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Found 14 results

  1. First I have ever seen with a Malcolm Hood Also see she carries louvres over the breather plates https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154982663535025&set=gm.1950113208573917&type=3&theater
  2. Hello, this is the second Kovozavody Prostejov Mustang III I've fínished - this time, in RAF markings for 19th Squadron, based at Peterhead, spring 1945. The model was painted according to the kit instructions, using Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. I painted the 'sky' fuselage band but failed to match the Color of the code letters. *doh!* The yellow/black spinner caused some trouble when I tried to mask the stripes with Yellow Tamiya tape - due to the curvature, I had some paint creeping under the mask and re-touches were done by hand, using Vallejo paints. I've added Qucikboost resin exhausts (designed for Tamiya kit, but with slight modification also suitable for this one). Thanks for your interest! The beautifully cast Quickboost resin exhausts:
  3. Hello All, Here's my Academy Mustang, build thread here. It's a really nice kit, which I throughly recommend. There are a couple of accuracy issues, the decals are non-cooperative and the colour scheme has a couple of errors, but nothing you can't easily fix or ignore! And finally, with the old, old Airfix Mustang, which was the first kit I ever built: This Airfix one was a nostalgia build. I remember being dismayed the first time around that green water colour wouldn't stick to the wings! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  4. Hello All, I got a bit stalled with my Wessex build so I cracked open the Academy Mustang III. I bought this ages ago. It seems like a very nice kit. There is web discussion about the shape of the canopy windscreen and the kink on the inner wing leading edge. It looks like a Mustang to me/It's only a hobby. Interior detail was very nice and construction proceeded apace. It fits like a dream. The main fuselage has a tiny blip which I left on, thinking it might be an air vent, but when I realised it was the start of the fin fillet, I sanded it off! The only addition was some foil and fuse wire seat belts, which I was almost sad to do because the detail in the chair is so nice! I used Revell Aqua 79 "blue grey" for Ocean Grey, and it looks a lot lighter and bluer (and better) than Humbrol 106, which is my usual go-to. Green was Humbrol Acrylic 116 and the underside was Humbrol Satin 165 Mediun Sea Grey (a bit translucent for my taste), which looks slightly browner (and better?) than my usual Humbrol 64. Decals were usual Academy fare, prone to silvering and hard to get bedded. I replaced a lot of the smaller stencil decals with rows of squiggly dots from my 0.1mm permanent marker. It was at this point that I looked at some photos on the web to get a feel for the weathering and exhaust stains. So there are quite a few pictures of Eugeniusz Horbaczewski and his Mustang, all of which show a white nose and wing ID stripes. Oh well, out with the masking tape to paint white over camouflage... I decided that the Malcolm canopy in the kit looks a bit too bulbous closed up and I wanted to show off the interior. The kit one doesn't fit in the open position. So I crash moulded a new one over the kit canopy. Pack the canopy with blu-tak for strength and mount it on a cocktail stick. Cut up some clear packing material, hold it between two bulldog clips, heat over the gas stove and pull it over the canopy when it gets floppy (not too floppy!). Pull it down hard enough to capture the top curve and bring the bulldog clips together under the canopy to catch all the edges. You can see the lower edge of the canopy is captured very sharply, which makes it easy to trim to shape. I will put some photos in RFI when the English Summer lets the sun come out to play! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  5. Never able to make much of a showing in quality, I continue my efforts to make headway in the quantity department. Finished since January 1: a TSR.2 prototype (Airfix), E.D. "Rosie" Mackie's Tempest V (Academy), Bohdan Arct's Mustang III (Academy), an IRIAF F-14 (Hobbyboss) and an F-5E (also Hobbyboss), a CFS Gnat (Airfix) (surprisingly tricky build, which may tell you how poor my skills are), a 54 Squadron Jaguar GR1 (Hasegawa), and a Voyska-PVO MiG-21bis FISHBED-L (Zvezda). I have made a jillion mistakes, including forgetting to add the anti-glare strip on the Tomcat, but by that point I was so fed up with it I was long passed caring. There! My shame, laid bare for all to see. Also, in retrospect, I would have masked the Tomcat's camouflage, rather than trying to freehand it, as the masked F-5E's scheme came out much better, I think. One thing I am surprised at is that I've seen a number of Jaguar builds where the LRMTS window is painted silver; this seemed to me to be something that I might be able to actual use some "basic modelling skills" (almost all of which totally elude me, I'm sorry to say) to improve upon, and so I drilled some holes in it with a pin vice and then slowly expanded the hole until it was more or less LRMTS-window-sized, whereupon out came the micro-crystal clear. I think it looks quite nice.
  6. This build started after I read a post by Procopius about mating the Academy 1/72 P-51B wing to the Hasegawa fuselage in order to fix a few shape issues with each. On a whim, I thought I'd give it a try, and here are the results. The Academy wing fits the Hasegawa fuselage with very little modification, and I'm pretty happy with the result - no funny Hasegawa wing leading edge, and no funny Academy canopy or nose air scoop. And, best of all, it was easy. The build thread is here. Both models depict Mustang III's of 315 Sqn using decals/transfers from Techmod and AJ Press' Polish Mustang Units. The striped Mustang is that of Sqn Ldr Eugeniusz Horbaczewski, PK-G, FB382, in the summer of 1944. It is the aircraft he used on a successful sweep over Norway, where 315 Sqn ambushed a number of unsuspecting Bf 109's. The metal finish on the other Frankenstang is made from Uschi pigments weathered with white ink. All in all, a very enjoyable experiment.
  7. Inspired by a thread started by our model building hero, Procopius, about combining the Academy and Hasegawa Mustang III kits, I've decided to do just that. And not a moment too soon as the new KP kit is due to arrive any day now. I had a pair of Academy P-51B/C's in the stash already, and managed to find a bargain Hasegawa Mustang III double boxing. Finding that I had an entire afternoon to spare on Sunday while waiting for Micro-sol to do its work on another build, I got to work. This is an out of the box(es) build with no aftermarket planned, except decals. I'm using the Hasegawa fuselage, but decided on the Academy cockpit, as it seems a little nicer. It fit just fine with a little modification - the modified cockpit floor/radio deck is shown above the original in the pic above. Attaching the Academy wings was not too difficult. There seems to be some overlap, especially on top, so repeated fitting and sanding was the order of the day. I hope to do a metal finish on one of the builds. The plan is to use Mr Super Metallic on the wings, and Uschi pigments on the fuselage. With that in mind, I've done some experiments with the Uschi pigments on the now surplus Hasegawa wings and Academy fuselage, in order to see what best base coat is for them. It looks like it's going to be: primer, MM acrylic gloss Light Aircraft grey, then pigments. Looks like my experimental phase is still in full effect. Any suggestions are welcome!
  8. This is the Revell 1/32/P-51B/Mustang III kit originally tooled around 1969. The version I had was a reboxing with new decals for a Mustang III in 2006. The detail of the kit is sparse and the design reflects the current favorite trend at the time it was made; that being raised rivets. In 1969 this was a groovy edition to any kit and showed it was funkadelic “state of the art”. How times have changed. The texture of the plastic with the raised rivets is such that it could be used as a rasp. They are really nicely done; too bad most Mustangs had smooth skins. This is one of my kits that was on the shelf of doom. I am determined to eliminate my shelf of doom within the next 6 months; a daunting task if you knew how extensive the doom shelf is. I think the reason for this acquiring the status of a shelf of doom kit was I started it in 2009 maybe, got involved in some different kits, the new Trumpeter 1/32 kit came out, then the 1/32 Tamiya kit came out and then the 1/32 ZM kit came out. It just got forgotten. When I stopped, the interior had been started, but that is about it. For the WIP thread look here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234969321-p-51b-mustang-iii;-finished/. I briefly considered sanding the entire surface down, rescribing the lines and try to bring it up to the level of the Tamiya kit. Or, I could just finish the Tamiya kit that is also in the shelf of doom!! So, this kit was then done to honor and reflect the way kits used to be made. At the time of its issue in 1969, it was state of the art. Sometimes you have to have a kit showing what the hobby used to be like so you can appreciate what it is today. For the most part this is an OOB build. I did break down and redo the machine guns and installed Eduard seat belts. Other than that this is the kit in all of its glory. I also stole the decals out of the Trumpeter kit as they reflected the same plane as in this kit and were better. So, the main plane specific decals are Trumpeter and the stencils and national markings are Revell. Fit was not so good in places, especially where the canopy meets (or really doesn’t meet) the fuselage. Nothing fit in that regards. Anyway, another kit leaves the shelf of doom; Yeaaaa!
  9. In an effort to eliminate my shelf of doom (shelves really) I discovered this kit and a Hobbycraft 1/48 Bf-109 C. The 109 is almost complete and for the life of me I dont know why I didnt finish it. I also found this kit with a number of the parts started and painted. I think this kit was put up when I moved some stuff around and just forgot about it. It should be a quick build. Here is the box art and the parts in the box. The cockpit needs to be put together and some more detail painting done on the parts before the fuselage can be built up. I started with the cockpit floor as only the seat and instrument panel have had their base coats. I painted the cockpit floor to resemble the plywood floor. I left it natural wood but I know that was usually painted with black paint. I just was trying to see if I could come close to creating a plywood look. The instrument panel was dry brushed to highlight the details and the cockpit given a light wash to muck it up a bit. Then, Eduard harnesses were added. Once the fuselage is closed, however, I dont think much will be visible. I am pretty happy with the wood effect. I dont know if the camera caught it, but in real life it looks pretty good. There are a few injection marks on the floor, but they will not show once installed in the fuselage. I am sure for the time this kit was made, the detail in it was sufficient. However, I also have the Tamiya and Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Mustang and the difference between the kits is night and day. However, the cost of this kit was about ¼ of the other two. Next up, I buttoned up the fuselage and the fit was quite decent. I was worried, but needlessly. I was correct about how much would show inside the cockpit once the halves were joined. I tried to trick the camera using the flash in the dark and even then there is not that much detail that will show. The wings have already been put together as the tail planes and propeller. After I clean up the fuselage join, I will be attaching those to the kit. Then, there is not much else that needs to be done to this kit before painting commences. As always, all comments welcome.
  10. Ok first one off the blocks.... This was a very late decision for me and not what was originally planned. But Ii just loved the look of it and it was quite different...my kind of build! The base model will be a 1/48 Tamiya P-51D like the picture of the box below.........hmm the actual model hasn’t arrived yet! The conversion is 1/48 Heritage Models Cavalier Turbo Mustang III kit which looks to be a nice conversion, accuracy...will have to look at some drawings! Just have to chop the nose and under radiator off glue in the resiny bits and thats it.....simple! White metally bits Some clear and resiny bits Hmm I wonder what colour scheme I’ll choose??? Decals..........just two! Hopefully this will be a nice simple and quick build.....may even get the A-36 out!
  11. Hi Guys, This will be my build for the GB. It will be a straight from the box one as I think I will not have much time as a co-host. It's the Revell (nah ICM) 1/48 Mustang III. This is a almost copy of the Tamiya version so it won't be to hard to build. The only different thing about this build will be that I will be painting it in 122 Squadron colours of the American volunteer P/O J.N. Thorne that still surved the RAF at that period. I will bee painting the model as the plane he flew when he shot down 2 Fw-190's and damaged one on July the 26th 1944. He was at that time flying from the temporarily airfield B12 in Normandy with the rest of the Sqn. His Mustang (FB180)was that day Struck of Charge after a belly landing on a emergency landing strip. It is also very likely that he shot down a top gun ace (Ernst Wilhelm Reinert) on the 17th of June near Evreux in France. I have been researching him for a while now and I have a sort of band with the man. It was his plane that crashed into the house of my grandparrents neighbours on september the 10th 1944 in the small town of Velp near Arnhem (the Netherlands). He is still burried at the Moscowa cemmitary in Arnhem. I will try to honour him in this way. Cheers,
  12. Hi all, This is a WIP, and it's my Tamiya 1/48 Mustang III, as you've probably guessed by the title!! I'm doing this as part of the group build on Flory Models, and thought I'd share it here as well to get involved. This will be my forth or fifth model since returning to the hobby. I am yet to complete a model I'm actually happy with!! I'm also 9/10ths through an old model 1/72 airfix GR7, which doesn't seem to want to get finished, and is a real pig in places. I'm also 3/4 through an Airfix Sabre which is a joy in comparison. This kit is a different world though, the fit is so good it's nearly a snap together kit with wonderful detail. The panel lines on the underside are very soft though as I guess the molds must be getting old. I've finished the interior so far and glued her up, although I've not got picks of this stage so far. Here's the box pic, although I'm sure most of you are considerably more familiar with this kit than me: and here is my interior: Basically I primed the interior with XF-1 flat black and used a heavily thinned Vallejo Interior Green which hopefully gave the model some shadows. This was then dry brushed with a lighter green. The rest was brush painted with Vallejo paints and the silver is Citadel, given an oil wash which you can't really see, and the floor was given some pigment. The seat belts are Tamiya tape and fuse wire. That's it so far. Also, I'm not a fast builder, apologies in advance for that!! I took the pics on my iPhone as I couldn't find my camera lead, but the pics would have been ok if I focused them properly! I'm here to learn, so please give me as much advice as possible, will be warmly received as I'm new to this. I'm not that bothered about accuracy, close enough will do, but would be interested to learn about correct colours/shapes for the future (I'll do another one of these kits, they're great!). Thanks guys, Val
  13. Hi all, I thought I'd share my collection with you all. Firstly, I have a confession, many of my models were built by a great chap who I think may be on these boards (Graham), either way I would not take praise for someone else's hard work. To make it easier I shall put the pics of MY builds first, then Graham's. Incase you're wondering, the reason I commissioned so many was that I just didn't have the patience at the time and I knew there were people out there who would do a much better job than I. I'm going to start my own again, just a shame they won't be as good as the commissioned ones. So, without further ado and in no particular order, my builds: And now for the ones Graham built for me: And some Seafires: A Hurricane: And finally a Mustang III: Enjoy. Marc
  14. Hello one and all, First of all, I hope it's okay to join in on this group build even tho I hadn't agreed to join it? I will be building a pair of Mustangs, both RAF ones, I know the theme is the Battle for the Third Reich, is the way up from Italy allowed? If not I still have the other model which I will be building at the same time anyhow. I started these two as I was waiting for the filler on my F-15 ACTIVE to finish drying/setting. Well onto the shots. Box shots... I am aware that the box art on the above model depicts an aircraft that was in China in 1944, thus eliminating itself from this GB, however the second option is an RAF aircraft which is shown below, which I think is okay for this GB, please correct me otherwise tho. Do you like my bed sheets The schemes I will be using. The Decals... Gotta love a good sharkmouth... The sprues, now I am cheating here as there is 2 models, the sprues are exactly the same for both planes bar the weapons so I will just post one set. And the work I have done thus far on the cockpits and fuselages. Done some basic work on the cockpits. Not going too detailed with the cockpit as the canopy will be closed, so you will not see much if anything. wondering if I want to have the flaps lowered or not.. hhmm... both of these builds will be totally OOB. I have got 2 of each of these models in the stash as well so I will AM those buggers to the max when I get around to them. Thank you for looking, Kind Regards, Dazz
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