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Found 31 results

  1. Good Day, Here are some of the projects we are currently working on, planned for release in 2020/21: * HD48024 & HD72054 : F-4C/D/E/G/ETM & RF-4C/E/ETM Phantom II Walkways - Walkways and formation stripes for USAF and exported planes * HD48029 & HD72059 : Hawker Hunter F.4 / FGA.9 / FR.10 / T.66 - F.52 (F.4) Peruvian AF with colorful unit insignia, - F.51 (F.4) Royal Danish AF with colorful unit insignia, - F.51 (F.4) Royal Danish AF in overall olive green scheme, - FGA. 71 (FGA.9) Chilean AF in desert camouflage, - FGA. 71 (FGA.9) Chilean AF in ghost grey camouflage, - T.72 (T.66) Chilean AF in tree tone desert camouflage, - FGA.76 ( FGA.9) Somali AF in desert scheme and Soviet K-13 (AA-2 Atoll) AAMs, - FGA 73 (FGA.9) Omani AF with experimental scalloped edge grey disruptive camouflage, - FR.10 Omani AF with grey camouflage and combat mission markings. * HD48030 & HD72060 : F-4C/D Phantom II "Grey Guardians" - F-4C 114th TFTS, Oregon ANG with eagle tail art - Hill One scheme - F-4D 194th FIS, California ANG with griffin tail art - Hill two scheme - F-4D 136th TFS, New York ANG with rhino nose art - Hill Two scheme - F-4D 170th TFS, Illinois ANG with nose art and sharkteeth on gunpod - Hill two scheme - F-4C 58th TFTW in experimental splintered Ferris scheme * HD48031 & HD72061 : T-6G/LT-6G Texan - Imperial Iranian Air Force: yellow and red T-6G target tug as well as an armed NMF LT-6G , - South Vietnamese Air Force: yellow T-6G of the 1st/514th Fighter Squadron VNAF, in 1963, - Royal Hellenic Air Force: armed LT-6G with "NATO" black-green and grey camouflage, in 1965, - Royal Moroccan Air Force: armed T-6G in sand over light blue scheme during the early 1970s. * HD48033 & HD72063 : F-4E Phantom II "Pharaoh's ghosts" - "7813" in disruptive "Compass Ghost Grey" camouflage, 1980, - "7827" in "South East Asia" camouflage with orange & black quick ID panels, 1983, - "7819" in "Egypt One" scheme, with orange & black quick ID panels, 1985. We would like to hear from you what are your favorites ones so we could better plan their release schedule. Many thanks in advance for your votes! Greetings Diego
  2. I'm contemplating trying to convert a Matchbox Hawker Hunter to the P.1091 delta-winged proposal. Are there any published dimensions? Also, would I be better advised using a different Hunter kit? The Matchbox Hunter looks a bit "undernourished" to me, but what do I know? I don't want to waste a Revell Hunter on such a conversion, and I got the Matchbox kit for a song.
  3. Hawker Hunter Mk.6 Update set for Airfix Kit. 1:48 AeroCraft Models There was little doubt that once the new Airfix Hunter was released that there would be plenty of additional parts being produced for it. Aercraft have now produced this set for the Mk.6 kit, as always they parts look good and will need only minimal clean up. Hunter Mark 6 Update Set There are new ailerons (these are more accurate than the kit parts with the centre hinge in the correct position)., flaps and an airbrake. The wing needs to have a few small changes made to it but nothing drastic. The Ailerons can also be purchased separately here Review samples courtesy of
  4. Hi all here is my Airfix 1:48 Hawker Hunter F.6 I finished it in the markings of a Royal Jordanian Air Force F.6 1966 Extra details added Brengun PE ladder (BRL48018) Quickboost Ejection Seat (QB48550) Cutting Edge Hunters part 1 (48043) Scratch built chocks from sprue and wire Scratch built FOD Guards Pitot RBF Tag Plus base Tamiya paints used throughout apart from the red which was from Revell (cheers Steve ) The camo was Airbrushed by hand Ive thoroughly Enjoyed this build from start to finish Thank you to Steve (speedy) for some welcome input with this build Thank you for looking and enjoy
  5. Hi all Apologies if this question has been asked before, but I'm currently building the Revell 1/72 Hunter FGA.9 (it's going together beautifully and I'm delighted with it so far) and want to know what colour(s) to paint the air intakes? There's nothing indicated on the instructions and I've looked at dozens of images online but can't see anything conclusive. Can anyone help please? Many thanks Tim
  6. Having built the Academy Hunter last year, I've been looking forward to getting the Airfix new release so pre-ordered a couple of kits which arrived in January. I'd also picked up the Xtradecal sheet Pt 3 which has some excellent coulourful schemes on, so decided I had to do one of these, in particular the Tactical Weapons Unit based at RAF Brawdy in 1979. Now it turns out that Xtradecal have the serial number on this one wrong. They claim it is XG223 but in fact it is XG225 - there are several photos of it out there in the net in this scheme to prove it. By the way this airframe now resides at the entrance to the museum at RAF Cosford, sadly not not in this colour scheme The kit itself is a lovely example of modern engineering. The only addition I made was to replace the Martin Baker Mk 4 ejector seat with one I'd already painted up for another build but didn't use. As to the photos, I've been experimenting lately with different lighting set ups to try to improve the quality of the photos with different backdrops and camera settings. I have another kit to build sometime in the future - might try the raspberry ripple scheme from the same decal set... Edit: I've replaced the photos as I realised I had the wrong white-balance setting on the camera when taking them, so the colours were all muddy.
  7. Hi All, my second WIP here. Taking a break from my ICM Beer Delivery Spit as it is too cold outside to prime it. I picked this 1982 kit up a few months ago for the princely sum of £3.60 on eBay and it is also my first jet. I have only done WWII so far but also have an interest in Cold War jets. I'm not expecting any magic from this old tool but I'm sure with a bit of love something respectable can be produced. And if not for a few quid I'm sure it will be happy in the bin. Usual bits first; box, parts (detached on arrival as it is pre-owned but not started), decals and instructions. There are about sixty pieces with multiple ordnance options and wheels up/down options. Unfortunately, or fortunately, due to the lack of interior detail, there is no canopy open option which is how I usually like to build them. The decals look pretty old and thick and I'm not sure how good they will be after thirty odd years so may pick up some aftermarket ones later on if I can build anything worth spending more on. As is common with these small older kits the instructions are a single double page spread And paint and decal instructions that I will probably not use First thinks first - the office. Well, the seat and the stick and the floor. That's all there is. The parts have no great detail but that's not a shock on this older kit and some of the joins between the sprue and the pieces are more substantial than some pieces themselves The highly detailed cockpit painstakingly assembled and a pair of 5p coins superglued in so that it doesn't sit on its tail. This was the only place I could fit them As the canopy will be closed and it is only 1/72 I will not be adding any custom cockpit interior. A quick spray of Tamiya Rubber Black and some seat belts painted on with Tamyia Flat Yellow just to give a hint of some effort being made to detail the cockpit. Will give the customary dry brush when it has dried to bring out any hidden detail that may be lurking there. Got to say that I'm really surprised about how good the fit is. The fuselage halves and 'cockpit' mate almost perfectly without any gaps Bombs and stuff And the wing assembly. So far, so nicely fitting. Apart from the other landing gear cover(?) was missing from the box. Will decide whether to scratch build one or scratch build a jack/trestle to make it look like the other landing gear is being replaced The first major fit issues arrived with the fitting of the wings to the fuselage, but shouldn't be anything a bit of Humbrol filler can't fix Note. The missing port landing gear A little bit of dry brushing in an attempt to bring the cockpit to life at least a little bit Over all I'm pretty pleased and quite surprised about how well this kit fits together. Sure, there isn't the detail that we expect in more modern kits but this is proving to be an enjoyable quick build and a nice break from the beer delivery Spitfire. I really enjoy getting these older kits and trying to get the best out of them. Anyhow, that's all for today. More to follow should anybody be interested (filling, smoothing, priming...)
  8. Do I recall correctly or did I dream it, but has somebody done some intake internals in resin for the Revell 1/72nd Hawker Hunter? Last Hunter I made some out of plastic card but I wasn't totally happy with the result. Any help gratefully received.
  9. Yes, this is going to be just like the old days, back from the shops and built over the weekend Terrified of desolving Decals but really looking forward to this cheers Pat
  10. Looks like re-release of Revell's Hawker Hunter brings more decals to market, tis time from company HI-Decal line. From Hannats: And same in 1/48 scale - HD48029 Just in case if Xtradecals have not enough foreign schemes. ---------------------------------- update:
  11. My dad bought me this for christmas. It has taken me 8 months to finish! A lot of that time was spent building other models while looking over at the hunter, pulling a face and mumbling many words of profanity. But i managed to get through it. Lost many small bits on the way, like a couple of nav lights, but learnt a lot as well. Like painting camoflage and filling really badly. As you can see from the grainy iPhone pictures it isn’t perfect but for me, its done. The only thing though is that it still looks like plastic and doesn’t really have any weight to it. I may go over with some matt varnish. If anyone has any suggestions before i drop it on my dads doorstep, let me know ! Thanks for looking. Cheers. Simon
  12. How dull it is to pause, to make an end, To rust unburnish'd, not to shine in use! -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "Ulysses" 'They might say, it seems to me, "you are rich; we are poor...You have had the past; let us have the future." Above all, I fear they would say, "you are weak and we are strong."' -- Winston Churchill, 16 November 1934 Mr Edward Heath (MP for Bexley): Can the Secretary of State be certain when confrontation over Indonesia will end or when the certainty of the independence of Malaysia can be assured? Mr Dennis Healey (MP for Leeds East): No, I cannot be certain about everything but, I think that it is possible to take some decisions now and that a Government with any sense of responsibility to the British people must take those decisions which it is possible to take... -- Hansard, 7 March 1966, "Defence" During the 1960s, a curious sort of undeclared war was waged between Indonesia on one hand, and Malaysia, Singapore, and their western guarantor, Great Britain on the other. In early 1960s, the Indonesians had fought a similar war against their former colonial masters, the Dutch in an attempt to gain control of what was then Dutch New Guinea. This had involved paratroops, aeronaval combat (a Dutch P-3 and surface warships sank three Indonesian torpedo boats), and ultimately attracted the attention of the Soviet Union, who supplied a Sverdlov-class cruiser to bolster Indonesian naval capabilities. (This was the Ordzhonikidze, which Lionel Crabbe had famously been killed while trying to secretly inspect in 1956.) Ultimately, the overstretched Dutch, who had won every battle, were persuaded to give the Indonesians everything they wanted in a 1962 peace conference. President Sukarno was confident this strategy would work again. As it happened, things didn't quite work out that way, and in a remarkable campaign, conducted largely on the cheap, the British, along with their SEATO allies from Australia and the Malaysian and Singaporean people, emerged triumphant. One of a handful of RAF squadrons to participate (and one of a very few to fire weapons in anger after WWII) was 20 Squadron, whose motto is, appropriately, "Facta non verba". During the Confrontation, they flew Hawker Hunters, a jet which, to be entirely honest with you, has never been my favourite for looks, but I still have at last count nine Revell 1/72 kits of it, so here we are. I'm using a RAFDecals aftermarket sheet, and Freightdog's corrected wheel set -- I can't see the difference, but I trust Colin on this one. God knows how long it will take to build.
  13. Hello all. Just like several others in this STGB I'll be building the Revell 1/72 Hunter FGA.9. The plan is to build two planes, one in the 1960s colours of the Royal Rhodesian Air Force (Green/Grey over HSS) and one in the early 1980s Zimbabwe AF colours. If things go really well, I might dig up my third copy of my kit from my secondary stash at my parents' home and build a 1970s bird as well (RhAF, Green/Earth over Earth). There have been a couple of sprue shots, but I don't think anyone has shown them unwrapped yet, so here you go. Those with an encyclopaedic knowledge of third-party decal offerings might recognise the Xtradecal International Hunters sheet,which will be providing the markings. The first painting has started
  14. I'm in with this Academy F6 and Xtradecal 48-003 - I think it will be a 74 Sqn standard DG/DSG over Aluminium. Have ordered this Aires set - anyone know the correct colour name for the green or the Humbrol/Mr Color call out? I plan to put a driver onboard as always so its a bit wasted on me, be my first proper look at resin/PE....
  15. Hi everybody, I have finally managed to finish something. It is Hawker Hunter 842 from Oman, approximately from the early/mid 1980s. This Hunter is one of the former Jordanian a/c presented to Oman in 1975, serviced by Airwork Ltd., a British contractor, and flown by British and Omani pilots. You will certainly have seen the pictures of fairly low flying Omani Hunters and Jaguars. It must have been a interesting period for the people involved and at least for the foreign contractors, Oman seems to have been a dry country only in meteorological terms. Together with the Swiss and Singaporean Hunters the Omani a/c were the most modified variants of this classic fighter. Apart from their unique two-tone blue-grey camouflage (the pattern is similar to the one used by Rhodesia and of course based on the three-tone RAF scheme) the Omani Hunters also received new pylons under the wing roots for carrying Sidewinders. Towards the end of their career, some Hunters were also fitted with AN/ALE-40 countermeasure dispensers on the rear fuselage. There were also several patterns of camera noses, not all identical with the RAF's FR.10. For this model I have used the Revell F.6 kit (because I had it in my stash) and added the fairing for the brake parachute using a resin item made by Quickboost. Eduard Brassin provided the AIM-9P Sidewinders. The inner pylons and the chaff/flare dispensers were scratch built. I also added the outboard 3 in-rocket rails which the Omani Hunters carried throughout their carreer as well as the "towel rail"-antenna on the lower fuselage. The paints used are my own free-hand mix of Tamiya XF-2, XF-18 and XF-82 for both the lighter and the darker blue-grey. The decals (never many on Omani aircraft!) came from Xtradecal with some modification to get the Arab "842". Based on photos I aimed at a very weatherd look. Photographing models still presents a challenge to me and it was remarkably how much the colours shift depending on lighting and background. Actually, I haven't fully understood yet how this highly automated camera works. Anyway, that is how the model looks approximately: And finally: together with a RAF Hunter operated in the same part of the world (but roughly 20 years earlier!):
  16. Academy Hawker Hunter F.6 in 1:48 I've used Aeroclub correction set and FM details resin, check more of the build on http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234979788-148-iraqi-hawker-hunter-f6-academy-aeroclub-fm/ The decal are Iraqi fighters by Linden Hill. It was quite a complicated build, many needed corrections; the dog tooth, the exhaust, rounding the tip edges, moving the tail planes and the airbrake, etc. I could do more on the nose and the canopy - I have trimmed the back frame, which makes a bit short, no rails done which makes it a bit off... anyway, here it is... for more info and pics, please check http://militaryaviation148.blogspot.si/2016/01/hawker-hunter-iraqi-air-force-399.html Thanks for looking in.
  17. Hello chaps It's been a long time since I did any WIP threads in any of the forums, but I guess this one fits alright @ the britmodeler. The subject is a Hawker Hunter in quarter scale. The only option we have is the well known (I guess) Academy kit with many flaws. Some bigger some not so. I hope I can correct the most obvious ones like the intakes. Although I hope I can count on your help since I do not know much about Hunters, except some basic stuff... Years ago I bought the Academy kit with some extras including the now OOP Aeroclub corrections set and I think even before I got the kits I bought this FM Detail Sets resin and etch. I remember I got it real cheap at a local scale modelling show. And since I got that many after market I thought of getting another kit. So I did buy the Italeri which is the same plastic with new decals. I don't think I'm gonna do both of 'em now, I figured as the build will be quite demanding, one step at a time, what happens later,...yeah... For the scheme I was thinking of doing an early, 50's Iraqi jet, the F.6. I haven't yet decided if it will be the one in royal AF service or the one after the coup... But OK, time to put some photos. The two different packings: Aeroclub and FM details the planned scheme: Now I did a little comparison between some of the stuff from the AM and from the box The upper is the FM MB mk.2H (somebody correct if I'm wrong) seat and the lower the much more convincing Aeroclub. The kits seat is complete rubbish as it is way to small more like a 1:72 thing. I didn't even bother taking photos. With the cockpit tubs it's a bit different. The left on is resin FM, the right one the Aeroclub. The latter one is very similar to the kits one but is corrected in a way the normal size seat can fit in.. Next thing is the wheels. The Aeroclub white metal ones and the FM resin ones. OK I know you're thinking, why is this guy doing a review, this is not a build! It's just it's so many different stuff for the same thing In had to show. I think I'll go with the resin tub, save the other one for next time. I'll be back soon with photos of the progress. Cheers
  18. This is a “What-if” RAAF Hawker Hunter F6 in 25SQN markings. It is a follow on from the chapter in "The Alternative RAAF & RAN Fleet Air Arm - Australia's Little Asian Wars 1951–1975" by John Baxter detailing the invasion of Australian protectorates. In this chapter the scenario is - India has invaded the Cocos Islands and destroyed the Australian garrison including the flight of six CAC built Hunters F9s from 24SQN sent there to protect it from air attack. In my alternative addition to this scenario the RAAF immediately negotiated with the RAF to receive a squadron of Hunter F6s to be transferred from the RAF units in HK and modified with the Dutch air to air mod to allow them to carry Sidewinders. This was because the F9s for the Reserve units were coming off the CAC production line slowly due to the priority being given the new CAC Sabre Mk30s currently in production for the full-time inits. They are then put on alert for the protection of the major centres on the west coast of Australia from Perth to the north. The Reserve squadrons were given these duties as the full-time units only had Meteor F8s with limited range, obsolete Vampires FB30/31/32s or were in the process of converting to the new Avon Sabres slowly coming of the CAC production line. I have changed the serial no on the jet to an A number which in the book is in the A86 range. As these are a different model to the F9s of 24SQN and 23SQN which are numbered from A86-1, I've just added the A86 to the original serial number aka A86-462 instead of XL462. I've also added the 462 in white on the nose and lightly painted over the letters of the RAF serial under the wings.
  19. This set intended for 1/48 Academy Hunter. This set suitable for all F and FGA Hunter mods. There are flaps, airbrake, nose wheel hub details in the set. Model flaps are narrower, then should be. The etched flaps have precise dimentions and fix the original parts sizes error.
  20. Afternoon folks Ok so my current obsession with the Hunter continues and this time it is the Hunter F6 of Fighter School 1960. A gentleman on Facebook very kindly sent me some of the photo's he had taken of these machines in 1963 when he was on DFCS at Binbrook when the unit left West Raynham. It is my second 1:32 Hunter - the first being the FGA9 of the current Revell boxing and I did this in the RAF Brawdy scheme of red spine and fin so the two together look great - some photos of the two below. This one is OOB except the pilot who is a PJ Productions figure. Upper sides are Mr Color paints and the underside is Halfords Aluminum post shaded with various Alclad shades. Pleased to say I have another F6 and FGA9 to build! May be Black Arrows for the former. I hope you like it Chris
  21. Hi everyone! Just had one of those rare (for me) modelling moments where everything goes to plan with no mistakes. I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to more advanced modelling such as making vacform kits. Anyway, I have just completed my first no mistakes complete removal of a vacform model from its backing sheet. Small and insignificant as modelling milestones go, but a happy little win for me all the same, so I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you fine people! Cheers, and happy modelling! Viv
  22. Hello everybody, I am very delighted finally to be able to post something in RFI aircraft forum. This model is inspired by the wonderful website http://www.radfanhunters.co.uk, which is really one of my favourite aviation sites on the web. It is a fantastic documentation of the RAF's Middle East Air Force and especially RAF Khormaksar during the twilight of the British Empire in the 1960s. The model depicts Hunter FGA.9 XE649 in August 1965 operating from Khormaksar during the Aden Emergency and carrying the combined markings of No. 8 and 43 Sqn. Both squadrons had pooled their aircraft at this time. I based the model on an inflight-photo of XE649 that can be found in the gallery section of the above mentioned website (in the 43 sqn gallery). From this photo it is not possible to tell whether this aircraft had the golden/yellowish undercarrigae legs and bays, but this detail is clearly visible on other Hunters from this period and from the same squadrons. The kit, of course, is the one from Revell and it is airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics. The kit was built mostly out of the box. The only additions are the underwing rocket rails. I documented this little modification already in the Work-Progress-forum in last November (!). http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234968528-hawker-hunter-with-rocket-rails-172/ Well, I am not a fast builder... The tear-shaped ejector fairing on top of the outer wings were omitted. AFAIK, they only appeared when Matra rocket pods replaced the 3-inch rocket and their underwing rails. The Aden Emergency, however, was fought with the older WWII-style 3-inch rockets. I took most of the decals from the Xtradecal X72-123 sheet that actually covers a number of Hunter twinseaters but includes the 8/43 sqn-markings. The decals for the serial number were taken from some generic decal sheet with RAF-style letters and numbers. I tried to display the aircraft in a fairly weathered state because photos show that the RAF Hunters under the harsh sunlight and dusty conditions in the Middle East looked much more worn than their cousins serving in Europe. A high number of operational sorties against insurgents in the Aden protectorate certainly added to the worn look. First I applied a rather patchy paintjob by using lightened variants of the camouflage colours and later oil paints were applied for an additional faded look. I would like to get sharper photos, but this is all I could achieve with my present equipment and after a lot of experimenting. Thanks for looking and every comment is welcome. Ole
  23. I bought the Corgi version of this years ago and was quite disappointed with it so when Revell re-released this I decided to do it as the RAF Brawdy aircraft from the 1970's. This is partly because I used to spend my holidays in West Wales and often saw Hunters flying around the valleys from Brawdy and I loved the 'blue note' sound. So what a fabulous kit this is! It was an easy build and I enjoyed it so much I've got another one (F6) on the way. It is OOB except the pilot which is PJ Productions. The paints are Mr Color, Tamiya and Vallejo and the weathering was done using Flory washes. A big thanks to Bentwaters who kindly donated decals to create the serial numbers as I was struggling with this and for others who advised on the colours for the insignia.
  24. Now that I have got my Defiant completed I'm trying to tackle a few models I've had on the go for a while and this Hawker Hunter has been crying for attention for a while now so I decided to crack on with it. Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr I purchased it one Christmas from Modelzone for about £10 in the sale and is one of the best bargains I ever had and is definitely one of Revell's best kits in my opinion. I ended up getting the True Details cockpit for this one. In all honesty I don't think the cockpit tub and instrument panel offer much difference over the kit parts. Especially as everything is black inside the cockpit. Where this set adds value to the model is in the ejection seat. It is a stunning piece of resin and to date is probably the best after market resin ejection seat I've ever used. The sidewall detail is also very nice. The photos below show the improvements I made to the sidewall detail. Although resin sidewall detail looks nice as a stand alone part if it is fairly thick and is stuck onto the inside of the fuselage it can make the fuselage even thicker and look like a detailed part that was stuck on as opposed to part of the fuselage. I decided to sand the part down and get it as thin as I could and in the end I was just left with the detail part of the sidewall and managed to sand away all the backing completely. A couple of smaller boxes and wires were lost but these were easily replaced or reattached to the side of the fuselage. I wished I had taken a pic before I sanded them down to show the difference. Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr Here is the unpainted cockpit tub with the kit rudder pedals. Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr Here is the painted cockpit. First off I sprayed the Interior Alclad black primer. I then made a couple of mixes of HU33 Black and HU67 Grey to add some shading. I then painted all the switches in gloss black to make them stand out. The Instruments were also painted gloss black and had the dial detail dry brushed in white. Paint chipping was added using a silver pencil. The floor near the rudder pedals also had some zinc chromate primer painted round the silver but needs further black painting over and around it to blend it in. Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr The ejection seat was almost perfect from the box. The only detail required was the ejection handles and an arming pin made out of a plastic disk and a piece of wire. Revell 1:32 Hawker Hunter by Marks CVS, on Flickr The cockpit needs a few touch ups before I can close up the fuselage but overall I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for looking.
  25. I was not completely sure where to place this subject, So my apology in advance if I am incorrect. I am in the process of completing a Hawker Hunter belonging to Northern Lights Air Combat Support operating out of Quebec, Canada. Some of these Hunter F-58 also operate in the USA under ATAC. The only reference to the colour scheme is list as dark green and light compass grey. All photos I have seen appear to show a dark grey close to Humbrol 79. Can anyone enlighten me? Lou aka lastvautour
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