happy as I am with anything I've done. The Fine Molds kit is a little cracker (and I mean little). Painted with Artic White from the excellent Hataka "Orange Line" Lacquers and weathered with Flory Wash "grime", Tensocrom "smoke" and a little bit of oils. You know how I said it was small? Here it is on top of a YF-23 in the same scale....
  22. Finally I have finished one of my favourite starfighters. Here is the WIP-thread: My goal is always to be as close as I can to the studio model, what is not always easy because this 1/72 model is so much smaller. I hope you like it. Thanks. Green Leader standing by.
  23. Resistance A-Wing Fighter (06770) 1:44 Revell Star Wars has given us tons of memorable space ships to add to the annals of cool designs, and one that made its debut as a bit player in Return of the Jedi is the Kuat Systems A-Wing. It has been in various other Star Wars universe shows since and has been seen in the new trilogy too, although I’m yet to see the Rise of Skywalker, so no spoilers. The Kit This is a re-release and has been timed to coincide with the new film but has no Rise of Skywalker branding, just the generic Star Wars branding with Darth Vader in the top right corner of the box, which is end-opening, and has twenty five parts either suspended between two clear inserts, or in small bags to prevent loss and chaffing. The kit is in brick red and what I call “Star Wars Grey” overpaint, plus some of the innards in a darker grey. The interior of the hull contains the light and sound unit in dark grey with the batteries preinstalled, but isolated with a small clear pull-away tab, with the two yellow LEDs projecting down the exhausts to provide some illumination to the cut-away outer exhaust ports. The clear parts are painted with light grey framing, and a four-colour pilot figure is included with an olive-drab jumpsuit and red/white helmet, which would benefit greatly from a dark wash to bring out the details even if you’re not planning on detail painting. Everything snaps together as per the instructions, and detail is really quite good for the target audience, with lots of visual interest, plus a clear canopy that can be opened or closed and a pair of light diffuser inserts for the engines. Construction is fast, taking less than five minutes once I figured out that numbers AND letters were included on each part (more haste less speed), and everything clips together pretty firmly without the need for glue, although I’d recommend some for the more delicate parts such as the wingtip weapons. The landing gear is supplied and can be retracted in a rudimentary fashion by pivoting the legs into the open bays that would whistle terribly in atmosphere. The wingtip weapons have a key on their attachment pin, but be sure to mount them with the hollow “anti-sink-mark” cut-outs facing downward, or fill them and repaint. As usual with these kits there’s a grille for the speaker to render its tune, which in this case is limited to two sounds activated by a button on the right to the side of the cockpit rear. On first press it plays a take-off and shooting noise, with a similar swooping and shooting noise, repeating each one in turn on subsequent presses. As you press the button the yellow LEDs light and stay on until the sound effect has completed, which should give little Johnny or Jemima adequate time to complete their manoeuvres before going dark. Conclusion This is intended to be a toy that gets a pounding from a child of 6 or over, so it’s made of stronger plastic than your average model for longevity. It does have a good level of detail for a toy though, and at 1:44 scale it’s a good size. If you decide to give it to a child they’ll be very happy with it (if they like Star Wars), and if you build it as a model, there’s plenty of scope for repainting it and adding some details. The canopy isn’t the clearest in the world, but that’s probably due to the flexible plastic is has been moulded in that is unlikely to maim the child if it breaks during rough play. You can get the same kit in blue if you’d prefer, or you could repaint it to a scheme that suits you. Highly recommended. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  24. Ok, this probably won't be your typical Work In Progress thread. This started out as me trying out some pre-shading techniques which I've never really used before. I usually build 1/32 aircraft but thought the Falcon would be a great test subject for pre-shading and for me to see how it works (or not). The kit is the Force Awakens release of the Falcon. For AM, I've got Tyridium's lighting kit and the Green Strawberry PE. I started with the main hull sections. I used Tamiya NATO Black for the pre-shading on the bare plastic. Over this, I started to fill in the panels using Gunze H338 thinned down to about 70/30 thinner to paint. I went back and did the mandibles to match.
  25. So even though the workbench here at HQ is backing up with Group Builds, I've decided to throw my hat in with Bandai's mighty Millennium Falcon - someone had to, right??!!! How excited to see the postie finally delivering this one.....I really can't wait to get stuck in. Bandai Millennium Falcon_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Wait...……..wha??????? Bandai Millennium Falcon_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Why of course, it's the mighty small Bandai Millennium Falcon - I'm still saving the cents and raiding the children's future college funds to save up for the Perfect Grade edition. Bandai Millennium Falcon_3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr That's a regular-sized paint pot with it, not a five-litre tub! As the Captain himself says, she may not look like much kid, but she's got it where it counts.. Cheers and enjoy your builds. Dermot
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