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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Everybody... I was reading a post by @modelling minion in one of the Corsair STGB Threads. He made a comment that we could do a group build on Kiwi Corsairs and the lightbulb went off. Is anyone here interested in a group build based on the ANZAC History ? Im talking anything to do with Australia and New Zealand be it civilian or Militarily. From the day they started as Colonies to them becoming Independent Nations. Wether in there own defense or as part of the Commonwealth service, in both Peacetime and at War. I believe their were Australian and New Zealand crewed Ships in both World wars. The same for the RAAF and New Zealand Air force. There were infantry and Armored units all over the planet during the wars. Korea, occupation of Japan and Germany, Vietnam for the Australians and participation in East Timor. I think this kind of expresses the idea, if anyone is interested I could flesh it out more. I forgot to add this includes Civilian items also, Planes, trains, Cars, Boats/Ships, and anything else. 1. Corsairfoxfouruncle 2. Silver fox 3. Graeme H 4. Modelling Minion 5. LDSModeller 6. Cookenbacher 7. stevehnz 8. zebra 9. vppelt68 10. Romeo Alpha Yankee 11. Steve 1602 12. Marlin 12a. Trickyrich 14. JOCKNEY (Co-host) 15. helios16v 16. TEMPESTMK5 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Dennis
  2. Hi all - we had a very successful show here in Christchurch last weekend with hundreds of people coming through - a huge number of models and displays with some amazing talent on display - here are a few photos, apologies for the quality - they are in no coherent order.. Maybe get a cup of tea for this one There's a video of a walk around the event here: The winners can be seen here: https://www.ipmschch.co.nz/the-2019-new-zealand-ipms-national-competition-winners/ Hope you enjoyed!
  3. Kit - AMT/Ertl 1:48 Paint - All acrylics Decals - Ventura Extras - Ultracast resin seat, Hasegawa wheels. Kittyhawk IV 'Gloria Lyons' 18 Sqn & 2.SU RNZAF Bougainville 1944 Hot on the heels of the Mosquito comes an (almost) OOB build... AMT's twenty-year old (give or take) P-40N built as the well known 'Gloria Lyons' just before it was returned to NZ and repainted & refurbished. At this time it was 'owned' by 2.SU and used by 18 Squadron at Bougainville. As ever thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to hurl abuse, ask a question or make a comment. AFN Ian.
  4. After many years of development, the New Zealand Electron rocket has made it into space. Now the 11th nation to develop the capability to launch into orbit. Well done lads and ladies! Rather chuffed with this, since my Dad was involved with the successful launch of Black Arrow (I still have his project tie). http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-39971843 http://www.nzherald.co.nz/technology/news/video.cfm?c_id=5&gal_cid=5&gallery_id=176499
  5. Ok I wont take the credit for this one but the original idea for a RAAF GB really grabbed me for some reason!!! To make it a bit more appealing and a wee bit more inclusive I thought to widen it to include not just the RAAF but to include all Australian and New Zealand service men (and women) and their equipment, be land, air or sea, throughout the years. So I would like to propose an ANZAC in Service GB. I know ANZAC was a term originally used to name the army corps of both countries during and after the Gallipoli landings but it has grown to include all services and is something of great national pride. This is why I decided to use this term for the GB. So pretty much anything from 1914 (its just a starting date) on is in, so a huge range of options here. There would be plenty of scope for the AFV and boat builders as well, which should make them happy. Any equipment that was used by either country would be eligible which should make choices fairly easy. Plus I would like to include Australians and New Zealanders who served with the RAF with Fighter Command, for these the individuals aircraft is eligible. Plus there is Bomber Command where RAAF 458 and 460 Sqn. and RNZAF 60 Sqn. were the main squadrons but there were other detachments to RAF squadrons as well. For the AFVs and navy its a wee bit harder, but I am open to queries. Plus finally 2018 is for us the final part of the ANZAC Centenary with the Battle of Hamel, Villers-Bretonneux being most poignant. So its a very open GB that all members can find something they're interested in to build, and for us downunder to build something to be proud of. ok the list..... 1, trickyrich - host 2, stevej60 3, Silver Fox 4, Caerbannog 5, Cookenbacher 6, adrianm2 7, Plasto 8, TrojanThunder 9, Rob G 10, feoffee2 11, Arniec 12, stevehnz 13, CliffB 14, nimrod54 15, spaddad 16, SleeperService 17, Joss 18, Basilisk 19, DennisTheBear 20, Giorgio N 21, bubbasparksuk 22, Graeme H 23, Cammer625 24, Jon Kunac-Tabinor 25, Rafwaffe 26, Sgt.Squarehead 27, Paul J (Barry) 28, Rob85 29, Admiral Puff 30, PhantomBigStu 31, Antoine 32, TonyTiger66 33, 34, 35,
  6. We are pleased to announce a new relationship with Creative Models Australia who were Colourcoats stockists previously. We now have agreed a restock which we are compiling and shall be shipping imminently. Creative Models Australia shall be able to supply customers within both Australia and New Zealand. http://www.creativemodels.com.au/'>http://www.creativemodels.com.au/
  7. Hi, Thought I'd post some pictures of my completed DC-6 in TEAL markings. TEAL used three DC-6s between 1954 and 1962 I believe and this is the Minicraft kit of the VC-118 with Old Models Decals used. I added the astrodome and what I think is a navigation equipment 'canoe' on the lower port fuselage. The kit went together well, although some of the smaller parts are a little rough/oversize, especially when compared to a kit like the new GWH 1/144 Avro Vulcan! I had a problem with the decals, which I also experienced with two other sets of laser decals from Old Models - they sometimes tended to fold/peal upwards and not stick. I think I have narrowed the problem down to the Micro Sol, which I think might dissolve the decal glue? Anyway, Micro Set works fine. As usual, the photos reveal a multitude of sins! Oh well, nice to have this surprisingly big airliner alongside my more modern ones. It's also such a beautiful, classic design I think! Cheers for now, Ian
  8. This is my first 'Kiwi' project since moving down here to NZ two-and-a-half years ago, so it's about time I got around to building something 'local'. Two months solid work has gone into this one, really pushed-up against my 'skills envelope' with the weathering effects, but I'm extremely happy with the outcome. Have to say this was one of the most, enjoyable and satisfying builds I have ever done. Loved every minute of it. Kit - Tamiya 1:48 Paint - Camouflage - Enamels mixed 'by eye'. Interior, tyres, prop blades - Tamiya acrylics. Landing gear, prop boss, cylinders - Alclad lacquers. Decals - Ventura (various sheets) Extras - Eduard Zoom set & Ultracast resin wheels. Vought F4U-1A Corsair 18 Squadron, RNZAF Green Island December 1944 [url=http://smg.photobucket.com/user/280163/media/Corsairs/64e98436-d501-45eb-a338-0b6ebf546491_zpsa6281341.jpg.html] Thanks for taking the time to look, if you're interested in the 'build thread', you can see it here at Kiwi Modeller http://www.kiwimodeller.com/index.php/forum/38-follow-as-i-build/29411-f4u-1a-f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d . In the meantime all comments, questions and criticisms are welcomed. AFN Ian
  9. IanW

    RAF Lancaster Records?

    Hi, I hope I have posted this in the right place. I am trying to research further the history of a Lancaster flown by 75 (NZ) Squadron in 1944-45, serial NE181, JN-M, "The Captain's Fancy". I am familiar with Sqn ORBs and Form 541s, but believe there would be an individual record maintained for each aircraft? Would be very grateful if anyone could let me know the title of any such forms, as I am trying to determine when NE181 came on Sqn, left, etc. I have harvested much useful info from the internet, but would like to be able to access the original source material if possible. Thanks in adavance for any help, Ian
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