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Found 14 results

  1. This is the Pearl Harbor version of Hasegawa's Kate, but since they don't include the right torpedo fins, I went looking for another colour scheme. I stumbled upon pictures of this surrendered Kate in green cross markings and well, why not? I left out the rear gun but apart from that it's OOB. It's a very nice fitting model. I did paint the camouflage under the white, which is applied patchy intentionally. It also looked as though they had really roughly painted the spinner and prop with a brush, so I tried to recreate that look as well. I'm not sure the aircraft ever flew, but it did look scruffy around the engine cowlings with the rest of the aircraft fairly clean. Green crosses were painted on and the '2' on the tail was from the spares box.
  2. Hi comrades! Here is my model of Kate from Soryu aircraft carrier, member of first wave of Pearl Harbor attack. According to some sources - the killer of Arizona battleship. The kit is fantastic! I added only Eduard's brass (critical for bomb fins and seatbelts). equipment panels I preferred to paint, IMHO looks more realistic than etched. My additions: wiring on main undercarriage, bomb, engine. Airframe riveted. Most of the markings painted with Montex and self made masks. Thanks for looking. And good view of cockpit: Build is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235060939-b5n2-kate-soryu-december-1941-148-hasegawa-ready/&tab=comments#comment-3504018 Thanks for looking
  3. I will be entering this under the Carrier section of the GB. Airfix's recent offering looks like a nice kit in the box but provides versions from the markings that probably exclude it from the boundaries bog the GB. However Enzo Matrix came to my aid with decals for a Kate that took part in the Midway battle flying from the Akagi. If i can find a link to the appropriate colour profile i will add it later. Box art and a big pile of bits! Airfix provide the option of displaying it with the wings folded, so i may do that with mine. Thanks for looking, Cheers Greg
  4. Hi folks, I've finally managed to get round to completing the Airfix 1/72 B5N2 Kate which I originally entered for the Carriers Ahoy GB but alas as is so often the case was unable to finish. The kit has been an absolute pleasure to build with excellent detail throughout and went together with the minimum of fuss and only a tiny bit of filler here and there. I used some new paints for me - a set of Japanese specific paints from AK Interactive and whilst I think the colours are excellent - I found the paint itself to be a bit lacking - almost too runny and too sticky in equal measure. Never mind - I persevered and I managed to use them ok. Built OOB with the addition of a montex mask set and I used some eduard seatbelts for the cockpit. The title of this thread relates to the fact that I've never built a Japanese aircraft until now so I hope I've done the type justice. I've gone a bit photo heavy I'm afraid as you'll see below. Please let me know what you think.
  5. After the Nakajima B5N2 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234972966-172-airfix-nakajima-b5n2-kate-172-a04058/?hl=nakajima Airfix is to release a 1/72 Nakajima B5N1 - ref.A04060 Source: http://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/p40b_and_b5n1_meteor/ V.P.
  6. So as I mentioned in the GB Chat, I've never built a Japanese aircraft to date, despite having been modelling for many years. I have about 3 in the stash but had just never got round to getting one on the bench - so with the Carrier GB afoot I thought this would be a perfect baptism of fire for me. I've decided to go with the following kit with this being one of Airfix's more recent new toolings. It's full of detail and should be great kit to start my foray into Japanese types. Here she is: So here goes and wish me luck - hopefully I won't let the side down for all those fans of Japanese aircraft. Thanks Kris
  7. Here is my fourth completed kit of the year, the Airfix Nakajima B5N2 Kate representing E1-311 of Attack Unit 5 flying from the Imperial Japanese Navy carrier Shokaku on 7th December 1941: This is the second Airfix Kate I have built (the last was from the Dogfight Double boxing with the Grumman F4F Wildcat) and I had forgotten what a nicely engineered and beautifuly detailed kit it is. Construction took about two weeks as a sort of 'side-build' to the Mitsubushi Raiden I am currently building mainly because I wanted to test painting the national markings with Maketar masks. I added Eduard etched lap-straps to the seats and used their mask set for the canopy. I also used the leftover 250Kg bomb from my previous Kate build so the aircraft carries 2 x 250kg bombs rather than the 1 x 250kg and 3 x 60kg bombs advised by Airfix for the bomb load, as suggested by Nick Millman here. I replaced the kit pitot with some Albion Alloys brass tube and rod. The model was 'black-based' then painted overall in Colourcoats ACJ17 Nakajima Amber-Grey (Ameiro); the green mottling is ACJ03 IJN D2 Green Black (this may well not be the correct green, Airfix recommend Humbrol 116 US Dark Green) but the correct green is not documented; some Japanese sources say the mottling was green and brown but I'm not sure if conclusive evidence will ever be found now. My mottling may be too dense and too granular, I was only able to find one photograph of the original aircraft and it was a side view which didn't really give much away; also I free-handed it with my Badger 150 and I don't think I could have done it any better even if I had better reference material - as it happens I am quite pleased with the way it looks anyway. The national markings were sprayed (with mixed success) with ACJ20 Hinomaru Red, the white tailband masked and painted with Citadel acrylic Ulthuan Grey which is indistinguishable from white unless you put it next to white but has the benefit of not being brilliant white on your model. The model was then sprayed with Alclad matt varnish, the navigation lights painted in with Tamiya Clear Red and Clear Blue; the final touch was the R/T antenna wire which was added using Infini White Lycra thread (the 70 Denier one). Thanks for your attention if you made it this far Cheers, Stew
  8. Hi peeps, here are my first two completions for 2016; Airfix's B5N2 "Kate" and the Academy P-40N, both 1/72. The Kate is strictly Out-Of-the-Box, down to the colour recommendations Airfix cited with Nick Millman's help. The only aftermarket used was Peewit canopy masks: The P-40 has been the subject of a few extras, however. The exhausts, spinner and prop blades have been replaced with Quickboost items and I managed to graft (after some fun and games!!) the Squadron vacform canopy intended for the Hasegawa P-40N on to it. This was also my first go at masking a canopy the tedious ( ) way for the aft and sliding sections. The windshield was done using an Eduard mask intended for the Hasegawa P-40E altered P-40N pattern. I have to give thanks to Occa, LDSModeller, Nick Millman, Pete Mossong and everyone else for the help they gave when I made my initial POST relating to NZ3254 back in February: Thanks guys! Comments welcome! Mike.
  9. B5N1 Kate Upgrade Set (73575) 1:72 Eduard for Airfix Kit If you feel that the detail on your Kate could be improved, Eduard have thought of that and released this handy upgrade set that will do just that. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. The set has one coloured Nickle fret and one brass fret. There are parts for inside the fuselage including ammunition drums, side panels, a new instrument panel, rudder pedals, control runs, radiao panel, seat & belts, engine wiring harness, part for the rear mounted gun, arrestor hook parts, new main wheel doors, sissor links, & main wheel bay wiring. Also included are new mounts and propellors for the torpedo and vanes for the bomb. Recomended to bring something extra to your Kate. Review sample courtesy of
  10. Hello everyone! This is what I have recently finished. An absolutely oob new Airfix Nakajima B5N2. There is nothing really special about this built, it went together pretty well and generally was fun to build
  11. Here are my completed builds numbers 2 & 3 for 2016: the Airfix Dogfight Double set comprising the Grumman Wildcat and the Nakajima B5N2 'Kate' torpedo bomber. The kits are nicely detailed and went together very well, I don't recall having any particular problems with either of them. I used the kit transfers and mostly Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats paints, USN Blue-gray, USN Light Gray, Nakajima Amber Grey-green (Ameiro) IJN D1 Deep Green Black and Mitsubishi Cowling Blue-black. If you think the paint chipping effect on the Kate is a bit overdone, kindly allow me to direct you here I used the Peewit canopy mask sets for both kits, they are about half the price of the Eduard ones. The markings represent the Wildcat flown by Lt.Cdr John 'Jimmy' Thach and the Kate commanded by Lt Joichi Tomonaga - Airfix have managed to get both the protagonists' names wrong in the instruction and painting booklet which is a bit of a shame given that it took me two minutes to look them up on the internet and I can't imagine why Airfix could not have done the same before sending it off for printing - at best it looks sloppy, at worst it looks a bit disrespectful, especially since Lt Tomonaga did not survive the encounter. That however is the only real criticism I can level at this set. Anyway, here they are, first the Wildcat: ... and the Kate: ... and finally together, locked in combat as Airfix intended: Thanks for your attention Cheers, Stew
  12. 1: Introduction/Justification For a long time now I have limited myself to building only aircraft from the mid-1930's to the early 1940's; partly because the colour and marking schemes interested me more, partly because that is the period of aviation and of the war than I find most interesting, and finally partly because time and money do not permit me to build models of every single aeroplane ever built and flown. I have noticed over the past year or so a change in my modelling habits, in that the construction of the kit has become as great a source of enjoyment to me as the painting and finishing and I think this has been largely due to the new releases by Airfix this year - I know that some of my forum-peers have had various issues with some of the kits and in particular the quality control (or perhaps lack of it) regarding the clear parts, but either I have been extremely fortunate or the majority of kits sold do not have these problems, in any event I have not had any cause for complaint. I recently found myself buying and building a couple of the new Beaufighters (even though I had made blood sacrifices to the Dark Lords to get a Mk.1 made and not a TFX) just because it looked like it would be a really nice, interesting kit to build, and it was. Around the same time I wandered even further from my usual areas of interest and got the Wildcat/Kate Dogfight Double set for the same reason, because the kits look interesting. Here's the box: ... here's what you get in it: ... instructions and transfers: 2: Mission Creep As usual rather than do any actual work and risk making a mess of it I'd rather get someone else to do it right. Not having any Pacific War colours in the paint stash - despite its embarrassing and ever-spreading bulk - I put an order in with Sovereign Hobbies for the relevant Colourcoats paints - n.b. do not use this picture as a guide to what the colours actually look like, they don't, the picture was taken under very bright lighting. In the instructions Airfix specify the Kate interior colour as '86' which is 'Light Olive' and is included in the little pots of paint that come with the set; however I was sceptical and ordered a set of AK Japanese Aircraft colours which includes one specifically named as Nakajima Interior Green: On opening up the box and shaking up the paint in question it reveals... ... actually a pretty close match to Humbrol 86 Light Olive. I regret nothing. Paint doesn't count as stash anyway. 3. Constructus Interruptus As the instructions start with the Wildcat, so did I. Here's the bits: I did some basic assembly, most of the parts just click together so I sprayed them assembled but unglued with US Interior Green: Then I read this... So Interior Green is probably not a good choice for a Midway-era Wildcat... fortunately Sovereign Hobbies do include both the Dull Dark Green and the Bronze Green 9 amongst their US colours so I put another order in and will have to do a respray when it arrives. On the plus side, slightly irritating though it is, at least I didn't read up on the colours just after I closed up the fuselage. 4. Displacement Activity In the meantime I have time to devote to painting the crews; here is the Wildcat pilot: I modified his footwear a bit by scraping off as much of the boot detail as I could; US Navy pilots wore shoes, boots being of questionable value on an aircraft carrier deck or if you are shot down into the sea. The rest of the painting was cobbled together from a google image search for USN pilots. Hopefully I'll start on the Japanese crewmen tomorrow. Cheers, Stew
  13. Seahawk

    Kate Kwestions

    Some queries over the Airfix Kate boxings: a. Nice of Airfix to give us a choice of 5 offensive loads but which stores are appropriate to each markings option? I take it from the painting instructions that B1-310 in the Midway dog-fight double is a torpedo carrier but are there documented loadings for E1-311 at Pearl Harbour and 53-305 in 1944? b. I see the kit provides 2 sets of tails for the torpedoes. Both sets of instructions use parts C22 and C23. What is the other tail (parts C24 and C25) for? c. Should I assume lap straps only for Pearl Harbour/Midway era aircraft but 3-point harnesses (2 x lap plus left shoulder) for all 3 seats by 1944? Edited to replace Midway with Pearl Harbour for E1-311 query.
  14. Hi, Back to Japan Navy shelf - today I would like to share with photos of Nakijima B5N2 type 97, model 3 ("Kate" - in Allies code), serial AI-301 of 1st Kokutai, 1st Koku Sentai, Akagi aircraft carrier, IJN, December 1941. Crew: pilot Lt. Mitsuo Matsuzaki, observer Lt. cmdr Mitsuo Fuchida, gunner: PO Tokunobu Mizuki. This machine led first attack on Pearl Harbour and M.Fuchida was commander of the attack. Model is made out of Hasegawa kit except . Comments welcome regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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