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Found 11 results

  1. Here is my Reggiane Re.2000 from the Sword kit. Overall an OK kit, fit wasn't too bad though fitting the engine in the cowling was a pain. Pretty much OOB, though I did risk cutting open and thinning the canopy (after first checking a vacform replacement was available! Supplied decals are TechMod ... which I have a love/hate relationship with ... beautifully printed and very thing, not a hint of silvering, which could have been a real problem with the clear areas on the national insignia. But a real pain to apply - all too easy to fold one over on itself, which is pretty much unrecoverable. Density is pretty good, though I wish now I had opted to paint the cross on the rudder. Of course the real interest in making this one was the paint job. After looking for usable images and artwork, I tried to emulate Schema A from the Stormo colour guide Attempt no 1 was to freehand it with an airbrush, but I just couldn't get the feathering tight enough ... I think it needs to have a harder edge than say a Luftwaffe mottle. Attempt no 2 had me using green as the base colour, then using blutak to mask out the green mottles, then repeat for the maroon. This worked a bit better, but the spacing wasn't right. I found it hard to visualise how much space to leave in the first round of masking. So attempt no 3, I added ALL the mottle masks, then removed those marked red, sprayed, the reapplied the 2nd colour mask Here it is with all blu tack applied. The red blobs were removed, and maroon paint applied. Then the red blobs stuck back on and final yellow coats added. I think the mottling should have been denser, but by then I'd had enough! The red cowling was a bit of a conundrum. The Sword instructions called for a 'dark red', but I could find no reference to this in the usual sources. In the end I went for Japanese hinomaru red which, based on no evidence whatsoever, looks right to my eyes! All paints are Colourcoats. Cheers, Colin
  2. Hi! SMER Re 2000. Czech incarnation of Italian ARTIPLAST 1970 - years. Modest retro. Discussion about the copy and detail of the set to anything. Similar, okay. Forgotten scale, 1/50. The casts of dusty stamps praguers put away the new decal. Reproduced Re 2000 series 3, with a dull fairing. It seems to be the Navy air force, with a duck on the keel. In a series of 1/50 of the set are not orphan: held in the hands of FIAT Cr 32 and Macchi 200. Can be, available and other airplanes. The drawings are not used, they will not help. Only photos. Stock wheels replaced with homemade ones from 2K Tamiya epoxy putty . Changed the direction of the rotation of the propeller. New blades, new canopy slider. Canopy frames with foil. Made a skirt on the hood, imitation seams and snaps. I sanded all the surfaces. Navigation lights made from colored transparent plastic, thrust trim, antenna from fishing wire 0.1 mm, pitot tubes from an injection needle. Painted a combination of ready-made acrylic paints ARM Paint «spitfire green» and «74RLM», mixing and separately, at the bottom of a «light gray MiG-29». Verde and Grigio mimetico, on the general degree of similarity, tolerable. Color alternative offered of the Swedish air force, 1945. in camouflage. That`s not really my thing. Too mottled. Monochrome same dark surface sin not to rivet. Finishing effects with artistic oil paints. Enjoy watching!
  3. We continue with the completed models. One old model, but a pleasure to work. Here's the picture. Enjoy.
  4. RS Models is to re-release its 1/72nd Reggiane Re.2006 kit - ref. 92214 Source: http://rsmodels.cz/cs/modely-letadel/plastikove-modely/1-72/92214/reggiane-2006 Original boxing - ref. 92086 http://rsmodels.cz/cs/modely-letadel/plastikove-modely/1-72/92086/reggiane-2006 V.P.
  5. Silver Wings is to release a 1/32nd Reggiane Re.2000GA Falco resin kit - ref.SW32-019 Release expected in late November or December 2016 Source: http://www.silverwings.pl/new-kit-132-reggiane-2000.html V.P.
  6. SEM Model has just released a 1/48th Reggiane Re.2001 Delta resin conversion set - ref. 48801 - for the Classic Airframes Reggiane Re.2001 kit (ref. 420 link) Sources: http://www.semmodel.altervista.org/en/Re2001Delta_en.html https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1713150188736381&id=717692698282140 V.P.
  7. Hello again! I would like to participate with this little Italian fighter, kit from Italeri 1:72. The Regia Marina (Italian Navy) experimented with a carrier version (Serie II) which was successfully launched by catapult. Lacking a carrier, Italy used a similar system to the British CAM ships equipped with Hurricanes. The first proposal was made in late December 1940, although the program officially began with an order issued in April 1943. The first modified Re.2000 Cat. (taken from the Swedish orders) flew on 27 June 1941, the last on 18 January 1942 (MM.8282-8288), but crashed on 10 September. There was another navalized Re.2000, the MM.471. It flew initially with a lower powered A.74 RC.38 engine, but it was lost too, during the travel from Reggio Emilia to Taranto (12 May 1941). The first launch was performed on 9 May 1942 with test pilot Giulio Reiner.[11] The work to make suitable the Re.2000 Cat., nicknamed Ochetta (little goose) took considerable time and only at the beginning of 1943 were they used aboard the Littorio class, but not more than one for every ship (although capable of holding three aircraft). RE 2000 "Catapultabile" Re 2000 aircraft modified for catapult launch from Regia Marina ships. On the day of the armistice, 8 September 1943, 6 Re 2000 "Catapultabile " were in service, with two on the battleship Roma and one each on the Vittorio Veneto and Italia (formerly the Littorio).
  8. RS Model's 1/72 Regginae 2005 "Saggitarrio" in ANR Markings, 1944. Built with the addition of Brengun photo etch set. An attractive little short run kit. Thanks for your interest! Photographs: Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes
  9. Hello Britmodellers; here's my latest model, Italeri's 1/48 Reggiane RE 2002 Ariete, in the markings of Major Giuseppe Cenni mount (supposedly) just before the armistice, August 1943. For this reason, all the "fasci" on the original AC were either cancelled or over-painted, as I tried to reproduce. Sadly enough, Major Cenni was shot down a few days before the official armistice date, after a chase operated by some Spitfires, in southern Italy sky. The kit is ... oh well, as Troy says, a real pig: inaccuracy and fit problems all over; I tried to correct something, such as thinning the wings and using a resin spine, I did some scratch-building and some surgery, all of which can be seen in the WIP Thread Paints are mainly Tamiya Acrylics and Lifecolor Acrylics; the antenna wire is one of my eldest daughter's hair. White band and rudder cross are painted, only the marking on the latter was cut out from the kit decals Now the pics, comments and suggestions are more then welcome Wing guns are small copper pipes coming from electric contacts, cut to size It was while taking this pic that the disaster happened: I was outside, wind arose and ... .... disaster Well, I fixed it all, and as a matter of fact some of the pics above have been taken after the fix (which also involved replacing the antenna wire, that now stays much tighter) Details you can't see in the completed model; the rudder pedals were completely scratch-built; some cables, pipes and knob were added; instrument dials are kit decals, with a drop of PVA glue to simulate glass Engine was detailed adding some wirings I've also scratch built the radio rack, using some leftovers from an old Tornado kit (!?!) Ciao
  10. Hello Britmodellers; here is my first aircraft WIP on BM: it's the Italeri 1:48 Reggiane RE2002. The kit box: The only aftermarket I'll be using: First damage (while removing the excess resin): Easy fix, anyway, with some CA. See the difference with the kit fuselage spine: Quick dryfit test: There's going to be some work to be done on the wing-to-fuselage joins: Even more so here: Opened up the wing gun holes: And put a stop for the gun barrel: Some rescribing (wing gun doors): Opened the radio access panel and scratch built some details of the internal structure (not much would be seen, but a minimum maybe...) See you for the next update
  11. My gesture of self-sacrifice for the modelling community - finished just in time Sword and then RS Models released their state-of-the-art Sagittario kits. Well, at least I wasn't then spoilt for choice and yes, I still managed to use a few Pavla parts (however, modified)... Some in-progress pictures:
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