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Found 86 results

  1. Hello Dears, Did I have mentionned this building ?? The Monogram Dash F has been started in 1988 or so.. Will search where the Bushmasters are stationned at the time, but I think it was Bentwaters... I read a book about the projected nuke war, they told about the Squadron, There was a Mk 7 nuke for each bridge of the Vistule river, would have 3 or 4 eyed fish For god's sake they both stayed quiet or almost, no mushrooms Modifications on the pylon for the Mk 7 The Tamiya one is a more recent start, 6 or 7 years ago I think. She is retro modified, from a dash G to a dash E. Goog kit, I used parts from the Verlinden kit, this kit is just a copy from the original parts, there is a slight difference, almost not noticeable. And some parts from a Heller X-kit, so I believe resin parts are from Renaissance.Don't Know, More to come soon. Thank for watching. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  2. Weekend "what if" for fun.
  3. After 3 long months of sporadic fettling, my Li’l coffin is finally complete. As many of you will know, the sixties kits were nowhere near the quality of what we get these days so sometimes it really is a case of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear when one of these early kits is tackled. This isn’t a cop out for the poor quality of my finished article, but early kits really are a challenge to complete, mostly because the parts only fit where they touch and the plastic is usually brittle too. Anyway, here’s the car, warts and all so please feel free to have a chuckle. Li’l Coffin and Tweedy Pie posing with an original 60’s Esso man key ring. I think black & white photos can sometimes look better.
  4. I have had a number of Monogram F-105 kits of various marks in the stash for several years and finally managed to start work on one of them, the F-105G. I wanted to do something different so I am doing it as a RAAF Wild Weasel being flown in support of a Canberra Strike mission. It is going to be in Gray/Green camouflage as the Canberra's were for a period of time. I am going to arm it with a pretty standard weapons load as it is in the kit. I have only added an Eduard PE set for the instrument panels and everything else in OOB at this time. It is a relatively straight build with just the canopy being a little upsetting as it can't be put in the down position as it won't fit, the canopy is too narrow for the opening.
  5. Going to start this in a day or two,the reason why I do not speak in my videos - due to a bad stroke my speech is messed up therefore making it difficult to understand me!
  6. Hi All, This is another one I have rescued from the 'forgotten in the mists of time' shelf. I had kind of started this a loooong time ago, not sure when. Must be over 30 years ago, I think. Anyway, I have rescued it and plan to work on this as well as all the other stuff I am working on. So, pictures: This is the box-top: Looks quite aerodynamic. Hopefully, I can make a good stab at it. This is where I have got so far: There's two choices of version. A short-tail and a long-tail. This, if I recall, is the long-tail variant. There's an awfully long way to go with this one. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  7. Apparently, the Northrop T-38 Talon is/was used as a proficiency trainer for U-2 pilots. I've seen photos of a tasty looking all black one with red lettering that I'm thinking of as a future project (in 1/48). Question is, am I stuck with the Trumpeter T-38 or is the old Monogram F-5(F) basically the same airframe? Cheers
  8. Threadbear

    Post War RAF Harvard

    I am in the process of building the old Monogram T6 Texan in 1/48th for a Facebook group build. I am now ready for some application of paint. By the early 1950s would a training aircraft in RAF service have gone through a rebuild? If so, would the cockpit and cowling etc remained in US cockpit green or been repainted in RAF grey green? Thanks for any input. Grahame.
  9. I think something's adrift before we even start... Here is my first, and if all goes to plan only entry to this GB. Come what may I intend to have a Cessna floatplane by the end of it and this is plan A, there's also plan B and if all else fails a scramble to get Plan C to the jetty come early January Now, the eagle eyed amongst you (everyone except me in other words) will see a fundamental flaw - it'll never fly float, but... Hang on lads, I've got a great idea I'll copy the original and convert it to a floatplane. For those you want to make an original wipaire.com (no commission in it for me) make the original floats. According to Scalemates, my boxing dates to 1970, but the moulds go back to 1957 and it shows with amazing rivets, panel lines and a hinged doors. It (re)occurs to me That Monogram's boxing only describes it as a 'scale model', but Scalemates is bold enough to say it is 1:41 and I don't know why such a useful scale didn't go on to be a commercial standard. But Scalemates are right and measuring it out it is as good as 1:41 as I can measure to all good. Oh except that scaling the 3 view drawing from Joe Christy's Complete Guide to Single-Engine Cessnas you end up with a gruesome recurring decimal which the copier can't cope with. Purists look away now, sorry that should always be fist with any of my builds. Still it's not far out, except.. Honeybun, we've all got our faults... Some lines aren't angled enough Oh and the dorsal needs some bulking out to cope with those tricky crosswinds on the lakes And yet some places are far too curvey Good Lord, just seen the camera shake on this, but concentrate on the wingtip like I did and I'll be back after I've taken my meds.
  10. After recently finishing a P-47 in 1/48, and currently planning to join a group Spitfire build starting in a few weeks on the IPMS Ireland website, I thought I'd try and be a latecomer to this GB as I'm keen to build my Monogram AH-1 dating from the late 80s. I started it around 2 weeks ago, and I might get it finished in time for the June deadline! The kit I think has been around since the early 80s and it's pretty simple with a low parts count and raised panel lines. I added some aftermarket in the form of an Eduard mask, a Master 3 barrel gun and some aftermarket decals (which in the end I've decided not to use as I very generously got a sheet of decals from a later Revell boxing of the kit of a Cobra used by the US Army in the first Gulf War. The real "Sand Shark" as seen below is what I'm going to try and recreate: Parts ready for primer: Cockpit completed: Fuselage interior with turbine installed: Fuselage halves joined and skids added, (I used 15g of weight up front to make sure it wasn't a tail sitter): Currently I'm painting the main and tail rotors and then the next job is trying to get the seams sorted out prior to paint (which is going to be hard I think!)
  11. Thanks to the good offices of Camper1, I was able to source an original issue Monogram F-192A with Case XX wing. As with all these Century Series models, a bit of TLC is needed to get an acceptable outcome, but they are fun to work with. I only add a metal pitot and a resin seat though the kit seat is perfectly acceptable under the close canopy. It is finished as a machine flown by the 318 FIS based at McChord AFB in Washington state around the end of the 1950's, thanks to the excellent F-102 Sheet from Fundekals. The sheet also has a couple of options for the 32nd FIS based in the Netherlands so guess what I'm looking for at Telford. As always thanks for looking.
  12. Built for the Revell/Monogram 'Campaign' (Group Build) over at www.modelersalliance.com this is a limited reissue of Monograms 90/93 bodied NASCAR Thunderbird, the kit comes with a slew of Alan Kulwicki memorobilia. I replaced the kit decals with the much better ones from Mike Herman/Powerslide, otherwise it's an 'out of the box' build. As ever please feel free to make any comments, criticisms or ask any questions. Thanks for looking. Ian.
  13. Grumman SA-16B (ASW) Albatross 330 Squadron, Royal Norwegian Air Force, 1962 This is the old Monogram kit which had been in the stash since 1997. The recently released RVHP resin conversion kit prodded me into building it. The original was covered in thousands of rivets (Frog Shackleton like) which all had to go. The RVHP kit provides the radome, MAD boom, sonobouy dispenser, searchlight and additional pylons. It also has a top quality decal sheet with Spanish and Greek options as well as the Norwegian. For the price I was kind of expecting some resin for the interior, but there is none. I scratched some cockpit details but left the cabin bare as you would struggle to see anything in there anyway. This was a build of compromises really as I wanted to keep the working retractable undercarriage (yes, I know, but it has to be done doesn't it?). Hence the legs are chunky and doors very basic, but it does work. If you fit the resin nose provided there's no room for the nosewheel to retract so half of it was sawed off but by adjusting the cut line on the kit it all fitted OK. It's a tail sitter because I didn't want to load up that U/C too much (there's a pin under the rear fuselage - which I must admit I photoshopped out in these pics!) Chris
  14. This is just a bit of fun to fit in between the larger Harvard IIa build, a Mk I made out of the Monogram T-6 kit with MDC's resin conversion. I'm not going to town over the inside cockpit details since I'm more interested in the over all finish of P5976: My father's logbook shows that he flew P5976 on October 11th 1943, an advanced formation exercise, in fact that looks uncannily like him leaning against the port wing! Max
  15. Presenting the Monogram 1/32 Apollo CSM, with New Ware etch interior (and other parts), and Space Model Systems decals, plus of course the Realspace Models resin unitary hatch. This kit was released in 1969 and is still available. It is the only accurate commercial kit of the craft, although it appears to be based on monochrome official drawings and some photos, and has inaccuracies as it comes - the biggest one being the gold plated Command Module! A full interior is included, although the complex instrument panels are for reasons that may never be understood, represented by terrible stickers in green, black and red. Most interior colours are wrongly specified in the instructions. The space suited crew figures are best discarded. With some research however a reasonable model may be produced. The CM chrome finish - strips of tape on the real one - is hard to replicate, I used Extreme Metal chrome. The build progress on this model is here in In Progress.
  16. Hi everybody; after a couple of propeller builds, here I am back to a jet, and in 1/72! A few words to introduce this project: almost one year ago, I started the build of a Hasegawa 1/72 F-4 J Phantom II, this one: It was my first serious venture in 1/72 scale, and was a lot of fun. I learnt a lot from all the people who followed that WIP, and one in particular is Gene K; former USAF F4 pilot, he has been very helpful both in terms of technical info on the AC and in terms of modelling tips. Long story short, we became friends an I offered him, as a sort of way to thank him for the great help and as a tribute to his career, to build a model of one of the F4-s he has actually flown. He suggested the subject of this build, and not only that: he has actually donated me the two kits I'll be using for this, plus a lot of extras. Basically, following Gene's guidance, I'm going to modify an F-4 J Hase kit to become an F-4C, with the addition of parts coming from the greatly detailed MONOGRAM kit and a few aftermarkets (and some scratch building, of course ). This thread is going to be co-hosted together with Gene, and we'll go into more details in the next few posts. For now, what I have is: a completely cleared workbench (that is something totally new for me ) the kits Hasegawa parts to be added/modified: Nose sensor Stabs Seamless intakes, Gene's patented method Monogram parts: Tanks, pilons, gunpod etc Speed brakes and arrest hook Cockpit (amazing detail for a 1/72 injected kit!!!) Pilots!! One half fuselage has already been "treated" by Gene prior to sending me the kits, as an example to follow. He has also noted indications on the kit plastic Aftermarkets: Specific decals Stencils; these have been donated by another friend, Silvano (Phantom61 here on BM) AC Profile and most important thing: Now Gene will go into more detail about the project and the aircraft. Enjoy! Ciao
  17. rotorheadtx


    Since several modellers have displayed their XL's recently, I'll hop on the band-wagon. This is a blending of the F-16XL and HiMAT drone concepts, inspired by some CGI found on Deviantart. Original art that was the inspiration: And the model, sporting the markings of the Arctic Aggressors....
  18. Dear all, my latest little work, she is a Kingfisher OS2-U started from an rather old monogram kit a friend of mine gave me. Unfortunately the old resin from Cutting Edge are impossible to be found (at an acceptable price) so I decided to modify the kit, trying to reproduce all missing things by myself. The camo has been painted with gunze and tamiya. Decals from Aeromaster. I hope you'll like! Kind regards mario
  19. Greetings This is a classic kit and one of the best representations of this aircraft . I was stationed at MacConnell AFB,Kansas in the 70's and got to watch them fill the sky. This aircraft has Kansas markings from that period and is a F-105F backdated from the kit F-105G. Aftermarket was Resin Seats, Metal Main Gear,MV Lenses for Landing lights, and Master Pitot. Paints were "what we have on hand"..Gunze Dark Green, Testors Acrylic Light green, Vallejo Brown and Humbrol Light Grey, over-coated by Testor Rattle Can Dullcoat (decanted). Had to go outside for the Photos because the model is quite Large . Reason for two different backrounds. Used Uschi Powders on Speed Brakes exhaust petals Really great kit of this Very Large "Fighter" Aircraft. Cheers Thanks for Looking Bill
  20. Hey all, My brother recently gave me this old Monogram Dauntless kit. The decals became useless over time so I have to buy new ones. I want something more unique than the usual US Navy scheme so I looked up French decals for it. The problem is that the French used SBD5s and I think this kit is an earlier model. I don't really know the Dauntless but judging by the pictures I've seen it's an SBD3(?). Can someone suggest me a good website/book/any other resource which shows all the differences between the Dauntless models? So far I looked at googled pictures but their quality is usually so poor that I can't use them.
  21. After taking up the hobby again after a long hiatus, I had in mind building and finishing one kit at a time at a relaxed pace. I didn't want a room full of half built carcases laying about contributing to any guilt feelings I might have about unfinished kits. However, after breaking off half of the lower wing of the Camel, which is now toast, and after seeing the film Bridge of Spies, I quickly developed an interest in Lockheed's U-2 and then the F-5F The U-2 is well along now and is waiting a coat of grey on the undersides but that won't happen for a while as I have to spray in the garage and it is much too cold and damp for that. Same goes for F-5F. So, either I twiddle my thumbs for a few months or start another build. I chose starting another build: Monogram's F-86 Sabre. The F-86 and I go back a few years. I was 12 at the height of the Korean War and the Sabre and Mig battles were often in the newspapers and magazines. Remember Life ? I built quite a few models in those days, which I financed by cutting grass with an old push mower and collecting soft drink bottles from ditches and the side of the road. They were worth a few cents each in refunds. My favorites were easily Monogram's Superkits and Speedybuilts, which were mostly of wood except for bits like the cowlings, wheels and canopies, which were of plastic. There were six in the Superkit series and I must have built each one several times. I loved those kits, especially the F-86 and the P-51. http://philsaeronauticalstuff.com/oldmodels/monogramsuperkit/monogramsuperkit.html Monogram's F-86 is an F. I wanted to back-date it to an E with dropped slats so I could use my rebuilt DIY vacuum forming rig. I first had to modify the wing leading edges and I am grateful to TheRealMrEd for pointing me in the right direction on this ARC link. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/219079-bump172-f-86a-conversion-from-academy-f-86e/ The Photo: UL: This Japanese language copy, No 39, of Famous Airplanes of the World had I nice set of plans that I enlarged to 1/48. I'll base any modifications I make to the kit on these these plans as they well done and look pretty accurate. Who knows? UR: After finishing the leading edge mods I began cutting out the slots for the slat guides with this razor saw. After doing a couple the light bulb went off and I doubled up on the blade with a .020 styrene spacer and got through the remainder pretty quickly. LL: Left wing top with the slots cut out. LR. Inner wing with a styrene strip for reinforcement. Cheers, and a Merry Christmas to everyone. Dennis
  22. Hi Guys, Newbie here! Finished Build, brush painted, superscale decs, burner cans stolen from an academy kit. Hope it's OK Best Regards Ben
  23. Scott_

    Monogram 1:48 Black Widow

    I realised that I've been lazy in sharing my builds on Britmodeller, so thought I'd add my next one to the forums. Then I stumble in here and discover this group build, which fits perfectly a kit I have in mind to finish. The kit is a Monogram 1:48 Black Widow. The kit itself was purchased in the 80s and I started work on it some 20 years back, only to give up on it and consign the box to my stash. I've pulled it out quite a few times but never really got the urge until now to have a go at it. What greeted me in the box was a somewhat assembled fuselage, an interior coated with lashings of zinc chromate and the usual horrible glossy monogram decals. First task will be to dis-assemble most of the parts and start over with the interior paint job, and proceed from there. If I can finally finish this one I'll be a happy man. Wish me luck!
  24. Silver Fox

    F9F-5P Panther

    I've been working my way through some long term residents of my stash and this little gem of a kit has been with me since late 1999. Bought at the long closed model shop in Bath one evening on a work trip, I was worried the decals would be unusable and I could find no alternative. Luckily they were brilliant, thin and pliable, a joy to work with. The kit itself is a modification of the original Monogram Panther -5 and fits together beautifully. It is almost out of the box, just some aftermarket belts and an Eduard masking set, A total joy from beginning to end. Even Photobucket worked perfectly. Thanks for looking
  25. Silver Fox

    P-80C Fat Cat

    I didn't expect to get this one finished this year, it is an old Monogram boxing of the F-80C which I picked up at the kit swap at this years' Telford for the princely sum of a fiver. It is pretty much straight from the box with just a aftermarket seat and Aeromaster decals for 49-806 0f the 36th FBS/8FBG in Korea. Thanks for looking