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Found 774 results

  1. Hi everyone! I've been long thinking about this project and is now starting this to roll. Basically the plan is to build three spitfires in parallel. Subjects chosen would be mk.I, mk.IX and mk.XIX thus covering three major types such as early and late Merlin engined and Griffon engined machine. Here is what I'm starting with: Any advise or ideas are very welcome!
  2. It is with some trepidation that I enter with my first build on Britmodeller. I have viewed the site content for several years and done some posts, but I have not been bold enough to try to build something. I have built a lot of 1/72 Airfix Spitfire 1s over the last few years and so this might be a goer. Not like my recent Airfix Lancaster build which was not ideal (actually very frustrating) and which I am happily donating to the small children next door. They will wreak suitable vengeance. So everything starts with the box and sprues… And the bits of some aftermarket (I don’t think I will use the vacform canopy, that way madness lies, for me at least). Every time I have tried to use a Vacform it hasn’t worked, at all. I have always liked the look of the first Spitfires with 19 Squadron in 1938 and I will do the flat canopy closed as that highlights it ‘pre war ness’. It also means you cannot see the cockpit detail and I don’t have to use the vacform (which is all good). An open flat canopy model would just look like a usual Spitfire model, I want the flatness to be there. I will use the old ILIAD Design decals or transfers. The a/c is also featured on pages 7 and 8 of the new Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1 in RAF Service by Wingleader books. As an aside it looks a good reference book and has joined my other Spitfire reference books (I only have around 15 Spitfire reference books which is not up there really in Britmodeller terms. Well that is the easy stuff. Now to actually do something...
  3. Hi, During lockdown, like most of us, I have made a few models, this gave me a change to hone my modelling skills and try my hand at modeling aircraft. Not my normal genre of model making, usual make restoration dioramas, figures & rust vehicles. I have put them all here, to save starting three individual threads. So here they are my three 1/32 Spitfires. Tamiya Revell - "Aces High" Revell MK. IXc clipped wing Stay safe Richard
  4. Here are some images for the kit and scheme I’ll be building. This will straight from the box and I’ll be finishing it in the markings of 443 Squadron RCAF. This is the machine on the box art and I’m looking forwards to getting started Steve
  5. Hi folks, Patrice has kindly let me join with this beast (apols for the odd orientation; haven't downloaded a photo alteration app to my phone): Yep it's the old Otaki boxing, originally from the '70s. Simple kits and some of the detail is a bit rudimentary, but generally acknowledged to be pretty accurate in outline. Here's (sort of) what you get in the kit: Nice plastic with good fit and -amazingly for the '70s - very fine recessed panel lines. This will be an 'improvement' build, making use of Eduard spares, some AM goodies and scratch building. Why not build an Eduard Spit instead and save myself the trouble? No idea; just 'ornery, I suppose. Here's the AM: . . . and here are some Eduard spares I'd forgotten I could use before buying the AM <sigh>. Some of you may have noted that I'd already started. More on that soon - plus a discussion on what Mark this kit actually represents Rgds Martin
  6. Jumping into this GB really just to knock out hopefully a quick build. Bought in quantity (10+!) from HomeBargains a while back for £2.99 each as starter kits (suggestions for use of all those little paint pots and glue??). Spitfire in all guises are understandably well covered in this GB and in general so I am not looking for anything out of the ordinary here as the type is not my area of knowledge either. However I did buy the Xtradecals sheet for the 1a with 9 options - just to decide which one. May research the individual aircraft and pilot stories to get inspiration. Obligatory shots earlier yesterday Progress by close of play ... You cant see much inside....... Any way I like the external painting and finishing stage best, so looking get the fuselage closed up today.
  7. Hooray - I can open the kit at last! I bought the kit in 2006 when it came out. It looks really nice. Good panel lines, lovely gull wing profile and the wings look great with very good detail in the wheel wells. But as you may be able to see, the canopy hasn't aged very well - bright yellow! So I invested in the Falcon Spitfire canopy set (No. 41) which has a prototype canopy - but only one, so I'd better be careful cutting it out! The kit decals weren't quite in register, so I got the Xtradecal set 075 which covers the prototype... which also aren't in perfect register . OK, better get started!
  8. In August 2020, Eduard is to release in August 2020 - just in time for the 80th Anniversary of the BoB - a new tool 1/48th Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I limited kit - ref. Source: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2020/info-eduard-2020-01.pdf V.P.
  9. I believe the thread hit its maximum size so was automatically locked. I have had a few PM's. If you don't like the thread don't subscribe. For those who enjoyed the melting pot...knock yourself out HERE IS THE LINK TO THE 1ST THREAD WITH LOTS OF QUESTIONS, ANSWERS and PHOTOS - START here TIP: search from Google, enter the search parameters followed by site:www.britmodeller.com
  10. Hi, I am new to the scale modeling. Currently I am working on three different projects (2 1/72 Eduard RAF Spitfires and a 1/48 Kinetic HAF F 16). I am pretty familiar with modern jets (camo and variants), but I have almost no idea on WWII airplanes. So, as the theme says, I would like to ask what finish did the RAF Spitfires have MATT or Gloss? I am building two Mk XVIs one with PRU scheme and one on standard day fighter scheme. As you can see I am trying to paint the airplanes with different wear grades. The day fighter was in service for more time.
  11. I'm not sure if decal news are allowed in this forum? @Homebee please delete/hide if unwanted . Anyway, this should prove to be popular! V-P https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?GOTO=630&PICFILE=630&STKNR=630&STRH=&ORDN=&RNZ=730550&THISVIEWMODE=2&SUPPLIER=&FINDRETR=&WIDENET=&CATEGORY=5&SUB=8&VWW=1
  12. My build will be Spitfire XXI LA200 ‘DL-E’ of 91 Squadron from the Special Hobby boxing. One of the Thoughts that has stuck with me are those that died immediately after VE or VJ Day after surviving the war, and whilst doing my research I came across the story of the death of Geoffrey Kay from 91 Squadron. My contribution will be the aircraft he flew and died in on 12 May 1945 trying to copy a manoeuvre in a Mk XXI from a display by Alex Henshaw to 91 Sqn at Ludham the Day before. Some background from this Page: https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/research-reveals-tragic-spitfire-deaths-just-days-after-war-was-over-1-3945922
  13. This is a collection of all the small scale models myself and David (the husband) have built so far. These were all pretty hard to photograph being so small so i hope you don't mind my less than perfect photography skills (plus I should have dusted a couple first!) Lets begin with the Eduard spitfire, made by David. It was painted using alcad and tamiya acrylics. This model goes together like a dream and wing of this aircraft is phenomenally thin! Next up is the Stuka. This is the older eduard boxing with the snake (I presume the one coming out soon is the same kit just with different decals). This was also a great fit, although the photoetch and the flaps on the wings were fiddly and required a little bit of an extra file to make sure that they were staying put. The splotches on the undercarriage legs are done freehand. More to come....
  14. As something of a Coronavirus lockdown special effort, I recently did something I’ve been thinking about attempting for months: A Mk.XIV high-back conversion kit bash. I built this Mk.XIVe high-backed Spitfire in 1/48 scale using Eduard’s Mk.VIII kit as the base fuselage, Airfix’s new FR Mk.XIV bubble-top kit for the Griffon engine, tail and radiators, and Eduard’s Mk.XVI bubble top kit for an ‘e’ wing to complete Spitfire MN-F (tail number RB169) as flown by 350 Squadron, RAF from October 1944. Decals were from Xtradecal and the Mk.VIII and Mk.XIV kits. This was a really in depth effort and I’m really not confident with filler, putty and rescribing but was surprised and delighted by how nice she looks in the end result! I’ve wanted to do a Griffon Spitfire for ages but wanted a proper wartime bird that saw large scale service and don’t really like the bubble-canopy and cut down fuselage look of Airfix’s fighter-reconaissance Mk.XIV. There are some older Mk.XIV kits out there (e.g Academy) but they are extremely inaccurate shape-wise so I didn’t want to go for any of them. The Eduard Spitfires are the best out there in terms of shape and surface detail (at least in my opinion) in 1/48 scale – hence the approach chosen here to use as much Eduard plastic as possible and take what parts I needed from the Airfix FR Mk.XIV bubble canopy kit. For those wondering about the wastefulness implied – the Mk.XVI kit comes with two different ‘e’ wing sprues representing early and late modifications so I was able to take one for this project and will still be able to build the Mk.XVI in full later on.
  15. Hi all, Having recently joined Britmodeller I thought I'd take the plunge... When I started this it was to be an OOB/weekend build (how many times have you said that?) and of course it escalated. I wanted to do a WW2 Spitfire XIX and one from RAF Benson, the home of WW2 photographic reconnaissance, so it will be RM643/Z using the Extradecal set X72105. According to Scalemates, Airfix released the kit in 2009. It's a nice looking but simple kit. Accuracy is reputed to be good and the panel lines are OK. It got generally got good reviews and is supposed to be an easy build. The fit is generally good, but as you can see, there are a few gaps that needed filling and the wings/fuselage join needed a quite bit of work. The filler on the fuselage sides behind the cockpit isn't Airfix's fault, the fuselage needed raising slightly to model the non-pressurised canopy. As it's going to be an early unpressurised version based on the Mk.XIV, this led to an error. I'd used the Pavla cockpit (C 72085) which is well detailed (the kit's cockpit was a bit bare) but the Pavla resin cockpit isn't easy, much of the kit's cockpit detail and sidewall needs to be removed. I do like to make work for myself. But once done, the Pavla cockpit fitted surprisingly well. But it has the solid bulkhead for pressurisation behind the cockpit and I'm assuming the Mk.XIV fuselage wouldn't have had that. By the time I'd realised that, it was a bit late. The kit's wheel wells are completely bare, so I added a bit of filling and plastic card. But what colour should they be? No real concensus on Britmodeller or elsewhere. Photographers with colour film had better subjects waiting during WW2! Cheers!
  16. Dear All, Just bought an old Heller Spitfire XVI kit, not the original one in silver livery but the later re-boxed version with camo finish. To my mind it is still a very good kit, albeit with raised panel lines, but the kit instructions do not confirm its identity so need some help if possible please? The squadron codes of GE confirm it to be from 349 squadron who used these Spits around the time the war ended and then subsequently disbanded and became of the fledgling Belgian Air Force but the serial number is incomplete, starting with TB and ending ?0. Also the personal marking are curious as they seem to indicated a SL pennant, victory markings and an inscription of 'Winston Churchill' so no idea which SL this relates to. My only guesses are Lallemand and Van Der Velde who both flew with the unit. I'm guessing the former as he was active with the unit during WW2 but there again so was Van Der Velde before he became SL after Lallemand. Kind Regards Colin.
  17. Hi everyone, Here i present my last ended work. I start to share the process here (work in progress) but i stoped the work one year ago and now, i have found the time to finish it. I'm going to explain it because i understand it's not the "typical" aircraft model. I confess that I have always seen these WWII fighters like birds, struggling to survive, hunting or being hunted. So it is easy to understand that when I started reading the story of the allied ace George Beurling, which they called "The Falcon of Malta", quickly i imagine a scene like I present here. From the beginning the idea was to make something different from the conventional, more symbolic or imaginative modeling. I tried to represent the allied victory of G. Beurling in Malta over the Nazis ... letting the imagination fly. One of the spitfire in which the ace flew, the Mk Vb transformed into a hawk, giving much more prominence to the plane than the bird. Just a couple of details giving rise to a wing and a claw from the fuselage. Metal bent and cracked that leads to Falcon. Trying to do it the most elegant way possible, keeping the beautiful lines and proportions of spitfire and avoiding exaggerations or defects too flashy. After more than 2 years, I've been catching and leaving the project without too much time. I'm happy with the end result but as is normal, with some details that i would change if I'll do it again. i will glad to response any questions about the progress, techniques, etc.. I hope you enjoy this "different" work. Kind regards!!!
  18. Here is my Airfix 1/72 Spitfire PR XIX, PS888 of 81 Sqn, RAF Seleter, 1954. Built OOB using Humbrol Enamels. Lots of these have been posted but it was a nice quick build and I'm please with the results.
  19. Well I am back....after nearly 2 years away from the bench, given the current situation I have a bit more time on my hands.... Where did I go? Well its a bit of a story, a combination of things...my last GB was the Hawker Siddeley in June 2018 - I didn't complete my 2 x 1/32 hawks as I went off to Russia 18 world Cup with work. On my return and after some leave, my boss and Head of the team told me he was moving on to News UK, leaving me to step up as acting Head. My younger son, then playing grass roots football in goal was also asked to go to Ipswich Town for some training, ending up at the centre of excellence, playing on goal, a year up at U14. So a new busy job plus 3 nights at footie training plus games at the weekend left little time and I drifted away from the hobby.... I applied for the position and with luckily got the job...football continues at a pace, as does work, time away, family life etc ...then COVID 19 has struck us all....leaving e working from home rather than a 2hr each way commute to London, all football off until at least early July, strange work tempo...what to do? All the 'Man Jobs' quickly completed, including the garage where my work bench area was...... So here I am, I will need to remember and brush up on a lot of skills, check my kit, paints, filler etc.... Now the time has come! I had this little 1/72 Spit in the stash, thought it worth being a bit of a mule to recover my skills on, I am normally a 1/48 or 1/32 builder, so will be a bit fiddly, but hopefully straightforward... Standard pre build pics.... UK or Swedish.....will have to choose....
  20. Here's my latest completion, started just before lockdown but finished the other day. It's the KP Vc "Aces" boxing, but the kit comes with all the parts for "going troppo" so I added a bomb from Eduard spares and the decals from the old Airfix Vc to build the SAAF 4-cannon version. As always, the KP (like the related AZ) model went together fine if not click-together like Eduard. I painted in Gunze upper surfaces with xtracrylics for the Azure Blue (which seems completely different in my photos to on the model!). I also used some Xtracrylics Dark Earth on the cannon covers, but the contrast wasn't as strong as I hoped or I've achieved before - on the famous line astern photo of the squadron you can see the cannon covers are clearly much darker than the rest of the dark camouflage areas. I also dulled down the whole plane with a Humbrol enamel sand wash to give a dusty desert feel. That worked but I had a bit of a trauma with the rear view mirror, in the end it was fixed with an Eduard spare but the repairs cascaded into having to rub down and polish the canopy and touch up the fuselage roundels. I also had to respray the front areas of the fuselage several times after the exhaust ended up looking like a catastrophic oil leak. It's still been run a lot richer than I'd like to see, perhaps the fitter will be on a charge? As a result of fixing these cock-ups (none the fault of the kit) the canopy has a weird crazed area in certain lights or angles, hopefully disguised in my pictures! So its not my best effort to date but there's still fifty or so Spitfires in the stash; so each mistake can lead us to a higher plane of enlightenment, perhaps... Here's my version of the famous head on shot, though not in flight and without the pilot gurning at the camera! As you can see the contrast on the cannon covers is a bit lacking, maybe as they're a bit glossier than the rest of the airframe in the original photo. I also thought a DAF fighter would avoid the annoyance of the usual yellow leading edge stripes but instead they wrapped the Azure Blue round, admittedly slightly easier to achieve. The original photo shows lighter tape over the redundant 303 ports so these are some painted decals. They definitely aren't red in the original, but whether dirty white, band-aid pink or a poor match of blue is probably lost to history now. Back to the Eduard VIII in the STGB now... Cheers Will
  21. New tool 1/72nd Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc expected in Autumn 2020 - ref. A02108 Source: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2020/spitfire-mkvc.html 3D render V.P.
  22. Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I - ref.A05126 Sources: http://www.airfix.com/catalog/product/view/id/8404/category/1213/ http://www.primeportal.net/models/thomas_voigt9/airfix/index.php?Page=3 V.P.
  23. Greetings! Here is my second entry to the GB - amended from Tamiya's venerable Spitfire VB to the Revell 1/32 IXc. I am supplementing this build with PE seat belts, canopy mask and AM decals for Spitfire No IX aces. Box Top pics etc shortly....... Cheers Greg
  24. To make this isolation easier and faster, I make models all day. Introducing the great Airfix model. The only decals are aftermarket, everything else is OOB (Out of the box). Here's the picture. Enjoy.
  25. Hi everybody, my latest completion: a Spitfire VIII, 417 Sqn RCAF in Italy. The kit is the Eduard Weekend-edition (although it took me much longer than a weekend). The kit is gorgeous and a pleasure to build, but I guess you know this already. There are not even expensive nowadays (in Euro at least). The decals are from various Xtradecal sheets. I had wanted to built AN-M ever since I first saw a picture of it literally decades ago in "Spitfire at War". The gun barrels are after-market brass items, but I don't think they make a big difference. The plastic parts from the kit are probably just as good. Thanks for looking!
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