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Found 25 results

  1. Some days ago @BillS called backdating the Revell #03115 Leopard 1A5 to the early Leopard 1 standard a "relatively straightforward conversion". Has anybody done this already? Or could somebody just outline the scope of work necessary to build an early 1970s Bundeswehr Leo 1 from the outstanding Revell kit mentioned above? Cheers Michael
  2. Well after finishing my first group build on time Starfighter F-104, the timing of this he start of the Hawker group build is just right. I have long planed lanes to build a 4 SQN Hunter FR.10 (I have a longer term aim to produce a model of all the combat types that 4 SQN have operated since the end of WW 2), so now is the time to start this one. Yes plus I have plans to use some of the unused parts in a upcoming Mirage F1 build. So so the plan is to build XJ633 of 4 SQN in June 1969. I will I’ll be using the Revell Hawker Hunter FGA.9 kit: Decals will be Xtradecal sheet X047-72 - RAF Hunter FGA.9 & FR.10. And a Quickboost Hawker Hunter reconnaissance nose looking forward to the start.
  3. This is an older build but I don't think I've posted these photos before. I did re-scribe the model and added a few bits from the Airfix B-26. MicroScale decals.
  4. Ok here we go, after much talking and boasting in the WhatIf III GB chat, I’ve finally plastic where my mouth is and started building “The Beast!” As we all know the WhatIf III GB didn’t get up, missed by that much, but I just couldn’t let such a good idea go unbuilt.........ask me latter next year as to how much of a good idea it was! This will be the first of two grand builds using the He-177 as a base, the second WILL be the “Amerika” bomber! For those that hadn’t seen the chat, this was a “Zwilling” version of the Heinkel He-177 Grief, a three (tripe DB-810 or six DB-605’s) engine monster designed for long range anti-shipping duties. Fitted out with advanced attack radars (nose and tail), guided munitions, and for the up close and personnel stuff a pair of 50mm cannons! Due to my very limited free time this will probably be quite a slow build and build updates only once a month, so please be patient. There will be a full story to go with this, as per all WhatIf’s and will be included in the final build photo.......or earlier if I’m too bored on shift. Ok lets go..... 1, do some crazy mock-up drawings so at least we have a plan to work to.... 2, then take two plain ordinary Revell He-177’s 3, measure up and cut (measure multiple times, cut, find unexpected gap, add filler and plastic plug,......figure out latter there was a better way to have done this the required no filler!! ) So the centre section is done but there will be quite a bit more added. I need a radiator for this engine, plus want to add a weapons pylon. So I’ll be adding a section behind the engine where the radiator will be housed, plus a “special weapons” pylon! Possible “mini nuclear carrier killer” missile or a heavier anti-shipping missile.......to be decided on and sourced. Have modified the rudders so I can fit the gun turret and radar radome, plus started putting together the control cockpit, will start the radar/weapons control cockpit once Santa has left! 4, admire handwork....and wonder what have I gotten myself into!! Just a couple of photos to show how big she will be.........rather large I think!!! Oh and there will be a couple of Junkers Jumo 004's to be mounted in the insides on the lower sections on the cockpit area, just for more power!
  5. Hi everyone, This is my very first post at the britmodeller's forum! I'm very excited to show you guys my work and learn a lot. Well, my name is Fernando and I'm a brazilian plastic modeller focused in 1/72 Aircraft & AFV on my free time. When I'm home I try to do my best to finish the models waiting on my stash. But when I'm not home, I'm at the sea. (I'm a 3rd Mate trading at the brazilian coast) Today I'll show you my recent started build: PzKpfw III Ausf. L from Revell. It's my second AFV model. Excellent kit with awesome details. REV-03251 by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Hope you enjoy: Cheers! Here the hull and turret painted with Hobby Color H401 and highlitghts made with few drops of white on the base color. I'm using this model to train the color modulation technique. Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Now the details painted with wood and ready for the glossy coat: Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Well, that's it folks! Hope you liked and look forward for your comments. Cheers! Fernando
  6. Brazilian P-47D-25. Transfer decals from FCM.
  7. Hi everyone A refugee from the P-47 STB has the rather dubious distinction of being the first in an unbroken chain of abandoned 2016 builds, and so it seems only right that I should at least make an effort to finish it by the end of the year. Despite being casually tossed into an open top box all those months ago, it has, remarkably, emerged undamaged and with all the odds and ends present and correct, so it looks like a reasonably simple finish. Images to follow once I figure out how to share photos from Flickr because Photobucket is being even more of a PITA than usual tonight! Craig
  8. Hi Guys Crazy as it may sound, starting a second project before I have hardly made a dent in the first, stick with me because there is method to my apparent madness! There will be a need to add 'shiny', 'silvery', 'metallicy' paint, which really isn't my thing, to at least part of at least one project later this year, so it makes sense to start R&D into the technique sooner, rather than later. No prizes for guessing that it means this will be finished in the classic USAAF bmf - or as close as I can get it! I'm quite looking forward to this! Cheers for now, Craig
  9. Hi guys, Here my first Tiger Meet model, I hope you like: Cheers, Pierre.
  10. Finished today without the cat destroying it although she did come close at times. Photos not that good as the light inside and out wasn't that good today. Went for a recon scheme as worn by some DDR machines later in their service. Although it doesn't really show up in the phots I decided to do a well worn finish. Took some colour out of the decals (some of which silvered on Klear but didn't show up until a matt finish was sprayed over, oh well) with a rub of white spirit. Anyway, it's a model with some paint on it and I've had manthrax since yesterday.
  11. Good evening Before July 14 th I would like to build another aircraft for this Gb a Hurricane II flown by a handful of free french pilots in North Africa With Model art decals My references It will be a simple build I am just going to replace the propeller kit by one coming from an Airfix kit .. This morning I started by the cockpit , This afternoon I closed the 2 half fuselages And prepared the wings .. Patrice
  12. Just to show that it's not all Mustangs in my house, here is Revell's little Macchi C.200 Saetta. As usual built straight from the box: Brush painted using Humbrol Enamels, with Glosscote before decals and Mattecote to tone down the gloss: Decals came from the kit, except the white band, which is from two Italeri Macchi 205 kits, cut to fit. The decals went on great with no need for any solutions at all.: Built to represent a aircraft from 374a Squadrglia, 153 Gruppo Autonomo, Grottaglie, Italy in April 1941: A nice wee kit and thoroughly enjoyable one to build, and all for the price of a pint, bought on E-bay, (the kit not the pint) Regards, Sean
  13. Hello to you all from Slovenia. Started to build my first 1/72 scale model. Usually I am building 1/48 scale models, but huge bombers are, well, just too big in that scale. I've picked up Revell Lancaster at local competition for peanuts really, and i will try to make it look like Lancaster. I've decided not to use any PE parts, but the Lanc will get some aftermarket goodies anyway. I am planning to use Eduard masks, Brassin wheels, Quickboost Gun barrels and Kits world decals. So, starting with wings and flaps... Picked up some 0,25 mm styrene and started... Corrected wing dihedral.
  14. A Cromwell AVRE of the 2nd Northants Yeomanry, C Squadron, recovers a PzKpfw IV Ausf H of the 8th Company, 12th SS-Panzer Division, 7 July 1944.
  15. Mine represents a broken down Ausf. H of the 8th Company, 12th SS-Panzer Regiment 7 July 1944.
  16. 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry, C Squadron, 7 July 1944.
  17. hello all, Built this Revell Victor from the box Operation "Desert Storm" 1991. Brian.
  18. Revell's old but fairly decent Bf-109, painted with Humbrol's new Luftwaffe paints and using decals from E.D. Models (C3- Battle of Britian- Bf-109 E). Built mainly to try out Humbrol's new Luftwaffe paints, which take a bit of getting used to, but in the main, are certainly good enough for me as a dedicated brush painter. They need an extra coat or two for great coverage, but they do have a good finish. Built with decals from E.D. Models for the main markings and kit decals for the stencils, the kit decals are certainly newer than kit itself The kit has raised panel lines and rivets, but goes together well. Unfortunately, only the windscreen from the kit could be used as the rest of the canopy was a blob of plastic. Spares from an I.C.M. E-4, were used. The decals performed well over 2 coats of Klear, with a final covering of Humbrol's Matte coat to tone things down. The figures and chairs are from the Revell Luftwaffe set, with the wall coming from an agriculture model show I was at a couple of years ago. The base is a display base my daughter got me from the shop she works in, covered with Javis grass over Revell brown paint. The scheme shows the plane Oblt, Egon Troha was flying on the 29th Oct. 1940 when he was shot down by Plt. Off. G. Marsland during a melee with 253 Sq Hurricanes over Kent. He sustained damage to the radiator, but was able to land safely at West Court Farm and he was subsequently captured. It turned out the aircraft was not his, but refused to name it's usual pilot. I've set this scene as Troha being told by one of the aircrew that his plane wasn't ready for flight. Therefore he was taking some other pilot's, who had been lucky enough to get a 48 hr pass to Paris. I'd like to thank Mikemx, JackG and especially tango98 for their help regarding this aircraft. Thanks for your interest, Sean
  19. Good afternoon Today I’d like to present you this Starfighter I finished last month More about the F104 http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_F-104_Starfighter I just replaced the seat by a Pavla one .. Humbrol Metalcote brushpainted Patrice
  20. Right i've been working on this for the past few evenings. It's the Revell IDS kit from the black panther boxing, i've pinched the Gr4 bits from the otherwise crappy Airfix kit. Pretty much built as is but i jave added a few homemade aerials probably not 100% accurate but they look the part. so on with some photo's The canopy isn't affixed yet as im still deciding whether to stick some blokes inside.
  21. I have a real thing for the brutish looks of the Thunderbolt. The P-47M was a "D" airframe fitted with under-wing air brakes and a 2800hp Pratt & Whitney turbo-supercharged R-2800 C engine. All of the 130 P-47Ms built were used by the 56th Fighter Group at Boxted, north of Colchester, but there were engine reliability problems requiring rewiring, re-worked power controls and internal baffling of the cowl flaps to raise cylinder head temperatures. These were not the only problems - extensive corrosion in the engines resulted in all units being replaced by new factory items. The airframes were not fully operational until April 1945, but still shot down four Me262s before war's end. This kit was a real mix, as it has exquisite detailing, but many of the parts were covered in flash. I decided to build the kit straight from the box and in clean configuration, in line with a lot of the pictures I could find in my books. Likewise, I kept the weathering to a raw umber wash, as the aircraft were not in service for long enough to be too worn. I added some Mig pigments to the tyres to simulate mud, but I'm not happy with the result, so I think that I'll wipe it off. Strangely, after the wash I noticed that the cowling had developed cracks on the top and the bottom, requiring repair with superglue. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the colours, due to the lack of good references and Revell's laughable paint-mixing instructions! There are three blues on the top-side - the dark blue being "straight" Humbrol 25, the lighter blue an attempt at 20% blue and 80% white, and the rudder being 66% white and 34% blue - yes you read it correctly! Who said the Germans don't have a sense of humour? The decals performed very well and I still need to permanently attach the windscreen and canopy. Thanks for looking.
  22. Hi all, Revells vintage 70's F-16A kit. Love it or hate it, Arguably one of the best paint schemes around during the 70's. Brian.
  23. Hi all, Picked this one up for a Fiver at SMW. The kit is 1976 vintage but still makes up into a decent F-16, especially for a decent representation of the prototype flown by Neil Anderson. I saw this aircraft at Mildenhall Air Fete in the 70's during its demonstration tour, never forgot it! Brian.
  24. I don't tend to make many maritime models, unless its something that takes my fancy, and this really has: take a screenshot I really like the Elco PT boats and in this camouflage it does appeal! I was thinking of building the Italeri 35th scale model, but it is just too big! This model is of a more manageable size, and it was a good price too: how to do a screenshot on a pc Inside the age of the kit is very evident: how to take a screenshot on a pc But that is as much of the appeal of the project! I've ordered White Ensign's etch set for the kit and I am accumulating various other bits and pieces. The camouflage scheme is going to be fun. The plans have got some good diagrams and photos: image hosting 12mb But I think I'm going to need a pair of sunglasses by the end of it, and a lot of this too: online photo storage Watch this space!
  25. Hello again friends. Now I will show you the second helicopter that I have mounted recently. It is a Eurocopter Tiger HAP of the Spanish Army. It is the model of Revell to a scale of 1/72, mounted directly from the box and without aftermarkets again. This model is easy to assemble and of good quality. Again the photos are a bit faulty, but I repeat that I do them with the mobile phone. Greetings and i hope you like it. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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