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Found 25 results

  1. Another Mustang... This time "Hot Pants" an P-51B that emergency landed in Sweden during the war. Decals from Moose Republic Decals and painting done with Tamiya AS paint. Sad to say the bad Revell canopy spoiled this modell. It looked good untill I took the masking tape of the canopy. Cheers / André
  2. Another model from the Pacific War. All known Revell's Mustang. I am very satisfied with the fitting, especially the decals. The model is Tex Hill's plane. Here's the picture :
  3. Finished this off at the beginning of March and had been meaning to take some photo's with my proper camera... But I never seem to get round to it! So just got a few mobile pics Nothing needs saying about the Tamiya P-51 kits, good old shake-and-bakes. However. I really went out of my way to mess up various bits of the kit! For starters the cockpit was sprayed zinc yellow and not zinc green. I picked up the Mig Ammo set for USN WWII planes and stupidly just by looking at the bottle just presumed it was interior green. D'oh I managed to butcher the seem under the air intake and ended up a step where the halves met. And I also managed to use the wrong decal codes on the side! Used a Mig Ammo set for the two tone camo. Now that I have discovered Mr Hobby self leveling thinners I'm getting along with Mig paints a lot more now! Nose and strips are a mix of Tamiya flat white and clear yellow as per the kit instructions. Speaking of the strips, after completing the kit I had a look at some picture of the actual aircraft and noticed that the strips should carry on to the elevators too. Note to Self: Look at picture of the aircraft before not after the build! Used oils for the panel washes. Little bit of chipping. Tamiya smoke... for the smoke. And a little pastel chalk on the walkways to muddy it up. Overall, for my second plane build since getting back into modelling last year I'm pretty please. Was the first time I'd tried black basing and really enjoyed that technique too. Thanks for popping by. Aaron
  4. A true classic, Tamiya's 1:48 Mustang B. I used the kit decals and sunk them into hot water, so they could soften up and sink into the panel lines. Painted with Revell acrylics, the olive drab is Revell 66 Olive Grey.
  5. Concerning the IDF-lights on starbord wing I noticed that those lights often interfere with the stars and bars on the same place according to instructions. What would be correct? /André
  6. I can't quite tell from the pictures that I have found, but does anyone know, of the captured Luftwaffe or Swiss P-51B Mustangs (or even other a/c types for that matter), when they were repainted, would the original english stenciling / data have been left on and in any places where they were painted over, would they have been replaced in either Country's own language?
  7. Hi Guys, this is the second P-51 i startet in October 2016 for last Mustang Group Build... Here is the starting post: Accurate Miniatures P-51B I will finish the build log here. The P-51 in 1943 was a workhorse and much of the aircraft looked heavily worn. There was only a limited time between the next mission. I wanted to put this into a hopefully realistic way. I started with chipping the Cadillac with a sponge and a thin brush After that was done I started with the wheathering. I applied to individual panel filters made of oil paints... I did not want to put too much emphasis on it, and I added the oils step by step. oil stained added.... The tools and colors I have used for wheathering: Please visit my Blog for more: Pete´s mancave All the best Pete
  8. Hi all, while searching a good way to fix the wheel well of my P-51D I found this kit in my stash and couldn´t resist to start a second P-51. Accurate Miniatures made a really nice P-51B. This kit is very well detailed and I will only add a Ture Details Seat cause of the seat belts. The exhaust are also weak and Ultracast will provide new. It´s great to have big stash ;-) The Sidewalls are much better detailed than other offerings. All parts needed for the cockpit and the spur wheel. The armor, protecting the pilot is missing in the kits cockpit, but I did not add it. True Details Seat on the Accurate Miniatures rack Added oilwashing and drybsushing. Old school but still with good result ;-) Once again self mixed Revell Aqua Colors used. They are really great to handle. Washing with brown Oils and drybrushing with middle grey Aqua Color Love the great True Detail Seat. Accurate Miniatures made a real nice instrument panell The fuselage is closed and the fit is really good. only some minor rework is needed to achieve a perfect result Please visit my Blog: Pete´s Mancave
  9. Hi everyone! I will be building this kit for this STGB. More details about the specifics soon. Cheers Jimmy
  10. Hello guys. Another model of me. I enjoyed working this plane. Here are pictures, enjoy.
  11. I managed to finish my Tamiya RAF Mustang III over the weekend. I used an Eduard photoetch set for the P-51B, Montex masks (which I found hard to remove and which left quite a lot of residue), and aftermarket Aeromaster decals which were far nicer than the overly thick Tamiya ones. I also used a set of resin Brassin wheels.
  12. After 8 flight in ETO Charles Yeager got shot down in this aircraft.. he survived, escaped, flew again and the rest is history..
  13. On the front of the latest Flypast mag, there's a feature on the restored P-51B Impatient Virgin. I'm after a decal set or two to create a couple of aircraft that flew from Bottisham & the 361st and this aircraft cought my eye. I bet a few other modellers have been thinking the same thing! Does any one know where I can get the decals individual to this aircraft E9-R 42-106638? I do have a couple of sheets for the national markings & codes. Were they ever released with a kit? I am planning on building the original airframe, not the recently restored version. Mart
  14. Morning chaps, This is my latest kit, Tamiya's P-51B (Mustang III) If you've built this kit before, you'll know just how good it is. Everything fits together perfectly and its very well detailed for such a reasonably priced kit. I found myself a bit stuck after buying this kit and finding out there were no decals in the box. Its actually the RAF Mustang III kit but having previously built this kit as an RAF plane, i thought id build it as a yank this time. I've started to build a few "Aircraft of the Aces" and this is my personal favorite, Major Don gentile's "Shangri-La" which Tamiya also make as a 1/48th kit. Decals are Microscale and i have to say they are a vast improvement over anything i have so far used from Tamiya! AK Xtreme Metals and Tamiya paints were used throughout, AK pigments were used for weathering along with a Flory Models dark wash, and kit is built OOB. Thanks for looking
  15. Hi, here is a famous "MEG X" from my workbench. The model is generally OOB, with addition of Eduards PE and painting masks by Montex (almost all markings were painted). Hope you enjoy!
  16. Hi, I'm looking for information on "Little Duckfoot" (the B version) but not finding much, and the little bit I found is contradictory. I have decals to build this one However I can only find two photos of the aircraft, one of which looks like it does not have the Malcolm hood like in the color plate I'm basing the build on. Unless I'm mistaken the Malcolm hood canopy slides open backwards whereas the razorback will flip open like in the above photo In the second photo below I cannot see the canopy, however the yellow and red checkered strip on the nose seems to be missing, maybe just the lighting. I can't find any info to indicate which is correct. I'm assuming the photos does not lie, and I can build it as a razorback, but there's other variables I cannot see in the photos like; 1. Does the invasion stripes on the fuselage go all the way around, or only bottom half? 2. Stripes on the wings on top as well, or only bottom? 3. Will the serial number be the same? Maybe there were more than one pre-"D" model Duckfoot, as the font of the name is also not the same in the photos. I believe the color plate comes from this site: http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/f/165/3/2 (bottom of page) Though I do not know how reliable the source is. Does anyone know more than this? It will be much appreciated. J
  17. New in the Arsenal Model Group (AMG) Facebook. Two North American P-51 (B/C & D) Mustang kits announced as limited editions. Origin? Rebox? ref.48501 - North American P-51D Mustang Source: https://www. facebook.com/amgmodels/photos/pcb.1769355343290853/1769355239957530/?type=1 ref.48502 - North American P-51C Mustang III Source: https://www. facebook.com/amgmodels/photos/pcb.1769355343290853/1769355253290862/?type=1 V.P.
  18. So here is my second finished kit after 25 years out, Tamiya's 1/48th P-51B dressed as Don Gentile's "Shangri-La"; there are PE seatbelts in there plus replacement exhausts again, and another Eagle Cal set for the markings as the Tammy ones disintegrated into a zillion pieces - probably just as well as their red was too dark and the chequerboard was inverted - red squares where there should be white, and vice versa. There are a couple of other issues if you are building this kit: the propeller should be the paddle-bladed type, not the cuffed as supplied (and used, I wasn't too bothered!), and the drop-tanks are also wrong, all pictures of Shangri-La show her with the tear-drop type. Pictures also show the main undercarriage doors firmly closed on the ground, so I followed suit here. Curiously she appears to have worn both exhaust styles at various times. A few more techniques learnt along the way, including using a pencil for panel lines, and Tamiya weathering powders.
  19. Finished off these 4 little ones finally. I am a bit annoyed that I didn't get them finished for the Mustang GB (clicky-linky-herey), but least they are done now. Hope you all like them. I apologise for the bad camera quality, the pictures where taken on my mobile phone at 11pm. Comments always welcome, constructive comments even more so Kind Regards, Dazz
  20. This is the Revell 1/32/P-51B/Mustang III kit originally tooled around 1969. The version I had was a reboxing with new decals for a Mustang III in 2006. The detail of the kit is sparse and the design reflects the current favorite trend at the time it was made; that being raised rivets. In 1969 this was a groovy edition to any kit and showed it was funkadelic “state of the art”. How times have changed. The texture of the plastic with the raised rivets is such that it could be used as a rasp. They are really nicely done; too bad most Mustangs had smooth skins. This is one of my kits that was on the shelf of doom. I am determined to eliminate my shelf of doom within the next 6 months; a daunting task if you knew how extensive the doom shelf is. I think the reason for this acquiring the status of a shelf of doom kit was I started it in 2009 maybe, got involved in some different kits, the new Trumpeter 1/32 kit came out, then the 1/32 Tamiya kit came out and then the 1/32 ZM kit came out. It just got forgotten. When I stopped, the interior had been started, but that is about it. For the WIP thread look here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234969321-p-51b-mustang-iii;-finished/. I briefly considered sanding the entire surface down, rescribing the lines and try to bring it up to the level of the Tamiya kit. Or, I could just finish the Tamiya kit that is also in the shelf of doom!! So, this kit was then done to honor and reflect the way kits used to be made. At the time of its issue in 1969, it was state of the art. Sometimes you have to have a kit showing what the hobby used to be like so you can appreciate what it is today. For the most part this is an OOB build. I did break down and redo the machine guns and installed Eduard seat belts. Other than that this is the kit in all of its glory. I also stole the decals out of the Trumpeter kit as they reflected the same plane as in this kit and were better. So, the main plane specific decals are Trumpeter and the stencils and national markings are Revell. Fit was not so good in places, especially where the canopy meets (or really doesn’t meet) the fuselage. Nothing fit in that regards. Anyway, another kit leaves the shelf of doom; Yeaaaa!
  21. In an effort to eliminate my shelf of doom (shelves really) I discovered this kit and a Hobbycraft 1/48 Bf-109 C. The 109 is almost complete and for the life of me I dont know why I didnt finish it. I also found this kit with a number of the parts started and painted. I think this kit was put up when I moved some stuff around and just forgot about it. It should be a quick build. Here is the box art and the parts in the box. The cockpit needs to be put together and some more detail painting done on the parts before the fuselage can be built up. I started with the cockpit floor as only the seat and instrument panel have had their base coats. I painted the cockpit floor to resemble the plywood floor. I left it natural wood but I know that was usually painted with black paint. I just was trying to see if I could come close to creating a plywood look. The instrument panel was dry brushed to highlight the details and the cockpit given a light wash to muck it up a bit. Then, Eduard harnesses were added. Once the fuselage is closed, however, I dont think much will be visible. I am pretty happy with the wood effect. I dont know if the camera caught it, but in real life it looks pretty good. There are a few injection marks on the floor, but they will not show once installed in the fuselage. I am sure for the time this kit was made, the detail in it was sufficient. However, I also have the Tamiya and Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Mustang and the difference between the kits is night and day. However, the cost of this kit was about ¼ of the other two. Next up, I buttoned up the fuselage and the fit was quite decent. I was worried, but needlessly. I was correct about how much would show inside the cockpit once the halves were joined. I tried to trick the camera using the flash in the dark and even then there is not that much detail that will show. The wings have already been put together as the tail planes and propeller. After I clean up the fuselage join, I will be attaching those to the kit. Then, there is not much else that needs to be done to this kit before painting commences. As always, all comments welcome.
  22. Hey guys, as i m waiting for decals and few more aftermarket pieces for swordfish, i thought i would build some other plane. After a bit of deciding and chosing (ok, took me few days of moving boxes in and out of stash...) the choice was done - it ll be P-51B. I got P-51B D-Day marking combo boxing of hasegawa kit, straight from HLJ (big sales there for the dual combo boxings these days if anyone is interested). At first i wanted to make just one of them in D-Day marking and other as "Shangri-la" or "ill wind", but as i was browsing through photos of the D-Day mustangs, i fall in love with the marking and i ll make both for this gb if you dont mind The first one ll be "The Iowa Beaut" as the following : And i see first "problem" already I thought the top side of wings/fuselage, over the white/black stripes were repainted with fresh OD - it looks like that on the first two pics. The paint is more dark and somehow glossy. But on the third image... you can see on the right wing hard weathering right where the fresh paint should be and it does not look like white under it O.o well, it has time, it has time ) The second one ll be probably "The Flying Scot" (to make one with malcolm hood and one with classic B canopy), but i cannt find any photo for this one.. Anyway, i ll not build both at once, i started to work on the iowa beaut already mostly scratchbuilding interior, have plans for making new wheel wells, flaps down (ll use spare flaps from cute airfix´s D, after a bit of touching here and there they ll fit good ). So far used just few bits of Eduards Zoom (i simply love the PE instrument panels, mainly in the low scale they still look better to me than just decal). For the second one i ordered Part PE set (i was interested in the canopy framing and nice seat), so the second one i ll start to build as soon as the PE gets to here. For now, the first cockpit got first layers of paint and i ll start to paint details, i ll post photos later tonight, have to save postimage storage room
  23. US Legends: 8th Air Force Gift Set Revell 1:72 Neither the 8th Air Force nor the aircraft contained in this gift set need much of an introduction. The B17, P47 and P51 have all earned their place in history through the hard graft that both they and their crews performed in the face of daylight combat with Axis forces over Europe. The 8th Air Force was born in 1942 and soon after started operating from UK soil on missions over Europe with the B-17’s and later with B-24’s. Missions in late ‘42 and ’43 shown the vulnerability of unescorted bombers despite the fact that the aircraft bristled with defensive armament. The aircraft that were available as escort simply didn’t have the range to protect the bombers across the full mission, leaving them exposed over the most dangerous legs. The P-47 started to escort bombers in August 1943 and eventually equipped the 4th, 56th and 78th Fighter Groups, however despite admiral capability for such a large fighter at altitude, it still couldn’t support the bombers to the target. Initial Merlin powered P-51’s came to Europe initially with the 9th Air Force so it wasn’t until December 43 when they were available to the 8th. The impact of the P-51 was immediate. The bombers now had an aircraft that had the range to escort the heavy bombers right to the target and back. In fact, the P-51 could fly as far on internal fuel alone as the P-47 could with drop tanks fitted. Bomber and fighter crews referred to each other as ‘Big’ and ‘Little’ friends respectively indicating the huge respect that they had for each other. The 8th Air Force continued pounding German targets across Europe right until the end of hostilities in Europe. The kits I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the box of this gift set, but sure enough, the B-17G is the newest release. Initial inspection shows all three kits to be of pleasing quality, recessed panel lines, plenty of detail and a beautiful decal sheet. Given the price of this set, it is quite a bargain and I’m sure will appeal to beginners and experienced modellers alike. Included in the box are the three kits individually packed, a single decal sheet and a single A4 instruction booklet using clear monotone line diagrams and paint instructions. Revell have also included a set of paints, glue and paint brushes ideal for beginners venturing in to the plastic kingdom. B-17G I’m not going to review this kit as it was reviewed here on Britmodeller by Paul, so instead, here’s a LINK Needless to say though, in summary, it is a great kit, filled to the brim with detail both internally and externally and very well engineered which Revell have excelled at in recent years. There are some imperfections however. The canopy area can be questioned if you have a love affair with the old Fort, the panel lines are somewhat excessive and the clear nose cone looks thicker than the real thing! As the decals contained in the kit are of the infamous ‘A bit O’ Lace’, I’m also including a link to a stunning build by Roman Schilhart from 2013 HERE to put my comments above in to perspective Or if you want to go in a different direction as Paul our reviewer did, take a look at THIS P-47D This is the P-47D-30 that has been around for a few years, but not previously reviewed on Britmodeller. I did some research to see what has previously been said about the kit and found some criticism of the shape, notably the belly being too deep, wing chord too wide at the roots and the undercarriage being too short. To check this, I compared the main parts against profiles in the Squadron publications and come to some different conclusions. Obviously, there can be errors in the profiles, so I’m only indicating my findings, certainly not trying to create argument. From the profile comparisons, I believe the belly to have the right depth, however the rear under fuselage is somewhat anaemic, lacking the full extent of the curved profile but correct at the tail. The wing roots appear to be correct in chord width for a ‘D’ model, but much like the lower fuselage, the trailing edge isn’t as curved as it should be, giving a slight chord error most noticeable mid-way along the wing. I never checked the length of the undercarriage, but believe the legs are too short making it difficult (or impossible!) to fit the large belly tank. With the accuracy issues out of the way, let’s turn to the build. Assembly is quite traditional, starting with the cockpit interior. The parts are supplied on 4 silver grey sprues contained in one plastic bag. There are signs of flash in places as seen in the pictures, but nothing of major concern. Detailing of the cockpit is effectively done, more than enough detail for what can be seen once the fuselage is joined up. Moulded in detail includes the panel instruments, cockpit side walls and seatbelts. The aerial mast has to be fitted before the fuselage can be closed which is a bit of a pain if you are clumsy like me and prefer to leave the sticky out bits until last to avoid the obligatory break! A decision needs to be made at this point whether you intend to have the undercarriage raised or lowered. If raised, you need to fit the rear gear bay doors before closing the fuselage up. Surface detail on the fuselage is nicely done with recessed panel lines and rivet details. Next are the wings. A straight forwards stage. Again, detailing is nicely done with recessed surface details and framed wheel bays looking great in 72nd scale. The engine has individual banks of cylinders and gear box that are to be mated together on assembly. There is some fine flash on the gills that will need some delicate tidying up, but overall, the shape looks well against the drawings I used for comparison. The undercarriage wasn’t neglected when the detail fairy at Revell did her stuff. The inside of the gear doors is very well done which will come out well on a panel wash. The doors are moulded as one per side for the option of having the gear retracted, however a cut line is provided to separate them for having a lowered configuration. Just be aware of the legs being too short and the impact this will have on an unloaded stance. Extending the length of them would be fiddly but possible with the careful use of brass and plastic rod. An option of belly or wing fuel tanks is provided as well as bombs for the wings. As mentioned previously about the undercarriage, dry fitting will be necessary to determine what is possible if you haven’t addressed the length of the gear legs. The canopy is designed to be sliding using a clever feature of the internal frame that locates within the guide rail on the back of the fuselage. Whether this is useful or better off chopped to allow the canopy to be simply dropped on will be of personal choice. P-51B Again, the kit is supplied win one plastic bag containing but only 3 plastic sprues, this time in dark green. Again, detail is comparable to the P-47. I’ve read of quite a lot of criticism of this kit in terms of accuracy, so again, I compared the main profiles with drawings from the Squadron publications to form my own opinion. I found the fuselage profile to quite accurately match the drawings, obviously, what this exercise doesn’t do is reference the curvatures around the fuselage. Indeed as already known, comparisons of the wing profiles show the root leading edge extensions to be wrong in that they aren’t tapered enough. Again, traditional construction techniques mean that we start with the cockpit. Detailing is on par with the P-47, although less will be seen due to the canopy design being more restrictive than the ‘D’ model with its bubble canopy. Surface detailing on the fuselage is crisp, with cockpit sidewall detail for the interior and fine recessed panel lines and rivet detail for the exterior. The seat has moulded in seatbelts too. Obviously, we can debate the visibility of panel lines and rivets on a 1/72 scale P-51, but personally I believe that they add to the kit in the way Revell have produced them. The exhausts are added to the fuselage from the outside which means they can be fitted after painting. Prior to closing the wings up, choose if you will hang anything off the hard points. If you do, then the relevant holes need to be opened up. The carburettor and supercharger intake have separate one piece moulded parts to prevent an unnecessary join from being on view. A separate supercharger exit door for the lower rear fuselage is also provided allowing you to choose the position that you want to assemble it in. The wings are well detailed including beautifully moulded gear bays. As with the P47, the gear doors provide single parts for each side allowing for ease of assembly in the retracted stance, but with a clear cut line to open them up if you want the gear lowered. The propeller is a slightly more complicated affair due to individual blades, so extra care will need to be taken on assembly. Armament options are 75 gallon drop tanks or rocket launchers, again detailing is nicely attended too. In terms of moulding quality neglecting the accuracy issues discussed, the only real let down in the kit in my opinion is the canopy. The plastic is rather thick, coupled with quite a complex shape, can numb the scale representation down quite a bit. If there is a vac form replacement available, you may want to consider this as an option to do the kit justice, possibly with the panels opened to show off the interior detail. Decals The gift set has a single decal sheet for all three kits contained. Typical of Revells quality as of late, they are beautifully printed with excellent register and colour richness. Stencils for each aircraft are also included, so don’t think that any compromises have been made in producing a gift set. Schemes provided are: B-17G-40-VE: 42-97976 ‘A Bit O’ Lace’, 709th BS, 447th BG, Rattlesden AB, April ‘45 P-47D-30-RA: 42-28382 ‘Ole Cock III’ Major Donavon Smith, 61st FS / 56th FG, ‘44 P-51B: 43-6506 flown by Major John Bennet 487th Fighter Sqn, 352 Fighter Group, Bodney AB June ‘44 Conclusion If you look for faults with any of these kits, you will find them. Some issues are more noticeable than others, I for one dislike the overly thick moulding on the nose cone of the B-17 (fortunately, vac replacements are easily available) and the panel lines a bit excessive. Fixing the leading edge extensions on the P-51B or the rear belly on the P47 is going to be much more difficult if you would bother to attempt it, however I believe that this set delivers huge value for money and hits its target market perfectly. All kits can be built with pleasing results from the box. As a kid I was inspired by the kits I built which fuelled my interest in aviation, and I’m sure this gift set has that same potential for budding young modellers today. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit
  24. P-51B 'Old Crow' Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson This is Bud's first Mustang that he received upon arrival in the UK replacing the P-39s that the Group left behind in the US. You will notice the white nose and spinner. This was just before the 357th adopted the yellow and red checker-board and yellow and red striped spinner that was so characteristic of the Fighter Group. This is the 'Old Crow' boxing of the Academy kit, although I didn't use the kit decals as they was for a later 'Old Crow' Instead I used one of the options from one of Eagle Strikes 357th sets. Right on with the photos. I have included photos taken on a blue background and identical shots taken on a white background. Please tell me which ones you prefer when you comment on the build. Thanks. Thanks for looking, as per usual your comments are welcome.
  25. Hello one and all, First of all, I hope it's okay to join in on this group build even tho I hadn't agreed to join it? I will be building a pair of Mustangs, both RAF ones, I know the theme is the Battle for the Third Reich, is the way up from Italy allowed? If not I still have the other model which I will be building at the same time anyhow. I started these two as I was waiting for the filler on my F-15 ACTIVE to finish drying/setting. Well onto the shots. Box shots... I am aware that the box art on the above model depicts an aircraft that was in China in 1944, thus eliminating itself from this GB, however the second option is an RAF aircraft which is shown below, which I think is okay for this GB, please correct me otherwise tho. Do you like my bed sheets The schemes I will be using. The Decals... Gotta love a good sharkmouth... The sprues, now I am cheating here as there is 2 models, the sprues are exactly the same for both planes bar the weapons so I will just post one set. And the work I have done thus far on the cockpits and fuselages. Done some basic work on the cockpits. Not going too detailed with the cockpit as the canopy will be closed, so you will not see much if anything. wondering if I want to have the flaps lowered or not.. hhmm... both of these builds will be totally OOB. I have got 2 of each of these models in the stash as well so I will AM those buggers to the max when I get around to them. Thank you for looking, Kind Regards, Dazz
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