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Found 168 results

  1. Well less then 6 days after I recieved this kit she is as far as I think (please disagree if not) finished. This kit is my first ever completed 1:24 model, and a subject very close to the top of my 1:1 want list. I was offered a 1957 example back in 2008 during a summer trekking the west coast of France, it had been tucked up in a shed for 20 years and although structurally sound there was not 1 panel that wasnt suffering from surface rust. The passenger seat was a bare frame with remnants of a basic cushion, the drivers seat had been covered with a proper heavyweight tarpaulin so was a very grubby mouldy vinyl seat but remarkably intact. As I still have photos of this particular van my plan was to try to replicate it to the best of my ability. She now stands on a piece of ply, static grass covered with a bit of a gravel track surrounded by bushes and a cobbled together typically french rural fence. Hopefully she looks as good as I want her too??? The kit went together extremely well with next to no fettling or filing, a bit of a different story to articles I'd read prior to starting her. Thank you for looking and please any comments will be greatly recieved
  2. I'm going to build a Heller 1/72 Dragon Rapide. This is just a placeholder for now - I won't get to this until my builds in the Lancaster STGB and In The Navy GB are done. I built one of these some time in the mid-80s. I don't really remember the build, it's buying the kit that I really remember: My Mum was a French teacher and very keen that we go to France on holiday and practice our French. So on a trip to Normandy some time in the 80s (might have been 1985) when I wanted to try and find this kit, instead of browsing the shelves of French model shops I had to go to the counter and ask if they had it, in French. Despite my probably terrible pronunciation I did actually manage to buy one! This will be in the Tasman boxing - currently available and reasonably priced - with SBS photo-etched rigging and decals for Railway Air Services from Arctic Decals. I may not remember the 1980s build very well but I can confidently say I didn't do any rigging or use any aftermarket! cheers Julian
  3. Hello, this is my entry for the GB, a Heller Ecureuil (or Squirrel as it was more commonly known in the UK). The kit has been a long term (39 years!) resident of my stash, so this is the perfect opportunity to get it built at long last. Dave
  4. I have become very keen on French WWII aircraft and recently ordered a Heller Bloch MB 174 light bomber kit in 1/72 scale. It arrived promptly but when I opened the sealed kit box I was shocked at the quality of the moulding. Virtually every part on the two sprues has sinkholes the surfaces are bumpier than a ploughed field. I always remember Heller kits as being a bit ropey for flash and bent parts but this is unbuildable I would end up with no surface detail and a model comprising 50% filler. I know its a fairly old tooling but the transparencies are perfectly moulded so it looks like either Bertrand the machine minder was skiving off having a quick Vin Blanc and a Gauloise or the tooling is goosed. I dont know wether to send it back for a refund or a replacement with the chance that the whole batch is the same. IMG_20200530_212431556 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200530_212608483 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200530_212526458 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200530_212503485 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200530_212455028 by Stuart, on Flickr
  5. A few pictures of my DC-6B, the Heller kit in 1/72. The model depicts the very last DC-6 built as she looked during most of the 1990’s, when being flown by NCA on charter flights and a weekly scheduled service from Windhoek to Victoria Falls. This aircraft was originally ordered by Yugoslav Air Transport, and immediately used my Marshal Tito as his official aircraft. When he upgraded to a jet, this DC-6, along with the second last DC-6 built, where donated to Zambia. Here they were hardly used and eventually stood abandoned for almost 20 years. The two aircraft then came to Namibia when the charter company NCA was offered several tonnes of DC-6 spares to keep their cargo aircraft doing UN relief flights in Angola operational. The deal however required the two abandoned DC-6B’s to be removed from Lusaka airport. The two air frames were found to be in remarkably good condition, due to the low initial usage. In a 2 week operation both aircraft were made flight worthy and departed to Namibia. Here they were restored for the charter business. Being christened “Fish Eagle” and “Bateleur” respectively. However, as everything flying is becoming more and more cutthroat, the feasibility of operating them diminished. Fortunately for this DC-6, Red Bull bought the aircraft, and they did an even more thorough restoration of the aircraft and kitted her out with a nice health monitoring system and the works. As part of my studies in engineering, I had to do some industry relevant work/job shadowing. I wanted to gain some insight to aircraft maintenance, and as my dad knew the boss of NCA, I was able to spend a few months at their maintenance facility. With my anorexic student build, I was put to good use for cleaning the inside of the fuel tanks and any confined spaces. I learned that I could fit completely into the nose gear bay of a Cessna 310 for example. The DC-6 on the other hand was like going first class…. During my time there, I decided to build the DC-6 kit I had; taking the opportunity to cross-reference details in person (remember that this was before cellphone cameras and proper internet). All extra detail on the model is scratch built and the markings were hand painted with toothpicks and fine brushes. Alu-foil covers the bottom of the fuselage, as that area was always polished clean. I have since acquired another DC-6 kit, with the intention of building it as she currently looks in Red Bull markings. R
  6. Hi all, here we go again with another Heller bike build, this was a commission build, to replicate the owners full size bike. He requested the seat to be painted in a dark blue colour, not found any reference pictures to confirm it was a factory option, but I mixed up a colour to blend with the pin striping on the bike. I have a few minor details to finish off but I am calling the build complete for the purpose of the pictures. I will have to see if the client wants the bike mounted on a base, it would finish off the model nicely I think. Hope you all like this 70's German classic. (Update) Client requested a base to display the bike, so here are the final pictures. Base was built from scrap materials and the badge was a spare the client had that should fit on the rear seat cowl. Front wheel was secured with some fibre optic strand epoxied into the base and the bikes centre stand is also glued to the base.
  7. Having been on here for a while now, I thought that I should actually post up some of my models. I had built a few kits as a child and some as a student (only two survived intact, but several have found useful homes in my spares box). However, these two date from 2005, when I got back into the hobby as I recovering from surgery for a series of operations for skin cancer and needed something to occupy my time. Whilst I have listed them as Heller, both were Airfix reboxes. Both built straight out of the box, bodyshells spray painted with Halfords rattle cans (although the blue on the Bugatti's body was actually the bare plastic...) and Humbrol enamels used for the rest. No BMF used - all that chrome trim on the Mercedes body was included in the kit. I don't have any better or more recent pics, as both are a bit damaged now, following several house moves and so are awaiting repairs. At the time, I had not found any scale modelling forums or magazines, so a lot of novice mistakes were made with both (e.g. fogged headlights, which will also be fixed at the same time). Heller kits often seem to get a lot of flack, however I really enjoyed building both of these, and the experience did not put me off building more models, or from buying pretty much the rest of Heller's classic / vintage car range! Anyhow, I hope you like them, and I'll try to dig out some more pics of my other builds.
  8. The latest in my 'lockdown'-series. Actually it's part 1 of 2, but you'll have to wait a bit to see the full concept. This is the Heller 1/24 Honda NSR 500cc racer, but I build it as a custombike. First up is the original: And this is my version: It's not a big model!: Cheers for now Hans J
  9. Back when I was young and they were talkin... sorry, wrong thread Through my teens, my dad worked in a ship repair yard. He would often bring home interesting bits and bobs. One day he brought home a magazine I'd never seen or heard of before; Born in Battle - an English language mag produced in Israel. This very issue in fact: I was aware of Israel and the seemingly endless state of war that seemed to be going on (Yom Kippur and Entebbe both made a big impression when they were on the news), but hadn't made anything Middle Eastern at that point. That magazine changed all that. The IDF/AF was the new cool and I had a modelling theme that would last through the next 15 years at least. What to build though? I went into Newcastle, and climbed the stairs to the kit department of The Model Shop (on Blenheim Street, and if your going to be amodel shop, that's the address to have). I asked the bloke behind the counter for advice and came away with the Heller kit of the Ouragan. My first Israeli aircraft, my first kit from the very exotic (at the time) Heller, and my first solo purchase from a shop I spent a LOT of time in over the years that followed. There were many more Israeli aircraft over time (and a few Arab ones too, almost all Matchbox and Airfix MiGs) Forty years later, it's time for another go. The box has changed a little since that first time, although the picture is still the same Inside the fold up lid and ahhhhh, such memories There are three sprues rattling around in there which seems a lot for the modest parts count, but Heller have made good use of the space... Now THIS is a decal sheet A French line jet, Patrouille de France, Israeli and Indian air forces. I may need more than one of these. Let building commence. Andy
  10. I'm building Heller's old Caudron 714 and there are some parts that need replacing, the flimsy propeller being one of them. I managed to copy some new wheels in tin from the RS kit, but had no success trying the same with the propeller; the tin cooled and set halfway the prop blades. Does anyone have a suggestion how I can make/get a good propeller?
  11. This is a commission build for a customer who has the full size bike that I have been doing some restoration work on. He bought this kit from another BMW owner, it’s a very nice looking kit, but no pinstripe decals are provided, so I will have to paint them on. Overall this is the same model kit as my previous build of the RT model, the only real difference is the more sporty nosecone fairing and sports seat, however the client has a standard passenger seat that is also in the kit, so it will not be as the box art. Shame really, as I like the look of the sport seat unit. I will show more build photos soon guys.
  12. Hi everyone, well I am calling this done, I scratch built the tote bag on the rear carrier and made the bungee cords. I also added the notched trim around the centre of the rear panniers or bags, for this I cut up a zip tie [cable tie] and epoxied them to the panniers. The original panniers had some similar details. Although I went for a shiny finish on the paintwork, I also wanted to add some road grime and so the look I was shooting for was a the rider and his companion had just spent 4 hours on the road in some pretty lousy weather, heavy rain, road spray and gusty winds between more thundery downpours. So they have pulled over for a well earned break, hopefully by the time they have had a brew, and hot soup the sun will be out for their final journey home. Paints used are: Mr Hobby 1500 black, Aqueous H89, H94, Molotow Chrome, Tamiya Clear orange, blue, red, 2k Clearcoat and Alclad pale gold.
  13. Giddey to all fellow ship modelers! Long before the 1/350 scale models appeared, my favourite scale was 1/400 - and I must admit still is. Here are the Heller Z31 destroyer kits build as Z32 and Z37. As you can see the Heller 1/400 ship models are still nice little kits, and with some aftermarket PE Sets still up to date. The only point I would do better are the chunky masts. Here are the pics, all comments welcome! Hope you like it! Cheers Andreas
  14. This kit dates back to 1987/88, I picked it up off eBay as an unstarted kit, just before Christmas, been itching to start it. As I am very familiar with the full size machine and it was a very popular bike in its day, known as the "Airhead" models, due to being an opposed air-cooled flat twin or boxer, it should hopefully build up into something very interesting to look at. I have built Hellers R750/5 machine in the past, so I am familiar with how the engine is put together and the cycle parts are very similar also. I hope to update you very soon with progress.
  15. I've always had a soft spot for Heller kits with their petite panel lines and great fit, so when I came across the box of the Caudron Simoun in the new style box, I bought it without hesitation. I had already purchased a set of decals for Air Bleu Caudrons (Simoun and Goéland) from Renaissance Decals, so decided to use those instead of the kit decals. As expected the little Caudron fitted perfectly, I only replaced the pitot tube with brass tube and wire and the exhaust stacks with brass tube as well. I cut out the flaps and elevators and positioned them at an angle. I also opened up the door and gave it some tiny hinges so it can be opened and closed, allowing a peek into the interior. I hope you like it. Peter
  16. Here some pic`s of my KM Scharnhorst 1/400 scale build 16 years ago. All comments welcome as usual, especially if you can suggest something I can do better! Some missing details scratchbuild added, and the rear turret C corrected. The c turret correction I noticed this flaw too late, and after a few days headache I found a solution: Cut out a square piece of the deck and then put it back in place rotated by 180 degrees it worked quite well, almost invisible! Hope you like it! Cheers Andreas
  17. This is one of the many kits I have lying around, started a couple of years ago, and then just left there. I've decided to get the finger out and work my way through them, time permitting. Both this and the Matchbox kit were issued c. 1980. I built the Matchbox kit back then, but it wasn't until years later I got the Heller kit. I wanted to build it with undercarriage down, but the main struts were not formed properly. I have another kit in the stash, and the parts for that are all in excellent condition. That will be built with French markings ... someday. Some building notes: The canopy fit was very poor, overhanging the fuselage on both sides, and this required a lot of remedial work. I probably needed to "force" the fuselage halves to be further apart. The cockpit interior was painted Hu 226 interior green, not the suggested Hu 90 Sky. The undersides were also meant to be Sky, but I painted them Hu 24 yellow, as befitting an RAF trainer, and also as per the Matchbox instructions. The tailwheel can only be fitted in the fully extended position, even though the paint and decal guide shows that in flight, it was fully retracted. Actually, it seems from photographs that the wheel was left exposed when in flight, and a few minutes surgery did the trick. The tailplane support struts were very crude and ill-fitting. I did manage to fit them, but maybe I should have replaced them with thinner and better shaped struts. The inter-wing and parasol struts were much better. It's not clear what colour the drop tank was in RAF service. Applying artistic licence, I painted it Hu 11 silver, which is not as bright as it used to be, and now tends towards aluminium. The upper wing roundels were positioned further inboard than suggested by Heller, but in accordance with Matchbox. This meant that they did not encroach onto the ailerons - which is what the Heller instructions also show. Clearly, that can't be correct.
  18. Giddey This Heller kit is the best tanker/oiler model ever produced. I bought it at ebay 15 years ago for 100€! It is sold now as package with a aircraft carrier and an escort vessel. i bought this one too - to build the civil version. regards Andreas
  19. Hello everybody , after roughly 20 years away from the hobby , I'm back in the business ! Considerring that I have everything to (re)learn and new technics to discover and apply, I' ve decided to start with a rather basic kit. It will be a french carrier born classic : The Etendard IV M. The model is the very single one available in this scale : the Heller one that I bought 30 years ago ! The general shape is very accurate, but most details are inexistent , to sum up what I'm expecting from this model : it will be no picnic ! Let's start with the "bang seat" a Martin Baker Mk4. Détails in scratch ( copper wire , an old toothpaste tube , platic card ). See you !
  20. Hi Folk,s.Picked up a Humbrol boxing Of this kit for a mere £2:99 on Ebay. As soon as it arrives I.ll pop a few pics Before starting the seller had a photof the contents and the decals look good. Hope to maybe add either an Airfix Draken or Heller Thunderjet later on.
  21. Source: https://heller-forever.forumactif.com/t12290-exclusif-heller-forever-une-partie-des-news-2020-heller And the Saturday news was the 1/24th BMW 328 box art V.P.
  22. It was my intention to build my family of Saab jets in chronological order, but delays in getting paint and bits for the Lansen have meant that plan has gone out of the window, so I will shortly be starting this. In 1977 Heller released their kit of a Viggen. The box did not say which version it was but the 1978 reboxing said it covered the AJ attack, SF recce, and SK 2 seat trainer. My boxing dates back to 1998 when they added new parts and started selling it as the JA fighter/interceptor version, and that is the version currently on sale. It appears that the parts for the 3 other versions are still included but Heller only provide one paint scheme and markings for a “Jaktviggen” as the AJ37 is known. They also have limited the armament options to the fixed cannon pod on the belly and 4 AIM 9 Sidewinders, which is a pity as the real thing could also carry Skyflash and later AIM 120 longer ranged missiles - I have a supply of missiles but would need to work out how the pylons and rails looked if I wanted to use them. The colour scheme is for one of the later grey machines. It looks as if I could probably still build any one of the previous versions, as it includes 2 different tails, two cockpit tubs and seats, both a short and long upper fuselage insert and transparencies for both single and 2 seater and parts for both normal and recce nose though it might be missing pylons and weapons for the attack version. I would love one in the splinter camo, but frankly I have neither the patience or time, so I will build this OOB if I can - perhaps I will buy one of the earlier boxings some time when I have some spare cash. Assuming I have all the bits and it fits reasonably well this does not look like a very complicated kit or colour scheme so I might get it finished before the "In the Navy" GB starts in the middle of February - I might even get the Gripen done as well, but first I have to finish the Lansen. So before very long I will be building yet another Viggen to join the countless ones already in progress - might even out the surfeit of Drakens a little. Cheers Pete
  23. Hawker Tempest Mk.5 56 Squadron, Fassberg, Germany, 1945 Heller kit with raised panel lines removed and replaced with scribed detail. Canopy replaced with a Squadron vac form. Painted with Xtracrylix and finished with Xtradecals. I think Heller got the shape of the Tempest 5 just right. This one has been in the stash for more decades than I care to remember – built at last. Chris
  24. Right, a Javelin Jambalaya, and not in the Cajun meaning of the word. I won't be making a stew for dinner. I have three kits of the Javelin (EDIT - four), the Heller T.3, the Airfix "FAW.9" (and that's in quotes for a reason as we will soon see), the Plastyk FAW.9, and the Novo/Frog FAW.9 all in glorious 1:72 scale. Thank the woman above that I don't need to add crazy detail like I did on that big Spitfire. So let's see what we have as raw materials - first, the Airfix "FAW.9" which I purchased at a model show swap meet, but was in its original package and still sealed. The Javelin Illuminati among us (they come out occasionally and are dreadfully frightening) will immediately notice that the grey sprues are in fact those from the Heller T.3 kit, with the tailcone removed from the sprue on the right in the second photo. However, the white and clear sprues are indeed from the Airfix FAW.9 version of the Javelin. Everyone knows that the original T.3 tooling was modified to produce the FAW.9, and it seems that Airfix have mistakenly packaged surplus T.3 sprues (but correctly snipping off the tailcone) in my kit. Oops. It would be rather difficult at this stage to make an FAW.9 out of this kit. But I also have this kit from Plastyk in Poland: I'm told that this kit is based on the second Frog tooling of the Javelin, but I don't have that so I can't compare. The sprue layout bears no resemblance to the Frog kit as seen here in the Frog Museum. I've seen a few very nice builds of this kit, but it is quite basic. So maybe. Now, I also have one of these babies, along with a Print Scale decal sheet to replace the nicely curled and yellowed one that was unearthed at some archaeological dig and packaged with the plastic: The sprues from the Heller kit look just like the Airfix sprues above, except they're in a yukky silver styrene and, of course, include the correct T.3 tailcone. Oh, right, aftermarket. I've assembled some, but maybe not enough. What to do? If I had another T.3 tailcone, I could build two T.3s and an FAW.9, but I really don't need to have three Javelins in my display case. Two sounds like a good number. I'll give this some thought and make a plan. The Airwaves airbrake PE set is designed for the Heller/Airfix kit, but might be useful for Plastyk. I will need another to make two models. The other Airwaves set is for the Airfix FAW.9, but could most likely be used on a T.3 and few would notice. I don't think there is a set for the T.3 like this, so I would need another of those too. More aftermarket tyres and pitot tubes will be easy to acquire. Oh, I suspect I will need to source some ejection seats. Martin-Baker Mk.3J for the FAW.9, but which mark for the T.3? The easiest route is to build a T.3 from the grey Airfix sprues (I hate that silver styrene in the Heller kit) and an FAW.9 from Plastyk. Easy is a relative term here, as the Plastyk kit looks like it need a lot of help, where the Heller kit maybe needs just "some" help. First, though, I want to find some layout drawings that are reasonably correct to see what I'm starting with. I have the stencil placement drawing that came with the Airfix 1:48 kit, and I suspect that is pretty good for an FAW.9. Drawings for the T.3 I'm still looking for. I'm not sure why I always make things difficult for myself, but I think this will be a fun project! Cheers, Bill PS. I do like the fancy paint job on that red and white FAW.9. I'm a stickler for that kind of stuff.
  25. This was an impulse buy - which I pretty much regretted as soon as I opened the box. Not such a modern kit, with a few fit issues. It was not the easiest to make and I kept breaking bits off as I completed it - which is why it spent several months at the back of the shelf of doom. But I was so close so I pushed on. White is from a Tamiya rattle can, the red is brush painted Tamiya acrylic - which was gruesome to paint. Finished with a bit of slight weathering (most of which was from my grubby fingers), and a brushed on coat of Tamiya semi-gloss clear. Completed out of the box as XW871 of 705 Naval Air Squadron, Culdrose, UK, 19896. Thanks for looking. Some additional photos outside:
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