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  1. How to Paint Imperial Galactic Fighters – Solution Book 05(A.MIG-6520) AMMO of Mig Jiménez There are a huge number of people that love the Sci-Fi movies of the Star Wars franchise, and some of the designs are amongst the most recognised spacecraft designs in the world. Of course there wouldn’t be any drama without a worthy adversary for the heroes of our story, which leads to the Galactic Empire, and later the First Order, who stepped in to fill the power vacuum after the apparent death of the evil Emperor Palpatine. Initially is was Star Destroyers and TIE Figh
  2. How to Paint Modern Russian Tanks – Solutions Book #07 (A.MIG-6518) ISBN: 8432074065180 AMMO of Mig Jiménez You may already have heard of the AMMO Solution Boxes, and the Solution Books that complement them, but if not, the boxes are comprehensive sets of products that can be used to complete the weathering of their chosen subject, and for those that don’t already know the techniques, the books walk you through the process step-by-step, holding your hand and supplying tips and tricks in a graphic context with written captions and icons in English, Spanish, Fr
  3. Masking Sheets (A.MIG-8043) AMMO of Mig Jiménez If you’ve ever wished that you could get larger sizes and bigger areas of kabuki-style masking material, wider than 40mm that’s available on rolls, you’re about to have your wish granted. AMMO have released this new set of five sheets in a clear foil bag with branding over-printed, and a stated size of 280x195mm written in yellow on the front. The bag is resealable, which will allow you to keep the dust out, and other than that there’s not an awful lot to say, other than to extoll the virtues of Kabuki tape, which
  4. Sanding Sticks – Various Types Ammo of Mig Jiménez Sanding sticks are a standard part of your average modeller’s toolbox, and have been for some time, as they’re convenient, small and easier to store than sheets of sandpaper and blocks. Everyone and their dog has a brand now, as a lot of manufacturers offer a branding service to print your logo on a standard stick. These new sticks from AMMO are a little bit different in that they have Step numbers printed on their faces, and have varied cores, depending on their use. Each one arrives in a resealable clear foil
  5. White Winter Camouflage Solution Set SP02 (A.MIG-7803) Ammo of Mig Jiménez During winter conditions, fighting doesn’t just stop because the weather is inclement, whether it is rain, wind or snow. Winter snow is incredibly harsh on vehicles and crews, with many succumbing to harsh weather during WWII on the eastern front predominantly, but also in the west. In order to reduce the visibility of their tanks and other vehicles during winter, a water-based “distemper” paint similar to whitewash was applied over the standard camouflage, often with brooms in a slapdash
  6. AMMO Black Cyanoacrylate Slow Dry (A.MIG-9034) & Activator (A.MIG-8037) AMMO of Mig Jiménez Cyanoacrylate, Super Glue, Crazy Glue or CA for short, its origins were as a suture-free solution to closing small wounds, although the stuff we use now isn’t medical grade and is usually made mainly from Methyl CA, which is low-grade toxic, so don’t be tempted to use it next time you cut your finger with a scalpel you might not feel any ill effects, but it's not recommended. Modellers have been using CA for a long time now for attaching disparate materials, gluing th
  7. Panzer Crew Figures Acrylic Paint Set (A.MIG-7024) AMMO of Mig Jiménez During WWII German Panzer crews wore a dark grey/black uniform to differentiate them from the Field Grey of the Wehrmacht troops, and probably with an eye on soot and grease too! Black is one of the more taxing colours to paint on a figure, or any model for that matter, so any help is good help. This four-paint set arrives in a clear clamshell box with a card header and some colour use suggestions on the rear. Inside are four bottles that are best described as shades of grey and b
  8. Masking Tape 20, 10, 6 & 2mm AMMO of Mig Jiménez Masking tape for modelling was revolutionised by the introduction of Kabuki tape from a well-known Japanese model manufacturer, and since then it has gone on to become one of the modeller’s staples. It is traditional low-tack paper tape that was allegedly used in Kabuki theatre in the construction of the intricate shadow-puppets and scenery, which is where the name comes from. Whether that’s true or not I have no clue! This new tape from AMMO is available in a range of widths, and each
  9. Republic Of Korea (ROK) Army (A.MIG-7173) Ammo by Mig Jiménez More paint from those prodigiously productive people at Ammo. This set includes four colours in 17ml bottles in the pack, each with a dropper top and yellow cap that is an indicator that there is a stainless steel "stirring ball" inside to assist with mixing the paint, which is also mentioned on the pack. This is a good thing, as AMMO acrylic paint does tend to separate out when left untended. By now it's common knowledge that AMMO paints are pretty good, and I have a used them and find they cover we
  10. Encyclopaedia of Figures Volume 0 (A.MIG-6220) AMMO of Mig Jiménez The mere mention of figure painting causes a great many modellers from other genres to break out in a cold sweat, because replicating a realistic human face, fabric and other details at small scale is a terrifying prospect to us. Figure painters obviously like a challenge, but I'm sure even those brave souls would appreciate some hints and tips to improve the finish on their models. This is a Quick Guide to figure painting, which is the precursor to the full series, and it m
  11. Streaking And Vertical Surfaces Brush Set (A.MIG-7604) & Dioramas & Scenic Brush Set (A.MIG-7601) AMMO of Mig Jiménez Brushes are an essential part of any modeller's toolkit, whether or not you use an airbrush for the majority of your paint application. Detail painting, touch-ups and weathering are all manual jobs that require some paint brushes, so with AMMO's goal of being able to provide specific tools and products to help us all achieve modelling nirvana, we now have a number of brushes available from them, which can be bought singly or in sets such as
  12. WWII German and Soviet Figures Paint Sets (A.MIG-7021 & A.MIG-7023) AMMO of Mig Jiménez Mig Jiménez's company AMMO has been producing acrylic paints now for some years, and they have a deservedly good reputation in the hobby. There are an ever-widening range of shades, available singly and in sets to bolster your collection and make painting specific themes easier. These two sets are under the Figures Sets banner, and are designed as a one-stop pack to permit you to paint uniforms with the addition of a brush and a little skill. Each set arrives in a blister
  13. Oil Brusher Paints AMMO of Mig Jiménez Using oils for weathering effects is hardly a new technique, but it has been occasionally hit-and-miss if you happen to buy the wrong oils with gritty pigment, or forget to let the oils "breathe" on a piece of card to wick away the excess oil that slows down drying and makes it harder to achieve certain effects. The lead foil tubes and their caps can also be an impediment, as they are prone to sticking in place if not used frequently, and we have all probably twisted a tube badly whilst trying to undo it at som
  14. World War III The World in Crisis (A.MIG-6116) Ammo of Mig Jiménez I'd like to open by saying DON'T PANIC! You haven't missed anything on the news, and the world as we know it isn't going to come to an end…. Yet. Set in an alternative reality and only a few leaps of faith into the future, this book is a modelling book, but depicting some of the hardware that would be likely to be used if diplomacy came up against a brick wall, a Lesser-known character from "In The Night Garden" managed to get their missile systems to work, or someone's really really big brain acci
  15. Depot Areas & Sludge Tracks Weathering set (A.MIG-7470) Ammo by Mig Jiménez More weathering products from those prodigiously productive people at Ammo. This set is six enamel washes and includes A.MIG-1002 TRACKS WASH, A.MIG-1004 LIGHT RUST WASH, A.MIG-1407 ENGINE GRIME, A.MIG-1408 FRESH ENGINE OIL, & A.MIG-3020 METAL SLAG (pigment). This set is designed to compliment the "Fast Method" set we reviewed here. You can of course mix these to create highly realistic vistas. Your artistry will of course play a part in whether you achieve
  16. The Weathering Magazine - Die Cast From Toy to Model Ammo by Mig Jimenez We have now seen a few weathering magazines from Ammo and it is good to see they are keeping up the same high quality. There are 78 pages of glossy high quality paper in an A4 format, all in colour. As the title would suggest this edition concentrates on painting & weathering techniques to make your die cast models more lifelike, and less toy like. Even if you dont have any Die Casts the weathering techniques can be used elsewhere. This title features Excavators, trains, cars, trucks, figures &
  17. M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank in Detail (A.MIG-5950) (ISBN: 8432074059509) Ammo by Mig Jiménez The M1 Abrams is America's current generation of Main Battle Tank used extensively in the Gulf Wars and beyond, with various upgrades to the original specification applied throughout its service life in answer to deficiencies in the original design, or new combat circumstance, such as the asymmetric combat that is inherent in the Middle East giving rise to the TUSK and TUSK II urban upgrade kits. The M1A2 SEP (System Enhancement Package) upgraded the armour to n
  18. Urban Diorama Acrylic Colours (A.MIG-7177) Ammo by Mig Jiménez More paint from those prodigiously productive people at Ammo. This set includes six colours in 17ml bottles in the pack, each with a dropper top and yellow cap that is an indicator that there is a stainless steel "stirring ball" inside to assist with mixing the paint, which is also mentioned on the pack. This is a good thing, as AMMO acrylic paint does tend to separate out when left untended. By now it's common knowledge that AMMO paints are pretty good, and I have a few friends that swear by them.
  19. Modelling School – The Modelling Guide for Rust and Oxididation (A.MIG-6098) Ammo of Mig Jiménez AMMO have a sizeable library of books under their belts, ranging from magazines to reference guides, as well as technique masterclasses such as this one. This volume is focused tightly upon the decay of our technological marvels after they fall out of use, although the techniques expounded can also be used with more restraint in almost any weathering task by just dialling back the application of the various effects used. The author Jari Hermilä professes to have a lik
  20. Metallic Colours Acrylic Paint Set (A.MIG-7175) Ammo of Mig Jiménez AMMO's range of paints is expanding quickly and not just with the range of colours, but also the genres that it caters for. This set of metallic paints could quite easily be used in almost every genre from Sci-Fi through aircraft and onto vehicle modelling, so it should have a wide appeal. The fact that they are acrylic is a plus-point too, as no-matter how got a lacquer paint is, there is always a worry about the fumes and clean-up that requires noxious and highly flammable chemicals. While acr
  21. Railway "Fast Method" Acrylic Paint Set AMMO of Mig Jiménez This set of acrylic paints from AMMO is a quick method for painting up the tracks on your diorama or railway layout in a more realistic manner than leaving them bland and uninviting, but without spending hours on every last detail. There are six 17ml bottles in the pack, each with a dropper top and yellow cap that is an indicator that there is a stainless steel "stirring ball" inside to assist with mixing the paint. This is a good thing, as AMMO paint does tend to separate out when left untended, but soo
  22. Lucky Varnish, Gloss and Ultra Matt AMMO by Mig Jimenez When my colleague Mike reviewed the previous incarnations of these varnishes he found there was a problem with reaction to pain and bubbling. So we had high hopes that the formulation had been changed to prevent this. It would appear that AMMO, have indeed sorted out this problem, only I found another problem. On doing a trial spray at the recommended pressures etc, the gloss went on white and splotchy, whether this was due to the warm temperatures we are currently experiencing in the UK on not, I do not know. I also
  23. Encyclopaedia of Armour Volumes 3, 4 & 5 AMMO of Mig Jiménez We reviewed the opening Volume of this series here, and followed it with Volume 2 here back in 2016, after which we somewhat lost track of the release schedule. We are now playing catch-up with the remaining three Volumes thanks to the good folks at AMMO, and bring you the final three in one easy-access review, plus the links above to go back and see the early parts. In case you haven't yet seen the earlier reviews or played catch-up by following those links, this is the AFV version of AM
  24. 17ml Storage System – 60 Bottle Paint Rack AMMO of Mig Jiménez Once you've got a decent stock of any brand of paint, it becomes a bit of a pain keeping them neat and tidy, as they can take up quite a bit of shelf or drawer space, and looking at the tops of paint bottles that are all the same colour in a drawer isn't the easiest way to find a particular colour. A paint rack is a damn good investment once you've reached critical mass, and as a lot of manufacturers use those handy 17ml dropper bottles, one in that size could come in handy. AMMO have teame
  25. Bare Metal Aircraft Colors (A.MIG.7216) AMMO by Mig Jiménez Bare metal colours are a fairly personal choice and some folks swear by a brand that other folks swear at. AMMO have come up with set of acrylic metal colours that will be useful for some of the latest releases, as well as old faithfuls. They arrive in a clear clamshell box with four colours inside, all of which are in 17ml dropper bottles that have yellow caps and mixing balls inside to help distribute the pigment. Like most AMMO paints they separate quite quickly when left unagitated, but a quick shak
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