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Found 35 results

  1. I have split open the bag for my build and it sired some memories from a childhood build. I will build OOB as I need something to get the mojo back. The parts in a lovely brown plastic Instructions and washed out decals And the decals I will use for the build Not sure if I will build as a 816SQN Mk1 or an shore based 724SQN T Mk2
  2. Hi! So, I decided! The status of this kit can be seen in the photo in this my posting: Firstly, I have only "nude" mold without box, instructions & decal. With decal we will invent something! I am very grateful @PeterB for trying to help: but I'm afraid he will not be able to help me....as I think. About this model. I know its disadvantages: Naturally I will not correct these shortcomings. But something I still decided to do: What do I think to do next? Probably something must be done with the cockpit interior and nose radiator interior.... after then glue and painting... B.R. Serge
  3. FROG SPARE PARTS   As you know we currently have a "Spare Frog Decals" thread running, which has proved hugely successful in allowing many kits with missing or unusable decals to be included in this Group Build @Rob S suggested we could have an additional thread for Frog Spare Parts. Therefore if you have a Frog kit that is missing any parts or a "Spawn" kit that has brittle, warped, or malformed parts or conversely you have a kit that has extra parts or you have already relegated a kit to a "Spares" kit then here is the Thread to list what you want or what is available to complete those Frog kits out there and maybe take part in this Group Build.  So that it fits within the "No Trading in the Group Build Threads" Rule/s the Mods for this GB have obtained approval from @Enzo Matrix GB Mod Supremo, so long as Parts are not sold but Postage costs can be covered so that no Part Donor is out of pocket. We hope this proves just as popular with the participants of this GB as the decals thread and leads to many additional builds joining this every popular GB. Cheers Pat, Dave, V-P & Rob aka @JOCKNEY @Rabbit Leader @vppelt68 & @Rob S
  4. A warm and heartfelt welcome to yet another Classic kit Britmodeller Group Build. This time we are honouring one of histories true legends of Plastic kit construction - FROG (Flies Right Off the Ground). This Group build will be running for just over four months (01 June to 20 October), so there’s plenty of time to jump onboard and build that classic Frog kit thats been lurking in your stash for ages. Here’s a quick note on the GB rules, however as always - if in doubt, check with the GB hosts first! What is eligible: 1. Any kit that was originally designed and issued by ‘Frog’. 2. Any kit that was boxed by ‘Frog’, however designed by another manufacturer (these are mainly Hasegawa kits from the late 60’s). 3. Any kit that can trace it’s original history to a ‘Frog’ mould (commonly called “Frog Spawn”) - these are mainly Novo, Novo Export, Chematic, Revell, Modelcraft, Eastern Express, Donetsk Factory, Gomix, ZTS Plastyk, Ark Models, AMT etc. 4. Any kit that has been reworked by a new manufacturer, however has clear evidence that it was ‘copied’ from an original ‘Frog’ mould - some Academy kits fall into this category. 5. In summary, any kit that at one point or another carried a FROG ‘F’ number - Scalemates can help you here. 6. Your kits can be built straight OOB or you can go to town with as many After Market products you so desire. 7. Modifications to the basic kit is allowed, however please use the majority of the kits main parts during the construction phase. 8. A WIP thread must accompany each build and once complete you can showcase your efforts by placing up to five photos in the GB Gallery. 9. Due to the vast volume of entries anticipated, an end of GB vote to determine an overall winner is unlikely to occur. In the hosts eyes, all GB entrants are winners so we should all be happy with that. 10. Feel free to encourage your fellow FROG modellers along the way by leaving as many nice comments and hitting the ‘Like’ emoji frequently! Special Addendum: Given the age / antiquity of the very earliest kits produced by FROG and the fact that there may be no available examples still below 25% assembly, a refurbishment build involving some of the constituent parts will be considered acceptable.  The intention of the Classic Group Build is to stroll down memory lane and perhaps take a second look at some of these pioneering plastic kits from yesteryear. Although we certainly have a preference to showcase original Frog produced kits, we have opened the eligible criteria just enough to encourage as many modellers to join in as possible. These Classic GB’s are always great, so please stay within the rules, don’t take things too seriously and (as always) have a lot of FUN. Please feel free to ask any questions to @JOCKNEY, @Rabbit Leader or @vppelt68 should further clarification be required. I would like to use the Group Build banner below please feel free, it's now regulation size, and if you can read it without glasses you are either telling fibs or very lucky ! Cheers and happy FROG modelling, Pat, Dave & V-P.
  5. Here's my Novo 1/72 Herald, just finished in the Frog Squad GB. More or less out of the box, ignoring any inaccuracies and the lack of detail (check out the 10cm scale thickness nose gear doors!), built as G-APWJ of Air UK (now preserved at Duxford). Decals were bodged together from the 26 sheets for a BIA Herald and Air UK F-27. Build thread is here thanks for looking Julian
  6. I have decided, possibly against my better judgement, or my incipient madness, after seeing the comments of @Rabbit Leader and @Redstaff to have a go at this one. According to Scalemates the Novo boxing is from 1977 but Frog originally released the Sea. Hawk in 1955. That makes it exactly the same age as me. Looking at the box contents, despite 50 years of playing rugby and associated celebrations and commiserations, I have worn considerably better than this kit. There are 22 parts in the box and one transparency, along with a fair amount of flash, no undercarriage wells, the main undercarriage legs and doors as a single part which look like their built of six inch armour plate, no cockpit but a pilot's head in two halves, transfer positions engraved on the wings and a goodly bundle of flash. But little in the way of ejector pins or moulding flaws. And a reasonably well shaped Sea Hawk, albeit without cannon. The box contents. and the entire airframe, two fuselage halves and two solid wings. You can see the roundel position clearly. The box also contained this little container with a solid piece of something in it. I suspect it may have been a tub of glue. I have cleaned up most up most of the parts and will put some weight into the nose before glueing everything up.
  7. This Attacker was part of the HMS Eagle air wing in the early 1950s. The type had a fairly brief career with the Royal Navy, withdrawing from front line units in 1954, however RN Reserve squadrons continued to fly it until 1957. The Attacker was unique among British jet fighters in having a tail wheel, which made it difficult to operate from carriers. Huge thanks to @perdu for the canopy and decals. I also used some extra decals and added a few aerials, etc, and scooped out the cockpit and wheel wells. Other than that, pretty much oob!
  8. So, before the CMR Wapiti was released the only way to build the Wapiti, The Indian Air forces first mount was to modify the Frog/Novo Wallace or the merlin models plastic and White metal Wapiti. The less said about both the better!! I used the Merlin fuselage and undercarriage, Wallace wings and empennage, Aeroclub white metal Jupiter engine, a paper clip for the Lewis mount and a small brass Russian cottage lewis gun. Vallejo paints and sprue rigging with spare decals. A basic no-nonsense build with no bells and whistles that ill keep for the CMR kit!! The aircraft is from the IAF's No 1 Sqn the Tigers at Miranshah when operating against Afridi tribesmen on the NWFP circa 1933. . .
  9. An old Novo 1/72 Beaufighter with aftermarket decals finished as a Coastal Command Torpedo and rocket armed aircraft. the panel lines are pencil and chalk. All hand painted with Tamiya acrylics. Figure and jeep are Airfix, the truck is an old unnamed metal kit. The grass is some Czhek ready made mat and hangar printed off the net!! the base is mine!!
  10. My 1/72 Novo lightning with aftermarket decals, handpainted with home enamels. next to my Novo Hunter of the Chilean airforce.
  11. Joining you with this nightfighter from Novo. . Acquired from a colleague who trades in toys for £2.50, I get first dibs at the models. This in my Nightfighter offering, with an intent to try a tank killer, and ship killer specialists, if I have time.
  12. On 5 May 1942 an advance party arrived at Chelveston from the Air Forces Experimental Establishment Detachment from Ringway in connection with the carrying out of specified work on the development of towing troop-carrying gliders. The remainder of the party arrived – according to official records – whenever the weather was fit for flying. On 3 June a Lockheed Hudson was towing two Hotspurs when one disintegrated in mid-air north of Raunds. Fortunately, both the crew survived. The AFEE left Chelveston on 31 August 1942.
  13. Vickers Vimy IV, 502 (Ulster) Squadron, RAF Aldergrove, Co. Antrim, circa 1928 - 29 Converted from the Frog Trans-Atlantic 'Trail Blazers' Alcock & Brown kit Not a show winner by any means, but not too bad from 6ft
  14. Hello all! I am continuing with my theme of building old model kits. This time it is the Novo (ex-Frog) Percival Proctor IV. I have built it out-of-the-bag, with the probably understandable exception of the transfers...I was going to save it for the potential Frog Group Build, but I was a bit impatient! I added seatbelts from tape, a piston in the engine louvre and drilled out one intake as the sum of improvements. The colour scheme is entirely fanciful, but if anyone says the serial is for a Shorts Tucano I will say 'You are right!' All the transfers came from the surplus left over from a Tucano, and I thought the blue cheat lines showed off the Proctor rather nicely. The paintwork is brush-painted, Revel 90 Acrylic Silver in the main, but the engine cowling is Mr Metalizer again brush 'painted' (i.e. read scrubbed on with an ancient brush then buffed with a cotton bud) and it gives a nice bit of contrast. I was very surprised at the fit of the components, I needed to use filler only on the wing-roots and the upper forward cabin roof. The transparencies could have been better, or I could have used the Falcon Vac-form set. I think I could also have dealt with some sink marks a bit better. The aerial wire was EZ-Line. Thanks for looking, all the best, Ray
  15. Having entered service just too late for WW2, the Hornet featured a similar wooden construction to the Mosquito, and served predominantly with the RAF in the Far East. It saw service during the Malayan campaign, flying with 33, 45, 64 and 80 squadrons, before being withdrawn and retired in 1956. As well as the Far East, the Hornet also equipped three squadrons in the UK, numbers 19, 41 and 65 sqns at Church Fenton, flying firstly in the long range fighter role then converting to ground attack as more Meteors became available. No. 19 sqn operated Hornets from October 1946 until January 1951. The Novo kit is basic but as far as I'm aware still the only 1/72 Hornet available? This one was built oob, except for a tiny bit of scratch building of the pilot's front console and having to source spare decals and serial numbers as the kit ones dissolved and were completely unusable. Although it's called finished, I'm still looking for the 19 sqn tailfin markings and the square marking on the left side of the fuselage behind the 'QV' code.
  16. Yes, this is going to be just like the old days, back from the shops and built over the weekend Terrified of desolving Decals but really looking forward to this cheers Pat
  17. Another ancient Novo kit, courtesy of ebay! Hopefully I can bash it into a shape resembling an early 1950s Hornet. This is probably my last one until after we move house, then I can start on more Vulcans and Victors! Looks like the usual thick Novo plastic, but the overall shape seems nice. I'm far from a rivet-counter so as long as you get the feeling of early 50s piston fighters when you look at the model that's good enough for me. I might need some new/extra decals though, these look like they may break up. The serials look a bit 'heavy' too, I might use the Xtradecal letters instead.
  18. Hi all Amongst quite a few other projects I have been beavering away on this for a while. This is a lovely little kit and goes together well apart from some fettling on the Canopy which was a bit of a so and so. The interior is as per the kit apart from an IP and painted on seatbelts . I have re secribed the very few panel lines. The Dome for the ring ariel is from an AZ Models Airspeed Oxford and the ring ariel is made of 5 amp fuse wire. The antenna wire is invisible thread with Cyano isolators. The prop is from a PM models Beech C45 Expeditor as the Kit one was missing. The Exhaust was home made. The Kit decals were a nightmare and completely disintegrated when they were dipped in water. I would like to say a big Thank You to Beard for coming to my rescue with some spares. I would also like to thank everyone for their kind comments on the WIP. Thank you for popping by. All the best Chris
  19. Hi all I thought whilst I was posting on the other two aircraft I thought I might as well post on this one. I have got to say I have really enjoyed this one. I added an IP and some seatbelts and have rescribed the panel lines and the propeller is from the spares box with the kit spinner as although the kit was sealed in the poly bag with card header it looks to have come out one of the airholes in the bag. The only problem are with the kit is the main canopy which did not fit at all well and I used some Laser Glaze to complete it. I rubbed off the framework and polished for what seemed like ages but could not get it much better so it will have to do. I am doing the aircraft that comes in the Kit. Thanks for looking All the best Chris
  20. The sleek and angular Fairey Delta 2 was the first aircraft to exceed 1,000 m.p.h. in level flight. Tailless and with a distinctive needle nose, it was designed by Herbert Chaplin of the Fairey Aviation Company. The F.D.2 was created to meet a British government requirement for an experimental to investigate transonic flight – flight at or near the speed of sound. The two intakes for its Rolls-Royce Avon afterburning turbojet were in the roots of its mid-set, slender delta wing, which had 60 degrees of sweep on its leading edge. Because the aircraft adopted a nose-high attitude on its landing approach, it was designed with a nose capable of drooping by 10 degrees. Test pilot Peter Twiss took the F.D.2 beyond Mach 1 on 28 October 1955, reaching Mach 1.56. On 10 March 1956 two measured runs were undertaken at 38,000ft. achieving a mean speed of 1,132mph (Mach 1.73). This was an extraordinary 38% faster than the previous record, set by a North American Sabre fighter only seven months earlier. A second F.D.2 was used for aerodynamic research in the development of Concorde.
  21. This was included in a box given to me. One was on the runners and this one had been started and some parts were missing. I had to scratch the clear part of the canopy, the wing fences and some of the undercarriage doors. No decals with it either, so I used these Lightning markings.
  22. What we're gonna do right here is go back. Way back. Back into the early 1960s. And judging by the standard of the decals and plastic I don't think the kit is much newer! I've always had a fascination with the Javelin, from my favourite RAF era, mid 50s to mid 60s, when aeroplanes were real, with proper colours and markings and we had more than three squadrons of fighters. I'd love to have seen these beasts howling over Norfolk. So, the basic kit: And it is quite basic, I want to try this one out before I do the much better Airfix kit. The decals are terrible. Not only do they look basic but they appear to be cracking, I think they'll just break up on soaking, so to the aftermarket I will need to go. Either that or use the Airfix 64 sqn ones and then aftermarket decals on the newer kit. Does anybody know of a decent set of 1/72 Javelin decals? What on earth is all this!? ... Hoping to get some inspiration for markings from this superb book. Anyone have any advice, especially on the decals?
  23. A last minute decision to use the kit decals after the Model Alliance set on eBay crept beyond £12! The kit decals were slightly cracked through age, but fortunately didn't break up in the water. After serving with 25 sqn, XH905 flew in 33 sqn markings until November 1962 when the unit was renumbered 5 sqn and moved to Geilenkirchen in Germany. It was based here until 1966 when the Javelin wing disbanded. It's remarkable how short the service lives of some front line fighters were in those days! I built this one OOB apart from adding the tiny aerial on the tailplane, and painting the control panels as the decals didn't include any. Colours are satin DSG spray, Tamiya XF-81 green and silver spray from Halfords (!). The kit was generally good apart from excessive flash on some sprues, but fitted together reasonably well for the most part, I just needed a lot of filler for the wing roots. So here she is, Javelin FAW.9 XH905 of 5 squadron ... I'd love to get better at this (more realistic looking models), so all comments and ideas for improvement welcome!
  24. Hi all. I have just made a start on the old Frog/Novo DH60 Gypsy Moth in the green/silver colours of Amy Johnson's aircraft. My question is, what is the best match for the green of the fuselage? I have only managed to find mention of 'dark green' but this seems too dark in relation to pictures of the real thing. Any ideas?
  25. I didn't consciously decide to go on an old Frog kit building frenzy. Or, at least I don't think I did. Regardless, here's another one. This time it's the 1977 Novo release of the 1974 Frog Lavochkin La-7 in 1/72nd scale. I've built it straight out of the hang card bag with the exceptions of a total rescribe with recessed panel lines, the addition of a bit of plastic card to block off the main wheel well and employing a very nice set of Authentic Decals printed in, rather ironically, Russia. I cannot speak to accuracy as I didn't bother to check but it looks rather like the La-7 photos I've peered at. It's a simple kit but pretty cleanly molded and didn't require a great deal of fettling or putty to get it paint ready. I went with Vallejo Model Air colors for the camo and Tamiya for the rest. Both always go on very well, especially over Stynelrez primer which seems to bond so well to the plastic and the paint to it. Oh, and I used some Bare Metal Foil for the strips around the cowling. I also tried the artist oils wash technique for the first time. It's a bit subtle on this particular job, maybe used too dark a brown, but I quite like the idea and will be using it more often for sure.
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