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Found 68 results

  1. Source: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2018/hawker-hunter-f6-1-48.html Airfix is to release in October 2018 (?) a new tool 1/48th Hawker Hunter F.6/F.6A kit - ref. A09185 Schemes: 1) XF418 - 4 FTS Brawdy 2) XF509 - 4 FTS 3) Dutch AF V.P.
  2. 1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter F.6, 14 SQN RAF Gütersloh, 1963 Hi folks, this was a kit I started nearly ten years ago when I was a teenager and was left half built. Completed as part of the KUTA GB. WIP here. Following advice I shortened the tail bullet and moved the tailplanes forward so they were correctly positioned (more or less). Apart from that it was completely OOB. This was also my first time using an airbrush and I am happy with the result! I used Tamiya flat Aluminium, Xtracrylix Dark Sea Grey and Modelmaster Acryl Dark Green. Definitely a smoother finish than when I use a brush! (The masking was killer though) I left this one relatively clean due to the fast approaching GB deadline and the fact that when looking at reference images they appeared to be well looked after. Anyway, thanks for looking, any pointers would be happily received. P.S cutting up the decals for the undercarriage doors were a nightmare. Cheers, Ash
  3. Hawker Hunter T.7 Conversion (for Airfix) 1:48 AeroCraft Models There was little doubt that once the new Airfix Hunter was released that someone would do a conversion for the T.7 Family model. First of the mark was Ali from Aerocraft in time for 2019 Telford. They were used for training by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force as well as overseas (With different designations). In the box are 27 resin parts including a full cockpit and ejection seats. A beautifully cast resin canopy (in two parts), additional clear parts; a small PE fret, a length of plastic rod and the decal sheet. Instructions are available to download from Aerocraft models thus saving costs on printing them and posting them. There are two versions available with the same high quality resin parts but with different decals for you choice of RN & RAF. RN Version This comes with decals for 4 aircraft from Yeovilton, Lossiemouth and Brawdy Royal Navy RAF Version This comes with decals for 5 aircraft from Valley, Guttesloh, Leuchars, and Coltishall. Royal Air Force Review sample courtesy of
  4. After the Hunter F.6/F.6A (link), Airfix is to release in November 2019 a 1/48th Hawker Hunter F.Mk.4/ F.Mk.5 & J34 kit - ref. A09189 Souce: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/hawker-hunter-f4-1-48.html V.P.
  5. Hawker Hunter wheel set for Revell kit (72054) 1:72 SBS Model The Revell Hunter is great kit, but like a lot of kits the wheels are a not as good as resin replacements can be, this is a drop in set once they have been removed from their blocks. Conclusion This is a good set and should pose no problems. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of Insert other media
  6. Being a relative virgin at airbrushing, I wouldn't choose this Masking Nightmare again! Just when ya think ya got one color just about right, you discover a tiny over-spray or leak in another! of shots as I walked out the door this a.m....
  7. When Hawker Aircraft was looking at a two seat Hunter the tandem configuration was considered but rejected in favour of the side-by-side arrangement. Freightdog Models released this conversion kit for the recently released Revell 1/72 Hunter. I have not done a WiP recently so here goes. First the resin pieces, As you can see the forward fuselage has been hollowed cast and the cockpit is well detailed and you get 2 vacform canopies. I made a quick start, joined the Revell fuselage together and then cut off the forward fuselage as described in the instructions. Making a start on the resins pieces I sprayed them first with Revell Antracite then painted in the details with acrylic pencils. You have to use the front instrument panel and control stick from the kit. I will add the firing handles for the seats later. With the canopy I used my scriber to go around the edges to release it from the rest if the plastic sheet using blue tack to provide support and Tamiya tape as a scribing guide. I did a bit of fettling withe resin fuselage parts and found it also gave me a bit of wiggle room when I offered it up to the fuselage. Then everything was joined together with superglue and Mr Surfacer 500 used along the seams More soon Robert
  8. After a brief hiatus the Hunter is done, and I must say I was very impressed with the Italeri kit. For my standard of modelling I certainly don't need to spend Airfix prices. This was built OOB apart from aftermarket decals, plus I used a spare 1/48 seat from a Canberra kit as the Italeri one is 1/72. I also cut up and expanded the cockpit to accommodate this correct scale seat, and cut the rear fuselage to make it shorter. All detailed in my WIP: XG228 was delivered to the RAF in October 1956, and remained in service until 1984, serving with 1 TWU from the early 1970s. It was sold to the Zimbabwe AF in 1987 and now resides in their museum. The 79 squadron Hunters were a familiar sight over Wales and the south of England during the 70s and 80s, training RAF pilots in weapons delivery and tactics. All comments and suggestions for improvement welcomed! ...
  9. Well there's no point hanging around, may as well start a new kit! I even bought aftermarket decals as I'd like to continue my 80s theme with a 79 sqn/1 TWU Hunter from around 1980-84. I also have the Academy one in the stash which I'll do as an old F6 using those lovely 56 sqn markings at some point, so this Italeri one will be an FGA9. It was much cheaper than the Airfix one, and looks ok on opening the box, apart from the 1/72 ejector seat. I'm going to use a spare one from the Canberra PR9; I know it's probably different but at least it's the right size! Anyone built this kit and know of any other issues?
  10. On the morning of 04 Dec 71, No 37 sqn ‘the Black Panthers’ lovingly called the “Black Panties” by other IAF squadrons, launched their very first mission of the war, with four Hunters. This was the first Sqn to get the locally crafted camera nose on a Hunter 56A with cameras from the Vampire and had already flown several recce missions into East Pakistan since July '71. The Hunters were configured with four 100 Gal long range tanks and only gun ammo. The mission was led by the CO, Wg Cdr SP ‘Supi’ Kaul (later Chief of the Air staff) with Flt Lt SK ‘Billu’ Sangar as no 2 and Sqn Ldr AM Mascarenhas as no 3 and Flg Offr Harish ‘Khappe’( left handed) Masand as no 4. The mission was to search and destroy targets of opportunity at Tezgaon airfield, which was at 181 NMs with a small detour for the IP- Rupsi, while the ROA of the Hunter at LO-LO was 167 NM in that configuration. TOT was 0705 and a pair of MiG-21 FLs from 30 Sqn out of Guwahati was to RV overhead the target to tackle the CAP if any. A second mission by 17 Sqn Hunters was also to be in the area two mins behind this force. Mascarenhas’ aircraft did not start and the 3 aircraft were airborne on time at 0630 into a blue sky with limitless visibility. However, Masand’s u/c failed to retract, but he kept tagging along for nearly 30-40 NMs trying to raise it, finally managing to raise it with the emergency override. 2 mins after leaving the IP at low level, Masand on the left as a single aircraft, saw two silver Sabres (PAF 14 sqn ac out of Tezgaon, Dacca) swinging from their 3’0’ clock to 6 ‘o’clock at about 5 Nm. Having reported them the formation continued on course to target as they had no fuel to engage and kept trying to raise the MiG 21 CAP. The Sabres closed into about 3000 yards by which time the form was at 480 Kts. At this time the Sabre behind SP Kaul dropped his tanks, and Masand seeing the whoosh of the fuel thought it was a missile launch and ordered a hard turn to the right. Although this Sabre eased off he feared that there would be another Sabre behind his tail, and continued through 180 deg of turn so as to get cross cover from the other section. On rolling out he saw a Sabre shooting at Billu from around 500 yds. Forgetting to punch his tanks Massand manoeuvred behind the Sabre which continued to ignore him and closed to approx 150 yds. But by force of habit, he pressed the camera button rather than the trigger and had closed to less than 100yds by the time he dropped the trigger and fired. At this time the two were at approx 500-700 feet of the ground and the Sabre reversed left to evade, but at that close range, the four guns blew him up (on ground they found that Massand had fired only 12 rounds per gun a total of 48, he was that close). Massand continued right calling for the form to roll out approx 350 and head home. By then the MiGs were overhead and reported seeing the chute of the Pakistani pilot on R/T (sadly the PAF pilot- Flt Lt Saeed Afzal Khan of 14 Sqn PAF is said to have ejected safely but was lynched by Mukti Bahini guerilla fighters). Massand never caught up with the rest of the formation and climbed so as to save fuel, landing with only 100lbs a side. On the ground, he found that the formation that was being shot at was part of the 17 sqn formation of Sqn Ldr Lele and Fg Offr ‘Buster’ Bains his course mate which had ended up ahead of time and in the same general area. Buster had 42 holes in his aircraft and was saved by the fact that the Sabres were using only ball ammo. Sqn Ldr Javed Afzal, the PAF formation leader has been incorrectly credited with this kill. Massand was awarded a Vir Chakra equivalent to the British DFC for this action and became the youngest IAF pilot to get an air to air kill in this war being 24 yrs and 8months at the time and hence also the last serving VrC from 1971 to retire. He later went on to command No 28 Sqn (the first supersonics) on the MiG 29 on which he became one of the greatest exponents of the low-level aerobatic art. He finally retired as an Air Marshall in 2005. This is the great Academy Hunter done in Testors acryl paints and spare decals. The Panther is masked and sprayed. The national markings are Bright Spark. Massand and his CO 'Suppi' Kaul pose after the war with AOC-in-C Eastern air command Air Mshl H Dewan after the war in front of a Black Panther Hunter.
  11. Here is the first of three Revell 1:144 Hawker Hunters I built back in 2007 using decals from the Xtradecal sheet. It is Hunter FR.71A 734 (ex-RAF XF317), of Grupo 8, Fuerza Aérea de Chile, Antofagasta, Chile, in early 1990s. Apart from flattening the nose tip for the camera port and adding the aerials specific for Chilean Hunters, the rest was built OOB. The kit was painted by brush and varnished with airbrush. Thank you for looking and all comments are welcome Miguel
  12. I will start at the beginning,bought this model at a model show with parts missing,for only £10.The trader had tried everything.I tried one of my sellers on eBay,bingo, he was able to get the part.That was 2yrs ago.Bought extra aircraft cheap,yes like cheap.One of the boxes were SB2U scout bomber,the first monoplane aircraft to serve on Saratoga. The research started,first the etching from Eduard ,the bridge is upgraded to 1940,which mean I could put more modern aircraft on board. Sb2U-1 Vindicator x12 TBD-1 Devastators x20 F2A-2 Buffalos x12 F3F-1 x12 the biplanes are tiny when, compare to the modern aircraft. VS-3SBC x12 Next problem was a display box ,most were showing to be £200.Fainted .At another show in Aberdeen.there is a trader who will make then much cheaper.The catch he will not post any(too many were getting damaged),or bring to shows,not enough space in his van.I,m in luck because he lives in Glasgow, which is only an hour for me each way.Same price as postage,which would have been,when he did post.That's why it's taken two yrs to get round to making this monster 90cm in length,height 23cm and width 20cm.
  13. Hello again. So.. This Hunter thing. It's Revell. It's a nice kit and looks quite good, but maybe we shouldn't look at the shape too closely just in case. I'm glad it's better than the Matchbox and Frog Hunters I did when 'I was a wee lad' which was the last time I built one of these. I expect I didn't get some of the lumps and bumps quite right for this mostly OOB representation of a No.8 sqn RAF Hunter based in Khormaksar, Aden 1963. The instructions show optional parts so it's up to us to do the extra research to see which fits what. I didn't go the extra mile because I wanted to crack on and get it done as fast as possible (within reason), and while I had the time. I threw a resin seat and wheels on there for a bit of extra interest, replaced the plastic blob of a fuel vent on the rear of the fuselage with a short piece of aluminium tubing (diameter of which I have forgotten), and drilled out the pipes for the spent cases. There's also a couple of strips of stretched sprue for the antennae under the fuselage. Finished with some panel line wash, post shaded and weathered with filters and some oils. This is likely to be my last finished build for a little while as I'm actually having to get on with RealLifeTM and go do some paid work after an enforced break. I hope you find this one pleasing and thank you for looking. Hunter_01 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_02 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_03 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_04 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_05 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_06 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_07 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_08 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_09 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr
  14. Hi all Hot off the modelling table is my Airfix 48th Hunter F.6. Straight out of the box with decals from Xtradecal. Built as Hunter F.6 XG225 from 92 Squadrons display team The Blue Diamond's Having built the Academy Hunter in the standard camo scheme just had to do something a bit brighter with this one. Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Enjoy ScottC
  15. Hello all, I just noticed, that I have no instructions of my 1/32 Hawker Hunter from Revell (04703), first edition. Unfortunately, Revell offers only the instructions of the re-edition as download. The first edition from 1998 has more decal options and the numbering of the stencils is completely different. Maybe some of you could provide a scan, or could mail me the instructions. This is the box art of which I need the instructions: Thanks, Thomas
  16. XE599 was delivered to the RAF on 1st May 1956, serving with numbers 8 and 208 squadrons as well as 74 squadron, before being converted to an FR.74 (serial no. 535) for the Singapore AF. Her nose is now preserved in Australia in those markings. This model reflects her in the halcyon days of the RAF, high speed silver flashing over the East Anglian countryside, a glimpse of the famous tiger stripes that 'fear no man'. The Tigers received Hunters in March 1957, with the F.4 version replacing Meteor F.8s until the F.6s arrived in November of that year. They flew from RAF Horsham St Faith alongside 245 squadron until moving to Coltishall in June 1959, in preparation for receiving Lightnings in 1960. The old Airfix kit is over 50 years old, with little cockpit detail, and some parts seem a little thick, but I think it's a nicer shape than the Mistercraft one: Colours used were dark sea grey spray, Tamiya XF-81 and auto-spray silver. It needs quite a bit of nose weight and will still tail sit even now if tipped back. WIP here:
  17. Hi all, I originally started this during the 2016 Hunter group build but bit off far more than I could chew and its sat on the shelf of doom for a couple of years - until about a month ago that is. I decided to crack on and get it finished only to come up with serous decal issues. The kit decals had perished, I originally bought this cheap about 10 years ago and the box had suffered some water damage, this had obviously affected the decals. I'd planned on doing this in 79 Squadron markings from Chivenor in the late 60's so already had the xtradecal sheet with the squadron markings, but needed roundels, which is where fellow britmodeller David Womby came up trumps and airmailed some from the states (Thanks David!). So here it is, minus most of the stencils which I will add when I can get my hands on some and the rocket pods which are in the paint shop! Cheers Simon
  18. Morning folk's sorry to bang on about my current oldies infatuation but back to frog for a second entry,I think I might have built a Matchbox Hunter ages ago can't remember building Airfix's offering or Frog's.Not seen this kit in the flesh but it must be the same as the Novo kit being built by Pat.
  19. Hot on the heals of the Canberra, another beauty from the 50s, the elegant Hawker Hunter. This is my first 'Mistercraft' kit, and looks on first glance to be quite simple; very few parts and to my less than professional eyes, a reasonable shape. Not bad for about £6 on eBay anyway! The kit decals, however, were awful! Very blotchy looking 92 sqn checks, and some 1 sqn nose flashes that seem a bit too small in my opinion. As I'll be making my Sabre in 92 sqn colours, I wanted to do something different for the Hunter, so I splashed out on the Xtradecals set. A good choice on the Xtradecals, I'm still undecided on whether to do 56, 63 or 74 sqn! They all look fabulous to the point where I may have to get another Hunter! Whichever unit, I think it'll be nice with camo upper and silver undersides - classic 1950's RAF, the best genre! So, to the kit ... Does anybody have any tips about 1/72 Hunters in general, and the Mistercraft kit in particular? Any potential traps or issues to look out for? It really does contain very few parts! I'll need to file that pointy 'pen nib' jetpipe fairing flat for a start. Interestingly, the instructions call it an F.1, but the box and markings are all F.6!
  20. Mini mojo reviver - 1/72 builds of an Airfix Hurricane from the BoB 75th anniversary set and an Airfix Hunter from a 90s boxing. Both utterly out of the box, umpteen little things that I could have fixed but didn't. Made over a couple of days for the sheer fun of rattling through without overthinking things. Not microsol yet but wanted to upload pics before I pack them away over the weekend
  21. I've had the revell hunter for a while and wanted to build it but just haven't had the time since i gave been very busy for the last few months with exams. However, with my final exam this week the group build seemed like the perfect motivation to start the hunter as a summer project, since i never seem to finish models without the pressure of a GB! Im going to be building the hunter without aftermarket parts although i may get aftermarket decals as i am very tempted by the idea of modelling XE601, the 'rasberry ripple' hunter which was sold for spares use a few years ago, as it is a much more exciting scheme than the green and grey camoflage. I've been taking abit of a break from modelling and this will be the first ket of the year for me, and also my first 1/32 kit so im excited to see what it will be like making a larger model. So far i have only started the ejector seat but more progress should follow soon. Work has started on the ejector seat. I need some new paints as they have all started to dry up! Will
  22. The ban on flying civilian hunters placed on them after the Shoreham crash has now been lifted, so they will be allowed to fly again although with the new regulations regarding maintainance and also not being able to do aerboatics, as with other classic jets. Hopefully this will liven up the classic jet scene a bit! http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?appid=11&catid=1&id=6886&mode=detail&pagetype=65
  23. As a side topic to the 'what should Airfix be making' and the inevitable 'why?' and 'why not' posts that follow can you list your personal wishlists in 3 categories: Near term - those you feel are likely to come to fruition in a year or two, even if you won't be buying it Medium term - within say 5 years, and can include those models You want to see that are a faintly realistic proposition. Long term - when you will be planning a release from your cryogenic chamber. (note: whilst the long term plans may include unlikely makes or marks, or even a corrected version of a current bestseller please try keep them fairly realistic - I doubt Airfix will be making a Tibetan homemade glider at any point despite the clamouring for one) .... Ok I'll start off (and I'll try to keep it as new kits only not rereleases) Near: Single seat Vamps P-47 (razor and bubble) D3A Val (extending the pacific WW2 niche) Buccaneer (a big UK seller and the old one is aged) Meteors (including at least 1 each T & NF) 2 seat Lightning (so many fighters, needs a matching trainer) Medium: Whirlwind (the forgotten WW2 fighter) DH106 Comet (4s please, RAF & Dan Air schemes) Victor (much demanded to replace the aging Matchbox) F-4 Phantoms (a European sized hole will persist unless FujiGawa get cheaper, or Revell add to their F) Panther/Cougar - (expanding the USN theme in to post war) Long: Vulcan (old mould is creaking) Wellesley (Forgotten type, fits with a WW2 desert theme) Gazelle (hard to find, simply needs updating to modern standards) Wasp/Scout (a missing link so long oop) Viggan (actually pretry much any Saab as the reborn Heller seen reluctant to mass market, and non-Gripens aren't commonplace) *I reserve the right to change my mind if I think of new options (and given time I could extend to top 100s!)
  24. Well, here goes! In at the deep end for my first WIP. All my previous builds have been projects that have several WIP's against them, but this is not seen so often. Continuing the theme of jets I worked on in the RAF, this will be a Hunter T7 to go with the Buccaneer in 237 OCU markings. I'm using the Academy Hunter F6 kit with the Heritage T7 conversion along with a few AM extra's On top of the conversion work, I'll also be trying to correct some of the Academy kits errors. Don't expect work to progress at a blistering rate, it took 6 months to build the Phantom!!! All the bits. The Heritage conversion set. The main fuselage components marked ready for cutting. Just off for a stiff drink before I get the razor saw out! Rob.
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