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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone Whilst my Eduard Spitfire is in my cabinet 'curing' I've decided to have a look at the new ICM 1/32 Gladiator. From what I've read and seen it looks to be a rather splendid model... ..Is it me or does it look like the pilot is wearing a David Clark head set? Anyway this will be OOB other than a Sutton Harness from RB productions. Cheers Iain
  2. Hi everyone here is an update for you all.... Decals 32D018 and 32D019 in the post to me....see pics Photo etch 32PE009 completed and off to printers having received my kits and amended measurements from up-scaled 1/48 Roden bracing wires design 32P018 Gloster Gladiator engine/cowl - working on 3D masters now that I have the kit Pat Pattle figure being sculpted by Elan 13 in January (not listed in Hannants Future products as not given a Cat No. yet just in case it all goes wrong haha Upper Aileron correction - in the works (ICM have given upper ailerons same design as lower aileron - upper aileron centre hinge is small like inner hinge - not large like lower centre hinge - makes a massive difference as as things stand you are unable to locate in the correct position the aileron bracing wires just off-set from strut. PE landing flaps - in the works Thanks everyone and a very Happy Christmas to you all. (I am taking the Christmas family service again this year here in Hungary - my Hungarian can be rather comical so please pray people will understand me haha)
  3. Hi everyone this is a future product for the ICM Gladiator. I will post when it is available, thanks for looking
  4. Hi everyone, sending this - my third 1/32 Gloster Gladiator decal sheet to the printers in next few days - enjoy.
  5. This was meant to be a quick out of the box build - which then sat on my bench for months. With the start of the holidays I managed to get it finished - my first completed kit since February Completed straight from the box with the kit decals, brush painted with Tamiya acrylics. Minimal weathering as I gather they kept these aircraft very clean in the 1930’s. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi folks, this might be in the wrong place as I could not see a vendors page, anyway in case you did not know from LSP or my FB page I have some 1/32 Gloster Gladiator decals being printed at the moment - here is the War time sheet, thanks for looking
  7. It's been quite some time since i posted anything, but I recently started hobby boss's Gloster gladiator (or RAF gladiator as they call it). (i hope the flickr pictures will show up as it's the first time i use this site for pics) I also have airfix's gladiator wich is a more detailed and accurate kit, but since i will be finishing this kit as a Belgian maschine i will be airbrushing the markings and since i have limited experience with this i wanted to try it first on a kit that would build up quickly so i could get right into painting. contents of the box 3 piece cockpit At this point i realised the belgian gladiators had a differentstyle windshield but fortunately the airfix kit had this style and the option of an open and closed canopy so since i'll be building the airfix with an open canopy the closed item would be a straight swap right.... Turns out the hobby boss made the rear taper far to wide so the solid portion should only be half the with... what to do... moddify the hobby boss clear part... a lot of work and no accurate result still so out with the saw for the solid portion i made a mold from milliput and plug moded a nes piece from clear blister plastic Cardboard backing with CA reinforcement... took a few tries as usual but works well enought for such small parts. More sanding needed but much better I added a few more details to the interior, i didn't go all the way, as not much can be seen trough the canopy. i'll save that for the airfix kit. For the interior green i started with a much darker green and than came in with a dusting for a much lighter shade followed with an enamel wash since i had some color left i sprayed most of the top as well, it gives an impression of the final color and to play with the wing shading And that's where we are right now
  8. Squadron Leader Marmaduke Thomas St John Pattle DFC*, usually known as Pat Pattle, was a South African-born Second World War fighter pilot and flying ace of the Royal Air Force. Wikipedia His score could be as high as 51. A total of 26 of Pattle's victims were Italian; 15 were downed with Gloster Gladiators, the rest with Hawker Hurricanes.[He is considered to be the highest-scoring ace on both Gladiator and Hurricane (35 victories) I have chosen to model his Gloster Galdaitaor using the current Airfix 1/72 Gloster Gladiator MkI when he was based in North Africa. The kit its self has had great reviews and is typical of the current high standard that Airfix are delivering. There are however a few areas in the kit presents omissions and challenges to the modeller The biggest omission is the lack of a gunsight in the cockpit. Pictures of the actual aircraft show a a simple frame above the instrument panel on which the gunsight was mounted. I built the frame from bent wire and stretched sprue, the gunsight is from Quickboost and is a GM2 which was the standard RAF Gunsight on Spitfire & Hurricane I and I have seen images of this sight in place on Gladiators used in N African, Greek and Cypriot campaigns. I like to include pilot figures and the Gladiator has the newest incarnation of Airfix WW2 Pilot. You can pick out the may west, goggles, and harness with buckle. Whereas earlier pilots were wearing flying jackets this one appears to be wearing the standard RAF uniform often worn in warm weather conditions. The moment you add the pilot you can basically forget about seeing most of the cockpit detail and in the case of the Airfix that detail is very good with accurate decals of the instruments and detailed control column, compass binnacle and trim wheel. Oh beware adding the pilot in my kit meant the his legs stopped the upper decking fitting properly, which meant trimming the forward cockpit bulkhead to fit. Any way hera are some pictures of the Pilot and Gunsight in situ the Gunsight frame may be a bit heavy but I am really happy with it ( oh the pilot and cockpit area is bit shiny so next step is some matt varnish). Thanks
  9. Hello all, this question may leak into the WWII forum but to me it's more Interwar. Contemplating making my first biplane and it's a Gloster Gladiator, my question is does this aircraft have the same sort of turnbuckles as you see on WWI biplanes, or do the rigging wire for practical scale purposes just go straight into drilled holes in the wings? I have tried to get some close up photos of the attachment points and cannot see clearly, they don't look like WWI era turnbuckles but I cannot make out from the photos I can find what the connection is? By the way the kit I am contemplating is the 1/48th Roden example. Any guidance gratefully received. Peter
  10. A new diversion on the bench, just needs a few last details and then the rigging.
  11. Gloster Gladiator RAF & International decals The last biplane fighter to serve in the RAF, and the first to be armed with more than two machine guns. The Gloster Gladiator was the pinnacle of British biplane fighter design and gave many a pilot a taste of the more advanced features such as landing flaps and enclosed cockpits they would soon experience in the soon to arrive monoplane fighters of the very late 1930s. During the early years of WW2, the Gladiator served the RAF in the UK, France, Norway, Africa and the Mediterranean, where for lack of anything else it held the line before newer types were available. When faced with opposition of a similar performance, such as Italy's Fiat CR42, it fared well and was the first mount of Marmaduke "Pat" Pattle DFC & bar, the RAF's top scoring biplane ace with 15 kills on the type ( and quite possibly the RAF's top scoring ace full stop) Perhaps most famous for its service ever Malta for many, the mythical story of the only 3 aircraft defending that beleaguered Isle, Faith Hope & Charity, though historically inaccurate, did at least secure the Gladiator's entry into the Pantheon of famous fighters. The Gladiator was also widely exported in the late 30s to Belgium, China, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Iraq, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, South Africa and Sweden. And it was in China where the type score its first kills against the invading Japanese; while in Finnish service it racked up its last kill in 1943. However - before the outbreak of the war, the Gladiator served from early 1937 onwards with several RAF squadrons, and wore the bright and gay markings of the period with aplomb. Pheon decals are best known for their excellent Great War decals, but 'Monsieur Pheon', Rowan Broadbent, also has a love for things interwar, and has released 3 sheets in 1/48th scale for the Gladiator: Two covering silver RAF machines, and an international sheet with a variety of options. Printed by Fantasy Workshop each sheet has a plethora of markings, and exhibit perfect register and sharp detail. The decals are thin but strong and go down well over a glossy surface. I use a touch of Micro Set to bed the decal, then apply a cloth dampened with very hot water- which snuggles them into any detail perfectly. Micro Sol will also work on them as a setting agent ( I tried this too), but Pheon caution against the stronger types of decal softener. Each sheet comes with a plethora of stencils, all of which are fully legible and pin sharp. Full placement instructions are provided. I have to say that these are some of the most logical and well thought out stencil instructions I've ever seen. The numbering of them and placement order is logical and well thought out, making it a doodle to get your Gladiator stencilled up. A word of caution - apply the stencils before the main decals, as in some cases Squadron markings will cover small portions of stencil. So do like the RAF did - stencil your crate, then take delivery of her and apply the Squadron markings! The RAF sheets have enough stencils for 3 complete machines, while the international sheet has 2 ( it's noted in the instructions that the stencils were probably overpainted when airforces camouflaged their machines - hence the reduction in numbers) For those using the Roden kit- Pheon provided a useful plan to show how to correct the lower wing tip shape too. So - onto the sheet options themselves: 48025 RAF Volume 1: 8 options. All painted overall aluminium. Price £10.50 plus P&P 1: K8027 87 Sqn October 1937. C flight Commanders aircraft 2: K7697 87 Sqn October 1937. A Flight 3: K8004 72 Sqn, 1938. A flight Commanders aircraft 4: K6130 72 Sqn, 1937. A flight Commanders aircraft 5: K7970 65 Sqn 1938. C Flight. Note this machine carries large red chevrons - a la 65 Sqn's Gauntlets. The instructions note this scheme as being unphotographed, and based on written evidence only. However it is a beauty, and is well worth having on the sheet. I used this scheme on my model. 6: K7943 65 Sqn 1937 C.O.'s aircraft. This is less gaudy but supported by photographic evidence. 7:L7612 33 Sqn A Flight 1938 8: K7903 80 Sqn A flight Commander 1938 Options 1-6 are all UK based, while 7 & 8 were Egyptian based 48026 RAF Volume 2: 9 options. All painted overall aluminium. Price £10.50 plus P&P 1: K6150 3 Sqn A Flight 1938 2: K7984 3 Sqn B Flight 1938 3: K6147 3 Sqn C Flight CO's aircraft 1938 4: K7960 3 Sqn 1938 These 4 aircraft show the variations in 3 Sqns Gladiator markings, with plenty of variation and lovely bright green markings. The set has an updated printing of the green items inserted as later research & info showed Pheon they needed to update this colour based on this new info. 5:K7918 54 Sqn A Flight CO's aircraft 1938 6: K7920 54 Sqn B flight - the sheet notes some conjecture about the yellow tailplane and colour of the blue. 7: K7985 73 Sqn C Flight 1937 8:K7991 56 Sqn A Flight 1938 9: K6147 56 Sqn A Flight 1938 - again this is slightly conjectural - but does give you the option of having the Firebird's famous red/white chequers on the fuselage side. All these options are UK based 48021 Gloster Gladiator Mk 1 international: 6 options with mixture of overall aluminium paint, and camouflage. Price £9.50 plus P&P 1: G.30 1st Fighter Sqn, Belgian Airforce " Le Comete" 2: 2909 29th FS Chinese Airforce 1938 flown by Major John Won Pan-Yang - historically interesting as Won Pan-Yang was the first pilot to score kills in the Gladiator, ending up as a 13 victory ace ( though only 4 were scored with the Gladiator) 3: 423 Norwegian Army Air Service 1937. NB you'll need to paint the maroon areas of the Norwegian national stripe marking, but the blue & white centre strips are supplied to save a tedious masking job. 4: 121 1st Fighter Squadron, Latvian Aviation Regiment 1938, with an option for 166 of the 2nd Fighter squadron 1938 5: G-704 5 Eskadrilla II Nailintuva Grupe, Lithuanian Airforce 1938. Note - the blue areas behind the Lithuanian Cross of Lorraine markings. 6: 8-16 Flottilj 8 Swedish Airforce 1939 Overall these 3 sheets provide a wealth of marking options, and will make an excellent change from the Roden kit decals. What I like about Pheon is their research - they are not afraid to tell you when they don't know something too. They are also excellent value for money. If you fancy a brightly coloured Gladiator or something a touch exotic - these are for you. Decals are currently available via email to: pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk or pheon@pheondecals.com Their new website should be up soon for direct sales. If you want to get your hands on these - then Pheon will be at the RAF Hendon Model show tomorrow Sunday 19th May with a full range of their decals. http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/london/whats-going-on/events/the-hendon-model-show/ Just to show you what you can do with these decals: Jonners
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