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Found 17 results

  1. I'm planning to build both varieties of Mark XII at some point - the main difference being the tailwheels. And one from each squadron too. Which leads me to this query about the markings. DL-K EN625 – is there any evidence for the signwritten “Nigeria” on the port cowling? Airfix include it in their 1/48 kit decals but not Brigade in their 1/72 ones for the Mk.XII, neither do Sword for a later Mk.XIV DL-K. There is a nice photo of 91sqn on parade with shiny brand new Vbs showing nicely signwritten cowlings – maybe that was the only time it appeared? Seems feasible that a special effort was made just for that photo publicity session. Also close up it seems beneath each swirly Nigeria it dedicates each aircraft to a different province of the country . I have only found the one photo for the Mk.XII DL-K which shows the starboard side. There is a photo of the portside of a crashed 91Sqn Twelve, but it doesn’t really show signwriting (or the bloke in the foreground is in the way). None of the photos of 91 Sqn XIVs I ‘ve seen show “Nigeria”. NB - Anyone offering a profile as “evidence” will be fined 5/- or a round in the mess. Cheers Will
  2. Decided to join this GB with (hopefully) a simple build to start with, Sword's 1/72nd Seafire Mk.XV. Just one sprue of grey plastic parts with one small clear and PUR exhausts and cannons. Going to do the NAS 806 Aussie Tour version, everything out the box as they say.
  3. Hi, All In January 2017 I decided to restart old Revell's Spitfire Mk. 22/24 kit, which I started around a year earlier, but gave up temporarily due to its poor fit and lack of detail - and the most important, lack of idea, how to paint it. This time however it was most of all to be an exercise in rescribing, scratch-building and riveting (using RB tool and must say it was fun) - did this all for the very first time in such a large scale, so didn't want to spoil any better or more expensive kit... Therefore added here some more details: upgraded wheel wells and new landing gear covers, SAC gear legs, resin wheels, formation lights, Eduard's seat belts and dashboard, CMK's resin gunsight. This is really a vintage kit and it shows. The workshop thread is here: I was hoping to get a result, which would look nice in the second row on my shelf, in Southern Rhodesian markings. Have I won? Well, she's not perfect, please judge yourself - I hope you like it Best regards Hubert (The prop'n'spinner are "bluetacked" only and moved a bit during the photo session... sorry for that).
  4. Hello, I have a simple question regarding exhaust pipes (both fish-tail and round), on long-nose Merlin spits (VII/VIII/IX/XVI). Were exhaust pipes from these "Long-nose Merlins" identical to Mk.XII, Mk.XIV, or maybe even both of these Griffon variants? Aleksandar
  5. Bit late in starting but as i dont take long on models It will be finished well before the deadline. Griffon HT1 of the helicopter school using the Italeri kit with no aftermarket (except MAYBE the decals) I will use Revell decals for the most partput anything up on the site and had nearly finishe So on with the show. I suddenly realised that I had not put up anything on the forum and had fished the cabin. Those who have seen my builds before know that I do tend to get on with it and am not too fusy about the accuracy of the kit unless it is glaring I leave it as it came in the box. First pic is picture of the box (duh) There is enough of the basic 2 blader being build so the spure only shows the Griffon bits Decals x2 will be using bits from both Sorry no cabin being built pics but got carried away. I used a modeldecal wessex instrument panal cut down for the instruments I think it looks better and under the glass its very hard to see properly anyway. From another angle Rodders
  6. Morning all, WR963 was finished at 1.30AM on Saturday 7th November, with just a few hours to spare before the Telford show. I awoke at half six in the morning to scratch build some new bomb bay jacks and create a packing case ready for the show. Horrible weather in traffic ensued, but we made it with the Shackleton safe and sound to display her on the Coastal command table, with thanks to Tom W. My apologies for the RFI being a week late, but it's taken a week to get decent enough light for the final photos. Thanks for looking, I hope some of you got the chance to see her at Telford. I may have her at Cosford and hopefully Telford alongside an RAF B-24 next year. With thanks to the guys and gals who look after the real WR963 for providing the info on where to cut the bomb doors, without out further ado; Cheers, WV908
  7. Evening all, The Avro Shackleton has long been one of my favourite airframes; WR960 being the first four engined British 'heavy' to stare down on me. At that time, I knew of Lancasters, but had never seen one. This was before I grasped hold of the internet, so had no idea where to see one either. My parents didn't know anything about the Shackleton when we saw it in Manchester all those years ago, and I was intrigued. Is this a Lancaster? I asked the man who was polishing her. From that resulting answer came my love of all things Shackleton, and a little bit of a deviation of interest from the amazing Lancaster. Afterall, '960 is credited with a depth charge hit on a submarine. I did the rounds of seeing three Shackletons and a Halifax before I would see the BBMF's pre-internet elusive Lancaster, flying over my hometown. It wouldn't be until 2013 that I revisited the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, now with a significant amount of Lancaster knowledge under my belt and having almost forgotten about old '960. It was only on the off chance that me and my friend were cheeky enough to ask to have a look inside that we found ourselves sat in the fully lit cockpit, grinning and both filling our camera cards with the internals of this cold war beast. By this point, I had learned of WR963, having visited the cockpit of VP293 which had been at that year's Cosford air show. In the time during which I've followed the progress on WR963, she has changed dramatically. Why the want to build this Shackleton as WR963 and not WR960? Two reasons really. Although I have the full aeroclub AEW.2 set in my stash, my late grandfather was in the Merchant Navy through the years the Shackletons were in service. On the occasions that we visited Newark Air Museum, he'd always mention about how he used to see Shackletons on a daily basis and was fond of the type (before wandering off to try and get into Vulcan B.2A XM594, which he eventually did). I wish we'd asked him, but we have no idea where he went during his time in the MN, but then again, we never knew where he was on his work trips with various railway companies abroad. It is because of this that, thanks to the bomb bay names scheme, when WR963 becomes airworthy, she will carry his name wherever she goes. The other is that Airfix is clearly planning to to release the AEW.2 in the near future and that I have already received some assistance with this model from the brilliant guys at Coventry, so it's only right that I build it as 'their' aircraft. Now then, down to business. This build will be as quick as I can make it as i'd like to get it polished off before the AEW.2 arrives as i'm itching to build WR960 (rubber mats included). This is the starting point; Airfix kit, my own AEW.2 interior photos and the sought-after Aeroclub goodies (and the kitchen worktop because this kit is huge... and my workench is full of class 47 parts - the joy of running two hobbies!). WR963, being presently an MR.2 with a number of AEW.2 parts still fitted, makes this model interesting, in that the bomb bay doors supplied in the kit are for an MR.2, and Airfix would have you build it that way. Lovely. Using photo references and info from the guys at Coventry, I've figured out where the cuts need to be made, and if I decide to do it, where that lovely Aeroclub radome sits. Playing around with the aeroclub canopy, which still makes the grade even now; Progress so far is just seats and the deck really, as i've been doing more research. The kit is a bit iffy for flash and there's some serious mould depressions on top of the starboard fuselage half, but at least nothing on mine is short shot... so far. The question for me though, is what condition? I hate painting anything white. White paint just does not like me, hence why my Concorde has been lingering for nigh on a decade *cough*. I'd like to do her current condition, but i'm erring to her post AEW.2 conditon, just to be different from the kit scheme. What do you guys and girls think? Cheers, WV908
  8. I've grown out of the habit of building an armour subject alongside an aviation subject of late, and I've been dabbling with Sci-Fi too, thanks to Bandai, the internet and that pesky Madmonk, who tempted me to re-build my Millennium Falcon with added lighting Anyway - I was helping Caz's mum scan a photo of a relative sat on a tank in Germany in 1945, which turned out to be one of these beasts. It wasn't wearing anything fancy like Zimmerit, but it got me thinking about the one I have in the stash. That in turn got me thinking about the ET Model sets I had for it, and from there on it was just a matter of time before I was looking in the box and wondering what else I'd need. After some research (after a fashion), I decided I'd be better off with a metal barrel, and once I'd studied the track links, which were of the Magic Tracks individual link variety, I was tempted to pick up some metal tracks to save me from having to cut off two ejector pin marks from each link, which was already irritating me (as well as not going that well) within four links of the test. There's also the fact that if I'd used the plastic tracks I'd have to paint them to mimic dirty metal, when I could just have dirty metal if I used some of the Ultimate Track Burnishing fluid. I've pinched a figure from somewhere, so will probably have the commander poking his head out of the hatch to add a little interest, and to use up all the fancy PE and springs provided for the hatch covers. This is the final list of guff: Dragon kit 6589 ET Model Basic Set E35-122 ET Model Fenders E35-067 Griffon Barrel with bonus PE ammo box & decals Friul tracks RB Models Kwk 42 75mm turned shells Quite a list, and I should add that although the ET Model sets are for the Dragon kit, they're patterned to the earlier 6397 issue, which shares a lot of parts save for the newer tooled ZImmerit coated external panels. I've already come across one or two bits that are slightly different, but not so much that they'll render the set useless. At worst I foresee a few bits left on the fret at the end. It'll be my first time doing a fender set, so wish me luck! Work started with the wheels, which had to have their seams sanded off to make the rubber tyres smooth. No sooner had I done that, than I took to them with a triangular file, wrecking all that cleaned-up "rubber". I sanded the roughness off with a sanding sponge to give some of it a worn damaged look, and also took a few chunks out of the tubular idler wheels, just to simulate a few dings. The return rollers are supplied in a batch of six, next to each other in the sprues, with two pieces per wheel. Guess what though - there are eight stand-offs for the idlers, so I'm two short. If anyone has some spare in their parts bin, I'd be grateful of a couple, or I'm going to have to use some of a different design & pretend they were battle damaged. Have I been thick & misunderstood, or did Dragon really supply two less return rollers than I need? Can I have two more of these return rollers please Mr Dragon? I substituted the kit jack-block with a piece of obeche, cut to shape. Meh The exhaust was built up, had the moulded-in straps removed and a coating of stippled Mr Surfacer applied to give it a rougher texture. I also reamed out the exit, which was horrifically thick. The PE parts were added, and it's been put in place using friction to hold it there, so I can get at it later to paint it. The rear deck was built up with little in the way of drama, but I've left off most of the PE for now, as there's quite a lot that might be damaged during construction, especially those delicate little tie-downs for the pioneer tools. There are two PE baffles under the deck vents, but you'd never know they were there unless they catch the light. Gun straight with the roof off, exposing the breech detail & sighting gubbins (technical term). With roof, and the gun traversed to the right as the gunner would see it. Note the position of the periscope. not where the hole in the cover is! With the new barrel having arrived yesterday, I built up the gun breech, which is included in its entirety (as far as that goes) although the rest of the hull is empty apart from a few roof mounted bits and a radio pack on the rear bulkhead. Some careful painting should show off the top-most edges without too much effort, as I'm going to leave the top hatches open for the commander, and a glimpse into the dark interior. I've not attached the roof yet for that reason, that and because there is a lot of work to do on it to install all the PE for the hinges, which I'll do on another day when I'm not feeling quite so clumsy. Same goes for the fenders. The breech & barrel were mated with some CA, then the Saukopf was slid down the barrel and attached to the end of the breech with liquid glue, and is currently being held centrally in the shroud by some small slips of fine grade wet'n'dry. The mantlet is in two parts, and clips together over the end of the breech before getting glued to the glacis. There's a stereoscopic driver's vision port to the left, and a faired over coax MG mount to the right, the reason for which I did know once, but have since forgotten. The clear gunsight periscope sticks out the top of the roof in a long curved slot, which is covered up by a sliding armoured panel so it can keep the exposure of the crew to a minimum when the hatches are down and the lead is flying. Dragon didn't think to replicate this in the kit, so if you're going to traverse the barrel off-centre, you will need to fabricate a new cover with a repositioned hole to match the position of the periscope top. There's still plenty to do, and I haven't even given the colour scheme a moment's thought yet. it's not my strongest point with AFVs, and I've never yet modelled a specific vehicle. I'd have liked to replicate the one in the pic, but for the fact I don't have the correct kit, couldn't see much of the thing for the sheer weight of Tommies on the top of it, and I'd have had to wreck it by simulating a shell penetration at fender height on the bulkhead between the engine & crew compartment. It's difficult to tell conclusively, but there looks to have been a fire. Why haven't I posted a copy of the pic here? Because I've been asked not to, as it's part of a private collection that I'm going to have to see more of after this
  9. Hi all, Been a while since I built my last Spitfire XIV MV260 EB-P, I spent a lot of time and money on extras for that model as it was the main piece in a diorama last XIV I would build in a while due to exams and going to uni. After building it in February I imposed an abstinence on building any more Spitfires (XIV in particular), which didn't last all too long, as I built an XIX and a V. Anyway, after 9 months I finally cracked and got myself another Fujimi XIV to be done up in this guise; Recently, I have gained a soft spot for Austin's and Morris's from the late 30's/early 40's - Part of my grand vision of owning an Auster or (even better) a Tiger Moth and being able to roll to the airfield in a 30's/40's classic. Why am I telling you this, I hear you ask... Well, I was at the LMS and saw this, I couldn't resist! Please don't remind me of the price. More to follow! Ben
  10. Hey all, Well, I'm a few weeks into my first semester at Uni and yesterday I decided to take a trip home to pick up my modelling stuff. I'm fortunate as I'm living in uni accommodation, but off campus, so it isn't busy here at all and there are only 3 people (myself included) in my flat Anyway, enough of that; I decided to get hold of Special Hobby's 1/72 Spitfire 24 "The Last of The Best". I'm doing it in wrap around camo with C type roundels. My thanks to TonyOT who kindly supplied me with some reference images for this build (and possible future Spitfire XIV builds ) This airframe served with 80sqn BAFO until 80sqn became the last Spitfire squadron to leave Germany in the late 40's. The Spitfire F24 doesn't really have any significant achievements to it's name (unlike the previous wartime marks), in fact, the F24 was only ordered to prevent a sudden collapse of the British aerospace industry during the austerity post war. Jet technology was only just developing and the tried and tested Spitfire was used as a stop gap until the performance of jets was significantly better. That said, the F.24 did have the honour of being the last combat Spitfire in Germany (the XIX may have been there longer...). This kit also finishes my Griffon Spitfire collection, the previous being my Spitfire XIV 41 sqn diorama and the Spitfire XIX "Spy in The Sky". I'm actually already half way through the build as I wanted to get stuck in without worrying about being sucked into the abyss by you lot! I'll be quiet now and show how far I have got. The cockpit detail is really nice, the sidewalls look appropriately busy, I added some Tamiya Tape belts and I will soon add a bit of clear plastic for the funsight. As I said in the title, I'm back! Ben
  11. Griffon 2000TDX Landing Craft Air Cushion (Hovercraft) as used by The Royal Marines, pics thanks to Ruari.
  12. Good evening, Long term project that I just brought to an end. Fujimi's XIV with Armycast resin Engine and cockpit. One hell of a frustrating build that has turned out ok (although the consensus seems to be that it's better than ok ) Spitfire XIVe EB-P/MV260 Flt Lt Peter Cowell 41 Sqn B118 Celle, Germany, April 1945 IMG_6716_zpsee26b073 by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_6717_zps82857e25 by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_6719_zps735c8b24 by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_6720_zps5f96f8fc by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_6721_zps9e8d63bf by Ben Standen, on Flickr This is the last Spitfire I'll be making for a while and CERTAINLY the last ETO XIV, having just built three in a row! Thanks for looking! Ben
  13. Hi all, Been wanting to do this a while... Got hold of the Fujimi XIX to convert to a low back XIV with resin kits and all. Thanks to Steven for the low back spine " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://s1282.photobucket.com/user/Ben2BS/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20140127_214806_zpstifsgjfs.jpg.html][/url] This isn't going to be easy as its the first time I've ever built a model with so much resin. The engine will be the hard part... The upgrades I have are; Armycast Engine and cockpit set, Squadron clear canopy and the Master E Wing armament. Ben
  14. Hi there, I've posted all of these previously, however, here are a few of them all together. Thanks for looking Ben
  15. Nothing special, just an in between build whilst waiting for paint to dry on the Skyraider. But a finished build is a finished build.. Subtly weathered with paynes grey oil, flory models dark dirt and black wash and some shades of mig pigment for the exhaust streaking..
  16. Kit was delayed by snowfall. Now it's arrived: This will be a straight-from-the-box build. None of your fancy Dan extras here, thank you please. Only two squadrons ever operated the Mk.XII - 41 and 91 - and both are included in the markings provided. I shall be attempting to make a passable job of the 41 Squadron markings, partly because it was commanded by my big hero Tom Neil at the time, and also because I have the very smart half-pint mug featuring the box art with this model. Anyway, as you were... history to follow. And maybe some building.
  17. Hi all - just wondered if anyones had a chance to see if the Hasegawa Mk IX wings or the ICM/Revell Mk XVI wings fit onto the new kit, or perhaps even the Airfix Seafire XVII ones. Just contemplating a build..... Cheers Jonners
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