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Found 26 results

  1. Ok, this probably won't be your typical Work In Progress thread. This started out as me trying out some pre-shading techniques which I've never really used before. I usually build 1/32 aircraft but thought the Falcon would be a great test subject for pre-shading and for me to see how it works (or not). The kit is the Force Awakens release of the Falcon. For AM, I've got Tyridium's lighting kit and the Green Strawberry PE. I started with the main hull sections. I used Tamiya NATO Black for the pre-shading on the bare plastic. Over this, I started to fill in the panels using Gunze H338 thinned down to about 70/30 thinner to paint. I went back and did the mandibles to match.
  2. Just finished this Bandai box scale Millennium Falcon from Empire Strikes Back for the Film, Fiction and Speculative GB here. Short wee build thread for this very wee kit is here but to recap: Kit: Bandai 1/350 Millennium Falcon 015 Build: Out of the box! Paints: Black Acrylic primer, Revell Aqua colours with airbrush. Klear, Flory Models wash Extras: None Not my best (tried the pre-shading thingy but not great) and the wash didn't work out underneath - don't think the Klear coat had fully cured. But really loved the details in such a tiny kit and can't wait to build the 1/144 version soon. She may not look like much...but she's got it where it counts Bandai Millennium Falcon_015_Done.6 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai Millennium Falcon_1_015_Done.4 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai Millennium Falcon_015_Done.2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai Millennium Falcon_015_Done.14 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai Millennium Falcon_015_Done.3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai Millennium Falcon_015_Done.5 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and happy modelling. All the best, Dermot
  3. So even though the workbench here at HQ is backing up with Group Builds, I've decided to throw my hat in with Bandai's mighty Millennium Falcon - someone had to, right??!!! How excited to see the postie finally delivering this one.....I really can't wait to get stuck in. Bandai Millennium Falcon_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Wait...……..wha??????? Bandai Millennium Falcon_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Why of course, it's the mighty small Bandai Millennium Falcon - I'm still saving the cents and raiding the children's future college funds to save up for the Perfect Grade edition. Bandai Millennium Falcon_3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr That's a regular-sized paint pot with it, not a five-litre tub! As the Captain himself says, she may not look like much kid, but she's got it where it counts.. Cheers and enjoy your builds. Dermot
  4. Millennium Falcon (06777) 1:164 Revell Build & Play The Millennium Falcon seems to have been a main stay of most of the Star Wards films to date. The Kit As part of Revell's licencing of Star Wars from Disney they are releasing a whole host of kits for modellers of all ages. This is aimed at the cross over between toys and kits in that its pre-painted and ready to go with some easy click together construction. The unit also has a sound & light modules built in complete with batteries so its ready to go. Construction is fairly simple. First of all all the parts which are fitted from the inside are added. To the top section the upper gun turret, to the lower section the landing gear, side parts and the battery module (remember to remove the plastic tab which holds the battery contacts apart). The batteries are in a screw locked compartment so cant easily be removed by children. The upper part of the cockpit section is also added. The rear engine is added and then the two sections can be closed up. The radar is added and its good to go. Conclusion There is always the debate as to are these a model or a toy. I think they are a little simple for a model but a great toll to get children interested in doing something a little more advanced, and for the right age group that only has the be encouraged (Revell recommend this for Age 6+. Recommended. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  5. Just started out on another model from the Bandai's Resistance Vehicle Set which includes two 1/144 T-70 X-Wings along with this 1/350 Falcon from the Last Jedi. Few parts but great detail. I'm really impressed by the pipes which run from the hull into the maintenance pits. The parts were all very clean except for the radar dish, which had a prominent mold line running down the center. I laid down a base coat of Badger Stynylrez Black Primer followed by random squiggles of Vallejo Model Air 71.119 White Gray to give some modulation to the hull color. I just received a set of Flory Washes in the mail yesterday, so I'm eager to try them out soon.
  6. Hi Everyone, This one I've worked at on and off for months (with huge gaps!). I've overdone the weathering (particularly the exhausts), which meant I parked it for a while. I'm happier with the end result now though, even though it's not perfect! Good fun though. And for those not familiar with the size, it's pretty small:
  7. Buying something from Amazon I needed something to take me up to the magic twenty squids and free postage, so I had put this little fellow in my "save for later" basket some time ago for just such a day. I usually top up with Vallejo paints but this time I needed a fiver so this little chap for six squids was just the job. Quick little throwaway bit of fun... But when I opened it. Well it isn't a bad little model. So I started thinking about "doing something" with it. Anyhoo, more on the MF model and what I decided to "do" with it later, I decided I wanted something to display it on. Probably my favourite Star Wars moment is when the Millennium Falcon swoops down on Darth Vader closing in on Luke in the trench and takes out his wingman causing DV to abort and Han shouts "Yahoo, you're in the clear kid, let's blow this thing and go home!" So a bit of Death Star scenery is required. A Laser turret. Nothing commercially available that I know of (apart from the Bandai kits and I don't think there is anything suitable?) Anyway I'll just scratchbuild one... First off find some scale plans. The best I could find was Adam Savage's "Tested" website (yes, the "Mythbusters" guy) Build a Studio Scale Death Star Laser Tower It is more concerned with a CAD/CAM model but the drawing gave me a starting point. So, plasticard and tools to hand off we go... So that is where I'm at. You can see I have started on the "Laser Guns" using plastic tubing or different diameters but I need to "greeblie" them up a bit. The thing that looks like the buffer plate from a steam locomotive is to locate the lasers guns behind the curved plate (making them moveable was decreed as a step too far!) What started as a little basket filler has turned into a project. I think the turret is probably too big but the Death Star was a "BIG" thing so who really knows. I was amused to find out that the sets that depict the interior of the Millennium Falcon would not have fitted inside the full 1:1 model that was built at Elstree for filming the scenes in "A New Hope" and that full model was used for the scenes on Tatooine and on the Death Star without being moved, they rebuilt the sets around the model! If anyone is interested in any of the techniques I have used please ask. Peace out.
  8. Hi Folks, I started another Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Model a few weeks ago. I built the model during lunchtimes at work, so no WIP photos of the build I'm afraid. It went together like a dream. The kit is designed to be snap fit, so I didn't need to use glue, but I did anyway, just as I felt it helped fill any tiny gaps between the parts - even though I doubt there would be anyway, the fit is so good. Started painting by airbrushing a Vallejo Model Air USAAF Light Gray (spelling is correct according to the bottle!), and I used multiple layers of citadel Nuln Oil for the canopy windows. Using a wash this way made it easy to fill in right the the recesses without having to worry about accidentally painting over the canopy trim. The big mistake I've made, which you can't see from the photograph (as I've intentionally not taken any to show it!) is the engines, where I tried to apply a blue wash. As I'd already built the kit, I just couldn't get a brush in the gap to paint it without also catching the edges of the plating around the engine. I've got a second version of this model along with a number of other vehicle model series kits, so I'm going to make sure that I always check before gluing together. Vents and engine pits were painted with a wash mix of Nuln Oil and one of the citadel brown washes (can't remember which!). I then applied an overall wash of the citadel brown wash (watered down with some airbrush thinner or water - can't remember which!). This had the effect of weathering the grey. The kit comes with stickers rather than decals, so I'm going to brush paint the individual panels next. This shouldn't be too taxing, I think the trick is just to make sure I take my time and I'm neat - certainly not going to try faffing around with masking and an airbrush on this one!
  9. Have seen one of these on offer for sale 2nd hand. Not mint in box or anything but is unbuilt and complete. Price is reasonable I think... I know it's not really that accurate (inside or out) and not even in the same league as anything larger scale by Bandai or Fine Molds.....but since those are in a galaxy far far away from my budget right now, is it worth a purchase or should I pass on it? Welcome your thoughts.. Cheers, Dermot
  10. Hi everyone, My first post here and I just wanted to post my favourite build from last year (and it took pretty much all of last year to do!). This is the 1/144 Bandai Millennium Falcon that I have modified to be (my favourite) version, the one from Empire Strikes Back. Mostly an out of the box build, it uses a lot of 3D printed parts (the radar dish, cockpit interior and exterior, maintenance pits, sidewalls on the mandibles), some photoetch (the rear circular grills) and is lit (although you can't really see this in the photos). The engines have a blue flickering glow, the headlights are SMDs, there is an interior light for the upper gun well (the lower one is where the support pole is) and the cockpit rear wall is a mix of fibre optic and back lighting. I have some videos of this knocking around online (on Instagram mainly). Painted with DOA paints (hand brush) as well as Citadel ones and various washes, etc until I was happy with it. Feel free to ask any questions.
  11. I know...I know, a Star Wars 'Build and Play' kit. While I save some modelling funds for Bandai's lovely Millennium Falcon in 1/144, thought I would have some fun with this one which I got on the very cheap in Lidl some months back. Sure, it's not the most accurate kit and most of the details are simplified for kids but the general shape is ok and hope it will look a little better with some improvements. Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_06954_box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Not many parts to it... Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_contents by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr The solid cockpit will go, replaced with something a little less basic Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_cockpit_before by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr. Drilling well under way Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_cockpit_during by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And starting the clean up....a lot better. Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_cockpit_after_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr The gear bays are very simple so am going to box them in.. Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_contents by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_gear_bays by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And drilling out the solid radar dish arms Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_dish by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Probably just a little smaller than 1/144.. Revell_Millennium_Falcon_Build_Play_upper_hull by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Will take a look at the sidewalls next. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Dermot
  12. Saw one of these, between a bunch of other Revell Star Wars kits at my local Hobbycraft store, so think i was meant to buy it. :-) Finished build - took less than a couple of hours; Pre shading on (tamiya xf-69); Light layers of tamiya xf-19 sprayed On, building up the coverage bit by bit to endure the pre shade shows through.Then added some white to the grey and randomly sprayed a few panels (free hand) added more white and repeated; Red panels painted in and inspection ports, defined; More lighter panels added, dark wash to panel lines, various bits picked out in silver and brass colours, fading added with LifeColor dust washes and a quick test fit to its base; Need to create the drive colours at the rear of the ship next.
  13. Stellar Envoy (AKA Millennium Falcon) I've had Bandai's little box scale Falcon sitting about in a base coat for a while, and since I was waiting for some filler to dry on the Gigant, I decided to get some more work done on it. I wasn't originally planning to do a wip for it, so I don't have any construction pics, but there's not really much to these vehicle model kits, and this is built OOB anyway. I have taken some photos of the painting steps though, so I thought I might as well post them. As the title implies, this is being done as the Stellar Envoy which, if you don't know the Star Wars EU that well, was the Millennium Falcon in a previous life, before Lando acquired it and then lost it to Han. The main difference between the Stellar Envoy and the Falcon we all know and love, is the blue deco over the hull, and that's going to form the bulk of the paintwork I'll have to do. To begin with, the whole ship was base coated in a pale warm grey I then spent this morning painting in some random panels in various warm and cool grey shades, using thinned acrylics and some washes. These aren't matched to the Falcon's panels, or even to the few reference images of the Envoy. It's just going to be my take on the ship Tonight was spent masking up and painting the first of the blue markings. I've started with the curved sections, as they're the trickiest to do. The masking for the edges of the curves were cut with a compass cutter, then the rest of the area covered with silly putty. While the blue paint was still a bit soft, I made a few scratches in it to give it a more weathered look I'll be fitting the work on this around the Gigant, so I'll probably be switching back and forth between the two over the next few days. Andy
  14. Hi Thanks to our dedicated and most loyal club photographer at IPMS Farnborough, here are the pictures of my completed DeAgostini Millennium Falcon (20 editions of which belong to him I do need to add!) - Built from 100 editions of various sized parts as a studio replica of the 3 footer Falcon used in ESB and ROTJ. Mine had its own paint job and face-lift as I was not particularly impressed with the basic toy look of the parts from the kit supplied parts. This is BIG, heavy, and has already been exiled to the garage by my Fiancée ("get that bloody great big plastic hamburger out" were her exact words I seem to remember) - perhaps a show piece for Telford in November, I'm not sure as its table top greedy. A fun build and as I stated numerous times on the WIP threads, very much worth its weight in metal and plastic when the costs are spread out - the pub till takes more from the average Gent per month than DeAgostini do when building this kit. May the Force be with You John
  15. Hi guys I've been a member for a while but this is my first post here,....My name is John & I'm from Carrickfergus (10 miles from Belfast) You might get to notice that I tend to build 1 craft......in different scales.....different versions...... ....the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars I've built various MPC kits (the one from '78),....the most recent I spent quite a long time on & sold it to a collector about 95% completed I've got 2 FineMolds 1/72 & 1 of the 1/144 I'm in the middle of modding the big Hasbro toy Falcon (works out to be 1/48) & two of these fantastic Bandai 1/144 The Force Awakens Falcon kits So....this thread is dedicated to the Bandai kit modded to reproduce how the Falcon appeared in the first Star Wars 1977 (A New Hope) I got my Shapeways parts today (27 Nov) sculpted by Tony FZ6 & I started modding Dish: Really Really happy with the detail on the printed parts: Started plating: Constantly smoothing & refining Thanks for looking John Wow, thanks for the welcome Dermo (& the likes guys).....Yep theres a lot of these birds being built at the minute Theres a good bit to catch up to where I am now with this build (paint & PE),....but this was the next in my progress: TFA docking rings are a bit plain,....while the 5 footer is more random Gonna have to find some really fine greeblies for the cockpit walkway: Thanks for looking John
  16. Hello BM's. Now for me, something completely different. My wonderful modelling supporting Wife bought me a Millennium Falcon in 1/241 scale for Christmas and I've had great fun completing this over the last few days. I'm normally a 1/72 WW2/Cold War aircraft modeller so some different techniques and approaches were used to create the effect I wanted: Tamiya Acrylics used, XF-20 and lots of XF:2 to get the colour Painted the different panels using the starter set acrylics that came with it I only used the kit decals on the gun turret view port For a quick, fun build, I can't recommend this enough. Enjoy!
  17. Dear forum members, I have done a repaint of the big 28" Hasbro Millennium Falcon and would like to show it to you. So far I was hesitating to buy expensive additional parts from Randy Cooper. Maybe I will try to get them later as this is a really nice model, much cheaper than the Falcon from DeAgostini and for me nice enough. I hope you like it!
  18. We've got six new Revell Star Wars spaceship starter kits for you! With half a dozen of the most iconic ships and fighter craft to be found in the highly popular and legendary movie series, such as the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing, TIE Fighter and Snowspeeder! For full details, please see our newsletter.
  19. What started out as a distraction from the large Vader figure managed to turn into a minor obsession with colour variance, scale colour theory and highly magnified stills from the DVD’s (still not got them on Blu-ray). While I do want to get both the Bandai 1:144 and the Revell 1:72 I will be laying off of the ‘Falcon for a while (it helps I can’t afford either!) C&C’s are most appreciated but please be gentle :-) Paints used were space-fighters and star-defenders sci-fi colors from mig with vallejo top coat and ultimate weathering wash dark dirt Thank you Davros aka Mechanised Dwarf 342
  20. Hey there guys this is another Bandai Falcon I'm working on,....just taking a wee break to work on other Falcon projects,...at the minute I still have the side-walls to do.....but this is how I got to where I am: Some small thinning of pipes & greeblies: The detailed area that runs along the top of cockpit walkway looks a bit too high: Carving out the area from the inside to minimise the damage of details on the outside: Re-positioned lower in the walkway: Blast marks: Carving out the framework for the new rectangular radar: Underside blast marks: As TFA Falcon is a CG model for the movie,...it now has glass in the window frames....(the models used in the original trilogy were frames only to help with blue screen filming),...so I've gone with the window option: Masking: Sorry that it's such a long post,...but thats it brought up to where I am with the model Thanks for looking John
  21. There tend to be too much blue'ish light in my kitchen this early in the day, but I suppressed the blue a little as a post effect on the images, and hopefully the photos should look ok. Edit: Hrm, nope. Too much blueish lighting here. Have to go take some new photos. This model was airbrushed with Vallejo Air colors (USAF Light Gray and Nato Black). I used Humbrol Clear for the gloss coats (psi should ideally be at 5-6 I think). The four layers of gloss coat is ofc "hidden" by the final layer of Vallejo Matte varnish (diluted 50/50 with thinner). I'll post some more images later showing the stand that was painted with Vallejo's metallic 'Gunmetal Gray', once the battery on my digital camera has been recharged. I really like this kit, though the kit seem to have one subtle flaw at the front and to the side a bit, where you can see the seams from the two big pieces that doesn't get covered by the parts on the side. I used some photo etch and it was ok, though I had to mask the photo etch to paint the big parts both gray and black. I think ideally, the PE should have been made differently because of that. The WIP thread is here.
  22. Note: The Ready for Inspection thread can be found here. I think this one should be fairly quick to complete. The finish should end up looking great, now that I can use an airbrush. The fine molds kit comes with paint masks, something I have never used before. It didn't work well when I made my Tie fighter model, painting it with a brush over the masks, but now, I have an airbrush and I suspect that the result will be perfect. I think I only have to make sure there is enough adhesive on the masks, so that paint isn't blown in underneath the masks. Fyi, the paint masks is simply a single sticker sheet called "masking sticker". These are not individual and pre-cut masks, so I have to cut out each mask by the looks of it. So this kit is a box I had lying around for years. I even bought some photo etch for it, nothing much, a little PE and some resin parts in one pack. The PE was a bit hard to come by as I recall, and some other PE was iirc sold out. I don't think the PE is entirely accurate. Presumably it is somewhat abstracted, otherwise the detailing might have been too small for production I am guessing. The main color to be used, is the USAF Light Gray, being a warm gray, as opposed to cold or neutral gray. I had to excavate six holes for the resin parts, simple enough. The six PE parts fits nicely btw. I had already begun working on this kit, when I re-opened the box the other day. The insides of the two main hull pieces are painted black, as I thought it might perhaps prevent translucency to some degree (unsure if effective with only black enamel paint). Ideally, one would have to use both black and maybe silver paint on top of that to block any light passing through the plastic.
  23. I finally finished this little guy, after languishing in the bottom of a display case for around two years.. I painted it with Vallejo silver grey over a Tamiya German grey preshade. Weathering was done using citadel and oil paint washes, oil paint streaks and oil paint shading and toning.. If that's a word?
  24. Revell - new Star Wars kits for 2015 X-WING - skill level 4 TIE Fighter Millennium Falcon !!!!!!! look at their boxarts and compare with Fine Molds: http://www.rebelscum.com/2015-Toy-Fair/2015-Toy-Fair-Revell-Star-Wars/default.asp and MASTER SERIES sounds good
  25. I thought it was high time I showed off our star wars models that we've built. All of them are fine molds kits. The millennium falcon was made by my husband, David and lives in our living room coffee table. The X-wing is my favorite model in our cabinet also made by David. The insides of the x's have added scratch built detail. The y-wing is made by myself (you can tell, at the time I was only just getting into the whole weathering thing by hand whilst he had just had a skills breakthrough with the whole airbrush weathering thing!). The Tie Interceptor was also made by David as a commission for my sister's boyfriend (now ex, so we may never see that model again ), it has a few modifications not part of the original kit. Pictures to follow....
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