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Found 151 results

  1. Giddey This Heller kit is the best tanker/oiler model ever produced. I bought it at ebay 15 years ago for 100€! It is sold now as package with a aircraft carrier and an escort vessel. i bought this one too - to build the civil version. regards Andreas
  2. Hi Folk,s.Picked up a Humbrol boxing Of this kit for a mere £2:99 on Ebay. As soon as it arrives I.ll pop a few pics Before starting the seller had a photof the contents and the decals look good. Hope to maybe add either an Airfix Draken or Heller Thunderjet later on.
  3. Source: https://heller-forever.forumactif.com/t12290-exclusif-heller-forever-une-partie-des-news-2020-heller And the Saturday news was the 1/24th BMW 328 box art V.P.
  4. It was my intention to build my family of Saab jets in chronological order, but delays in getting paint and bits for the Lansen have meant that plan has gone out of the window, so I will shortly be starting this. In 1977 Heller released their kit of a Viggen. The box did not say which version it was but the 1978 reboxing said it covered the AJ attack, SF recce, and SK 2 seat trainer. My boxing dates back to 1998 when they added new parts and started selling it as the JA fighter/interceptor version, and that is the version currently on sale. It appears that the parts for the 3 other versions are still included but Heller only provide one paint scheme and markings for a “Jaktviggen” as the AJ37 is known. They also have limited the armament options to the fixed cannon pod on the belly and 4 AIM 9 Sidewinders, which is a pity as the real thing could also carry Skyflash and later AIM 120 longer ranged missiles - I have a supply of missiles but would need to work out how the pylons and rails looked if I wanted to use them. The colour scheme is for one of the later grey machines. It looks as if I could probably still build any one of the previous versions, as it includes 2 different tails, two cockpit tubs and seats, both a short and long upper fuselage insert and transparencies for both single and 2 seater and parts for both normal and recce nose though it might be missing pylons and weapons for the attack version. I would love one in the splinter camo, but frankly I have neither the patience or time, so I will build this OOB if I can - perhaps I will buy one of the earlier boxings some time when I have some spare cash. Assuming I have all the bits and it fits reasonably well this does not look like a very complicated kit or colour scheme so I might get it finished before the "In the Navy" GB starts in the middle of February - I might even get the Gripen done as well, but first I have to finish the Lansen. So before very long I will be building yet another Viggen to join the countless ones already in progress - might even out the surfeit of Drakens a little. Cheers Pete
  5. Hawker Tempest Mk.5 56 Squadron, Fassberg, Germany, 1945 Heller kit with raised panel lines removed and replaced with scribed detail. Canopy replaced with a Squadron vac form. Painted with Xtracrylix and finished with Xtradecals. I think Heller got the shape of the Tempest 5 just right. This one has been in the stash for more decades than I care to remember – built at last. Chris
  6. Right, a Javelin Jambalaya, and not in the Cajun meaning of the word. I won't be making a stew for dinner. I have three kits of the Javelin (EDIT - four), the Heller T.3, the Airfix "FAW.9" (and that's in quotes for a reason as we will soon see), the Plastyk FAW.9, and the Novo/Frog FAW.9 all in glorious 1:72 scale. Thank the woman above that I don't need to add crazy detail like I did on that big Spitfire. So let's see what we have as raw materials - first, the Airfix "FAW.9" which I purchased at a model show swap meet, but was in its original package and still sealed. The Javelin Illuminati among us (they come out occasionally and are dreadfully frightening) will immediately notice that the grey sprues are in fact those from the Heller T.3 kit, with the tailcone removed from the sprue on the right in the second photo. However, the white and clear sprues are indeed from the Airfix FAW.9 version of the Javelin. Everyone knows that the original T.3 tooling was modified to produce the FAW.9, and it seems that Airfix have mistakenly packaged surplus T.3 sprues (but correctly snipping off the tailcone) in my kit. Oops. It would be rather difficult at this stage to make an FAW.9 out of this kit. But I also have this kit from Plastyk in Poland: I'm told that this kit is based on the second Frog tooling of the Javelin, but I don't have that so I can't compare. The sprue layout bears no resemblance to the Frog kit as seen here in the Frog Museum. I've seen a few very nice builds of this kit, but it is quite basic. So maybe. Now, I also have one of these babies, along with a Print Scale decal sheet to replace the nicely curled and yellowed one that was unearthed at some archaeological dig and packaged with the plastic: The sprues from the Heller kit look just like the Airfix sprues above, except they're in a yukky silver styrene and, of course, include the correct T.3 tailcone. Oh, right, aftermarket. I've assembled some, but maybe not enough. What to do? If I had another T.3 tailcone, I could build two T.3s and an FAW.9, but I really don't need to have three Javelins in my display case. Two sounds like a good number. I'll give this some thought and make a plan. The Airwaves airbrake PE set is designed for the Heller/Airfix kit, but might be useful for Plastyk. I will need another to make two models. The other Airwaves set is for the Airfix FAW.9, but could most likely be used on a T.3 and few would notice. I don't think there is a set for the T.3 like this, so I would need another of those too. More aftermarket tyres and pitot tubes will be easy to acquire. Oh, I suspect I will need to source some ejection seats. Martin-Baker Mk.3J for the FAW.9, but which mark for the T.3? The easiest route is to build a T.3 from the grey Airfix sprues (I hate that silver styrene in the Heller kit) and an FAW.9 from Plastyk. Easy is a relative term here, as the Plastyk kit looks like it need a lot of help, where the Heller kit maybe needs just "some" help. First, though, I want to find some layout drawings that are reasonably correct to see what I'm starting with. I have the stencil placement drawing that came with the Airfix 1:48 kit, and I suspect that is pretty good for an FAW.9. Drawings for the T.3 I'm still looking for. I'm not sure why I always make things difficult for myself, but I think this will be a fun project! Cheers, Bill PS. I do like the fancy paint job on that red and white FAW.9. I'm a stickler for that kind of stuff.
  7. This was an impulse buy - which I pretty much regretted as soon as I opened the box. Not such a modern kit, with a few fit issues. It was not the easiest to make and I kept breaking bits off as I completed it - which is why it spent several months at the back of the shelf of doom. But I was so close so I pushed on. White is from a Tamiya rattle can, the red is brush painted Tamiya acrylic - which was gruesome to paint. Finished with a bit of slight weathering (most of which was from my grubby fingers), and a brushed on coat of Tamiya semi-gloss clear. Completed out of the box as XW871 of 705 Naval Air Squadron, Culdrose, UK, 19896. Thanks for looking. Some additional photos outside:
  8. This is my Heller E-3A Sentry AKA AWACS. I started this back in the beginning of March, but after getting part way through I realized that I had not ordered accurate TF-33 engines, so I put it aside and ordered a set of David Parkin's Flightpath engines and worked on the Italeri F-21A kit while I waited for them to arrive. While I was waiting I also ordered the Contrail's antenna upgrade kit. After the upgrades arrived and I finished the F-21A, I returned to this the beginning of this month and finally finished it. This is the first Heller kit I have worked on in a while and I would based on this I would rank then somewhere between Mach 2 and Italeri as far as fit and finish goes. The fuselage went together well, but there were major fit issues with the wings. It it wasn't that they were the only game in town I would not recommend the Contrail antenna upgrade which includes chin, cheek and tail antennas. The parts were very crude and the were not shaped to fit against the fuselage well and took a lot of work and filling to get them to blend in. I also think their shape is suspect. On the other hand the Flightpath engines were very good to excellent. My only complaint is that the rear of the forward fan part of the engines are molded solid while they should be open, something the Heller engines got right. I tried to simulate the openness by painting the area black. The shear size of this made construction difficult and I can't count the number of times I broke off the wing tip antennas, including while giving it a final finishing coat, but it is finished and on to the pictures. Next up is the Italeri AC-119 Stinger. Enjoy
  9. Hi all and a little egg-beater from Heller just finished for the 'In The Year I Was Born" GB here on Britmodeller. This a/c 195 (along with 196) were the first helicopters to enter service with the Helicopter Flight of the Irish Air Corps on November 25th, 1963 and operated in the SAR, Air Ambulance, army co-op and emergency relief roles until 2007. It's a credit to the crews and maintenance teams that 6 of the 7 machines still in service in 2007 were airworthy on their last day of ops, 44 years on. 195 is finished as she looked in June 1968, a month before my quiet arrival into the world The canopy and rotor fit weren't great and some of the finer parts are a little big but did my best with them. The build thread (and some classic 60's home-move footage of 195 in action that Summer) is here but to recap: Kit: Heller 1/72 Alouette III 'Securite Civile' boxing Build: OOB except for tape for belts and tea-bag mesh for the engine. Paints: Revell Acrylics with an airbrush; Klear; panel line wash. Decals: Max Decals donated by @rs2man Heller Alouette III IAC_Done (15) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Heller Alouette III IAC_Done (22) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Heller Alouette III IAC_Done (21) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Heller Alouette III IAC_Done (10) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Heller Alouette III IAC_Done (17) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Heller Alouette III IAC_Done (13) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and happy modelling. Cheers, Dermot
  10. Hi all and am taking the plunge with this one, as displayed to the public about a month before my arrival in the summer of 1968! Heller Alouette III_Box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr The Aircraft Alouette III's Nos 195 and 196 entered service with the Helicopter Flight of the Irish Air Corps on November 25, 1963. The first helicopters to serve with the Air Corps, eight in total flew in SAR, air ambulance, army co-operation and emergency relief roles until 2007. It's a credit to the crews and maintenance teams that 6 of the 7 machines still in service in 2007 were airworthy on their last day of ops, 44 years on. The 1968 Ballyfree Air Rally...and Tim Philips Tim Philips was an English entrepreneur and businessman whose father invented and patented the Ziplock. After selling that patent, his father moved the family to Ireland and bought Ballyfree House and grounds in Glenealy, Co Wicklow just outside Dublin. Educated in England, Tim worked in insurance following a short commission in the Royal Dragoon Guards before joining the family business in Ireland which was eggs - by the mid 1960's, their farm in Glenealy had over 120,000 hens supplying eggs to the Irish market. He also diversified the business into poultry farming and convenience foods which became highly successful. It was sold to global food company Kerry Group in 1985. Tim also had a passion for flying and kept his own plane in Glenealy. One of his personal aviation achievements was competing with co-pilot Vyrell Mitchell in the England to Australia Air Race in 1969, finishing fourth out of 75 starters in his Piper Twin Commanche. At home, he also staged and arranged a number of hugely popular Air Rallies (Flying Displays) in the 1960s at Ballyfree……...which is where Alouette 195 displayed in June 1968, the month before my arrival. A generous donor & charity supporter, Tim Philips passed away in 2010 aged 72. You can watch Alouette #195 in action on this 8mm cine which I found online - this was a big help for me getting going with this GB and excellent refs for the scheme she wore. 1968 Ballyfree Air Display The Kit I built this kit as a kid but it's long gone so time to give it another shot. Heller Alouette III_Contents_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Lovely red sprues with tiny parts! Heller Alouette III_Contents_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Heller Alouette III_Contents_3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Clear parts and decals. Apart from stencils, the specific Irish ones will be from the stash. Heller Alouette III_Contents_4 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Sorry for the long read, good luck with your builds and model-building to follow shortly! Cheers, Dermot
  11. Having failed to find my TSR2 kit (1965 the decision was taken to scrap it !) I had a look through the stash to see what I had already (Always a good idea) and found I had the Smer release of the Heller Bloch MB.152 which was first released in 1965. Picture from Scalemates First glance shows the decals missing, so ill pop a wanted request on the wanted bit here on BM. cheers Pat
  12. HaHen offer a package deal for a 707-430 in a Lufthansa livery which consists of decals, Heller 707 and some very nice looking resin RR engines. Can this be built OOB or do the wings need surgery? If they do, does anyone make the necessary parts?
  13. so here are some of the sprue from the Heller Ty 125 kit. The are very nicely moulded. In stead of vinyl tube you get a vinyl sprue(black) for the cables that have to be held in place between the parts they connect to rather than pushed on. The bottom pic(figure 10) shows how you make the 2 rear shocks using the piece of wire and the jig, nice but I will see how they turn out before probably dipping into my toolroom box of springs. Looks like a very good kit so let's get started with the piston head fins which are a separate parts a nice touch remove the horrible chrome from the wheels and other parts and set up my nice little compressor and airbrush
  14. Hi folk's,my second(and final) build for this GB is Heller's big but quite basic carrier Foch.Launched in July 1960 and commissioned three years later she served with the French navy for over thirty five years before being sold to Brazil and re-named Sao Paulo in 2000.The kit is basic with not that many parts so OOB is the order of the day the kit was given to me by my eldest from the wardrobe of doom as part of a set which contained supply ship and destroyer so as a change from far too many aircraft and as the kit has decal's for Foch included I thought it would make a nice change.She has a complement of Etendard,Crusader and Alize aircraft all quite nicely molded pity Heller didn't include decals for them and I don't fancy painting them! Here's the box contents.
  15. A rather different J-21... Cheers / André
  16. In 2003/4 (!) I started two Heller 1/400 Illustrious kits: one as Illustrious in January 1941, and another as an Indomitable 1942 during Operation Pedestal. I finished neither - partly because I'm a slow builder, partly because I lacked 1/400 Sea Hurricanes for Indomitable and partly because, as time progressed, I fully expected a 1/350 scale new tool kit. I still can't source 1/400 Hurricanes and a 1/350 new tool Illustrious has not materialised (1/200 would be even better), but both unfinished kits continue to wink at me in their cases on my shelf of doom, so 16 years after I started them, and 10 years since I last touched them, I thought I'd try and finish Indomitable at least. It is unlikely that a new tool 1/350 or larger Indomitable will be produced (I'm still hopeful for an Illustrious/Victorious), and the conversion was quite demanding, so I'm not sure I would do it again even if a new tool Illustrious materialised. In the intervening decade, I've discovered more information about both ships and there has been significant revision to Royal Navy WW2 colours. My Illustrious is sitting resplendent in old WEM medium grey 507B and light grey 507C finish and Indomitable in a MS2, grey B5 and MS4A finish. Both will need repainting with new NARN Colourcoats in more likely camouflage colours. Originally, the progress of my Indomitable build was documented on the Model Warships, but this seems to have disappeared years ago, so I thought that I'd recap here before continuing. The main changes to the Heller Illustrious hull, for the Indomitable conversion were: 1. Added scale 6ft above the upper deck, to create an extra galley deck as in Implacables. This involved re-arranging the position of the boat decks aft. 2. Altered the deck and hull contours aft to increase the useable flight-deck length and reduce the round-down. The shape was altered too to produce a narrower and more squared-off round-down, compared with as built Illustrious/Formidable/Victorious. Indomitable as fitted had an extra 50ft of usable flight-deck as per the modifications to Illustrious, Victorious and Formidable when re-fitted in the US. 3. Reduced the depth of the rear gun sponsons. This is a unique distinguishing feature of indomitable. On Illustrious/Formidable/Victorious, the gun sponsons were all the same depth. Indomitable was the reverse of Indefatigable/Implacable, which had shallow forward gun sponsons and deep rear sponsons. 4. Increased the length of the quarter-deck and (eventually) provide eight openings. This is another unique feature of Indomitable, until the quarter-deck length was shortened later in service (1944 US refit/repair) 5. Flight-deck modifications: moved the forward lift scale 16ft aft and increase forward lift width to scale 33ft wide (from 22ft), moved the aft lift a scale 24ft forward. The work in this area is made more difficult by some accuracy problems with the Heller kit. Neither lift is the right size – even for Illustrious, Victorious or Formidable. The forward lift is too narrow (which the conversion to Indomitable takes care of), but the rear lift is too wide. The flight deck shape forward needs to be modified and the catapult and reinforcement plates to port added. 6.The sponsons for the rear HACS at galley deck level were lowered, and their shape modified. The HACS directors were Mk V, rather than the Mk IV fitted to Illustrious/ Formidable/ Victorious. 7. The oversized cut outs in flight deck were reduced and shape modified and the overhang of the crane/boat deck altered 8. The solid sponson for the bow search-light platform was modified as it had an open structure. Here are photos of the basic conversion (with some comparison photos of Illustrious - itself heavily modified from the Heller original) :
  17. This was a kit I was lookig for for quite some time. Last year I finally found it and started working on it right away.I wanted to do the very first Boeing 747 that went into service with Swissair back in 1971. Heller offered this kit with the Swissair red stripe and brown stripe livery way back in the 80's. Unfortunately the red decalstripes were off size,so I decided to only use the logos and markings and paint the whole livery with my airbrush. The Heller 747 kit very well captures the shape of the originial,I only found the engines a bit off and tried to fix them.Later on I found out that the exhaust cones are sitting too far inside and should have been moved more outwards by using plasticcard.But it was too late to correct this.I will keep that in mind on the next Heller 747.... Detail is ok keeping in mind the age of the kit,its nowhere near of todays standard but it builds up into a nice "Jumbo Jet" The landing gear is probably the most fiddly on this kit and trying to build it in the way its supposed to be when extended is quite some challenge.Heller has obviously designed it to build it with all the doors in open configuration,which leads to some extra work (and cursing) when trying to close the main doors. The fuselage comes in 4 parts as the tail section is separated from the front.Why they designed it that way is a mystery...probably they didn't want to use a bigger box for the parts...? Getting these sections flush is not so easy without sanding off all the panellines. In the end everything came together and when finished its a very large model. Apart from the mentioned problems the build is easy and straight forward.I recently bought some newer releases of that kit which I plan to do in Virgin Atlantic and Braniff "Big Orange" liveries respectively,alhoug wheels up as I won't fiddle again with the landig gear on that kit. Paints are all Revell enamels,ecept for the coroguard panels,this is Tamyia Metallic Grey which I find a good match. Decals are from the kit and from my spares box Hope you like her, And with "something else" the DC-10 will be shown in an extra RFI
  18. I just bought a Heller 1/50 Jaguar M - the aborted French Navy version - from eBay - but it has arrived without instructions. Does anyone have a set they could please scan for me? The 1/50 Jaguar A kit instructions are likely very similar, so those would do in a pinch. TIA!
  19. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 AZ Model Potez 540 Transport, a re-box of the venerable Heller kit. The model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. I would like to thank fellow Britmodellers TonyTiger66, VG33, BS_w and Graham Boak for their help in research. Much appreciated! Thanks for your interest, best greetings from Vienna!
  20. Hi Folk's,a little fun build of Heller's 70's era Saab J-21,I often grab a little cheapie when I order from King Kit usually what's on offer around a fiver or less and to be honest most end up in the bin for one reason or another.This kit was a joy right till the decal's self destructed hence the bogus I.D. made from spare's and then the awful canopy so don't look too close,thank's for looking in!
  21. As shown in the below thread in the WIP section I have built a Ferguson TE20 "Little Grey Fergie" Heller kit Here are some pictures of the finished tractor.
  22. I started this model very long ago, so it's time to finish it. Every model is familiar, it's old, but I'm always cute old models. I did not want to correct any manufacturer errors, but I did it directly from the box. I did not even change the decals, which are green instead of white. I like it. Here's the picture, enjoy it.
  23. Well, it's really been a while since I posted anything here. It's also been a while since I finished a model, other than a 1/350 Riich Models Los Angeles Class submarine as SSN-722 USS Key West for a friend who's son serves aboard her. Anyway, first up is the Heller 1/72 P-39Q, finished with Eagle Strike decals for "Snooks 2nd." This was part of a Christmas club challenge to finish a kit by this past weekend for the ValleyCon show in Chicopee, Massachusetts this past weekend. And, I did get it done on time, barely! It's actually not a bad kit, and is more accurate, in many ways, than newer offerings from HobbyBoss and Academy. I might have to try one of the RS Models early P-39s. I've got a set of decals for a nice "D" model. Oh, and this was brush painted with Vallejo Air, though I did airbrush the gloss and flat coats. On to the pictures
  24. Hello everybody , after roughly 20 years away from the hobby , I'm back in the business ! Considerring that I have everything to (re)learn and new technics to discover and apply, I' ve decided to start with a rather basic kit. It will be a french carrier born classic : The Etendard IV M. The model is the very single one available in this scale : the Heller one that I bought 30 years ago ! The general shape is very accurate, but most details are inexistent , to sum up what I'm expecting from this model : it will be no picnic ! Let's start with the "bang seat" a Martin Baker Mk4. Détails in scratch ( copper wire , an old toothpaste tube , platic card ). See you !
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