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Found 66 results

  1. Just finished this 1/72 Italeri jaguar GR3 for my grandson. Depicted as the final flight from Coningsby in 1990 (although Sgt Vernon's name on the side comes from the final taxi at Cosford I believe?), The kit is very straightforward but the decals are a bit 'challenging' so buckets of microsol were required! Pilot figure is an awful Sword (I think?) figure from the spares box, but all I had at short notice unfortunately.
  2. Howdy forumites, its been a long time since I rock'n'rolled, but never mind that now. Today, may I present for your consideration a carved wooden series 1 Jaguar E-Type at roughly 1/24 ish scale. Entirely scratch built out of panga panga and basswood, with a little bit of plastic and brass. Took about 6 weeks with numerous pauses while work kept me away from my toys. I Don't think I'll use panga panga again, it is a bit of a pig to carve as it is splintery, and the heavy grain overpowers smaller details. however, it turned out all right, and taught me some more about the joys of whittling. Until next time, keep your tools sharp and your fingers out of the way.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get some drop tank decals for an RAF Grey/Green cammo Jaguar 1/72? I have the Hasegawa kit with Pavla resin drop tanks. Can anything else be used from other types?
  4. This was a fabulous kit to make, all the parts fitted really well and with good instructions, as well as a nice array of stores. My first 1/48 kit. I think I left the wing strakes a bit too long, and I haven't got the skill to fashion the three tiny canopy mirrors, plus she's a bit too satin not matt, but I hope she captures the essence of a Jag from the days when it was so much fun to hang out at the end of Coltishall's runway, or see them screaming low over Norfolk! All comments welcome ...
  5. This is my 1/72 Planet Models Grumman XF10F-1 Jaguar. The Jaguar was the first attempt to build a practical swing wing fighter and while it was a good first try, wile most such things it was not a success. I used these 2 links, both members here, as inspiration http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2012/06/xf10f-pictures.html and Including using the Obscureco F9F pather seat and cutting a hole in what would have been the wing butt joint and inserting the part of the wing that was to be cut off if the wings were to be mounted in the swept-forward position which is how I decided to display it. I would rate the Planet Models kit as above average for resin kits with nice molds, fit and very few pinholes. I also had the Anigrand kit, but compared to the drawing is the Ginter book it was way undersized so I didn't use it. The kit included 2 vacuformed canopies and since it usually takes my at least 2 tries to get a vac canopy right, that was a good thing. As it turned out I got it right on my first try. The decals were everything you could ask a decal to be. Very thin, but with enough body so the could be moved around and no silvering. So on to the pictures; These next 2 poses strike me as very bird like Next up will be the Hobbycraft F2h-3 Banshee. Enjoy.
  6. I'm doing the Kitty Hawk Jaguar and wish to know whether to fit the chaff/flare dispensers underneath towards the rear. The instructions do not show them being fitted as a stage but later show them on so are not really useful, box art shows none painting guide has them fitted and googling is frustratingly inconclusive. Can anyone tell me the answer?
  7. Latest kit from MFH - this will be another sleeper - got plenty on the go, but if anyone is interested on what is in the box of this latest 1/12 offering from MFH... New box design! Quite a few plastic parts Grrr - my pet MFH hate...delicate, thin parts, wrapped in tight cling film. Another minor point - MFH include templates for cutting out ali-foil, masks etc etc - but you have to cut them out yourself - which is no problem, except they are printed within the instruction booklet - ie: they have other stuff on the back - so you have to copy and print your own. No big deal if you have a printer etc, but be nicer for these to be supplied on a separate sheet of paper. Red circle shows a useful visual guide to all the similar pipe fittings you have to sort through... This will be fun! Decals... Lovely detailed PE parts... Detail parts... Big canopy to trim... Body is huge! Full size keyboard behind for scale... ....so, a very quick over view. I am sure someone will start this soon. I'll probably do my usual and start with the engine shortly.... cheers
  8. RAF Jaguars at Red Flag exercise January 1983... XZ385, 14 sq XZ369, 14 Sq XZ356, 17 Sq XZ370, 17 Sq XZ374, 20 Sq XZ378, 20 Sq XZ394, 20 Sq XX968, 31 Sq Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. Hello, Here's my 1/72 Italeri Jaguar T.2. Nothing fancy, just the kit parts and decals. I did paint the tail stripe, because the decal provided was too short. This kit is not one of Italeri's best, imo, but in the end it looks like a Jaguar. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking, Pete
  10. After the 1/48th kits ( GR. link & A. link ). On LSM forums, the Kitty Hawk's rep, Glen "Kagnew" Coleman, confirms the company 1/32nd SEPECAT Jaguar family project. Of interest are also the words "1/32 French projects before we get into it". To be followed. Source: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=53067&p=617140 V.P.
  11. Another one that has sat on the shelf of doom for far too long. This really needs to be completed, along with... The Merc The 308 The Diablo The FIAT 500 and the Payhauler. They have not been completely forgotten. Anyway, having got that off my chest, here goes. The box top: It's a British classic. The body was primed using Halfords' red-oxide primer, then top coated with a mix of Tamiya gloss colours mixed as per the instructions. It gives a really good metallic maroon/red finish. I mixed up my own 'pink' primer for the interior as I have run out of the Halfords' primer a long time ago... The floor-pan. This kit has been a real pleasure to put together so far, more progress soon. All the best, Alan.
  12. Adding another to my list of Matchbox kits needing built The pre-WW2 Jaguar SS-100 Here's a bit of trivia for you; Jaguar cars started out as Squire Sidecars, building motorcycle side cars, then building car bodies on to Austin 7 chassis, then Triumph chassis. As car builders they were SS Cars. The Jaguar series was built on a Triumph chassis, the number was indicative of the car's maximum speed. Post WW2 the letters SS were associated with an evil regime so William Lyons [the company founder] dropped the SS and took up the name of its most famous pre-WW2 sports car Most of that chrome will have to go. I'll do this as one of the 100s in my motorclub; one is very dark midnight blue and the other dark red.
  13. Finally getting around to scanning some old slides. Here are the RAF Red Flag contingent at Nellis AFB in Jan-Feb 1981. XZ392 31 Squadron XZ387 31 Squadron XZ376 17 Squadron XZ356 17 Squadron XX972 31 Squadron XX969 31 Squadron XX968 31 Squadron XX827 17 Squadron. Unfortunately, XX827 was lost 12 February on the Nellis ranges in a controlled-flight-into-terrain crash killing the pilot. Sven Old Viper Tester
  14. Hi everyone, this is a little bird i made some time ago, it's the Academy sepecat jaguar in 1/144 scale. It's only 10cm long! it was painted with humbrol enamels. I added: - New sidewinder rails -New sidewinder missiles -scratch built avionics pods -new pitot tube -new dorsal antena and light -Also i hand painted the roundels here are a few photos of the process and the final result: Boxart: not sure why they show this scheme because they add desert storm decals xD IMG_7262 by basco.br1, en Flickr These are the new rails IMG_7309 by basco.br1, en Flickr The new missiles: IMG_7345 by basco.br1, en Flickr Here is the final result (before the armament): IMG_7346 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7349 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7352 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7355 by basco.br1, en Flickr my weird looking scratch bomb: IMG_7360 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7361 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7362 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7365 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7364 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7366 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7367 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7369 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7370 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7371 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7372 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7373 by basco.br1, en Flickr IMG_7374 by basco.br1, en Flickr Hope you like it! greetings from Chile Bruno.-
  15. Hi all, I'm new to the group, but have looked over some of the outstanding builds that have been posted previously, and in awe at the skill levels evident! This has partly been my inspiration to have a model commissioned, by a work colleague, of the first aircraft I ever worked on in the RAF once out of training, a 54 Sqn Jaguar. I have elected to go with the 1:48 Kittyhawk kit, despite the described flaws, simply because of the availability of extra detailing sets. I've already bought the aircraft tug, avionics bay, RAF diorama set and cockpit set, and looking to get the legs, wheels, undercarriage bays, pitot and Houchin. To help the modeller, I was up with 238 Sqn at RAF Cosford last week, and took a load of detail shots of Jaguar GR1 (mainly) and associated equipment, that I thought might be a useful resource for other modellers: Jaguar GR1 and Associated Equipment Images Finally, I am trying to find images of the engine transportation trolley that carried the mobile stand out to the squadron from the bay, and an engine change kit if possible, can anybody help? Thanks and regards, Kev.
  16. Hello all, Well this is a bit of a return to old ways for me. It's been well over two years since I've found time in my life to even think about modelling...work and children will do that to you! The last time I tried to post a WIP on BM it was Italeri's 1/48 Tornado converted to a GR.4 which started in 2008 and didn't reach a conclusion in Ready for Inspection until 2012 so I don't have a good track record! However, in the hope that it may help spur me along a bit I figured why not post this on BM just to keep some pressure on myself! So my plan is to take the Airfix boxing of the Jaguar GR.3/ES in 1/48 scale (also recently re-released by Revell): Convert it to this aircraft which I was lucky enough to taxi a few times at Cosford a few years ago, using various bits and bobs plus plenty of scratch building: Then end up with something similar to this, as per the previously mentioned Tornado: Like the Tornado I have no plans to build it straight from the box. I hear on the grapevine that the newer Kittyhawk kit has its shape issues but stress I've not seen it in the flesh myself. Whatever the story there though, I've had this on the to-do list for a long time and, having built the Airfix Jag before, I know it's pretty good in terms of overall shape, if outdated in terms of surface detail. It's also cheap which makes it ideal for this sort of kit bashing and major surgery as if I screw it all up I'll not feel quite so bad! So this is going to be a full strip-down and rebuild to see what I can get out of a relatively old kit. See you at the other end...in 2019! Andy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITED: Added on 8 Jan 2016 for anyone building a Jag at the same time as this one: JAGUAR REFERENCES Useful websites: SEPECAT Jaguar in Detail Prime Portal - Jaguar GR.3/3A Prime Portal - Jaguar GR.3/3A Britmodeller - Jaguar GR.3/3A Useful build threads: Deanflyer's Jaguar GR.1 (A very nice build of the Airfix kit) Neil's Jaguar T.4 (A beautiful full Paragon conversion - his own - of the Airfix kit) RMP2's Jaguar GR.1 (A very good dual build of a Phantom and the Kittyhawk Jag which contains some useful comparisons with the Airfix version) palacefan's Jaguar NS (The Airfix kit built as a Nigerian Jaguar International export, showing an alternative way to fit the Paragon flaps) Mike's Jaguar GR.1 (The Airfix kit built very well with some lovely modifications made where needed) Muzz's Jaguar GR.3 (A nice build of the ARTF snow scheme with some Paragon extras) Piero's Jaguar GR.3 (As always, Piero's build are a cut above with plenty of detail) Useful books: SEPECAT Jaguar GR.Mk.1 - Aeroguide 2 Jaguars 1973-2007 - Royal Air Force Jaguar A/B/GR.1/GR.3 - HT Model Jaguar Squadrons - AD HOC Jaguar - Aeroplane Illustrated SEPECAT Jaguar - Pen & Sword The RAF Jaguar - Patrick Watson Big Cat Diary - Wg Cdr John Sullivan After-market Accessories Having decided to make this a dual build, I am planning to use a fair number of accessories so list them here to help anyone else who may wonder what's out there... GR.3/3A NeOmega Resin 1/48 Jaguar GR.3 cockpit set - This will require further conversion to change the 12.5cm x 12.5cm (1:1) LCD Multi-Function Display of the Jaguar GR.3 (Jaguar 96) to the 15cm x 20cm Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) of the GR.3A (Jaguar 97) as it is the later type I am building in this case. Note, Aires also do some decent avionics and cannon bays for the Jaguar but I've elected to scratch-build these. Worth also being aware that there are differences in the avionics bay between all marks of Jaguar. The separate gun barrels set is, I believe, only useful for French Jaguars. T.4 Paragon Designs Jaguar T.2 conversion set (4895) - A resin replacement for the forward fuselage which is sadly out of production and hard to find now. Both Aires 1/48 Jaguar Wheel Bays (4595) - An excellent resin detail set which, along with the air brake interior set, is capable of fitting the Airfix kit quite nicely; despite being marketed as serving the Kittyhawk Jaguar. Aires 1/48 Jaguar Speed Brakes (4606) - Another top quality set which is designed for the Kittyhawk Jaguar but can be made to fit the Airfix kit very well too, even when used in conjunction with the resin undercarriage bays. Only one small snag in that the pressure refuelling receptacle in the starboard bay is moulded too small. Not a great drama if you're happy to live with it. Master 1/48 Jaguar Pitot Tube & Angle of Attack Probe (AM-48-057) - A high quality turned-brass reproduction of the Jaguar's pitot tube plus AoA vane. The pitot is a vast improvement over the chunky plastic or resin equivalents on the market. Quickboost 1/48 Jaguar A Correct Air Intakes (QB48 573) - An improvement set for the air conditioning pack atop the spine. Be aware that aerials for the Jaguar A are not necessarily suitable for the RAF models though. Scale Aircraft Conversions 1/48 Jaguar Undercarriage (48037) - A metal set of replacement oleos which are not only more detailed and crisp than the kit parts but, if you are adding a fair amount of resin and other details, will help support the weight.
  17. I would like to introduce you to a model that I ended two days ago. Jaguar is one of my favorite aircraft. Enjoy.
  18. I recently picked up an Airfix 1/48 Jaguar GR3A/ES (Kit 07104) for a great price, as there were no decals. I have to decide which aftermarket decal set(s) to get. I read somewhere that the only Jaguar units to regularly use the recce pod were 2 Sqn & 41 Sqn, is that true? I want to make the kit as either a Gulf War bird that flew recce missions, and as such would have "camera" mission markings on the nose; or make it as one of the Jaguars that I downloaded film from, when I was stationed at Zweibrücken AB Germany (1980-1985). I was a Photo-Sensor Technician in the 26th Tac Recon Wing, and one of our jobs was to download the film from transient NATO recce aircraft (Cross Service Maintenance). A VERY interesting job on the Jaguar, lying on my back on the tarmac, so I could rotate the camera access door and download the film magazine. I am assuming that the Gulf War Jaguar would probably have been a GR3, while the NATO Jaguar in the '80-'85 time frame would probably have been a GR1, is that a correct assumption? Any suggestions as to mission load carried for either option, especially ECM pods and missiles? I see some decal options for the Gulf War jet at Hannants, but can't tell if there is anything for an 80s jet in NATO. I already have a Neomega cockpit set for it, but wonder if I need to get any aftermarket stores to replace the kit parts? I may attempt to scratch-build a ladder for it, based on the posts I have read. I have already seen the different WIPs and downloaded the pics & notes, to print out when I start on my model. Larry, in Florida
  19. HI all, So am currently building a 1/72 Revell Jaguar GR1A (Desert Pink scheme) and want to replace the awful kit bombs that come with it. I found these in the stash and am wondering (a) what are they and (b) which of them if any are suitable as replacements? Any and all advice appreciated! Thanks in advance, Dermot
  20. Hi, For my next project I just wondered if I could get peoples opinion on how best to paint up the alternative scheme on the Italeri 1/72 Jaguar GR1. The art work on the box is as follows: I presume I paint the standard Grey/Green pattern, mask off and spray the flat white, pretty obvious but the question I have is would you apply the decals before the white goes on as the artwork seems to indicate this would be the way to go. Is there anything I need to take into consideration if I do apply decals before the white coat is applied, and can anyone foresee any issues in doing it this way. i was thinking I should maybe apply a couple coats of Klear after decals and before the flat white, do you think this is advisable? Thanks in advance! Mark
  21. I am in need of some data for my Jaguar project. I'm in the midst of creating the CAD for the main landing gear. I'm running into a problem with my intake tube and specifically the position of the engine face. The tube as built in my CAD model does not allow enough room for the main gear so I think I have my engine placed incorrectly. What I really need are the angles for the thrust centerline from the aircraft centerline. Also is there any toe in? Thought I read that but I can't verify. Anybody have the manuals they'd be willing to dive into and find some numbers? I appreciate any help!! BTW big update to the build in the works. Best, Timmy!
  22. Well it's finished(!) one Jaguar GR.1 by Italeri in 1/72 scale with Pavla cockpit and ejection seat. Minor modifications made from bored out rear vents to custom nose cone using clear plastic. Primed with Humbrol acrylic grey undercoat from a spray can, followed by Tamiya paints, Humbrol Clear and Vallejo Matt Varnish after decals and weathering (oil paint wash with turp substitute). WIP here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235007242-jaguar-gr1-172-italeri-operation-granby/#entry2466792 Comments welcome as always and I hope you enjoy the pictures. James
  23. Good evening fellow BM's. I have decided to let you all into the hell that is my Italeri 1/72 Jaguar GR.1. I have had nothing but trouble with this kit and it's nearly gone in the bin on a few occasions. The build is mostly OOB with the exception of a Pavla cockpit set which needed quite a bit of fettling to get in place. Perhaps the casts are getting old or this is just a bad example but there's copious flash, poorly aligned seems and just bad fitting throughout. The pictures start at the priming stage: Poor fitting intakes, front nose section and gun module. The result so far is far from perfect but I have lost the will... Some nice ejector marks... where's the filler! I had all sorts of problems with this intake, fortunately it's finally settled in after filing, scraping and sanding. Good ol Humbrol primer has finished the rest off. One of the better sections of the build... Nightmare gun module and the underside of the original cockpit butchered and glued to the base of the Pavla replacement. More panel scribing, filling and so so much sanding! Poor fitting front nose cone. The parts simply didn't align and I've had to sand down one side so much that I was afraid it would perish! I also removed the plastic with panel lines where the front nose glass should be. I'll make my own clear parts instead of painting it to look clear. Pavla cockpit in place. The gaps will be hidden by the canopy. Bluetak around the back is protecting the part from all the sanding. Primed and pre-shaded. Maskol used ready for some chipping later. First coats of my attempt at desert pink (Tamiya Deck Tan and Flat red 10:1) Subsequent coats... I'm not 100% sold on the colour. I may add some lighter shades... what do you all think? Cheers, James.
  24. Hi I thought I'd start this one and try and get it finished by the time I next get to see this at Cosford in June. Am going to add some aftermarket wheels, but I think otherwise it'll be OOB. I had a go at dry brushing in the cockpit, it's still new for me, but seems to have added a bit of interest to the interior. Thanks for looking Steve
  25. Hello everyone and also hello 2014. Quick update: 2013 was the year I started modeling again after a 30 year hiatus. I managed five builds last year when Real Life reasserted itself. So this one was started last year, but is my first finished build for 2014, and my 6th build in total. Ooh! All those maths classes weren't wasted! Sadly, during the last 5 months Real Life meant I didn't have much time for poking my nose in here. Slacker I am! So here we have a Jaguer GR1, Johnny Fartpants, in my very vague approximation of its Op Granby scheme. Artistic license applied by me as usual. It's mostly an OOB build of the Italeri 1/72 Jaguar GR1 with the decals from Modeldecal. I actually bought this kit and decals about 15 years ago. Yes! I was actually going to start building 15 years ago and bought this in preparation, but life took over and I had to wait another 15 years before starting again. I think it was worth the wait as I wouldn't have access to all the hints and tips I do today and I don't think it would look quite the same. Hopefully I'll have the time to bang out another couple of kits this year coz, well, I kind of enjoy this thing we do. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this one. Thank you again for your attention. JaguarGR1_180114_04 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_05 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_07 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_08 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_10 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_11 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_02 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_01 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr JaguarGR1_180114_03 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr
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