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Found 62 results

  1. Here's my Hasegawa 1:72 Republic P-47D-10-RE Thunderbolt which I built back in 2004. It represents 42-75008, “88” flown by Lt. Col. Robert Baseler, of the 325th FG, in Foggia, Italy, in early 1944. It was an OOB build. Thanks for looking Miguel
  2. Sword is to rebox its 1/72nd Republic P-47N Thunderbolt in a 2in1 kit - ref. SW72121 Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/home/140-sw-72121-p-47n-2-in-1.html V.P.
  3. Pics by Nick Cronin 44-90464 (ex-Yugoslav AF 13056) - Museum of Aviation, Belgrade
  4. Hi everybody, my recent completion: P-47D 42-7937, 62nd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, Lt. Anthony R. Carcione, late 1943. The stereotypical USAAF aircraft as we imagine it carried some nose art, so when I decided to do a P-47, I was looking for one with either a cartoon figure or a pin-up. Finding a meaningful photo and the corresponding decal sheet can be frustrating at times, but finally, I settled for this aircraft that even displayed two dames, one more appropriately dressed than the other. This particular aircraft is quite well documented; apart from several photos it was also captured on film and appeared in the wartime documentary „Ramrod to Emden“ (www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_5ELQhzrPA). You can see LM-Q at about 32:05 in this clip. Part of the cowling with the nose art even survived to this day and apparently can be seen in a museum in Suffolk. This aircraft is representative of the moment when the 8th Air Force’s strategic bombing campaign against Germany was still teetering on a knife-edge, and the P-47s and P-38s struggled to protect the bombers during the most crucial points of the campaign. The puny P-51 only took over the role of the Thunderbolts and Lightning later. This is Tamiya’s 1/72 kit, and it is, of course, of the highest quality. The fit of the canopy is actually so tight that I couldn’t remove it again after test-fitting. The decals were included in the booklet Nigel Julian/Peter Randall/Zbigniew Kolacha, 56th Fighter Group. Part 1 (AJ Press), which I highly recommend. The red-bordered stars neither come with the kit nor the booklet, so I used a separate decal sheet by Experts Choice. One of the nice things about modelling is that you really learn new things about your subject. In this case, I learned that early and late D-models differ regarding the cooling flaps. On the later production blocks (and most likely the majority of all Thunderbolts built) the lower two flaps on each side are cut back and therefore narrower than the other flaps. The Tamiya kit and I guess every other kit has this later variant. 42-7937, however, was one of the early production blocks. Unfortunately, I discovered this only when I had already started airbrushing the model. So some meticulous last-minute cutting, puttying, adding of plastic sheet and sanding was due. Otherwise, this aircraft also needed a whip antenna instead of the antenna mast supplied with the kit. Now somebody should build an even earlier 56th FG P-47C with the yellow-bordered insignia without bars. Every comment welcome.
  5. Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Kagero TopDrawings One of the latest books in their TopDrawing series, this fifteen page softback is filled with line drawings and a selection of colour plates. Concentrating on the D-25, D-27, D-30 and D-40 models each drawing is annotated, describing the differences between each model, although admittedly some of the differences, particularly when comparing drawings on the same page are difficult to this untrained eye to make out. The line drawings are very nicely done though, and show all the access panels, panel lines and other details. All the line drawings and colour plates are in 1:48, with the exception of the drawings of the engine, instrument panels and weapons, some of which are in 1:24 scale. The book also comes with an A3 pull out showing the upper and lower views of a D-25 on one side and a D-30 on the other. A nice addition is the small mask sheet to be used with 1:48 scale models. Conclusion This is a very nice, well laid out book. As with other books in the series, this one should be used along with other reference material to ensure the accuracy of your model. Review sample courtesy of

    Big A$$ed Bird

    Greetings Folks, Its been a while since i posted anything following the Matchbox GB. Here is my latest effort, Academy's Thunderbolt Nose Art Edition. The option i chose was the one on the box top the well known Big A$$ed Bird 2 flown by Major Howard Parks. Although this is not as perfect a kit as the Tamiya version it built up without any problems whatsoever IMHO a very nice kit. I built it OOTB but used a set of Hobbyboss decals i had in the stash as Academy's aren't the best in my experience. The entire model is brush painted using Revell acrylics. Masking was a bit of a chore but it appears to have been worth the effort in the end. Here's the pics... IMG_2736 IMG_2732 IMG_2734 IMG_2735 IMG_2733 IMG_2731 Well thats it for now, see ya later, and thanks for looking. Cheers Greg
  7. Hamiltonian

    P-47 Thunderbolt long range tanks

    I'm just starting to model an aircraft attached to 135 Sq. RAF in May 1945, a Thunderbolt P-47D-22. And I want to model it on a specific day, May 2, 1945, when 135 Sq. strafed the beaches south of Rangoon in support of the Operation Dracula landing. I'm trying to decide what sort of drop tanks I need on this aircraft. Round trip distance from Akyab probably about 650 miles. No bombs were dropped, so I presume none were carried. Take-off 0445, return 0830. I have photographs of 135 Sq. aircraft with paired 150 US gallon wing tanks, and also of aircraft carrying three 108 US gallon tanks, but none from the day in question. Does the absence of bombing necessarily imply that all three pylons were occupied, or would the fuel load preclude a bomb? Or might there be reasons not to carry a bomb? (It had been established the previous day that the area was unexpectedly lightly defended.) Any other practical reasons that would make one arrangement of tanks more likely than another? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can offer.
  8. I used Tamiya (No:70) kit. Actually it is a D-25 variant. I modified the fuselage to convert it to D-30 which was used in Turkish Air Force service. Decals are from Tigerhead Decals. I build this for the son of a P-47 pilot. The base is not completed yet. All comments are ok. Thanks for looking. Çetin
  9. I bought this kit few years ago, before Eduard made their Limited Edition P-47 set, but i lost my appetite for this big fish . Now i have new airbrush from Gunze so it was a good time to check how it works. I used these additions for P-47: - Eduard resin wheels, - interior PE set, - RB model gun barrels, - Montex masks/decals
  10. Time to finish another one: Tamiya’s little P-47 Bubbletop. Eduard Zoom PE set added together with Master gun barrels. This is my first natural metal finish after 15 years so please have a mercy on me. I used different shades of Alclad and I like the brand a lot. The decals are some leftover pieces (the "23" number should look a bit different but I wasn’t able to find the right font). Anyway here it is, a French Bubbletop of GC 2/5 "La Fayette" in Colmar, 1945:
  11. Recently I came across this American WWII training movie explaining turbochargers: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKTSCXRjcmQ. The didactic qualities of these movies (including the cartoon elements like the mountain goat at 3:44 to make things more entertaining) are always remarkable. AFAIK the USAAF was the only air force during WWII to use turbocharged as opposed to crankshaft-driven superchargers on a large scale. The B-17 and B-24 had them and the unusual size of the P-38 and P-47 is explained by the volume and weight of the available turbochargers. Now I wonder, why did the USAAF make this choice and did it pay off? I assume that the availability of heat-resistant alloys needed for an exhaust gas-driven turbocharger played a role. The Americans usually had a much better access to raw materials than other states. At least in the case of the failed German FW-190 C the lack of raw materials is said to have been decisive. But what about Britain? I think in the case of the Spitfire, the small airframe spoke against a bulky turbocharger and in favor of the two-stage supercharger. In the long run turbochargers seem to have beaten superchargers (for example in car engines), but I assume turbochargers were not superior during WWII. At least the 8th Air Force ultimately replaced the turbocharger-equipped P-47 and P-38 in the high-level escort role to a large extent by the Merlin-driven P-51 which had a two-stage supercharger. Even though the turbocharger was thought to be the key to superior high altitude performance, the P-47 and P-38 were pushed into the low-level fighter-bomber role. The situation might have been different with bombers. Maybe the turbocharger was essential for the B-17 and B-24. What do you think?
  12. Hello Modellers Finished this recently. Essentially an OOB build with decals by Eaglecals. I'm pretty happy with it, thought its flaws are quite obvious. I have no references which affirm operational use of the centre tank and wing-mounted bomb configuration, so I will plead artistic licence. Comments welcome.
  13. So it turns out my new (moved jobs to Hereford) hobby store do a great deal! if you by decalfix you get a free model.... that's my story and I am sticking to it!.... their decal fix is expensive, just over £10 anyway I ended up with this Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr I am going through a bit of a radial faze at the moment which may need to be addressing at some point in the year, also I never really built US aircraft however since the the MTO GB and completing 'Bottoms Up II' i have become quite keen on US aircraft and their lovely nose art options! I have always loved this one for childish reasons of course, so when I saw it there in the store while I was trying to find something to take me above £5 for a card transaction I thought it must be a sign.... bought it and wanted to start it straight away! Its a nice kit from 1999, my only real complaint looking at the sprue is there is more flash than there really should be and the cowl flaps are not the nicest... and it would have been nice to have a closed option. Here she is in her naked state Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr so today I have started with painting the cockpit, it had its base coat detail painting followed by a dry brushing of Sand, and aluminium along with chipping, once all this dried out it got a citadel wash. Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr seat belts are moulded on and hand painted by ones self using a tiny brush of course next was the rather nice engine, this had a coat of mr hobby metal one once dry a good buffing with a big stiff brush Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr the gear housing(?) was buffed then the dome section painted grey. Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr the gear bays were done next and given a base coat of olive green with my own mix of zinc cromate over the top Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr after that it was back to the cockpit, assembled and then glued into the fuselage Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr then she got closed up Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr seams will need more work but i will leave them for now. Wings were then added Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr the wing root will get a sand and clean up and i will need to take the flash off the gun barrels next the engine was assembled Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr the prob shaft is way too long and will need some work when the prop is fitted. after that the cowling was tidied and then added, now if you are building this kit you may find like me that the fit of the cowl round the engine was rather tight and needed a fair bit of force to fit... or at least i hope you do because I did! and here where we are at, now i have to get the kids from school! Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr not bad for a few hours work I think! comments welcome Rob
  14. Republic P-47 Thunderbolt detail Set Eduard 1:32 Eduard have recently released their big 1:32 P-47 Thunderbolt, and rather unusually, have also released an etched detail set for it. I would have thought they would have included it in the kit, especially seeing as the kit is so expensive, but there you go. Detail set (32396) Contained on a single large sheet of relief etched brass the set contains parts for both internal and external areas of the model, but mainly external. The only items for the cockpit are for the four piece seat raising and lowering mechanism, for which you’ll have to provide a length of styrene or brass rod, and the foot plates for the rudder pedals. Other internal parts include the internal trunking for the exhausts, the hinge mechanisms for the cooling gills, rocker cover plates and the interior faces of the undercarriage doors. Externally there are new fin boxes for the bombs, along with nose and tail arming vanes, interior pylon fitting, and crutches. The wing drop takes receive the same interior pylon fixture and crutches, whilst the centreline tank is fitted with new a similar fixture, but with attachment hook and crutch plates. The rear fuselage mounted intakes are completely replaced, both internally and externally with brass parts that will need some careful folding and rolling to achieve the correct shape. The rudder trim tab control rod cover and attachment is fitted and a similar arrangement is fitted to the port elevator. The scissor links on the main undercarriage legs are replaced as is the lower outer door along with their respective hinges. Lastly the interior of the flap bays are fitted with a new liner. Conclusion This is very nice set, which although not the most complex will give the kit some useful additional detail. It’s just rather strange that it wasn’t included in the kit. Review sample courtesy of
  15. Bazooka Launchers for P-47 1:32 Brassin Arriving in the cardboard box that are used for the more fragile sets in the Brassin range, this set consists of two complete launchers, four end plates, and four fixing arms. There is also a smallish etched sheet, containing the straps that go round each three tube launcher and a small resin fixture for the straps. Construction is relatively simple, just cut the moulding blocks off the launchers and launcher end sections, for which the modeller has the option of fitting one pair for armed or the other pair for empty launchers. Each of the upright fixtures is then glued to the top attachment points of the launchers. The tubes are then fitted with six straps which go round all three tubes, and a strengthening strap that is fitted between the aft attachment points to one of the binding straps. Conclusion Although Eduard probably expect this set to be used on their new 1:32 P-47, it can obviously be used on any manufacturers kits in this scale. It’s a great set and makes you realise how big these things were. Review sample courtesy of
  16. P-47D Wheels 1:32 Eduard Brassin The wheels are one area of a kit which really do benefit from resin replacement when they are this good. The wheels are individual units with the hubs as separate parts. The solid tail wheel is also included. Conclusion These are really well cast units from Eduard and will enhance you P-47 model. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  17. Eduard is to rebox with add ons the Hasegawa's 1/32nd Republic P-47D Thunderbolt kit in 2017?- ref. Source: http://pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=78501&sid=2fed11272508b70cc053fe34bdf286c4&start=645 Box art by Romain Hugault. V.P
  18. Does anyone remember the Matchbox P-47 Thunderbolt kit? Here are my two builds of this lovely old kit displaying both of the kits decal options. The bare metal P-47 was built earlier this year as part of the P-47 stgb, while the o/d version was built some time further back. While not the best Thunderbolt available these days it is still a nice kit to build and looks good on the shelf. Sadly the Matchbox Group Build looks like it will miss the boat again this year, but if there is anyone out there that fancies giving a Matchbox kit a go then a few extra votes might just tip the balance.
  19. These are in 1/72. The Bubbletop being a Brazilian machine with aftermarket decals, the Razorback one of the 325th Checkertail Clan using kit decals. For their age, the kits are decent, although lacking in cockpit detail. The Tamiya kit is superior, but the Hasegawa can often be found and swap meets for 5 bucks, in fact that's what dad paid for it about 15 years ago when he bought it for me. It was a 2 in 1 special edition.
  20. Homebee

    Eduard 2018 - programme

    A glimpse into the Eduard 2017-2018 programme. Sources: http://pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=78501&sid=2fed11272508b70cc053fe34bdf286c4&start=645 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1550130735002393&set=gm.1127641523995448&type=3&theater V.P.
  21. Hello again. After a while I've managed to complete this magnificent aircraft. The kit itself is a charm. Easy to build, nice fit and no problems whatsoever. Painting it was a bit of fun but nothing hard. Unfortunately I can't make a build without some problems. This time problems with silvering of decals. Weird, because on glossy surface it was absolutely fine, but after putting matt coat half of the decals were silvering:( I've read some forums, tip and advices and followed the one with needle and pucturing the silvered decals and another coat of Sol and Set. Helped a lot, but still I'm not happy to be honest. Some decals basically unfixable.. Build is OOB + Eduard masks. Anyway, pictures: I hope you like it. Thanks and see you soon!
  22. Hello Everyone, I present to you, my P-47 of the 201 Escuadron Mexican Air Force. This was built for the P-47 GB earlier in the year, unfortunately due to me moving and being lazy, I didn't get her finished on time. I enjoyed the GB alot and loved all of the other models that where built there. I decided on this one as I saw a picture of it, when I was playing WarThunder and really liked the design. The model is the classic Revell 1/72 P-47 and the decals are from an AeroMaster sheet, which I wasn't too impressed with. Enjoy! Oh the build thread can be found **here**. I noticed that one of the gun barrels was bent, actually you can see it above closet to the wheel. I think this was done when my gf was cleaning the shelf it sits on. Oh well... Thanks for looking! Kind Regards, Dazz
  23. Hi, everybody! I present you my next model.
  24. Hello Everyone, I said in modelling minions thread that I was going to join in with a Mexican P-47 once I had sorted all the bits out. I did have a Revell 1/72 P-47 N that I was going to use, but upon research and after discussion it has been suggested that the N model wouldn't be a good place to start to backdate to a D model. Well that was me buggered. So I purchased two new kits of the Revell P-47D-30 which as far as I can tell... is exactly the same mould... I give up. So now I have 3 kits. I have loved the Mexican scheme of the 201 Escuadron, Fuerza Aerea Expedicionaria Mexicana, attached to the 58th FG, in the Philippines in 1945 since I saw the aircraft on a loading screen for War Thunder believe it or not. I just thought it was interesting to see the Mexican triangle (I don't know it's correct name) and the Stars and Bars of the USAAF on the same aircraft (clicky link for a HD wallpaper of said picture). Thankfully I searched for the picture again before I started and checked my decal sheet as I was under the impression the bars where yellow, but apparently they where black and white. I have seen colour pictures of the actual aircraft to back it up also... so god knows where I got yellow from? I also thought these aircraft where based in Italy, but they where actually based in the Philippines... really think I am getting confused with the Brazilian ones. Anyhow on Got the kits from KingKit... wished I had paid £3.99 for it, but I aint gonna moan. I LOVE KingKit, sure my gf doesn't tho I do really like the "Balls Out" scheme. I might do it at a later date. These pictures where taken at night with the flash off, I'm sure everyone knows what the sprues look like on this model by now... Really like that belly tank for reasons unknown... The decals are really good and quite exhaustive... for once in my life I want to build a French machine... maybe at a later date (sorry Mish, I know you like Frenchie machines). The decal sheet I will be using, not sure if AeroMaster are around anymore?? The one I will be building is the third one from the top. Decals all appear to be in register and look nicely printed. Yay! So after getting tips from TeeELL about the Instrument Panel (not the IP ). I managed to paint it up to this level. There is some really nice detail on those dials, I will have to dollop the gloss varnish on it laters. Simple things keep me happy and I am really happy with this side. Probably the wrong colours, but I am happy with it. Same again for this side, not that much will be seen mind. Wonderful cockpit, not really much to show here tbh. Instrument Panel fitted, this is a horrible picture... if anyone wants to see a better version just say so. I will re-take the photo and upload. You get the idea tho. I have also painted the wheel wells (no picture) and I have fitted the cockpit to the left fuselage but without any pictures. As I have said in my Hurricane GB. I have just been accepted for a flat with SWMBO (our first place living together). Now I am allowed to build models (like she has a choice! ) it will take us a few days/weeks to get things sorted. My mother has decided to let me have the man-cave completely to myself now (we was sharing before hand). So I can have display cabinets and such We have still got to sort stuff out and move around. So this might be all I get accomplished for a wee while. I do really want to build another P-47 with a massive pin-up model on it for my girlfriend, she loves pinup art (I don't mind it either ). If anyone that knows of a really nice pinup and you can get decals in 1/72 I am open to suggestions. I am thinking of looking at Kits-World as they are literally down the road from me. Hope to keep people entertained on this journey of mangled and melted plastic, this ride will get bumpy. Hints and pointers as always gratefully received. Kind Regards, Dazz