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Found 17 results

  1. These are the 1989 boxing Italeri 1/72 T-45 Goshawk's. Not an accurate kit to use to represent a T-45C. Had to cut and shut the ends of the wings to square them off and scratch built the fairing behind the arrester hook Decals are from Caracal. T-45C BuNo. 167099 VT-21 Redhawks T-45C BuNo. 165629 VT-7 Eagles
  2. Hello Everyone... Id like to present my Italeri 1/72 Ju-86D. It was a gift from my Brother in law Christmas 2018, and it was built in the year long “They also Serve” group build. I built it as aircraft 26*1 and Its actually a very pleasant kit to build. I would say for molds supposedly made in 1970 they are holding up remarkably well. With almost no flash and or molding issue’s. The only real issue is the 1970 style instruction sheet, took a bit of guessing to get interior bulkheads in the right spots. Before I drag on forever I will present this now. And a few period style photos. Here is a Link to the WIP. Questions, comments, and or thoughts please feel free to post. Dennis
  3. There's something about multi-engine pusher aircraft and counter-rotating props that stimulates my fancy. And if it's a flying wing, too, it's darn near irresistible! I finished this build in five weeks, which for me is super-fast (my B-58 Hustler took three months), and just in time for this weekend's local show & contest. The WIP can be found here: Significant changes/additions to the Italeri kit: Opened up and deepened the leading edge engine air inlets Added warm air exhaust outlets on the wing trailing edge Added leading edge slots near the wing tips Added gun barrels to all turrets (including the tail "stinger") Added interior details (what little can be seen) Added belly crew access hatch Markings are for a hypothetical in-service production aircraft ca. 1949 NMF created using AK Interactive Xtreme Metal paints On to the pics! Belly turret and crew access hatch: Turbosupercharger exhausts and exhaust stains: Interior details added (pardon the dust): Rear gunner's position and periscope sight: Leading edge engine air inlets: Engine warm air outlets: Leading edge wingtip slots: She's a big aircraft! Thanks for looking! -Bill
  4. This is one I built a while ago but she's on deployment to the NASA SIG, I collected her from Telford this year this year to do some repair work, nothing major just a bit of tidying up here and there. With that work complete I thought I'd take the opportunity to take some photos of her, before she goes back in the hanger until next November. John
  5. Hello Everybody, one day I saw a picture of probably the most beautiful plane in the history of aviation - XB-70 Valkyrie. It was "in flight" with wings folded: That moment I decide I must build one in exactly same position - in flight with wings-fold. So here it is: At the beginnig I planned clean plane as for experimental one then I saw picutres that showed it used to be really tired at a time: So this is my final build. The kit is infamous 1/72 Italeri kit (ERTL one before). This is truly a horrible kit, with few really huge parts extremely difficult to snap together, lots of sanding etc... So it was like 2 months battle, few times I nearly gave up but finally we have a draw: The kit is reallllllly big - here with 48 Spit: Here with other 72ers (Revells Transal and Blohm&Voss): And here with my 48ers - it is really dominating the whole pack:
  6. I will be entering the group build with this civil version of the Ju 52/3M. It is the Italeri kit, which I understand originated with a military version in 1977, with a civil version first coming along in 1995. My boxing is an updated one from 2013. However, ever since there was a build of this on Britmodeller in 2013, I have been looking for the decals, and found them in the past couple of months. They are from Karaya, and depict a Swiss post plane, used to market a certain brand of Swiss chocolate. Hence the title of my thread! We have a bank holiday here this weekend, so I hope to make some progress. Philip
  7. Hi All, Here's the latest kit off the workbench. I bought this off my old mate Troffa back in late 2009 or early 2010 and consigned it to the stash as soon as I had looked at it. It scared me. The fuselage is in eight separate pieces; upper left and right and a bottom section for the rear fuselage, left and right for the cockpit section, the nose section for the gun ports and then a two piece radome which can be exchanged for a two piece RF nose. I was going to do it for the lesser built airforces GB but I was still put off by the multi piece fuselage, then the F-5 GB which I didn't get time to do. Well I finally plucked up the courage, and overall it went together really well. The cockpit section needed some care lining it up with the rear fuselage assembly. I made sure the sides lined up and were level at the top, which left a gap between the rear cockpit halves. This, and the underside join of these sections, were the only place I needed any filler at all. Paints are a mix of Model Color, Lifecolor, and plain old grey primer for the interior of the cockpit. The photos I found of the Venezuelan F-5As showed them to be very clean so I haven't weathered the paintwork. The pitot and the gun barrels are made from Albion Alloys tube, so much better than the plastic bits in the kit, but otherwise it is out of the box. Decals are a mix of kit decals for some of the stencilling and Colorado decals for the national markings. Despite a nice glossy coat of Klear and loads of Micro Sol and Set I still got some silvering on the decals. Everything was sealed with W&N satin varnish. It looks like this: The underside is really boring: But the cockpit isn't too bad straight out of the box: Thanks for stopping by to take a look.
  8. Good afternoon Yesterday I started the Italeri/Esci F 5 B The box art Decals Sprues I will represent an aircraft of the 425 TFTS 58 TFTW based at Williams AFB in 1975 , I wil detail this build with the set Wolfpack set replace the seats by Truedetails ones I already glued the PE parts for the instrument panels And painted the seats in grey and green Patrice
  9. Hi Folks, I bought this kit on an alcohol fueled ebay trip some time ago, BEFORE reading any reviews, which gave the impression that it was a swine to put-together. I'm glad to report that it wasn't as bad an experience as I expected, the worst being the two-part lower engine cowling and I think the air intake is wrong but that might be me as I hacked off the locating pin before fitting, the wingtips were not a good fit either, but hey, you pays yer money and all that...... Paint is Vallejo model air upper; Dark sea grey 048(now engine grey for dome reason) and Dark Green 012. A bit on the dark side I know Underside is Tamiya MSG Interior is a mix of VMA Zins chromate and VMA int.green and various bits. Wanted to give it a 'lived-in' look without going overboard on the weathering. On the whole I'm quite pleased.......but feel free to comment !!!! Cheers PS: Excuse the IKEA place mat
  10. Italeri 1/72 Sd.Kfz. 232 6 rad (7032) 3rd Panzer Division, France, 1940
  11. Hi all, I've been wanting to join a groupbuild for a while, but haven't had the time. Hopefully the half-term hols will give me a bit of impetus that will carry me through when school starts again! At least all my kids have done their exams now! The Italeri kit is 'fully upgraded', which given the rather rough surface texture suggests that they have spark-eroded the moulds to incorporate recessed panel lines. I don't have an 'old' italeri kit on hand to compare. The breakdown of the kit is utterly conventional, and doesn't have very many parts. I will finish the kit as a rather attractive French Aeronavale machine operating out of Tunis in 1946. I forgot to take sprue shots, but here's the main fuselage sprue to convince you all that I haven't been cheating! The build-up should be simple, and includes a few nice extras such as an etched fret. The fret isn't really essential, giving you some intakes, a rather fine fuselage-top walkway and a panel. Unfortunately the dials on the panel are only half-etched and so it will not really look mcuch better than an injection moulded part. I suppose Italeri provided it because it was cheaper than re-tooling the 'blank' plastic instrument panel part. A decal to go over it wouldn't have gone amiss though! The fit seems OK. Instead of starting in the cockpit, I decided to glue together the wings. The fit between the inner and outer wings is a little rough- the rather vague setting of the dihedral will need some filling and sanding to fill up the gaps created. There's rather a lot of glass on this mode,l, so I fully intend to 'cheat' and buy the montex mask set. Updates soon regds Will
  12. Hi All, Thanks to all for the comments re the CF "Freedom Fighter". Carrying on with some 72nd builds its the Italeri F-100F "Super Sabre" a lovely little kit that makes up into a good replica of this twin seat classic. Brian.
  13. Italeri's nice Mustang kit, bought as a two for one deal off E-bay about a year back. Started at this time last year, stalled over the Christmas holidays and the cause of me not doing any modelling for over six months. It was nearly finished when I went back to work, and sat and stared at me, but I just couldn't get around to putting the final bits together. Finally completed a couple of weeks ago and the last of my inflight displays when it should of been the first. Built straight from the box, brush painted using Humbrol enamels and kit decals,( except for the yellow stripes). Stand made from brass rod and base from a 1/43 model car. Shown as a Mustang of the U.S.A.A.F; 154th Recon Sq. Tunisia 1943. A nice and simple build and glad it's done,although the canopy is still not glued permanately, all comments welcome, Sean
  14. Fresh from the modelling table at the weekend, the Italeri Hawk, built to represent a Series 127 of the Australian Airforce. The kit is very nice, pretty straight forward to build and nicely detailed. The instructions give you the choice of a demonstrator or a Aussie Hawk, although research is needed for proper markings on the Oz bird. Registration should start A27-, unfortunately, I have nothing in the spares to match this. Anyhow, pictures, This shot shows the closest reg. no's I had, and will be replaced when they're available. The national markings are also too dark,(they should be lo-vis), but came with the kit, and shall also be changed when possible. Built straight from the box and painted by brush using Humbrol enamels. Pilots donated by Airfix, and the stand by a 1/43 Ferrari with brass square tubing from a craft shop. All comments welcome Sean
  15. Built out of box using kit decals, which performed rather well for an old kit, Hummbrol paints as usual, with a pilot from the Hasegawa pilot set Displayed inflight, using using thin brass rod and a base from a 1/43 Ferrari model, as all other models are static and a change was due, so this was the first " to fly', so to speak. Lovely kit to build, love to get more as there are so many different good looking schemes for this plane. And my favourite picture All comments welcome Sean
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