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Found 10 results

  1. Having originally said I'd join this group build, it's about time I did! The Nordic theme is of great interest to me, and as an added bonus, my wife is half Norwegian! My chosen subject is the Roden 1/144 C-47. My plan is to model a Norwegian Air Force version using Vingtors splendid decal sheet 144-124 for the type. I have a soft spot for the C-47/DC-3 in 1/144 scale, having two completed, and a further three in the stash. The third to be built will join these two Minicraft offerings that I built a couple of years ago: So starting with the the kit. I think I picked this one up at a show a few years back. The other Roden offering I have is the AC-47, and the third in the stash is an Eastern Express C-117D. This one should be good for the Norwegian version, with a few minor mods and detail additions: The parts are unsurprising, and actually quite nicely moulded: The Vingtor decals are quite superb: There are a good few choices to depict various machines throughout the service life of the aircraft. Early years, 50's through to early 60's.... and later years, 60's through to mid 70's ............ And a nice overhead shot showing one of the later aircraft: I'm in the process of gathering as much reference material as possible, as although this is small scale, I like to achieve as much accuracy and authenticity as possible, within reason. Not known for my fast build pace, this will be a challenge for me, but I did complete four 1/72 models for last Years club Telford theme, in around 6 weeks, so I'm in with a chance! More very soon. Terry
  2. I present my Zvezda Boeing 787-9 in Norwegian’s UNICEF livery G-CKLZ. I chose this livery as it’s a great show of support for the excellent work that UNICEF carry out all over the World and it’s great to see Norwegian, like many other airlines, supporting this great cause. The kit was OOB with aftermarket decals from Ascensio and the windows and cockpit decals from Authentic Airlines. The Satcom antenna comes as standard with this kit. It was straight forward to assemble with minimal filling required. The paints used were Halfords Appliance white, brush painted Humbrol acrylic Scarlett 60 for the red section. I wish I had sprayed the red section now though instead of brush painting it. I have a special livery Vietjet A321 to do in the future and will likely spray the red on that I think. The metals were various Revell Aqua colours. The decals are laser printed with additional white screen printed decals where they are required. They are easy to use and work well with Microset/Microsol. The only thing I did differently was paint the lower fuselage billboard red, as the decal supplied doesn’t match the actual aircraft livery after studying photos of the underside. I made the ice indicators myself for the wings using left over 777 decals and cut it to reflect the shape seen on the Norwegian 787, as it’s not common on all 787s that I’ve seen. As always an excellent product from Authentic Airlines, they really do bring a model to life. My next project to hit here in the future is likely to be my A321N in the Hawaiian Airlines livery. As always thank you for looking and any constructive feedback and comments are very much welcomed. Regards, Alistair
  3. After a barren 2016 with a few started but none finished, I decided to reboot an old project: I just love the colours on that F-16, so up to the wardrobe of doom to hunt out the original kit revealed many layers of paint, rubbish seams etc. All in all much better to start afresh so a new kit (and a SUFA, I like a challenge...) and decals (which turned out to be unnecessary) were duly purchased. While waiting for the kit to arrive I did a lot more research on these kits than the first time and formed a plan of action, dry fit everything,then dry fit it all again and then trim/sand if needed then repeat until everything fits nicely or nicely enough so that minimal filler was required. My cause was not helped by the fact the lower fuselage, especially the wings more resembled a banana than an F-16 but lots of clamps saw to that. I also found that removing the locating pins on the tail, lower wings and the insert above the MLG bay improved fit no end. To deal with the nose inserts which were a major sticking point on my previous attempt, I fitted them so that 3 sides were aligned and needed minimal filler (or none as it turned out ), leaving just the one canyon per side that needed filler as can be seen in the pics. Everything was then primed, refilled the necessary areas and then micromeshed with the undersides painted using Tamiya TS-17 in a rattle can which is how it stands as of tonight. I've also got an Aires exhaust for the Hasegawa kit which has been modified to fit. Hopefully by posting this build again I will actually finish it this time. Cheers, Sean
  4. Hell fellow modellers. I have finally completed my Norwegian Air Shuttle fleet. A project that has lasted me far too long. The first model being the Revell 737-800, LN-NOL, was finished back in November 2012. The -300 was completed back in January 2014. Now, two years later, the Dreamliner is complete. My target back in the days, was to model one of each plane type in the 2012 fleet. The -300 has now been withdrawn from service. The Dreamliner has switched registration, so its now on norwegian registration; LN-LNA, and accordingly, the 737-800 has changed from LN-NOL to EI-FHC. The Norwegian Trio by Robin Matcham, on Flickr Norwegian Long Haul 787-8 EI-LNA by Robin Matcham, on Flickr Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-3Y0 LN-KKR by Robin Matcham, on Flickr Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-8Q8 LN-NOL by Robin Matcham, on Flickr After being three months in the Phillippines with work, I have now returned to Denmark and should be able to complete some more models in the near future. Robin
  5. Hi everyone, at last I've finished my 1/48 Catalina, it was supposed to be completed for the Lesser Built Air-Forces Group Build, but didn't quite make it!! Original thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234973320-norwegian-148-pby5-catalina/ . After a little research in to Norwegian Catalina use, (helped hugely by Nils ( Vingtor ), I was surprised to find a RoNAF Catalina which used my initials as it's squadron code, so, being a vain type ;-), that's the one I've finished it as. Sorry about the quality of some of the pics, it is a real struggle to take anything half decent without distortion, but that's due to the limitations of the Kindle I use to take photo's with and the size of the completed model. Oh, and by the way, unless you fit some internal lighting, don't bother with adding any internal detail to the kit supplied parts! Thanks for looking. Kirk
  6. Hi all. Here is my example of a Gloster Gladiator Mk1 of the Norwegian Air Force in 1940. It is the Roden kit that I built about 8 years ago when I was going through my WW2 fighter phase. Built OOB and if memory serves me correctly, it was a 'measure twice, cut once' type of kit. Also, being my first (and last) biplane, the rigging was a baptism of fire that I didn't particularly enjoy. IIRC, I used Humbrol aluminium as the overall doping colour, national markings were airbrushed on and the numerals were DIY using decal paper and my inkjet printer. Weathering was kept to the minimum using pastels. Thanks for viewing. C & C's welcome.
  7. I started this one at Christmas thinking it would be a nice quick build. Few parts, rattle can of white paint, a bit of red at the front end...... Well it has taken me until now to get it done! I always thought the Dreamliner was a bit on the ugly side, but I have to say that building this model has changed my mind. It has lovely flowing lines and had gone from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Maybe it has something to do with them now appearing in proper airline liveries rather than prototype colours. The kit is the Revell boxing of the Zvezda mouldings, and is beautifully done. The fan blades in the engines feature individual blades, cleverly moulded as two rings of blades that fit together. The cockpit glazing was a slightly oversize fit and required sanding to blend it in. I polished it back to clarity with micromesh cloths as I prefer clear glazing to window decals. Decals are from Lima November and very nicely done. I chose EI-LNB (Irish reg. as these aircraft are leased and not on the Norwegian register) 'Thor Heyerdal' as my Grandmother was at school with him! All in all an enjoyable build, not as quick as I thought it would be, but it is a big aeroplane especially when seen next to a 737. Thanks for looking John
  8. This summer I took the family for a holiday in Stavanger, Norway, flying from Manchester with Norwegian. The aircraft waiting at the gate was LN-NOM 'Greta Garbo' so when Ruben of Lima November decals announced a sheet for this very aircraft I just had to get one. The kit is the Revell 737-800 with my own mods to extend the winglets and fix the undersides of the engines to get the correct shape. This particular aitcraft carries a satellite receiver on top of the fuelsege in front of the fin, and this was scratchbuilt from plasticard. After that it's an easy enough build. The Lima November decals are superb, fitting very nicely and with good colour density. All are silk screen printed except for the 'Greta Garbo' on the tail which is laser printed. The instructions are very good, even containing photos of the real aircraft including a good close shot of the satellite instalation. So, I introduce you to Miss Garbo.... And with another of my Norwegian fleet, "Edvard Grieg" Thanks for looking, John
  9. Hi! My first ever airliner! Really like the result! Came out just as expected. All over a fairly easy build with a few problems, but they were easy enough to correct. Decals are from lndecals.com, and they are brilliant! Winglets are Brazz, and engines are redone by myself. Not to perfection though, but I think I got it alright Paints used were white: rattle can from a local shop. Only some cheap stuff Red: Revell 31 Gloss coat: Rattle can from the danish Halfords. So here goes: (ENJOY ) As I said before, my first airliner, but certainly not the last! Have a great evening fellows! Robin
  10. Hello britmodellers! I thought it might be time for a little thread. I have started my first airliner project, which is the Revell 737. Loads of research done, and I found out that there was several things wrong with the kit. So, I wanted to do something different. Something that I could relate too. And I chose to do a Norwegian. I'm from Denmark, and see them everyday, if the weather lets me I really love the scheme of LN-NOL, so I got hold of some brilliant decals from my good mate from lndecals.com, thanks again Ruben Winglets are resin ones from Braz? I think, I was given them by a nice friend of mine So, here goes! Robin
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