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Found 15 results

  1. Hello fellow modelers, I'm Andreas from Munich. I started modelling in early '70, I started building ship models from Airfix and then Heller 1:400. I always had a great passion for ships and all related aspects, as engineering, technology and history. But I am also interested in rally cars if I get bored from the grey coloured ships. At the moment I have some 3 projects going on with a lot of scratchbuilding, and now I discovered 3D designing! When you have to build 18 tiny coalwinches, I at least, can`t do it. Happy modelling! Andreas
  2. Hello everyone. I'm not a new modeler, but for a variety of reasons I got away from the hobby for some twenty years and have gotten back into it in the last couple of years. I build a variety of scales but build only airplanes. I consider myself an average modeler so am looking forward to seeing what others do and learning from their experiences. Looking forward to following this site thru the New Year.
  3. Old John

    Old John

    Hi I am a 83 year old who returned to modelling 3 years ago after loss of wife. Used to make 1/72nd scale aircraft 40 years ago. did not want to do military stuff now,so make 1/24th cars & trucks from last century. not modern ones at the moment From North East England
  4. Hello everyone I’ m Jean-Baptiste new french modeller from spain. I’m very happy to join this good forum. Thanks
  5. Hi everybody, Just a few line to introduce my self. I am returning to modelling after a few years gap. Started in the 1960's with the old favourite Airfix, built quite a few aircraft, ships and tanks. Stopped due to personal thing and have decided to rejoin the modelling fraternity again. I am a huge Formula 1 fan and have a few to start building including most of the cars Nigel Mansell drove in his career. Anyway looking forward to joining in the discussions and helpful tips.
  6. Hi Everyone on Britmodeller. Just joined the Britmodeller site! Five years ago, my 10 year old son said, "Dad, this Airfix stuff looks cool!" That was all it took. I instantly remembered my modelling joy when I was a teenager with Airfix, Revell, and Historex and it was inevitable that I would leap straight back into modelling. I think it was going to university in the mid-1980s when it stopped and then 20 years in the Royal Air Force, a family and a new career in civvy street ensured little time for the wonderful hobby. But I am back into it and although my teenage son still dabbles alongside, modelling has really grabbed me again. I manage to find some time for modelling - never enough though, but a busy job has to fund the stash (and pay the mortgage). I'm overwhelmed by the quality of the modelling I come across and hope to get better as we go along. I love the research too and spend ages whilst travelling pouring over guides and magazines. After a while just dipping in and out of the Britmodeller site and being amazed by how supportive it appears, I've finally joined and I will do my best to contribute. Best wishes all, thanks Geoff.
  7. Hi everyone. I joined a few months back, and only now have I noticed a new members section in which one can present one's credentials... as it were. I seem to be far from alone when I say that I left modelling alone for several decades, and only mid last year picked up this splendid hobby again. Now approaching 60, and with my wife an avid golf fan (me anti-fan) I have been left with an amount of spare time. Well, the original plan was to model whilst Mrs McNab was golfing, but we all know how modelling takes over - including the dining table at times. Having said that, HRH Mrs McNab's sowing machine invariably lives there too. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I said to her that I fancied modelling again, but didn't want to do war machines and weapons of mass destruction.... so yes you guessed it. I am utterly bitten by both Allied planes and AFVs plus trucks and other transport from WWI! I am not quite sure how I got there, but so pleased I did. So... hello to you all! I love the forum, it is a wealth of info and great people.
  8. Hi all, I have been modelling for the last couple of years now after not touching a kit since I was young. To be honest I joint a forum to learn the "New game" which i did and got lots of help but it seems as though a lot of people have left and also there isn't much content on my favourite field which is aircraft. I might be making a forum taboo by doing this but am just looking for some more inspiration I suppose. Is this a faux pas? Will I be frowned upon? Kind regards Phil
  9. Paul_B


    I have arrived here by a bit of a circuitous route. My main hobby is RC aircraft. A few years ago, when I was working in Edinburgh, I was exploring Wonderland Models and bought a couple of Classic Airframes Boulton Paul Defiants (Day fighter, Night Fighter). Those, plus an old Matchbox 1/32 heli and a MPC Star Wars Tie fighter, received as gifts many years ago, are my stash. The Defiant is one of my favourite fighters and I will be adding the latest Airfix kits to my collection. Autumn 2017 I enrolled on an airbrushing course (airbrushes.com). For the course I bought couple of kits as paint mules and was totally blown away by the quality and detail of the modern kits. I have held back from starting up because I recognise there is a whole set of skills I will need to gain. I am particularly interested in producing models which look as though they are in service; this means weathering. I have seen some great examples on Britmodeller of the kind of finish I aspire to achieve. Time to stop lurking around the forums, and time to get modelling! I am thinking that participating in the Group Builds would be a good way of kicking things off. Any and all advice will be welcome!
  10. Hi everybody, I'm Çetin from Ankara/Turkey. I like to work lots of different subjects of plastic modeling. Especially aircrafts. I'm lucky enough to have a workshop/mancave which modeler friends love to unite and have some quality time about modelling subjects and make some inspections on my stash. =) (By the way, the 3rd one on the righthand side is me =) ) Happy to be here, cheers. Çetin
  11. Hello everyone, I must say I am happy to join such a strong group of modellers! It is exciting to see how helpful and constructive you all seem to be. But let's move on. My name is Yvan (Ee-von) and I am a French expat living in Canada. I am currently 16 and have been making models for 3-4 years now. I am happy with what I build, but I definitely need advice, especially with weathering, so any comments are welcome! I can withstand much criticism so be frank and clear. I mostly build planes and am focusing mostly on ww2 era for now. Otherwise I am looking forward to a much-needed collaboration! Cheers, Yvan
  12. Hi everyone, I'm John. I've looked on this site on and off for a couple years. Why? Well after about a 40 plus years gap, I've returned to make a few military models in 1/144 and 1/72, and as a surprise I got a 1/72 Spitfire (resin, based on a Boultbee Flight Academy Spitfire that flies in local over my garden quite often). After plastic modelling back in early seventies, I moved on to R/c planes then helicopters. That then got stopped as I started target shooting and after starting my apprenticeship got my Firearms certificate. So now 40 years later it's time to consider early retirement and get back to modelling. Something my wife has just promoted again with the Spitfire kit. Resin with metal parts it looks a challenge, and the biggest issue at the moment is what colours to paint inside and out etc. So, lots of site searching and probably lots of questions as well, so sympathy for you all as I ask questions that I probably shouldn't. Can't wait ( only excuse is time use, as I still work full time at the moment, but will force the model into it) . Thank you in advance
  13. Hello All, Like many of you, I am a more senior modeller who has come back to it after the gap between childhood and comfortable later life. I must say that in coming back to modelling in recent years, I now realise that it was great fun in childhood but it is an obsession in later life with a great appetite to learn all about the kits and the companies - and websites/forums like Britmodeller are a tremendous help in that. Looking back at some of the quirks I had when building models in the 60's and 70's (last century), it had to be Airfix for 'detail' and Revell 1/32 for working features, aircraft had to have the undercarriage up, bombers had to have 4 engines and turrets and anything with radial engines was better because the propellers would spin when you blew at them. Sailing ships had limited life because Mum just had to dust them and they then looked like they had been through the Battle of Trafalgar. I am now becoming better educated and really get hooked on particular kits for their individuality once I have seen a few build reviews and options - still in the 'collecting/stashing' phase. Where will it all end? - enjoying the journey..... All the best to the other Members. Mike
  14. Hello evereyone. My name is Santiago Fernandez, i'am from argentina so if I write something wrong you may know why. I'm currently studying Civil Engeniering, I'm from Buenos Aires , 23 years old. I've started with this hobbie a few month ago I'm finishing my first model, the tamiya 1/35 Wespe, so in the few weeks i will be posting some photos.Of course it has a lot of msitakes but i think starting to post photos will help me with you commentaries. Thanks for you time !
  15. I have all 3 of the Hobbyboss French AF, and Navy Rafales in 1/72nd scale. My first impression is that they very well detailed kits. Hobbyboss's painting instructions, however, are not always the best. Does anyone know the correct color(s) for the Rafales? I am aware that getting the specs for the paint colors of the French military has often been difficult. HB uses 'paint equivalents' for Mr. Hobby, Vallejo, Testors Model Masters, Tamiya, and Humbrol. Vallejo, Model Masters, and Humbrol are all available to me here(USA). Other brands can be found with a good search. But, would like to know what the FAF is using. Oh, and the Xtracolor(enamel and acrylic) line is also available, too. HB recommends Light Gull Gray(or Grey for you gentlemen in the UK) for the Rafale C and M variants; Light Ghost Gray for the B variant. How close are these to the actual colors? Is/are there brand(s) and paint(s) that are more accurate? I also have the Eduard sets for the B and C(was waiting for one to match the 'M'; then realized that the set for the 'C' will work for that one. Classic case of overthinking something). Any comments about those? And, are there any optional decals, resin parts/sets that are available that I may have missed? Thanks in advance!
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