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Found 27 results

  1. dov

    IAF Pictures

    Hallo Anybody interested in modern aircrafts? So go and have a look. Take time.... The MOST WONDERFUL PICTURES of Israeli Aircrafts Happy modelling
  2. Hallo again Now I will start the F-15 in 1/48. This will be a little longer modelling sequence, since I have many detail sets and accurate weapons for it. Beside that of all, I have so much literature about this a/c and know it very well from my own. I have seen it at the first flights, many combat sorties and on ground in the hangar for maintenance. Also in the museum. Since there are so many wonderful photos available, please use our walk around at the forum. Here you have hundreds of photos I will constantly refer to. It also exists a collection of flying photos from IAF aircrafts. It is a marvel book. Like Leonardo da Vinci, this photographer’s work may enjoy you. The link will be there. THE MOST WONDERFUL PICTURES OF AIRCRAFT The surface treatment of this model will be the outstanding challenge. Oh no, not because of C307 and C308 Mr. Hobby Colours, no not at all. Because how it looks in reality! I found a built report on the internet, which is would be my guideline. My Guideline Using Aires cockpit and nozzles. The airframe by itself is a nice challenge. For the modeler: I split it. Front fuselage with cockpit and rear main fuselage without rudders. Tailerons and ruder will assembled at the very end. Wing is separately during a long time. My aircraft will be the F-15 A Baz 689. Happy modelling
  3. So guys just shifted over from this thread. in continuation of my quest to restore Hurricane Mk I P5202/Z7059 depending on which source you believe (although i would be P 5202 which shot down a Me110 on 11.9.40 whilst with 213 Sqn.) I wanted to do a ACSEA marked aircraft but seems not possible?? i want to do it half exposed and unpainted and half covered and painted. I find the main wheel hubs suspiciously like those of the vampire NF 10 parked next to it??
  4. Hallo This is my Saraf. Kit from Hasegawa with Aires cockpit. The instruction for this kit is a nightmare. Guess…The wing installation on the left side is actually not possible, without cutting the plastic through. Without my own photos, the outcome would have been a disaster. The cockpit glass was glued after finishing all! The Aires cockpit does not match the Saraf. Detail work had to be done! The decals for the step on the right side is purely wrong. Too short! This is my second helicopter. Happy modelling
  5. Here's the venerable MiG 21 Bis by KP with an Eduard seat and windshield and a modified Aero Bonus Soviet pilot. The Blastpen is card and equipment from some 1/35 spares. This particular aircraft was painted by me in the Sqn way back in 1986. My Pic
  6. Hi folks, this is another quick addition to my IAF collection, the old 'n' good Hasegawa kit built OOB except CMK resin wheels and an ordnance taken from my spares box. The decals for 105.sq. machine from Operation 'Kadesh' comes from DP Casper sheet. Cheers Libor
  7. When building an Israeli P-51D Mustang I noticed that the insignias, the David Star was much further forward on the fuselage compared to insignia's on US, RAF and Swedish P-51D's. And in this position some of those insignias also partly covered the fuelcap on the left side of the fuselage just under the canopy. https://pixels.com/featured/iaf-first-p-51d-mustang-amos-dor.html It's not easy to find pictures on natural metal Israeli P-51D's. Those I have found is from the delivery from Sweden. And those first insignias covered the Swedish insignias. I have Sky's Decals decal set for the first fighter. But there are no pictures on fuelcaps etc. Cheers / André Ps. Is there any who has experiences with Sky's Decals? I had rather big problems concerning those decals, Micro Sol and Tamiya semi gloss clear. They cracked...
  8. Hallo again This here is my third Kfir in 1/48. For cutting extra fine resin parts I use the US-cutter. So I can get out every resin part. For sawing I use japaneses saws, which reduce the volume of chips to 20% of the 100% to normal saws, you are used to have or we comonly buy. The first was an Italeri with a conversation set from Isracast several years ago. The second you may see on the forum, was from ANK. This third one is from Kinetic with resin parts from Wingman (cockpit) and Aires (exhaust, scoops and antennas and pitot). The plastic is very different to AMK. In every sense. I do not want to judge it. But I can tell, that the main fuselage is more accurate, as in the AMK. The lever mechanism for the two small wheelbay doors is also there. This was a missing part on AMK. The installation for the main gear strut is also better. We can see the finished a/c and then you may decide it. The resin cockpit including front wheelbay is accurate. The really sad point is, that the left side console aft the throttle is a worse molding! I painted all the cockpit tube by airbrush in C308 and C2. All details later on by brush. The air intake I did preassemble, spraying and total gap filling and grinding before any installation in the fuselage. The gap is too big. Cockpit installation is easy and fuselage completion too. But one point to remark: The Aires nozzle needs some surgery inside the support of the nozzle and tube! Now after grinding the assembled a/c I put on some surfacer on the gaps underwing, and on spots, which I filed already with CA. Now I sprayed the glasses and do final painting on the ejection seat. Here it is my intention, to show a nearly clean a/c, just with supersonic tanks on the wings. Maybe I add the launcher for the Python 3. The four airbrakes I will not close entirely just a little bit open. The flaps are in down position. Since I have photos from the a/c I want to build, I will have to pre-shade it according photos. If it works out, you may see both photos. In a few days, I will show you more. Happy modelling
  9. Hi you all This will become my Kfir C-2. I built it several years ago a C-7with an Italeri kit and a conversion set from Isracast . This was very difficult, to achieve a proper result. This time I build 2 Kfir C-2. The first from AMK and the second from Kinetic. The aftermarket products I bought you may see. Beside this, I have as left over a complete conversion set from Isracast for the C-2 and the fuel tank and pylon set from Isracast. Of course, the book about the Kfir too. My personal linkage to the Kfir is that I had to live with this a/c. Every day over years and months, I could see them on the sky in Israel. I spent so much time there. The dogfight exercises I liked most, to climb up like at a candle in a group of three or four. Several times, I got lost in time or I was sunburned during this. Now to the build: First, the bad news. The AIRES cockpit set is NOT TO USE!!!!!!!! You will lose the entire front wheel well. The same experience I had with my Skyhawk. You may use parts of it, but that is it! I do not understand how the Aires people can release such a nonsense! The AMK kit is actually well designed. I could not make out any major flaws. I want to create a C-2 for ground support. That means to install the Kfir MER and the four stations in the back and front for a single bomb. I intended to install the supersonic tank, but there is none in the kit. Anyway, maybe I will take this one from Kinetic or from my resin kit from Isracast. In my case, I would load the Mk. 82 bombs and the Python 3 missile. The build until today went all straight ahead. I changed the cockpit front part to resin. Here is to mention, that the MB 10 ejection seat was used at late C-2 also. And the dashboard I will change to C-2 standard, since my Aires one is for C-7. The nose gear: Here I glued all the parts together and drilled holes for a pin to hold the nose wheel. It is an eye catcher on the Kfir, the nose gear! Tomorrow I will start spraying the cockpit. Well, so far. If you have any question, you may look at the walk around from our website. I took many many pictures on the Kfir. The history of the development is so interesting, if you may like it, I will give you next times a short intro. Happy modelling
  10. Andre B

    IAF colours

    Hello! RAL 8000 (FS 30215) "Brown" together with RAL 5008 (FS 35053) "Blue" and RAL 7044 (FS 37722) "Grey" is said to be used by IAF first fighters - Avia199, Spitfire Mk. IXe and P-51D Mustang by Sky Decals. So what is RAL 8000? Brown, yellow or... ? Is there any Humbrol equalent to RAL 8000? Or Tamiya? Cheers / André
  11. Hallo again I will start an F-4E Kurnas in 1/48 from Hasegawa. The kit as shown in the photo. My aircraft will be F-4E Kurnas from Hammer squadron #134. Carrying the Popeye air/surface guided missile with data link pod. The a/c will have Hebrew stenciling. It is from the year 1987/1988. My detail sets are very accurate and I hope that this kit will be despite the age still worth to build. By the way: You get soon access to walk around also from the Kurnas If you built already this kit with the Aires cockpit, I would really enjoy to listen to your experience! Happy modelling
  12. Hallo again This is my Zukit from the IAF in 1/48. The kit was FM. The only Fouga Magister to get. The kit was a horror experience and it took me a half year with breaks of course. Long periods of thinking how to proceed or to the garbage? We saw the original in Israel, in the sky and on the ground. Happy modelling
  13. Hallo again The Hermes 450 is my first UAV. I have seen it flying many times. In addition, the resin kit from Isracast was nice to build. This model I build actually for the big airshow in Austria, the Airpower some years ago. IPMS Austria was asked by the organization to make an exhibition. In these days, Austrian UNO Forces spent their last days at the Golan. Happy modelling
  14. F-16 IDF Introduction My intention was to represent the F-16 of the Israeli Air Force with the entire development of the F-16 A, (Netz) via the F-16 C (Barak), F-16 D (Barak) to the F-16 I (Sufa) faithfully. I had the chance to see the F-16 A and the F-16 I at Hatzerim AFB very closely, in flight I saw all variants of F-16 which are presently in IAF service. F-16A Netz I built the F-16 A Netz Nr. 234 from the Flying Dragon squadron. The kit in 1/48 is from Italieri. Additional parts are from Eduard (Cockpit, ladder the FOD), Exhaust nozzle from Aires, Conversion set from Isracast. The F-16A was on a training flight: Therefore, I mounted a tank and one Ehud pot (in the body of an AIM 9 Sidewinder) on the tip of the port wing. This configuration has really flown like that For the F-16 A, Ofer Zidon's book "Israeli Air Force Cutting Edge" has beautiful photos of the F-16A. Happy Modeling
  15. Hi folks, this is latest addition to my IAF collection. Started a couple of years ago and then put aside, but with the great GWH kit being now available I thought I had to quickly finish it, otherwise I will never find motivation to do so... I used partly the Eduard etched for the F-15E, Skunkmodels IDF weapon set (4 x RAFEAL SPICE bombs), Eduard's AIM-9L and HGW Hebrew RBF set. The inlet FOD's were scratch built from Milliput. Painted with Gunze Aqueous freehand trying to make as tight demarcations as my Iwata was able to work out. I kept the airframe dirty as visible on some pictures in the IsraDecals book, e.g. page 22 or 36. Cheers Libor
  16. Hello, Here is my IAI Nesher “61” 5 in IAF No. 113 “Hornet” Squadron during late ‘70s. The Nesher was the Israeli version of the French Dassault Mirage 5 multirole fighter. The “61” was the personal Nesher of IAF’s ace Giora Epstein. KIT The model is based on Italeri Mirage IIIE/R in 1/32nd scale. This kit is good in size and shapes. Details are generally good but sometimes are a bit poor especially panel lines due the shared molding with the IIIC kit. CONSTRUCTION To convert the IIIE kit into a IAI Nesher the main change I had to change the following airframe parts: · Replaced the IIIE radome with a longer and pointed resin one from Isracast conversion set for Nesher; · Length vertical fin base. Other than the modification listed above I had to add more details using aftermarket as a resin ejection seats, wheels, undercarriage bays and ATAR 9 exhaust. I made from scratch the instrument panel and the FOD for air intakes. I added some details such as hydraulic pipes and electric lines into the undercarriage bays, undercarriage legs and cockpit tube. The pitot tube is turned metal set from Master. I tried to add some missing details around the fuselage: · Panel lines under and above the fuselage; · Fuel drain points and intakes; · All the aerial antennas; · Cannon’s barrels. COLORS & MARKINGS Paints were from the acrylics lines of Gunze and Tamiya. Squadron markings, serial numbers and stencils are from Isracast conversion set for IAF Neshers. Some IAF RBF tags were added to finish the model. And now go with the pictures! CIAO! Piero
  17. Hi Guys, I have got two models in the stash. Both are 1/48 Academy kits( F-15E &F15I). As I have understand is the F-15E more a D version than a E. So for this Groups Build I will build the E into a D. I have got a Blackbox cockpit for a E, b ut that will be no problem as it was intended for the revell kit and they say you use the instrument panels from that kit. I will have a look if I can find a reasonall priced eduard etch set. otherwise I will use the kit parts. As I have got a Cutting edge decal sheet for Israeli F-15's I will use these. O, if you think what a Baz is than that is the name the Israeli's gave the F-15C and D's. It translate into Falcon. I will build the F-15D called "Sky Blazer". It is from 106 squadron and was stationed at Tel Nov in Israel.This airplane hase got downed five Syrian migs and it will be painted in the standard USAF Ghost Gray scheme (FS 36375 and FS 36320). At least I will try. Here are some pictures of what is in the box. The box art The content. As you can see there are some parts from the sprue loose, but it is unstarted. I bought it a few years from a friend and it was already like this. And it was cheap (typical Dutch as I am). The cockpitset from black box. And the nice decals from the Cutting edge set CED48005. And the scheme I will be using. And some books I have from the F-15. It is not much, but I think it will be enough for this build. Otherwise there is always the internet. I hope to start this build soon. Cheers,
  18. Hi fellow modellers, that's my take on the IAF Sufa built from Hasegawa kit. As the base kit is rather ascetic as far as the underwing stores go, I went for Skunkmodels Workshop IAF Weapons set which sourced out the Pythons 4 and Delillah 2. The Litening II and Lantirn pods came from Hasegawa weapon set no.12, while the AIM-120's and fuel tanks are from the kit. The kit was further enhanced with Aires inlet ducting, wheel bays, the exhaust pipe and Eduard Zoom etched. All in all not a cheap affair, but I enjoyed the build as the kit went together without problems. It was painted with Gunze acrylics as per instructions except light green which is applicable for older IAF types like F-4 or Vautour. The actual shade should be more pale, so I went for slightly darkened H74 Sky instead. The plane depicts one of the "The Negev" squadron machines. Be warned tough, being not a hopeless IAF nut I may have missed some features, so please excuse my ignorance:-) Cheers Libor
  19. I’m currently on a bit of a small model kick and have just taken delivery of the Revell UH-60 A in 1:100. While looking for pictures on wiki I saw the IAF version and thought that looks quite snazzy and certainly less dull than NATO olive all over. So knowing next to nothing about military vehicles in general and absolutely nothing about IAF vehicles I turn to the collective here – can I build up the Revell version oob and just paint it up in the IAF livery or does the kit need work? It’s 1:100 so I don’t need to go to the detail required of a 1:35, but do I need to change load outs etc? Thanks in advance chaps MD
  20. Hello gang, Still in my Mirage sery, this one is the Eduard kit. It's an harder built than the Hobby Boss kit of my last effort, fit is ranging from bad to terrible, especially around the windshield area. Another noticeable flaw of the kit is that it's very long legged. Measurements were taken on a museum machine, with no engine, hence the oleo were fully extended. I had to cut a good 3,5 mm from the main legs and close the angle of the front LG wheel arm. Still, the plan is still having a high sit, with rear-up stance. Paints are Gunze acryls, which a re a bit too light, too pastel. Another issue is the Pitot probe, which need to be properly cut and repositionned. As usual your comms and critics are most welcome and seeked. I hope you'll like her. Best, Stef (#6) On to the the piccies
  21. Hello everyone. This is one of the three models I've done since my last WIP. I really like this jet because it shows how Israel was so willing to have jets that they made them themselves. The body was painted with Mr Color Lacquer paints well diluted and mixed with retarder. The camouflage was painted with the assistance of liquid latex. I only had a few mistakes, most noticeably the left number decal on the fin and a few few bubbles on the bottom. The front antennae broke in two parts when the model slid off my hand while holding it too gently w/o gloves. I hope you like!
  22. Here is a slightly different WIP pic set (pic heavy). For the recent Israeli IPMS Annual Show, a friend of mine and me built a quartet of IAI built deltas. I got stuck with the Kfir C1, and C2, whereas the other pair of Nesher and Kfir C7 were built by a friend of mine. As it turned out, the baseline Kfirs were Kinetic kits, whereas the early ones were Wingmans. As I usually have more than one project on the go I decided to build these two in parallel. Reasoning that same time in build process ends with the double the result. Both kits are well known, and I will point out some of my remarks here on the build. As is usual both started with the cockpit. Wingman kit comes with the resin tub / wheel well, and resin seat and instrument panel. Well, the bang seat does not fit the tub, and if fitted leaves no room for the control stick. So luckily, basic Kinetic kit caters for both versions of bang seats fitted to Kfir so with some masking tape and careful painting you can get with around that one. Additionally, the resin instrument panel was very different from those fitted to the early Kfirs in Wingman kit, so I opted out for the plasic one from the same kit. Fit of the resin pit to the model on the other hand was better than in some plastic to plastic combinaions I've seen. Kinetic's pit just painted up, with the late version bang seat fitted. (These were retro-fitted to some C2s late in their life, about time C7s came on line). and side by side (will be a recurring feature here). So with pits closed up in place and painting the wheel wells white, the fit of the rest of the Kfirs was quite straightforward. Wingman provides with the resin early nose, and I have to say, that the plastic one (provided in the kit) does not fall too far behind, apart from the pesky seam line down the middle of the thing. Some filler was needed on the top of the fuselage, and a bead was run in the wing-to-fuselage joint. Vallejo's white primer here so to save the fiddly detail. Also bottom wing joint, as with all deltas, was a tad troublesome. but again, Fill the seams you must, as Master Yoda said. Kinetic's one went for the same treatment I did say recurring, now didn't I. Brotherly pose awaiting primer The cubs have been washed and primed After primer, some tonal variations were added, just as a test for new Italeri paints. Painting started with the Wingmans F-21 (Kfir C1) undersides in MM Medium Gray. Colour was chosen based on the pics available and some tests done. Some of the afore mentioned tonal variation can be seen in the above pic. Kinetic Kfir was painted in air-superiority Gray IAF Camo. Colours from Italeri Acrylics range, LGG & DGG Paint booth job then proceeded on the upperside colors, again from Italeri's range of Reggia Aeronautica, what they deign as FS30219 and 34092. (Light Brown and Dark Green for us mere humans). All painted free hand with lots of cursing. I use mineral thinner with the acrylics (don't tell the EHS). It tends to help them flow, and not to dry up on the tip. Also checked (on the gray coloured one) the "home brew" thinner, of 6 parts distilled water, 4 parts alcohol and 1 part acrylic retarder. Worked a charm that one. And here is the Wingman one with the Ammo Mig Israeli Desert Sand added. And the family pose all painted up Finishing touches, such as decals, gloss cotes etc, were not photographed due to the unavailability of motivation. So Wingman's one completed deal. Added the resin fuel tank and the ACME pod (sounds like something Willy E. Coyotte would order). The other side got a redesignated Matra 530 for the acquisition round. Kinetic's Kfir got its loadout from the kit (fuel tanks and Python III missiles) and Hasegawa weapons (for the heavy punch) load of 2 MK-84s, 5 Mk-82s and 2 Mk-81s. Famous pic of the Kfir with this loadout - tried to get the same angle (I have it in a book dated 1984!) So there you have it. Thanks for looking and sorry for the pic heavy post.
  23. Here's my Israeli Mirage III CJ. The model represence the 159 which was credited for 13 victories. De Hobby Boss kit is added with some Eduard parts and an Aires ejection seat. I allways wanted to do an Israeli bird, just because of those fancy big yellow triangles. The scheme was airbrushed freehand. Reference was never clear to me whether the demarcations of the scheme were hard or soft. The soft demarcations I liked more. Hope you like.
  24. I had promised everyone I'd stop counting the return to modelling builds once I got to 12. After 20 months and it going slower than expected, I'm nearly done. This 1/72 IDF Spitfire by Sword is: The first Sword kit I've done. The first Spitfire I've ever built. This includes my previous modeling life when I was at school. My first multi-coloured camouflaged build since this round of return to plastic purgatory. All I've done before are NMF and single colour builds. I actually started this when I was building the hell that was my 1/72 Trumpeter F6 Lightning. Thinking I'd lose THAT fight I started this one. Then miracle of miracles I actually finished the Lightning. I was then busy with my photo work so the Spitfire got put away, along with all the gear until the other day. So in a mad rush to get build 10 out of the way before the next interruption by Real Lifetm I have now finished it. Conclusions: As my first attempt at a multi-coloured camo I'm not sure I weathered it quite enough but it's all good practice! I quite like these Sword kits. Just as well I have a Banshee and a T5 Lightning in my stash. The Spitfire is quite small and if my eyesight keeps going the way it's going, 2015 will be the year I swap to 1/48. And I'm not sure I'm going to have time for build 11 till next year looking at my schedule. Here we go. Pictures! SpirfireIDF_190914_01 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr SpirfireIDF_190914_02 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr SpirfireIDF_190914_05 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr SpirfireIDF_190914_07 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr SpirfireIDF_190914_08 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr SpirfireIDF_190914_09 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr SpirfireIDF_190914_10 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr SpirfireIDF_190914_11 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr SpirfireIDF_190914_12 by IrritableRabbit, on Flickr
  25. Here's my take on the Kinetic's 1/72 Sufa kit. Built OOB with kit decals. Not bad kit, but with lots of minor snags and quirks that really do get you down, but in the end it looks like a sufa. Used various colours for LGG on the undersides, pylons and fuel tanks namely, MM LGG, HU and Tamiya XF-66 and XF-83. Uppers were done in MM Acryl sand, Gunze H72 and H310, (72 for the CFTs and 310 for the body) and HU 23 sky green. All the dielectrics brush painted with Italeri 36321. AK wash and Alclad Matt cote sealed this one off. [url=http://s856.photobucket.com/user/sdaneels/media/AZ%20Model%20IK-3/Kinetic%20172%20Sufa/IMG_8949_zpse56270a7.jpg.html][/url
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