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Found 104 results

  1. Following the recent hugely popular posting elsewhere on BM, see link below. I thought it only right and proper that we channel all that enthusiasm for Frog kits into a Group Build. I had a look to see if this has been done already but couldn't find one. Participants 1. Jockney 2. Vppelt68 3. Bonhoff 4. Corsairfoxfouruncle 5. ThePlasticSurgeon 6. stevej60 7. stevehnz 8. Ray S 9. bristol boy 10. 06/24 11. CliffB 12. Dermo245 13. Martin T 14. Rabbit Leader 15. Tony W 16. Grandboof 17. PhoenixII 18. adey m 19. Mjwomack 20. Mark SH 21. Romeo Alpha Yankee 22. malpaso 23. GREG DESTEC 24. Mr T 25. Paul J 26. Redstaff 27. Wallyinoz 28. Gengriz 29. John D C Masters 30. RafAlbert 31. Black Knight 32. AdrianMF 33. Mancunian airman 34. English Electric 35. Crossiant Oliver 36. 37. 38. Therefore if like many of us you grew up enjoying Frog kits or all the re-releases that came afterwards Novo, Revell etc this is for you. Given the recent amazing Matchbox II BG it will be great to see as many of the range as possible getting built. Cheers Pat
  2. This month's modelling has centred around an original FROG issue in a rather brittle dark blue plastic. Its an easy and enjoyable build, ideal for a bit of quick stress reducing modelling. I added a (slightly) more realistic ejector seat, but otherwise, this is what comes in the box. Whilst it falls well short of the Revell 1/72nd kits, it compares very well with the Airfix equivalent, and of the two I definitely prefer this one. The only difficult part of the build was the wing to fuselage joint on either side, which is a little vague and tends toward some totally inappropriate dihedral if left to its own devices. This needed a little filler once I had finished with it, but not a major problem. I suspect the canopy on this kit is a little too prominent (although it is an almost exact match for the one supplied with the Matchbox kit!). Sitting it beside the Airfix kit makes the latter look too flat, so perhaps the correct shape lies somewhere in between. The original FROG Decals (now at least 42 year sold) worked perfectly, as expected. And for comparison, here she is with the rest of my Hunter fleet - Matchbox 2-seaters and Airfix single seaters (one with Matchbox decals) FredT
  3. FROG 1/72 Barracuda Mk.II 829 Squadron , Fleet Air Arm, HMS Victorious  Flew on the mission to Attack the German Battleship Tirpitz, 1944 This kit has been in the stash so long, I honestly can't remember when I bought it. The recent Carriers Ahoy Group Build on here offered the perfect opportunity to build this one. Work in progress link below. Let me know what you think cheers Pat
  4. Following earlier forays into vintage Meteor models (Matchbox NF.11 and Airfix Mk.III), plus an MPM PR.10, I decided to keep-up the momentum and go for Frog's 1970 model of the Mk.IV. It's by no means the first one I have done but to put it into context, Margaret Thatcher was just resting her handbag on the desk in No.10 when I did the last one. A trip up to the loft revealed my ace stash of old kits and buried deep in Box No.3, I found these bad boys: Christmas had come early. Pausing to build the Airfix Mk.III, (see link below), one Mk.IV was left in its rather fragile cellophane wrapping and the other was opened-up. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040365-the-original-airfix-meteor-iii/ One thing that surprised me was the colour of the plastic. Usually medium grey, I was surprised to see that the model had been moulded in a very dark blue. Using my trusty Airfix MPM as the baseline, one can see that it is a crisply-moulded model with light, raised panel lines but none of the dockyard riveting seen on Airfix's Mk.III. So, the build commenced last Sunday evening. I had decided to add two sets of resin extra components to the build. Both I had used before and they would give me the opportunity to upgrade the cockpit and - importantly - the undercarriage bays. Therefore, the first check was to see if the Pavla cockpit would fit into the fuselage. Interestingly, I had the same problem as the Airfix Meteor: the resin nose undercarriage bay did not quite line-up with the model. I then lined-up the Mk.IV fuselage with the Mk.8 to check the nosewheel bays and saw that the Frog nosewheel bay was rather undersized and not best lined up. Therefore, surgery began: open-up the Frog nosewheel bay and enlarge it, the net result being a better fit for the cockpit area. So, we're off the blocks, more episodes to follow. Neil
  5. Hello All, Just got back from 2 weeks away for work. When your buddy collects you for 13 days straight from the hotel at 0630 to take you to the lab and you choose your dinner after work on the basis of "what's still open?", there isn't much hotel room modelling going on. Today is my first day with free time for what seems like a long time. I went to the Southern Expo today and saw some cool stuff and made a couple of modest purchases, then came home in the snow and got to the bench. Choices, choices. I could take RFI pics of my Bristol Blenheim and 188, crack on with the rather horrible Tomy/Airfix Storch, pick something else up from the Shelf of Shame, or work on a Big Project I've been mulling over. All fine choices. nah. Something new. It has been bugging me for a long time. I haven't decided whether this is going to fly or not (I already know it's a really stupid idea) so I will post the first photo and sleep on it: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  6. "Red-E-Ruth" 19th FS / 318 FG, Pilot Ltn. Leon Cox, le Shima, 1945
  7. Stand by your beds everyone another GB is upon us. Is it me me or does there seem to be more of them and less time to finish things ? I have gone for a real "Stash Queen" ie it's been hanging around for years, no doubt loosing bits every time it's been moved. However all is not lost as I have another one that should supply any missing parts. A couple of bits have been glues together but well below the 25% allowed. I'm going for the Tirpitz version Good luck everyone cheers Pat
  8. Here´re the promised photos of my Ta 152H from Revell. This kit is a reboxing of the old Frog kit from the 70s, and it shows it mainly in the raised panel lines, flash, and the (flashed) hole for a stand. The only troublesome area of the kit was with the tailband: Firstly I positioned it correctly by sheer luck (I wasn´t looking at the instructions), and secondly, it was long enough to cover the entire rear fuselage and it curled, without any chance of straighten it again. The instructions also show an incorrect placement of the inner landing gear doors, if you ever build this kit, make sure to follow the painting instructions to place the inner doors. The wheels were glued in place, and the caps were left in their sprue, together with the pilot. The propeller was designed to spin to the left, so I opened another hole to be able to make it spin to the right. I also wanted to preserve the raised panel lines, so the aircraft unions weren´t filled with putty, most visible on the right hand fuselage/wing section.
  9. I'm a confirmed GB participant after the excellent Matchbox GB so, seeing as I'm a big fan of the BM community, i thought I couldn't possibly miss the chance to join in with this '10th Anniversary' GB. Having cleared up the mobile workspace, I'm going to launch out again with the Frog Sea Fury X I got this kit some years ago when I was collecting Frog kits of subjects not covered by others. I liked the fact that the Sea Fury X was the first production model of this aircraft and other kit manufacturers seem to focus on the subsequently developed and more capable Mk.11 or FB 11. I saw a Sea fury flying at an Air Show a few years ago and was impressed by the speed and quiet power on display. Here are the pieces then, a fairly simple kit. I fancy doing the FAA 802 Squadron 1952 option. All the pieces seem to be there and there is a small amount of flash - it was later that I started to go for the earliest boxings I could reasonably get to try for better quality before the molds began to possibly wear. This kit has a 'wings folded option' so I'd like to try that but I am stilled pulled to having a wheels up 'flying' version so that the sleek lines can been seen, plus a fly round the room with prop spinning! I have never built a Sea Fury and it is a very long time since I did a Frog kit (only every did three) so there is some new ground to be covered here as well as a bit of nostalgia. I've convinced myself to do two kits, one in each pose, and I'll pick up another kit plus aftermarket bits for the wing folding mechanisms, cockpit and cannon barrels etc. Absolutely perfect modelling weather......
  10. Gloster Javelin WT836 5th Prototype This was built from the original 1950s Frog kit. I suppose I could have e-bayed it or kept it in the attic for 20 years but I went for a nostalgic simple build instead. I bought this for £12 at the Farnborough Modelfest last year. When questioned about why it was only £12, the trader said that they were ‘not uncommon’. Well I hadn’t seen one for about 50 years so I was more than happy with the price. As far as I remember I was given one of these for a birthday when I was about 10 or so and I’ve no idea what happened to it. It was great to build it again. No messing about with correcting inaccuracies (that would have taken a long time) but I decided those ridiculous rivets had to go. I just carried out a little scribing of panels on the wing upper surfaces to relieve the big areas of smooth plastic, added some jetpipes, filled the big gaps between parts with Milliput and that was about it. I kept the original Frogmen and the non-existent undercarriage bays to retain some of the character of this thing. The kit decals were completely shot so I replaced them with Xtradecal and Modeldecal generic items. When I was putting on the paint I was about to blast the undersides with High Speed Silver when I discovered that the Javelin prototypes were Medium Sea Grey underneath. Overall it looks a bit like a Javelin but I think this was a later issue kit because there is an attempt at a kinked wing leading edge – I say ‘attempt’ because it was done without increasing the wing chord at the tip which has left a partially done kinked wing. Chris
  11. Yes, this is going to be just like the old days, back from the shops and built over the weekend Terrified of desolving Decals but really looking forward to this cheers Pat
  12. Hello, colleagues! I'd like to present another model from the FROG/NOVO contest - the british naval fighter McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1. It is the repack of the old FROG model F262 by Industrial Group "Mir" (Minsk). As usual I built this model in "Out of the box" nomination, so no modifications to the original kit were allowed. The only modification allowed to me by the contest administration was the extension of the nose landing gear. This gives the model more "british" look. The model is of poor quality and was difficult to build. According to the rules of the contest I had to stay within the limits of the kit - rised panel lines, geometry inaccuracies and so on. So, the result is before you. It is the naval fighter XT872 005/R, Naval Air Squadron 892, Royal Navy, HMS Ark Royal, 1973. Thanks for looking!
  13. Hi folk's My entry will be this piece of modelling archeology,Frog's oldie in a seventies boxing I'm planning to do the box option new roundel's will be needed but I hope to be able to use the codes. To be honest it's not that bad a kit certainly no better or worse than Airfix's original Mitchell which I hope we'll see a couple of in this GB.
  14. Hi! I want to present the model of the British WWII aircraft Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF. It is the repack of the old FROG model F190 by Donetsk Toys Factory. This model was built for the FROG/NOVO contest in "Out of the box" nomination, that is no modifications are allowed, no work with panel lines are allowed. The change of the canopy, the antenna wire and the use of aftermarket decals are the only modifications that were allowed. I built this model to test myself, what can I do with the "good old" kit from my childhood with my current abilities. The result of this test is before you. It is the night fighter Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF RE-A L8723, 229 squadron, early 1940.
  15. stevej60

    Frog Hawker Hunter.

    Morning folk's sorry to bang on about my current oldies infatuation but back to frog for a second entry,I think I might have built a Matchbox Hunter ages ago can't remember building Airfix's offering or Frog's.Not seen this kit in the flesh but it must be the same as the Novo kit being built by Pat.
  16. Hi folk's,another Frog oldie,much more refined than the Typhoon but still forty odd year's old OOB and all original,again decals were poor so found a photo of a Newchurch based mahine and managed to cobble all the decal's from spares.The photo showed a rough application of black around the"F".
  17. stevej60

    Frog Hawker Typhoon.

    Hi folk's,making up my Hawker trio is the Frog Typhoon,It was cheap and I have spare decal's for it so whatever the kit turns up like(I've never laid eyes 0n this one) I can live with it,mine's a bagged version from the early seventies so I'll be wearing my striped tank top and flares for this one!
  18. Evening folk's here's Frog's ancient Typhoon ,rumour is the molds were brought down the mountain along with the Ten Commandment's,not even a seat or floor is included I scratch built a radiator of sort's as again nothing's there just a hole! Decal's were useless and the prop was broke so I had to use Airfix spares,I'm still glad I had a go as it probably would have sat forever in the bag oh and no wheel wells just a hole to pop them in if you want to use them.
  19. stevej60

    Frog Hawker Tempest.

    Hi folk's a simple entry from me will be the black boxing of Frog's Tempest,I did say after the Matchbox GB I wanted to get back to re-visiting some golden oldies this year so perfect timing for this kit as it's on it's way in the post, probably will do a couple more old Hawker subject's later on Frog's Hunter is calling me and you can bet a Hurricane will turn up in some form.
  20. Afternoon all,I was at a local Sunday market just before Christmas and tucked away on a bric a brac stall was a couple of Beaufighter's and a couple of Vampire's so negotiated one of each both still sealed up so fortunately the Mk X is an option so good excuse for a build. Box art. Inside the content's were in a poly bag and the decal's look OK,stand is a bit wild though.
  21. Hi folk's I was never really into Frog kit's as a youngster they were not as ready available as Airfix or Matchbox so this is the first of a half dozen Frog kit's I'll be working through in the next couple of month's.It was still sealed when I found it at a local Sunday Market for a tenner Decal's were poor but I managed to save the serials and codes and after a few hairy moment's got them on.NV427 was with 404 Sqn RCAF and was lost on a mission over Norway on 8th March 1945 sadly with the loss of her crew.As will the other's I'm simply building OOB as we used to hopefully with a better paint job and no gluey fingerprints than years ago!Thank's for looking in.Tempest,Typhoon,Blenhiem,Boston and Hunter to follow.
  22. First build this month; the ancient FROG He-162 Volksjager. This really is a basic kit, but don't let that discourage you! This is my second one of these - the header paper below comes from my first in the early 1970s, when I really did pay 20p for it ! Built "out the bag", with the exception of a paper roll inside the (otherwise see-through) engine intake. FredT
  23. This one fought me somewhat, but I got there in the end. It was missing an air intake and its canopy, so some old-school modelling was needed to finish. The underlying kit is a FROG issue of the Hasegawa mould - I am told that there are shape issues, particularly around the nose, and that the hump is too rounded, but it is a good kit to assemble and it looks OK to me! Replacement air intake from Milliput, moulded using another kit and some silicon mould material: Replacement canopy, crash moulded again using another kit, Milliput and silicon mould, then acetate, a hair dryer and some force! Looks OK, but a little Tippex filler needed: And Voila: .... As always, everything is hand brushed using Humbrol enamels. and finally, for comparison, I built the same kit a few years back as an A-4G, without a hump, but with decals courtesy of Modledecal: FredT
  24. Denford

    Frog Sea Vixen

    I recently 'rescued' my part built Frog Sea Vixen from my shelf of doom. I understand it's most obvious fault is the 'too short' forward fuselage. As I've yet to add the radome (suitably counterweighted) I would hope to correct this by adding a suitable spacer. Could anyone advise how much this should be and also any corresponding increase in diameter of the rear part of the radome. Bring on the putty.
  25. paul_c

    Amy's DH60 colours

    Hi all. I have just made a start on the old Frog/Novo DH60 Gypsy Moth in the green/silver colours of Amy Johnson's aircraft. My question is, what is the best match for the green of the fuselage? I have only managed to find mention of 'dark green' but this seems too dark in relation to pictures of the real thing. Any ideas?