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Found 541 results

  1. Here's couple of shots of Tywin Lannister (Lord of Lion by Nuts Planet) - my final GoT figure. Just finished him tonight and he'll go on display with Tyrion and Daeneris at the weekend. Tough choice for my next one, as I have four wonderful contenders - Mirai (from the AD.2074/Ghost in the Shell range) ; The Sea Wolf (Jurgen Prochnow in Das Boot) both by Life Miniatures : Lilith Bust by Nocturna Models or Abyssal Warlord by Scale75. But I may take a break from figures for a while and complete some other projects that I already have in progress (1/35th Takom WWI Mk. I Male Tank; 1/48th Hasegawa Typhoon Mk.I; 1/12th Tamiya JPS Lotus Mk.III) - all of which are for customers or friends. Thanks for looking Kev
  2. Yet another field vehicle to pose with 1/72 models, this time a fuel truck. This resin kit by Classic Plane Diorama Resin comes with the parts bagged in three compartments. The cast is smart and refined, and removal of the parts from their pouring blocks easy. The detail is very good and goes to depict for example the bolts on the wheel hub, the undercarriage, the exhaust and many other minute things. The break-down is sensible and assembly proceeds without major hitches. My only two nitpickings: a) As it invariably happens with extremely delicate resin parts, a few came already bent and/or broken in the bags. The curse of delicate resin. b) The instructions are poorly printed, there is no parts map, exploded view or assembly guide. The photos are of bad quality, grainy, and barely serve as a guide. You may struggle to realize what goes where. Other than that, this kit can be built into an interesting and detail-filled model, useful as a complement for "ambience" airplane model photography. I could find no other photo of this specific vehicle on a long search through the Net. The manufacturer states that it can be safely assumed that the vehicle was used on airfields (as well as its other common fueling uses) from 1916, through the 20's and even 30's. I do not find any reason to disagree, having spent hours looking at airfield vehicles and seen all sorts of different arrangements, brands, and adaptations. It took me a couple hours to separate and clean the parts, an hour to assemble the main components, l/2 hour to paint and another 1/2 hour for final assembly. Decals were added in about 20 minutes. Any modeler with some reasonable experience can add this little darling to his or her airfield in a weekend provided some skill and dedication (and no house chores!). Decals by Arctic Decals, and thanks to my dear friend for the gift of the kit! It will be put to good photographic use. In this image I already assembled the main components: Adding a couple things that broke in transit: Addition of MV lenses to the front lights:
  3. A build from 9 years ago, a beautiful very limited production run kit cast by master modeler Matías Hagen from Argentina: The detail of the parts of this resin kit is outstanding and the instructions are very clear. The dedication on the making of the parts becomes evident when you see that the cushion, a separate part from the seat, has a teeny tiny arrow in the back pointing the right direction for its position, since the cushions also have some relief depicted. Although some components (fus sides, wheel pants) are keyed (they do have pins and correspondent tiny holes) I opted for sanding the fuselage mating surfaces carefully flat. The guiding pins are very useful though regarding the tail surfaces, wings and other pieces that need alignment. You get about 60 parts. No decals for this hot rod, since the original had no marks, which comes as a relief. Exquisite kit of a delightful plane, a true pleasure. Matias' blog: http://72topia.blogspot.com/ Matías painstakingly produces limited runs of unbelievably detailed kits in resin. He is working now on future releases, check it out.
  4. Long before I was came on and lowered the tone, I think there was a GB for anything that wasn't injection molded plastic. I'm proposing Vol II, maybe the No PIMP GB that's No Injection Molded Plastic. Or to be more positive about it, wood, etch, white metal card, vac-form ... Having just started on a resin car in the 10th Anniversary GB, I've discovered a whole new world, and I was inspired and awed by what @pheonix did with wood and metal in the floatplane GB. Plus all the amazing vac-form work. And I do have to card buildings that I have no reason to build unless a GB comes along. What I'm thinking is.. Any model you like, so wiffy, sci-fi, fantasy even more conventional subjects, no holds barred in any medium you like but the injection molded element can't be more than 25%. I'm putting that in because in the my case, I'd replace the rainwater goods with AM injection molded and to allow for raiding the scrap box for similar fiddly details for others. Then standard GB rules apply and fun to be had along with new experiences; after all why should New Media always mean Twitter etc? Any takers/ thoughts etc? Hosts/ co-hosts/ founts of wisdom are offering their services and I've found an emoji with a tenuous link to host/ hospitality in , having first rejected the hospital one; though that might be needed later So far Me (I suppose I should) Exdraken Mottlemaster Philp Black Knight BritJet CliffB Jb65rams dud_gan_ainm bootneck zebra sleeperservice Robert Stuart Angus Tura Tom Probert Kallisti Romeo Alpha Yankee Jockney Gorby helios16v rafalbert Heather Kay torbjorn Arniec DaveyGair RayS Panther II Tim R-T-C dnl42 Trickyrich Pin Jinxman Tzulscha malpaso Mr T
  5. In a very welcome turn from its usual choices, some years ago Planet Models released a number of civil kits, of which I have built these delightful Focke Wulf A.16 and Monocoupe: I have also acquired their Lockheed Air Express, their passenger-carrying Messerschmitt M.20b-2 and their Focke Wulf F.19 "Ente" (Duck, or "canard" -French in turn for duck- as the configuration is mostly known), the type that occupies our attention today. It makes me smile that many modelers and aviation enthusiasts find the Ente and similar planes "weird", when the truth is that the canard formula was prevalent at the beginnings of aviation, and even today is used with some frequency (Rutan's designs, Saab Viggen, JAS 39 Grippen, XB70 Valkyrie, Dassault Rafale, among many others). Here is one example of a "Gee Bee" "ente": For years I have been gathering reference material on the F.W. Ente, feeling attracted to its unusual, yet elegant lines. There were two Entes, 19 and 19a. In the earlier 19 the support that holds the fore plane was slim and completely faired. In the 19a that support changed into a complex multi-member exposed cabane structure. The 19a had added downward-pointing vertical "fins" on the main wing. They had different propellers and engines (Siemens SH11 the 19 and SH 14 in the 19a), as well as changes in color in the metal surfaces and in the marks applied. The 19 flew in 1927, eventually killing its pilot, non other than Georg Wulf, one of the founders of the firm. The 19a flew in 1930. You may find of interest this downloadable NACA pdfs on the type: 19: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19930090641.pdf 19a: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19930090260.pdf And here is a link to a newsreel, courtesy of Getty Images, showing the -predictably- so called "tail first" aircraft: https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/video/coming-or-going-kent-eng-the-vice-versa-bird-visiting-news-footage/1080308752 An excellent reference in the very interesting and well-informed German ADL site (in German, unfortunately): https://adl-luftfahrthistorik.de/dok/focke-wulf-f-19-ente-entenflugzeug.pdf This same article can be found at Jet&Prop 3/02 There is such an abundance of readily available reference material and photos on the Net that ignorance while building this kit is inexcusable. Kits in 1/72 have been previously released by Lüdemann (resin) and Airmodel (Vac+resin). I have not seen them first hand, so I can't comment on their particularities. A number of modelers feel certain reluctance to build resin kits, being that because of the general lack of locking devices, the annoying pouring blocks and casting webs many parts come with or in, the toxicity of the dust produced during sanding, the fact that there is little or no adjustment time if using CA glue, their dislike of the alternative (for certain parts): epoxy, or just because their price tends to be high due to different fabrication processes (that is more of the manual type). I have built a large number of them, as well as vacs, so to me they are, in a way, the same. As there are differences between injected plastic kits, there are also differences between resin kits. Some are despicable blobs full of blemishes and air bubbles, bent parts and dubious shapes, and some are exquisitely mastered and cast. Personally, I find Planet Models kits somewhere in the middle-upper range. They are not subtle or have delicate detail, they feel -and are- chunky and heavy, but they can render a nice replica with a bit of care. Planet Models' Ente is not a new kit, I believe it was released about 2005, so it has certain things that will need correction, if you are the type that takes pleasure in provide some fair degree of accuracy to your models. The kit has been reviewed in the Flugzeuge-Modell Journal (3/2007) where the reviewer points out to a few areas that need care, and builds a magnificent model, but, as usual, read everything, but trust only photos of the original. Contents. I got a brochure from CMK, product no doubt of the convoluted relationships between companies in Eastern Europe. I have some times bought a kit that in the box showed one brand, had in the sprues stamped a different one, and yet had another logo on the instructions.
  6. Products of Metallic Details is in stock: 1/144 Detailing set for Airbus A319 Set contains photoetch parts for detailing the engines, fold chassis, sensors, winglets, wipers of the aircraft. Recommended for Revell kit. Detailing set for Tu-144 Set contains photoetch parts for detailing the exterior of the aircraft. Recommended for ICM kit. Detailing set for Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Set contains photoetch parts for detailing the exterior of the aircraft. Recommended for Zvezda kit. 1/48 Detailing set for I-185 Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: Ark Models Detailing set for Su-2 Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: Zvezda Detailing set for Po-2/U2 Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: ICM Air intake grilles for Su-27 Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: Academy Detailing set for B-29 Resin & photo etched parts. 4 x Engine, 8 x Compressor exhaust, 2 x Landing gear bays. Recommended for kit: Revell/Monogram Detailing set for He-219 Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: Tamiya Detailing set for Yak-9 Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: Modelsvit Detailing set for Folland Gnat T.1 Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: Airfix Ejection Seat K-36 D/DM Resin & photo etched parts. The set has 2 seats with the possibility to assemble the chairs in variants K-36D and K-36DM. These seats are installed on the aircraft such as the Su-27, MiG-29, Tu-160 etc. Detailing set for Po-2 mod. LNB/VS Resin & photo etched parts. The set contains 2 dashboards for the pilot and navigator for the aircraft Po-2 modifications LNB (light night bomber)and VS (Soviet Air Force plane connection). In addition, the kit contains parts for assembly and device for forming 2 spoked wheels with tires (original size 700x120 mm). Detailing set for Pe-2 Photo etched parts. Recommended for Zvezda kit. Set contains parts for detailing the interior and exterior of the aircraft. Czech hedgehog Kit contains photoetched and resin parts to build 1 Czech hedgehog. The base with the bolts/nuts has a fixture to bend. The thickness of the metal - 0.3 mm. The diameter of the bolt head, nut - 0,86 mm. The bolt is threaded on its end. Detailing set for B-29, flaps Photo etched parts. Recommended for Revell/Monogram kit. Set contains parts for detailing exterior of the aircraft. 2 sheets - 270*126 mm, 1 sheet - 270*70 mm Nose cone for Su-27 The nose cone for model aircraft Su-27 by Academy. Designed for correcting the shape of the nose cone. Nose cone for MiG-23 The nose cone for model aircraft MiG-23 by Trumpeter. Designed for correcting the shape of the nose cone. 1/72 FuG-200 Photo etched parts. Detailing set for Su-27 Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: Zvezda Detailing set for T-50 PAK-FA Photo etched parts. Recommended for kit: Zvezda Detailing set for B-29 Resin & photo etched parts. 4 x Engine, 8x Compressor exhaust,2 x Landing gear bays. Recommended for kit: Academy Czech hedgehog Kit contains photoetched and resin parts to build 1 Czech hedgehog. 1/48 & 1/72 Machine gun sights Photo etched parts 1/35 Soviet tanks set 1 Photo etched parts. The universal set for Soviet tanks of the II World War (IS-1, IS-2, SU-100, ISU-152, T-34). Czech hedgehog Kit contains photoetched and resin parts to build 1 Czech hedgehog. The base with the bolts/nuts has a fixture to bend. The thickness of the metal - 0.3 mm. The diameter of the bolt head, nut - 0,86 mm. The bolt is threaded on its end. German grenades M39 and M24 Photo etched and resin parts. Kit contains 5 resin Eihandgranate M39, 5 resin Stielhandgranaten 24, 2 boxes to transport both types of grenades Soviet grenades F1 and RGD-5 Photo etched and resin parts. Kit contains 5 resin grenades F1, 5 resin grenades RGD-5, 4 resin capacity with UZRGM fuses, 2 boxes to transport both types of grenades (14*9 mm) Soon 1/48 B-24 Liberator. Engines Resin parts.4 x Engine Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp, 4 x Supercharger. Number of parts - 148. Recommended for Revell/Monogram kit.
  7. Here's my Anigrand 1/144 Convair R3Y-1 Tradewind, just finished in the Flying Boats and Floatplanes II group build. My first resin kit and I enjoyed it - won't be my last. Build thread is here. thanks for looking Julian
  8. I know this is a naive question but I am intrigued. How are such complex small parts designed for resin reproduction? I continue to be asstounded by the detail produced and woyld love to know how it is acheived. Thanks. Martin
  9. Picked this up from the UKGK show a few weeks back,was originally produced about 1997,but has been re-produced.
  10. Another goody picked up from the UKGK show,its a bit of a vintage kit dating to about 1997. (Well I had to do an Alien type thingy May start this before the Shape of Water bust as its in my comfort zone,and its called a comfort zone for a reason!Its comfortable.) Only came in three pieces,the Big chaps head, junior,and base
  11. On the 25th June 1955 at Prestwick the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer first took to the air. Some 4 months earlier a few miles away in an Ayrshire hospital I made my entrance to the world. So with such close geographical gestation and delivery to the world a Twin Pin seems appropriate. However, my relationship with this aircraft is not just timing and geography. Although my father was a PO airframe articifer in the Royal Navy when I was born he finished his term in the Fleet Air Arm not much long afterwards. He then went to work at Scottish Aviation where amongst other aircraft he worked upon was the Twin Pioneer. So the fact my dad helped build a number of the Twin Pioneers makes this a must do aircraft for me. I bought the Combat Kits Twin Pioneer at Telford last year as I had always wanted to build one as a tribute to my father. I know Valom have just introduced an injection moulded version but it is quite expensive and I suspect it will not just fall together, so I'll stick with the resin kit. I think this is the old Magna kit but on opening the box the resin looks much more refined. Hopefully it should go together with epoxy and cyano with minimal amounts of swearing. On opening the box there are two large bags of resin parts and two small bags of parts. A further bag has some white metal parts and a bag of clear resin parts for the transparencies. Hurray! No vac formed canopies. Instructions are basic but there's a great transfer sheet With transfers for 6 versions, 4 RAF, 1from the Empire Test Pilots School and a civilian version.
  12. Workbench with Table Grinder & Vice (HLU35116) 1:35 Hauler Many workshops will have a workbench. I'm sitting at one writing this, and back in the 30s and 40s these looked a lot like office desks, and some still do. This set from Hauler gives us a workbench with a vice and bench grinder, all in resin. It arrives in a small cardboard box with a ziplok bag of resin parts and a small instruction sheet within. There are ten resin parts, the largest of which is the carcass of the bench, followed by the door, drawers and then the smaller parts of the grinder and vice, which are all attached to a single pouring block. Construction is fairly simple and begins with removing the thin pour blocks on the large parts, which have been placed on the back or bottom to minimise potential damage and as usual with resin, take the precaution of wearing a mask when cutting or sanding it, as the tiny particles are harmful to your health if breathed in. Washing the parts in warm water will also improve the adhesion of paint, as there may still be some mould-release agent on the parts when you receive them. The bottom drawer of the pedestal is moulded in place, but the two other drawers are separate parts and can be fitted open or closed at will. The right pedestal has a single door and an internal shelf, which can be left open and festooned with equipment if you wish. The vice is made up of two parts and is moulded open, but with a deft cut the jaws can be moved to meet your needs or just clamped shut by a tidy-minded operative. The bench grinder has a lozenge-shaped body with an abrasive wheel at either end, one of which has a guard while the other is open with all the health & safety issues that brings with it. Both devices can be placed anywhere on the desktop as needed, with a suggestion shown on the boxtop and at the bottom of the instructions. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. AGM-114 Hellfire (BRL32037) 1:32 Brengun The AGM-114 Hellfire missile is an air-launched missile for destroying ground-based targets with a high level of precision. They are carried most famously by the AH-64 Apache as well as drones and other slow-moving aircraft, and are used extensively for destroying enemy bunkers and compounds in the Middle East, despite its original mission as a tank buster. They are fire-and-forget and because of their relatively low explosive yield when compared to a standard JDAM they have a lower collateral damage likelihood. They are frequently carried in "packs" of four on one pylon because of their light weight, giving any aircraft a substantial capacity to inflict damage. The Kit The set arrives in a cardboard box that is sealed by the label, and inside is a ziplok bag of resin parts, a sheet of stencil decals, a small fret of Photo-Etch (PE) and an instruction sheet with five steps plus painting guide. There are ten casting blocks, the majority of which are in grey resin, but two are in clear resin and hold the clear seeker heads for each of the eight missiles included in the set. Each missile has the choice of a protective yellow FOD guard or the clear seeker head, PE fins front and aft, a toroidal exhaust port and a separate resin attachment lug. The launch rails are made up from a pre-moulded pair that have the pylon attachment points moulded into the centre, two stanchions that project downward and two more rails for the lower level. To these are added command umbilicals, PE locking arms and rear skin, plus resin attachment lugs. When the launch rails are completed, you can attach up to four missiles to each one, allowing you to house the full complement on the two rails supplied. Some of the decals are called out during construction, but the balance are shown in the final section of the instructions, and the overall colour is mentioned briefly at the beginning as black. Conclusion This set is excellent value for money, highly detailed, and you get everything you need barring paint and glue. Either missiles and two rail packs for your large scale project for a very reasonable price. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  14. "Snailien,In space no one can hear you eat your greens." Dont normally go for Novelty items,but couldnt resist this little fella
  15. Hi All, Quick question, does any one have any experience with parts from Big Blue Boy? I've a 1/350 Hood in the 'stash' and keep an eye out for buys for her while I work on other stuff. I've seen a resin turret set to correct the awful trumpeter ones from a company called Big Blue Boy, it includes turned barrels and blast bags. I've had a look on the Hood website and a search on here but can't find any real reviews as to if they're worth the money. The only other thought was Fkyhawks turret set but I'd then need to find turned barrels to fit blast bags, Any input gratefully received Thanks Sam
  16. After my brief flirtation on the Frog group build(Who am i kidding,I loved building 1/72 scale aircraft) I have returned with a couple of Alien figure re-paints,figures are about 4.5 ins tall,cast in resin,all base coated and re-painted Base colours based on the film of origin. Alien 1979 Aliens (1986) All together with the Alien 3 creature
  17. This set convert Revell Bf109G-6 into Bf109G-6/AS with standard oil cooler. The set is cast from polyurethane resin. For the photo is painted Tamiya AS-12.
  18. Hello All, A new company called Rescue Models preparing some really interesting items. Many new resin accessories in 1:72, 1:144 and other scales too: https://www.facebook.com/rescuemodels/ Check out the renders, the products will be available soon (hopefully). Cheers, Peter
  19. Finally finished my Resin Prentice, Aluminium with flat, Bright spark decals and spare serials. the miscellaneous stenciling silvered even on glossy paint!! the buckled and did the canopy framing with painted masking tape, lets see how long it lasts!!The orange tinted canopy parts were painted in local craft glass- hobby paints. All brush!!. the cockpit came with lots of details, all of course gone now!!
  20. So, I've had this kit from the 90s, a kind Englishman was involved I think!!. Lots of flash, so here are some initial shots.
  21. AIM-120 AMRAAM 1:32 Zactomodels The AIM-120 was developed as a longer-range all-weather air-to-air missile with Beyond Visual Range (BVR) capabilities, entering service as the A model in the early 1990s with the US Navy and Army, as well as a substantial number of other foreign operators. It was upgraded to the B with improved electronics, and later on it was further uprated and fitted with clipped winglets to allow it to fit within the stealthy internal bays of the then-new F-22 Raptor. ZactoModels have taken it upon themselves to create the most accurate AIM-120 in 1:32, and now we have two types to represent the A/B with its pointed fins, and the C after its pruning. The set arrives in a heat-channelled Ziplok bag that holds the parts separate from each other to reduce the chances of damage in transit and in the stash. The instructions are printed on A5 paper, showing all your options, including live and Captive Air Training Missile (CATM) exhausts and nose cones, which require the removal of the front and rear sections of the missile bodies, of which you get two. You also get two trees each of the relevant set of fins for your purchase, either the more pointed ones, or the clipped ones, as mentioned above. Each of these have a small pin moulded in the base that corresponds to holes in the missile body, which you'll just need to arrange at 90o to each other. Each part is highly detailed with all the panel lines, rivets, raised and recessed detail that you could wish for, some of which is more visible under paint, so we've included some of Chris' original photos at the bottom of the review so you can see it all before you cough up your cash. There aren't any decals supplied with the set, but it's likely you will have some in the kit you're putting them on, but on the off chance you don't, Two Bobs decals produce a set. Extremely highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  22. I have never built a Resin kit and I have bought some from Russia. I have paid for them and have heard no more!!!!!!!! If and when these kits turn up I would like to have built a resin kit so this will be the first. I wonder if Moa has built one of these? Box and instructions. Decals. Kits bits still in their plastic bags. I will take some better shots when the parts are removed from the bags. Thanks for stopping by. Stephen
  23. Hawker Hunter Brass undercarriage set (for Airfix) 1:48 AeroCraft Models By now you've probably noticed there was a Hunter theme going on yesterday. We reviewed the flying surfaces here, and the corrected pylons here, and now it's time to finish the triple with the landing gear, or undercarriage as we sometimes call it. As usual with AeroCraft sets, it arrives in a ziplok bag, with the brass parts within a smaller one to prevent chaffing between the disparate materials. Inside the bag are five brass parts and one resin part. The main gear legs are ostensibly the same as the kit parts only stronger, but the nose gear leg has been strengthened and augmented to improve its accuracy, with the new resin nose wheel of the correct spoked type. The brass parts give you extra strength in that department, and I'm sure everyone's had some kind of gear breakage in the past due to mishandling or weakness in the original design. You will need to remove the casting gates that have already been nipped off, which you can do simply by sanding them smooth with a good quality file. While you're doing that, any slight imperfection and mould seams can be cleaned off too, leaving you with a smart and strong set of gear. The resin wheel is cast within a thin wafer that can be scraped/cut off with a sharp blade, and then any left-overs sanded away with a fine grade stick for a much more detailed and strong nose wheel. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  24. Hawker Hunter Underwing Store Pylons (Airfix) 1:48 AeroCraft Models We've got a new Hunter from Airfix, and it's very nice thank you. It does however have a few foibles, as do all models. If you're planning on using the weapons pylons on your build, you might want to know that the kit pylons are a little undersized and have some top and bottom "flanges" missing from out of the box. You can either fix those yourself if you're minded, or pick up a pleasantly inexpensive set of resin pylons from Ali, which should be pretty much a drop-in fit once you've removed the individual casting blocks. They arrive in a small ziplok bag, but if you order for delivery, you'll likely have your purchase tip up in a letterbox friendly card box. There are four pylons supplied, and both pairs are handed as well as marked with letters on the stub. The inner pylons are the larger of the two, with the skinnier ones on the outer station, all of which have the same pin layout as the kit, so they should just fit right in, as should any weapons you want to hang off them. As usual with resin, take the precaution of wearing a mask when cutting or sanding resin, as the tiny particles are harmful to your health if breathed in. Washing the parts in warm water will also improve the adhesion of paint, as there may still be some moulding release agent on the parts when you receive them. Review sample courtesy of
  25. Hawker Hunter Ailerons, Flaps and Air Brake set (for Airfix) 1:48 Aerocraft We've finally got a new tool Hunter in 1:48, and it's from our local (British) model company too. What could be better? Well, a bit of extra detail is always welcome, especially if you're planning to mess around with the flying surfaces. The kit parts are fine for what they do, but if you're popping them out to "dirty up" the airframe, there's a bit of detail missing. Here comes Ali with a new set to correct just that omission. The set arrives in an unassuming ziplok bag, and inside are five pieces of resin, each on their own pouring block, with a wafer of flash helping to protect the delicate areas like the hinges. The parts are drop-in replacements for the kit parts, and just need removing from their blocks, which should be easy, as they are attached along the thin trailing edges. The new ailerons have the correct outline, while the flaps are detailed inside with rib and stringer details, and finally the air-brake part has had its tricky ejector-pin marks removed from between the ribs, and a little extra detail added that was missing. Overall, a worthwhile addition to your model. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
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