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Found 30 results

  1. johnyx99

    Avro Shackleton Revell 1/72

    Hello fellas. Fellas. I have quick question. Finishing build of Avro Shackleton and to be honest, I do have some problems to find right colour or lets say, mix proper colour. Not using revell colours. And I just bought Tamyia XF-82 which is Ocean grey 2 (RAF). Will it be OK for that model?
  2. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Builds to date pt1.

    Hi everyone I wanted to share with you all of my builds I've completed since coming back to the hobby. First up two of my favourites. Airfix 1/72 Avro Shackleton AEW.2 WR966... ....and next up Airfix 1/48 Gloster Javelin FAW Mk9 XH903 ... I'll add a couple builds over the next few days. Cheers all Iain Link to Pt.2
  3. So here she is, my first Shackleton, an aircraft I've loved since childhood when they used to clatter over into Woodford occasionally, the highlight of any schoolday when that happened! Built straight OOB with just a few little aerial additions after reading Chally71's Shack thread on here - many thanks for the info! No wires yet though, I'll get round to sprue melting another day. I was going to do WL756, but having seen that 795 is now preserved at St Mawgan (albeit as an MR2 again) I thought I'd honour her instead. I hope I've done this beautiful Avro justice ...
  4. Airfix is to release a new tool 1/72nd (Wrong scale. I want the same in 1/48th!) Avro Shackleton MR.2 kit - ref. A11004 Expected on October 30th, 2015. Source: http://www.airfix.com/catalog/product/view/id/8411/category/15/ V.P.
  5. I remember I desperately wanted a Shackleton when I was a kid. It's brilliant we've now got Revell and Airfix making them! My initial thoughts on opening this were it has a lot of parts! I don't know if anyone else has found this too, but where the pieces join the sprues the plastic is quite thick - it needs careful cutting so as not to snap thin parts or leave tears on larger parts where they were attached. Apart from that though, what an amazing kit this looks! Beautiful lines on the surfaces, and so far fitting together well. I'm going to use satin dark sea grey spray for the bulk of it, I'll mask the transparencies and leave the props, etc off until the end. Impressive amount of detail for the interior ...
  6. The latest Airfix release is now in stock. It is the A11005 Avro Shackleton AEW.2 with markings options for two 8 Squadron aircraft named after characters from the "Magic Roundabout" TV series, WR960 "Dougal" and WR963 "Ermintrude". Order now at our bargain online price.
  7. This month Airfix are releasing their long awaited Avro Shackleton AEW.2 Model Kit in 1/72 Scale. This Cold War Era variant of the MR 2 was used as an Airborne Early Warning Aircraft, and this particular kit contains decals for "Ermintrude" and "Dougal" which flew with No.8 Squadron based at RAF Lossiemouth in 1979 and 1980 respectively. "Dougal" is currently preserved in the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester, England. Place your pre-orders soon to avoid disappointment, this is going to be a popular kit!
  8. Avro Shackleton MR.3 WR982, at Gatwick Aviation Museum, pics mine.
  9. As the original thread is locked... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234973128-revell-172-shackelton-aew-2/page-11 Test elements as displayed at the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Source: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/blog/1509254 V.P.
  10. yes... Here is another Shackleton, this time from a Swedish workbench. This was a pretty quick build, about four weeks, almost entirely OOB. The build was surprisingly fast (among other things thanks to Eduard's masks for the myriad of windows!), and I did not bother to correct the small issues. To me this looks very much like a Shackleton, and that is enough for me. Although, there are few more suitable objects for rivet-counting... However, I added seatbelts and a number of missing antennas. Painted with Gunze acrylics. I replaced the roundels, the rest is from the kit's decal sheet. If I would do another build of this, I would probably use aftermarket decals. The rivets are no problem for me, I like them. This is why i decided to go for Revell instead of Airfix. They may be over-sized, but so are most panel lines on almost every 1/72 kit. However, there are pretty difficult to restore after sanding. Another problem is that they are of different size on the kit, for instance they are much deeper on the engine nacelles than on the body. But this is no major problem IMO. I decided to go for a semi-gloss finish. I know that the original was more glossy, but to me this would create a toy-like finish. So it might be a bit incorrect, but I think that it looks far better this way. Apart from some difficulties with the landing gear (which might be my own fault, I decided to assemble them before painting), this was a very easy build. I really recommend this kit. Do I like masking propellers? No, I don't. Next kit will be a jet aircraft, I promise! Thanks for watching!
  11. Afternoon all, I bring sad news unfortunately, text extracted from an SPT Facebook post: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A statement from Dave Woods, Chairman of Trustees - Shackleton Preservation Trust (reg charity no 1020951) Legal owner of Avro Shackleton WR963/G-SKTN I first got involved with Shackleton WR963 in late 2008 just after ownership had been taken back by Mike Collet following the failed attempt by ASCET to return her to flight. The aircraft had three engines present at that time, and numerous systems damaged or non-functioning. My first job was to remove the front spinner from the No3 engine which I managed without breaking anything, then shortly after as WR963 looked in a bit of a state the decision was taken to repaint her. The then Chairman (John Cubberley)knew well of my modeling skills and asked me to head up the painting team which I was happy to do, I just approached it like a big Airfix kit. The final painting was completed over the course of five days and has lasted well since. Over time I established a good working relationship with the managemaent at Coventry and Mike Collet in partiicular as we are both northern boys . When the SPT Chair's health took a turn and he decided it was time for him to step down I was invited to join the board of Trustees and later to become Chairman, this job involved steering the activities of the Trust in maintaining and operating WR963 on behalf of Air Atlantique, and raising enough money for the project to be self sufficient. Mike must have been impressed as in 2011 he asked me to take over the running of Air Atlantique's "Airbase", who would turn down that opportuity? Not me - so I said "Yes please!", and we did rather well at it. Then in 2012 it was decided that the whole of CAF would be moved to a new facility in Cornwall. Mike at that time realised that moving the Shackleton and Nimrod was really not an option, so on being called to the office one day he offered the Shackleton to me. Had I declined WR963 would have gone up for auction, and YES this would have also included the scrap man. What would you do, buy the aircraft that by now you have worked on for a number of years, or say "No thank you," in the knowledge that she could be turned into scrap? It was bit of a no brainer for me really, so I bought it - out of my own pocket I might add. Some of you may ask why I bought it myself and not on behalf of the Trust, that is simple, at that time the Trust did not want the liability that may have come with the purchase (indeed there were howls of horror from the other Trustees when I proposed handing it over to the Trust), as this may well have included insurances and parking fees which are substantial for an aircraft of the Shackletons size and the Trust just did not have the funds to cover this. Things were working well as they were, so I saw no reason for things to change so WR963 continued to be maintained and operated by the SPT as Mike had set up and all were happy with that arrangement. A few months later when Nimrod XV232 failed to sell, the transport cost was found to be atronomically high, and the aircraft was deteriorating rapidly, Mike asked me as Chairman to take it under the wing of the Trust on the same arrangement as WR963 had enjoyed, in that the aircraft would still belong to Mike but we - the Trust - would maintain and operate it. This the Trustees were happy to do as it would give us a nice little collection in its own right when all the other aircraft had departed, we would still have Shackleton, Nimrod and Shackleton Mk1 nose all together. Time passed and we had highs and lows, members of the crew came and went as they do, then came 2015 and the Vulcan To The Sky day. The week before this saw WR963 up on jacks to change the brakes on both wheels to allow us to taxy on the day, it was a damn near run thing but we did it in front of the biggest crowd seen at Coventry in many years. We followed this up in April 2016 with a taxy run with paying passengers onboard, the first time this has been done EVER!! The Trust at that time was solvent with plenty of cash in the bank, what I didnt know was that things were about to change and I'm afraid to say not for the better. WR963 became unservicable and remains so to this day. Where did it go wrong? At the beginning of the year I asked the crew to hit all the usual sites with messages pushing the Hanger Fund and the names on the bomb bay doors, they didnt want to do it, why? They were worried that it may be seen that we were spamming people. Thinking I may be pushing too hard and with my wife's failing health taking more of my time, I decided, wrongly, to let them run things largely their way. Things fell away further and faster than anticipated. A small group of the newer members for whatever reason felt that they needed to have private meetings to which the Chair and members they didn't favour were not invited. The whole thing degenerated into a Saturday morning "boys and their toy" club and not a group of like minded people with a common goal. Things I asked of them as Chairman of the Trustees of SPT in an attempt to try and halt the decline were ignored. Little to nothing has been done with the Heritage Lottery Fund Application which would have given the trust £70,0000 development funding , the "Friends of WR963" has been run down and ignored with no updates and newsletters since the first one under the new Membership Secretary, so that is another source of funding gone. The result? Since the middle of May we have had just £338 in donations. There can be no doubt that the unservicability this year, little to no income from events (such as monthly public engine runs) combined with the huge expenditures has killed SPT. If we didnt have the Kickstarter funds the Trust would be out of funds completely now. The majority of the newer members treat this as if it is of no concern, the only idea that was brought up to raise funds is to scrap Nimrod XV232, I have to tell you that as long as I draw breath as Chairman I will not allow this. To add to my stress level, this year new untrained members of crew have been put in positions on board the aircraft for private "test" runs when I wasn't on site. Not only is this poor behaviour from a safety point of view, it equates to some £3000 used in fuel this year alone for private - not public - "test" runs. Given I am the culpable person in that my name is on ALL the insurances, if there had been an incident and someone was injured or killed I would be facing criminal charges despite being 100 miles away at the time. Speaking as the owner of the aircraft would you allow this to continue? I am no longer willing to let this happen so I have with the greatest reluctance removed ALL the insurances on the aircraft. The SPT is now so divided that I doubt it can ever be brought back together. Weighing up all the above I feel I have had no choice but to call time on the work on WR963, and look to her preservation for future generations above all else. As such I have to say that that brilliant dream of flight for the Shackleton is now gone. Kind regards to all Avro Shackleton WR963 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't think of the words to adequately describe how sad this is for UK aviation Sam
  12. Good afternoon everyone Finally now finished the Revell Shackleton AEW2. She was a lovely kit, there is a couple of issues in regards to accuracy as it is a hybrid of a AEW 2 and MK 3, but ignoring those details I decided to build it oob, as it is. On comparing it to the Airfix kit, fit of the overall kit I found better, the surface detail is 100 times better than the airfix kit, The revell kit has some very think sprue gates connecting the parts, which does require some clean up, there are pros and cons for both, but overall they are both fantastic model kits. But I'll leave you with pics of the Revell one and then the 3 kits i've built. I hope you enjoy.
  13. Avro Shackleton AEW.2 WL790 on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona, USA. Pics thanks to Paul Bradley.
  14. The New Revell Avro Shackleton is Now In Stock Revell 1:72 Avro Shackleton Mk.2 AEW Model construction kit of the Avro Shackleton, one of the most famous long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft. Developed in 1971 the AEW.2 version received a large radome and was used in service by the RAF. Product Information Finely engraved surfaces Detailed cockpit Rear observation station Weapon bay with separate doors Side door optionally open or closed Nose section with MG s Tailplane with separate rudders Nose radome Separate ailerons Separate flaps Detailed engine nacelles Detailed main undercarriage Rotatable propeller Antennas Decal set for 2 RAF versions Product Details Length: 370 mm Wingspan: 506 mm number of parts: 193 Paints Required Acrylics RV36378, RV36302, RV36109, RV36381, RV36371, RV36363, RV36301, RV36190, RV36199, RV36314, RV36330, RV36731, RV36101, RV36148, RV36330 Enamels RV32378, RV32302,RV32109, RV32381, RV32371, RV32363, RV32301, RV32190, RV32199, RV32314, RV32330, RV32731, RV32101, RV32148, RV32330. SRP £36.99 with Free UK Mainland Royal Mail 1st Class Postage Click on the link to order yours http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/revell_172_avro_shackleton_aew2_-p-39547.html Follow all our latest news on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CreativeModelsLtd/
  15. HI everyone Well she's finally finished (well I say finished she still needs the fin flash on the port rudder swapping over). My 1/72 Airfix Avro Shackleton MR2 WR966. I encountered most of the problems associated the kit and not others. I had real problems joining the fuselage together and a mis mould in the front fuselage which caused the area above the bomb aimers glass to splay out plus I had several broken parts that were replaced by Airfix, however the engine nacelles and wings were a breeze. I chose WR966 as my scheme and the decals from Airfix were beautiful I did however elect not to attempt to add the 146800cc (I cut that portion off) because I feared that with all the softener in the world the decal wouldn't conform cleanly and look rubbish. I chose to paint the propeller tips rather that use the decals as I felt that the finish would be better. The kit was built OOB apart from some seat belts that I added with blue masking tape and I used the Eduard masking set for the glass work. She was weathered in my usual way with Tamiya smoke for the exhaust stains and oils and pastels for everything else and the antenna wire was added using EZ line and with a spot of super glue to initially hold it followed by Gator grip to add more strength. Anyway here she is.......My Growler And now shes finished I can carry on with my Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire Mk XVIe.. Thanks to everyone that showed an interest and gave real encouragement to get her finished. Have a good one Iain.
  16. It's in stock now - our price £31.80 http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/rv04920-172-avro-shackleton-aew-2-4872-p.asp thanks Mike
  17. We've got 2 great Avro Shackleton Model Kits from Airfix and Revell for you! the Airfix 1/72 Avro Shackleton MR2 Kit is available now with the with the Revell 1/72 Avro Shackleton AEW2 RAF Kit is available for pre-order now and arrives in store on Monday 29th February! For full details, please see our newsletter.
  18. Wonderland Models

    Revell Shackleton Due in this Week!

    The 1/72 Avro Shackleton AEW2 RAF Model Kit from Revell is available for pre-order and should be arriving very very soon! Get your preorders in as soon as possible to get your hands on some of our first batch! Don't forget to check out the rest of our Revell New for 2016 range too. Watch out for more great release from Wonderland Models!
  19. Hi everyone I wont be starting the Shackleton until the weekend (I'm gonna hanger my Hurricane build). If anyone would like any sprue shots just say the word and I'll get some up tomorrow. Cheers Iain
  20. I had a little money given me for my birthday a just before Christmas, so I indulged myself with the new Airfix Shackleton. I was off work for a month over Christmas, so this was my holiday build this year. Completed out of the box as an aircraft from 204 Squadron because (a) not I am not good at painting white and ( i am a bit of a white knuckle flyer myself!. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics, except for the white which was from a Tamiya rattle can. Build thread can be found here. ​A thoroughly enjoyable build, except for maybe the white parts and the myriad of stencil decals. Thanks for looking. ​Inside before being buttoned up: Completed article: And compared with the Dambuster Lancaster I built last year:
  21. I had a little money given me for my birthday a few weeks ago, so I indulged myself with the new Airfix Shackleton. I am off work for a month over Christmas, so this will be my holiday build this year. Box top shot: Washing the sprues, that's a lot of plastic! Just a few items had come lose. Fairly thick instruction booklet: Surprisingly small, but very busy decal sheet: All those stencils, gulp! I am going to do this as a straight out of the box build of the second marking option;
  22. I am just starting Airfix's new 1:72 Shackleton MR.2; I'd like to build it with the bomb bay open, but the weapons supplied with the kit are a bit on the sparse side, comprising 2 x Mk.30 torpedoes and 2 x Mk.44 torpedoes. However I do have quite a few weapons left over from the Airfix 1:72 Nimrod, principally items 24 and 26; I am assuming that items 24 are sonar buoys and item 26 is a depth charge? Can I use either or both of these to supplement the ordnance in the kit? Did the Shackleton use these in practice, and if so, what would be a typical load? I have done a quick search online but haven't been able to come up with much useful information. TIA Martin
  23. Morning all, WR963 was finished at 1.30AM on Saturday 7th November, with just a few hours to spare before the Telford show. I awoke at half six in the morning to scratch build some new bomb bay jacks and create a packing case ready for the show. Horrible weather in traffic ensued, but we made it with the Shackleton safe and sound to display her on the Coastal command table, with thanks to Tom W. My apologies for the RFI being a week late, but it's taken a week to get decent enough light for the final photos. Thanks for looking, I hope some of you got the chance to see her at Telford. I may have her at Cosford and hopefully Telford alongside an RAF B-24 next year. With thanks to the guys and gals who look after the real WR963 for providing the info on where to cut the bomb doors, without out further ado; Cheers, WV908
  24. Evening all, The Avro Shackleton has long been one of my favourite airframes; WR960 being the first four engined British 'heavy' to stare down on me. At that time, I knew of Lancasters, but had never seen one. This was before I grasped hold of the internet, so had no idea where to see one either. My parents didn't know anything about the Shackleton when we saw it in Manchester all those years ago, and I was intrigued. Is this a Lancaster? I asked the man who was polishing her. From that resulting answer came my love of all things Shackleton, and a little bit of a deviation of interest from the amazing Lancaster. Afterall, '960 is credited with a depth charge hit on a submarine. I did the rounds of seeing three Shackletons and a Halifax before I would see the BBMF's pre-internet elusive Lancaster, flying over my hometown. It wouldn't be until 2013 that I revisited the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, now with a significant amount of Lancaster knowledge under my belt and having almost forgotten about old '960. It was only on the off chance that me and my friend were cheeky enough to ask to have a look inside that we found ourselves sat in the fully lit cockpit, grinning and both filling our camera cards with the internals of this cold war beast. By this point, I had learned of WR963, having visited the cockpit of VP293 which had been at that year's Cosford air show. In the time during which I've followed the progress on WR963, she has changed dramatically. Why the want to build this Shackleton as WR963 and not WR960? Two reasons really. Although I have the full aeroclub AEW.2 set in my stash, my late grandfather was in the Merchant Navy through the years the Shackletons were in service. On the occasions that we visited Newark Air Museum, he'd always mention about how he used to see Shackletons on a daily basis and was fond of the type (before wandering off to try and get into Vulcan B.2A XM594, which he eventually did). I wish we'd asked him, but we have no idea where he went during his time in the MN, but then again, we never knew where he was on his work trips with various railway companies abroad. It is because of this that, thanks to the bomb bay names scheme, when WR963 becomes airworthy, she will carry his name wherever she goes. The other is that Airfix is clearly planning to to release the AEW.2 in the near future and that I have already received some assistance with this model from the brilliant guys at Coventry, so it's only right that I build it as 'their' aircraft. Now then, down to business. This build will be as quick as I can make it as i'd like to get it polished off before the AEW.2 arrives as i'm itching to build WR960 (rubber mats included). This is the starting point; Airfix kit, my own AEW.2 interior photos and the sought-after Aeroclub goodies (and the kitchen worktop because this kit is huge... and my workench is full of class 47 parts - the joy of running two hobbies!). WR963, being presently an MR.2 with a number of AEW.2 parts still fitted, makes this model interesting, in that the bomb bay doors supplied in the kit are for an MR.2, and Airfix would have you build it that way. Lovely. Using photo references and info from the guys at Coventry, I've figured out where the cuts need to be made, and if I decide to do it, where that lovely Aeroclub radome sits. Playing around with the aeroclub canopy, which still makes the grade even now; Progress so far is just seats and the deck really, as i've been doing more research. The kit is a bit iffy for flash and there's some serious mould depressions on top of the starboard fuselage half, but at least nothing on mine is short shot... so far. The question for me though, is what condition? I hate painting anything white. White paint just does not like me, hence why my Concorde has been lingering for nigh on a decade *cough*. I'd like to do her current condition, but i'm erring to her post AEW.2 conditon, just to be different from the kit scheme. What do you guys and girls think? Cheers, WV908