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Found 110 results

  1. This Monogram 1/48 RF-101B Voodoo was built several years back. I had the kit in my stash for a awhile before deciding to do a "what if?" build. I wanted an all-black Voodoo in a pseudo Blackbird-type look. I don't think any recon Voodoos were painted this way, but it makes a striking appearance for these fast jets . The Voodoo was a fast plane before the area-ruled fuselage came in vogue (iirc); she did it with good ol' brute power! I used flat, semi-glass and gloss black enamels, as well as the same range in clear acrylics to paint it and weather it. The decals are from an 1/32 F-117 kit, iirc. I took these at the Cameron Airport, over the course of two different sessions. The wind was blowing way too hard during the first one and I watched the horizontal stab flutter up and down so much I was afraid I would lose it. I hope you enjoy having a look at my "One-Oh-Wonder"! Thanks for your interest!
  2. I had not planned on posting this model here due to its age and lack of detail, but with so many other recent Typhoon threads showing just magnificent models, I decided I would show one that isn't that great. I have no idea just how old this kit is; I know it was issued in the early 1970s at least. So, it won't have the features found on today's great models. But, perhaps we can see how much improvement manufacturers have made since then? At any rate, she is what she is and represents both an earlier era in scale model kits, and my earlier attempts at building them too. Some of these pics were taken at the Cameron airport, but some were also taken at another small-town airport in neighboring Rockdale, Texas. The airport there once belonged to a local millionaire, H. H. Coffield. He had a bunch of WWII planes out there at one time including a couple B-25s and a few C-47s too. Supposedly he had hired an ex-Luftwaffe flyer to run a, ahem, "crop dusting" operation in South America...oookayy. There are two hangars and a pilot's lounge there. One of the hangars is very old (supposedly of WWII vintage) and makes a neat background. I met a couple really nice local pilots and had an enjoyable afternoon taking photos of several model planes. It was quite windy at the Rockdale airport though, and the Typhoon almost blew away a few times and the canopy did fly off several times. I put the plane away and came back to Cameron where it was a little less windy for more pics. The model is the old Monogram 1/48 scale Typhoon Mk IB. It was built more than twenty years ago now but had never been photographed before its trip to Rockdale a few years back. I did add some radiators underneath from an old '60s model car. The paint was Model Master and Humbrol enamel sprayed with my Paasche H. I used Parafilm for the first and only time for the masking. Other than that, it's just OOB Monogram from "back in the day". I appreciate your interest and thanks for taking a look at the old girl!
  3. Hello everyone... Im starting this WIP to fill another promise. About 6 weeks ago i received an email from a member. He was curious if I had ever been able to find a Monogram 1/72 F-8F Bearcat? I hadn't so he offered one of his kits. About a week later i received two items in the mail. The first a small package containing a baggie of plastic bits, instructions, and an old decal sheet. The second was an envelope with several photocopied Grumman plans and copies of the line drawings of the bearcat in 1/72. I know the vertical tail is short by a little bit. So this is why the drawings were sent with the kit. Also there were photo copies of the airwaves detail set for the kit. It will allow me to scratch build a better cockpit. You will note that I've already laid the fuselage to the drawing. You can see were i will need to extend the vertical tail/rudder. Copies of the Airwaves set. Emailing back and forth and many internet searches later I've decided my build will be of a F8F-2P in these markings. I know the universal rule never trust a profile without a photo. Well I found a Russian website that actually had a photo of this plane. this aircraft still exists in the U.K. and does fly from what i understand. I also posted a query in the cold war aviation section, asking for any information on the -2P ? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235053866-f8f-2p-bearcat/ Now due to Life getting in the way and some illness slowing me down for a couple of weeks i was finally able to start on the plastic today. After an hour or so i had a reasonable better cockpit. I forgot to take a photo of the office outside of the fuselage. I will remedy that and post them soon. I also had to drill the skin of the plane in 3 places to simulate the camera doors. I did add the prominent ducting in the wheel bay its not perfect but its enough to simulate them. Here are some photo's of the real camera windows. A close up of the camera window. If you look closely its sunken in. So i will backfill the openings i have with plastic sheet. Once that is done i can do the 3 oil deflectors around the openings. The schematic for the photo. In closing i will say thank you to @72modeler for both the kit, and all the help researching it. Questions, comments, jokes, or stories are always welcome ? Dennis
  4. I'd like to show the few pics that I do have of this model. The wind was really gusting the day I took her to the local airport for some pics, and I had to curtail the session early. So, I only have a handful of decent shots. I was glad that I didn’t knock-off either drop tank. I have disengaged them a couple times just moving the model around the display cabinet! In the very first issue of FineScaleModeller magazine that I ever bought (Jan. ’89), there was an article by the great Bob Steinbrun on converting this old kit into one of the P-80s that were sent to Europe in the waning days of World War Two. Bob did an incredible job on his YP-80 and it sort of inspired me several years later when I built this Korean War-era bird. His bird was finished in grey auto lacquer and really was breathtaking to see. This kit went together well as I recall. Pretty typical of the "good" Monogram models, lot's of detail, very accurate shape and the need for a bit of old-fashioned modeling skill to wrestle it into shape. I recall that the joint between fore and aft fuselage sections needed some work. The model was painted with SnJ aluminum. It came with aluminum polishing powder and the shiniest sections were polished with that powder. I masked some areas to be left unpolished, and some with another shade ( polished without the powder) of the SnJ and some might’ve even been painted with another variety of metal paint. It has been a long time since I built (20 years?) her so some details have probably been forgotten by now. But the now long-gone SnJ was the primary paint used. It was my favorite for NMF by far! I tried to replicate what Mr. Steinbrun did around the gun bay and added a few flourishes, ie. replaced the kit exhaust pipe with a section of ballpoint pen and a few added bits and pieces. Thanks for your interest, and for stopping in to have a look! So, here’s the “Salty Dog” at the Cameron Airport.
  5. Hi Comrades! Here is my recently finished Heinkel-111. It's old but good Monogram kit (Revell boxing) with Eduard brass, mix of Kagero and Peddinghaus decals, national insignia painted with Montex masks. The main issue of the Monogram kit is inappropriate gondola configuration with blind forward end. I ignored it, sorry. After completing the model, I ordered ICM kit of H-20 and found a great additional clear part for the gondola - so sad for me... Unneeded Lofte gunsight window was faired over, some other modifications made to the undercarriage. I was unable to find the photo of the prototype, but always wanted this one - now I have it! Here are some pictures of interior (brass+scratch) And the complete model Hope You like it and thanks for looking!
  6. This will be my contribution to the Ship Killers section of this GB. I have yet to decide on the colourscheme but it will be carrying two torpedoes.
  7. Hi, here's the most recent completion. ProModeller boxing of the Monogram kit, finished with Hataka orange line for the metal/silver and Tamiya for the OD, red and yellow areas. Hi-Decal decals for a Greek Air Force aeroplane. Thanks 20190303_105027 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20190303_104957 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20190303_104854 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20190303_104817 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20190303_104757 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  8. Just one photo for now, will get more up tomorrow night of the sprues etc Will be done as per kit, but with AM decals as the kit ones are bust.. I have a good feeling about finishing this one Huey Hog by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr
  9. This is the old Monogram 1/48 MiG 15 from the 70's. Dad had this kit kicking around the house for at least 30 years and he finally gave it to me so I thought I'd build it. It's not too bad, but scales out to around 1/44, so any aftermarket bits you have in 1/48 will be way too small. The fit is decent but the canopy is fairly poor. I added some instrument decals to the cockpit to add a little detail. Markings are those of Maj I. P. Golshevskij who apparently flight night time interception missions over Korea. Decals from the spares box and I made the front FOD cover.
  10. Hello Everybody ... This will be my entry for this build. The classic but very good Monogram Republic F-84F Thunderstreak. I will choose which markings i will do this in as i approach the painting stage. My two - three options are 390th T.F.S out of Chambley-Bussieres France. This one has Yellow/Black striping. The other is the 77th T.F.S. These are the markings of the CO of the 77th. Lt.Col.Bob Ackerly. The 20th were at RAF Wethersfield. From the NMUSAF records. ”Nov 1951–22 May 1952; Wethersfield RAF Station, England, 1 Jun 1952; Shepherds Grove RAF Station (later, RAF Shepherds Grove), England, 9 Aug 1955; RAF Wethersfield, England, 27 Apr 1956.” See everyone when this starts next week, @Col. Thanks for setting this build up im looking forward to it. Dennis
  11. This project has been a light hearted in-fill model to relax with whilst building other models and it’s finally finished, but I wasn’t sure if to post it in this section or not, especially as it’s not a true scale model. Anyway, here it is and what I’ve try to do is create a vehicle that’s been in a hell-like dusty desert with plenty of battle scars from multiple engagements with the enemy. I’ve used this model to try a coulple of new finishing techniques and also add a few bits and bobs from the spares box to complement the kit. The main mods I’ve done are as follows: The addition of pioneer tools, a couple of towing shackles, extended tapered radio aerial, scratch built some radio headphones, added a rear light, jack, two interior storage bins, a battery and cooling fan for the engine, a side window for the driver, fire extinguisher, reposing of both skeletons (breaking of many bones was necessary ), adding a strap to oberleutnant ‘Scally’s’ binoculars, giving the vehicle some battle damage including bullet holes, making the bonnet removable, adding metal footplates, making new flags, and adding a few extra decals. I do intend to make a base for it in between other builds, but for now I’m calling it finished. Bitte, haf a looksee, aber, critics vill be shot!
  12. My first “big” build after i started making model planes about a year ago... Thinks this is the sixth model i have made so far... The 1/48 C-47 “Honey bun III”, Italian, Normandy, Holland and Bastogne veteran! Hope to improve my weathering techniques in the future... Please let me know what you think, i can only learn and hope my next plane will be better
  13. Hello again, Here's one I finished last year, Monograms 1/48 P-38 Lightning from the 1960's - updated and marked in my favourite scheme for the type, the flying Dragon! The kit was rescribed, worn area of wing riveted, all flight controls and flaps had to be defined/rescribed in order to stand out, all engine scoops on the engine nacelles and the supercharger were opened up, and a scratch built gunsight, instrument panel, engine controls and wiring were added to the cockpit. A modified Ultracast seat was used. - Bazooka's and wheels are spare from and Academy kit - Landing gear detailed, oil coolers in nacelle, and radiators /interior structure added to radiators on tailbooms, brass tubing for guns. - Dragon faces and mouths were masked and painted, green color custom mixed to match decals, Aeromaster decals for the rest of markings, - Painted with Tamiya acrylics using "hairspray" technique for worn/chipped paint area's, weathered with oils and acrylics. Lots of work, but I enjoyed it and the model won Gold at our local Winnipeg IPMS contest, and "Model of the Year". I'm quite proud of it, hope you like. Again, hope you like Colin
  14. Hello Dears, Did I have mentionned this building ?? The Monogram Dash F has been started in 1988 or so.. Will search where the Bushmasters are stationned at the time, but I think it was Bentwaters... I read a book about the projected nuke war, they told about the Squadron, There was a Mk 7 nuke for each bridge of the Vistule river, would have 3 or 4 eyed fish For god's sake they both stayed quiet or almost, no mushrooms Modifications on the pylon for the Mk 7 The Tamiya one is a more recent start, 6 or 7 years ago I think. She is retro modified, from a dash G to a dash E. Goog kit, I used parts from the Verlinden kit, this kit is just a copy from the original parts, there is a slight difference, almost not noticeable. And some parts from a Heller X-kit, so I believe resin parts are from Renaissance.Don't Know, More to come soon. Thank for watching. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  15. Time to put the GR5 up on RFI. It’s a kit bash of a Monogram AV-8B with new Sky Models decals and a Pavla resin Martin Baker seat. Nice kit to build in the basic form thanks for looking
  16. this time with an early Harrier of the 8th Squadrille, Spanish Navy, or Armada Española, Octava Esquadrilla hard to come by Monogram kit, as Kinetic did not manage yet to release a very early Harrier single seater... fingers crossed they will soon! (GR.1, Gr.3 and AV-8A and AV-8S) Decals by Series Españolas, looking great, as usual! Quickboost Stencel seat here we go! ingredients and WIP and output: no long time retired after having been sold to Thailand were they had a second spring!
  17. This was one of my final models before graduating to an air brush. A P-39Q Zebra Training aircraft, used to train air-gunners. This was the forerunner to the P-63 Pinball aircraft.
  18. Hi everybody y bien venidos! I will move on here with my Spanish series.... this time with an early Harrier of the 8th Squadrille, Spanish Navy, or Armada Española, Octava Esquadrilla Monogram molds, as Kinetic did not manage yet to release a very early Harrier single seater... fingers crossed they will soon! (GR.1, Gr.3 and AV-8A and AV-8S) Decals by Series Españolas, looking great, as usual! I will add a Quickboost Stencel seat I guess... that is what I have for now, fit looks good! Weapons? gun pods I assume, as well as N/ P Sidewinders, or alternatively Lau -10 Zunis.... external tanks? which size and where to take from? are the 100 Gallon tanks from Hunters the same one? looking forward top your comments! Thanks, Werner
  19. I'm going to join the party with Monogram's classic 1/48th B-17G: DSC_0002 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr I've built many of these over the years, and despite it's age it builds into a lovely rendition of the Fortress. In fact, when you look at a real B-17, the raised detail is more accurate than modern recessed toolings so I'm going to do my best to preserve all of the raised panel lines, etc. I also think that the new Airfix 1/72nd scale kit aside, this is the most accurate of the available B-17 models. This will be built more or less out of the box, with the exception of some aftermarket wheels and decals. I have a sheet for 'Swamp Fire' - a veteran of well over 100 missions with the 397th BG out of Kimbolton, or alternatively I have an old MicroScale sheet covering the Bassingborne-based 91st BG's aircraft 'Out House Mouse', 'Little Miss Mischief', and 'Nine-O-Nine', as well as 'Joker' from the 463rd BG, 15th Air Force. I'm undecided as to which aircraft to go for yet, but I'll make my mind up as I progress. DSC_0004 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr So, it's time to dive in and get cracking! Tom
  20. After a 20+ year break, BM inspired me to start building the Monogram OA-4M that I'd carried around with me since the 90s. The idea was to blow the dust off some modelling skills and practice some of the new techniques that I've read about on here. There wasn't much after-market available, but I did get some Eduard PE for the Hasegawa kit, canopy mask that didn't really fit, and some left over hase parts kindly donated by BMers (stand up @John B). I scratch built the intake and primary fan, which you can't really see, but I promise is there, and I used some weird clay stuff to make insulation for the cockpit. I chose the airframe - 4638 because there are lots of reference pictures online. Decals are by Furball. Thanks for looking
  21. Hello, Haven't had a lot of time lately, but just added one more to the collection, a 1/72 Monogram F-105F Wild Weasel, done up in Leo Thorsness's Medal Of Honor mission markings, courtesy of Wolfpak decals "Sambuster & Tyke" decal sheet. This kit is bone stock OOB except for the removal of wingtip antenna, wing re-enforcement panels, and the addition of Hasegawa weapons, plus a very slight amount of filling here and there. These are described over on the build thread on ARC: F-105FWW For the first time, I did not rescribe the raised panel lines, but it looks about as good as those to which I did. Without further ado, here are the pics: It was great fun to build a great kit with No fit problems, and no issues (except self-inflicted!) at all. Hope you enjoy the pictures. 'Til next we meet, Ed
  22. Despite being best known for it's part in the air war over Vietnam republic's big fighter did see active service in Europe, that is until losses over South East Asia forced them to re-equip with other aircraft (mostly F-4's) and send their aircraft to units involved in combat. The F-105's were split between two units, the 36th TFW at Bitburg and the 49th TFW at Spangdahlem in Germany and were based there long enough that aircraft could be seen in either the earlier silver lacquer scheme or in the South East Asian scheme but I much prefer the silver scheme (not natural metal but painted, yes!) as it will make a change from seeing a Thud without any camo on it. I don't currently have any markings for either unit but think I can paint the ones for the 36th TFW as it seems to be just coloured bands on the vertical tail, in fact it will look a lot like this F-105D of the same unit, note the "F" sitting behind it; The Thud lovers amongst you will notice that this aircraft does not have the modified engine cooling inlet which is moulded onto the kit's fuselage halves but I think I can remove it without destroying the kit, I will have to remove the wing strengthening panels from the kit whichever scheme I go with as these are only relevant to the "G" model which was the first of the family to be kitted and so these are incorrectly carried over to both the "D" and "F" kits. Below is a picture of an "F" from the 49th TFW; She is in the same basic scheme but I don't think I can replicate the unit badge on the tail, she does however have the modified cooling inlets which would save a job, but would also mean that I need to find some decals from somewhere. Now onto the actual kit itself. For my build I will be using the old but extremely accurate Monogram kit, now I know it's not state of the art and I know it has raised panel lines but it is from Monogram's best period and is extremely accurate shape wise (apart from the aforementioned wing strengthening plates for a "D" or "F") and has a decent cockpit and landing gear wells, and to be honest the panel lines don't bother me as they are very restrained and don't leap out at you. Here are the obligatory shots of the box and it's contents, starting with the box art; Good isn't it, now that is what box art should look like! And now the contents; Republic are quite well represented in this GB already with an F-84F, an RF-84 and now my F-105, can't be a bad thing. Just have to wait for the weekend before I can get started, oh and finish my Wildcat build. Thanks for looking in and any thoughts or help are gratefully received. Craig.
  23. Hi, all you Britmodellers, I've finished this after losing most of the bits at least once! The build thread is HERE for an odyssey in Alclad! I had a lot of help and encouragement on this - big thanks especially to Andy (general melchett) for providing the Jay Miller reference book, amongst other top tips and encouragement. Thanks for looking once again! Alan
  24. I participated in an old kit group build with some of my mates, the idea being we should each build a kit that was released when we were kids - The older you were the older the kit should be. I selected about four from around 1967-69 and invited my mates to choose for me. They unanimously chose Monogram's 1/72 Boeing F4B-4 released in 1968 when I was 8 years old. My moulding was showing its age, with flash, slightly misaligned tooling, and warped interplane struts. However, the basic kit is quite nice, albeit lacking any cockpit detail. I fixed this problem using a resin cockpit set by Starfighter, which is ok for what is ultimately visible. I also used some quite good decals by the same company. I chose to refine several kit parts a such as bracing struts, windscreen and guns. I also opened up hand-holds in the wing tips, added a fuel filler neck and cap to the long-range tank, replaced the arrestor hook, and displaced the tail control surfaces. I originally planned to rig with invisible mending thread, but instead ended up using ceramic wire for the first time. This spring tensile product proved very easy to position using a blind hole at one end and an open one at the other. The hardest part was getting the length right using trial and error. Sorry for the sickly green background, it's all I had to hand... The accompanying link to a slideshow of images tells the story of what I did with the kit: http://s7.photobucket.com/user/kiwikitbasher/slideshow/F4B-4 or use this link to my work in progress account: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235011598-boeing-f4b4-monogram-172/
  25. Hi all and my latest finish, a Monogram 1/72 F-105G Wild Weasel built for a Vietnam GB elsewhere. The build thread is here if you're interested but to recap: Kit: Monogram 1/72 F-105G Build: Out of the box Paints: Halfords primer from a can. Revell Acrylics with a paint brush. Future, Flory Models Wash, W&N Matt Varnish Decals: Mix of kit and Superscale Sheet. Markings: 561st Tactical Fighter Squadron, 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, Southeast Asia 1972. This aircraft (S/N 63-8320) scored 3 Mig kills in Vietnam. I don't know if the aircraft carried kill markings but I added two under the cockpit. As a footnote, the last F-105 shot down in the Vietnam War was from the 561st and the squadron was the last to fly the F-4 Pantom II on ops. Anyway, some pics! Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_4 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_7 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Paints used... Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_8 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr She's a big 'un alright. Beside a Vietnam Navy Phantom (first Mig shootdown) Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_9 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And that's it! For an old kit, it was a really enjoyable build and nicely engineered. I also love how the instruction sheet has call outs for what many of the pieces are e.g. 'ECM pods' or 'Drop tanks'......clearly aimed at the young builder. Maybe something Airfix or Revell might bring back?! Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_10 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and enjoy your modelling. Dermot
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