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  1. Here's my take on the Monogram Pro Modeller rebox of the 1/48 Hasegawa F4U5. I live about 80 miles from the location of NAS Glenview, so I felt compelled to do that scheme. This model was going to have that scheme, and that was that- more on that later. Aftermarket additions include a Wolfpack cockpit set, Quickboost gun barrels, and ResKit tires and wheels. Paints are Mission Models glossy sea blue, Mr Hobby aqueous semi gloss clear, and Vallejo Model Air colors and matt and satin varnish for the anti glare panel, cockpit, wheels, etc. Decals are a mix of kit decals, Super Scale, and Eagle Strike. I started off on the Wolfpack cockpit, which really was nice to work with. Minimal fitting was needed. The only issue was with the cockpit side walls- installed on the cockpit tub, they would have sat well below the cockpit opening. Those were glued to the fuselage sides instead. I used the included decal for the instrument panel, which was sealed with Vallejo satin varnish, topped with a drop of Mr Hobby aqueous clear gloss on each gauge. I used Vallejo metal color dull aluminum for some wear. I also scratched out armrests. I then set to work on the engine, which was pretty straightforward, except for drilling 36 tiny holes for the ignition wires. It was made to look grimy with oils. I used a shim, about .030", in the lower part of the nose to address the poor fit between the fuselage sides and lower panel that's part of the wing. The shim was glued on one fuselage side, allowed to dry, then the fuselage stump on the front clamped and glued. I had to open the notch in the exhaust mount to fit. It sat down snug when installed. The rest of the assembly was uneventful The seams were addressed with a thin application of Mr Dissolved Putty and careful sanding. Surgery was performed to put the flaps in the up position. The priming, painting and pre-decal gloss clear were equally uneventful. The adventure began when the decals came out! I bought this kit second hand, and it was still factory sealed. What I did not know is how it may have been stored! When it arrived, I took a quick look over the decal sheet, and it appeared fine. Wrong! I cut and dipped a national insignia in water, and to my horror, it was full of cracks! Thankfully, I have an abundance of aftermarket national insignias. A closer inspection of the kit sheet showed cracking in nearly every larger white decal! This Corsair was going to be a Glenview bird no matter what, and I saw no aftermarket NAS decal options, so I treated all the kit decals I would be using with liquid decal film, and set about using them anyway. They released from the paper just fine, and adhered wonderfully. Unfortunately, the cracks still showed. I made up a mix of Vallejo white paint, slightly thinned and mixed with retarder medium, and started filling the cracks with a fine brush. I then used micromesh to polish out the painted areas, and it came out acceptable. Photos are of the worst one, before touch up, during, and then after the final clear coat. This aircraft had distinctive exhaust pipes, which were replicated with bent styrene rod, drilled out. Weathering was kept minimal, as the real thing looked pretty clean. Tamiya Weathering Master was used on the exhaust, and I did some pin wash on the upper fuselage to replicate oil and fuel spills. Additional detailing was done to the canopy, gun sight, and upper switch panels. I cut the wingtip lights out, made a "bulb" in each with Micro Kristal Klear, painted the area silver, added red and green for the bulbs, and made lenses with Kristal Klear. I added a bit of wiring and tubing to the wheel wells, which wasn't worth the effort, or worth photographing. It all but disappeared once it was closed up and painted. I noticed the real aircraft had white overspray by the "6" on the nose, which was replicated. I took some artistic liberty in adding this on the starboard side too. There was a cutout in the lower part of the orange band decal, and I drilled a hole there for the "T" antenna, not realizing it's a bit far forward. Oh well! This build was fun, but not without a few hiccups. I rarely say this about my own work, but I am genuinely satisfied with the end result. It felt like it took forever to finish- it was started at the beginning of January and finished today. Here's the finished product. Photos were taken in indirect natural light and indoor light. Apologies for the novel length writeup. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  2. I've long had a soft spot for the P-40. And so although this is not my normal genre (what's that spinny thing at the front?) and not my normal scale (in fact my first 1/48 build), I'm keen to make a second contribution to the GB by modelling 3 Squadron RAAF CO Bobby Gibbes' Kittyhawk IA ET953, code CV V. Arguably the GB doesn't need another Kittyhawk, but I reckon it does need a RAAF one! I'll use the Hasegawa kit. With its familiar sprues. Complemented maybe with some etch. And with decals from Novascale. (Anybody used Novascale decals before?) Of course there is a bit of conjecture and discussion online about this aircraft's markings. Some photos show the aircraft with what look to be white squadron letters and others what is thought to be blue or red. So at some point in the brief 3-4 month career ET953 had as Bobby Gibbes' personal aircraft (by about September 42 he was flying a Kitthawk II/P-40F) at least some of the markings were changed. And then there's the type A rounders under the wings but type Cs on the fuselage, which photos do seem to confirm. (I found a link to the IPMS NSW magazine with a great article exploring the markings of Gibbes' desert Kittyhawks here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ljyz_249Morhw_JOlF6CsrQeUL2bbmFD/view ) Here in Aus a Kittyhawk has been restored to represent ET953, which features white squadron codes but the undersides look to be light Mediterranean blue with period incorrect type D roundels on the wing undersides. Pics here. So I think I'll stick with the scheme as on the decal sheet (dated August 42), which seems to have a nice representation of Gibbes' famous nose artwork of a kangaroo kicking a helmeted daschund... It's getting late so I might post some more info about Bobby Gibbes (an ace pilot in more ways than one) and 3 Squadron as the build progresses. But for now, I've made a start with the cutting of some plastic, and am already paying close to attention to all the other terrific P-40 builds in this GB for guidance and ideas! Should be a fun build! Gerard
  3. Hi, Now that I have cleared the last troublesome kit I will build from my stash, it's time to get to the Corsairs. It started with the F4U-5, then I found an AU-1 (F4U-6) kit I didn't know existed, and recently I found an F4U-7. I thought I'd work on them all together since they are all related. As everything will be in triplicate this will be a slow build. Cheers, Wlad
  4. For my axis build for this GB I have landed on perhaps the prettiest of all Japanese twins of WW2, the Kugisho P1Y Ginga attack bomber. This is quite a sleek, aerodynamic machine, designed (at least according to Wikipedia) by the same designer responsible for Japan's earliest Shinkansen bullet trains. I reckon you can see a resemblance! The Ginga (Japanese for 'Milky Way') - allied codename Frances - was designed by the Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal, also know as Kugisho, as a fast attack bomber for the IJN. Most production machines (about 1000), such as my subject P1Y1, were built by Nakajima, while a night fighter variant was built in much smaller numbers (>100) by Kawanishi. Here's the sprues from what looks to be a beautifully-engineered kit from peak Hasegawa (circa 1995): Not sure if the decals have yellowed just a little bit or the white band around the Hinomarua is meant to be an off-white? Kit also has a small PE fret for (I'm guessing?) HF antenna? I've made a little bit of a start on the cockpit. Interestingly there is a clear part for a bulkhead with small windows to mask off. Good practice for the masking to come! It's an elegant little thing, and, especially in 1/72, a fair contrast for my big 1/48 Beaufighter! Am looking forward to chipping away at it. Cheers, Gerard
  5. So: Hasegawa F-104G, still bagged Paulus Victor decals Master pitot tube New Ware mask Humbrol 116 Some images from the net Should give me a model of RDAF F-104G R-699, US serial 63-12699 first flight June 5 1964, to Denmark November 1964 (NMF?) painted green October 1 1969 and a bit (a lot?) worn at RAF Gutersloh in September 1975, which fits the theme? Just waiting for Quinta 3D cockpit decals but we've got 11 days still? Chris
  6. After 2023 (link) newsletters, the Hasegawa news for January 2024. Source: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/month/202401/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of interest, the 1/48th A-4C Skyhawk kit - ref. PT22 - is coming back ! http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/pt22/ Also interesting for quarter scaler: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/07529/ V.P.
  7. Well I've not actually started yet, but I thought posting this would stop me procrastinating and make a start. I'm not usually a fan of wide arches and large spoilers, however there was something about the transkit from C1 that really appealed to me, so then I decided to go the whole hog and throw in the Honda engine. I think this will be a long term project and will probably build a few side projects along the way (against my better judgement) as and when I get stuck or confused, which could be often. Plus I've still got the City to finish - Andy
  8. Calling it done for this P-47. This is a vintage Hasegawa 1/72 Thunderbolt kit built straight OOB. Since the cockpit was very sparse I made sure the pilot was well painted. Paints are mostly Vallejo except for RAF dark green for which I used Tamiya. Decals are from a very old Frog kit. HB975 flew with 135 Squadron RAF from Chittagong, India.
  9. After 2022 (link) newsletters, the Hasegawa news for January 2023. Source: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/month/202301/ V.P.
  10. From the Tintin book 'The Red Sea Sharks'. It's the Hasegawa 1/72 Mossie kit with (heavily modified) Blue Rider decals. Depicting it in flying mode meant closing the undercarriage doors, which required a lot of filling/sanding. The only other deviation from the kit instructions was the re-configured nose gun arrangement, and I added Skut the pilot. My figure painting ability is – appropriately – comical, but he looks OK under glass.
  11. I’m getting back into this group build with a Hasegawa Ki-45 Toryu (Dragon Slayer), Allied reporting name Nick. I had this kit lined up for the Asia GB later in the year so will have to find something else that when the time comes. Started by putting the cockpit together and prepping some of the smaller components for painting. I added a little detail to the side walls for interest: The ejector pins wont be visible once the cockpit is in place. I forgot to rake a photo of the sprues before I started, here they are: Nice crisp moulding. Thanks for looking. AW
  12. Hasegawa F-104S ASA-M. Wolfpak decals AMI 9th Stormo 2004 Hasegawa AIM-9, weapon set V Master pitot Humbrol and some Xtracolor enamels brush panted Humbrol wash W&N matt varnish Finished in KUTA 2023 as link. Shown with: This month's other completion, Phantom FG.1, 1986 Another, Norwegian, F-104, mid-70s Closest in date, near contemporary, JASDF F-4EJ, 2007 Thanks for looking. Chris
  13. Happy New Year; could be a bit of a mistake, but while waiting for weathering to dry on Phantom I started decals on the F-104S which was the reason the FG.1 ended up on the SOD. These Wolkpak Decals go on very well, even the 2 part roundel, and nice density, never used them before. There are a lot of stencils for the tanks and upper side roundels and the only instruction is one side view. Chris
  14. This F11F was entered in the Artwork Group Build with the sharkmouth decoration. This model was more or less built OOB, with a full rescribe and some extra detail added. Cheers, Luka
  15. Hi all, Here's my latest 3D printed kit update, this time for the Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FRS1 and FA2 (they may also fit the Harrier Gr1/3 and T-Harriers). The update consists of two parts, including the prominent fan and then a representation of the compressor. As can be seen, there is an enormous improvement with these parts, when compared with the original kit part! Kinetic intake fan, selling for £6 plus £2.50 postage. See also, upgrade for the Hasegawa kit (will also fit kits that use the Hasegawa plastic - Revell & Hobby 2000). 3D printed upgrade featuring a two-piece fan. Hasegawa intake fan, now selling for £8 plus £2.50 postage. Cheers! Ben
  16. Hi all, As I alluded to in the Chat section, I consider it disgraceful that we've got this far without a single C-47 in the Group Build ! So here I am, plugging that gap with this 1/200 offering from Hasegawa. I built their 1/200 scale Hercules in the recent Transport GB and found it delightful. I hope this one is as good. As you'd expect from Hasegawa, the parts look good on their sprues. Also as you'd expect from Hasegawa, the white bits on the decal sheet look decidedly creamy. Two RAF options are provided: the 267 Squadron scheme shown on the box art and a 233 Squadron, D-Day aircraft. I'll be choosing the latter, which I believe is/was also the scheme carried by the BBMF's Dak. Cheers
  17. I started the model in 2016, when I was still living in Strausberg. The model survived the move to Berlin without any damage and was then waiting to be completed. My current wife always encouraged me to continue building the kit. Now I've done it, I'm still missing a decent Jeep or something similar, I just haven't found a usable one yet. It should then still be on the lawn. The rollout. This kit from Hasegawa is one of the best from Hasegawa, everything fits together very well, sometimes you have to work very carefully because many of the small parts are very delicate and delicate. The decals are just as fine and sensitive, a lot of patience is necessary. I completely improved the engine. The engine was made from a metal part, wire insulation, plastic sheets. Many positions have opened. GI's were curious.
  18. So this is where all the cool kids are? Right, time to claim some space for me then with this little one I've had it in the stash for quite some time, but now it's about time to build it! It looks nice on the sprues at least. The decals have aged quite a bit though: I guess I should let them soak in some sunlight for a while. Currently the box is quite empty from AM goodies, but somewhere in the stash there are some masks, resin cannons and some etch. I'll compliment with some exhausts and wheels shortly! Strangely enough, there is not a lot of desert camo A/C in my stash, even though it is a favourite theme? Well, I do have a certain Eduard box though, but who needs another Spitfire when you have Hawkers? But first, let's finish that Supermarine Attacker over at the FAA gb!
  19. This build took roughly a year to complete and features 3 Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft involved in the assault on Pearl Harbor. I discovered this kit from Hasegawa around the fall of 2022 and had a pretty rough time tracking it down. It is a limited kit and had a very small run. Fortunately though, my wife was able to score one off Ebay and surprised me with it. I was initially drawn to the kit having all three planes in one. Especially the B5N2 Kate with the torpedo. At the time of discovering this kit, I had also been wanting to build an A6M2. The D3A1 was icing on the cake as I have a bit of nostalgia from using that plane in the video game Battlefield 1942 as a teenager. Additionally, I purchased Eduard detail sets and mask for all three planes. Since I just finished the A6M2 Zero this post will also feature glamour shots of it alone. The A6M2 was the final plane I needed to complete to call this build done. A6M2 Zero: Interior: Engine: Carrier deck photos - These forced perspective photographs were taken on a 1:48 replica of the IJN carrier Hiryu (24”x36”) that I made. Background images were photoshopped in. Completed build for D3A1: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235134064-d3a1-val-pearl-harbor-attack/#comment-4849239 Completed build for B5N2: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235132510-148-hasegawa-b5n2-kate/#comment-4816388 WIP build thread for A6M2: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235134216-a6m2-zero-attack-on-pearl-harbor/#comment-4869009 WIP build threads for the D3A1 and B5N2 are on another modeling forum. I can provide link if requested. Additionally, I have a build thread for the carrier flight deck. Overall, I am satisfied with this offering from Hasegawa and am happy to have it on my display shelf. My one major gripe would be the decals provided. Majority of them are rather thick and brittle. I used all the decals for the B5N2 Kate, but decided to move away from them on the D3A1 and A6M2 when possible. Specifically I painted on the Hinomarus, and any type of stripe.
  20. This is the great Viking from Hasegawa. Good oldie from the seventies. I rescriped all panellines and added some detail from scratch. It will be an aircraft stationed on the USS Ranger. Cheers, Bas
  21. Hi guys! Long time no see. I think my last post here was in late 2022/early 2023. Here's my most recent completion, Hasegawa's A-4E PT21 as the FAA Douglas A-4C C-322. Colours used were Revell Aqua 371 Satin Light Grey, 66 Olive Grey, 15 Matt Yellow and 76 Light Grey. Decals came from an Aerocalcas sheet. These decals are thin and prone to sticking (you can see the IV Air Brigade decal on the right side crooked because of that).
  22. This was a very nice build and I enjoyed it a lot. For this kit it was Ootb with some small details added and I engraved the panellines. Painted with AK 3 gen acrylics and weathered with oils. Cheers, Bas
  23. This is the 1/72-scale Hasegawa TBF 1-C Avenger. Built OOB with some canopy masks: initially tried Eduard but these (shockingly) fit poorly and couldn't be used. I found that DEAD Design Models masks worked like a charm. Mr. Color and Alclad base paints, weathering with Abteilung and Mig oils, AK and Tamiya enamel washes, and sparing use of AK weathering pencils and Tamiya pigments. Thanks for looking!
  24. This is the 3rd plane included in the Hasegawa 1/48 "Pearl Harbor Attack" limited release. The other two planes in the kit were a B6N2 Kate and a D3A1 Val which I have already completed. B5N2 Kate: D3A1 Val: The Box and kits within: The A6M2 included in the kit is offered in the markings of EII-102 (Mobile Task Force over sky direct support unit from carrier Zuikaku) or AI-110 (Pearl Harbor 2nd Attack unit from carrier Akagi). I will be going with AI-110. Along with the Hasegawa kit, I also purchased Eduard detail set, Eduard seat belts, and Eduard mask. Rivet work complete: Cockpit cleaned up for paint and PE parts: Cockpit painted in Tamiya XF-71 Cockpit Green IJN: Next up will be addition of the cockpit PE parts followed by weathering.
  25. Hey folks, not finished anything for a l-o-n-g time hence not been around. Bought this in 1991 in a wee model shop my mate owned in Southport and it's been on the shelf ever since. Dragged it to the bench before Christmas to keep me out of trouble over the holidays - which it pretty-much has. Other than the ALQ pod and the mid-1980's Microscale decals, what you see here is exactly what came in the box. Definitely not my best work, but wonderful nostalgia trip (even painted it with Humbrol enamels). All comments, criticism and questions welcomed - Happy New year everyone. Ian.
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