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Found 9 results

  1. Finally, 13 months after I started its done. The markings are from the Eduard Profipack and paint is the exquisite Mr Color. WIP here. New stuff was ultrafine Uschi rigging thread for the aerial, ludicrous even trying to pick up but looks more scale the EZ line (see last pic). With Airfix new tool that I built four years ago: Note thickness of new Uschi superfine for the aerial. Great little kits to practise on, strongly recommend them to fix mojo loss/ams. A
  2. So, firstly after a D almost out of the box in Vallejo model & metal color, And secondly a B with some tweaks finished in AK Interactive products, Here we have the third and the most intensive build (details & paintwise) so far.... May I present my latest finished build from the WIP thread. So we have another D, well used and weary end of tour cat from vf-213, finished in Mr Color laquers, some details with Mr Hobby Aq and the metal areas with alclad. The shades are all pretty much self explanatory, but any questions please feel free to ask, or check the WIP. So build wise its had the following upgrades: Dream model advanced etch set. Quickboost Resin front U/C doors. Bombs, missiles and lantirn pylon all from Hasegawa weapon sets. Aftermarket vf213 decals. Tweaks to base kit: To change the look I cut and repositioned the front gear leg. TCS lens hollowed out. Reworked empty 138 rail. Fuel dump drilled out And then from my resin casting project: Bombracks GE exhaust nozzles Ventral fins Wheels Sidewinder nose cap. With a bit of stretched black sprue. Lantirn pod. Probably missed some small things... Things on the build that could be better- 1: Front U/C doors warped/out of alignment. 2: Decals - They gave alot of headaches, as they were cheap chinese. Only bits that got used in the end were the lion heads and the black bits - tail lions and 101 numbers. The rest was a strange shade of grey and out of register, so the Remainder (ie stencils etc) came from the kit boxtop low viz VF2 option. On Top of that the Carrier name had to be handpainted as decals were too light, and the vf213 on the ventral fins had to be made up from spares as wasn't included. 3: Canopy. Nicked the clear gauzy dip coat during handling whilst working with the etch bits inside. Touched it up and polished/blended but still not perfect. 4: Tail arrestor hook needed shortening. (Fault present on previous two builds, will correct for all future builds) 5: Resin exhaust tube one is warped/bubbled inside. Good points - 1: Really happy with the paintjob. I did the 'touch ups' last after the decals to cover bits of them to make it more realistic. (Also helped to blend the hand painted carrier name) I left them higher contrast, and then after all the varnishes and weathering they toned down to the right level. On the previous B/vf101, I did the 'touch ups' as part of the initial paint job to look 'right'. But then after varnishes/decals/weathering they pretty much disappeared. 2: Errr, thats about it. Enjoy! Update pics (RBF tag and nozzles dirtied inside more) Original pics Internals with flash: The pack so far and a few comparing the two 'replacement' nozzles used so far: Thanks for looking!
  3. Tony Oliver

    1/48 Hobbyboss Mig-31

    Hi all, this will be the Mighty Mig-31 by Hobbyboss. Not seen one of these done yet so will be a trial and error as we go... No AM available for this at the minute so will be OOB as of yet. Had a book turn up so have a bit of reference material to hopefully work out some of the variant details. I believe this kit represents an early plane. HB has a bm type for later release? Hoping @ya-gabor will be along for some pointers too... First question - Hobbyboss shows drop tanks only as an option for the inner pylons, but there is only one picture in the book of drop tanks with them fitted on the outer ones mig-21 style. So did they change this on the later builds? Or were all pylons 'wet'?
  4. Tony Oliver

    Hataka Orange Line Lacquer paint Review

    Just thought I'd share my findings of this paint with you guys. I bought these direct a couple months back when they had a free shipping offer on. Part of a bigger project trying out/comparing day fighter schemes paint here: Background: I have been a big fan of Mr Color since returning to the hobby a few years back when it comes to fine freehand camo work. Thick paint (so lasts ages) that requires alot of thinning in sturdy glass jars etc. Was quite expensive & hard to get hold of until recently. Downside is that it stinks when used with leveling thinner to do fine detail work. Also for me I have found the paint has a very narrow window of workable consistency. As in you can have it nice and thin to do camo outlines but when you come to 'colouring in' you can't go much thicker otherwise is spits and splutters and makes 'spider webs'. So it can takes ages to do a camo scheme filling in the areas with thin paint. A very tough satin finish though that can be decalled onto aswell. Along came Mr Paint more recently. A very easy to use pre thinned paint. Very dense though with great covering power. But I dont like the tall bottles, I always make a mess pouring and worried I'm going to knock them over. Also stinks alot. A few concerns on the web regards colour accuracy too. Plus still relatively expensive and not widely available yet. Another problem for me is that if you thin it a bit with say leveling thinner (when going back over tightening up edges) it can dry blotchy and shiny compared to rest of the area. This can make is hard to see what's been painted, and have doubts about the consistency of shade over an area especially if you want solid colour. Enter the new Hataka Orange line - Lacquer / Solvent based acrylics. To go up against the likes of Mr C and P perhaps. Hataka had a bit of a rough start with their very first paint, it could be gritty at times (I have had first hand experience of that) and had some bad press. However they persevered and released a new red line formula which is now awesome. So kudos to them I Say for not going under/giving up. I have had three successful builds using the new formula red line - An X-1, F5N Hellcat & F16CJ. Now this year they have increased their range - we have the blue (brush) and orange (lacquer) to add tonthe improved red line. This orange line has really impressed me. The paint went down very smooth for the MSG undersides and ocean grey topsides. It was when it came to doing the green camo it blew me away. All freehand with a 0.2mm needle and their own thinner. I did this green upper pattern in an hour or so which is really quick for me. These are some of the pros of this new paint (keeping in mind what I said about cons of Mr C and P above) 1. The paint has a much larger window of consistency - from being workable whilst super thin at low pressures and close in for outlines to being able to use it thicker for 'filling in' without massive overspray or splatters. Its really easy to keep the spray pattern tight. So painting is alot quicker. 2. The colour is super smooth and consistent once built up not matter how thin it is was to start with - no blotchy or glossy bits. So all your touching in matches the rest of it. 3. Hardly any smell, nowhere near as bad as the above two. About the same as any other waterbased acrylic. 4. Easy to dispense eye dropper bottles with a shaker in. No mess and no waste. 5. Their lacquer thinner works with Mr Color too. So there is a reduced smell option too now with those. 6. Paint is tough, quick drying and takes masking well. 7. Actual shades of colour look good. 8. Come in nice themed packs of associated colours 9. A few places stock them now and can work out to about £2 a bottle if you shop around. 10. Not a single bit of tip dry or crud build up on the needle during the camo spraying session. I think the only con would be there isn't enough of it available yet! New sets are scheduled soon. Looking forward to the US/USN jet grey set Well done to @HATAKA OFFICIAL for a great product. How tight it that? More than good enough for 1/72. Painting 1/48 kits will be a breeze! Thanks for taking the time to read all this! Try some of this paint, you won't be disappointed Tony
  5. Opening a new can of worms today with a question for Luftwaffe modellers. What paint brand do you use for RLM78? I have various brands attempts at RLM78 but none of them seem to get close to the paint chips that I have for that colour (Merrick's and Eagle Editions). I have the following versions of RLM78: Polyscale, Vallejo's Model Air, Mr Color, Mr Hobby, Xtracrylix, Hataki, AK Interactive. They are all either too purple, too dark or basically just wrong so what other recommendations do we have out there please? Duncan B
  6. Hi Folks here is my latest completion, the Eduard 1/72 Bf110G4 Profipack edition. Completed as an aircraft found by the Allies at Neubiberg in the Spring of 1945. I found several photographs of the wreck which showed that the rudders had roughly been painted in white although the Eduard instructions did not show this feature. Built OOB with only the addition of an EZLine aerial and painted using mostly Mr Color acrylics. A great kit to build however the main supports for the radar proved to be problematic as they were supposed to be a butt joint. I had to drill and pin them after they parted company several times so they could be better. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it. Duncan B
  7. Hi Folks, here is my AZModel Bf109 Erla built G14 of 15/JG5 based in Norway in May 1945. The kit included the markings for this aircraft however I had a set of Eaglecal decals that also had them so I used those as they appeared to be a slightly better quality. The kit was built OOB with the exception of the pitot tube which is brass tube and wire. Painted using a mixture of Mr Color and Mr Hobby paints and given a light dusting of some pastel chalks for the exhaust and dust. I built this one alongside AZModel's G5 kit and the comments I made about the fit (of the engine cowls in particular) stand for this one too. I made a few mistakes, sanding off details that should have stayed in place, but the instructions are quite vague as they are generic to all the AZModel 109's so check your references often. I copied a profile from the MMP Book, "Bf109 Late Versions, Camouflage and Markings" for the colour scheme. This kit fills a gap in my Bf109 collection as I don't think there was an off the shelf G14 in 1/72 available until this came out * (although it isn't particularly difficult to convert a decent G6 kit). I had a problem with Humbrol's Clear crazing prior to decaling the kit so I haven't used my usual techniques for weathering but I'm calling this one finished anyway. This was the profile I was aiming for And with it's G6 stablemate Duncan B * I had obviously forgotten about the Hasegawa and Academy offerings or my mind had blanked them out possibly
  8. Hi Folks, here is my AZmodel Bf109G5 built as Hptm Gerhard Barkhorn's ERLA built G6 of II/JG52 in the summer of 1943. The kit includes these decals and states that it is a G5 however looking at the photos in the book, Classic Colours Jagdwaffe Vol 4 Sec 3, it would appear to be a G6. I have also been told that II/JG52 were not issued with G5's at that time but I don't have that information to hand. Built OOB with only the pitot tube replaced by wire and brass tubing and painted using a mixture of Mr Color and Mr Hobby paints. I found this kit to be quite a trial compared with the Finemolds 109s as the instructions were a bit vague being generic for the whole series of 109 kits that AZModel released and the breakdown and fit of parts was sometimes problematic. I did appreciate that the kit includes many optional parts that went straight into the spares box. The shape of the front end looks a bit too thin compared with the Finemolds kits but I can live with that. So this was the profile that I was trying to follow I had a problem with Humbrol Clear crazing when I applied it as the gloss coat before decaling so I didn't risk doing my usual routine of washes and weathering but luckily it looks ok from a few feet away. Duncan B
  9. Here is my Tamiya Fw190D9 finished as Yellow 4 of 11/JG54 as flown by Gefr. Werner Merz from Oldenberg in the autumn of 1944. The model was built OOB except for the gun barrels and the pitot tube which are made from Albion Alloys tubing. The decals are from the Kagero Fw190 Volume 4 book which includes a profile of this aircraft. Painted using Mr Color acrylics and weathered using various pastels and Mig enamel washes. Duncan B