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Found 15 results

  1. Redcoat2966


    Hi all I wanted to ask if anyone has used. This makers products before. Specifically the Metal burnishing liquid for PE and another that blackens groups or any other metal upgrade tracks. Curious if they are worth the money Thanks Simon
  2. Redcoat2966

    TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Well I made the decision to go for wheels only on the next build. I'm done with tracked AFV's for a bit. I liked this little number, so someone treated me to it for Christmas. Managed to pick up the Eduard PE for £4 on Ebay with free shipping; so why not........ I'm going to keep it simple.....although I'm trying to figure out how if possible to drop a single barrelled 20mm flak piece in the main seating compartment as I've seen done on some Horche 1A trucks on various fronts. But I don't think it's as long wheel based as the Horche....have to see once I get the main upper body together. So, while I'm been left alone this afternoon, I'll crack on with the chassis... Have a good rest of the day chaps. Simon.
  3. Hi guys, I am about to begin construction of Tamiya's 1/350 new tool (2011) and wanted some input on what PE I should get for the kit. The first question (and the easy one) is whether I should buy a wooden deck for the kit as the cheapest I can find one is £13 which isn't too bad but when you add that price to the grand total it does seem quite expensive, I have had no previous experience with wooden decks so if someone can tell me whether they really do make a difference (especially on a expensive kit like this). Next is any further PE or barrels, I definately want railings and would be prepared to use the 1/350 Tamiya handrail set despite the effort and complexity, I also think I want the barrels for atleast the 155mm guns and possibly the 127mm and main guns, but do brass barrels really make that much of a difference say apart from them being hollowed out? I am further considering purchaesing Rainbow's 1/350 single, triple and double aa sets as I am not satisfied with the aa included with the kit, but can find very little about the rainbow stuff which looked a bit flat in the pictures. Then stacking all this together I relised that I could just buy the Flyhawk detail set 350071 (the cheaper one) for not much more. So should I buy the Flyhawk, which would really be pushing the money I want to spend on this boat (keep in mind I am buying off a 14 year old's saved up pocket money). If anyone can supply any more info or instructions for this Flyhawk kit I would be very happy. Also if anyone has any unused PE from their Yamato build for a (very) cheap price I would be greatful I know I've asked alot, Harvey
  4. I am away from my modelling bench due to starting a new job a few months back. I have missed not being able to get much modelling done so I have decided to start a new project which should only require a limited set of tools and not need an airbrush (at least until I get to the white metal parts): Here's what in the box, two photoetched stainless steel frets protected on both sides by clear film: A small bag of cast white metal parts: Fourteen pages of pictorial instructions: Construction starts with the engines: These are all the tools I have, hopefully I've got all the right ones: So here's my start on the first engine: Here is what my temporary modelling bench looks like: Not perfect but I got a new bulb for my magnifier this morning so I'm up and running. I thought this kit looked a bit daunting but I spoke to Jockster at Telford and he said it was pretty straightforward, we shall see.... Bye for now, Nigel
  5. Greetings mentors, Saw this, bought this, built this and love this! Just awful! I won't be using the cannons! Easy construction! I am definitely not a photographer! I made the mistake of taking pictures outside with the Horten on a sheet of paper. Sudden breeze later and looks like she will be in the repair shop for a few days. Bugger! Hugs'n'stuff, Jocko
  6. Revell boxing of 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109 G-10, of 11/JG 27 based at Schleswig-Holstein March 1945 (at least that's what the instuctions say. The instructions are also dated 1998 and I have been reliably informed that although fairly basic the accuracy of shape is second to none. Eduard etch set for cockpit and inside chin scoop, Hasegawa pilot figure from their Luftwaffe Pilot Figures & Equipment set and a basic attempt to add subtle rivets using the Trumpeter Master Tools Rivetter. Freehand airbrushed upper surface camo scheme and first attempt at freehand airbrush mottle. Just missing antenna cable which I will add soon. Will also need to change the Morane antenna mast under the port wing to natural wood as I have just learned here they were wood and just clear varnished. Couldn't get the stand attachment out. It was well and truly wedged in. On the stand Stand removed using Inpaint And the three 1/48 scale builds on one stand. WIP thread here Comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks for looking.
  7. By the end of November 2015 I was getting quite confident. I had already decided on the next build a month earlier as I had been eying up the old Revell 1/48 Bf109 G10 which I had bought some years previously for silly money (£5 if I remember correctly). I had recently picked up some photo etch sets for various intended projects at Scale Model World and also picked up a rivetting tool. I also have the Hasegawa Luftwaffe pilot figures and equipment set so the lack of a pilot was not an issue. Unfortunately I cannot find the pictures I took of the initial stages so we start at the completed cockpit enhanced with an Eduard photoetch set fully enclosed in the fuselage and the wings and tail already on. The various scoops around the nose have been hollowed out as have the exhaust stubs. You will also note that I made the cardinal sin of assuming something without checking references and cut off the square bulge for the enlarged battery behind the pilot and made it flush with an engraved door as in the E model. Did not realise my error until all was buttoned up and painted so it's not going to get corrected. I have come to the realisation that I need a LOT more practice with photoetch but I did manage to get it mostly in without too much anguish. Managed to fettle the gear into the up position (I really prefer them flying ) Cut out the solid navigation lights and created clear ones fron clear sprue cut to a right angle, drilled at the back and the relevant colour of Tamiya clear popped in the hole. Glued to the wing and then sanded and polished to shape. Red didn't turn out so good. Happy with the green though Those hollowed out and painted exhausts I felt he looked better with the 'tache although he now looks more likely to say 'Tally ho chaps!' In his office Canopy on The pencil lines show where I have added the rivet lines using the Master tools rivetter although I couldn't get the rivets to show on the picture Used custom Tamiya mixes for the RLM 76,81 and 82. RLM 76 applied after a nice undercoat of primer and a preshade. Note the prop spindle is now missing. That is the result of a mishap whilst undercoating whereby the spring clamp I was using to hold the plane sprung off sending the freshly primered 109 nosediving to the front dorstep where it proceeded to cartwheel with all the grace of a wounded gymnast hard against the wall. Not a happy bunny. Fixed it by drilling out the centre and glueing in a length of plastic rod of the appropriate diameter when the time came to add the prop Freehanded the camo but did use blutack sausages for the demarcation between upper and lower and Tamiya tape for the nose My first attempt at freehand mottling with an airbrush begins, I had also feathered in the demarcation between the RLM 76 and the top camo colours. 2nd mottle colour on 3rd mottle colour on and the nose is now a very fetching shade of RLM 04 Gelb Gloss coated and decals on. Didn't use the decal for the green fuselage band as it didn't go all round the fuselage at the location it was supposed to be at. All the bits on, some weathering courtesy of the new set of Flory washes I got from Telford, a bit of exhaust staining topped with a coat of Tamiya Matt Clear and we're just about done. Swastika came from a very old Xtradecal set of assorted sizes and I ended up masking around the fuselage decals and painting the fuselage band with my own approximation of the green. And you even get a shot of Phil's fingers too:) Comments and suggestions always welcome.
  8. Creative Models Ltd

    Eduard October Releases Now In Stock

    The New Eduard Releases For October Are Now In Stock. EDK8285 - Eduard Profipack 1:48 - Spitfire Mk.XVI Bubbletop £25.99 EDK70111 - Eduard Kits 1:72 - Fw 190A-8 £11.99 EDK4432 - Eduard 1:144 - Nasi Se Vraceji (Quattro Combo) £15.99 EDK8496 - Eduard Weekend 1:48 - Mirage IIIC £17.99 Octobers New Releases (Photoetch) EDP32378 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Ju 87G-2 Exterior (TRU03218) EDP32847 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Ju 87G-2 Interior (TRU03218) EDP33150 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Ju 87G-2 Interior (TRU03218) EDP36326 - Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - US Army Bulldozer (MIN35195) EDP48857 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - B-1B Exterior (RV04900) EDP48858 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - AC-47 Gunship Exterior (RV04926) EDP48859 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - AC-47 Gunship Landing Flaps (RV04926) EDP49089 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Mirage IIIC Seatbelts (Fabric) EDP49090 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Mirage IIIC Seatbelts (Super Fabric) EDP49733 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - T-38A Talon (WP10005) EDP49734 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Mirage IIIC Ejection Seat (Eduard) EDP49735 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Su-22 M-4 (Smer) EDP49736 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - AC-47 Gunship Interior S.A. (RV04926) EDP49737 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - B-1B S.A (RV04900) EDP53144 - Eduard Photoetch 1:200 - Figures Royal Navy EDP53145 - Eduard Photoetch 1:350 - HMS Queen Elizabeth 1943 - Railing & Ladders (TRU05324) EDP53146 - Eduard Photoetch 1:350 - HMS Queen Elizabeth 1943 - AA Guns (TRU05324) EDP72611 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Fw 190A-8 (Eduard) EDP72612 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Fw 190A-8 Landing Flaps (Eduard) EDP72613 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Swift FR.5 Landing Flaps (Airfix) EDP73033 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Fw 190A-8 Seatbelts (Superfabric) EDP73533 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Swift FR.5 (Airfix) EDP73534 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - T-2C Buckeye (Wolfpack) EDPFE733 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:48 - T-38A Talon Interior (WP10002) EDPFE735 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:48 - Su-22M-4 Interior (Smer) EDPFE736 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:48 - AC-47 Gunship Interior S.A (RV04926) EDPFE737 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:48 - B-1B Interior S.A (RV04900) EDPSS531 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:72 - Whitley Mk.V S.A. (AIR08016) EDPSS533 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:72 - Swift FR.5 Interior (Airfix) EDPSS534 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:72 - T-2C Buckeye Interior (Wolfpack) Octobers New Releases (Brassin) EDB632063 - Eduard Brassin 1:32 - Fw 190F-8 Engine (Revell) EDB632067 - Eduard Brassin 1:32 - Vickers Mk.I WWI Gun EDB648205 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - Lewis Mk.III WWI Gun EDB648222 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - Storm Shadow EDB672055 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - AIM-4D EDB672057 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - M117 Bombs Early EDB672080 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - Fw 190A Wheels Late (Eduard) EDB672081 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - Fw 190A-8 Cockpit (Eduard) EDB672084 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - Fw 190A-8 MG 131 Mount (Eduard) EDB672085 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - Fw 190A Exhaust Stacks (Eduard) October New Releases (Masks) EDMCX423 - Eduard Masks 1:72 - T-2C Buckeye (WP10005) EDMCX424 - Eduard Masks 1:72 - Swift FR.5 (AIR04003) EDMCX425 - Eduard Masks 1:72 - Spitfire Camo Scheme B EDMCX426 - Eduard Masks 1:72 - Hurricane Camo Scheme B EDMEX478 - Eduard Masks 1:48 - T-38A Talon (WP10002) EDMEX479 - Eduard Masks 1:48 - Su-22M4 (Smer) EDMEX480 - Eduard Masks 1:48 - B-1B (RV04900) EDMEX481 - Eduard Masks 1:48 - AC-47 Gunship (RV04926) EDMJX183 - Eduard Masks 1:32 - Ju 87G-2 (TRU03218) Visit The Website For All New Releases Or Click On The Image To Go Straight To The Product. www.creativemodels.co.uk
  9. The P51 Mustang is my second "fine structure" kit by imcth of Tokyo, my first being their Mitsubishi Zero. These are extraordinary kits, with the aircraft structure in photo-etched stainless steel and engine, undercarriage, weapons, etc in cast white metal. They are VERY different, present interesting challenges and build into superb works of art. I am writing a blog of my build on Tumblr. You can see it here: blog link removed
  10. These feature three dimensional open louvers on the engine panels. Separate engine access doors that fit into recessed openings. Multi part throttle quadrant, multi part floor compass, fretted machine gun jackets, ammunition chutes, seatbelt and shoulder harnes with optional separate hardware if you choose to use masking tape for belt material, instrument panel with separate switches, and on and on. Nearly one hundred different parts to detail every section of your Fokker D.VII. See the complete photo/text instructions at www.ww1aircraftmodels.com Go to the forum and click on Hints and Tips section. Click on Barry Berman's photoetch. Choose from early Fokker built, late Fokker, early Albatros, late Albatros, mid production OAW, or late OAW. Each set contains two large brass frets(about 17 square inches total). The price is $12.50 USD which includes worldwide shipping. PayPal accepted at berman4@netzero.com Questions answered at berman4@netzero.com Note: If you are building a Roden kit, you must sand down the lower wing roots. An overly tight fit to the fuselage will cause the lower wing to bend downward. Tip: Use Blu-Tac on a cocktail stick(toothpick) to hold small photoetch parts for placement.
  11. Creative Models Ltd

    August New Eduard Releases Now In Stock

    The New Eduard Releases For August Are Now In Stock. EDK3741 - Eduard Weekend 1:35 - Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B Tiger II £33.99 EDK1194 - Eduard LTD EDT 1:48 - Yak-1B £26.99 EDK4443 - Eduard Super44 1:144 - MiG-15 (Dual Combo) £10.99 EDK8127 - Eduard Profipack 1:48 - Bristol Fighter £21.99 EDK7077 - Eduard Profipack 1:72 - F6F-5 Hellcat £16.99 EDB632059 - Eduard Brassin 1:32 - Spandau WWI Gun £6.99 EDB648172 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - GBU-10 Paveway II £7.50 EDB648216 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - Spitfire Mk.XVI Gun Bays (EDK1198) £9.99 EDB648217 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - Spitfire Mk.XVI Engine (EDK1198) £22.99 EDB648221 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - Mk.84 Bombs Retarded Fin £6.99 EDB648223 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - Mk.77 Bombs £7.50 EDB648229 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - Hurricane Mk.I Wheels (AIR05127) £4.50 EDB648230 - Eduard Brassin 1:48 - Hurricane Mk.I Exhaust Stacks (AIR05127) £4.50 EDB672060 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - AM-39 Exocet £4.99 EDB672075 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - Beaufighter Mk.X Wheels (AIR04019) £4.50 EDB672076 - Eduard Brassin 1:72 - Beaufighter Mk.X Exhausts (AIR04019) £2.99 EDSIN67206 - Eduard BIGSIN 1:72 - Avia B.534 (Eduard) £5.99 EDBIG3353 - Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:35 - MH-60S (ACA12120) £49.99 EDBIG3351 - Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:32 - Ju 87A (TRU03213) £17.99 EDBIG3352 - Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:32 - F-86D (KH32007) £39.99 EDBIG49129 - Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:48 - F-106A (TRU02891) £16.99 EDBIG49130 - Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:48 - AH-1Z (KH80125) £20.99 Also All The Photoetch & Masks For This Month. EDP53142 - Eduard Photoetch 1:350 - USS CV-5 Yorktown Part 3 Superstructure (MRT65301) £19.99 EDP53143 - Eduard Photoetch 1:350 - USS CV-5 Yorktown Part 4 Flight Deck (MRT65301) £20.99 EDP32373 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Fw190F-8 Wheel Bay (RV04869) £11.99 EDP32374 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Fw190F-8 Armament (RV04869) £11.99 EDP32375 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Fw190F-8 Engine (RV04869) £15.99 EDP32376 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Mosquito Mk.IV Bomb Bay (HKM01E015) £18.99 EDP32377 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Mosquito Mk.IV Exterior / Engines (HKM01E015) £20.99 EDP32844 - Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Fw190F-8 Seatbelts (Fabric) (RV04869) £7.50 EDP36324 - Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B Tiger II Upgrade Set (EDK3741) £12.99 EDP36325 - Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - Horch (ICM35505) £13.99 EDP48853 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Yak-1B Upgrade Set (Eduard) £15.99 EDP49087 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Seatbelts USN WWII Beige (SuperFabric) £4.50 EDP49088 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Seatbelts RFC WWI (SuperFabric) £4.50 EDP49727 - Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - U-2/Po-2 S.A (ICM) £9.99 EDP72604 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - F-4J Air Brakes (ACA12515) £5.50 EDP72605 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - C-54 Exterior (RV04877) £16.99 EDP73032 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Seatbelts Luftwaffe WWII Bombers (Superfabric) £3.50 EDP73528 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - F-4J S.A (ACA12515) £16.99 EDP73529 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - C-54 Interior (RV04877) £13.99 EDP73530 - Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - C-54 Cargo Interior (RV04877) £15.99 EDPSS528 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:72 - F-4J Interior S.A. (ACA12515) £8.99 EDPSS529 - Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:72 - C-54 Interior (RV04877) £7.50 EDMCX417 - Eduard Masks 1:72 - F-4J (ACA12515) £3.99 EDMCX418 - Eduard Masks 1:72 - C-54 (RV04877) £5.75 EDMEX471 - Eduard Masks 1:48 - U-2/Po-2 (ICM) £2.99 EDMEX472 - Eduard Masks 1:48 - Spitfire Camo Scheme B (Airfix) £8.99 EDMEX473 - Eduard Masks 1:48 - Hurricane Camo Scheme B (Airfix) £8.99 Click on the images to go straight to the products or visit the website on the link below www.creativemodels.co.uk Thank you for looking
  12. Creative Models Ltd

    Lion Roar Photo-Etch Clearance

    Lion Roar Photo-etch and Upgrade Clearance We have just updated our stocks on all of our Great Wall Hobby / Lion Roar photo-etch, which we are selling at clearance prices on our website in the Great Wall Hobby Manufacturers section. All these kits are included in the spend over £30.00 and the postage is free for all Mainland UK. All prices have already been changed to show the discounted price. Click on the link to have a look. http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/great_wall_hobby-m-87.html Why not have a look and grab a bargain. Creative Models Ltd
  13. Hey everyone, Sorry if this has been answered before and I couldn't find anything on the manufacturers website... I have an Eduard Zoom set with pre-painted etch and the black plastic film that goes behind the etch pieces. How do I attach these to a plastic kit cockpit? I know you use Super/CA for the etch but won't that melt the film bit of the 'sandwich'? Thanks in advance, Dermot
  14. Dylandogg

    1/350th Fujimi Zuikaku

    Not sure if this is the correct place to put this but here goes, (apologies if not) I've just grabbed myself Fujimi's Zuikaku in 1/350th scale, I'm just wondering if there's a company who produces a full set of P.E for this vessel (apart from Fujimi, themselves that is). Or is it a case of having to buy individual P.E sets? Thanks in advance
  15. I am busy doing a MK 1. To save a lot of bother I ordered the following PE (because I broke the dash) It has a lot of good detail but the service door is painted Teal (if that what you can call the green) Its a million miles away from anything close to a Hurricane cockpit colour. Here is a picture (not the same green) Its more like Should I not bother using the PE Part? I was think of using some Maskol to re-spray the green,but I think that the detail is too fine. Any suggestions?