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Found 27 results

  1. I wasn't going to do another build, then Models For Heroes volunteers and beneficiaries said about a Battle of British group build. Having seen the fantastic work from both @PeterB and @Heather Kay in regards to Italian airforce aircraft, I thought I'd have a go. I picked this kit up off an auction site and some decals/ transfers from Hannants, not built a Smër kit before and I've never seen a 1/40 kit either. No bells or whistles on this build, as it comes with a clear stand. I'm going to use the build to improve my airbrushing skills now I've got a bit of the aircraft bug. Hopefully the kits ok? As it didn't mention the mark of the kit in regards to the BoB. #BOB80
  2. Here's my entry into this GB. Smer's 'Hi-Tech' Hawker Tempest which I believe is the old Heller/Airfix mould? Nothing Hi-Tech about it though, just etch for the radiator and instrument panel. Could had at least seat belts as well! Anyway, it's going to be OOB with no scratch-building or scribing of surfaces, just a gentle rub down of the raised areas. Since I bought an Xtradecal sheet to do a Butterworth Tempest II I'm going to go with a 56 Sqn subject, SN254/US*T, CO, Sqn leader M.P. Kilburn, Fassberg, late 1945. Details of the Squadron are here : http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/RAF/56_wwII.html
  3. Yet another WIP thread I know, but in all probability the Pup rebuild, DH4, Dalek and Bulldog will all be finished soon, just leaving the HP O/400 Stuka, Albatros, Junkers and the Snark. As part of our Irish Air Corp group build I''m going to try to build a reasonable model out of this. BTW if you experience a sense of Deja vue then it's because there is a prior build of this kit on Britmodeller and except for the colour scheme and some interpretive differences I will be pretty much copying it Well the good news is that the shape is pretty good, so no major work needed, the bad mews is that the kit dates back to the 50s and has engraved insignia, too many panel lines and very heavy rib detail. Out with the filler then (perfect plastic putty, which I got last week and am starting to love) fill wipe repeat, till the lines are gone.
  4. I'm more of a plane builder, but every now and then I get a bit sidetracked with things that tick a box for me. And this old kit does just that! The car is from an era that is pure motor racing joy and beauty, with the TOP drivers and makers coming to the fore. Very sadly unrepresented by the kit manufacturers old and new. The kit has origins so old it is almost contemporary with the car. The floor pan has a big "SMER" stamp on the underside but as far as I know the original tooling is by Merit. There's many shortcomings with the kit, but I think it has the basics for a decent project, and at the price there's nothing to worry about! I did a search on here for a bit of insight into what can be done with it. Found a couple of WIP which ended very abruptly - one was just abandoned, and the other went "oh look, I've finished!" So I'm going to do one! It may not be a quick and coherent build, but it won't be abandoned. Obviously if you got BIG money to spend, you can have the pleasure of building the metal and multimedia Japanese mega kit, but frankly I want a real car for that sort of money! Thankfully there is plenty of pictures of this kit on the net, plus the real thing in various collections. I've made a bit of a start already and a few refinements in place, so I'll bring the thread up to speed fairly quickly. Here's the first mod I tried, converting the exhaust system to the 2 pipe configuration with lengths of Ali tube and the original manifold part. All good fun! More soon
  5. Smer kit, mostly OOB with a scratch interior.
  6. Hi folks,I looked long and hard for another build and thought I'd let the old kit lunacy continue and see what I could do with the Smer 1/48 (really 1/50) Walrus,now I did one years ago and have to say it's not a bad kit for £6:99.A good platform for a bit of scratchbuilding cockpit wise and edging back into a larger scale too.Once the Kingfisher and Seahawk are done this and the other one I'm posting will be my "Dark Nights" project.
  7. Hi folk's fourth and LAST(yes last) build is another shot in the dark,Smers release of Lord knows who's mold.I have looked at this kit a few times so now's the chance to build it. It looks half decent on a couple of sites once it arrives we'll see,£7 another cheapie.
  8. Hi folk's fourth and last build will be this behemoth! Now what possesses anyone to replace an ancient failed Frog Swordfish with something that could be mistaken for a vacform it has so much flash is anybody's guess but I have,that said I reckon with a bit of scratchbuilding(I've applied to the local council for planning permission) a decent looking model could emerge,We'll see...............
  9. Hi! SMER Re 2000. Czech incarnation of Italian ARTIPLAST 1970 - years. Modest retro. Discussion about the copy and detail of the set to anything. Similar, okay. Forgotten scale, 1/50. The casts of dusty stamps praguers put away the new decal. Reproduced Re 2000 series 3, with a dull fairing. It seems to be the Navy air force, with a duck on the keel. In a series of 1/50 of the set are not orphan: held in the hands of FIAT Cr 32 and Macchi 200. Can be, available and other airplanes. The drawings are not used, they will not help. Only photos. Stock wheels replaced with homemade ones from 2K Tamiya epoxy putty . Changed the direction of the rotation of the propeller. New blades, new canopy slider. Canopy frames with foil. Made a skirt on the hood, imitation seams and snaps. I sanded all the surfaces. Navigation lights made from colored transparent plastic, thrust trim, antenna from fishing wire 0.1 mm, pitot tubes from an injection needle. Painted a combination of ready-made acrylic paints ARM Paint «spitfire green» and «74RLM», mixing and separately, at the bottom of a «light gray MiG-29». Verde and Grigio mimetico, on the general degree of similarity, tolerable. Color alternative offered of the Swedish air force, 1945. in camouflage. That`s not really my thing. Too mottled. Monochrome same dark surface sin not to rivet. Finishing effects with artistic oil paints. Enjoy watching!
  10. I've lurked her a long time and thoroughly enjoy the WIP threads and take great modelling inspiration from them, so I reckon the time has come to start my own. Seeing as how this is (I think) an interesting subject which will have many modelling challenges I thought it would be a good first WIP. I do also have a wip thread on the Irish IPMS Forum which will be broadly similar, but then again might not be. This is my intended subject asn as luck would have it the SMER Bulldog has Decals for the black wavy line. The Gamecock was an improved Grebe which in turn was an improved SE5a, however I started from the Bulldog because they have (more or less) the same engine and the SMER kit was also available in quantity and at a low price, so I bought 2 with the intention of completing one as a Bulldog (maybe) and using the other as a donor for the Gamecock. So............ This is where I'm starting from. The SMER kit isn't terrible but like me it has some issues for example the markings are molded on (the kit not me ) . The engine , wheels and Decals are a definite part of the build and I'll see how much else can be beaten into shape as the build progresses. As luck would have it the upper wing isn't a million miles off and can be cut down to shape. Here it is with the markings sanded and scraped off and marked up for cutting. The lower wings and forward fuselage may also be good. It will definitely need a new tail and possibly a new rear fuselage, but I'll see as the build progresses. The upper wing cut and the left wing (confusingly the one on the right) cut to shape but not finish sanded.
  11. Hi- There must be a word for that time space between dropping your prized creation knowing its going to end up in bits and it hitting the ground and....er... ending up in bits. In this case I had a bit of a disaster in placing the final decals. This Morane either hit a microburst or (more likely) my left hand hit it and it went into an inverted spin before hitting the floor. It all happened in slow motion. The wing struts and cabane struts partially detached - still working on it. Pretty sure this is the old Heller kit- cheap and cheerful - with a few of the parts needing a tidy up. Brush painted. Rigging is invisible thread.
  12. When I signed up for this Group Build I planned on doing a Seafire but I'm a little bored of Supermarine's finest at the moment so have decided to do something completely different. So I'm in with this: If there's time, I might do one of the Special Hobby ones I have in the stash (and a Seafire).
  13. The Dewoitine D.510 was an all-metal, open-cockpit, fixed-undercarriage monoplane fighter aircraft, used by the French Air Force in the 1930s. They saw action against the Japanese flying for Chinese Air Force, and in North Africa. This particular kit is the Smer reboxing of the original Heller kit, which I bought as part of a job lot years ago on EvilBay, which averaged out at about a £1 a kit (what's not to like ! ) I built this to mark the 10th anniversary of Britmodeller in the Group Build, work in progress below The kit went together really well apart from me breaking then loosing the undercarriage legs, these being replaced with toothpicks from the hotel I was staying in ! And a big thanks to CliffB for coming to my rescue after I trashed 2 roundals. Let me know what you think.
  14. This is Smer 1/48 scale Macchi Castoldi MC72. This kit was completed as part of the recent Flying Boats and Floatplanes GB. The aircraft represented here is MM181, that went on to claim records for the fastest floatplane. Work in progress here I hope you like it cheers Pat
  15. Late as ever to join a GB..... i got this kit many years ago as one of those, fit for spares type listings on evilBay, downside is someone had previously butchered the box and decals, upside is at just over a £1 a kit what was there to lose ! I think this may be the old Heller one, reboxed by Smer ? cheers Pat
  16. Working away from home this week so thought it was too good an opportunity to miss not to try to build something while I'm away. So a quick look in the stash found this Look not too many parts, so it should be a nice easy build ! Famous last words of many a Britmodeller. Extensive decals included So the challenge is, get this finished before I go home Thursday night, plus Jaime didn't have a Smer Kit or something Italian for his statistics Watch this space ! cheers Pat
  17. Yesterday I did some portraits of a friend and his family. He had a woman living with him who had 2 young children and 2 Bull Arab dogs. She had barely enough money to feed her kids let alone 2 grown big dogs. She left and left the dogs behind, my friend is not overly rich and has 3 kids, a wife and 2 dogs of his own. I am a little distressed over the state of the dogs. I am starting this kit to get my mind off the dogs. This is a female 1yr old, notice the wound on her leg. 2 yr old male The Wife and I are thinking of joining ARRG (Animal Rights and Rescue Group) to help these poor animals. We have a Bull Arab called 'Billy'. Billy is another ARRG dog we have had for 2 months. He is not spoilt , much, we took him to Pet Barn to choose some toys new on Saturday. He is scared of being in the car. We are trying to show him good things happen when you get in the car. Billy I am starting this kit to get my mind off the dogs. I have already said that ---- not working. Box art Thanks for looking. Stephen
  18. Hi everyone, Here is my latest model, an ancient heller kit produced by Smer. I have to admit that I have a weakness to vintage heller kits and that is why I occasionally bought this one. It however turned out to be not so accurate and the molding itself is already quite worn. Anyway I managed to finish it somehow. So here it is, pictures are poor, photographing is not my best skill
  19. This is my first ever GB, so I may not finish it in time , but I'll try my best.​ I'm going to try to do Gen. Richthofen's Storch if I can find out code letters, or Löhr's if not. This its for a planned Schwerer Gustav dio, with this landing/ taxying next to it, on an improvised strip. As you will see in the photos, I have done a bit of the cockpit, and a bit of fuselage painted, but it is otherwise unstarted (I hope this is ok). This'll probably be mostly OOB, pics will be up soon, by the weekend at the latest. Also, anyone with info on the markings of Wolfram Richthofen's Storch, that would be very useful, as the only in-flight pic I've found is this- You can just about make out the camo demarcation lines and the fuselage band (just fore of the leading edge of the tailplanes), but I cannot see any codes. Thanks in advance, Seabo14
  20. Looking for an easy build I took the SMER (re-boxed Heller) Storch out of the box... and then the fun started. One of my favourite aircraft, I had a search on BM and found this thread discussing the captured Storch used by Air Vice Marshal Harry Broadhurst and used to ferry Churchill around Europe. Had to be done, WiP thread here. Here's a link to on YouTube and some shots of the finished article.Primed with AK Interactive white, paint is decanted H24 rattle can airbrushed and hand brushed Mr Hobby Dark Brown and H30 Dark Green. Finished with W&N Matt varnish hand brushed. Transfers are Xtradecal, mostly. I hope you like it, comments welcomed! Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr
  21. Some of the original OEZ/Kovozávody Prostějov's (KP) classics Sukhoi 1/48th kits were becoming difficult to find. They're to be re-released soon by SMĚR (http://www.smer.cz/en/). ref.0853 - Su-7BKL "Fitter-A" - http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10326152 ref.0854 - Su-7BMK "Fitter-A" - http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10326153 ref.0855 - Su-17/22M-3 "Fitter-H"- http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10326154 ref.0856 - Su-17/22M-4 "Fitter-K"- http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10326155 ref.0857 - Su-25 "Frogfoot-A"- http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10326156 ref.0858 - SU-25UB/UBK "Frogfoot-B" - http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10326147 V.P.
  22. I am going to build a MiG-17F as a fighter bomber as used by Egypt in the war of attrition against Israel form the 6 days war of 67 up to the 1973 war to reclaim the Sinai peninsula. good in interesting reading from the arab/ not so well known point of view: Arab MiGs vol. 1-5 from Harpia publishing first dilema: which camouflage scheme to do? Egypt started to camouflage its aircraft right after the 67 war for good reasons. in the beginning quite crudely with light blue/ light grey undersides and sand/green/brown upper sides. hardly all aircrasft seem to be different. Later the famous nile valley scheme started to appear... to make matters more complicated, up to 1972? the roundels of the UARAF (United Arab Republic Air Force) Then the 2 stars of the roundels deleted and the flag usually carried on the tail received the so called Eagle of Saladin... I have decals for those... or could search for the older ones on other sheets. Here is what I have for now: kit with some necessary accessories and the kit's decals. looks good so far... fuselage with deep panel lines but quite nice shape: and the all important ordnance for a egyptian aircraft: unguided 76mm sakr rockets only available in the SMER kit additionally fuselage bomb pylons and bombs (to be replaced I think with aerobonus or similar) as well as 57 mm rocket pods. I bought more sheets than necessary... Hi Decal upper left, ILIAD upper right, SMER low: looking at the Eagle of Saladin in detail though: the kit decal look more childish, don't they? Hi Decals chose to do a very different eagle with a black outline, whereas Iliad design did a sheet for the Mig-15UTI with a red / gold outlined eagle.(apart from that, it is to be used for an aircraft of the 6 days war of 67....) so, which ones to use? or should I ditch them all and use the UARAF 2 stars and go for an "early" war of attrition?
  23. Hi all, I originally meant my next WIP to be an IL-2, but changed my mind after I seen a Yak-3 online that I liked the look of and wanted to make. This will be my first kit with aftermarket parts; currently only the decals, but I'm looking into some metal exhausts (with no luck so far). I'll be building a small diorama as well, with Zvezda's Soviet Air Force Ground Crew. I'll be building Lt.Col. A.D. Yakimenko's plane. "Yakimenko entered combat against the Japanese over Khalkhin Gol in summer 1939 [and] was given credit for 3 individual and 4 shared victories. Yakimenko met the requirements for the award of the title of HSU for his outstanding performance in Mongolia on August the 29th, 1939. During his GPW career, he flew 244 combat sorties, reaching 15 individual kills and 29 aerial encounters. His exploits won him the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner, Suvorov 3rd Class, the Patriotic War 1st Class, the Red Star and various medals." At first glance it seems like a nice kit, if quite simple, consisting of only 34 parts across 4 sprues. The decals I've got are from AML and seem quite nice. My only complaint is slightly petty, and it's that the small red rectangles (16) are meant to go on top of the medal shapes (15), rather than just being made as one in the first place. For scale, the squares on the background are 1cmx1cm. Finally, Zvezda's Soviet Air Force Ground Crew. Although not having as many figures as Airfix's ground crews, the Zvezda kit still seems quite nice. Also unlike Airfix, some of the people come in multiple parts. The parts seem very easy to fit together though, and it allows me to paint areas that (if each person came in one piece) may be slightly fiddly to get to. I should also mention that the kit lacks a pilot, and since I couldn't find a seated pilot online and I haven't posted enough on here to post in the buying and selling section, I've instead taken a spare pilot from the RAF ground crew I used in a previous build and, despite not being correct, will be using that in place of it. I could try to make some adjustments to it, though. I'll be starting the build soon. Thanks for looking, Corbin.
  24. Hello everyone: group photos of my recently finished Egyptian MiG-17F and MiG-17PF Frescos: the MiG-17PF in natural metal is from around the 1967 war with Israel. Hobbyboss plastic (very good, hardly any problems) still in UARAF (United Arab Republic Air Force) markings, decals are sourced from various sources, the 31st squadron "bat crow" unit insignia was printed at home with the artwork provided by Tom Cooper, thanks!!, see in progress build KK-2 ejection seat is from Aires (a bit small!), 23mm cannons and pitots are from Master and very recommendable! the MiG-17F is from the closing stages of the war of attrition/ beginning of the Yom Kippur war, in cmouflage colors, but an example apinted before the Nile valley camo scheme was introduces fleetwide. the flag shows the Hawk of Quraish which was used from late 1972 up until the 80ies when it was slowly replaced by the current Eagle of Saladin. Decas are Hi-Decals, which at the moment seem to be the only ones who provide the correct flag for this time frame. the decals were reshaped though. Arab numbers come from the Iraqi airfoces decals sheet from Lindenhill decals. cannons and pitots are from Master, the KK-2 ejection seat is from Neomega resin (very recommendable!) the MiG-17F is armed with one 37mm and 2 23mm cannons in the nose, as well as 8 Sakr rockets and 2 250kg bombs on fuselage pylons only to be found on Egyptian MiG-17s! in progress and lots of additional information from Tom Cooper, many many thanks!!!!, without your help this build would not be half as accurate!!!!!, and all the others that contributed can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974798-mig-17f-and-pf-fresco-june-1967-and-war-of-attrition-1967-1973-double-build-148/ so here some impressions: now fully armed: more photos of the individual planes will follow soon if you want thanks for looking, reading and your comments! regards, Werner
  25. Time to start another GB. My entry for the Less than a Tenner Group Build will be the SMER Curtiss P-36, 1/72 scale, in the colours of Hærens Flyvevåpen (later RNoAF) in the spring of 1940. It's actually a sort of Whif but more about that later. I will build it without any extras except for maybe homemade decals or paintmasks. Ok, the pictures: "Flashy" sprue.. This is the colour scheme I will be using. Just have to wait til the start is announced.
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