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Found 8 results

  1. And here we go again. Some of you may have seen my last scratchbuild, a Hover tank from the Airfix Star Wars Slave 1 kit. I just used the lower hull for the tank. So what of the rest of it? I'm going to use it on this thread to build an orbital hunter/killer ship which would damage and salvage enemy spacecraft. I'm fairly well hooked into building Maschinen kreiger stuff so this will be another one from that universe, albeit not an 'official' craft. (Unless of course, Kow Yokoyama San happens by, and gives it his blessing). Here are the main parts taped together to give you a feel of the thing. In the foreground is a pencil sharpener. You'll find out why later. Oh look, a box of bits. Some of which may or may not be used here. Ah, proper Slave 1 kit bits to fill the 'wheel arches' (well, what else would you call them? I've cut down the lower sections. They'll be trimmed to fit better later. ) And, a pencil sharpener in bits, along with an engine cowling from (I think) an old Matchbox kit? So, glue the cowling to the 'wheel arch' filler after fitting the (ex Wessex) nut & bolt plus washer and spacer. Now we have a swiveling thruster pod. Told you! The rocket nozzle is what you get when your Biro runs out and you save the shiny bit on the end. Good aren't they? (cheap too, no one else saves them) The thrusters remind me of bits on Russian helicopters, notably Kamovs). It's the ribbing you know. Time for cockpit checks. I took the Slave 1 cockpit, slotted in an old 1/32nd Revell bf109 cockpit, added an Airfix Porsche 917 driver (built about 45+ years ago) and a load of greeblies for you to try to identify. Though even I don't know where some of them came from! Here's the cockpit slotted into place (it really isn't an impressive fit) to show what's going on. I also push fitted a thruster together to show how that bit works. I painted/repainted the cockpit as required and gave the pilot a lick of IJN grey with added green tape belts. And finally this afternoon I started to block in the underside with plastic card. I'm out all day tomorrow (Airshow at North Coates) and working on Monday (Hinckley area). But then I'm off for the rest of the week, so hopefully I may get more done then. Thanks, as always, for looking and bearing with me while I try to work out where the build is going. Usually it's controlled by whatever flits through my head at the time and what I can find in the spares boxes. Comments and gifts of curry* are gratefully accepted. Cheers, Pete *(Though I just had a very nice chicken one along with a bottle of Wold Top Scarborough Fair. Yum).
  2. Thanks to a week off work and a push this afternoon I've finally finished my floaty boat build, Misfit 2. Based on an ancient pre-built FROG Shell Welder tanker, This build has cost me very little, mostly just paint & glues as virtually everything came out of the spares boxes. And it has provided many hours of enjoyment. If you're wondering, the Maschinen kreiger universe is on Earth 800 years in the future, and resources are being fought over. I like the Ian McQue floaty boats & I like kreiger, so, what if the seas are dried up, you have useless ships and anti gravity devices, what do you do? Now without further ado, the pictures, and this time they're mostly in focus. It's a busy day down at the dock, unloading a mixed cargo.... Notice that the lower part of the dock can't now be seen. So much for my desert simulation! The blue fold down wings provide a bit of ground effect lift at speed. This probably counts as a diorama really. Don't tell the Mods. They'll all want one. That drum doesn't seem very heavy. This blokes a Bludger!* *(Aussie speak for Skiver) That's Radar from a Revell MASH set working the crane remote control. All the figures were on the original Misfit. The sharp end, See the leaping antelope up there? This ship is a product of the Springbok shipyards. I think it's intended to be a Reindeer, I nicked some from a table at Christmas! Underneath there is the ground mapping Radar bowl, ex-Harrier steering thrusters and a wonky (rusty/miscoloured) heat exhaust from the Fwd Anti Gravity unit. Below the Springbok is a thruster. (From a toy Space Shuttle, 20p at the car boot). At the back we have a similar arrangement except the heat exhausts are ex Ju87 Night exhausts, cheap from the Big H. In the centre is the main thruster. Back at the front, the figurehead is an Eagle. Actually ex Matchbox tank kit? Nazi Eagle with a missile head placed where the Swastika was. Some clutter behind the wheelhouse. Drums, jerrycans and a bucket. Meanwhile back on the dock. See that silver thing behind the bloke? Ex Revell Dambuster Lancaster and about 50 years old. Now it's a special container of some sort. The Skipper keeps an eye on the unloading procedures. The cargo net was just some mesh and was used (along with the crane) on Misfit 1. A pretty mixed cargo, I think you'll agree. The yellow thing with the 'ears' is a screw on cap for something that I found. Here's Dockyard Matey again, He's been with this since the start. The green wire is plugged into the gizmo for power from the dock. Blue gas bottles on Ju88 bomb racks. Don't ask me what they're for though. (They were bombs at one point). Another view down the old dock. Getting bored yet? Oh, the metal U shaped thing? Staples. Probably now a special part they are delivering. A last long look down the length of the dock. Oh, I measured Misfit, 16 inches bow to stern. And in case you were in any doubt, The name on the back. These were rub down letters I've had for years. Stick them on and add a coat of matt varnish. Result. They've pretty much come out the same colour as the side numbers. The main thruster can be seen better here too. I'm not sure what it was previously meant to be though. And thanks for looking. Any comments, and or money gratefully accepted Next up, I'll be in the vehicle section, with a modified Volkswagen pick up truck. Cheers Pete
  3. Finally finished. My latest Kreiger scratchbuild of a Lunadiver variant, the Manta. A space based hunter killer. I hasten to add that this is not an official part of the kreiger universe. I made it up. I do have a Hasegawa Lunadiver Stingray kit, but hesitate to build it as I'm having too much fun doing these things. Two Sea Kings, Two Whirlwinds, One Frog Wessex and various other bits and pieces make up this one. (Oh, and a fair amount of filler) (The stand is ex Corgi aircraft, 50p from the car boot) There is a WIP thread so you can see how it came together & that I didn't use a pristine Wessex! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235043676-krieger-lunadiver-variant-manta/ Scale is 1/32nd and the main paint is IJN Grey from a Tamiya rattlecan. The main entry point, A 1/24th Muscle car bit surrounding a 1/32nd Aircraft tyre. The wheel is ex Matador. The grey bar is a common feature of kreiger builds, probably a radar device. It's actually part of a Revell P-38 Lightning. It goes under the stabiliser to stop the model tail sitting. RH rear view. One of the Whirlwinds (Originally built in the early 70's & very rough!) Probably a fuel tank. Close up of the LH engine. A bit rusty but hey, who's going to see it in space? The black and yellow thing is the root of a Whirlwind rotor blade. LH side. Yes, I think that is a Buccaneer bit you can see. And a V8 cam cover too. The cockpit has no windows so this thing is covered in sensors (painted green) for the computers to make up images for the Pilot. RH front. The 'Martian' was inspired by an Octopus on the Revell Ventura. The bit with the Skull & Crossbones is a debris shield for the fuel tanks. It's actually a bit of leftover Bo105 Helicopter roof from a previous build. The original Lunadiver uses a Porsche 911 door! LH rear. That is a 1/32nd P-38 wing with an Airfix 1/72nd Gnat upside down. Green aileron is now a sensor. The unit that operates these things in space served previously in the Desert. (probably) Hence the Camel & swords. A front view with the debris shields activated. (They swivel on Panzer axles). The green nose sensor was a 1/72nd canopy. Guns were donated by a mate. (blue? why not?) Fwd underside. More cam covers, Truck exhaust bits and solder pipework. I have had that radar dish for so many years I can't remember it's origin. It stands on a McPherson strut though. You can just see the tips of Martians tentacles (steady!) as he hangs on. Yes, that's a tank engine deck. Honey, I think. Sea King dipper halves too. And Jerry cans in the middle. Oh, and the bit sticking up on the tank deck is a 1/24th car jack. Here the stand is clear to see. Painted Gunship grey. Inside the engine bell, the fins from an Airfix 1/24th Typhoon, kindly donated by a fellow BM member. I'll call them steering vanes. The back end again showing both engines. Looks like the vanes can rotate too. The rod disappearing off to the right has a sensor on the end. I made it years ago to go on an Airfix 1/48th TSR2 as a refuelling probe. You can see it attaches to the wing in the picture above. And I think that's about it for this one. Comments are, as always, welcome. As are questions on the subject from those who are wondering what they are looking at and why. I'll edit some of the text if it helps. Cheers Pete
  4. Here we go again. This will be yet another of my bits boxes builds. I like the idea of the Maschinen kreiger universe and I have several of the kits in the stash. I do find though, that I enjoy scratchbuilding much more than just assembling and painting a kit. To that end, I've built quite a few variants using whatever I had to hand, and this will be another of those. My apologies if some of the pictures are slightly out of focus. Or is just my eyes? Here is a link to a picture of the official kit http://www.amerang.co.uk/image/cache/data/Hasegawa/HMK03n-800x800.jpg I've used my copy of it as a reference during the build. Though you may find that any resemblance is merely in passing. I have a box full of old kits I built years decades ago and I've raided that for parts of the structure. Plus I've received a couple of Sea Kings (yes, Space going Sea Kings!) from fellow Britmodellers (Cheers guys) which will form the base of the model. Take two Sea Kings and modify until satisfied. Not quite a zwilling but it'll do. The yellow one came minus it's cockpit so I used one from an ancient Revell Jolly Green Giant built circa 1970! Then take a Wessex, add half a Luft '46 fuselage either side and generally faff around with it. Stir in a couple of Whirlwinds, with 1/24th Typhoon droptanks? on top. The original model uses Hughes 500's here. I did get a pair of 1/48th 500's (The 'Chips' version comes with a Harley Police bike!) but why not use the old Whirly's instead? Can you see where I'm going now? Answers on the back of a roast chicken please. The original kit uses a Ta152 wing and a Skyhawk fuselage half here, but I had a 1/32nd P-38 wing in the bits box (leftover from the Gulf Falke build) and an Airfix Gnat so I used them. Now we have the Wessex & wing on top with the Whirlies in place and you can see a rocket nozzle too. Another similar shot. The original kit has a large gunpod underneath. My idea is to have guns in the end of what was the Sea King tail cones. While the pilot will be inside the Wessex. Scale will be around 1/32nd. You will see that the back (now the front) of the Wessex has changed, I used a 1/72nd canopy. I took some outside shots. The stand is ex Corgi aircraft, bought at the car boot. The access hatch on top of the Wessex is an Aircraft wheel cut down inside a 1/24th car air filter surround. The underside. Yes, that's a bit of tank in the middle (If Star wars can use them so can I). The hole is for the stand. That's it for pictures for the moment. More work has been done since I took these, Tons of Milliput for a start, so I need to get the camera out to update recent progress. What you see here has taken Months so far. I hope you've found something of interest here. Pete
  5. I finished this one a couple of months ago but didn't then have a picture host site. There is a WIP so you can see how I built it. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040486-another-walker/&do=getNewComment I wanted a lived in look, like a WW2 Sherman for instance. Imagine this is the crews home for months on end. This build was inspired by a picture I saw some years ago. I cannot find it now though. Apologies in advance for the lousy picture quality. Hopefully you'll be able to make it out. Paint is Tamiya IJN green from a rattlecan. I've not added numbers etc so it can fit into almost any scenario. Snakehead decal from F1 car It's been paddling in some blue gunk! Spot the Porsche windscreen wiper. This is the only picture that shows the IJN green properly! The odd bit in front of the Commander is Sherman suspension. Barrels and bags are ancient Airfix railway bits. The gun on the RH mount is modified Gundam. Blue netting held fruit at one point. Transmission (Dur!) LH rear showing grilles (WW2 M4 etch set a quid from big H) LH again showing winch & strop for crew access (How do they get into AT ST's?) and the rockets.
  6. People here have shown interest in my past scratchbuilds so here is one I finished a couple of months ago. I thought I'd show it as a WIP first so that the build process can be seen and someone may pick up tips and have a go themselves. This one was inspired by a picture I saw years ago of a walker on a slight rise with the Commander looking out of his cupola as if he were on a scouting mission. I finished this one as if it could be from any universe so it could be kreiger, or an early form of AT ST from Star Wars or whatever you like. Basis is 2 Revell MBB Bo 105 helicopter kits (both 9.99 from home bargains). Sorry about the poor quality of some of the pictures. A simple cut'n'shut and we have two kits in one. The green grille is etch from big H that cost a pound. The LH side at a later stage. More etch, a tank hatch and above it a 1/24th supercharger forms the basis of a winch. The RH side again. Various other greeblies stuck on. Inside RH side. Inside of that hatch, and a gun clipped to the wall. Horrible paint job. I just thinned down some blue and slapped it on. I wanted a lived in effect. Imagine a WW2 Sherman that had been used for months. Inside LH and rear wall of crew compartment. Commanders seat and some instruments to monitor power source. You can also see a huge hinge for the LH main access hatch. Again, grotty paint. The crew. Helicopter seats and IP. Figures are WW2 German signallers? in 1/35th scale. Basis for the transmission. 1/24th Porsche 911 engine and a Ferrari transmission. The red bit is Airfix Guardsvan. More transmission detail. The yellow bits are V8 cylinder heads but were removed later. Basis for the feet. Bits from a computer hard drive and two Russian tank wheels. How to make the legs. Balsa core and lollipop stick shaped bits of plasticard with another strip of the same wrapped around the middle. All stuck together with cheap superglue. (TET bottle to show the size). Upper leg part showing tank wheel embedded into leg and 'axle'. And the finished leg. Greeblies stuck. Yes, Chevy rear lights and Guardsvan bits. The hydraulic struts are simply two interlocking tubes. The end bits are split pins. A bit of a close up shot. Now it's coming together, and ready for paint. Last chance to spot the greeblies. And, I forgot to mask off those little side windows. Doh! RFI coming soon.
  7. At long last, and so long as the bucket place works, I can post pictures of my latest scratchbuild. The parts were accumulated over a long period. The main body, the big black thing in the picture, was a device for playing mp3 in the car, the tanks on the sides are, I recently discovered, No2 bottles, I just found them on the ground. The pilot is over 45 years old and was an Airfix Ford Escort driver, you may be able to see an Escort hubcap on the nose. The wheel for the top hatch was an Escort steering wheel. The 'arms' are from a minesweeper tank, the skids once held pencil lead. Nearly everything else is bits of tank models. Oh, the 'radar arm' over the top was a free pen that came in the post, various other kreiger space models have something similar. So, hopefully you'll enjoy Orbital tug 42. With British standard Humbrol tinlet to show the size! The thruster nozzle came off a toy space shuttle. The round bits above the cockpit are lights. I later added lenses. here you can see the Escort steering wheel. The side thrusters were from a pair of earbuds. The Sherman suspension parts are probably where a larger ship would clamp the tug for long distance travel. Yes, a pair of tank turret cupola's were used to mount the main thruster. The intrepid pilot. He and the cockpit details are rudimentary, I mostly wanted to concentrate on the exterior. The Escort hubcap is visible here, some sort of scanner, I imagine. As always, comments are welcome.
  8. Bit of a leap from what you saw on WIP to this but Sometimes that's how it turns out. As it turned out the beast wasn't too stable (as predicted) I couldn't get the autostab to work. Ahem. I cut discs from a kit box and used a product called mod podge (I think) it's like thick white glue, Slapped it on and plunged the feet into it overnight. Some paint and model railway foliage followed. I'd put kitchen foil around the cardboard, rather like a cupcake, when I removed it I found it had dried clear and vertical in places rather like splashes. Result! I then cut plasticard discs and epoxied the feet to them. Now it stands up! I also applied Johnsons Klear up to the 'knees' so it looks wet. 1/35th figure painting isn't my forte' so you'll have to forgive my crewman! Anyway, hope you like what you see here, The typ B7 Sumpfesel. It seems I didn't resize one picture. Apologies. BTW, Photobucket worked for me. Edit, The foliage looks like cricket stumps. Oops. As always, your opinion is valued and lessons will be learned, etc. Pete
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