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Found 47 results

  1. Hi all, I built this little vignette early in May as a break from the Necromunda tiles, and got around to painting it last week. It's from Games Workshop's 40K universe, using parts from the newly-released Adeptus Titanicus industrial terrain. This is a really useful set as it's full of small scale things like containers, barrels and cranes which help establish the scale as many of them are scaled down from 40K. I mixed it with a ruined statue intended to be used for 40K to get a little vignette which hopefully evokes the tired gothic splendour of the Imperium. The bronze is a gradient of Alclad colours (jet exhaust, exhaust manifold, copper, pale gold) plus Citadel for the verdigris (mainly Nihilakh Oxide, Agrax Earthshade and Creed Camo IIRC). Other colours are mostly Tamiya (base coats) and Citadel (ground & weathering). It's built on a scrap of 1mm styrene sheet, with some torn up cork and texture paint plus cut up GW sprues for the rubble. I added a few random lengths of wire for rebar and made the antenna thing from an left over mining laser from yet another GW kit. I attempted to match the scenery to the bases of the knights I built last year, which I think came out pretty well considering that I didn't write down the colours I used at the time. I guess brown is brown! It's not very big but was generally fun rather than fiddly. The new terrain parts (container, barrels etc.) have very crisp detail which is easy to paint. Cheers, Will
  2. Hi folks, I was rather lacking in time and mojo earlier in the year, but about halfway through the big NZ lockdown I got my brushes out and finished a figure, and then moved on to these tiles somewhat at random. Games Workshop sell them as something to use with their recent terrain for Necromunda, which is modular and fits into the tile tops. I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but seeing the built and painted set in my local GW was a great sales tool The tiles I bought before that though, because I thought they'd be a great photo backdrop for 40K models, and maybe even for the Titanicus (small scale) stuff. They're a very (very!) simple build (open box, take out tiles) so obviously it was all about the painting. I was careful to leave scale cues off two of the tiles so they'd work for both scales, but couldn't resist adding some to the others. I used a bit of everything - Tamiya base colours, Citadel details, oils, enamels, and lots of Contrast paint (like acrylic inks) for glazes and filters. Someone on Instagram asked "what colours did you use" so for a laugh I wrote out all the steps and ended up with 70+ - and that was before I'd finished all the details. I quite fancy getting another set and building some stuff up on them, but first I have the abovementioned modular scenery which I've built but not primed yet. I think it might be quite hard work as there are a lot of very similar pieces, but hopefully I can chip away at it over time. My '90s vintage Van Saar gang are a bit confused about all the changes from the original Necromunda scenery Cheers, Will
  3. Today a friend gave me a model to build for her for DnD, it's a Games Workshop Chaos Sorcerer from their Age of Sigmar range. It's a miniature I'd quite like to paint so I offered to do that for her as well. I've got a lot of experience painting 40k models but very little with AoS, but it's the same techniques applied differently. I'll be working on that over the weekend to get it back to get on Monday if all goes to plan, the task of dealing with more 1/200 scale Vulcan intakes or my primer problems on my 1/72 Valiant can wait. Currently on the bus home, I'll start work on this this evening
  4. Well I was trying to avoid another work-in-progress, but I'm enjoying myself so I thought I'd better 'fess up to what I've been up to the last week or so. The new edition of Warhammer 40K was released on the 17th, and as usual I failed to resist a big box of plastic crack so now I have a load of Death Guard and new Space Marines to paint. I really bought the box for the big marines (a head taller or more than the previous standard) but was won over by the Nurgle models when I saw them in person, so those are the first to see some paint. For the (perhaps luckily) uninitiated, Nurgle is the Chaos God of pestilence and disease, and is a jovial grandfatherly god who loves to give his followers (and anyone else) presents of delightfully interesting plagues, poxes and other unpleasant afflictions. A bit like a fetid Father Christmas. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Warhammer-40000-dark-imperium-eng-2017 So last week I cleaned up, built and primed 31 minions of Nurgle, starting with ten Death Guard - space marines which have fallen in with his icky ways: (click for bigger) I've only photographed five so far, which include the special models like the chap with the bell, and the one spewing a cloud of something nasty. The other five are more normal, but they're all different and have interesting details. After that I did the Bloat Drone, which is a sort of demon-powered flying sludge lorry. The model is supposed to look like this: but I wasn't in love with the rotors and modified mine a bit using some spare parts left over from another Nurgle model, as follows: giving a sort of Baron Harkonnen battle suit result, or so I hope. I think sticking the guns on might be a mistake so I'll probably be removing those again before I come to paint him. Lastly I had to put together twenty pox-walkers (plague zombies) which came on two identical sprues. I've made up one set as-is and converted the others a little so they're all different. It's not a dramatic difference as apart from one case I limited myself to using parts removed from other pox-walkers, so it's really mostly head and weapon swaps with a few other changes. Tuesday night I spent a couple of hours getting some basic colours onto one of the pox-walkers to try out ideas for the group. I thought it was a good start, but the PPE was better all in safety orange, and the brown cloth was too close to the other colours so I've done that green. I might give some wine red or white cloth as well? So this is where I'm at now: Nearly time for a matt coat and some metallics on the gun and nails. But I need to paint the base first. The flat bit will be glossed over as a swamp, and the sticking up bit needs to be wet earth or moss I suppose? I really hope I stay the course with these, we all know how easily I get distracted and twenty zombies is a lot But I loved painting the first one, lots of well-defined detail and a nice open pose (I suppose that's de rigeur for something which is only two injection-moulded parts). Plus doing the icky bits is really fun Cheers, Will
  5. Hi all, I've made and painted some of the knights from GW's Adeptus Titanicus range and posted my doings on here earlier in the year. While I haven't started painting a Titan yet, I have built some: Unusually for me I've actually played a game of the new Titanicus rules too! Our local GW was running demos and my daughter and I had a go. It's pretty good, the big titans feel very ponderous and there's a lot of raising shields, cooling the reactor etc. Like submarine warfare with legs. It was very easy to find yourself making the relevant noises which is probably a good sign. Bad sign? Not sure! Anyway, I was lucky enough to pick up the big box of modular building parts half price a few months ago, and I've since acquired the set of spires they brought out afterwards. After some playing around and some smaller buildings I came up with the following: The lower part of the building is from the Civitas Imperialis modular sprues, and the upper part is mostly the spires. I bashed some of the roof pieces into landing pads and used flying buttresses to add "princess towers" to get a silhouette that looks a bit more like some of the old Hive City illustrations from e.g. the Necromunda rulebook. There are a few additional parts from N-scale Green Max kits (ladders, pipes) and my stash of sacrificial Trumpeter bits (antenna and some other small details). Held together with scraps of styrene where necessary. I'm not quite sure how to paint it, but I guess I want to match the feel of the Knight bases, so a slightly overgrown look? Having an excuse to add some green flock is a) always welcome and b) very handy for hiding joins, but I don't know if the Imperium will stand for it? Cheers, Will
  6. Hi folks, Games Workshop recently re-released a building kit that I wanted to buy first time around but couldn't, so this time I took the plunge. As usual, it's chunky, quite dear for what it is, and characterful. And like most GW scenery kits the fit isn't exactly immaculate. The kit in question is Skullvane Manse, now called a Warscryer Citadel. It's a sort of wizard's observatory perched on top of/beside a big rock, and as you might be able to see from the Standard Skeleton, it's a good foot tall: Cleaning up and assembling the twenty-odd parts took most of the weekend, and I've spent a couple of evenings after that filling seams and covering up some of the moulded detail with Miliput. Some smaller seams were filled with CA. For reference, this is what it's supposed to look like: More pictures on the Games Workshop site I thought the big stone tower looked a bit precarious on the cantilevered wooden platform, so I left that off and will make it up as a separate building later. I also added a bit more bracing from Evergreen strip, textured with a saw blade. The spattered-looking Miliput was thinned with water and stippled on to cover up some of the areas where the direction of the moulding meant there wasn't much surface detail on the rock. The aim is to put it on a small scenic base, but I'd better paint it first otherwise access is going to be very tricky. Cheers, Will
  7. Hi all, Almost three months after I started the little fellas I've finished the last of Zarbag's Gitz so they can claim their spot in RFI: These are one of Games Workshop's Shadespire (or Warhammer Underworlds if you prefer) warbands, where every side has a small number of unique figures with scenic bases on two standard-sized sprues. I'm impressed that they managed to get nine models in this band, as they all feel nicely 3D and full of character. It does help that goblins are small - the bases are 1" across and most of the figures are about that high, although the special characters (above) are a wee bit taller. I painted them all with Citadel paints and a hairy stick, no airbrush work apart from primer and varnish. That made the whole process nice and relaxing and quite contemplative. For all that it's taken me a while to finish, they aren't that hard to paint and most goblins took a couple of evenings. I think the squigs were a bit more involved, and the characters rather more so as they had more interesting things to paint like Drizgit's branding iron and charcoal burner, and Zarbag's caged fairy. I'm particularly fond of Drizgit who has an incredibly world-weary look, but even the basic arrer gits have their appeal. I now need to paint Mollog the Troll, who will complete another warband with more squigs - see the ongoing WIP thread for details. Cheers and thanks for looking! Will
  8. Hi all, I've been painting fiddly tiny robots and thought a palette-cleanser was called for - this little chap is from Zarbág's Gitz (a Shadespire warband) and took about an evening's work so far, spread over a couple of days. 'Scuse the bad photo, too much direct light in the room. I was quite pleased with him before I took the picture, but he's messy in close-up. Not surprising, I suppose, given that he's not much bigger than my thumbnail... Paint recipes for reference: * Skin: Death Guard green highlighted in two stages with mixes of that and Averland Sunset, then washed with a 2:1 mix of Lahmian Medium and Athonian Camoshade. I added highlights after that with Averland Sunset and Scream Skull, washed some recesses with neat Camoshade, and glazed red bits with very thin Mephiston Red cos it was on my palette. * Cloth: Incubi Darkness with 1 or three coats of Nuln Oil (headcloth vs. robes) highlighted with Incubi Darkness, Hawk Turquoise and Baharroth Blue. * Bindings: Rakath Flesh with green + brown washes and highlights of Rakarth and Pallid Wych Flesh. * Leather: Dryad Bark washed with Agrax and stippled with yellow-brown (forgot the name) and Zandri Dust highlights. Then glazed with Seraphon Sepia. I think those are the main ones. I'll see if I can tidy up the face as it's a bit rough, the rest isn't bad though apart from the dust. Once the base is painted I might blend some green mouldy colours into the robes? Cheers, Will
  9. Hi all, While I'm not supposed to be buying models this year (and that's kinda sorta going OK) I noticed that GW was re-releasing the Necromunda rule set with normal Warhammer 40K forces and some cool plastic scenery kits. Luckily these are technically playing pieces for a miniature war game, and not in any way miniatures or models of any kind. Phew. The box comes with some standard plastic Space Marine Scouts (OK, I already have a couple from that jungle game) and some scouts with sniper rifles (a bit old and clunky, but they'll be OK with paint) plus 11 Ork Boyz. The Orks are pretty cool and I've put enough together to make a team. No pictures yet because they aren't primed, but I made some bases for them yesterday which was a fun little project: They're on 32mm round bases with some plasticard tiles, bits of sprue with the ends hollowed out, scrap plastic and the cool GW crackle paint. I was really impressed with that actually, it looked like it wasn't doing anything and then boom, cracks everywhere I also added a little sand and grit to bring things together and fill gaps. If I was really classy I'd have filled the edges where the discs don't quite match the bases as well... There's one more base but I forgot to prime it in this batch. The real meat of this is the plastic terrain though: It's moulded in China but better quality than the Age of Sigmar terrain in that it all fits pretty well. I haven't used any filler on the bits above although there are a couple of places it might really have been desirable. I have some left-over bits not shown because they do need filler - various pipes and things - and it's going to be a big job. I also have a pile of ladders which are a paint to clean up as there are two nut-and-bolt mouldings for every rung. I guess I could just cut them off as they don't make much sense. I'm thinking that I will use the hairspray technique on these and go with fairly light colours, so the red oxide primer will be the visible chip colour. It is a wee bit light though? Cheers, Will
  10. Brother-Chaplain Viator Primaris Space Marine Chaplain of the Raptors 4th Company Brother-Epistolary Maurinus Primaris Space Marine Librarian of the Raptors 4th Company I've recently gotten back into painting and playing Warhammer 40K (Kill Team, to be specific) and decided to add a couple of commanders to my Raptors chapter kill team. I chose a chaplain because they've always been my favorite space marine sculpts and a librarian because I've never painted one before. As far as paint schemes go, the chaplain is pretty standard except I tried to go a little easy on his bright and shiny bits since Raptors space marines favor stealth and hit-and-run tactics. Also, I used no black paints and instead used only dark greys to paint the "black" armor. Librarians are typically clad in blue power armor, but that doesn't really jive with the Raptors "tactical" manner of waging war in the name of the Emperor, so his armor is instead painted the usual olive drab of his battle-brothers leaving only his helmet blue to represent his position within the chapter. Comments and criticism welcome!
  11. Hi all, I just finished another couple of ghost units for my (small) army of same. These are from the Games Workshop Soul Wars starter set, so they're relatively simple two- or three-piece models in fixed poses. Despite that I think they're rather well-sculpted. (click for bigger/more pics) The smaller ones in the front are Glaivewrath Stalkers, apparently an unholy combination of huntsmen and their steeds. They're incredibly easy to paint, with an airbrushed blend of Tamiya to start off the ectoplasmic stuff, and then Citadel acrylics to build up the highlights and paint everything else. The ones in the back are Grimghast Reapers, appropriately armed with scythes and a great big bell. They were a bit more work just because there are more details on them like that little piece of red trim around the robe. I made them a nice cemetery to hang around in, which came out quite well for the five days it took, but could do with some additional details now the time pressure is off: I've got an ongoing thread in the work-in-progress section which I'll update when I continue on the character models: Army of Ghosts Thanks for looking! Will
  12. Hi all, The new Age of Sigmar (nee Warhammer Fantasy Battle) starter box came out a week or so ago, and I've been spending my evenings since then building the (many!) models contained within. All in all there are 52 miniatures in the box, split about 3/5 between the "Nighthaunt", i.e. spooky ghosts, and 2/5 "Stormcast Eternals" who are seven foot tall superhuman foot knights. I'm intending to paint the ghosts first as they're really cool, a blend of previous Warhammer ghosts and quite a lot of Peter Jackson & co's take on the Ringwraiths. Here are the ghosts in question: (click for bigger) I've cleaned up all the parts, assembled them and filled the (minimal) seams, plus made a start on basing so many of them are ready for primer. I need to pin a spindly arm that I broke on the tall thin one, otherwise they were a pleasure to build. Some of the duplicate models (the big horde of 20 little ghosts in the background) have been converted a little, I'll take some pics to show that when I get to them. I also added a signpost to the executioner's base (the one with the gibbet) since it was rather "boingy" held up by one strand of plastic ectoplasm. Their opponents are also made up, these are the Stormcast Eternals in their fetching robes as they're now more magical than ever before. The guy on the griffon is particularly good, as is the woman with the outstretched arm. They're quite big next to the ghosts, they're mostly on 40mm bases, whereas the ghosts with scythes and polearms above are on 32mm. As appears to be the new norm for GW starter sets they're all fixed-pose models, generally with 1-4 parts each. That can mean things look a bit flat, but I think they've mostly avoided that although on the Stormcast there are some filled-in undercuts. I've opened some of these but not been too zealous about it. I also picked up some very cool extra ghost supplies - more of the sinister polearm ghosts (Glaivewraith Stalkers) plus some excellent floaty Banshees: These have lovely moulded bases with lots of appropriate graveyard-ey details, past efforts from GW in that regard have been excellent: Oh yes, and I can't forget the box of ambulatory predator spells which I failed to resist - there are quite a few of those: some of which are really quite big: Cleaning up all the mould lines (in GW's slightly harder "scenery made in China" plastic) on all the trailing magical stuff was quite an exercise but I did get it all done in the end. So that's where I'm at at the moment. In terms of colour schemes, I think I'd like the ghosts to pick up the ones I painted a few years ago: but with bases that fit with my skeletons: I'm intending to re-base the existing ghosts onto appropriate rounds since I think they look a lot better than the old WHFB square bases. Hopefully I can clip them into shape, glue to rounds and re-scenic the edges of the new bases to match the rest of the models. Hopefully get some priming and painting happening this weekend, depending on how the basing progress goes! Cheers, Will
  13. Recently finished this fella up for the Euro Miniature Expo in Folkestone this month. I call it "I have come here to save civilians and burn heretics. And I'm all out of civilians."
  14. Hi folks, I finished these Wraiths off today to add to my nascent force of Necrons. The Necrons are angry dead space robots from Games Workshop's 40K universe, although the Wraiths are more like mechanical constructs and were never biological, unlike their masters. These are some of my favourite models in the entire Necron range, so it was probably unwise to paint them so early in the process! Their fiddliness does mean that doing some basic troops is going to seem like a relief though. It's not that they were desperately hard to paint, but the many limbs and underslung weapons took a fair bit of doing. The base metal is Alclad, with their clear colours to shade it, and the copper and metal details are all painted with Citadel bar a few final touches using the Vallejo liquid metal range. Other colours (the carapace and weapons) are all from the Citadel range. The carapace started off as Ionrach Skin, which is very close to IJN grey-green, but I added quite a bit of dirty weathering and then layers of green glazes to increase the saturation. The reds are based around Khorne Red. I think they look quite cool together with the Immortals I did previously, although the Wraiths don't have as much glowing stuff. In particular their eyes are styled after HAL-9000's camera eye, rather than the internal glow that the earlier models had. I also took some pictures on black with a keylight to pick up the metallic a bit. I still don't have a good setup for black-background photos but hopefully it comes across. Cheers, Will
  15. Hi folks, [edit] Some more Tyranids have appeared I bought a little Games Workshop game a couple of weeks ago about Space Marine scouts being eaten in the jungle by horrible Genestealers - it's called Lost Patrol and is a rework of a much earlier game, only this time with more plastic models in the box. Two weeks later, or thereabouts I've finished building, painting and photographing the jungle denizens, although not the scouts yet. They are basically Giger's Aliens with six arms I've tried a couple of schemes for Genestealers and Tyranids before and decided this time I wanted something really loud. I think this is the biggest 28mm unit I've painted yet - 12 models! - and I also did six "infestation markers" to go with them: I had to be very strict about batch painting - no going on to the next step until the previous one had been applied to all the models. Pretty gruelling at times (count those claws) but it seems to get the job done and at least I could sit in front of the telly while working. Here are some close-ups of a few of the models: (click for bigger/more) and here they are lurking in the jungle: I have (a small number of) other Tyranids which these have inspired me to put together, and I think I'm going to try and do the same paint scheme on those as well. For reference, they were airbrushed with mixes of Flat Flesh, Flat Red and Hull Red (all Tamiya) and highlighted with GW paints before being glazed with Tamiya Clear Red. The carapace was drybrushed and everything else brush painted apart from the final varnish coats. The bases are grit and sand painted Dryad Bark, drybrushed and then I added a mix of Woodland Scenics stuff over the top, set with diluted PVA and Klear. The plants are laser cut paper from Wako in Japan, they're about a thousand yen a (smallish) sheet but I've used less than 10% of two sheets so far so I think they're fairly cost effective nonetheless. Thanks for looking! Will
  16. Hi folks, I finished my first squad of Necrons and found enough light this afternoon to get them photographed properly: These are Immortals, heavy infantry from an ancient race of Angry Dead Robots from the Warhammer universe. They're painted with Alclad for the metallic, and Citadel for most other things. I also experimented with Schminke acrylic ink for the edges, which is a bit smoother than the Citadel white. The bases have chopped up Games Workshop sprues (which are trapezoidal) tessellated to look a bit like a cut-price Giant's Causeway. The backstory for the 40K universe currently has the Necrons fighting the Adeptus Mechanicus for possession of blackstone (magic anti-chaos rocks) and I wanted the bases to reflect that a little. I'm still wondering if they need plants as well. They're a bit rough in places as you can see from the rear view, but I reckon they're not bad for the time invested (roughly a week of evenings plus change). I'm currently working on some wraiths, which are like Angry Space Prawn Snakes. I'm going to use the same scheme but a bit more detailed. Cheers, Will
  17. Hi folks, I've had a bit of a gap in the middle owing to family holiday, work, etc. but I've finally finished the skeletons I started at the very end of January. They're Games Workshop 28mm models, and they're a bit long in the tooth now. There's nothing really wrong with them but they don't have quite the poses and detail of the newer stuff. The biggest issue is that as they're designed to rank up on square bases they have rather restricted poses, so they're not a very diverse unit. I've tried to build in a bit of variety with the various optional parts, and have some spears aloft and some down low doing the stabbing. The command group (champion, standard bearer and musician) are quite characterful, especially the musician's ludicrous horn. I was a bit worried about attaching the shields at the end, but they had decent gluing surfaces so I was able to scrape some paint away and fix them in place with solvent glue. I think my favourite is the skeleton with the coffin-lid shield and half of his skull missing. They're all painted roughly the same way - Alclad primer, Tamiya acrylics for the basic bone colour, Citadel paints for almost everything, Alclad varnish and Citadel metallics with some Vallejo Liquid Metal colours for the brightest highlights. The metals are quite shiny but the diffuse lighting kills that a bit, I'll have to take some pictures on black and see how that looks. NB: The bases are inspired by Padley Gorge near Sheffield where we used to live. It's not exactly a tribute but I remember the mossy rocks and autumn leaves fondly. Hopefully I can develop that a bit if I do some matching scenery. Thanks for looking, and to those who commented on the WIP thread, it's always helpful to get another pair of eyes on these things: Cheers, Will
  18. Hi folks, After finishing off another project after Christmas, I built a box of skeletons as light relief. I've got 5 skeletal horse and 10 with spear, plus a big monster (Mortarch) which isn't quite cleaned up yet as it's so complicated. I finally got some primer on the foot troops at the start of the week and have been busily painting them: I'm being good and working in a batch of ten, but I only took pictures of half of them as I hadn't blacked out the metals on the rest. They're relatively old models and I got them as part of the Start Collecting: Deathrattle box at a bargain price. The main problems are cleaning them up (you can see I missed a few mould lines) and the small gluing cups for the shoulders. The other joints are fine. I guess they also suffer from being pre-Age of Sigmar so are designed to rank up on 25mm square bases, which means all the legs are marching in step. I've tried to get some variety with the spear positions and such, and obviously GW give you a lot of choice of heads, arms, shields etc. which helps too. The bone is Tamiya Olive Green sprayed from below and Deck Tan from above, over black primer. I dryrbrushed them fairly heavily with Ushabti Bone and a little Flayed One Flesh on the high points, then cleaned up the dust with a soft brush. Once that was all done I misted on Tamiya Clear Orange from above to warm up the top surfaces and complete the hue shift from green. I also added a few edge/face highlights on the skull, shoulderblades and spine with Pallid Wych Flesh and touched in the teeth (too clean still!) with White Scar. I also used a bit of Agrax Earthshade to outline the spine and warm up some spaces like between the ribs and in the backs of the knees. All the other stuff is still in progress, the red is Khorne Red with Agrax Earthshade, and the spear shafts are a weird combo of Celestra Grey, thinned Baneblade Brown to warm it up, and a heavy Nuln Oil wash. IIRC the leather bits are Steel Legion Drab shaded with Agrax again. I got about half-way through highlighting the red last night but my hand was cramping so had to stop. I'll get some more pics of that in a bit as it looks a lot more exciting than the above. Cheers, Will
  19. How do chaps, I really enjoy building these kits and use them as a mojo booster when my modelling interest drops of from time to time. Onager Dune Crawler. Lovely kit then went together really well. Tweaked the build a bit as I wasted the twin cannon without the missile launcher section. Nice and easy to do this. I decided to paint this up in dull desert colours as opposed to the bright colour scheme that the Skitaari use. I think it suits the muted 'Afrika Korps' type scheme quite well. Was painted with Tamiya, Vallejo and GW paints. The base was covered with sand and the rocks are stones from the garden. This is the 4th Sentinel kit that I've built in recent years. I really like these little kits. decided to do this one as some sort of 'urban demolition' type vehicle. Painted in GW paints and washes. The brick rubble is made up from some plaster brick rubble that I've had for years. Apologies for the wobbly photo's but these were just some quick shots whilst I had the camera out. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Steve
  20. Hi all, Sorry I've not been around much for the last month or so, a lot going on with work, travel, and a project that I can't talk about yet. But I did find time to paint some figures over the past week which has been very good for the soul. These are one of the two teams from Shadespire, which is a Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar off-shoot involving tactical combat with miniatures and cards. The game is very good and the figures are possibly even better. They're single-pose clip fit which means that they're quite easy to paint disassembled if you take care. Except for big sword guy (Severin) who had to have his sword arm cut off so I could get at the inside of the cape. They're metallic (mainly Alclad Pale Gold) so very shiny: The sword blade and hammer faces are graphite powder over a thin layer of Boltgun metal, which polished up so well that it reflects the rest of the model It wouldn't have been possible to do this without separating the sword as it's quite a messy process and the cape needed to be pristine. The other team members are Angharad Brightshield and Obryn the Bold: Annoyingly the ringed planet against a nebula on Angharad's pauldron is partly hidden by the shield. I re-posed it slightly to open things up a bit but I need to take another photo to show it off properly. Anyway, hope you like them! Cheers, Will
  21. I recently got given some GM Warhammer 40K kits to build and paint. Apart from a general request on the colour scheme (black with yellow highlights, to go with the donor's other 40K models) I was given free rein to weather them to my heart's content. I don't normally do armour but it's something I want to give a try, so this was a chance to have a go on a kit where real-life accuracy wasn't so much of a concern. GM kits are certainly a bit odd if you're used to more conventional models. There's only detail where you can see it (the underside is plain and the track wheels are just moulded semicircles), and the plastic is both soft and very thick. That said it fitted together fairly well (save for some awkward joins) and was simple to assemble, and in a nice touch the kit came with multiple options as to weaponry and whether the crew were buttoned down or heads out. I was provided with the yellow paint (GM's own Citadel range) which sprays nicely but do clean your airbrush immediately - it sets like bakelite very fast. The rest is Tamiya NATO Black for the most part, with Flat Black for the underside of the turret, and a misting of NATO Black lightened with a small amount of white on top. Shell dents were made with a soldering iron, and were either highlighted with metallic paint to simulate fresh hits or rust to represent older ones. Vallejo Metal Color Gunmetal was used for (surprisingly enough!) the gun barrels. Weathering was mainly via Lifecolor dry pigments (the rust set) and liquid pigments (the detail emphasiser and rain/dust sets). Soot was added via Tamiya Smoke or Humbruol dark modelling powder. The build isn't perfect; there are several places where lots of filling and sculpting would be needed to deal with seams, so I'm just going to say that that's where they'd be on the real thing. The rear ramp folds down so I painted and weathered the interior as well. The interior, before assembly: ...and after: Top view. Certainly an interesting learning experience in terms of trying out weathering techniques. Now I'm tempted to make a suitable display base...
  22. Hi folks, My lovely wife brought me back some Games Workshop Khorne figures from Europe when she was on a conference trip a couple of years ago. Nothing says "I love you and thanks for looking after our child for a month" like an offering of skulls to the brass throne of the Blood God. They've been languishing for a while and given that I've had a run of assembling miniatures lately I put these on the pile to build. The Bloodcrushers are heavy-metal-and-magic cavalry mounts ridden by demons that have a hint of Giger about them, and there are three in the box. I've built them as the command variants, so I have a champion, standard bearer and musician. Like most recent GW plastic kits they fit really well. I haven't changed any of the poses, but I have drilled and pinned the rear hooves so I could position them a bit more dynamically. I was slightly distressed when the CA I used to fit the paperclip on the champion's steed (rearing up) found a crack in the plastic and split the hoof in two, but I cleaned it off and re-made it with Tamiya solvent so it's good as new. I then re-fixed the wire with 5 minute epoxy which should give a less fragile bond in any case. I've started painting with some Alclad layers on the underbelly mechanics - I worked up from copper to pale gold, and added some hotmetal red to reinforce the copper and glancing pale burnt metal highlights. The overspray will get blacked out, I'm probably going to do the armour plates in a dark blotchy gloss red to match the Bloodreavers I painted a couple of years ago: and the demons will probably be in a purple-orange like this Flesh Hound: At the moment they're all in primer though, as is the chap on the left who is an Exalted Deathbringer. More progress as and when! Cheers, Will
  23. Hi all, I finished my first mini of 2017 I usually switch from modelling to painting in the (antipodean) winter as it's easy to do in front of the telly in the warm. I'm a bit early this year but I was inspired by the release of Shadow War to make up and paint some Space Orks. This is one of the Warhammer 40K armies I really like and have collected a few models for but haven't actually built and painted much to date. He's a Bad Moon Ork, which means he should have some yellow on him. I don't have many (any?) figures with yellow so it's a bit different, and I do like the colour. I sprayed white primer from above where the yellow and skin areas would be to get a bright base, the rest is grey primer so there's a little bit of pre-shading from the primer highlight. His skin is painted with washes and glazes over the primer, the rest of the colours are applied more traditionally with layered or stippled highlights and a little bit of wet blending in places. All the paints are Citadel apart from the primer and varnish which are Alclad. That reminds me - I ought to put a bit of gloss on the eyeballs before I put him away in the cabinet. There are another eight or so which still need paint, so it's probably time to switch to batch painting mode for those (bah!) I'm also working on the scenery over in the sci-fi section. Cheers, Will
  24. Picked these 2 figures up a while ago and forgot they were in the drawer of things to do. They are both the Citadel resin finecast models which replaced the pewter style ones GW used to make. If I am honest those resin models were a terrible experience, the amount of flash and warping was insane. Sgt Telion had microbubbles all over the place that needed filling. Librarian Tigurius staff was has bent as a rainbow and still looks decidedly kinked even after trying the resin in hot water trick to try and unbend it. For around a tenner each I would have expected much better quality. None the less I persevered and got them painted. First up is Chief Librarian Tigurius - he is a HQ model that can be used as the leader of your army. Tigurius 1 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Tigurius 4 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Tigurius 2 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Next is Sgt Telion - he is basically a pimped out scout and can only be assigned to a scout group or used solo Telion 1 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Telion 2 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Telion 3 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr
  25. Haven't done any warhammer / gamesworkshop for about 20 odd years. However recently I decided I wanted to try myhand at painting miniatures again. This was the free model from the September edition of white dwarf. I also picked up a start collecting spacemarines box and a couple of vehicle which I will be knocking together over the next few months. Here is my finished slaughterpriest. The base is suppose to represent a lava stream, chaos and lava seemed a good combo. I modeled that from scracth using a plain round 40mm gamesworkshop base. Model is pinned to the base using paperclip pins superglued into drilled holes. For my first outing back into warhammer I am overall happy with the result. Painting was done mostly with vallejo game colour paints and a few citadel ones where I couldn't get the colour I was looking for out of vallejo. Slaughter Priest 6 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Slaughter Priest 5 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Slaughter Priest 4 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Slaughter Priest 3 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Slaughter Priest 2 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Slaughter Priest 1 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr
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