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Found 8 results

  1. Well after nearly as much indecision and prevaricating as the Brexit debate (no I'm NOT getting involved!) I have finally decided to join in with a subject which is very much in the spotlight at the moment, albeit for the worst possible reason (it's retirement) I have decided to go with a Panavia Tornado using the recent 1/48 Revell IDS kit, so here are the usual pics of the box and it's contents starting with the box top of Revell's God awful end opening effort; Nice box art, now for the actual plastic showing that all the parts are neatly wrapped in their original packaging; Revell's decal sheet is very well printed and looks to be of excellent quality but I really wish they would stop with the special schemes and give us some good old fashioned politically incorrect front line aircraft in their proper warpaint. When I opened the box I got a nice surprise in the form of a separate plastic bag put into the box (no doubt by it's original owner as I bought it second hand) which contained these resin goodies which should help with the build; All very nice I hear you say but how does this tie in with the criteria of this GB? Well maybe these next pictures will help alleviate your fears..... Nice decals you say, I hope so as some of them are nearly as old as me but hopefully work better, but your'e still not completely convinced, well how about these whizz bangs to hang under the Tonka? Getting better? And yes they are a set of wing seals by one of our very clever members, but if you still haven't pieced everything together yet then here she comes!!!!! Oh Yes!! Isn't she a thing of beauty! A Marineflieger IDS of MFG 1 in the original delivery scheme, stick a couple of Kormorans under the belly of the beast and you have the best Baltic Bolshevik botherer ever! Well that's my opinion any way. And just in case my MFG 1 decals go terribly wrong then I have some slightly more modern ones for MFG 2 in the 3 colour scheme that they wore and carried HARM missiles for killing radars making them SEAD aircraft, as is this Italian ECR which I also have decals for; Well hopefully she meets with the approval of our glorious leader @trickyrich and I shall make a start later this week. Thanks for looking in and all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  2. Hi, What would be the best Tamiya paint references or mixes for a Marineflieger F-104G in the 2 tones camo (RAL9006 Weißaluminium and RAL7012 Basaltgrau) ? For the white alu, it seems that the color oxidised quite easily into some kind of light grey so I guess any reference will do. For basalt grey, XF-66 seems to be a good start. What do you think ? Cheers, Antoine
  3. Meanwhile, while researching an Op Shader RAF Tonka, I stumbled across some pictures I made of a JBG33 Tornado with still the marineflieger Camo, together with Norm 83 gasbags and Norm 76 pylons. However after some research, I did find out that there are at least 3 different paint schemes. So serial 4618 and 4611 has more of the blue grey paint compared to the drawings from don color... Am I right to assume the following? : -The camo is alternating blue grey with the lighter grey's -the lighter colour on top of the aircraft is totaly green-grey? -the lighter colour on bottom surfaces together with the side surfaces the grey-green gets replaced by the medium grey colour. -The front patch of lighter grey on the tail, where mostly the reverser staining is, is also green-grey while the patch at the top of the tail is the medium grey again like all side surfaces. Is there anyone who has a manual of syhart's decals for the marineflieger display spare? Which looks to be the schemes I'm researching too, but it is the 4620 special markings plane. And as the last question, are there Camo instructies in the Hahen decals as this seems to be the any source for accurate JBG33 decals? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello all! So this is my first WIP on Britmodeller. Thought it would be nice to contribute to the many fellow modellers around. In this WIP thread I'll be building the new Revell Torando IDS on 1/48. I bought the kit pretty soon after it was release in 2014 because I really like the looks of the Tornado. Next to that I've seen many many Tonka's flying while I'm also a keen aviation photographer. I already posted some WIP shots and stories on a dutch forum, and now I'm sharing this here too. Many of you probably know the kit but here are some inbox shots. The one I'll be building dates back in the 80's where the grey/white scheme was replaced by a three tone scheme, the so calles Norm87e scheme. This a three tone scheme. In the Revell box a EADS recce pod is supplied, I won't be using that. The typical 80's MarineFlieger (FAA) loadout was two fuel tanks together with Kormoran missles. Typically that would be fueltanks on the wing hard points and the kormoran on the belly hardpoint. But I found this image on © Airliners.net: You can see the fueltanks are on the belly and the Kormorans on the wing. Well that's the loadout I'll be doing. First of all I (still) have to find good Kormorans. I know there is a resin AM one, but those are around €20 for two, which is quite expensive for two missles (IMHO). I'll using Harald Hensel excellent decals to make this Tornado a Marineflieger Tornado. Enough talking some photos of the build so far: Cockpit is OOB here with a dryfit of the two side parts. You can see the construction as made by Revell. First the wheelbay for the front suspension. On top of that the cockpit tub is put. Alignment is good. Now on to the rear wheel bays. These have a few sinkmarks (visible on the photos), so sanding is required. The bays lack wiring, that's why I'll be adding some wiring to make it look a bit more realistic. I recently purchased some lead wires on Ebay. Very nice stuff to bend and create a more realistic look. More on that later on. Next step are the intakes. I glued them, and you can see some seems. A well known trick to solve this is to use some white latex and poor that in the intakes let it cure for a few minutes and then release the back to let remaining latex poor out. I'll be doing that. You can see on this photo I have put some put in the seams and after that I've sanded it. (grid 600). This gives a fairly good result Now on to the Latex trick. Got some latex from my neighbour. I filled the intakes and let it for about 10min. After that I released the tape. I spilled a bit, but Latex is cheap so no worries. The picture below shows the tape removed and with a little space between the latex was able to poor out. After some comment on the dutch forum I decided to add the kit decals to the cockpit to make it a bit more realistic. I'm OK with te result. After the Belgian Mirage that I built (many rescribing and other challenges) I wanted to build a nice 'new' kit OOB. That's why I picked the Revell Tornado. Now after building for about a month this build is getting difficult in some ways. Main issue is the breakdown of the plane. This results is many parts for building up the plane. Especially the tub and the underside combined with the other parts making up the sides under the wing. But also a factor is that the plastic is quite soft, with my knife I sometimes remove to much simply because it's so soft. Next to that I started scribing the panellines. That's needed because they are really soft and far from deep. I tested that with a small part and some primer, but after the primer not much was left of the details. So that means that I'll be scribing the whole plane in order to be able to do a wash in the painting process. Starting with the wheelbays combined with the main section of the intakes. The plastic is soft an despite carefull cutting and sanding sometimes you get some annoying cuts. Seen here is the main section, cockpit attached, intakes glued and also the side panels for the rear part. A lot and I mean a lot of dry fitting was needed in order to a descent alignment of the parts. Sometimes I needed to glue it in differten steps in order to get the result I wanted. What you see here is the section of the intakes and the side panels. It took me an hour sanding, fitting and glueing to get this result. I even grabbed my girl friends hairdryer to get stiffness out of the plane in order not to put to much pressure on the glued parts. You can see some cuts here, this shows how soft the plastic is. So that's it for now, comments appreciated and hope you like the build! Cheers, Evert
  5. Kit - Hasegawa 1:48 Paint - All Xtracolour enamels. Decals - HaHen Extras - True Details resin seats, Eduard etch Zoom set. TF-104G Starfighter Marineflieger 2 Eggebeck AB, 1986 For some reason (almost certainly 'operator error') the photos are just awful for this one. I'll try and take better ones later in the week. Started this back in January and finished in the middle of last week, ready for the 'Armistice' show here next weekend. I'm guessing that the weather here will be a little less 'inclement' than you'll be experiencing in Telford at the same time. I highly recommend trying HaHen decals if you've never used them before. He specializes in post-war German stuff and they are very, very good - be aware they are on a single sheet of carrier film, so you'll need to cut each and every item. The True Details GQ7 seats are amongst the best resin seats I've ever used, and again highly recommended. As ever thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. Happy to take all questions, criticism and comments. AFN Ian
  6. Hi everyone! Here's my latest finished model - well known Revell 1:72 Tornado, built as a Germany Navy bird. Click on the photo for more photos and information.
  7. For some weird reason there a certain aircraft I prefer the look of the two seat variants over the single seat. The A-7, A-10, A-4, F-18 just look fantastic, as does the F-104! I've build a few Starfighters in the past but this is the first time I've hade the chance to do the trainer. Combine that with the gorgeous Marineflieger colour scheme and I can't wait to get this one built. The Starfighter equipped Marineflieger 2 1963 - 1987, Eight TF-104Gs were operated by them during this period. Originally released a decade ago this kit looks fantastic! Good cockpit detail, finely engraved, beautifully detailed parts and a great decals sheet... What more could I ask for
  8. Here is my latest contribution, the scale 1/48 Hasegawa TF-104G Starfighter. The Starfighter has always been one of my favourites, building the kit was a joy. The kit went together pretty well, I only had some trouble with the Hahen decals. They are not as easy as the look to apply. The kit represents the TF-104G 27+92 which was lost on 7 May 1982 while performing a low level attack at sea, killing both pilots.
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