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Found 136 results

  1. This was a kit I was lookig for for quite some time. Last year I finally found it and started working on it right away.I wanted to do the very first Boeing 747 that went into service with Swissair back in 1971. Heller offered this kit with the Swissair red stripe and brown stripe livery way back in the 80's. Unfortunately the red decalstripes were off size,so I decided to only use the logos and markings and paint the whole livery with my airbrush. The Heller 747 kit very well captures the shape of the originial,I only found the engines a bit off and tried to fix them.Later on I found out that the exhaust cones are sitting too far inside and should have been moved more outwards by using plasticcard.But it was too late to correct this.I will keep that in mind on the next Heller 747.... Detail is ok keeping in mind the age of the kit,its nowhere near of todays standard but it builds up into a nice "Jumbo Jet" The landing gear is probably the most fiddly on this kit and trying to build it in the way its supposed to be when extended is quite some challenge.Heller has obviously designed it to build it with all the doors in open configuration,which leads to some extra work (and cursing) when trying to close the main doors. The fuselage comes in 4 parts as the tail section is separated from the front.Why they designed it that way is a mystery...probably they didn't want to use a bigger box for the parts...? Getting these sections flush is not so easy without sanding off all the panellines. In the end everything came together and when finished its a very large model. Apart from the mentioned problems the build is easy and straight forward.I recently bought some newer releases of that kit which I plan to do in Virgin Atlantic and Braniff "Big Orange" liveries respectively,alhoug wheels up as I won't fiddle again with the landig gear on that kit. Paints are all Revell enamels,ecept for the coroguard panels,this is Tamyia Metallic Grey which I find a good match. Decals are from the kit and from my spares box Hope you like her, And with "something else" the DC-10 will be shown in an extra RFI
  2. I just bought a Heller 1/50 Jaguar M - the aborted French Navy version - from eBay - but it has arrived without instructions. Does anyone have a set they could please scan for me? The 1/50 Jaguar A kit instructions are likely very similar, so those would do in a pinch. TIA!
  3. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 AZ Model Potez 540 Transport, a re-box of the venerable Heller kit. The model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. I would like to thank fellow Britmodellers TonyTiger66, VG33, BS_w and Graham Boak for their help in research. Much appreciated! Thanks for your interest, best greetings from Vienna!
  4. Hi Folk's,a little fun build of Heller's 70's era Saab J-21,I often grab a little cheapie when I order from King Kit usually what's on offer around a fiver or less and to be honest most end up in the bin for one reason or another.This kit was a joy right till the decal's self destructed hence the bogus I.D. made from spare's and then the awful canopy so don't look too close,thank's for looking in!
  5. As shown in the below thread in the WIP section I have built a Ferguson TE20 "Little Grey Fergie" Heller kit Here are some pictures of the finished tractor.
  6. I started this model very long ago, so it's time to finish it. Every model is familiar, it's old, but I'm always cute old models. I did not want to correct any manufacturer errors, but I did it directly from the box. I did not even change the decals, which are green instead of white. I like it. Here's the picture, enjoy it.
  7. Well, it's really been a while since I posted anything here. It's also been a while since I finished a model, other than a 1/350 Riich Models Los Angeles Class submarine as SSN-722 USS Key West for a friend who's son serves aboard her. Anyway, first up is the Heller 1/72 P-39Q, finished with Eagle Strike decals for "Snooks 2nd." This was part of a Christmas club challenge to finish a kit by this past weekend for the ValleyCon show in Chicopee, Massachusetts this past weekend. And, I did get it done on time, barely! It's actually not a bad kit, and is more accurate, in many ways, than newer offerings from HobbyBoss and Academy. I might have to try one of the RS Models early P-39s. I've got a set of decals for a nice "D" model. Oh, and this was brush painted with Vallejo Air, though I did airbrush the gloss and flat coats. On to the pictures
  8. Hello everybody , after roughly 20 years away from the hobby , I'm back in the business ! Considerring that I have everything to (re)learn and new technics to discover and apply, I' ve decided to start with a rather basic kit. It will be a french carrier born classic : The Etendard IV M. The model is the very single one available in this scale : the Heller one that I bought 30 years ago ! The general shape is very accurate, but most details are inexistent , to sum up what I'm expecting from this model : it will be no picnic ! Let's start with the "bang seat" a Martin Baker Mk4. Détails in scratch ( copper wire , an old toothpaste tube , platic card ). See you !
  9. Hi everyone My daughter Rose started this build some time ago but life and schoolwork got in the way. Therefore this GB is the ideal opportunity to bring it back out of its hiding place. Obligatory proof it's not over 25% completed photos below.
  10. My current project is the venerable Heller 1/72 EC-121 AKA WV-2 kit. In another thread it was suggested that I do a WIP for it because of all the after market sets I am using and after some thought I have decided to inflict one on you . This kit has been on my pile for a few years, but early last year a fellow member of my modeling club brought in the magnificent build. At the meeting he went through the a litany of errors with the kit and the after market parts that he had gotten for it. After the meeting I sort of went on a buying spree and bought a boat load of them, spending far more then the original cost of the kit. So in addition to the original kit I also have, in no particular order: The Fisher wheel set The Plus Models Wheel well interior set. note that it also comes with wheels The Plus Models tail surfaces Fisher tip tanks Fisher nose Fisher radar set Plus Models engine nacelles and to support all of this the Scale Aircraft Conversions' metal landing gear In addition I got the Caracal decal sheet(s) with which I will be going for this scheme Finally I have the Ginter book as reference Needless to say my work table is covered with parts and and instruction sheet. So, I started by cutting off the Heller nose from the fuselage, painting and installing the Heller interior, joining the fuselage halves and attaching the Fisher nose. When I did that I saw that this band Was much lower then both the fuselage end and the transparency rear edge. I am guessing that mine was slightly warped. I used some sculpting epoxy to fill the depresion in and blended the nose into the fuselage I was at this point that I realized that the Plus Models from wheel well was not just an insert but a resin replacement for the kit part also that the front gear should be installed before closing up the fuselage. , There is not much I can do about the wheel well, but I will have to deal with the front gear later. Build in haste repent at leisure, sigh. The instruction show to add weight to the nose, but are silent about how much. With all the resin their suggestion probably would be off anyway. Using the #6 shot from 2 1/2 disassembled 12 gauge shot gun shells, relics from my unsuccessful attempt to take up trap shooting, I think I have it balanced to sit on its nose . Today I plan on working on the wings, engines, and tip tanks.
  11. Kovozávody Prostějov is to rebox the Heller 1/72nd Junkers Ju-52 "Tante Ju" kit as "in Czechoslovak service" - ref. KPM0127 Source: https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/ju-52-in-czechoslovak-service/ Box art + schemes V.P.
  12. Hi all, This is the Heller Mirage 2000N modified to get a D version. As usual with Heller, lot of work to get a decent model. Happy new year
  13. Hello everyone. Happy New Year! Here's Heller's Bf 109B-1 which I built back in 1998. It represents "6-26", of 2/J88, Condor Legion used during the Spanish Civil War, in 1937. The only modification I recall making was opening up the engine exhaust holes. The kit was fully painted and weathered by brush with only the varnish being airbrushed. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome Miguel
  14. For my second build I’m going very ancient and out of my comfort zone with an AFV. I have a frightening track record with completely these (among other things) so am hoping to do better this time. I found this beast in a secondhand store and sort of couldn’t help myself, it was cheap and unusual, this one is now quite hard to find. There were only 60 of these vehicles built for the French army and entered service in 1969 and remained in service until the end of the cold war. Ok there’s nothing really exciting in the box, it’s a pretty basic model, typical for what you’d get in the 70’s when it was made. It even comes with a couple of dudes, not sure if they’ll join the party or not yet. The instructions are sooooo 70’s, back when long detailed worded instructions were the go and none or few pretty pictures were present. And being a Heller model they’re in French! (My wife can sort of read/speak French, so she reckons......though her speaking French on our honeymoon nearly ended up with her in jail! ). That weird looking brown blob on the cover of the instructions in the original container of glue they use to supply with the models......I won’t be using that as it’s a wee bit out of date! The only extra will be a set of Friulmodel tracks! A bit of an over kill for a model like this, but I love them (this is my 4thset) and the original ones are horrible and gone quite hard. Well I’m hoping this will break my AFV curse and I’ll finally complete one. A nice simple build....now what can go wrong!
  15. Another awkward kit from Heller... Having built the Revell re-release of Heller's huge 1/72 Concorde,I thought the 1/125 kit would be in the same quality. Boy was I wrong... At first sight it looks like a downscale of their 1/72 kit,but it isn't. Some parts have the same breakdown others are completely new.The landing gear is a joke,and because no display stand is included,I used a Revell stand from a 747 kit. Also the visor looked off,I decided to order a windows set from DRAW decal and use them instead.It improves the look signifficantly. The overall shape is very nice though,Heller captured the graceful lines of the Concorde very well. The kit has no option for a gear up build,so some modifications are needed. The plasitc was very soft and almost no part fitted without problems,esp.the wings were a pain.More than once I was tempted to crash this kit in the bin but I pushed on with it. Finally,after months of adjusting,sanding...filling...sanding...shelf time and more filling and sanding the Concorde was ready for the paintjob. Revell gloss white overall ,polished and clearcoated. Surprisingly the kits decals worked fine,even the tail fin decals bended over the curves without issues... Having completed 4 Concordes,only the NITTO 1/100 kit is left undone.As that one represents the prototype version,I need to find decals for the prototype before starting on it. That kit offers markings for Japan Airlines and Air France only. Japan Airlines was an early customer to the Concorde,but cancelled the order as all other airlines did due to the oil crisis in the 1970s. Enjoy,
  16. I received this kit for free from a very nice seller on a Swiss auction platform,who also got it together with a kit lot Its a very old Heller kit in the rather unusual scale of 1/125,which makes it unmatchable to the usual 1/144 airliners,except if one has some more Heller kits in that scale. The kit itself is very nice,pretty accurate in its overall appearance. Sadly it has become quite hard to find and Heller seems to have no plans in a re-issue like they did with their DC-10 and the supperb 1/72 Boeing 707. It was already part started and that not very proffessional. One fuselage halve had some metal balls glued in as ballance,but too much glue had been used which resulted in a badly warped part. So another kit-rescue operation was on... First step was to get rid of those metal balls which was problematic due to the heavy use of glue. I finally succeeded,but not without leaving a hole in the fuselage... This problem was solved by glueing in a plastic sheet and fill the hole with superglue. On the outside I also glued on some plastic sheet and with carefully applied putty and some sanding I was able to repair the damaged area. Due to the sanding,the door panellines had to be re-scribed. The biggest problem was now to get those fuselage halves together as the problematic one was very badly warped...after cursing and bad language,I succeeded in the end. The rest of the build was then straight forward and the only thing that had to be done was the APU,the kit has none. All of the Lufthansa scheme was airbrushed and only the tail logo and registration comes from the kits decals. The rest was taken from my spares box and the windows come from a 1/125 Boeing 727 detail set from DRAW Decals. Paints used for this build: Revell gloss white 04 Testors Aircraft gray Testors Metallics Tamyia Metallic Grey for the Coroguard areas I am very happy with the outcome and that I was able to rescue it as it is a very nice little airliner kit. I still have 2 unstarted kits in my stash and I am looking forward on building them. I hope you like the little Boeing
  17. I finished this model the other day, so it's time for me to introduce it. Old Heller's model, but it's still pretty to me. Here's the picture . Enjoy.
  18. Heller's 1/125 Boeing 727 kit is one of their more questionable ones. The overall shape is actually very good and represents the graceful lines of the 727. The cockpit area is sadly misshaped and if built up unchanged,the model looks very strange. Also the landing gear is very basic and due to my changes in the nose area it was impossible to install it properly.Thats why I decided to place the model on a display stand. I spent a long time in reshaping the nose,using tons of putty and having endless sanding sessions. During that time,I lost the hope of producing a halfway decent result and the kit went to the shelf of doom,where it sat for more than a year. Earlier this year I decided to give it another go to see if I can get it done.If not,the kit would end up in the bin... Somehow I managed to achieve an acceptable result and get it over the finishing line. It was a problematic build all along but it came out all right. Apart from the cockpit window,all decals are from the kit and at least they worked fine.The cabin windows are filled with Micro Scale Krystal Klear Cheers Even kitty made an appearance...
  19. Hello mates, here a real oldie of mine. The "Erdnagel", Luftwaffe nickname "tent nail" (of Bundeswehr official spares part list for tents) because of its favourite "flight" attitude. I built this kit in 1979 together with the twoseater. German TL Decal lettering aged quite a lot. Microscale decals are perfect as new.... Cheers, Tom
  20. Hello, It's been a long time since I post something new. Well, may be because I am not a big producer! So, here is my Ferguson Petit Gris from the 1/24 Heller kit. Very fine in details, Heller released a very nice kit. As I am fan of weathered models, when I felt on this picture, I knew that this one will inspire me. And with my VW Split panel And here is the link (in french) to the little WIP: WIP Petit Gris Thank you for watching and keep modeling! Lolo
  21. This Heller kit is a fine detailed model with only minor disadvantages. Most of the parts are very crisp with plenty range of additional detailing. Most notably are several sinkholes and a wrong seat mount for the french version. The plastic is somewhat soft and needs a carefully handling if sanding is necessary. Both fronttyres with minor deformations. Used colours are of a broad range of different brands and mixed with other colours to achieve the worn effect. ( So it is nearly impossible to give you a useable reference of colour-numbers) : Tamiya Red, White, Darkbrown Gunze Grey, White, Bluegrey Windsor Oils Black, White, Grey, Ochre, Burnt Umber Pigments Pigeon Grey, Ochre, Black, dif. Rust pigments Buffing powder (C1 Metalizer) Detail painting with several Valejo paints Chipping mostly with Valejo Black Grey and small sponge parts Accessories: Hoodpins (Scale Production) Screw Heads (Aber) Toggle Switch (Top Studio) Pipe Clamps (Top Studio) Tools (Hasegawa Garage Kit) Padlock (Hauler) Extra details: Toolbox scratchbuild Headlights drilled out Battery mount scratchbuild 5 ft. finger bar mower scratchbuilt Seat mount scratch built Hood was milled out to scale thicknes As many other forum members declared, I wish more Utility vehicles in 1:24 too.
  22. The next kit on the build list is this lovely Peugeot 905 EV1 Bis by Heller, which my wife picked up for my birthday a few months ago lets see how this one turns out I've read a few kit reviews on this which are very mixed, so we will see how it goes Here is the box art. All the sheets are there and with very little flashing. Finished putting together the engine block added some powder filler to help with the final result. Prepped and glued some more engine parts, also build up the rear axle and suspension for priming, but boy it's a pain One of rear air vent flips broke when removing it from the sheet need to fix that. Rear air vents fixed and ready. Cut off the lower rear wishbones and will be replaced with styrene rods so that they will fit better. Air vents now fitted to the rear axle, again that was not easy parts kept moving around when gluing. Tyres are now scuffed up. Removed the centre locking nuts and will replace them with some better looking ones. That's it for now, hope you all like the progress so far and post some more update soon Also check in to my Facebook page for daily updates on this build : Scalemodel Madness
  23. I'll be up front: I don't think this will be my best build, and that's OK. It started as a father/son build with my 6-year-old until I discovered the terrible fit of the fuselage: When I held the tail and the tip of the nose together, the two halves of the fuselage bowed so badly that there was about a 1/8" gap in the seam in the middle (above the wings)!! No Kidding!!! I had a hard time holding it together just dry-fitting it and I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to glue it. At that point, my son decided he was more interested in starting his 1/48 Bf-109. I decided it would be a good model to try out some new Alclad techniques on. I've been using the wings for testing different Alclad finish ideas for my CF-104 build documented here: I was able to glue it after all, but I had to start at one end and exert a lot of force with my fingers while I used my "instant set" super glue. Usually I use a "glue looper", which is a photo etched loop to apply small amounts of super glue and have capillary action pull it into the seam. This was so bad, I had to just use the super glue bottle to apply enough to keep things together. I was able to clean up the super glue that ran, and then sanded the seams: The dark gap along the spine is a very wide gap in the seam filled with super-glue. Here's the bottom: I was able to sand it pretty smooth, but the raised detail was sanded off in the process. If I was serious about this model, I would re-scribe the panel lines, and sand the whole body smooth. But, the detail in this kit is terrible and the fuselage is warped, so it's not worth the effort. Here's how the fuselage lines up, which illustrates how badly the plastic was warped: I can't say whether this was a defective kit, or if it was age or what. I bought the kit in 1997, and never dry fit it until now, so I don't know if it was always like this. It's been kept indoors in a closet, so I don't think environment has anything to do with it. I discovered as I was sanding it that the strain on the plastic from forcing it into shape caused some stress cracks, which I filled with super glue: I wasn't really impressed with this kit because of its low detail and heavy-handed raised panel lines. The warped fuselage makes it even worse. Still though, with a good coat of alclad and the really great after-market decals I got, I think it will look pretty good, and certainly good enough to join my son's squadron of models hanging from his ceiling!
  24. You wait for ages then three come along... First Tony O'Toole showed his beautiful French Suez machine, then Camper1 followed it with his excellent USAF ANG machine and bringing up the rear is my 15th TRS machine. It is the old Heller kit that I picked up in a bargain box at the modellers paradise that is Halifax Modellers World. I think it dates from the early 1980s and is a really simple kit unlike the recent Tan models one. The Tan Models kit is great but it costs five times as much as this old warrior. I used the lovely Caracal decals to create a machine of the 15th TRS 67th TRW based out of Kadena AFB in 1957. Though designed for the Tan kit, they fit the Heller kit without any modification. The Heller kit has really weak connection points for the undercarriage and my normal method of drilling and pinning wasn't possible as the wing top is very thin. After the Kittyhawk F-101C this was a refreshing change and sometimes simple is best. Thanks for looking.
  25. I seem to be favouring French Air Force Air at the moment. Having recently built a Dewoitine D510, I found this one lurking in the stash. I think the glue has seen better days ! I am toying with the idea of doing this one in Vichy colours. This will be a test bed for the Loire flying boat I have on the go in this GB cheers Pat
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