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Found 6 results

  1. This is the special Ops full assault RX-79-G. For when you need all your fire ready to go. I normally add lot of decals and weather my gundam kits but not this time. I tried out lots of paint fade, shadow and general colour modulating, to bring out the details, I had some fun. This the old kit so there's not much in the way of movement from the joints but it's still a great looking kit, if you can get one cheep it's recommended.
  2. Evening One and All, I've had this kit sitting on my shelf for a while and now, it's bugging me. So I decided to build it, please see below. This is the Team Try Fighters version and as far as I am aware the only version in HG? The "cloth" bit always reminds me of Deathsythe Hell which is also a cool mech. You can see the episode it's from below - this is uploaded by Gundam Info (Sunrise I believe) so it's all legal. I'm going to try an make it more the "original" version, I just need to find some decent source material for this. I did purchase loads of the re-released Bandai Decals a while back, so I can use the warning decals on that. I need to find somewhere that does the Skullheart ones tho or even a decent sized skull decal (not The Skull and Crossbones). This will be a long term project at the end of this I have a spaceship to build. All the sprues... yay Stuff I can't read... Pretty pictures and more stuff I can't read.... Cool pictures and the Core Fighter, but more writing I can't read. This is where I was up to the other day. Not sure I like the armor plates/thrusters being attached as they are. More to follow... Kind Regards, Dazz
  3. I have been meaning to build a Z'gok, have a go at some water and build my own trees for ages, so i thought i might as well have a go at all three at once. I really enjoyed making the wire trees, the resin i usec for the water did cause a few small issues but all in all i enjoyed this one a lot. Well i hope you like it and your comments are all wellcome. Cheers Brian.
  4. Hello Everyone, After seeing Wills and Blastvader's builds, I have been inspired to start my own kit. This is a model I have had in mind for a while. I was doing a lot of planning for it, which I have now decided to throw out the window and just wing it. So what I am going to aim for is a suped-up GM or a Gundam not sure yet from the Flag of Titans/Advance of Z series, this series is quite popular with Gunpla fans the world over. In the Gundam series, this takes place right after the events in Zeta Gundam. Most of the main mecha in it are named from characters from Watership Down series. Most of the main characters mecha is a deep purple which I might go with, or maybe a mixture with red/black. The main idea was to make a variant/custom of the RGM-79Q "Quel"... see below. This is the base model that eventually "evolves" into the TR-6 Gundams and so forth. Love the colours on this, but I don't think I will be copying them. See the little Hazel logo? I like this model and I don't, I don't own it neither (I know...shocking for me). So lets see what we have to work with... This is the kit I am going to base the model from, I will keep the guns on the back, however I do not like how far they stick out when in the firing posisition. This is the first Gunpla that Fumina Hoshino fights with in Gundam Try Fighters, a cool but weird show, it's on youtube for free (legally) if anyone wants to watch it? The shields coming from the back is a Gundam Thunderbolt idea, the guns on the arms is from NT-1 Alex (War in the Pocket) the guns on the back is from any Guncannon/Freedom/F-91/7th Gundam... you get the idea and the powered bit is from 0083 : Stardust Memory. I do not intend to keep all of the items on this model, the hand held gun is the first thing to go, possibly the shoulder armour, the sideskirts too. This is the "normal" GM from 0083 : Stardust Memory, I doubt I will use much from this model. The rifle will be getting used, possibly the shield too. Maybe the shoulder pads too. We will see what comes of this, There are various other bits I can steal, we will see... who knows I might even make two Custom models. This is the first Gundam that is designed from the Quel, I might use the shield you see, it's actually a booster that doubles up as a shield. I might steal the legs as well and put the extra thrusters on... like I said, I am going to wing it... I do like the red finger tips tho, that will be taken over, maybe the powerpacks for the gun too. I spoke to will about these in his Guncannon build, I got these decals from China, cost about £5 each... the print quality isn't all that. Look at how bad the little Hazels are, god job I will not be using them. I got the warning stickers and the Titans Test Team logos, that is what I wanted really. These are the offical Bandai GunPla decals, I have not been able to find these for a while. For the Gundam above, I would use the top left ones, but as I have another one of the RX-121-1 I will not be using them. Well not all of them anyhow. Notice the way I have tried to keep the decal sheet together Will? Stickers that came with the original Hazel RX-121-2... highly doubt I will use any of these at all. The decals under it are for the Hi-Nu RX-93 Gundam. Got this a while ago for... well because I could. Not really had any idea if I can use them or not, but I might put it on the back of the GM... who knows. Love the shield for this one tho. Notice the Gundam Mk.II Titans version Inside the instructions, gives you a better idea of what I have got to work with. I know it wont be staying those colours tho. The Plastic bits I have got to play with... yay. Shameless plug for the Hazel I built, this is the kind of colours I am going for. However I will be painting this one a lot better... who knows, I might even weather it... or completely brake it... hhmm.. This is what I have started with, I have decided to build the GM up and then consider where I can go from there. Slow and steady, I can't bodge this one up surely?? Dont like the antenna coming from the back, the thrusters I do not like neither, I am not too keen on the access hatch neither. This is where I was as of Tuesday night, the gun arms look ott compared to the rest, might armor them up a bit. I like the beam sabres ontop of the sholder pads however the actual sholder pads I do not like. The head is something I might replace with the Gundam head, not sure yet... lets see where this ride takes us.. Suggestions are most welcome... Kind Regards, Dazz
  5. Hi folks, I finished a proper (not a 28mm figure) model - I think the first since we moved! It's a Bandai Gundam kit from the low-end HG (High Grade) line - cheap and cheerful compared to newer models or Master Grade kits, but with good fit and very crisp mouldings. The only real complains about construction were that the feet and body were both split in two by vertical seams. The feet were OK to clean up, but the body was a pain as the seam went through the fins on the top surface - they would have been better as add-on parts I think. I filled and cleaned it all up, but it's a bit rounded-off from what it was originally. The tricky thing which is peculiar to Gundams is the need to paint the interior joint parts and then build and paint the armour around them - at least if you want contrasting colours (and I did.) Masking off the round bosses on the feet was fiddly too! The joints allow a bit of poseability although not as much as the modern kit my daughter put together. Mine can still manage a bit of sassy hip tilt: He's weathered with the usual AK enamels, and the decals are stolen off unrelated Gundam sheets - mostly from a 1/100 Guntank and a set of Wave caution decals - the kit didn't come with any to speak of. I tried to keep the weathering and decals on the subtle/small side to give a sense of scale, and restrict the dust mainly to the feet. I'm not 100% sure how well this worked - some of the chipping might be a bit on the big side, but he looks cool from ground level: He's not actually all that big though! Thanks to everyone who chipped in on the build thread, it was a really fun little project and I have asked for more Bandai things for Christmas Cheers, Will
  6. Hi folks, A friend was selling off a couple of surplus HG Gundams at our club competition last week and I picked them up at the last minute for a song. The HG kits are Bandai's cheap line and are usually 1/144 and relatively simple. I started building one before once (as a wreck) but while I have a few Gundam models in the stash I've never finished one. Anyway, one thing led to another and I thought I'd bung this thing together as a palette cleanser after all the Rocky Horror sewing, to get me back into the mood for working on the plane I'm supposed to be doing for the Vietnam GB. My daughter obviously stole the "cool" one - the "Amazing Red Warrior" released last year or thereabouts - as soon as she discovered it had many guns and swords and such. And she built it with gusto while I was messing around with sandpaper and glue. She likes making things but not the sanding/filing aspect so the Bandai kits are great for her. I was left with the Guncannon, which is from 1999 I think and is a bit more cartooney. I read the background and apparently the RX-77 Guncannon was one of three Mobile Suits developed at the start of the war against Zeon - these being the Guntank, Guncannon and Gundam# As you can probably guess, the first two were a bit crap and the Gundam saved the day. It's also simpler - with for example two pieces and a polycap for each foot, where as Laura's had maybe six? It still fits really well but there are more seams to deal with and more masking too. So far I've put it all together, primed everything, painted the insides with Alclad and then did a lot of masking with tape and blu-tak to paint the outsides with Tamiya acrylics, thinned with lacquer thinner. You can see I had the paint a bit thin when I pre-shaded and there are tide marks, but I think once I add some chips and streaks they won't be too bad. It was interesting figuring out how to build it so I could fix the seams e.g. through the kneecaps and elbows, while still inserting the joint pieces between them and painting those a contrasting colour. I think with the newer and fancier kits this is maybe less of an issue (especially Master and Real Grade kits) since the armour pieces are added to the frame after, and break down along panel lines. I did the most masking on the feet - these were two pieces each split vertically, so I had to get creative with the blu-tak to pick out the round bits. Aizu micron tape was very useful for following the panel line around the bottom of the foot too. The black booties are a nod to Patlabor, which is my favourite lrealistic mecha series. Well, maybe joint fave with Evangelion I kind of forgot how careful you have to be with the Tamiya gloss acrylics and was rushing a bit, so I had to re-do the orange on one of the legs. The other is still a bit ragged but I'll live with it. The matt colours are rather easier to use. I'm also wondering about masking off the front of the shoulder cannons (in the notch) and spraying the backs the same grey as the rifle, but I'm not sure yet. I am currently varnishing parts and doing detail painting ready for some decals salvaged from my collection - the kit only has a sticker for the visor. Cheers, Will
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