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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, It's always interesting to see which project of the several I'm working on makes it to the point of painting, at which time I'm less reticent about sharing as there's a chance I might see it to completion This time it's another Kotobukiya kit, the Molga or as we know it Slitherzoid. This was easily my fave Zoid as a kid, with its crawling motion and nifty hidden gun and cockpit. It'll look better with its wheels, but I'm changing the mounting for those to give it a narrower track (like the original Tomy toy) and haven't finished cleaning up and painting the modified parts yet. It's painted with Tamiya red oxide primer and then dull and bright red lacquers. Over that I gave it a coat of GW Flesh Tearers Red mixed about 3:1 with Wyldwood - those are contrast points so they settle in the detail a bit, and I let them pool to give a patchy finish. I drybrushed it with a couple of brighter reds, sponged on some Vallejo German Grey chips and painted a few scratches. Almost none of which will be visible at the end unless I contrive to have it leaping off a base? Then sealed it all with Dullcote. I'm trying to avoid using any enamels as there's quite a lot of ABS in the frame, and I've fitted parts together with friction so it'll probably crack. I'm currently dithering about the body panels, which are painted in Alclad and decalled, but haven't been washed yet. They might not crack with enamel, but they might. But if I use acrylics around the details it'll be hard to get a really soft look. I'll see if I can take some pictures of the armour bits today. Cheers, Will
  2. Hi all, I haven't done all the pics yet, but here's one I completed within the last 24 hours. It was supposed to be a quick build and I haven't documented the process but it's been languishing 80% complete for a while now and I wanted to get it out of the way. (click for bigger) A nice kit by Kotobukiya of an interesting space fighter from a PS1 Shoot-em-up (that I never played) called RayStorm. It's red in the game but I wanted to do something with teal, so this one is that colour. Painted with Tamiya lacquers and GW acrylics, and weathered with enamel and acrylic. The nacelles are much heavier than the fuselage and supported by ABS parts. One of mine cracked and I eventually plucked up the courage to pull it off entirely and pin the join. I finally got it *perfect* and then dropped the other half, breaking that join, during final assembly. After a lot of mucking around with brass wire, CA, and a scalpel I got it all together but it's got a visible gap. However the prongs are pointing in the same direction so I think I'll call it a win. It was tempting to give up but it was *so close* to being done that I couldn't really. Now for something more fun I'll process some more pics tomorrow and pop them up here so you can see just how mad the shape is in 3d. [edit: And here they are. Excuse the grobbly noise in the pale areas, I should've done them front-lit rather than back-lit as I couldn't push the whites to clean up the background without losing the detail in the fins.] Hopefully that makes it clear just what an odd bugger it is. Cool though! Cheers! Will
  3. Hi folks, With a big Zoid in the offing I thought I should build a small Zoid to figure out the process. I think I posted a picture of this snapped together a while ago, if not then it looks like this: This is the bombed-up version with leg-mounted missile launchers, extra giant wing cannon etc. Which clearly looks ludicrous! It's a bit better if you leave all that off: but then you have the issue that the legs are long and silly. I ended up transplanting the feet onto the knees to get something which works a bit better, and then put it aside because it needed filling and cleaning up. I pulled the box out this week and spent a morning with the superglue, file and sandpaper sorting out some seams and other bits and bobs. That all went quite quickly so I had two huge paint sessions yesterday and got it all primed and mostly base-coated: Ignore the Cute Tank bits and bobs. All the black parts are going to be metallic, the yellow is Chrome Oxide and the greys are Gunship Grey 2, USAF Light Grey, Light Ghost Grey and Insignia White (all Tamiya lacquers.) I'm not 100% sure about the ghost (blue) grey but it should boost the yellow and it is a very "Zoid" colour. I need to re-do the masking for the stripe on the head (it was late and I was rushing) and then mask up the wing knuckles and leading edges which are going to be a nightmare. But first I'm off to town for more Gunship Grey 2. And yes, this is a transparent attempt to show off my "look at me I'm a Pro Modeller" sticks-with-alligator-clips. They really do make the painting experience much much better Cheers, Will
  4. hay, heres photos of my kotobukiya super robot wars serena kit. I used gaia metal finish paints gaia white lacquers the purple was a black gloss base, then i put some color changing pigment( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEPTUNE-CHAMELEON-FLIP-PAINT-PIGMENT-ULTRA-VIOLET-TO-NEON-BLUE-RL71-MATCH-/251838852562 ) into gaia gloss clear. upgrades... i used metal thrusters and i used 2 kotobukiya "beast" swords. fun build, the photos dont do the color changing justice also cant do a proper photo set up as we are having building work done at the moment.
  5. Hi All, Just coming back to modelling after a 10 year break and I'm posting a few of the things I had just finished before my absence from the fold. This is a customisation I did of the Kotobukiya 1/12 scale clone trooper figure. It's basically a re-paint with scratch-built custom backpack, holster and binos. Initially I sprayed the whole figure silver then masked out damaged areas using maskol. Over that I airbrushed the various camo colours using maskol each time to mask the patterns. Finally I removed all the masking fluid then added the weathering and various staining etc. I have a few WIP pics as well if anyone is interested, but I wasn't sure about posting them to "Ready For Inspection"! Chris For reference this is the original figure:
  6. 1/72 Matsukaze mdl.2 Base Defense TypeSource: https://www.facebook.com/HobbyLinkJapan/posts/10153415630688072?notif_t=notify_me A new kit from the 1/72 Armored Core kit line is not standard mecha robot but an interesting mecha-tank similar to the Gundam-series tanks. price is ............... 125 USD....
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