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Found 321 results

  1. Hello all! I'll be doing the superhero option starting tomorrow. As usual, I'll be using my geographic location to get a head start, it's Satuday in just 4 hours here in Melbourne. This time, I've got my hands on the Airfix 1:72 Gnat: I'll be building the scheme on the box-top. At some point I may have to build this thing again in the Hot Shots colours, but not this time, I've just restocked my red and white paints and its been a while since I built something colourful. I'll also be joined by @emily who somehow has let me drag here into another one of these things. Her kit came with 2 in the box....and they're similar colours to the gnat.....and small..... This may turn into a double-blitzbuild!
  2. Hello all; Here's my latest completion. Flown by S/Ldr E. M. Mason on 15th February 1942 on his last sortie. I've taken some artistic license with the aircraft codes, electing to code his aircraft E M rather than using the FZ squadron code No. 94 Squadron was using at that time. As far as I'm aware there aren't any pictures of Mason's aircraft - the squadron having been issued the Kittyhawks only two week prior. I may be right, I may be wrong but I think this marking suitably commemorates his final aircraft. I tried to replicate a hurriedly field applied paint scheme. For reasons of preference, and because it's possible, I painted the underside in Neutral Gray as opposed to light blue. Admittedly it was possibly more likely to have been blue, but there's evidence (photographic mostly - see the main site for explanation) it could have been NG. Besides, I like being a bit different. There's very little weathering as this airframe had only a couple of weeks' use before being lost. Known issues include: the canopy moved around during the photo shoot; the three way connection for the antenna lines isn't very clean; it bugs me that there's the tiniest bend in the gunsight! Otherwise comments and observations are most welcome. Cheers; Mark.
  3. Hello all, This is the first time I've posted a WIP to Britmodeller. I happen to have 3 copies of the 1/48 scale Revell Ventura kit, one being the early PV-1, the other two being the RAF Ventura II boxing. Originally, I wanted to build a South African Air Force Maritime patrol Ventura, but this soon mushroomed into the RAF Venturas, one of which would have a 4-gun Boulton – Paul turret. The desired outcome is one RAAF Ventura with a 4 -gun turret in the Temperate Land Scheme, a RAF special duties Ventura with Dark Earth / Light Stone / Night scheme, and a SAAF PV-1 in Dark Sea Grey / PR Blue or Sky paint, and Vokes filters. Differences between the versions: Type Operator Nose turret Engines Other Scheme PV-1 SAAF solid none Vokes Filters External racks DSG / Sky / PR Blue Ventura II RAAF glass 4-gun BP DE / DG /Sky grey Ventura II RAF glass 2-gun BP DE / LS / Night Project plan: Source new decal sheets (castle and springbok) for SAAF Ventura. Obtain an additional set of propellers to replace the incorrect ones in the PV-1 boxing. Swap PV-1 upper turret mount with one of the RAF Venturas, and blank this off for SAAF build. Convert the bomber versions to single pilot operation, add detail to the W/Op compartment on all three. Add details to the bomber version noses. Correct the engine nacelle fronts, add Vokes filters to the SAAF build nacelles. Install the Boulton – Paul turret in the PV-1 upper turret mount, add to the Aussie Ventura. Source an ADF football for the SAAF Ventura. Plunge mould some teardrop bubbles for the Bomber Venturas. First, an overview of the kit(s) Decals sourced from MAVdecal in South Africa. I don't necessarily adhere to the build process in the instructions. It's a man thing, so bear with me! I re-profiled the Nacelle fronts , just to see what they looked like! The one on the right has been re-worked.
  4. Hi all. Here is my third and last "Corona-Modell" as I´m back at work since last week. It´s the "Expert Set" edition of the very nice Arma Hobby kit in 1/72 scale. Only weak points are the guns and exhausts. I choosed the all black BE500 LK - A, flown by 87th Sqn. Ldr. Denis G. Smallwood. Daniel
  5. Hi, I am new to the scale modeling. Currently I am working on three different projects (2 1/72 Eduard RAF Spitfires and a 1/48 Kinetic HAF F 16). I am pretty familiar with modern jets (camo and variants), but I have almost no idea on WWII airplanes. So, as the theme says, I would like to ask what finish did the RAF Spitfires have MATT or Gloss? I am building two Mk XVIs one with PRU scheme and one on standard day fighter scheme. As you can see I am trying to paint the airplanes with different wear grades. The day fighter was in service for more time.
  6. My build will be Spitfire XXI LA200 ‘DL-E’ of 91 Squadron from the Special Hobby boxing. One of the Thoughts that has stuck with me are those that died immediately after VE or VJ Day after surviving the war, and whilst doing my research I came across the story of the death of Geoffrey Kay from 91 Squadron. My contribution will be the aircraft he flew and died in on 12 May 1945 trying to copy a manoeuvre in a Mk XXI from a display by Alex Henshaw to 91 Sqn at Ludham the Day before. Some background from this Page: https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/research-reveals-tragic-spitfire-deaths-just-days-after-war-was-over-1-3945922
  7. Here are my two Jaguars that were worked side by side. The Revell Disbandment 'Spotty' Jaguar GR3A of 6 Sqn, XX119 from 2007 and a Hasegawa Jaguar GR3A of 41 Sqn, XZ103 from 2005 which was the display aircraft for that year. The 'Spotty' Jag was built OOB, the decals were hard work and took a lot of Micro-Sol and touching after afterwards to fill the gaps. Despite the reservations of attempting this, it's not turned out too bad. The 41 Sqn Jaguar was also built OOB apart from the correct aerial behind the cockpit and has Model Alliance decals applied. Both were painted mainly using Xtracolor and Humbrol enamels and finished with a Humbrol Satin Cote. The only difference was the tail on XZ103 which was a pearlescent white that I got the local car parts place to mix for me. The picture doesn't quite do it justice but there is a slight sheen in the correct light.
  8. Three from last year and my first attempt at a resin kit, all 1/72. AZ Models de Havilland Chipmunk T10, WG407 of 9 AEF, RAF Finningley, 1977. The old Airfix North American Harvard T2B, FX432 of 500 Sqn, RAuxAF West Malling, 1952. Finally, the Simian Stuff resin Grob Vigilant T1, ZH196 of 633 VGS, RAF Kinloss, 2011. All three built OOB using Humbrol, Revell and Xtracolor enamels.
  9. Here is a very old Hasegawa Sabre that I bought from a 2nd hand dealer just before it closed. As it was a very old kit, there was no detail on the undercarriage so I decided to use an old Airfix stand, added a pilot to make it 'in flight'. I decided to finish it as a 92 Sqn, RAF Linton-on-Ouse from circa 1955. Modeldecal decals were used and the pitot probe and drain added, simple kit but the paint job and the decals turned out not too bad.
  10. Hi gang, I have tried AK Real colors and I am satisfied with their easy airbrushing. But as usually, are colors rather correct ? Or out of any range ? I believe that RAF/FAA/USAF and Japanese are okay, since Nick Millmann was involved, I guess that also RLM shades are okay due to Jurgen Kiroff. But what about others ? Russian, modern an other nations ? If not, are there any generally acceptable paints in general for particular nations ? Thanks for your inputs...
  11. Hi all. With the Spitfire complete, I've changed scale, era and propulsion method and have gone to the recent 1/72 Airfix FGR.2 Phantom with a few extras. It'll be built with kit decals of the white tailed aircraft while it was working out of RAF Mount Pleasant. I'll replace the kit lumps that are supposed to represent Sidewinders with the much nicer versions from Eduard. I love Adam Toobey's artwork. I've got a bit done on it already however I've hit a bit of an 'ugh' moment. The cockpit is fine out of the box as the cockpit will be closed however the intakes are annoying and fiddly. The left and right halves of each intake are okay, it's the outside fuselage shoulder piece that is frustrating. The ejector pin marks have been filled with talc and CA. You might be able to see in the image where I've removed some material to help it fit. It needs a little more but frustrating to do nonetheless. Has anyone else had problems with the fit in this area? The fiddly fit of the intake shoulder The lower wing section also has part of the forward lower fuselage which has an awkward seam that needs to be to cleaned up. This will have to be done after the intakes are installed. Sadly there's no swapping assembly steps here. I'm unsure if I'll get a resin replacement set for the burner exhausts as the sprue attachment points are smack bang in the middle of some nice rib detail.... Cheers, Mick
  12. Been away for awhile, very busy the last month or so. Picked up the rather nice Eduard 1/48 Bf 108 which I would like to finish in RAF colours. I would like to build it as DK280 (see http://www.coltonhistorysociety.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=WWII_Plane_Crash_in_Colton_July_1944) which from my browsing around on the internet appears to be dark green and dark earth camouflage on top, yellow undersides. I think I can source the main markings from my spares, the question is what roundels to use? From the photos I have found it looks like Type A under the wings, Type A.1 on the fuselage. What about the top of the wings - would they be Type B? Thanks in advance!
  13. Just a test run of a basic model so the decals are all from spares and I’ve left the serial off rather than waste my stock on a first try Designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed
  14. Thought you guys may be interested in this. It's the story of non-British pilots in thr RAF by the Sabaton History channel.
  15. Ok I'm calling this one done! Trumpter 1/32 Harrier GR7 Piero's Resin: Nose, Pylons (1A,7A & 4) BOL Rails and AN-ALE40 faring Custom 250gal Resin Tank fronts Tim Perry CBLS 100 Revell Matra 144 SNEB Pods Resin BL755 Cluster bombs Flightpath CBU87 B/B & AIM9L AQN Rounds Eduard Cockpit and External Photoetch Decals from spares box, Airframe or custom printed Resin Wheels, Mk12H Seat Be gentle, first "proper" build after 10 year modelling hiatus! And yes, I did work on the original A/C, now if I could just remember which pilot had his name on the side i could wrap it all up!
  16. Hey everyone Whilst my Eduard Spitfire is in my cabinet 'curing' I've decided to have a look at the new ICM 1/32 Gladiator. From what I've read and seen it looks to be a rather splendid model... ..Is it me or does it look like the pilot is wearing a David Clark head set? Anyway this will be OOB other than a Sutton Harness from RB productions. Cheers Iain
  17. A couple of Spits; critique welcome. More pics and build description over on the website, as well as the rather sad story of their pilots, Jack and Bob Yarra. The Eduard Mk.IX represents an aircraft only 2 months old when lost in April 1944. 453 Squadron seemed to just throw their codes on the fuselage so even though I don't have a pic of FU-Y I have plenty of others that show the haphazard application. The Hasegawa Mk.V represents an older aricraft, around six months old at the time of its loss in December, 1942.
  18. So after some genuine Scotland Yard style investigatory work about the mystery of B-25G's in RAF colours, which can be found here, The mystery of what I think was unanimously decided as 2 the B-25G's that were given to the RAF and painted in their livery now solved, one of the pair being this ship: I plan to paint the olive drab to emulate one of the B-25's in the film Pearl Harbour, obviously with roundels instead of stars. I figured a worn out, bust up, hand-me-down B-25 would probably look something similar! Now onto the build, the kit: Nothing impressive, a tooling probably at least as twice as old as I am. I had planned to build this OOB but something about the empty cockpit bothered me so I roughed a couple bits up, all just sat in place... A few bits need tidied up, seat belts and a coat of spray filler to prime the pilot's office for some paint! I was planning on making the kit quickly, to focus on the worn paintwork. That's all for now, hopefully get the two halves joined up together tomorrow, then I can start on fixing the raised surface detail. Has anyone got any advice for this kit? Cheers!
  19. Hi all, I've been looking at the decal sheet on the Italeri web page: https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2854 I cannot see the white "XV741" in white for the nose. has anyone got this kit and would like to comment? The canopy, according to the site, is the best I have seen
  20. goggsy

    Phantom query

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but it popped into my head randomly today and I’m wondering if any Phantom experts could put this one to bed for me. i grew up in the English Lake District and please believe me when I say that every day was a free air show. For someone with an interest in planes I doubt there could have been a better place to be at the time. Throughout the 1980s I frequently saw RAF Phantoms overhead, and apart from Tornados, Jags, Harriers and F111s they were one of the most common types to be seen. Thinking about it, I can’t understand why; by that point in history surely they were interceptors? What possible advantage could there be in training interceptor pilots to fly at low level in mountainous terrain? In case anyone thinks I’m mixing them up with someone else’s F4s, trust me I’m not. I saw a few of the other sort as well from NATO members but these were definitely RAF. By contrast I can only say for definite that I saw a Lightning come over one time at low level and that was actually after they left service. When I was sitting one of my GCSEs in 1989 one came barrelling over making a ton of noise; I think British Aerospace at Wharton were still operating a couple at that time as chase planes or something. Any thoughts appreciated - I know nothing about the role specific training that RAF Phantom crews undertook so I realise there may be a good reason for what I saw but it seems counter intuitive when I think about.
  21. Long Time no posting...Well I'm back at the bench, mainly due to the fact I have had a replacement knee and life is very slow at the moment. But I need to keep my mind active rather than binge watching shows on TV or Netflix!! Any way, some might remember, that I was asking about a Type W Loader, more commonly known to the Armament Fraternity as a 'Wendy' (See Below), and if there was anyone who could build one, as I have the plans, but alas no one could help. This was the main work horse of the Armament Branch on RAF Squadrons, and I could find no one who had ever made one. I spoke with David at Flightpath, who was very helpful, but not willing to create this, but put me onto Neil at Aircraft in Miniature(AIM), who bit my hand off and has already created the CAD design for this (Below) and will be selling the Wendy through Hannants, in 1/72nd and and 1/32nd scale, not 48 or 24. They will be available for pre-order soon, and as soon as I know I will pop it on here, so get an alert set up if you'd like one. Below are some screen shots: Cheers, Zone
  22. Chanced across this video, lots of Transport Command stuff strutting its funky stuff - Beverley's, Comets, Britannias, Pioneers (Single and Twin - oh yeah), Argosy and SH showing how its done with Whirlwinds
  23. Got hold of a bunch of Eduard overtrees at a great price, two spits and two P51. As I've got some 1:48 RAF P51 xtradecals left over its RAF livery all the way! Quick start on the wheel wells this evening, first real attempt at busying up with some copper wire. Straight bit of 0.5mm to represent the linkage in the back, then a 0.8mm hole drilled into the floor and into some styrene rod to create a bulkhead adapter. Humble beginnings, but the kit looks amazing and hopefully I'll do it justice!
  24. A new Work in Progress thread, picking up on the construction of the Tamiya F14, released many moons ago and a project I started soon after the kit was released. Over on the What-If Forum I suggested that rather than scrap this part built kit because it didn't fit my RAF Focus I could finish it as a Gulf War model, in RAF Desert Pink, as per the Jaguar, etc. The hypothesis was that if the Tornado had proved to be a disaster, or had followed the TSR2 into the scrap heap then we could have seen the F14 in RAF service. As others have posted, and I've discovered researching this magnificent airframe, it is not as fanciful an idea as one might think. The USN used the F14 as an air superiority fighter, but the Tomcat 21 program was developed as an option instead of the F18. Politics killed it. There are even a few people speculating that the Tomcat could be resurrected to replace the disastrous F35 project...!! To the kit. Whilst the model has the sort of fine detailing one might expect from Tamiya the fit between parts is generally poor. The first two photos show the amount of filler needed on the centre section. I've test fitted the front cockpit section to the centre section and there is a bad step on the underside: the joint will need quite a bit off work and possibly the use of epoxy as the contact area isn't that large. The wing section needs is screwed to the centre section. I've part finished some of the sub assemblies, but other than the Sidewinder missiles and external fuel tanks the load has to be gulf war RAF. So, I've ordered from David J Parkins the following: 2 RAF ALARM missiles. One of these will go with a Sidewinder on the port inner wing pylon, the other on the rear centreline mount. 2 1000lb Paveway II bombs, these will go on the front under centre section mounts, wher the US Navy Phoenix missiles would have been, 1 TILAD Pod, this will go on the starboard inner wing pylon, tofether with a Sidewinder. As work progresses I'll report. All comments, suggestions, etc welcome!
  25. A question for those in the know - when was the yellow ring added to the C type roundel (to make it a C1) on the upper surface of the wings? And was it added to the lower surface roundels at the same time. Specifically I'm interested in Spitfire Mk XIVe's (highback and bubble) prior to VE day. The Extradecal sheet I have shows a C type on upper and lower wings, and the Airfix decals for the Spit XIVe show the C1 type in both positions. The Airfix markings are for a post VE day aircraft but I'm wondering if the would be applicable to pre VE day aircraft. Thanks, Colin
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