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Found 9 results

  1. Hello friends, this time I have a great and well known kit from the Dragon: I wanted to build it from the mid 1990s when I first saw this kit at my friend’s house. It’s a typical Dragon moulding from 1992 with a very good sculpting and perfect artwork from Ronald Volstad. An artwork represents the four infantrymen in their very motley equipment and that’s the main reason why I want to put my hands on it. The painting guide on the back of the box: Actually, I don’t decided yet which paints I’ll choose: Mr.HOBBY or AK Interactive... The sprue with the soldiers and ammunition: Same, the other side: The little sprue with the weapons: And other side of this sprue: The weapons looks fantastic, I haven’t seen more exciting rifles and machine guns in the 1:35th scale. OK, let’s start!
  2. Hi I've got a Takom Chieftain Mk11 and FV432 next on the list. I've got vehicle crew figures but would quite like to open up the back of the 432. Does anyone know of any decent late 80's early 90's 1/35 British Infantry figures that are available to help man a diorama? Cheers Nick
  3. French Infantry On The March 1914 ICM 1:35 (35705) The first thing to note about this set is the figures are not all French Infantry, and the second is that they are not on the March? There are three French Soldiers; one standing, one sitting, and one lying down. The forth figure is a French Taxi Driver. It would seem from ICM's site that these are designed to go with a French Taxi kit which we reviewed here. The figures though are well sculpted like all of ICM's recent offerings. The dress for the military figures looks correct and equipment does as well. Conclusion If you are looking for some figures for a French WWI diorama then these should fit the bill. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Hiya guys! Just posting to ask for some C&C on this WiP (still needs a lot of detailing and some covering of the white paint still showing through) paint scheme... this is the first time I've painted 28mm Brits. I think I've got the colours just about right but I'm scared the mini is too dark... I thought I might put a dry brush/highlight of some desert yellow over the top just to make the details pop? I've two pictures under a lamp and one picture in natural sunlight (I figure the latter is better for gauging how it'll look on the tabletop). With WW2 miniatures I've had problems where my minis were too dark; hence why I used a white undercoat for this one.
  5. Hi guys, So I'm really not sure whether this is the correct place to post this, since a number of my questions concern infantry, but I'm going to roll with it since my questions concern the 7th armour specifically. Trying to keep the fluff to a minimum; I moved out to Russia a few years back and recently I've been trying to jump start my wargaming hobby back up over here. I recently ordered a bunch of Bolt Action stuff; my motivation's not so much modelling to game, I just like having the option to play with my toys Anyway, I want to model the 7th Armoured Division and I want to do so as historically as possible; roughly for the period around September 1944. I'd really appreciate if some kind soul(s) could furnish me with answers to the following: -Did officers in Armoured Divisions' Motorised Infantry platoons wear the same signature black berets as tankers? Were there any other differences in uniform? Would swapping the head of this officer model (second figure from the right) with a head with a black beret be a suitable representation of a Lieutenant? -As I understand, by 1944, 7th Division soldiers in NW Europe displayed this patch on their right arm, correct? Is this the correct patch? Was this true of every soldier in the division (including the infantry, such as the King's Royal Rifles)? -Did vehicles still display the older insignia of a red rat on a white field? As in this picture? -To whom were Stenguns issued? Officers and NCOs? How many would there be in a section? As I understand so far, it seems roughly sensible to model ten man sections with an NCO (a corporal) having a Sten. -Could additional Stens be issued? If, for gameplay reasons, I were to add further Stens - would it be kosher? I want to run an alternate list with three 5 man squads with 3 sten gunners, a rifleman and a Bren gunner being transported in Universal Carriers. I thought that, perhaps, Stens might be issued to mechanised troops. -What was a typical rank for a Bren gunner? Anecdotal stories about a relative from a friend suggested to me that a private is perfectly fine. -Please tell me everything there is to know about Universal Carriers - I'd be most grateful I find myself running into conflicting information about their role and usage. It seems that they were intended as transports for weapon teams and towed guns, but I've heard of them being used to transport motorised infantry sections. With such a small transport capacity, though, I'm curious as to what extent they were expected (on paper) to perform that role? -Final question (and this one will take a real trooper), is there anyone kind enough to explain to me how tank markings worked, or who can direct me to a link that does? I've absolutely no understanding of these yellow, blue and red triangles, squares and other shapes you see on British tanks. I really need a total beginner's education; as things stand I've Bren Carriers, a Firefly and a Cromwell to get marked up. I'd really like to know how to do it properly and have them look like a cohesive force. If I may, I'd like to give some further background to the super keen; as things stand, I've modelled three ten man infantry sections, as I believe those approximate a platoon? They consist of one corporal with a Sten, one Bren Gunner and an assistant and seven riflemen each (one of whom is a Lance Corporal; I intend to model alternative models with Stens that I can swap the LC for if a situation requires). There's also an additional small team for the Lieutenant and the Sergeant. Vehicle-wise, I've got three Universal Carriers, a Cromwell and a Firefly. The reason I chose the Desert Rats was because, to my knowledge, they were the only division to be outfitted entirely with Cromwells. I wanted to be able to field the Firefly and the Cromwell together and I couldn't think of another way that'd be possible (in other divisions, Cromwells were present in Recon elements, but they wouldn't be accompanied by the comparatively sluggish Fireflies). Ideally I'd like to mark my tanks so that they might be part of a regular tank platoon together. My infantry I'd like marked as a motorised platoon, with the UCs as their dedicated transports; is all this historically accurate? Is there anything I should bear in mind vis-a-vis markings/organisation? Anyway, woo! That was a long one; thanks if you had the patience to stick with me I'm grateful for any and all answers you can give me. This was the one forum I found that looked like it might have some people knowledgeable about the Brits!
  6. Mk.A Whippet and British Infantry Meng 1:35 The Model Originally released on its own last year and reviewed on this site HERE, it was great to finally see a modern release of this WWI medium tank. With this special edition release, Meng have included a set of British Infantry, perfect for use in a diorama. The single additional sprue contains four figures, each provided with a selection of accessories and weapons. There is one officer, obvious by the swagger stick held under one arm, the other three infantrymen are in various relaxed poses, one holding his Lee Enfield in a stand easy pose, one with the same type of rifle thrown over his shoulder, whilst he third man is standing with his Lewis gun butt on the ground whilst he holds the muzzle. They are all issued with steel helmets, various pouches and ammo packs, to be used as required. The mouldings are very nicely done, with great detail, including the fact that each face is different, although three do sport mustaches, which was quite natural for the time. Conclusion The Whippet kit is a very nice kit on its own, but the inclusion of the figures will bring another dimension to a diorama with the tank, or even on their own. It would be nice to have more of these figures released, particularly some in a more action oriented pose. Review sample courtesy of
  7. Hi Everyone, Here is my submission for this build, the Airfix D-Day Sea Assault Gift Set. Here is the typed text on the back of the box: While the first Allied soldiers landed in Normandy via parachute during the night of the 5th and 6th of June1944, the vast mmajority of the liberating Allied troops would have to come via the sea, landing on Normandy's beaches under heavy fire and fighting their way inland. The Allies had various different types of landing craft for getting men ashore. Some were very large like the Landing Ship Tank (LST), some much smaller like the small amphibious DUKW but it was the Higgins LVCP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) which proved to be one of the most important types used. Employed to transport the majority of US Personnel, as well as many British troops when they were used by the Royal Navy, they were vital because they could very quickly offload men and small vehicles such as jeeps, while under fire. Jeeps were vital because they offered the Allies mobility in the earliest hours of the campaign. The LCVPs were also able to return fire with their compliment of two.30 inch machine guns, helping to protect the troops that they were disembarking. Overall D-day was a success, thanks in no small part to the work of boats like these and their crews. Anyway, now about the kit. This kit contains the following : 1 diorama measuring 340 mm long by 240 mm wide 2 LCVP Higgins Boat 1 Willy's Jeep 4x4 with 1/4 ton trailer 1 75mm Airborne Pack Howitzer US Infantry 45 pieces in different poses Combined total no of pieces 210 I will take some pictures of this kit later as my wife will be watching the Britain's Got Talent final tonight so I will have plenty of time to work on models tonight. As the diorama is only a thin polystyrene base, I am planning to put a piece of wood inside the diorama and then mount the whole thing onto another piece of wood. Rick
  8. I see ICM have some britishand german infantry listed, hoping theres a tank to follow
  9. I was recently lucky enough to visit Games Workshop's HQ, Warhammer World, in Nottingham for a game of 40k - and somehow ended up buying these dudes. This is the start of a slow project to build up a few units of Empire so I can play a few skirmishes with a mate of mine who is desperate for an opponent! They would also make a great Mordheim war band. They fellas are known as Manann's Blades, and come as a resin set of 10 figures from Warhammer Forge, although the arms (minus the shields, which are in the set) have to find from one of GW's plastic sets. The guy in the middle is called Captain Edvard Van Der Kraal, and he comes from a 3 figure command set that also contains the standard bearer (behind him) and a musician. Here's another shot. Painted using Citadel Acrylics and washes over a Halford's white spray undercoat. Excuse the wonky angles and out of focus blokes, I find photographing models exceptionally hard! There are 6 more guys in the works for this detachment - although I also have a cannon and crew I may move onto next. Cheers for looking!
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