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Found 28 results

  1. South African Air Force in East Africa WWII Vol.1 (D72036) 1:72 SBS Model This set is for the Gloster Gladiator and Curtis Mohawk Mk IV used by the SAAF in East Africa during WWII. There are decals for two Mohawks and two Gladiators. There are enough markings on the sheet to build all 4 schemes, Mohawk Mk IV 2522 "Northern Transvaal", 4 Sqn Kenya 1941 Mohawk Mk IV 2524, 3 Sqn 1941 Gladiator Mk II, N2287 / E, 3 Sqn Gladiator Mk II, N5813 Kenya 1940 Conclusion This is a good sheet with unusual aircraft used in East Africa by the SAAF. The decals look to be in register, colour dense and should pose no problems. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of Insert other media
  2. As the title says Im Looking for generic codes to do a Hurricane IIc from 336 squadron of the D.A.F. They look like this. As an alternative does anyone make decals for this IIc from a South African AF squadron ? Trying to find options for current Hurricane build. Thanks in advance ? Dennis
  3. I started this one as part of the Maritime Patrol and Coastal Command Group Build earlier this year, but was unable to finish in time due to lack of enough free time. I did however push on to eventually finish it. The WIP thread is here. Cheers Jimmy
  4. I'd like to join this GB with this kit. I intend to build a WWII SAAF Ventura with it. I have only done about 45 mins of research so far, but I think that I should be able build a SAAF Ventura from this kit, with relatively minor modifications. I do believe it was used for maritime patrol, so should fit nicely into the criteria of this GB. I'll post the mandatory sprue shots as well as some reference photos later. Cheers Jimmy
  5. Hi, A second Ju-86 of my shelf. Together with high altitude recce version (Ju 86 R1, which I posted recently) I did also much smaller conversion of civil Z-2 into Z-7 converted then into bomber in South Africa. Depicted "647" was one of such machines. She served in 12 Sq of SAAF, Ethiopia 1941 acting against Italians, I guess. There are discrepencies in sources on top wing roundls ("A1" or "B" - I have chosen A1 roundels, since on some poor quality photos those marks has some bright fragments which can be interpreted as sight of white form A1 mark. Now there is a conversion by Kora, but I did it in 2002, and those days I did not know if there was any ready conversion, so it own work. The nose symbol is hand painting on decal, other decals are from a drawer. Brush painting. Please enjoy and comments are welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  6. Hello guys, Here is my attempt at he Eduard Spitfire Mk.IX, in the colours of the n°40 Squadron SAAF. Sicily, 1944. She's missing her serial, MK151, will add it later. The Eduard kit builds nicely and easy, except that I somewhat screwd the pouch with landing gear well parts and had an issue with the legs fixture parts. The port side angled camera is scratchbuild. Paints used are Gunze acryls and Xtracrylics for the Azure blue undersides. Hope you'll like her, crits and comments most welcome. Cheers,, stef (#6) (Click images to enlarge)
  7. Hi peeps, Here's my latest completion for the year; High Planes 1/72 Atlas Cheetah two-seater kit completed as "860", a Cheetah B built from a Nesher T airframe obtained from Israel. The HPM kit isn't all that bad, the plastic parts are easy to work with although my kit is one of the older issues with the overly wide panel lines. The resin parts were also easy to use although the biggest challenge was the LERX extensions as they're not a great fit to the wing after you've cut-out the corresponding areas so plenty of filler and elbow grease is needed to get a good appearance! I also declined to use the provided resin tail fin and ejector seats. For the former I used the plastic part so the panel lines matched the rest of the airframe as those on the resin tail are quite fine and looked out of place and for the ejector seats I used two modified MB Mk 10's from a Special Hobby Mirage F-1C kit I had in stock. I used the kit decals although I substituted Springbok roundels from Xtradecal's Mirage F-1 single seater decal sheet for the later Eagle ones supplied with the kit. Paints were Humbrol throughout with 125 Gunship Grey as the main colour. WIP shot which I've already posted in another thread: Completed shots: Comments welcome! Mike.
  8. Has anyone ever re-visited a build from years ago, and decided to make some amendments? I built and shared here on Britmodeller a SAAF T-6 Harvard back in 2015. It had a tiny version related error on the rudder, which I back then decided to live with. However recently I've decided to correct the mistake, as well as make a new diorama for the Harvard. And with the Photobucket debacle (what I'm calling it) the original thread does not show the photos anymore, so I've decided to share some new photos of the amended build. And this is the real life subject photographed back then Cheers Jimmy
  9. First I have ever seen with a Malcolm Hood Also see she carries louvres over the breather plates https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154982663535025&set=gm.1950113208573917&type=3&theater
  10. Fancy that ! I was so busy thinking about what to build next that I missed the start of the GB - doesn't bode well........ I'm going to have a go at building a Cheetah C using the Heller Mirage C/B as a base with the Spinners Scaleworx resin conversion, and topped with the markings for "Spotty". Here are the components : For those of you who want to know what's inside the Heller Mirage III C/B box, feel free to have a look at my previous build of the Cheetah D Contents of the Resin Conversion kit : ...and the pretty comprehensive decal sheet from MAV Decals : (What the hell have I let myself in for !?) mike
  11. Hi Here is my last build with this Special Hobby Northrop Nomad. This is one of the long family of all metal aircraft designed by Jack Northrop and known as A-17 or DB 8. I chose to build this SAAF trainer of the 42nd Air School based at South End, Port Elisabeth, South Africa in 1941. Thanks to Tonyot who gave me a picture of her I could add the gun stubs and the Venturi. Sadly I made a beginner fault with some super thin glue in front of the canopy thus the white layer at the junction with the fuselage. Anyway it was a fun build and there are many other DB 8 in my stash to build other exotic roundels. About roundels I have to say that those with white are really too thin and to compensate I used twice of them. Actually when visiting Special Hobby factory last month I asked a new decal sheet and they kindly gave me one. It could be easy to make a white undercoat before putting the decals. Patrick
  12. Hey everyone, seeing that I'm South African and there is no South African Mustang yet, I'd like to contribute a 2 Squadron SAAF Korean War one. Not sure what scheme yet, because "Joy" 387 is not on my MAV decal sheet and that is the bird I wanted to build. So maybe going for another one but it won't be "Sherdanor" 395 or "Miss Maranouchi" 361...Probably do "Marie" 393 or "Bonnie-Pam" 385...looking forward to it. This will be my first ever GB and what a plane to loose my GB virginity to. Used with permission from Piet van Schalkwyk https://www.facebook.com/SAColours/ <a href="http://s252.photobucket.com/user/keeto_photos/media/IMG_4834.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh37/keeto_photos/IMG_4834.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_4834.jpg"/></a>
  13. Hi everyone, What a great amount of participation this group build has drawn! Because of that, I decided to do another build myself. I'm still busy with the Maryland, but will start with this one in a couple of weeks. And this is what I will be building. Coincidently I have two decals sheets for this subject, and will see which one looks the best. And sprue shots Decals Instructions I'm planning to do it 100% OOB, and not any detail in order for it to be a quicker build than the Maryland. Like I said, I'll start in a few weeks, probably when I'm at the main painting stage of the Maryland which will leave some spare time for this. Cheers Jimmy
  14. And at last it's time for this much awaited group build. My contribution will be a SAAF 16 Squadron Martin Maryland based at Addis Ababa, Abyssinia in mid 1941, which isn't exactly North Africa, but I got approval to build it. I'm 99% sure I'll be building a Maryland with serial 1604 for which I have a nice color profile as well as b/w photo (along with a/c log details and plenty "stories") in Graeme Gibson's excellent book Path of Duty about 16 Squadron's journey from 1939 to 1943. Off course I cannot post the profile and photo because of copyright. There were two Marylands active with 16 Sqn at the time (1603 & 1604) and was used for recce, bombing, strafing and also for dropping propaganda leaflets on the Italian's. 1604 was written of on 20 June after crashing on the aerodrome. As far as I understand these were Maryland Mk.I's originally intended for the French before the armistice, which means I have to make some slight modifications to the Mk.II kit. The props of these Mk.I's were Hamilton Standard's with diagnostic cuffed blades, which means I will have to try put cuffs on the props (already having nightmares because if that ). There's less aerials on the Mk.I, but that's an easy fix, and the paint scheme is a bit of a mystery. As far as I can figure out these were still in the French scheme when delivered to the SAAF - olive drab over light blue grey - vs. the one's intended for the British which were dark green / dark brown over sky. Apparently the SAAF *may* have applied a "chocolate brown" to the Maryland's uppers in the theatre, but I don't think there's solid proof of this. I chose to paint my subject olive drab over light blue grey like the profile of 1604 in Path of Duty. Hopefully that's enough info to peak your interest in this subject. And with that's here's the kit I'll be building. And here are some sprue shots (suprisingly low part number for a bigger kit) The clear parts And some resin bits These are the decals I'll be using. Since I'm not aware of any decals for the subject I'm building, I have sourced all the necessary markings from different sheets. These sheets provide me all the decals I'll need. And I received these for the fuselage numbers. These Maryland's didn't carry fuselage codes apart from serials. And here is the instruction sheet. Not the best but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Can't wait to get started. Cheers Jimmy
  15. I know Airfix do a F-51D in Korean markings but I bought this starter set for £4 with free postage from Argos months ago and I'm going to use it instead of buying a new kit I was researching F-51's and came across a few photos of Mustangs in SAAF markings, I really like the Springbok roundels so that's what I'm doing. I'm using a set of MAV decals which give me a ridiculous choice of aircraft to model! I've yet to choose... This is only the second "new tool" Airfix kit I've built and I'm hoping it will be as good as the A-4B I built last year. What a pity... A really good kit let down by out of register decals Good job they're not needed. Because they're being replaced with these.
  16. This will be my contribution to this tribute GB. I'm still deciding between two different SAAF subjects. I'm currently studying for an exam (no I'm not in school or university , quite a bit older than that) so I cannot start with this build yet, since it will distract me. I will edit this post later with some pics. cheers Jimmy ---------------------------- EDIT 03/05 And this is what I've decided on, simply because I found four color(ized?) photos of the subject. Spitfire Mk.Vb 'WR-D' of 40 Squadron SAAF, serial ER622 based in Tunisia 1943 These photos are absolutely beautiful and even though probably colorized, I'm sure everyone can appreciate the value of these. Here is the kit box And the subject profile + decals. Sprue shots will come late next week. I already checked and it seems the kit will work fine for the subject (clipped wings, aboukir airfilter). Is there anything else I need to check?
  17. Hello. A late start, Jack Frost's Hurricane Mk.I trop "A" 3 Sq SAAF, using the new 1/48 Airfix kit, Montex masks (best 1/48 rendition of 3 Sq SAAF logo), Wako paper seatbelts, Ultracast 4-spoke wheels, Avieology stencils, AML "A" pattern camouflage masks and home-made resin copy of Hasegawa small DH spinner. And now for the obligatory start-up photo: Vedran The milimeter brigade
  18. i This is number five, the final one of my series entitled “mass production of Hawker Hart family”. Beginning of work (but not the end) I presented in thread on this title. This is also my last model done in 2015 (out of 13). The model is a cross-kiting of part from AZ Hawker Hind and A-Model Hawker Hart. Well, frankly speaking it is even a bit more complicated. At the start I had FOUR kits: A-model (ex Avis) Hector and Hart and AZ Swedish Hart B-4 and Hind. In Hind box there were two fuselages – for radial Hart B-4 with right side MG and fuselage for RR Kestrel-driven Hind. In all boxes there was a lot of spare parts. However, to produce out of it FIVE models I had to produce by myself resin copies of upper wing, lower wings, haorizontal stabilizers. To unify “small” fins of Hector, Hartbeest and Hart Trainer I had to copy also one fin. Moreover I had to copy also undercarriage struts. The latest went to one of radial Audaxes – Avro 674. The presented here Hartbeest got resin wings (top wing I copied from AZ – since it was a single wing) and bottom wings I copied from A-model due to armament attachments points present there (not present in AZ wing). Horizontal stabilizers I also copied from A-model. The fuselage (with added right side gun) I took from AZ. Wheels are from AZ Hind, propeller from A-model (spare part from Hector). Fin is also a resin copy from A-model instead of to much Fury-like AZ one. The main cooler is from A-model with some scratch additions, the oil cooler is made of two AZ coolers… (resin copies). Wing struts and u/c is basicly (!) from A-model (except the axes), Windscreen for gunner as well as side windows are made of ClearFix. Sorry - I will not boring more with all this building details… The markings are from SAAF (a/c 846, Q), East African campaign 1940. Dacals from drawer (Airfix Maruder, small orange circles from Fokker XXI by Techmod etc...) Bombs from Airfix Swordfish Here is the whole “mass producted Hawker Hart family” – Persian Audax, Egiptian Avro 674, RAF Hector from France, RAF Hart trainer fro Habbaniya and SAAF Hartbeest… Comments welcome Regards and best wishies for all BMM for New Year 2016! Jerzy-Wojtek
  19. Hi all, Here's my latest build. I enjoyed it a lot as it is the second build for my collection of aircraft I have seen in real life (the other one being the SAAF Harvard "7024" I recently completed). Kit: Airfix 1:72 P-51D Mustang. I had to modify the prop as the Patsy Dawn in the photos I have does not have the cuffs on the prop blades' base (like most Korean war P/F-51D's). However, the prop also does not look like the standard F-51D's of the era, this one is clearly a little bit more rounded at the blade edges. I believe my modified prop end result to be more accurate for Patsy Dawn than the standard F-51D prop that comes in most kits. The Airfix kit's panel lines is a bit big, normally I wouldn't complain because it's deep enough to cast a shadow and eliminating the need to do a panel line wash, but for this subject not quite spot on. But I wasn't going to fill all panel lines (done it before, no thanks). Lastly the cockpit color is wrong (I painted it black instead of interior green), but I only had a chance to confirm the cockpit color when I was already done with the interior.
  20. Hi all, my first post here. I have seen plenty SAAF Harvard kits painted bright orange, but not a lot of "sunfaded yellow" ones, so I gave it a go. This was one of my main reference photos It's a bit of a snap kit, with only 21 parts and no instructions on how to put it together. However no instructions was needed. It all fit together pretty well considering the age of this kit, not a lot of filler was needed. But the level of detail isn't very good, especially in the cockpit where there was absolutely no detail apart from two pilot figures with seats fixed onto them. No instrument panels either. I basically cut out the seat from the pilots' behind and "shaped" it into 2 empty seats since I did not want pilots inside. I also made instrument panels from pieces of unused plastic bits, and made seatbelts from masking tape. I painted bare minimum detail in the cockpit but didn't put a lot of effort in here. The result is the cockpit is pretty sparse still and shorts a great amount of detail, but I wasn't up to making everything myself and put in weeks of effort into this old kit's cockpit. I had to further modify the kit as this is the SNJ Navy Texan. I cut off the "bubble" behind the cockpit as well as the arial and once again made the white fin out of spare plastic. The wingtips had (what I assume to be) lights bulges which I sanded down. The propeller had a type of mini spinner which I sanded flat to match the SAAF variant. This is lacking the variable pitch "arms", but I did not have any ideas on how to make it, so I left it out. In hindsight I should also have sanded down the rivets on the wings, but that ship has sailed. The worst part of this kit is there are US roundels shaped panel lines engraved on the model. I can't imagine why, even if one is building the US version. So this had to go. I filled it with putty, sprayed, and then of course saw I didn't fill it properly. I had to fill and spray another two times before this was smooth. The only other change I made was to "deflate" the main gear tyres by heating it up and shaping it by pressing down on it, worked much better than just sanding it flat. Paint & clear coats Tamiya AS-12 baremetal silver spray. Varouis mixes of Humbrol for faded yellow and orange and the rest, all brush painted. Tamiya TS-13 Clear spray Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear spray Decals - TAS decals (VEGAS72001) Although I could have done a lot of things better, I am satisfied with the end result. I hope you enjoy looking at it too.
  21. Just finished this for the Lesser Built Air-Forces Group Build. It's the old 1/48 Heller Mirage III B/C kit modified with the Spinners (now Scaleworx) resin conversion set. Drop tanks were from Wingman but modified with tailfins from the Italeri Nesher kit. Probe and inflight refuelling tip were from Master Models. More photos can be found in the Group build gallery here and the WIP can be found here And for my civvie friends, here's the mandatory "with something else" pic (SAAF Mirage III CZ, also from 2 Squadron) : Hope you like it. mike
  22. This stuff has been in my loft for more years than I care to remember, so thanks to the LBAFGB, I can put my fears behind me and have a go at building a SAAF Cheetah. Here are the building blocks : (For those of you who may be interested, Spinners is now sold under the name of Scaleworx Resin Models : https://www.facebook.com/scaleworx?pnref=lhc ) See you all in January mike
  23. Hi, Here is my attempt to 'upgrade' the FROG Beaufighter 1, 6, 10 kit. I scratchbuilt a representative interior, gouged out a tailwheel bay and installed a Revell Flitzer nosegear, and gave the kit a pretty full rescribe. The mainwheel bays were walled to prevent see-through into the wing and the nacelles and oil coolers were increased in diameter with milliput. Aftermarket used included Aeroclub Hercules engines, cowlings and props, Falcon vacform canopies, a Yahu instrument panel (highly recommended!) and markings from one of the Xtradecal "Mediterranean Twins" sheets. Paints used were Xtracrylics throughout applied by brush. I'm happy with the results. Hope you like it too: regards, Martin
  24. No.4 Air School, South African Air Force, based at Benoni, South Africa, June 1945 (New Airfix kit with markings from the Xtradecal X72190) Talk about having a go at something outside of your comfort zone ! First time I've ever built a biplane and the first time I've ever had a go at rigging - Let's just say that I'm pleased enough with the results to have gone out and bought a second one ! Nice stuff Mr Airfix !
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